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GLOCK 19 EDC Concealed Everyday Carry Pocket Dump

We say “just” even though the venerable, dependable G19 is one of the most common EDC and home defense guns in the history of the world ever. Still, it’s a tad big for most carriers to tote on a regular basis. But if you want one gun to rule them all — a pistol that handles both concealed carry and home defense, all on one affordable, polymer package, you can do a lot worse. And lots of gun buyers do.

everyday carry EDC ccw

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  1. With the amount of good holsters on the market today, it’s a really easy gun to conceal comfortably.

    • But! But! It’s wide. It’s too wide. I can’t comfortably put any gun IWB unless it’s less than 1” wide. I mean, the width is the only dimension that matters when carrying a gun. That’s why I recommend a single stack .380, even a 22lr. You’ll never leave the house without those. It’s also way too big, I mean the grip sticks out, so it’s completely unable to be concealed at all. It prints hard. Like, so hard. Also, you don’t need more than 6 rounds. If you can’t get it done with 6, 9 more isn’t going to help. Most gun fights happen at “bad breath” distance, so 3 ft, 3 rds, 3 seconds. You don’t need a big gun. You just look like a fool. Also, it’s a Glock. You’ll end up shooting yourself in the leg or something because there’s no safety. Not to mention they’re ugly, and plastic.


      A daily Glock 19 Carrier

      (Did I miss anything else?)

      • “It prints hard. Like, so hard.

        (Did I miss anything else?)”

        Some like it ‘good and hard’. (So I’ve heard…)

        *snicker* 😉

  2. For CC I use the Bersa BP9CC. Very slim, 8 shot magazine, very reliable and accurate. That, a spare loaded mag, small LED flashlight and a Bear butterfly knife and I’m good to go.

  3. Is there any reason not to buy a 22 or 23 and stick a conversion barrel in it? Yes, I know you will need 9mm mags. With all of the .40 S&W hate going on right now, I imagine there are some deals to be had. I have a 357Sig barrel for my 23. Works great, same mag too. I’ll be doing the 9mm barrel soon.

    • Gen 4 cop trade-in guns are ~$300 all over right now. AIM has them constantly.

      To answer the question, yes. You need a new 9mm extractor, and trigger housing for the ejector. Never seen or heard of it happening, but it’s possible that not swapping both of those parts could result in some reliability issues. For my peace of mind, I’d swap those out. It’s another, oh, $30 in cost.

  4. I hate the Glock 19. A plastic toy looking cartoon like appearance enhances it’s toss it in the sandbox for the kids to play with profile. An aftermarket trigger; upgrades to the feel of a light duty staple gun from Home Depot. It cost almost $30 to make & $600 to buy. Night sights are extra. Don’t ever ask for anything but what the factory makes. No custom shop. No custom orders. Great customer service, repair & parts. No way it could be any more boring. It’s what I carry and what is on the nightstand. Like I said; I hate the Glock 19.

    • “A plastic toy looking cartoon like appearance…”

      And those holes it blows in ya feel like such a game!

      “An aftermarket trigger…”

      Ah yes, the “I don’t need more range time, it needs a trigger upgrade” bullshit argument. God bless capitalism but FFS people stop buying shit you don’t need because some asshole, who wants your money, convinced you that you need it. With modern semi auto triggers, you might not LIKE them, but if you’re missing the target the problem ain’t the trigger, it’s you.

      “Night sights are extra.”

      And if you ever actually get and use night sights you’ll find they are way, way overrated. Get a light first and then, if you wanna upgrade your sights use fiberoptics. Night sights are a gimmick that doesn’t work even 5% as well as people think they do.

      Custom shop complaints? Is this serious?

        • Sarcasm doesn’t always come through in text. Given the actual complaints against [insert any gun here] that show up here on TTAG there is no reason to assume right off the bat that this comment is sarcasm.

          You should see the shit I got on the articles I used to write here. Some of it was sarcasm, some of it was just anger, spite and venom. It could be hard to tell the difference unless the poster was a regular.

      • I myself have also commented on all the xtra add ons that some owners apply to their firearms. A racing stripe painted on the hood of your vehicle with Krylon brand paint will add an xtra 20 horsepower, and if you use “Go Faster” brand paint at $420 an ounce you’ll get 25 extra horsepower. / now that’s how I do sarcasm

  5. I didn’t get the Glock love until I traded into one. A guy offered it into trade for a pistol I wanted to replace with something I could get a threaded barrel for. I said “hey Glock barrels are everywhere and cheap”. I fell in love with the Glock. I shoot it better than any handgun I’ve tried so far. I usually carry a sig 938 because I shoot that better than any single stack I’ve tried, but the other day I was washing the car and threw the g19 on. I can tell the difference when I sit down for sure. I don’t, however notice the size difference much when moving around. G19 is a pretty damn useful tool in the free man’s toolbox.

  6. What does a wrist watch have to do with a pocket dump? If it’s in your pocket, then I would consider it a pocket dump. But then I would have to ask, “why does your pocket watch have straps designed for wrist application?” Perhaps these articles should be called. – Some Shit I Got.


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