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“To suggest that what happened in Washington was a tiny but fierce minority, backed by well-heeled lobbying groups, stifling the unmistakable clear preference of the American people — to see it that way patronizes so deeply Americans’ commitment to guns and gun culture that it fails to even recognize the commitment as real.” – Lisa Miller, Divisiveness Is the Only Constant in America’s Gun-Control Debate [via]

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  1. Despite all of the misleading statements in that article, it is refreshing to hear a gun control advocate acknowledge that further gun control did not pass at the federal level because there is no consensus in support of further gun control and not because of the “gun-manufacturing lobby” a/k/a the NRA. She gets one bonus point. (Btw, nice to have TTAG back up and running.)

  2. From her article:

    “When people whose own children were murdered by a Bushmaster AR-15 can’t agree on whether banning assault weapons is a reasonable corrective, it’s impossible to assume that any consensus exists.”

    All these rifles getting up and murdering people scares the hell out of me. It’s scary I tell ya! Just yesterday I heard a drilling sound from my gun safe. I opened it up and found several rifles and handguns (with their tac lights on) using a drill to try and escape. Wrapped in the sling of my WASR was plans to murder a bus full of nuns and a park full of puppies and kittens. It’s terrifying I tell you!

    • You gotta watch those AK types especially. Everyone knows they are the preferred weapon of terrorists because of their sentience and bloodlust!

    • Normally I’d say she needs an editor who knows the difference between “by” and “with” but in this case I have to assume it’s intentional.

      • “but in this case I have to assume it’s intentional.”

        Yup… possibly by both writer and editor. The ends justifying the means and all…

  3. A couple questions. First, just who told these folks that story of how Lanza got those guns? Last I heard, everybody inside that house at the time was dead before the cops arrived at the school. Was there video, or is their story made up from whole cloth, as they say?

    Second, did I read this wrong, of did she just call this goon a lying idiot, and then promptly agree with the results of his idiocy?

    Epic fail, and she didn’t even notice it.

  4. Interesting juxtaposition – that quote with the rest of the article. Just a hint of Pogo. We have found the enemy and the enemy is… Sadly, she still maintains that she and her brothers and sisters are entitled to the moral and factual high ground.

  5. This is still a crock of BS (her article that is).

    Choice quotes:

    “Despite what would seem to be its obvious benefits, a majority on gun control has thus far been impossible to muster, even in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting.”

    “It might seem obvious (it does to Gopnik and it does to me) that controlling access to guns, and in particular to the kind of semi-automatic rifle that Adam Lanza used, would be an easy and appropriate legal fix to protect other potential victims against other potential mass shooters.”

    she’s not stupid enough to think that we’re a super minority, which makes her more dangerous imo.

    • I feel like this area of people is very small. Smart enough to see that “pro-gun America” is not only one insanely wealthy guy at the NRA *cough* Bloomberg *cough*, and that their side has almost no REAL support. Dumb enough, though, that they can’t use logic and data to overcome thier emotional urges to “get rid of the scary!”

  6. To be fair to Ms Miller follow the link to her web page and read the entire article. We blame Lib’s for cherry picking but to take a quote (that seems to be confusing at best) without the context of the whole article is not cricket.
    I have no doubts she is a mouth piece for so socialism and gets a tickle down her leg when Obama is mentioned but she does make a few good points on the division of opinion where gun control is the issue. We don’t have to agree but when we quote someone one shouldn’t cherry pick what that person said.

  7. And to fail to recognize the unfortunate way that money and propoganda influence our democracy makes you the epitomy of ignorance.

    Please save the ‘we aren’t a democracy, we are a republic’ responses because that is just as ignorant. Its simple political science, a Constitutional/Representative republic is a form of liberal democracy. Save the cringes to that as well cause all western civilization is liberal, to some extent. The term in this sense means the valuing of individual rights. We are not a direct democracy and no one thinks that we are.

    Just had to preempt the idiots who think ‘we are a republic, I’m a republican, haha, so there!!!’. Like the party names have anything to do with our form of government. And you people know who you are.

  8. I don’t know – but I was debating Mitch and he was a good debater. Here was my final response:

    GlobalMitch 3 hours ago
    @JohnSmith2847@tonyx3 Apparently you missed the bit above where I agreed that America’s gun culture does affect gun violence, and where I pointed out that countries such as Israel and Switzerland that have high gun ownership rates (owing to there being compulsory military service for all citizens) – all heavily regulate firearms.

    If mental health was the the primary factor affecting gun violence, you would expect America’s mental health issues to be significantly different to all other countries. I have seen no such evidence ever suggesting this is the case.

    JohnSmith2847 4 minutes ago
    @GlobalMitch @JohnSmith2847 @tonyx3

    I don’t know Mitch, but I think after we have strict gun control we should start having strict food control. 1 in 5 american’s die related to obesity:

    And since we are on the topic of governing with statistics instead of personal responsibility and individual rights – we should definitely pass some regulation for this obesity “epidemic.” One in five Mitch – One in five. That’s staggering. We need to do something about it. First, I think we should pass some laws regulating volume and concentration of sugary beverages and simple carbohydrates that everyone is eating. That soft drink ban in NYC instituted by Bloomberg is a great start. We need more of that and we need to be mandating well balanced meals here. Last time I went to a restaurant – my food had an excessive amount of butter. That is simply not acceptable. We need to draw a lawsuit against the company manufacturing that butter. That butter is killing people here.

  9. Wasn’t she one of the villains in a Die Hard movie? Hans Gruber’s brother’s girlfriend. The one with Samuel Jackson in it.


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