John Cornyn
Senate Majority Whip Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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A group of Senators have announced that they’ve reached a bipartisan deal on a framework for legislation they say will do something about “gun violence.” According to The Hill, “The framework includes funding for school safety measures and mental health, a requirement to review juvenile records for firearm buyers under 21 years old and incentives for states to implement ‘red flag’ laws.”

The deal was pushed through by Connecticut’s Chris Murphy and Texas’s John Cornyn. The group’s press release states . . .

“Today, we are announcing a commonsense, bipartisan proposal to protect America’s children, keep our schools safe, and reduce the threat of violence across our country. Families are scared, and it is our duty to come together and get something done that will help restore their sense of safety and security in their communities. Our plan increases needed mental health resources, improves school safety and support for students, and helps ensure dangerous criminals and those who are adjudicated as mentally ill can’t purchase weapons. Most importantly, our plan saves lives while also protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans. We look forward to earning broad, bipartisan support and passing our commonsense proposal into law.”

The Senate compromise is a pale imitation of the radical gun control bills passed in the House that included safe storage mandates, federal “red flag” confiscation, and a ban on semi-automatic gun sales to adults under 21 years old. From the AP . . .

The proposal falls far short of tougher steps long sought by President Joe Biden and many Democrats. Even so, if the accord leads to the enactment of legislation, it would signal a turnabout from years of gun massacres that have yielded little but stalemate in Congress.

Leaders hope to push any agreement into law quickly — they hope this month — before the political momentum fades that has been stirred by the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas.

As Murphy makes clear in his last tweet, this is an outline of an agreement. None of this has been actually written into bill form. The devil, as they say, will very much be in the details. Particularly concerning the sections on under-21-years-old “enhanced” background checks, FFL licensure, and federal funding for local “red flag” confiscations.

If you’re wondering who the Republicans are who have signed onto the agreement, they are . . .

John Cornyn – Texas
Thom Tillis – North Carolina
Roy Blunt – Missouri
Richard Burr – North Carolina
Bill Cassidy – Louisiana
Suan Collins – Maine
Lindsey Graham – South Carolina
Rob Portman – Ohio
Mitt Romney – Utah
Pat Toomey – Pennsylvania

Democrats Joe Manchen and Kyrsten Sinema are reportedly on board. Republicans Blunt, Portman, Toomey and Burr are retiring.

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    • What leadership, what genius, what honor…Time to celebrate! Discrimination riding in on the coattails of school children murdered by an insane individual is going to make America safe. After all knee jerk Discrimination is sure to work. Look how it worked keeping Black Americans unarmed and on plantations and in slave shacks, at the backdoor to diners and in the back of the bus, etc. Next time Discrimination applies to anyone over 40 and after that it’s no one.

      The reaction to Gun Control in America should be the same instant reaction the sight of a noose receives. Nooses and lynch mobs worked best when Black Americans were subjected to the Gun Control that disarmed those born Black. For America to know there is no difference between a noose and Gun Control it takes Gun Owners willing to define Gun Control by its history of rot. Furthermore it takes Gun Owners telling their worthless bigoted pals to cut their crap. Crap that does nothing but help big time to keep The Second Amendment seated at The Back of The Bus while Gun Control RINOs and demcoRats do the driving.

      The very people who are 110% responsible for the safety of children in the Uvalde school failed miserably. The perp encountered no locked doors, no security measures and no armed resistance whatsoever. Whether the perp used a cannon or a toothpick or bare hands does not f-ing matter. At the end of the day those children were soft target sitting ducks and that is no one’s fault but the individuals allowed to drive the bus.

      • THis a kneejerk reactio this is an unworkable series of suggested actions by law makers with and eye on the ballot box. They do NOTHING to address the real problem. Have any of them any idea as to the cost and complications associated with what is basicallly a 100% psychological and life vetting of every born child in the USA and would have to be repeated on pretty much an annual basis. Have they any idea as to the LEGAL challenges they will face as regards such as discrimination based on some arcane psychological vetting [and by infirence their PARENTS] that may have been carried out on a child at the age of 5 when they enter the education stream. Have they any idea as to the ‘whole of life effect’ a derogative assessment may have? [

        ‘So MR XYZ you had an assessment that banned you from purchasinga a firearm when you were 10 years old then? Can’t take the risk with you I’m afraid our INSURANCE would not cover you. Sorry old chap but that’s the law’.
        You can of course lodge an appeal but is it likely that an appeal will counter historic assessments and open the doors to COMPENSATION.
        a NEW occupation of Psychological Assessors to Assess the Suitability for Future Firearm Ownership or to become a Qualified ASSFFO after say a five year Degree Course 100,000+of America’s finest should do it! And all earning $US 80-100,000 pa.
        Think carefully, very carefully of what you wish!

      • “Nooses and lynch mobs“

        Yes, the January 6 insurrection was a terrible thing, I’m gratified to see literally hundreds of domestic terrorists being charged, especially the seditious conspiracy charges for the Oath Breakers and Proud Bois.

        • MINOR Miner49er There was NO insurrection on Jan 6th. Those rioters who were charged should face their accusers and if guilty as charged, sentenced accordingly. But then again, so should your Leftist ANTIFA and BLM thugs who rioted, looted and burned during the summer of 2020. Don’t you agree?

        • You can’t have an insurrection without guns.

          Jan 6th was a mostly peaceful protest – protected by the 1st Amendment.

    • Klaus Von Schmitto – If you are not one of the voters for those Senators why should they care about you?

    • I’m guessing they are passing legislation the GOP establishment wants without having stink attach to Senators at risk for not being re-elected.

      Regardless, the “red flag” part is the worst. Regarding checking juvenile records, if you are going to do background checks, that seems reasonable actually. As long as the criteria are objective (convictions for violent crime) rather than subjective.

    • They were never on your side.
      Your ability to be armed threatens their ability to loot and pillage your country.

    • The idiots know that it goes to reconciliation with the stricter House bill and then the committee adopts more restrictions and goes back to senate for a majority vote vs a filibuster vote… this is a disaster coming.

  1. I envisioned much worse. The usual suspects except it appears we can’t “count” on a supposedly moderate Dim!

    • There’s one name missing from that RINO senator list that would surely be there were an election not coming up: the AK hag Murkowski.

  2. 50% of Domestically Violence cases are committed by…….women………..”Boyfriend Loophole”……..Misandrist Pigs.

    Of course, Democrats admit it’s a “First Step”…….yeah.

    Curious to know if the Gun Dealer/Manufacturer thing regards 80% lowers.

    • As Zimmerman points out, none of this is an actual bill, yet. They will leave the details to the traitorous staffers to flesh out. It will be worse.

    • JP Ruiz – This is primarily about domestic violence homicides. In which case, no women do not make up 50% of the perps of domestic violence homicides.

      • You’re correct. Women make up 51% of perps of domestic violence homocides.

        Women actually commit 1% more domestic violence than men, especially using weapons, when accurate statistical sources are used, instead of biased and exclusionary “police reports”.

        • Steve would you be able to provide a link to the 51% stat. I find that interesting and would like to know the reference source. Thanks!

  3. Sure, why not. Let’s add one more unconstitutional infringement to the thousands already being ignored. This one will work, this time. Right?

  4. I thought juvenile records were sacrosanct to lefties. You know, giving “troubled yoots” a shot at redemption and all.

    • “a requirement to review juvenile records for firearm buyers under 21”

      Sounds like they intend to go digging into sealed juvie records if you’re 18-20.

      • That works for me. There is nothing sacrosanct about the age of 18. If you’re a lowlife at ages 12 through 17, that record should be available in your adult life. How many kids do we read about who have been charged and even convicted of dozens of misdemeanors and many felonies, whose records are magically expunged at age 18? Suddenly, he’s a ‘good kid, never been in trouble with the law’. Preposterous.

      • Uck Foff Paul. We have a ton of people in PA who turned their lives around, but are getting jacked up by state Not Z’s every year because of some run in that happened in their youth.

        This will just ban guns for people who shouldn’t be banned. Law enforcement will still be exempt, and real criminals and real crazies will still ignore it.

  5. So embarrassed Blount – Missouri is listed. Retiring, he has completed his plundering of We The Little Peeps and feels he is immune from them.

    • I am sure he got a good retirement ‘bonus’ from China/Demos. It is a small step for Democrat/Rhino kind but a giant step for communism!

  6. So they agreed to invalidate the 2nd Amendment, the 4th Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizures and the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment? Great work there .

    • Red flag laws are nothing new. They’ve been used in family courts since before cave dwellers were riding dinosaurs. The ex falsely accuses, and the guns are gone. Men’s rights activists and father’s rights activists were trying to get this type of red flag tyranny stopped through the courts a long, long time ago, but no one else cared. Thus, the precedent of inaction was established. So I say, what’s good for the goose…, and misery loves company….,and you didn’t care about us then, we don’t care about you now. Welcome to our world.

  7. Notified Cornyn BEFORE this “agreement” was completed to oppose a “…do something…” mindset. In particular, never supports any form of a “red flag” law (the reasons are obvious to readers). Apparently, John Cornyn believes we won’t remember when he comes up for re-election. Senator Cornyn, WE won’t forget when entering the voting booth!

    • Cornyn is slime but he probably doesn’t need out vote. He’s in bed with that crowd the voting machines vote for…

      • Cornyn did this same BS before his last re-election and the people voted for him. After he smelled the election drift he changed his tune on guns just enough to stay in office.

    • Called his office too, he is a pile of excrement. Every morning when Mcconnel brushes his teeth he sees Cornyn looking back.

    • I for one will not forget, nor forgive Cornyn for his collaboration. It’s time for him to be turned out of office. I have inundated his office with emails saying no to any collaboration with the dems on gun control. Calling his office in DC doesn’t help, it always goes to V/M. When I finally get to talk to a staffer in his Austin office, I can hear the shoulder shrug through the phone when I ask that Cornyn not collaborate with the dems and sell out our 2A rights.

      • I can verify this 100%. It’s like his whole sell-out organization is comprised of nothing but RINO(s). Same impression I got the one time I did get through to his office here in Texas. Let folks call me crazy (I can care less) but the past several years these shooting have been too damn peculiar.

        • Yeah, that’s what Ive been noticing… strange “coincidenced” ine up all too often to be random. Doors conveniently left unlocked, SRO at another school, sR hides outside, known perp with restraining order against him sashays onto campus wiht a gun case, uninterrupted, etc etc…… I’d like to grill the coppers who were at Uvalde looking at each other accross the schoolyard for an hour… isolate them all in one place, take them out to a separate room one at a time, once “interviewed” escort them to s second room where silence will be enforced.

  8. Bipartisanship at the current time means that republicans capitulate to the democrats. While it does not look that bad at this point I would like to read the bill to find where they are really going. We need no more bills that they can pass now and read later.

    • its not even a bill yet, its still a theoretical mess. Once they seroisuly begin hasing it out on the Floor then we can start getting an idea of where this is going,, or not.



      ‘Splain to me, Lucy, how you, living in Massachusetts, are planning to vote against the Senator from . . . Maine??? You must be a Dimocrat. Oh, and STOP F***ING SHOUTING AT US, ASSHOLE!!!

  10. The devil’s in the details. What they SAY it does and what it WILL do are always two different things. The Red Flag provision, for instance, may morph into gun confiscation for EVERYONE, since Leftists think anyone who wants to own a gun is crazy and dangerous. This may be the start of the loss of our guns. Lucky for me, I already lost all mine in a tragic fishing accident . . .

    • sorry for your loss, Bruce. similar thing happened to us. came home one night and noticed what we thought might be a UFO lifting off from our back yard. once inside we realized that all our guns were missing? and a few pieces of left over fried chicken.

    • Hard Lefties actually like guns. Revolutionaries tend to have an affection for weaponry. They just don’t want you to have any because that’s how they gain power over you.

      For all the Lefty talk about “power structures” and “hierarchy” being evil, they’re pretty open that they simply want to control both.

      Their dream is that only the “correct” people have guns and, of course, they are the correct people.

  11. Chief Arredondo donated money to Beto O’Rourke, and he also gave the stand-down order that gave Ramos 40 minutes to kill 20 children, which Ramos could’ve done with a flintlock, hammer, or even a folding chair. Evidently Arredondo wanted to maximize the body count. He was trained in active shooter response, and the training is to rush in, even with just officer.

    The gun grabbers will just keep running false flags and engineered events like Uvalde, until he have no rights left.

  12. Cornyn is “retiring” as well. He’s not running again. These “retiring” Senators are giving the Constitution a kick in the face on the way out.

  13. What do gun owners get from this besides be lucky we didn’t take more? Poison pill it with ending may issue carry and mag/feature bans or put in an amendment that ends police carve outs.

    Considering how things in Texas went these cowards don’t even need guns. They don’t have the balls to use them.

    • Yes. An amendment with would end ALL government carve outs. Police. Military. Federal agencies. Private security. If it’s unsafe for us to have it’s unsafe for them to have.

    • Exactly. I see no “compromise” of any kind here. This is just the left pushing things more to the left. Democrats have their wish list in here – where is the republican wish list?

  14. How many thousands of soldiers gave their lives in wars to protect our Freedoms? Now they’re being flushed away because to 20 deaths…which were engineered via a stand-down order.

  15. Red flag laws violate due process of law. You can’t take Constitutional rights away without due process, without an open hearing in court where the accused is allow to face and cross-examine his accusers. The promotion of these laws is blatantly unconstitutional.

    • “You can’t take Constitutional rights away without due process…”

      Of course you can. That’s exactly what they’re doing. What, you’re gonna stop them?

      You get the government you put up with.

  16. And, within a decade in any blue state, a history of voting Republican or belonging to any conservative group will be considered a red flag. And, in 30 years, the only people with guns will be Democrats and their political shock troops.

    • i immediately said that to my buddies when these goombas brought up red flag laws.

      you are absolutely right.

  17. So can they provide proof any of these measure will stop gun violence? Any examples of these things ever stopping gun violence in the US? I do not care how other nations work as they have societies different than ours, no black and Hispanic gangs problems, no leftists in government purposely destroying our society and morals.

    • Statistically the only thing that has ever stopped “gun violence” is someone SHOOTING BACK. That’s how the Uvalde masscre was ended. Some CBP guys tolkd the coppers who “denied permission” to go in and DEAL with the sick perp, grabbed their guns and toys, and waltzed on in and killed the dirtbag. ANY of the locl coppers could/should have done that an hour before.

  18. It doesn’t appear to include Universal Background Checks and Manchin-Toomey’s previous bill had an exemption for family members (transfers between mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, and uncle) and also included an exception for associates (such as members of the same gun club or organization).

    In addition, Manchin-Toomey’s previous bill also had protections for interstate travel with firearms that clarified the Federal rules and allowed for stops for gas, rest, etc.

    Maybe some of this will get into the final bill.

  19. This has to go back to the house npow where all of the idgits who think an AR1`5 weighs as much as a suitces and shoots a fifty caliber bullet, round, clip, magazine.

    • Something the left has latched onto is that they claim the AR15 is a battle rifle and was originally designed as such. They are completely wrong.

      “In 1959, ArmaLite sold its rights to the AR-10 and AR-15 to Colt’s Manufacturing Company due to financial difficulties, and limitations in terms of manpower and production capacity.[3] After modifications (most notably, the charging handle was re-located from under the carrying handle like AR-10 to the rear of the receiver), the new redesigned rifle (the AR-15) was subsequently adopted by the U.S. military as the M16 rifle.[4][5][6] Colt continued to use the AR-15 trademark for its line of semi-automatic-only rifles, which it marketed to civilian and law-enforcement customers as the Colt AR-15.”

      Taken from Wiki. The AR15 when designed for the military had full auto capabilities as did the AR10. Stop letting these liars spread these lies.

    • those salty weapons fire a fifty calibre round projectile? What, are they stick back at Lexington and Concord back in 1775?

  20. They clearly understand that they are acting against the will of the people when they announce their retirement after supporting bills like this. Also, my Federal background check for my security clearance took over a year to process. Anyone wanna bet how long these “short pauses” for records review of adults under 21 will take?

  21. And we get nothing in return. Nation-wide concealed carry? Open up automatic firearm sales? Maybe even tax write-offs for training? Nope. None of these.

    “Negotiation” ALWAYS means we lose.

  22. If you’re wondering who the RINOS are who have signed onto the agreement, they are . . .

    Yes, the Usual Suspects. Ray Charles could have seen THAT coming.

  23. everything listed is an INFRINGEMENT…..



    -Traitor hater

  24. NC has the dubious distiction of being a double RINO state.
    Don’t bother with Burr he’s resigning.
    Focus on the rat Tillis.

  25. Living in Texas, John Cornyn makes me sick. He is a PIECE OF STEAMING DOG EXCREMENT, like every other RINO. Contacting him is pointless since he seems to be paid by the most corrupt people in the world to be a TRAITOR to Texas and the USA.

    I have voted against this treasonous POS every time, but somehow he seems to keep getting elected. Makes me wonder about voter fraud in his case too.

  26. This deal says nothing about absentee fathers, broken families, lack of proper discipline of children, gangs and ubiquitous drugs. Why, when there were plenty of guns around fifty years ago were there virtually none of these killings at schools? Guns cannot be the main factor – it must be one or more of these other matters so why spend money on mental health and all sorts of gun red tape but refuse to address these?

    • Don’t you see…the gun nutters don’t care. It’s not about fairness or logic. They want to remove your 2A rights period. If that means to violate the 4A or whatever else to do it, they will. It is clear the constitution is no more important to them than the toilet paper you use to wipe your ass.

      The fact that Republicans agreed to this confirms that neither party cares.

      This is why the time is now to practice civil disobedience. It is the ONLY thing the a-holes will understand.

    • Because back then when Johhny got nasty toward his little sister, he’d get a free round trio ticket to the woodshed where he would find an attitude adjustment. And if he stole somehting or busted it uo in spite, his paltry allowance would gt docked until he had paid for replacement.

      I grew up back in those days, and I still remember the first time I mouthed off to a teacher. It seemed I’d got clean off with it. Biy was I surprised when I got HOME. They’d been on the phone with Mom, and I caught it then. One time was enough. Taught me to respect others even when I thoughttheywere wrong, jerks, evil, stupid or just plain dumb.

  27. Unfortunately, Red Flag Laws are a violation of Constitutional Rights. Under most Red Flag Laws your firearms are removed BEFORE you are proven guilty of having committed any crime whatsoever. The Supreme Court ruled that no one can enter your home without a warrant with a few minor exceptions and Red Flags are not one of them.

    Anyone trying to enter your home without a warrant should invoke your State’s Make My DAY or Castle Domain Law and act accordingly whether they pass this provision or not.

    Their provisions do not include more proactive follow up on people who lie on their applications to buy a firearm and that is a big mistake. If they clamped down on the liars less people would do it. But enforcing the laws that make sense to us don’t make sense to them so here is one serious loophole they missed.

    Criminals could care less about trafficking or straw purchases as that is how they make their money and why criminals and crazy people get their guns. Some people never learn.

    On balance I think most of it is a reasonable approach and certainly far better than simply passing new laws that only impact law abiding citizens in a negative way.

    • Hopefully all those trying to infringe on the BoR, and post haste. The ones exiting stage left, should get exit wounds for their betrayal.

      +1 for the Mussolini reference too.

  28. IDIOTS. You can’t profile evil. If someone with a clean record and of age beyond 21 wants to acquire a gun to kill someone or many people, they can. NOTHING you do to prevent that will stop it as these psychos can easily get anyone for any reason to get them a gun. Fools. You have no clue. Fakelstein the weekend at bernie’s legislator and Foolosi, the most corrupt and disgusting POS since Nixon wiped his as$ with the US flag, and then there’s idiot Trumpster who is so out of touch with the average American he could only talk about himself and his two dipshite sons, and not to forget the utter idiocy and moronic existence of Obummer and his useless pretend wife who chums up with the narcissistic sociopath jussie smellotte. This is a total clown show. FU CIA you morons you are a JOKE. You are totally compromised and useless at this point. No wonder China and Russia are gaining ground, meanwhile recall when Secret Service for Obummer were caught banging hookers in So. America? Yeah, and then there’s Hunter Biden banging call girls, taking pics of himself snorting cocaine and buying hookers, but hey, no problem, have another episode of COPS jacking up some poor homeless woman or man who has a joint on him or her because he or she can’t afford healthcare and needs some pain relief, yeah, go after him or her, forget the RICH privileged who never go to jail or need to talk with some cop…no, on the contrary Hunter Biden this ugly wife banging brother POS useless cracked out freak gets a pass while the rest of the non privileged in USA must go to jail, kinda like the BLM demonically inspired freaks who ran amuck, killed an off duty black peace officer, DAVID DORN. Recall Mr. Dorn? Of course you don’t. You could care less about this black man’s life, right? Correct. For that FU and your phony phony phony useless idiotic moronic pernicious vomit of an agenda.May God destroy and utterly obliterate every lie,, every plan, every con job and every attempt from all evil people to cover the truth. Jussie Smallette, you are guilty. A liar. A fraud.A narcissistic sociopath associated with other narcicisstic sociopaths like Obummer and Kim Foxx who likes to privately slap and beat her husband….speaking of which…. Amber Heard, you are a LIAR and POS sadistic creep of an abusive cruel woman and should never ever ever be seen in a movie again. Disgusting pig. Fu you phony pos in our world we see you. And Feinstein you mental case…what are you like91 and you’re pretending to care about our country you power hungry zombie get over your dead self already..and adam shiff you fgky FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK at this man’s eyes if you don’t see on your way to hell you are on your way to hell. Good luck. Buenos Dias amigos!!!!!!!!!!!!! No attorneys in hell to bail you out dumbos.

    • Any mental case who can’t pass the BGC to get a gun, or find one “on the street” or steal it, can always take twenny bucks and toddle on down to Home Depot and rent a pickup truck. Been done before.
      (added benefit NO ONE will sue HOme Depot or GM because their family mamber got mowed down with the rented Chevy pickup.

  29. First, to be enacted with these retiring Senators plus those in the house it will have to pass before this years election meaning we should be able to find out also which congress members who are up for election will go for it and if their opposition is smart it could result in a GOP seat gain. If it does not pass before the election then its dead since the senate won’t have all of those traitorous RINOs to pass it. Plus it is doubtful it would stand up to a SCOTUS suit.

  30. This entire fiasco is in Playbook 101. As an example, when police want more funding, they threaten to cut off the things people want most, property crime investigations. When the Government threatens shut down, its never agencies like the IRS, oh hell no, it’s Parks and things people want! When the Democrats want gun control, they threaten ridiculous proposals they KNOW will go over like a fart in church. This way, more reasonable proposals have a snowballs chance.

    It’s basic negotiation, start high and compromise. There’s no other way to do it.

    Yes it would have been nice to have gotten something in return but the political climate right now isn’t there. Here’s a cold reality, we aren’t getting jack sh– until we firmly have both houses and the White House! That’s it in a nutshell. Anything more is just page-filler and talking points for juice-lip retards like Dacian or whatever his name is.

    • Sounds like you’re mad that your fascist plantation party of deomthugs won’t be taking my guns away, eh soy-boy?

    • You won’t get jack-shit from the GOP under any circumstances unless you boot 75% of them and replace them with people who actually care about normal folks.

      The uniparty is quite real. Establishment types from both parties work together to screw you every time because it’s not about you. It’s about them.

  31. And Yes, I already called my senators demanding, if true, these 10 be stripped of all committee appointments and party funding.

  32. In the film Braveheart, the traitorous ruling class were dealt with in a very specific way.

    Just sayin………

    • As I recall the Bruces, who betrayed Wallace in the movie, got lands in Return for their betrayal and ended up leading Scotland. Wallace was the one drawn and quartered.

      • Too true. Yet, several that betrayed the cause were dealt with summarily. Others learned from the object lesson.

    • They’ve only agreed to a “framework.”

      The actual bill language hasn’t been written — or more likely, it’s in some senator’s top drawer ready to be sprung.

  33. The Gutless Old Party is worthless. If it weren’t an election year you can can bet there would be at least 20 more gutless RINOs voting with the Demothugs.

  34. So, it’s OK to draft MEN, and ONLY men, at age 18, to the freakn military I.E. tanks, mortars, machine guns, apache helicopters, etc, but don’t let MEN own a ‘civilian’ firearm, drink a beer or smoke pot. 🤔

    You are aware that men must prove they’re registered for the draft to access the same fed financial aid for college that women receive by checking “□ EXEMPT, I’M FEMALE”, aren’t you?

    Feminism’s notion of eekwalitee, as usual.

    • Hmm when guys decided they did not want to go to war, back a few decades, they’d just move to Canada. I met a few of them up there. They had just sort of percolated into the woodwork and got on just fine.
      Nowadays they just check the box for FEMALE and life goes on. No wonder so many are figuring they are female despite lacking a certain pair of appendages, and having a different sort of certain appendage.

  35. I’m pretty sure that domestic violence, even misdemeanor domestic violence, is already prohibiting. Also pretty sure that straw purchasing is already against the law. Both of those are right on the 4473.

    Licensing for gun dealers is also already in place. Do these nuck fuggets not know what laws previous congresses have already passed and what regulations BATFECES has already interpreted from them?

  36. Lots of folks in the comments bitching and moaning about RINO’s and how unfair it all is.
    What are YOU going to do about it?

    For me I am doing civil disobedience – I will not follow any unconstitutional laws.

    @Benito Mussilini is right…these ‘congress people’ just broke a whole slew of laws to pass laws. Who says we have to follow an illegal law?

    Don’t follow it. If you do, then you just legitimized the a-holes in Congress and gave away that right.
    And yes this means you may have to go to jail and you may lose your job and you may not see your family, etc.

    Freedom is not free and it will not be accomplished by sending emails or protesting in from of the Supreme Court.

    YOU need to fight it YOURSELF. Otherwise, just bend over and be sure to touch your toes while saying “Hit me harder Uncle Joe!”

    • I only obey the Constitution and not some justices interpretation. If I need an interpretation I’ll go directly to the source, the founders. Good thing they were prolific writers and explained their intents on the BoR.

    • Who says we have to follow an illegal law?

      we don’t. Can’t remember exactly which one it was, I suspect Hamilton or Jfefferson, firmly declared that only laws benacted by the COngress and persuant to the Constitition are laws. Anything enacted that is NOT consistent with that document is null void, and no law at all.

      • “Anything enacted that is NOT consistent with that document is null void, and no law at all.”

        Every one is free to ignore any law they alone decide is illegal or uncon. Freedom from consequences of doing such should not be expected.

  37. Eh, this looks like nothing but re-election resume padding – if the Senate version doesn’t have UBCs it’s highly unlikely that the Dems in the House will get anything they’re willing to vote for back from the conference committee or, if they add UBCs back in and send it back to the Senate the chances of it passing there are close to zero. The Senate “framework” does include increased mental health and school security spending. As much as it pains me to increase any federal spending (we’re obviously running out of helpful customers who are willing to keep buying our debt) more money for preventative mental health services and increased school security is a good thing even it’s inevitable that there’ll be strings attached to the dough. So this is a long, hot summer away from a done deal.

    But no reason to be complacent – hit those phone lines, emails, cards and letters hard! Let your Congress critter know exactly what you think of this nonsense. Hopefully there can be enough heat brought to bear on our squishy buddies in the GOP that it all gets kicked down the road until after the midterms.

    • There is one PROVEN way of ending school shootings that has a 100% success rate over a decade or two, costs taxperysrs’schools NOTHING, and WORKS. Check out Ohio’s FASTER SAves Lives programme, put into place in the wke of the Scammy Crooks school shooting. Adult staff ALREADY working daily at the school volunteer to take extended intensive special training, instructors and venues are volunteer, ammunitionnis donated, staff train with their own gunthen may carry at will at the schools where they are alrady working, most all of them already carry daiy in every other place but school, they got the state laws changed to enable adult staff, after training, to carry at school No one but one designated grand poohban at the school knows who has qualified, not no one knows on any givennday who IS armed and who is not. IN the years since thisprogramme was put in place there has not been ONE gun related incident at ANY of the schools where this programme is in place. NOT ONE. The kids dont evenknw who is armed and who is not.

      the ONLY laws that needed to be enacted were ones that simply ended the blanket prohibitioin against all guns in all schools, and exempted those with the training from all other restrictioins/prohibitions operating upon them.

      The schools are not hardened prisons wiht uniformed openly armed forces lurking and intimidating by their very presence. And NO gun related incidents in some two thousand schools so far. Other states are in process of impelmenting this programme caue it WORKS and costs taxpayers nothing.
      Wanna END school shootings? Put FASTER Saves Lives in place at every school in the country. Teachers and other staff love the programme, because they are no longer helpless sitting ducks, keptup at night calculating the likelihood THEIR classroom will be the scene of the next shooting and that they will be helpless victims. Nope. THEY have the power, skill, tools, and will to SHOOT BACK, At NO COST to taxpayers or school districts.

      • Why this emphasis on unnecessary training? As you said these people already carry guns every day and manage not to accidently shoot themselves or anyone else. Just remove the restrictions on carrying in school.

        If you want to have voluntary active shooter training that is fine, but just stop infringing on people’s right to bear arms first.

  38. “…and incentives for states to implement ‘red flag’ laws.”

    c.f. Minority Report – The Future Crimes Squad

  39. Well, bust my britches.

    What a surprise? Whooda thunk those 10 Republicrats would tell us they protect out 2A, then vote to lay on more restrictions?

    Why, next thing ya’ hear, water is wet.

  40. My assumption is that a lot of the money allocated will disappear into various pockets. This is all about money.

    Normally I’d say money and power but this doesn’t seem to really increase their power all that much.

    Not that I think any of these measures are constitutional. Shall not be infringed.

  41. The report says that ten Republicans were backing this proposal, but I didn’t see any actual Republicans on the list.

  42. This is just a start. We are nowhere near the finish line but we are headed in the right direction for once. A journey of 1000 miles must begin with a single step.

    • If your Leftist buds in Congress and the Senate try sneaking in the anti-gun shopping list in violation of the agreement, it is toast.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, Don’t bet the farm. (You do know what a farm is?) You Leftists are famous fo sneaking in stuff not agreed to. This can still go down in flames. And framework does not come close to your real agenda.

    SINCE June 21 1788
    To all those who deem themselves able to ignore said RIGHT
    To those who deem themselves LAW MAKERS
    The Second Amendment states quite Clearly
    THE RIGHT of The People To Keep And BEAR ARMS
    Will be used Against you in a trial of your PEERS
    And then when ONE PEOPLE are done with the show trial
    You will break rocks until you die

  44. I might at Senator Portman of Ohio is not running for reelection so he has nothing to lose if he votes for the new gun laws.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, Portman is a RINO. No wonder he’s not running again. People see right through him.

  45. These 10 are simply the TOP 10 TRAITORS. I knew Cornyn was going to cave in. He’s always been a turd RINO. In Texas Cornyn is every bit as bad as Romney.

    More chipping at the stone of our rights. You all see now what they do to us on the way out. But I’m not totally as surprised. If they allowed the assault weapons ban to go through after the Hughes Act we should’ve at least half expected this. Using my federal tax money to give to the states so the states instead of the feds can do something unconstitutional to us all. Sounds like the epitome of cowardice to me.


    If they had real intentions of getting any of this “gun violence” under control, they would reign in the CIA, FBI, and DOJ. They are the ones running these operations. To force gun control which will lead to the USSA.
    This my friends is the sole purpose of the 2nd Amendment. TO PREVENT TYRANNY.

  47. No violent juvenile record should ever be sealed… they are getting a pass to become an even worse criminal at 21… violent juveniles should not be able to get a gun until they completely prove rehabilitated …most juveniles should have to wait until the age of 25 before their records are cleared…. that is if they have truly changed and kept their nose clean…Honestly, there should not be violent juvenile offender facilities available …they should be adjudicated to adult criminal status if a serious enough crime is committed… that way big Bubba can take care of them properly…

  48. Damn, now I’m gonna have to send money I could have spent on a new gun to their primary opponents. Except for the retiring cowards. Screw ’em all. Especially Graham.

  49. Bunch of disgusting traitorous RINOs in there. And note that 4 of those RINO cowards are retiring this year. Which demonstrates what effen cowards they are.
    So, the only reason they’re taking this “risk” and voting against their party AND their own constituents, is because there’s ZERO risk for them!!!
    It’s like some guy who’s told he’s dying of cancer, has 6 months to live, and there’s no cure. And then he goes out and starts getting drunk and driving 100mph on the highway into opposing traffic. Because that’s what these a-wipes are doing; not giving an eff about ANY of the wreckage they’re leaving behind as they just mow down our rights.
    It’s all disgusting. And totally knee-jerk and it’s infuriating. None of these senators has to do ANYTHING. None of them owe useless Nappy Biden a single thing. So why, WHY are they just handing over more power to the Dems? Insane.

    • Don’t bother calling Cornyn’s office. All you get is a message and no way to contact his office. Tried calling his office for years and it hasn’t changed.

  50. As Billy Mays said Wait, theres more. When the actual Bill is written we will know the extent of the Facism they want.

    • “When the actual Bill is written we will know the extent of the Facism they want.”

      Actually, all we will know is the extent of fascism they admit to.

  51. Everyone: Mobilize everyone in your personal network to flood these guys with calls. Do NOT let them pass this.

    • Time to start getting your state senators and reps to put bills out to nullify this by invoking the Tenth Amendment that some of these ideas e.g. Red Flag Laws are Unconstitutional. The States must fight back.

  52. Time to start getting your state senators and reps to put bills out to nullify this by invoking the Tenth Amendment that some of these ideas e.g. Red Flag Laws are Unconstitutional. The States must fight back.

  53. “Intervention Orders
    ● Provides resources to states and tribes to create and administer laws that help ensure deadly weapons are kept out of the hands of individuals whom a court has determined to be a significant danger to themselves or others, consistent with state and federal due process and constitutional protections.”

    This might be an improvement as current red flag laws do not provide any provision for due process.

    • There’s not going to be any real due process once the final version becomes codified. It’s one of the reasons this was pushed under civil law. The objective is for ALL red flag laws to be banned. Most, if not all, the courts upholding unconstitutional red flag laws have judges appointed by the Clintons, Obama, and the Bush centrists. There’s nothing good provided by red flag laws at all. This whole product of this scam committee is one big turd sandwich.

    • “This might be an improvement as current red flag laws do not provide any provision for due process.”

      No improvement; simple “eye candy” for the hopeful. “Due process” is whatever the courts say it is. Red Flag laws are judicial decisions/decrees. Appeal is available, like every other judicial ruling; after the fact.

      Red Flag laws are sorta, kinda like “civilian forfeiture”. SC ruled that “civil asset forfeiture” is, indeed constitutional, only the amount is restricted. “Civil asset forfeiture” is permissible without the filing of any specified charge, but such seizure can be appealed in court. Meanwhile, your property is confiscated (maybe even sold). “Civil asset forfeiture” isn’t even considered a “taking” under the constitution. Red Flag laws take your property without a formal charge beforehand, like in “civil asset forfeiture”. Both laws are considered de facto “due process”.

      So, it seems Red Flag laws meet the standards cited in the quote above. Constitutional considerations, and “due process” are provided.

      • Just because nine black-robed justices call blatant theft “due process” doesn’t make it due process. That’s why we have a second amendment, according to Jefferson.

        • “Just because nine black-robed justices call blatant theft “due process” doesn’t make it due process.”

          In the real world, yes, judges determine what “due process” is. One is free to live outside existing law, but not free to avoid consequences if discovered by LE.

          The vast majority of people who think they can/will overthrow the existing government have no idea of how to replace it, in such a way as to self-maintain what it is “they” think they want. Nor do they have any certainty that there are sufficient like-thinkers to form sufficient force to actually overthrow the existing government.

  54. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the update. To all reading the comments here, instead of whining and name calling, how about taking some action. You know, like hop on the internet and write these Senators a thoughtful and respectful letter on why you oppose these potential new laws. Then follow it with a pleasant call to their offices. Let their staff member know that you’re opposed and why. Calling people RINO’s and traitors on a message board helps nothing. I’ve written hundreds of letters and made hundreds of calls over the years. Heck some of the most liberal Congressman and women along with their counterparts in the Senate have actually taken the time to address my concerns. The whole key is to always keep it civil and polite. No one likes getting nasty emails or harsh phone calls. Most elected officials at all levels do what they should with that kind of stuff, delete it and move on. If you write a good letter that is thoughtful, to the point, and respectful, you have a much better chance at getting a response in kind.
    I’ve done it over and over, and sometimes my call or email along with 1000’s of others have been enough to make that elected official either vote present or no to bills that we as Pro 2A people don’t like. That’s common sense folks, not name calling and immaturity. This is serious stuff we’re talking about here.

    And don’t forget, you should write every person on that list above, then call. Show them that you want to be heard and why.

    • “You know, like hop on the internet and write these Senators a thoughtful and respectful letter on why you oppose these potential new laws.”

      Hush. Shhhhh. It is impolite to wake old people when they are napping.

    • “You know, like hop on the internet and write these Senators a thoughtful and respectful letter on why you oppose these potential new laws. ”

      I’ve done that so many times with Portman over the years. Every time I get the exact same response: He/his staff politely explains why they’re right, I’m wrong and they’re going to go right on doing what they want to do and I can just shut up, thank you very much.

  55. This is a largely meaningless bill.

    The bad news is that the people who scream for gun control can call it a win.

    • Reading some of the sites the Democrats are not happy with the framework eiither. They don’t feel it goes far enugh. They want more intrusion and more control and to repeal the 2A. The idea of compromise is alien to them.

        • “Alien?”

          It is an old form of speech, not often seen in vernacular these last 50yrs. One of it’s most famous uses is actually an action, as in “unalienable”, from the DOI. Sometimes you might see the term “inalienable”. the two words actually have very different meanings, but are commonly understood as interchangeable, such as “flammable” and “inflammable”.

        • Really? You think that an alien wouldn’t know about alien? That it would be an alien concept to me? Because I’m an alien means that I’m an expert on alien. You could say that I’m an alien expert. Alien isn’t alien to me, you know.

  56. “This is a largely meaningless bill. ”

    Exactly. Because there is no bill existing (as of the moment).

  57. Republicans SHOULD be able to take over the Senate – but this once again shows how they are so good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory . Won’t gain ’em even one wokester’s vote but will lose ’em some .

  58. That list by Murphy is a joke. Gun trafficking and straw purchases are things that are already illegal by state and federal laws multiple times over the decades. Rino’s are disgusting to sell out our 2nd Amendment without even hardening schools physical security. A waste of billions given to schools across the U.S. and nothing has come out of it. Looks like most of these Rino’s have been re-elected. Do not vote for these Rino’s again.

  59. Two serious problems with trying to primary defeat renegade Republicrats:

    – the alternate must have a chance to win
    – the alternate, if primary is won, must be electable at large

    Renegade politicians don’t learn anything from narrow election, nor losing elections. What generally happens is the Dims win, which does not discipline Republicrats.

    Repubs may be infidels, but they are our infidels. Being an elected official means never having to say you’re sorry.

  60. The Repubs are the worst. Traitors. Giving away our rights. Making deals with Satan.


    Maybe not.

    Is it possible that “the Murder Turtle”, and some of his best have created a disaster for the Dims? Is it possible the Repubs cooperated in forging a working agreement with the Dims, knowing the Dim Party cannot, and will not, tolerate such a soft marshmallow of a potential gun control bill?

    First hurdle is presenting the agreement to the Dims. There will be backlash.

    Next hurdle will be crafting a bill that is definitely designed to put the entire gun grabber wish list in play.

    Then, the Dims will war with each other. What if the bill cannot be written, and the entire effort collapses?

    Then the Repubs get to point to the Dims as screwing up the agreement that was handed to them, and would have been a definite win for the mid-terms.

    Then the Repubs get to hope that the MSM will turn on the Dims for failing, demoralizing the base. And in the end, nothing regarding gun control actually is enacted into law.

    What if???

    • Sam, Frist, not all Republicans, just ten RINOS. Second this is a “framework.” Do you really think the DEMONcRATS will keep their word and not try to sneak in the rest of their agenda?

  61. “Do you really think the DEMONcRATS will keep their word and not try to sneak in the rest of their agenda?”

    That was a part of my comment, as the tool Repubs could use to claim that the Dims destroyed the bi-partisan agreement, thus such a House bill would be defeated in the Senate, and Repubs looking like the reasonable ones.

    The entire “what if” proposition is based on the Repubs gaming the Dims.

  62. SCOTUS has already ruled Red Flag Laws Unconstitutional in the 2021 decision in Canaglia v. Strom. An ultra rare 9-0 Decision for this court. The 3 Liberal Justices joining the Conservative majority for the violation of Due Process.

    Yet, here our (s)elected leaders go again.

    • “SCOTUS has already ruled Red Flag Laws Unconstitutional in the 2021 decision in Canaglia v. Strom.”

      Not quite. “Red Flag law” is cited nowhere in the decision. The ruling was based on misuse of “community care” exceptions to the 4th Amendment. Essentially, no “probable cause” for police to confiscate weapons. “Red Flag” laws are predicated on a warrant issued bye a court, without the subject of the warrant being present before the court when police apply for the warrant.

      “Canaglia v. Strom” regarded only the expansive use of “community care” as an evasion of the 4th Amendment In Canaglia, the accused/defendant posed no threat to anyone, and cooperated with the police desire to put the defendant into the mental health system. Thus, there was no “community care” exception to be exercised. The SC even reinforced the difference between search of a car in police custody, and random search of a car parked in the driveway of a home (Cady v. Dombrowski, 413 U. S. 433)..

      “Red Flag” laws have yet to be put before the SC.

    • Berserker, I reviewed the decision in Canaglia v Strom, and find that it did not vacate a ruling based on any Red Flag law. it through out the search and seizure based on the fact that the court did not recognize the “community care” nonsense that the police relied on. What was referred to here was a search and seizure without a warrant. IN the case of a Red Flag law, a judge would review the petition of a petitioner and make a judgement. There is a lot of difference here.
      I do feel that Red Flag laws may well be unconstitutional when they are obtained ex parte where the respondent prior to the search and seizure has no right to due process. For the court to be able to find such, it would have to find that there were exigent circumstances where the respondent would be an IMMEDIATE threat to himself and/or others. Such a determination would or should have to be made with a mental health care physician making an affirmation that a) he examined the respondent and b) found the respondent to be a DECERNABLE THREAT to himself or others. Without a concurring opinion of another mental health care professional who also examined the respondent, such a determination would be tenuous at best.
      Lamp of Diogenes Chime in here please? Is my evaluation here correct?

  63. Our Constitutional Rights are God given rights.They are NOT up for debate,unconstitutional/
    illegal restrictions or unconstitutional/illegal confiscation.Red flag laws can and will be abused by government tyrants and violate the second and fifth amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America.What about 18 to 20 y.o.’s? if they are old enough to vote and enlist in the military, they should be able to purchase ANY legal firearm and be able to use it to legally protect themselves and others from those who would do them or anyone else harm. About school safety,if they want to protect children in schools,they must ABOLISH so called “gun free zones” which sets them up for open season by criminals who DO NOT abide by the law,harden all entrances into schools,place law enforcement at all entrances and allow law enforcement and teachers who are trained to carry within the schools so they can stop the threat of a shooter.Safe storage laws are BULL SHIT!How do you get to your firearm before the person/s who broke into your house/business shoot and injure or kill you,before you can get to your LOCKED UP firearm so you can protect yourself?What was not mentioned was universal background checks,which is a backdoor firearm registration scheme.Firearm registration leads to firearm confiscation.Firearm confiscation leads to government tyranny over its citizens.I do agree on one thing within this article.The verified mentally ill must not be able to own or posses any firearm,but not people who they say are mentally ill just because they believe an election was so called stolen,or the so called covid vaccine is injuring and or killing people,or they believe one party is trying to destroy the Constitutional Rights of the people and the Bill of Rights so they can take over and rule by tyranny.The second amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America stops government tyranny.All law makers swore an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America.Voting in favor of red flag gun laws places any who voted for it,in violation of their oath of office,and the Constitution of the United States of America,and they must be arrested for those violations and removed from office.

    • “Our Constitutional Rights are God given rights.They are NOT up for debate,unconstitutional/illegal restrictions or unconstitutional/illegal confiscation.”

      That legal theory has held up well in the courts; so much winning, we are tired of winning.

  64. So this ‘compromise’ is a done deal. My idea of a compromise is each side gets something. So What did law abiding gun owners get? The Hearing Protection act removing suppressors from the purview of the ATF? Maybe universal reciprocity for concealed carry? But what did law abiding gun owners get? NADA! Nothing! except the threat of having our firearms taken away from us without our day in court, if someone doesn’t like the way we look at them. And to make it worse, last I read, the police are the only ones who can store the weapons. They can’t be turned over to a relative or friend. This was no compromise. I will be looking for someone to replace Bill Cassidy next election.

    • “My idea of a compromise is each side gets something.”

      This is where you go so very wrong. “Compromise” is where you agree to what I want, or I will make your life unbearable. And still get what I want.

  65. I am not surprised that POS RINO John Cronyn voted for this unconstitutional bill.He follows the demonrat party line constantly.He is a traitor to the state of TX. and to the US. I cannot wait for the day I can do everything in my power to PRIMARY this POS.

    • “I cannot wait for the day I can do everything in my power to PRIMARY this POS.”

      That day is well within reach: Just hold your breath for four more years.

      Remember the old saying….”Careful what you ask for; you just might get it.”


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