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“Tougher restrictions on ammunition are needed to stop British-based jihadists carrying out Paris-style gun attacks, former security minister [Lord West] has said,” reports,uk. “He said the UK’s tough anti-gun laws were a crucial tool in the fight against terror – but demanded further action to tighten restrictions on ammunition.” Needless to say, Lord West also reckons his former employers need more British taxpayer loot . . .

The security services ‘need more money’ to monitor suspected terrorists amid claims that up to 150 fanatics have returned from the war in Syria intent on carrying out attacks at home.

This after James Bonds’ bro’s had their budget cut by some 20 percent this year. And then had the government hand then a cheque for a rather large amount of dosh.

Following [last week’s warning] of terrorists attacks, the Chancellor George Osborne said he had handed the security services a new £100million anti-terror fund to track British lone-wolf extremists.

Mr Osborne said the cash had been handed over ‘in the last few weeks’ amid growing fears over the number of radicals returning from Iraq and Syria to wreak terror in Britain.

He said the Government would provide MI5 and MI6 with ‘all the resources and all the legislation’ they need to prevent a terrorist atrocity in Britain.

And here’s the thing: there isn’t enough money in the world to stop the terrorists. A fact that the head of the MI5 acknowledged ahead of their next intelligence failure.

But Mr Parker, the director-general of MI5, said it was almost inevitable that an attack in Britain would succeed sooner or later.

He said al-Qaeda was directing British-based fanatics from overseas to carry out attacks on airlines or a Mumbai-style gun and bomb atrocities.

In a rare public speech, Mr Parker warned: ‘Although we and our partners try our utmost, we know that we cannot hope to stop everything.’

So . . . good luck mates! As for restoring British subjects’ gun rights, the subject of armed self-defense at the sharp end by intended victims never seems to come up. Wonder why that is.   [h/t NJ]

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  1. do we know where the jihadis got their weapons and ammo for the Paris attack? I’ll bet they were not purchased thru regular and legal channels.

    Instead of passing laws that will have absolutely no effect on the next jihadis why not make it a little easier for their potential victims to tool up?

    I’ll bet some French journos wished they had something more than harsh words to fling at their murderers in the last moments of their lives.

    • We all know the terrorists got their guns at a gun show in Kentucky or on the internet at Bud’s Gun Shop. This is why we need to close the gun show loop hole with Every Fascist For Gun Safety. It is the “River of Iron”.

      • Everybody knows that NRA-1, a 747-400 cargo plane stuffed full of guns and ammo flew over France the day before and air-dropped the evil poison directly into jihaddi hands…

        And those fvckwits would actually believe that.

        Oh, and NRA-1 was piloted by Captain Wayne LaPierre and Dick Cheney was First Officer.

  2. Hm… The terrorists smuggled their weapons into the country illegally… And none of our current laws completely banning firearm ownership except for the rich stopped them… Well what haven’t we banned completely yet? Ammunition?!? PASS A BILL QUICKLY

    • Do you know that, or are you just speculating? I’m certain you’re right, that’s my thinking also, I just haven’t read it anywhere yet.

    • Go ahead and ban the ammo. The terrorist will get their ammo the same way they got their rifles (illegally, don’t tell anyone). So called “progressive” attitudes on gun control will get you killed, every time. You children play nice now.

    • The sad part is that the sheep will clamor for it to happen, and the [alleged] leadership actually believes that it will have an effect in criminals.


  3. I expect a British politician to eventually announce that new gun restrictions are necessary to prevent male pattern baldness and *rectile dysfunction.

  4. Hmm, so there aren’t any ferries across the channel anymore? I simply can’t imagine anyone bringing AK’s and crates of ammo across in the boot (trunk to us colonists) of their vehicle, or in a barrel of pickles or something. Never mind container cargo…. Right? The sun truly has set on the British empire, sadly.

  5. Yoy! Just cut everybody’s hands off. How mush more of what hasn’t worked does it take to get the job done?

  6. The terrorist will attack soft targets like they did in Paris. There is no possible way to track all the suspects nor protect all soft targets. There will be attacks, there will be blood in the streets followed by marches to honor the victims but nothing will change. IMHO, the Europeans are so brainwashed to believe that government is the answer, they have lost all sense of self defense. They will bow to whatever unreasonable new laws or taxes that will be imposed on them and then cower in their homes praying for government to save them as the next terrorist has a gun pointed at their heads.

    On the plus side, maybe someone will figure out their immigration policies suck and the “no-go” zones have to go and claim the multiculturalism experiments over.

  7. Based on the degree of damage that the IRA was able to inflict on England during the most recent unpleasantness, I’d say that if Jihad Joe want to make a mess, a mess will be made. With bombs.

      • They’re idiots. Want to cut down on jihadi violence? Do away with the banning laws and let everyone carry. An armed society is a polite society.

  8. It’s ok guys, this will definitely work and in no way backfire. We all know that once the IRA couldn’t walk into Tesco and guy their AKs, ammo, and semtex anymore that started the peace process. There is absolutely no way terrorists could get ammunition through illegal channels.

  9. “amid claims that up to 150 fanatics have returned from the war in Syria intent on carrying out attacks at home.”

    So only 150 to worry about, eh? Whew! That’s a load off my mind!

    No way there’s more than that, I guarantee it. No need to arm the peasants, just give us more money to read their mail. Because those camel jockies only use the post, not email. And they definitely speak in plain text.

    Trust me, I work for the government.

  10. This guy is an idiot. The weapons and ammo were tucked over from Kosovo and no new laws will stop that.

    • You guys are making this too difficult!!! Eric Holder has a propensity for supplying arms to various nefarious groups! How helpful would that be for enforcing the need to get rid of these terrible weapons.

  11. A 100 million pound fund to track “lone wolves”. I think I see why they can’t find the terrorists

  12. And the crime trends will, contrary to the aloof musings and uncogent rantings of the talking heads in the so-called “news” media, continue undaunted regardless of the march sexist, racist, classist, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist laws proffered by sexist, racist, classist, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist bureaucrats who were elected by sexist, racist, classist, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist constituents.

    They get the government they deserve, and the crime rates and Human rights violations that come with it.

  13. Or they could work on a layered defense like most of the U.S. has. Individuals (lots of them and they will defend themselves at no cost to the government), police and other security forces, and lastly the military.

  14. Maybe pass a law that limits smuggled AKs to 10 (ten) round mags loaded with no more than 5 (five) rounds, and no more than 10 (ten) AKs and 50 (fifty) rounds per container. That should slow the terrorists down.

  15. I actually WANT THEM to just…. BAN EVERYTHING! Just go full retard already and get it over with! Go door to door, confiscate everything and get it over with! Then all the scary things will go away and no more terror, right?

    Then all of us here in the U.S. can say “WE TOLD YOU SO!” when the next big attack happens and they are all COMPLETELY defenseless.

  16. Hell the Paris Islamofascist terrorists expended ammo could probably fit in a shoebox.

    Gun grabbers are such a bunch of morons.

  17. Bullets work, words do not. Watching that unarmed French policeman gunned down on the side of the road like a dog, is one of the most tragic things I’ve ever seen!

    • I agree, that terrorist dispatching the policeman was horribly tragic.

      The least we can do is try to learn from it. So consider all the gun grabber solutions that failed this policeman:
      (1) Talk through his differences with the terrorist — fail
      (2) Comply with the terrorist — fail
      (3) Vomit or urinate on self — fail
      (4) Claim to be menstruating — fail
      (5) “Strong” gun control across entire nation — fail
      (6) Central government intel. services action before attack — fail
      (7) Call armed police once attack begins — fail
      (8) “Enlighten”, “civilize”, and/or “educate” society — fail
      (9) Welcome Muslims with open arms — fail

  18. The security services ‘need more money’

    That’s their goal right there. Job security and expansion.

  19. ““He said the UK’s tough anti-gun laws were a crucial tool in the fight against terror-“..

    According to Wikipedia, No FIREARMS have EVER been used in terror attacks in Great Britain ( going back to 1605 ) ..Just bombs..

  20. “track British lone-wolf extremists”

    How stupid are these people?

    If they’re a ”lone-wolf”, there is no tracking to speak of. Their attack will be done before you even know they exist.

  21. I am scheduled to be in London, Bath and the Cotswolds for a few weeks in June for a holiday. Rethinking my time in London. Sure, chances are nothing will happen and even if something does, chances are that I would not be in the middle of it but you never know. I like England but yes, they have their heads buried in the sand, they and most of the EU really are good little disarmed sheeple who think their governments will protect them. Nothing like millions of willing victims waiting with bated breath for the next Islamic fundamentalists to slaughter them.

    • One of my goals when I retired was to visit London and Cornwall and if that didn’t work out take the Canadian Transcontinental Railway from east to west and fly home from British Columbia. I think Canada is going to get my business.

  22. “US-bred freedoms are needed to stop British-based jihadists carrying out Paris-style gun attacks.”
    Fixed it. All better!!

    Why don’t they just make laws against terrorism or mass murder?

  23. If I remember correctly the last couple of lone wolf jihadist’s used kitchen knives & homemade IED’s.
    Time to ban pharmacies & Gordon Ramsay better watch out, the restaurant police will be coming for him.

    Scariest phrase ever used: I’m from the government and here to help.
    In all seriousness anyone that thinks a disarmed populace is safe is in need of mental health counseling. When my NJ born wife decides on her own that she needs more range time & starts carrying 24/7 with no prompting from me the feces has hit the rotatory oscillator. Thank God we live in a country where we can carry to protect ourselves. Police simply cannot enforce the laws any longer in the political climate & afraid of a jerk with an iPhone posting to YouTube any and everything good, bad, or indifferent. Then being judged by Al Sharpton if your white.

  24. Actually the Brits are right! This is THE law that will make terrorists throw down their weapons and lead a life of peace.

    • Peace through conquest, maybe. Because it will be that much easier to subdue and convert everyone in the U.K.

  25. here we go, another sandy hook all but this is real. take the ammo? they also had rocket launchers and grenades, yeah this is a great idea, morons..

  26. The more England renders itself impotent, the better. Some lessons are best learned the hard way.

    • Yep. This kind of reminds me of the old “you don’t have to run FAST, just FASTER than the other guy.”

      US citizens continue to tool up and EU subjects continue to be subjugated. Law of nature…predators often go after the weaker prey.

      Let them be the weaker link (but we should not become complacent about that).

  27. “He said the Government would provide MI5 and MI6 with ‘all the resources and *all the legislation*’ they need to prevent a terrorist atrocity in Britain.”

    All the legislation. And the people will go happily along with it.

  28. What is so patently absurd about this guy’s comments is that he knows, the UK political class knows, the British public knows, and—most importantly—the criminals and terrorists know full well that passing gun control laws are completely useless symbolic gestures. The people in the UK who intend to do so can quiet easily acquire any kind of firearm and ammunition they want. As with the US and other countries, the people who smuggle are only slightly impeded by British laws and, in fact, use those very laws as a way of keeping economic competition out of their very lucrative and very safe illegal business. These same people can just as easily smuggle in guns and ammo as they can drugs and pickles. There are small fishing villages in the UK where smuggling has been a lucrative sideline for at least 2 hundred years. The people who live there know it, the local authorities know it, the various other levels of government know it, and the government in London knows it. There are literally thousands of small fishing boats leaving their ports every day to go fishing off the UK’s coast. More than a few of those boats are engaged in the smuggling trade, doing the exact same things their great, great granddaddy’s did in the 1800’s. They’ll bring you anything you want. For a price.

  29. It’d be just a frustratingly bad hypothesis Lord West and others have there if they weren’t doing a full scale real world test of it. I don’t imagine that it is likely to lead to rampant slaughter, but it sure would suck to be one of the those who do die defenseless.

  30. but demanded further action to tighten restrictions on ammunition.” Yes al of the terrorists will be eager to follow any and all new “common sense” legislation.

  31. The grabbers are literally running around in circles these days, aren’t they? I remember a “My Weekly Reader” article I read in elementary school about how some gun control outfit had decided that, since they couldn’t ban guns, they would try to ban ammo. Even had posters made up: “We Need Bullets Like We Need a Hole in the Head”. I’m just shy of sixty, so that would put that article at nearly a half-century ago. (BTW, I never recall the Weekly Reader carrying any other article about guns–the school system was infected even that long ago)

  32. Have at it EU, somebody needs to be the slow kid for the bear to eat.

    Your doing us a favor here in the US with all you disarmament efforts over there.

  33. Well we’ve moved on from having to hear about guns killing people, now it’s the bullets that are doing it.

    I guess it makes a little more sense…

  34. Why would any of this matter when jihad jimi can use a sword,knife or homemade machete on his way to paradise and those 72 chaste,doe eyed voluptuous VIRGINS? And don’t the Brits have a boatload of off-limit sharia neighborhoods?!? Yep you’re gonna’ catch those lone wolf a##wipes…

    • What is the use of “chaste” virgins once you’re in heaven? Just to sit around and look pretty? That would suck.

  35. Predictable response from the Brit anti crowd. I’ve been waiting for the usual Mad Dumb Antis (MDAs) on this side of “the pond” to start howling doom and gloom if ‘we’ (meaning the ‘authorities’) don’t take all the guns right away.

  36. Exactly and specifically, how would more ammunition laws prevent this happening in England?

    Just asking. We know the weapons were smuggled in. That all the gun and ammunition laws were broken.

  37. I keep wondering when they will wake the hell up and stop doing the same dumbass shit over and over. You’d think after awhile they’d think: “Hey, it’s completely irrational to think that with so much knowledge on how to make weapons and ammunition out there and how easy it is to get guns and ammunition illegally, that we can ever just ban it away. Maybe we need to not leave our people defenseless.”

    But nope.

    Still going full retard, I see.

    The only thing I can conclude is that either A. They are really THAT stupid and childlike, in which case they shouldn’t be in charge of governing anyone. or B. They are completely evil and WANT this chaos and violence to happen, in which case they shouldn’t be in charge of governing anyone.

  38. England wants more gun restrictions so Muslims don’t kill people in England?

    Well yeah, considering their last set of gun laws didn’t stop a soldier from being beheaded in the street, I can see why they would…

  39. The terrorists also wore sneakers (so they could run away very, very fast)….when are the Brits going to pass common sense sneaker laws? It’s craziness that just anyone can go out and buy these assault sneakers without so much as a background check or photo ID. If we restrict sneakers to just law enforcement, the terrorists could not have run away so fast, and they would have gotten caught sooner….the extra “grippyness” and speed of tactical sneakers should only be used by police and military. Wake up people!! We need common sense sneaker laws!!! If it saves just one life!

  40. Gun control laws so restrictive that the police who initially responded didn’t even have guns – and the solution is even more restrictive gun control laws?

    Egads, Europeans can be downright stupid.

  41. The Gun Control mantra, “We must do more of what hasn’t worked before because we obviously didn’t do enough of it in the first place.”
    It doesn’t matter because the Jihadi’s likely already have stashes of guns, ammunition, explosives and whatever else in their well-established enclaves in Europe and the British Isles. His Lordship is only hoping to fool the peasants into thinking they would be safer and keep them quiet.

  42. I have a suggestion for an ammo law! How about, everybody must possess at least 7 rounds of HP ammo in a suitable container, such as a gun. At all times.

  43. So, the next war you Brits get into, how about you NOT ask the United States to send family heirloom and other guns to bale out your arses? And good luck trying to find ammo for the guns you already DON’T have. And best fortunes to you in your new race to out-French the French.

  44. And hard drugs are also illegal in Britain. And yet there are junkies in every housing estate in the land. The dealers have guns and fight over territory. Somehow the laws of the land become unimportant when criminal enterprises are afoot.

  45. This man is a fool. Is he too naive to know the terrorists will always have guns and ammo? The Brits restriction on guns and ammo will embolden more terrorists, more Brits will be killed and more will lock themselves indoors.

  46. It has been a long time since I have seen so much uninformed rubbish.

    Every terrorizt attack on the mainland has involved bombs, even the IRA didn’t use guns. A bunch of people with guns will do nothing to stop a remote detonated bomb.

    There have been several incidents of terrorists trying to buy guns in the UK. Guess what, the gun runners turned them in.

    One man went down a street and killed people with an AK-47, they were banned and it has never happened since. On man went into a primary school and killed kids. Almost all guns were banned and it has never happened again. What is the count over here?

    Yes there is gun crime but the people getting killed are, funnily enough, criminals themselves. Sometimes they are used in bank robberies and very rarely are they used. Innocent people killed in the UK each year by gun crime can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

    No one in the UK is kidding themselves that terrorists are going to bring in guns and go on a shooting rampage but arming the population will result in more innocent people getting killed than would be saved. Legislation will not stop criminals getting guns but it makes it easier for the police and security services to get these people of the streets for longer. A law that makes praying on your knees punishable by life in prison will end the problem with an added bonus of getting shot of the catholics at the same time 🙂 The legislation they refer to aimed at the supporting network.

    Trying to implement the same model over here however is not workable. For a start the culture is totally different when it comes to weapons.Enforcement is also not practical on this scale. As an outsider the balance seems about right. I am amazed at the point blank refusal to make any changes the would help the police. The put their lives on the line every day and get little help because someone will start screaming they are taking your guns away when they really want to fight crime and catch criminals quicker. Just curious but if Bush or some other Republican wanted to bring in controls after Sandyhook would you have supported it? There were some proposals that the NRA used to support that they refused to consider when put forward by Democrats.

    • I know that if there were no guns there wouldn’t be any gun violence or accidents. I also know that since they do exist the best way for me to defend myself from a bad person with a gun is to have one. We live in a dangerous world so why do so many people willingly put themselves in a defenless position? I thank God that I live here in the U.S. where I am a citizen and not a subject.

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