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Santa Monica shooting scene (courtesy

“Santa Monica College was placed on lockdown Friday due to an active shooter on campus, confirmed Los Angeles sheriff’s officials,” KABC reports. “The shooting was reported at the school campus shortly after noon . . .

Sheriff’s officials have confirmed multiple victims.

A second shooting was reported a few blocks east of the school’s campus pn 21st Street. Three victims were reportedly shot and found in a vehicle about a block and a half away from the school.

CHiP officer tooling-up for Santa Monica College active shooter (courtesy CNN)

Authorities say the gunman was down. His condition remains unknown.

A gangland shooting (or two) perhaps? Bad timing, then. reports that . . .

President Obama is in Santa Monica speaking at a luncheon fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, about a 10-minute drive from where the shooting took place.

“We are aware of the incident and it is not impacting the visit. It’s a local police matter at this point,” said Edwin M. Donovan, Deputy Assistant Director of the U.S. Secret Service, in a statement released after the incident.”

What’s the bet that the President doesn’t see it that way, bloody shirt waving-wise?

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    • That’s the People’s Democratic Republic of Santa Monica of which you speak; an appropriate setting for our Democrat President to address his staunchest supporters.

      • Oddly enough C45 we have gun friendly places in California. Just not the big cities like the Bay Area and the LA area. Unfortunately those big cities have a lot of pull in Sacremento. Like Chicago in Illinois.

        My hope is a court case, and there are some, will do for us what has been done in Illinois.

        • So why isn’t there more violence in Nevada and Oregon? If thir lax laws are causing the problem in Ca. it stands to reason that they would have the same or worse. After all their residents don’t have to commute long distance to tool up.

        • I’d love for you to expound on that, as well. I’ve spent roughly half my life in Nevada, and while I wouldn’t call it great, it’s certainly not terrible. I mean… We gave the country Harry Reid, and I apologize for that (I didn’t vote for him) on behalf of Nevada; but I don’t see at all how Nevada makes California a worse place to be.

        • Bloomberg hired a bunch of gun grabbers to troll on the Governor of Nevada’s FaceBook page in an attempt to sway him to not veto SB-221. The majority of trolls were from California. When this was pointed out they resorted to blaming Nevada’s lax gun laws for the majority of guns that turn up at crime scenes in CA. They couldn’t tell you the numbers all they could do was provide a link to a bloomberg article.

          I decided to read for myself and see what they are talking about. The article uses the year 2007 because that was the year with the most amount of guns which can be traced back to Nevada. The article doesn’t give you any of the numbers you have to go to the sites where they pulled the info from. I will estimate since I don’t recall the exact numbers but it turns out a little over 400 of these so called crime guns turned up that year. Sounds like a lot I guess, until you keep researching and find out it was 400 out of 27,000 which is 0.01481%!! They expect Nevada to change their laws because around 0.01% of the guns used in crime in California can be traced back to Nevada? No proof of gun running either, they all could all be stolen guns.

          When this number was pointed out the majority of them signed off for the night. More proof that these people can’t think for themselves, they’re just robots sent out to parrot whatever the MSM tells them to

        • I was being sarcastic 😀

          Cali is a beautiful state, it’s a shame their protectionist laws are so smothering

        • Good to here.

          Nevadas laws aren’t more “lax”, they are more “Constitutionaly Sound”.

        • our gun laws in ca would work if we had people like Nevada does. blame the people not the tool they use.

  1. Are you kidding me??? Again? Can we not do this whole thing again? The only bright side was it being in Cali. No one can say the gun laws were too loose…
    The worse part is I hear about a shooting and get worried about my rights instead of the victims…
    *Runs to the store to try to buy ammo*

    • I’m sorry, but you’re wring. Our state legislators can ALWAYS say that our 2A restrictions need to be cranked even tighter.

      • And this is the ammunition they will use to pass the massive passel of bills now pending that will take this state back to its status as the most restrictive in the nation.

        • Nooo…. when you get ahead of NJ again they’ll just dream up more stuff for us too!!!

  2. But…that CAN’T happen in California! They have hundreds of anti-gun laws there!

    • @ Totenglocke
      …and more than our fair share of bad actors who either can’t read, or who can’t read or speak english.

      • It’s the drug culture, …and the “culture” of violence that has infested the LA area and it’s surrounds.

        But hey, Democrat controlled state legislature is in the process of passing even more grabber legislation to suppress the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens in California. THAT should solve the problem!

        /end sarc/

        • Glad to see the sarc tag there. Whew! Of course we all know that drug control works just as well as gun control.

          Why are governments always so obsessed with punishing people for doing things that people want to do?

    • Unfortunately, being in Santa Monica the chances are significantly higher than 1 in 10. Used to live in SaMo thogh, and I can tell you that the specific area Samo College is in is “lower income.”

      That said there are plenty of less-desirables that migrate West from Los Angeles proper and it’s other burbs. (*cough* Culver City is right next door)

    • I agree. This sounds like another deranged killer on the loose with an “assault weapon” with a “high capacity” magazine. A car with three people in it being shot up, the shooter apparently walking or driving down a street firing indiscriminately at passing vehicles and a bus….Just guessing, but we’ll know soon enough.

  3. I’m not a fan of the term “active shooter”. That brings to mind “active senior”, someone who gets out and does things. An “active shooter”, when I first heard the term, sounded pretty benign- maybe some guy that actively hits the range, maybe heads to competitions once in a while.

    Can’t we give murderous idiots a proper name like…well, murderous idiots?

    • have you ever heard of a “passive shooter”? What would that be, exactly? Grandpa on the porch swing popping off people as they pass by? Maybe as the swing gets to the bottom he shoots and lets the recoil push the swing back?

      When you get a dispatch for an “active shooter” does that mean come quick, but for a “passive shooter” sure, go ahead and finish the burrito and chatting with the counter girl? What if you respond to an “active shooter” and turns out to be a “passive shooter” – are you then disappointed? Do you call it in “Cancel the dispatch, just grandpa on the porch shooting people again.”

  4. Wait, this can’t happen…it’s California… They have more gun laws than my state(New Hampshire) has traffic laws! Aren’t those gun laws supposed to prevent this from happening? We in NH have almost NO gun laws and yet we don’t see this kind of violence…so this leads me to believe the only thing the gun laws accomplished was making certain every good guy in that school was unarmed and defenseless…in NH we aren’t defenseless…someone starts trying to harm others and we shoot back…maybe that’s why it doesn’t happen in New Hampshire…we take that Land of the Free concept to heart…

    • This does a great job of showing that draconian laws do nothing to deter violence. I swear, if California was a Shall-Issue state this wouldn’t have happened.

    • Thank you for the info. I have been watching you stste closely. Nice to see NH & PA hangin tight.

      • re: “hangin tight”

        You’re in the wrong thread. The testicle discussion is in the James Yeager post.

  5. It happened in the United States, while Obama was scheduled to be in the United States! The connection is clear even if the logic is somewhat cloudy … or something … wait, let me check my New York Times Agitprop Style Guide …

  6. In CA you’re an armed criminal, you’re a LEO, or you’re a helpless bystander/target. Ugh.

    • And please, nobody remind me that inland counties have CCW. Even Sacramento, ironically enough, considering that’s where the coven gathers to inflict further restrictions on the state’s victims, um, citizens.

      • When low-information voters will elect anyone just because of the (D) next to their name, your state is f**ked.

  7. Good grief, does this president ever actually do any real work. What are we paying and supporting his worthless family for. All he does is campaign. If the idiot would put any where near this amount of effort towards solving any real problems maybe this country could move ahead.

    We should go back to the original way of electing a president. They all run for president and the one who comes in second is the vice president. 5 million for a budget and thats it. No lifelong benefits.

  8. How could this happen!? That campus is clearly marked a “Gun Free Zone” and I’m sure the school administrators have a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy for violence!

  9. If the shooter turns out to be another gang banger he won’t wave any bloody shirts, after all “he looks like he could be his son”.

  10. So a shooting near a gun free school, in a gun free city, in the #1 ranked gun free state. Hmm, I think I’m starting to see a pattern.

  11. I spoke to Obama about the shooting. He said George Bush did it.

    BTW, Sasha was born in 2001. I wonder of Michelle blamed George Bush for that, too.

  12. 1. College Campuses are not gun free zones. In any case, in CA a CCW holder can carry even in a K-12.

    2. CA is not a gun free state. Only state with more guns is Texas. HW on the other hand has a lower ownership percentage

    3. There are no gun free cities in CA. There is State preemption.

    4. CA has never ever been the most restrictive state in the nation. I don’t need to apply for a permit to own or even buy a gun. This isn’t New Jersey or New York. Most restrictions are on the point of sale. Not good, mind you. But never have been anywhere near the most restrictive.

    • JS, you manage to make CA sound like Arizona in your post but your comments are misleading.
      Do you know how difficult it is to get a CCW if you live in a major city out here (impossible in LA)?
      Have you heard of that arbitrary roster of “approved handguns” that restricts the kind you can buy?
      What about the 10 round magazine restriction?
      Have you considered how ineffective an AR would be in a defense situation when you have to engage the “bullet button” in order to change mags?
      California sucks for gun rights.
      *edited for cell phone mistakes 🙂

    • So what would you rank California. …… 4th most restrictive? 3rd? Nothing to brag about or try to minimize.

    • So what would you rank California. 4th most restrictive? 3rd? Nothing to brag about or try to minimize.

  13. No matterhow you cut it it is a person doing wrong.

    99% of American Gun owners are peaceful and non-violent. That is the true statistic we need concern ourself with or with others.

    Do I smell a future DGU article in the making?

  14. Obama won’t have time to wave the bloody shirt because he’s too busy defending himself from three scandals countless scandals (data mining the phone calls of millions of American citizens being the latest). Did anyone in the media even take note of what today’s speech from Obama was about? The man can’t go 15 minutes in public without answering questions from the press about one of the countless scandals, which will plague his second term and define his presidency as the most authoritarian in history.

    • Did you see the new NBC report stating data collecting involving Google, Yahoo, MSN & others? Yet NBC reports these agencies are not admitting that this is true.

  15. …………and it turns out that “at a college” at best meant “in the same neighborhood as a college”, and “near President Obama” meant “three miles away from President Obama.” First to press has a way of becoming first to clarify and first to retract.

  16. Ms Feinstein and Mr Yee, Thank you so much for all of the gun control laws we have in California to prevent Mentally unstable people from causing mass shootings like in Santa Monica today. I feel so much safer especially at home when I may need to defend my family.

    Thank you.

    ER Doctor and Law Abiding Gun Owner

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