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Image from Rogers' now-deleted Facebook page

FBI agents arrested Shannon Elizabeth Guess Richardson (pictured) this morning in connection with the ricin-tainted letters sent to the White House and the offices of Michael Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. According to NPR (yes, that NPR) her husband and original person of interest Nathan Richardson has been cleared of suspicion. The FBI now believes that Shannon sent the poison letters as part of a plot to frame her husband and divorce him, and that the letters’ rants about gun control were a red herring.

That’s right: guns, racism and gun control had nothing to do with the poisoned letters. These assassination attempts aren’t the handiwork of white racists or ‘bitter clingers’ but instead could be the crimes of a madwoman who was willing to kill innocent strangers in order to ruin her husband.

The White House and MAIG apparently have no comment on how they’ll try to rebuild their demolished narrative in response to this development.

Mrs. Richardson, pictured above, is an actress whose credits include small roles in The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. She had contacted the FBI and told them she believed her husband was responsible for mailing the ricin letters, which also contained pro-gun rants and threats. After questioning and detaining her husband, they eventually cleared him of wrongdoing and turned their attention to her.

This is the second time in three months that a person has been set up for suspicion of sending ricin-tainted letters to politicians. Is ‘Ricining’ becoming the new ‘Swatting?’ Let’s hope not.


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    • I’d throw out a yay too, except that I’m positive the left-wing talking heads will keep running with the original narrative regardless, like they did with the Tawana Brawley and Kerri Dunn hoaxes.

  1. Somewhere Bloomberg is cussing into phone, “?!’&#!!, I told you idiots this would bite us if it backfired! Time to switch to plan B: blame it on George Bush!”

  2. CALLED IT! Anti-gunners were screaming about how the ricin sender had to be a gun owner, I kept telling them it could be anyone CLAIMING to be a gun owner.

    I was right, WOO WOO!

  3. The White House and MAIG have no comment on how they’ll try to rebuild their demolished narrative in response to this development.

    You’ll find cheap .22 and get a carry permit in MD before that happens.

  4. Wow, what a sloppy false flag operation this was. There are going to be some red faces over at the FBI when they realize the arrested their own secret operative, made it public and then forgot to plant some guns.

      • Good point. That flag is going to be so false, that, um, nevermind. I’m going to have a whisky.

        • You mean that good kind of “whisky” without the “e” that those guys who wear skirts make in that foreign country? I’ll drink to that.

        • That’s the sort! I prefer the variety that comes from a tiny island off the leftern coast whose name doesn’t read like it’s spelled. Those red bearded dandies make a fine malt.

          If that makes any sense at all in the morning I’ll be stunned.

        • I completely got it. I felt like I was growing up all over again when I learned the proper pronunciation. Someday I want to go on a whisky tour of Scotland.

        • I’m genuinely surprised that someone got it. Ditto on the whisky tour, it’s right at the top of my bucket list.

        • Maybe if most of us suffer blows to the head. Otherwise we’ll just have to be the sheeple that don’t parrot Alex Jones on everything from dumb to dumber.

  5. Men kill more. Women destroy more.

    Several questions come to mind about her motive:
    -Is she an anti-gun nut or was she using the 2A issue as a convenient tool?
    -Was she out to destroy her husband and put him in prison?
    -Was her plot about making a heroine out of herself (calling the FBI on her husband) hoping her ‘new’ celebrity status would help boost her acting career?
    -Is her motive a combination of the above?

  6. The media will now stroll quite smartly in some other direction, but will never be seen admitting any mistake or stupidity in their prior narrative.

    This is the same media tactic we see all the time with bogus “hate crimes.” We just saw one up here in Wyoming, (at U Wyo, in Laramie) with a real dingbat of a leftist who put up a trope on a FB group site claiming to be a Republican who wanted to “hate f*&^” this feminist.

    Having actually seen this feminist before, I immediately thought “Uh, no way. No way is some guy going to pursue a Biblical knowledge of that…”

    Some people of the female persuasion thought I was being mean and insensitive when I said this. Some said “You know, there are actually chubby chasers out there.”

    I pointed out, as amicably and charmingly as I am able, that this wasn’t a case of said feminist being chubby; this was a case of a young woman having the personality of a wet badger in burlap sack. She could have been possessed of the figure of a Victoria’s Secret model, and still would have repulsed men. Hate rolls off this particular woman in palpable waves. If you’re white and male… she hates you with a flaming passion.

    A few days later, it turned out I was right: She ginned the whole thing up herself. It also turned out that she had been previously charged with threatening her co-workers at some radio station with a gun (and of course, she’s rabidly anti-gun in public pronouncements).

    I smiled at my prior interlocutors in my prescience and wisdom. Sometimes, when we men speak about women… we’re right. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, ladies, you just need to admit it.

    Still, the local press said it was “important to have the conversation” about whatever point this feminist was trying to make. Many of us here in Wyoming were then asking “What conversation? She made spurious allegations of a crime… that’s not a ‘conversation’.” The press refused to admit any role in being so gullible as to take this woman’s claims at face value without any investigation or critical thought on their part.

    Same deal here. This is going to turn out to be a whole lot of crazy inside her head that has nothing to do with guns, the NRA or politics – and the press will act as if they were completely innocent in this matter.

    • An apt interpretation of the incident and the media. It’s a pity we don’t have any Dyspeptic Journalists.

    • “This is going to turn out to be a whole lot of crazy inside her head that has nothing to do with guns, the NRA or politics – and the press will act as if they were completely innocent in this matter.”

      “Rem acu tetigisti”.

    • “Some people of the female persuasion thought I was being mean and insensitive when I said this. Some said “You know, there are actually chubby chasers out there.”

      This is analogous to the people with no gaydar!

  7. A plot to divorce her husband?

    I dont know about other states but in Tennessee “irreconciable differences” cost $300 and only the person filing has to show up in court. Of course thats a no kids, no joint property, easy said and done deal.

    I guess theres going to be a lot to argue over in this divorce, at least now there will be

    • Some people have to have an excuse for everything in life to make it someone else’s fault. Most commonly seen in bi-polar or BPD women.

  8. She was able to “kill two birds with one stone” … get favorable terms in a divorce from her husband and demonize gun rights supporters.

    • And be labeled a Hero (Heroin or Heroine or….. you get my point). It would have really helped that acting career too! If she’s guilty it’s truly sinister. What a skank! That’s 3 birds with one stone.

    • I’m not ready to say that’s absolutely true — yet. It sure looks that way.

  9. Admittedly, I’m shocked it wasn’t one of Bloomberg’s cronies. Though not at all shocked that it wasn’t a pro-gun person either :-).

  10. Shannon E.G. Richardson apparently retained inadequate counsel. Every divorce lawyer knows the danger of overdoing it. In PA, soon-to-be-ex-wives know to just slap themselves a few times with a rolling pin, then call the cops and allege spousal abuse. The mandatory procedure requires the PD to remove the husband from the house in handcuffs. Actresses. What drama queens.

      • Oh YEAH! When I was in a custody dispute over my daughter, *I* was the only one under the microscope, NEVER her, though she ran some kind of highly shady “day care” – where kids stayed for days at a time – without seeing their parents!
        My kid is supposed to grow up in THAT? Apparently it was “fine”.
        Her mom was always giving her toys to other kids – that *I* bought…
        I won custody FIVE hearings in a row. The guardian-ad-litem, supposed to be a court officer, worked for the mother’s legal team! SHE won the sixth round, and it was all over. TKO, I guess!
        But by now I’ve learned to forgive and forg… ROFL!!!

  11. so, how does the MSM like their crow cooked? Grilled, spicy or extra crispy?

  12. This is my shocked face. I wouldn’t have guessed this exact outcome, but I knew it wasn’t related to 2a struggles.

    Guys, I understand the urge, but today’s lesson:
    Don’t stick your d!ck in crazy.

    • …unless you have protection for it and are more than 100 miles from your residence.

  13. Same thing as the Mississippi ricin case, where a jerk with a grudge tried to frame an Elvis impersonator. This crazy broad, who has more children than the Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe (she had so many children that her uterus spontaneously combusted), was trying to frame her hubby.

    But the biggest put-up job was New York’s little Napoleon trying to frame us. Hey, Bloomberg — Eat Ricin and Die.

    • Never let a good crises go to waste. Its what you do when all you have is 100% emotion and 0% facts. They only know how to dupe people, if there were facts to their arguments they would be self evident without the circus.

      Like Newtown, this was just one more excuse in a list of excuses.

      The problem is the press eats it up and so do the low information voters.

  14. Nobody is asking the obvious question: where did she get the ricin in the first place? That stuff isn’t easy to concoct unless you’re a trained chemist, even though its main ingredient grows as a wild weed across much of the United States and Mexico. And it’s extremely dangerous to work with in its weaponized form. And it’s only lethal in its highly refined, weaponized form. So what’s really going on here?

    • It is easy enough to make from castor beans and no, you don’t have to be a trained chemist.

      • You don’t. Not even close. THE POOR MAN’S JAMES BOND used to have the recipe (Feds, I SWEAR I no longer have a copy, or know where one is!). It would be wrong to reveal any of it. Except the word bedpost.

    • Don’t assume that the ricin was present in lethal form and/or amount. To frame somebody, all you need is the crudest impure form, which shows up on screens. However, it really isn’t hard to cross over into true weaponized grade territory.

      OTOH, at Hopkins there was a Professor Dunning in the Chem dept. who was involved with the military on weaponized ricin. He used to show up every year at the beginning of the semester with a tiny vial of ricin crystals and show it to his class. He would then say something on the order of “Last year, this was only 99.999% pure, but this year I got it to 99.9999% purity.”

      The man appeared to be in his late seventies; however, he was twenty years younger than that. Playing with dangerous toys [including the human kind] can do that to you. So, don’t try this at home.

      • BINGO. You just clinched it: COCAINE. Great stuff, from your description. Did he own lots of little shiny things, tiny silver binoculars and stuff like that? Coke fiends are like crows.

        • Uh, ricin. He never said cocaine, he never left it ambiguous what he was referring to. He specified the professor was working with *ricin*.

          Do you even read before you comment?

  15. Can any one post a link to Bloomberg quotes or video where he states his assumption that it was a 2A supporter.

  16. Not bad, but on of her “guns” looks lopsided, kinda out of balance…i wonder if her load was shifting or just a bad b**b job?

  17. Yes, she wanted to fix the bad job. So she was going to get all her hubbys money after he went to that pillow biting place.
    Then dress like cat woman, buy a catamaran, and sail off to Catalina Island. Instead, her plans backfired. Oh the catastrophie!

    • On the other hand, she still has the Cat Woman costume: maybe she can find that old coke prof. PPRRRRRRRR!

  18. Hear that?

    The sound of another anti-gun narrative circling the bowl.

    Man. Wish I had a car that ran on MAIG tears…

  19. Off topic, but here is something you can use for your DGU category.

    12 Men Attack Thai School – Security Guard With Gun Handles the Situation (VIDEO)

    From the article:

    The video above is visual proof to the importance of the Second Amendment and the right to protect yourself with a firearm.

    On March 11, a nursing school in Thailand was attacked in the early morning hours by 12 masked men wielding machetes. The nursing school is an all female institution for local 15- and 16-year-old girls in the Buriram Province. It is believed the motivation behind the attack was to lower moral and intimidate the all female institution.

    As you can see in the video above, the group of 12 men approach the school in the bed of a pick up truck. As the female students start to flee, an administrator armed with a handgun emerges from the building sending all 12 assailants fleeing in various directions.

    None of the students were hurt in the attack but three of the attackers ended up in local hospitals. Authorities were able to arrest the attackers who needed emergency care – the translation is unclear as to whether those attackers were wounded by gunfire or other means. The authorities were also able to identify the license plate of the pick up truck. An investigation is underway to detain the rest of the attackers involved, all of whom are believed to be teenagers hired by a larger organizer.

  20. So now all those who linked the NRA to this are all left removing their lowest appendage from their food receptical.

  21. And you can bet your sweet bippy this package of fatal attraction voted for hope and change…

  22. TO: All
    RE: Great Getup in the Pic

    Fitting too. I’ll bet she’s as crazy as a bag full of cats.


    P.S. Does anybody know if she’s a member of the NRA?

    P.P.S. Anyone heard from Becky Watzhername.

  23. Doesn’t Chris Matthews owe white male middle-aged gun owners another apology? I’ll hold my breath….

  24. Crazy bitch must be wild in the sack. Nice libtard way to point finger at gun rights people while she herself was the culprit.

  25. I figured this one out last week when the local media (I live in the area where all this took place) gave a little background on the couple being investigated by the FBI.

    You have a celebrity-seeking, wannabe actress/model (with five kids of uncertain lineage and currently pregnant by her husband) in a troubled marriage with who appears to be a regular guy. How does this clueless twinkies’ mind work? Oh, yeah, I got it! Mail some poison letters to some nationally prominent people and blame it on the husband so you can dump the marriage and get your face on talk shows all over the country as well. She probably had aspirations of a reality TV series. Now she can aspire to a good conduct early release from a federal prison.

    But the gun haters still gonna claim it’s about crazy-assed Texas gun nuts.

  26. I read a article about this and then asked my wife why her picture was on the article.

    The glare that i got…(and she feeds off guilt 😉 redheads…

  27. Just as I suspected, no matter what the facts are the news media has decided the whole ricin affair is based on the gun control issue. This morning on Fox News, the reporter reported on the arrest of the Richardson woman and referred to the ricin letters as being sent in protest of gun control measures. Even the right-leaning media has bought into this crap.

  28. In comments on HuffPo, the libs had shifted seamlessly from bagging on gun nuts to bagging on crazy Texans. Didn’t miss a beat.

  29. She reminds me of Jodi Arias… And she’s got 5 kids plus one one the way…. Crazy beyotch’s out there, be careful men!

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