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From the Detroit Free Press: “At least three people are dead at the Berrien County Courthouse following a shooting, an employee at the county prosecutor’s office said. Three people are dead and one person is injured, said the employee, who wished not to be named. Michigan State Police confirmed the shooting around 2:30 p.m. Monday, July 11. Two of the people dead are court bailiffs. The other person dead is the shooter, the employee said.” According to initial reports, a prisoner who was being transported disarmed a deputy and opened fire. More to come.

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  1. “According to initial reports, a prisoner who was being transported disarmed a deputy and opened fire.”


    • Actually, in many case jailers, sheriffs and others involved directly in prisoner handling do NOT carry their firearms when in close proximity to prisoners for this very reason.

      • Bailiffs do depending on county/courtroom because their job isn’t prisoner transpo, it’s general court order and protection…

        I’ve known many bailiffs though, and they’re all lackadaisical when it comes to their day-to-day duties because they’ve all been stuck in a courtroom too long and don’t remember (or have never known) what it’s like to be a real cop.

    • Obviously, this is correct. Only cops should have guns. If we just had that law, this entire tragedy could have been avoided, it would have been illegal for this man to take that officer’s gun. We may need a further law making it illegal to kill court bailiffs. But certainly that would do it, troubles are over.

  2. A hoax. Everyone knows a convict will not pass a background check to get a gun. And the courthouse is a Gun-free zone. So there cannot be guns there. Silly media.

    Damn this site! Edit already!

    Condolences to the slain officers kin.

  3. This would all be stopped with Universal Background checks. If the perp would have had to go through a background check when he stole the gun he would not have gotten it. He took advantage of the “police carry guns” loophole. It needs to be closed.

    Oh… and only cops should have guns …

  4. Well, at least they can’t spin this one. A prisoner in state custody in a gun-free zone disarms a bailiff and kills two before getting dropped.

    Aside from Wil Wheaton’s hysterics, this won’t blip because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

  5. Maybe I’m clueless, but were there not restraints on the suspect, a retention holster on the guard, or even bailiffs with the guy? If someone can pull that off, shouldn’t that prove criminals will stop at nothing for their end goal? Oh wait, he was probably just a poor disenfranchised member of society working towards bettering himself; I forgot how it works for a minute. Sincere condolences to the families affected as this proves “controls” provide zero protection.

    • I misread, I thought the shooter was in custody at the time. Either way, GFZ fail, police presence fail, criminals are determined to commit crime period.

  6. Man! The Clinton campaign must really be scared. Soros is turning that shit up to 11.

    *removes tinfoil hat.

    Whew, I needed that.

  7. Guns make us safe they say.

    What utter bullshit…

    This doesn’t happen in Europe or Australia on a daily basis.

    Thank the NRA tyranny for the constant bloodshed on innocent Americans that are growing fed up with the madness of the debunked more guns less crime crap.

    • “This doesn’t happen in Europe or Australia on a daily basis.”

      Hey, super-genuis, it doesn’t happen here on a daily basis either.

      Any other questions?

    • I am a retired USAF SP who worked closely with host nation police in Europe. You, sir, are full of s#@t. I know that leftest media tells you that Europe is some sort of crime free utopia, but I know from first hand experience that is complete BS. Heck, at one of the open houses at Lindsey Air Station, we searched everyone entering the base. We confiscate crates of switchblades, knives, starter guns, and whatnot. It was the poster child of a gun free zone. The weekend started with a German gang member breaking a wine bottle and slitting someones throat from ear-to-ear. At the time, the German Polizei carried MP-5’s — 9MM sub-machine guns — and for good reason. So, do not give me that BS about this fictitious benevolent European utopia.

    • Europe and Austrailia are becoming breeding grounds for violent jihadis, who’ve committed numerous mass sexual assaults, particularly in Germany where rape laws are lenient. I’m sure your very “feminist” yet by proxy you support the rape and abuse of women world wide.

    • Please enlighten us as to how this is the NRA’s fault…..I’ll be waiting here with an XL size bag o’ popcorn. Also, ever heard of the recent terrorist attack in Paris, Brussels, and Norway….some of the worst mass shootings on the planet. I guess those don’t count since they were in Europe. You Progs are really stupid. Throwing around the same bullshit talking points the MSM parrots every time someone gets shot somewhere. You are such a waste of my time.

    • I am from Italy and violent crime does happen on a daily basis.
      Of course, a criminal stealing a gun from a guard it’s quite a rare even in the USA, so I don’t see the statistical relevance of it.
      Maybe you’re talking about “nobody” being killed?
      Almost only criminals have guns, so when there’s a break-in (extremely common, that’s why we have armored doors and grated windows) they know they have the leisure to tie you up and beat the s@#%t out of you, since you are most certainly unarmed, and they aren’t in any danger.
      And if, by any chance, you happen to be one of the few with a gun, be careful not to use it, because if you defend yourself you’re pretty sure to go to jail.
      Meanwhile, if the criminal survives, you’ll have to pay him damages.
      Oh, and I forgot to mention little things like Mafia, Camorra, N’Drangeta, and all these friendly organizations: being illegal, they never have guns, only cops have.

    • In case you have not noticed, YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO! You might wish to do the legwork to confirm or deny that simple fact for yourself, and then to determine who lied to you and why. Or just keep perpetuating the lie, which is not going to work anywhere that people actually think.

  8. Having worked in a courtroom setting for several years, I’m surprised this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often. I’ve seen some court bailiffs and transfer officers become complacent and too familiar with prisoners in their custody. They let down their guard for an instant, turn away from the prisoner for a moment, allow themselves get caught up in a conversation with a coworker, etc. It’s understandable because 99% of prisoners pose no real threat and the routine and repetitious nature of the job gives the bailiffs a false sense of security. As another post stated, most transfer officers are not armed. However, the court bailiffs that I’ve worked with have been armed since they’re responsible for courtroom security. It will also be interesting to know what the prisoner was charged with, why he was in court, and whether he was wearing restraints. Again, restraints vary depending on the seriousness of the charge, the judge’s rules for his courtroom and the Sheriff’s policies. Obviously, this is a tragic event for the personnel who lost their lives.

  9. The press says that these were both retired law-enforcement officers, serving as court bailiffs. Wonder if perhaps they did not use retention holsters or perhaps the shooter knew how to defeat retention holsters

  10. “Several civilians were also taken to the hospital and are “in stable condition.”

    Thank God they were in a gun free zone, or they might have been shot or something.

  11. How long NRA?

    How many innocent Americans have to suffer due to the unlimited access to guns.

    There was no cases of a “good guy” ever stopping a crime with a gun.

    Studies prove that the “good guy” is a MYTH.

    • “unlimited access”

      “no cases of a “good guy””

      “Studies prove”

      Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m convinced.

    • You’re welcome to keep yakking, as it clearly makes you feel better about yourself. Just be glad this blog is gracious enough to let you do so, as it greatly helps our cause. Have a good day, my friend. Condolences to the fallen.


    • So you want to disarm the cops? How would have Dallas ended with unarmed cops? That guy would’ve single handedly conquered the entire city.

    • Have you noticed that you aren’t being personally attacked? How about the commentators not swearing at you or the TTAG readers and writers using complete sentences with proper spelling? Try finding that underneath an anti-gun article.

      As for me, I am the “good guy with a gun” who has stopped and captured felons. I supervised and participated in a high speed pursuit this weekend that terminated in South Pasadena. Two burglary / ADW suspects in a stolen white Ford rental van with a plate out of Arizona. The weapons I carried were a Smith 4006 TSW and a Sig Sauer M400 AR-15.

      And I also carry religiously off duty, and I’ve apprehended thieves and stopped assaults out of uniform as well.

      • Have you noticed that you aren’t being personally attacked? How about the commentators not swearing at you

        I was just about to tell that guy to commit an anatomically impossible act and now I can’t. Damn. You cops take the fun out of everything!

    • Internet Troll PSA

      In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.

      • The thing is, I have routinely sown discord on the Internet, simply by speaking the truth. I respect good old fashioned trolling, when it has some purpose OTHER than simply provoking people. I provoke people to get them thinking, to bait them into arguments that they will subsequently lose badly for everyone to see, etc.. And to be honest, simply stating my political beliefs provokes the vast majority of the leftist idiots wasting space and oxygen in the western world. But those freaks, they make my skin crawl. They lack some basic, core aspect of humanity, and can stick to playing a vile role far longer than any healthy person could.

      • I think he’s the return of Willy or Monica or whatever those sock puppets were named.

      • Nah I see no evidence of 2Asux wit. Trolling about careless guards is beyond retarded. Maybe he’s a 90kg. Couric…

      • Or did you mean by “no cases” that the recorded cases rarely exceed 100,000 per year, the rest of several million are not reported. See, my English courses 50+ years ago taught that “no cases” would be thought to mean “no cases”, not “fewer than 5 million cases”. You were taught differently? Or are you still waiting for high school English?

    • I have no problem having a discussion with an anti about guns. Im not even a pushy person. I will listen and consider your facts, beliefs and whatever else you throw at me.

      But blaming the nra for the deaths of two people, two American citizens, that were working with a deputy that was given a gun by their American local government….

      I knew people were getting pretty stupid but this one tops everything… Has this person been sent by Hitlery….

      If the nra is fighting for leo gun ownership then I definitely screwed up somewhere. Always enjoy a good chuckle before bed!

    • This guy’s writing style is eerily similar to a basement-dwelling, gimp-mask-wearing troll who posts at In the latter’s case, he’s some kind of right-winger, I think (he’s let his mask slip once or twice under pressure), but poses as a loony leftist, because, like I said, he lives in a basement wearing a gimp mask. I hate these weirdos more than I hate leftists.

      The Unz could even be this guy, the style is so similar.

      Take my word for it, these people are demented and not worth bothering with.

      • I meant to say “the Unz troll” there.

        These freaks are repelled by one thing: being ignored. Every other kind of attention feeds them. Slap them around and they say “thank you sir, may I have another,” skin all sweaty, pupils dilated. I know I sound like I’m off on a tangent, but trust me, they’re sick, sick people.

  12. Terrible incident.

    If the police officer was disarmed, there’s no gun control narrative to promote. That’s what the left consider a tragedy – when reality doesn’t promote their agenda.

    • Just wait. I have faith in them to say “see, even highly trained officers can be disarmed. So obviously the general public has no business carrying a deadly weapon that will be taken from them and used against them”

  13. The last time this happened was in Atlanta. It was a female bailiff and she was simply overpowered by a male prisoner and her gun was taken by the prisoner. I wonder if this was another female bailiff? Why do women take jobs that require strength as a primary requisite? I don’t know if this was a female bailiff but PC has run amok in our society.

  14. Trolls blaming everyone from NRA to carpenters with nail guns for this bloodshed. They’re too illiterate to read the story I guess.

  15. I can see the steam coming out of President oBUMas ears right now…

    How can i turn this into a gun issue? This has nothing to do with law abiding civilian gun ownership…

    Tomorrows CNN headline….

    All police must carry smart guns!!!!

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