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President Obama in Warsau (courtesy

Speaking in Poland at a press conference, President Obama asserted that he doesn’t know what motivated the Dallas police murderer Micah X. Johnson. “It’s hard to unpack his motives,” the President declared, despite the killer’s declaration to police that he wanted to kill white people, white police officers.

After sighing heavily, the President addressed gun control by saying “we can make it harder” for killers to commit crimes. “Part of what’s creating tensions between communities and the police is that police are having a hard time in communities where they know where guns are everywhere.”

“At the protests in Dallas one of the challenges . . . there are a bunch of people participating in the protest who have weapons on them. Imagine if you’re a police officer and you’re trying to figure out who’s shooting at you and there are a bunch of people who have guns on them.”

The President also claimed that the gun in the car in the Minnesota police shooting (of a licensed carrier) “caused in some fashion those events.” The President promised that “I won’t stop talking about [“gun safety”]. It’s part of the problem.”

The President also highlighted the drop in violent crime, while stirring racial controversy. Violent crime is down to 60’s levels, the President informed. But “that doesn’t lessen people’s understandable fear if they see a video clip of someone getting killed.”

While videos of police shootings have elevated people’s consciousness of police prejudice, “I don’t think that people were not aware of the fact that there is evidence of racial bias in our criminal justice system . . . It hurts.”

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    • It’s what he does, twist any shooting into a gun control lecture.

      The real solution is politician control.

    • He knows no other way. A programmed community organizer/social justice warrior. Note all of his smiling and laughing yesterday at the NATO meeting. Chalky is loving every minute of this.

    • Honestly, I listen to the blabber that comes from his face and wonder: how can anyone take this bad joke of a pres seriously anymore. He’s the ultimate failure, at this point he needs to just retreat to Martha’s vineyard and golf until November

    • Obama is a disgrace to the White House and the worst president this country has ever been cursed with. The DOJ said today there would be ho Hate crime investigation. his actions alone are setting back the good relationship between white and black Americans by 40 years.

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he goes against open carry as well, saying how are police supposed to know who is shooting at them if there are people open carrying firearms..

    • I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the person with a gun pointed at you is the one shooting at you, not the ones with a holstered gun or aiming in the same direction as you.

    • Yeah no kidding.
      So Mr. President, how many innocent open carriers were gunned downed by the Dallas PD in this incident? You’re not making stuff up now are ya?

        • What, the prez is not a black man racially prejudiced against white police officers? Since when? Do you listen to his diatribes? He certainly fits that description to a T, unless he’s lying about being black.

    • Omar Mateen – “I pledge my loyalties to ISIS.”

      Obama Admin – “We may never know his motivation ”

      Micah X – “I hate white people and want to kill them, especially white officers.”

      Obama Admin – “it’ll be hard to unpack his motives.”

      If the narrative doesn’t fit, play dumb and deny reality.

  2. Breaking-Bury Soetoro is blaming “open carry” for cop deaths in Dallas. Raggin’ on gun rights in Poland. POS. Shocking how “Americanized” this so-called news conference IS in a foreign country(not known for lasting freedom)…gotta’ turn off stumbly Bury. He can’t get out a coherent sentence…

    • Poland is where I shot a firearm for the first time.
      Granted it was a 22LR for Olympic competition.
      But there is a small but persistent pro-RKBA movement in Poland.

  3. Lets not jump to any conclusions about the shooters motivations….despite the fact that he told the police he wanted to shoot white people, and white cops in particular. Lets blame the evil gun though, because thats the problem here, not the inflamed racial tensions. Couldnt comment on that.

    • Or that he was a member of the new black pathers and BPPO. Two racist groups with a motto of kill all cracker babies and crackers… That could not mean he was racist all all could it.

    • except when a white cop shoots a blackan, that is caused by “white racism”. If a black man shoots a white cop or two, that is caused by Texas open carry……I can’t, I need a drink

  4. Unpack his motives? What? Man, I can’t wait until this jug-eared schmuck packs his bags and moves out of my White House.

    We elected a mental defective Islamic racist to the highest office in the land. Damn. I used to think that the Brits were fools for kowtowing to the inbred royalty of Europe. But now it’s obvious that America is much more stupid.

    • The real downside is he will only be moving across town, and unfortunately will never shut the hell up. We can anticipate a minimum of 25 or 30 years of this jackass running his mouth.

  5. This man is both insane and evil. No, police are not having problems in black communities because guns are present. They’re having problems there because black criminals are present in those communities, and because of Obama’s reckless race baiting, they feel entitled to use force against the police. This has to be the most twisted logic this racist, gun grabbing fool has used…and that’s saying a whole lot.

    • “they feel entitled to use force against the police”

      I think a better word would be “justified”, rather than “entitled”, but I agree. This really is on Obama’s head, he’s been encouraging racist attitudes by blacks just to get votes, without concern about the result beyond that. He is a moron.

  6. I stopped being surprised along time ago. He can’t put blame on the Aloha Snackbar guys, he can’t blame the poor urban yoots, and he especially can’t blame Black Lives (occasionally) Matter. And he has to carefully blame the cops and feel sorry for them at the same time, so he has to soft-pedal his LLE disgust on this one.
    I mean, guns are about the only thing he can actually blame and not piss off his handlers.

  7. A gun in the car? No. A gun sitting on the lap, more accurately – an unholstered gun, at that.

    (Protip: open or concealed carry implies a holstered gun; holding it on your lap is handling, not carrying, that gun.)

    • Oh, yes; he said it. Believe it, even though it may be hard to (it was hard for me to parse at first; I was convinced he was simply at a loss for words). “It’s complicated,” “many factors,” “complex motives,” “multiple justifications.” Basically the same kind of tacit acknowledgement of the terrorist’s motives you’ve seen from a rather disgusting portion of the vocal black political community in the last couple days. “I don’t agree with what he did, but I understand why he did it” type rationalizations for the wholesale murder of white police officers who were doing no wrong. I’ve never even heard of this kind of passive endorsement of violence against citizens by a sitting US president; not during the lynching days, not during the gangster warfare days, not during the days of terror bombings & assassinations, not even during the blackmail of McCarthy against communists.

  8. So he just admitted that crime rates are the lowest ever and we know the gun sales are the highest ever ever ever ever and still he blames the guns and not the criminals. weird guy

  9. And the media will enthusiastically go along with this narrative. The Divider-in-Chief and his media lackeys aren’t even trying to hide the blatant propaganda anymore. If you’ve ever truly wondered how stupid the American people are, let’s see how many continue to go along with this bullshit.

  10. They look at Donald Trump’s hair waiving in the wind and are absolutely sure he is signalling bigotry in Morse code, but when a guy kills a bunch of white cops after he says he wants to kill a bunch of white cops because they are white cops, there’s all this uncertainty?

  11. Anytime he says anything, I pretty much discount, ignore and dismiss it, generally in its entirety. Honestly, it’s like paying attention to Kuntzman, Mike the gun guy or any of the others slime balls I can’t stand. I don’t care who they are or what they have to say.


    Will Obama hug and cry with families of the fallen, like he did after Charleston? Will he sing Amazing Grace on TV with a tremor, and decry the hatred of the perpetrator and all he symbolizes? Will he impugn the organizations the shooter was affiliated with and acting on behalf of, especially those openly calling –before and after the attack– for violence against police, and whites in general?

    Even an openly racist man like LBJ could clearly and strongly condemn violence against black Americans and the hateful motives of the Ku Klux Klan; even Strom Thurmond did not endorse terror bombings during the height of his racist efforts.

    White America has almost completely moved on from this kind of disgusting hatred, it only persists in dark, hushed corners where otherwise-damaged persons rely upon it for putrid comfort. Biases persist, but the dangerous kind of hatred that once lurked the streets has faded.

    However, we just saw celebrations, chanting of slogans, and cheering from Dallas to across the nation within seconds of the first shots ringing out; thousands of proud, racist, black supremacists joyful that their fellow man was being slaughtered before them.

    What an utter, shocking disgrace of a man, and of the office of President; it will be perfectly fitting when Hillary replaces him, at this rate. From ‘Beer Summit’ spectacle meant to humiliate a white officer mere months into his first term, to eight years later the half-hearted condemnation of a black supremacist’s wholesale slaughter of honorable policemen, and tacit acknowledgement of the killer’s insane justifications for doing so, Obama has goaded, aided, and abetted these demons from our nation’s past to the point they once more represent a pending existential threat to the nation.

    When you finally die after enjoying a long, undeserved life of luxury in retirement, I pray your tomb is deep, forgotten, and all your lifelong efforts at destroying our civilization in vain.

  13. Obama loved pouring gasoline on this fire. Now that the fire is raging out of control and public opinion is turning against Democrats in charge of the dumpster fires, he doesn’t know what to do.

    • Where do you see evidence that the public is turning against the Democrats who brought them this evil? Honestly, I see it nowhere. In fact, with the rise of The Trump, you see many so called conservatives joining the bandwagon of the cult of personality.

      President Obama is one of the most effective presidents in our history. Certainly I will agree that on most international fronts he is handed his a$$ (from losing the Olympics in the first round to losing Georgia in the first round to losing every international involvement he has been involved to Libya (Benghazi made this a loss) to Isreal to the recent Brexit vote. However, the one group he consistently crushes is the US Republican party. He rolls them. And does so with impunity and glee. Just passing Obamacare was a historic a$$ whooping. But O MY GOSH, getting the Chief Justice of the Supreme court appointed by a conservative president to side with an argument your attorney general didnt really even make … hooo boy, President O just humiliated the Republicans. Then you get to things like appointing the NLRB members during a non-recess – sure, he got overturned by the supreme court 9-0 but so what, he didnt get slapped for violating the Constitution and separation of powers. So, he declares amnesty for illegal aliens. What do the Republican’s do? Rub salve on each other’s hindquarters from the spanking Obama gives them. Not the greatest president, but the most effective, by far.

      • Agree….well, except for the international part. Your comment defined “effective” as being able to do what he set out to do. I submit he is/was just as effective on the international state. He stated in his original campaign for president that the US need to be brought into line with the rest of the nations, brought down a notch or two. The “failures” in international affairs accomplished that goal; effective. Indeed, his surrogates are proud to tell us about how much the US is respected around the world since withdrawing from international leadership; dog effectively brought to heel.

        One must always keep in mind that the great “progressives” (Stalin, Hitler, Franco, Mao openly declared their intentions; the world disbelieved evidence in their faces.

      • President O just humiliated the Republicans….and with leaders such as McConnell and Ryan, that is not a difficult thing to do.

  14. yeah, this is real hard for pointy heads. black man deecides he wants to kill whites and white cops. that there is the motive. why did this guy wanna be doin’ that? ’cause he did. that’s it. right there. ifn someone is ashootin’ at me, i doan care nuthin’ ’bout why. i jes care he stops, one way or tuther.

    no, i doan have no fancy degree in somthin’ useles. i doan spend no time tryin’ to figger out the meaning of the universe. someone kills me for “good” reason, or no reason, i’m still dead. me bein’ dead doan help someone git over whatever wuz bothertin’ them in the first place. and ifn someone knew whut my killer was mad about, that doan make me alive agin, now do it?

    now i did see whereas they had a big support yer local police rally downtown in dallas. maybe it would help things if the same folks held some rallys for innocent not white folks who got shot. maybe there ain’t no way tuh ever fix this problem. seems like we tried and got nowhere already. now whut?

  15. Sooo………the San Benardino killers had a Facebook page that basically read: “Radical Islamic Terrorism: This sort of thing IS my bag, baby!”

    Yet, Resident Obama is stymied and can’t figure out their motive, so we must ignore islamiofascist and instead hammer on lawful gun owners.

    The Orlando shooter shouts out :Aloha Snack Bar!” and calls the media to declare his loyalty to ISIS.

    Yet, Resident Obama is stumped once more as to the connection, so we must ignore islamiofascist and instead hammer on lawful gun owners.

    The Dallas sniper writes essays and makes statements to the police confessing that he just wants to kill whites and police.

    Yet, Resident Obama can’t crack the code and “unpack his motives”, so we must ignore black fascists and instead hammer on lawful gun owners.

    Geez, man, this guy sure is dumber than a bag of hammers.

    • Oh, it’s not dumb. Not dumb at all. It’s propaganda.

      To wit:

      ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.””

      –Joseph Goebbels

  16. Obama is as responsible for the divisiveness that encourage this killing as Hitler was responsible for divisiveness in Germany in the 1930’s that led to the killing of millions of people.

  17. “I don’t think that people were not aware of the fact that there is evidence of racial bias in our criminal justice system . . . It hurts.”

    He must be referring to Holder and Lynch…….

  18. Just so I can help make sure the president is not under any more stress I’m going to carry at least three guns with me when I even go to the restroom let alone anywhere else. Just helping to watch out for you ya big baby.

  19. Interesting. The military forces of the world seem to be proficient at distinguishing friend from foe when allies and foes are all armed, even when there are no uniforms.

    It’s called looking at people’s behavior and not fixating on the weapon. You know, the same hoplophobic tunnel vision problem that is the root of all gun control agendas.

  20. Obama is a disingenuous fool. His party is petty, authoritarian and morally bankrupt.

    And those are Democrat’s good qualities.

    • “Obama is a disingenuous fool. His party is petty, authoritarian and morally bankrupt. ”

      You forgot, “And he is winning.”

  21. “It’s hard for me to acknowledge his motives because they shatter my preferred narrative.”

    There, fixed it for you.

    In this festival of moral equivalence and generalized responsibility, moral turpitude and disparity of impact seem to have been forgotten.

  22. “We don’t know the shooter’s motives but it is the fault of those bigoted Christian extremist NRA members who are preventing men pretending to be women into the women’s locker room”

  23. So, let’s dissect this bit of deliberate ignorance:

    It is difficult to unpack the motives of a guy who told police what he was going to do and why after he had already started doing so, but it’s easy to leap to a conclusion about the motivations of a cop to had to make a snap decision to use lethal force?

    Right. I’ll remember that.

  24. “Imagine if you’re a police officer and you’re trying to figure out who’s shooting at you and there are a bunch of people who have guns on them.”

    We have eyes for a reason….

  25. Well, that Presidential statement is incomplete. Accurate as far as it goes, and completely misleading in the impression it leaves … until they get aught. (It’s the same rhetorical B S as after the attack on Benghazi was a terrorist attack, and we said so, except no native speaker of English could discern that the Rose Garden remarks said that. All those contained was lawyer’s wiggle-room, to have it understood as one thing – not a terrorist attack, with some rhetorical cover if they got caught – see, we said the word “terrorist” so that’s covered.)

    Let me fix that:

    It’s hard to unwind his motives … in a way that fits with the political advantage we want to cultivate right now.

    Part of what’s creating tensions between communities and the police is that police are having a hard time in communities where they know where guns are everywhere. … So, we’re gonna go after the legal gun owners who aren’t part of the problem, and everybody knows that, because … oh, wait I can’t admit why we want to do that. Move along. Nothing to see here.”

    “At the protests in Dallas one of the challenges . . . there are a bunch of people participating in the protest who have weapons on them. Imagine if you’re a police officer and you’re trying to figure out who’s shooting at you and there are a bunch of people who have guns on them. …Distinguishing between who’s shooting at them – committing an actual crime – and not isn’t something we want to require the police to do.

    The President also claimed that the gun in the car in the Minnesota police shooting (of a licensed carrier) “caused in some fashion those events.” … because those pesky inanimate objects, especially locked up ones, are all the time doing things, causing problems.

  26. “Part of what’s creating tensions between communities and the police is that police are having a hard time in communities where they know where guns are everywhere.”

    So, basically…

    “Forfeit your right to keep and bear arms … because someone may just accidentally execute you if you don’t” – Barak Obama

    At least he’s being honest here.

    • I tell you, he is trying to tease someone into finishing his obvious thought, that guns should be forcibly removed from all black neighborhoods.

  27. The police were not endangered by some guy not shooting at them. He was arguably endangered, but the police were not.

    That said, when a situation arose his open carrying was completely useless and the best course of action for him was to drop his gun. A ‘protest’ like this was a dumb place to open carry a rifle.

    • It was only useless because (besides being an unloaded prop in this instance) if he used it, he would have been shot down by law enforcement and the shoot would have been deemed justified. The rules of engagement for officers would have meant he would have been deemed a threat simple because he wasn’t blue.

      Be careful, you are unintentionally doing that which B. Soetoro did. You are deeming OC useless at a protest by its nature when the real reason is that is made near useless by tyrannical actions of agents of government. Government behavior dictates that using an OC weapon in such a bad circumstance would be dangerous to the defender and then you blame OC. Open carry would be useful at a protest gone ugly in the absense of a trigger happy government. The blame lies with government, not open carry.

  28. He has the brains of a sack of diapers. What happened in Dallas is the result of his and his worshipers retoric over the last 7 years. It started with his stupid beer summit and reached its summit in Dallas.
    BLM is the black man’s klan. They burned Furgason and Baltimore and nobody was held accountable despite hours if video evidence. They invented the knockout game and no arrests are made for race hate crimes. I’m surprised there weren’t riots after the Dallas shooter was blown up.

  29. “Imagine if you’re a police officer and you’re trying to figure out who’s shooting at you and there are a bunch of people who have guns on them.”

    It works that way when it’s time to throw off tyranny too. That’s the point. A moral, armed society is free.

    He makes it clear… He doesn’t like us armed; openly or concealed. No tyrant would.

  30. Well mr. Prez,
    Ok slick even a person who got into college due affirmative action should be able to figure this out.
    Scenario 1: Let’s see, black/African American who is a member of the black panthers, a racist hate group, states he hates white people and want to kill white people and white cops. He goes out and shoots at and kills white cops.

    Ok it’s too hard 4 ya, let’s try this hypothetical,
    Scenario 2: a white guy, who is a member of the kkk, says he hates blacks/African Americans, he says he wants to kill blacks and black police. He goes out and shoots black police officers.
    Why did he do it?
    Bet ya could figure that one out, it’s because he is racist. Now here is the big shock to you but that is the reason the guy in scenario 1 did it too.
    I know you don’t believe me because you live in a world so diluted to the belief that no one but white are racists and only whites do crimes against other races simply because of their race. Proof of that is numerous by the fact that your justice department refuses to charge blacks that attack and commit crimes against white while saying they hate whites.

  31. We know this is another way to cover up racism.
    If this was a white person shooting black police officers, it would be a hate crime.

    His bias and racism is an embarrassment to the nation.

  32. every time that ass clown opens his mouth the complete opposite happens…..Vegas would love to have this sucker…just bet on the opposite ….go golfing already

  33. “Black Power” was cute & harmless after the 70’s, when the riots & assassinations had died down for the most part, and the only folks left cavorting in the streets like sooty Klansmen were few in number, and short on money & political resources. It became a joke, more than anything, with your ridiculous blacksploitation films & self-righteous vanity projects by celebrities trying to signal their virtue. However, this BLM stuff is proving itself to be a legitimate threat, like the old-school Panthers or Symbionese Liberation Army. Were it not for the general lack of access to explosives in this day & age where their support is greatest in the inner cities, we’d likely be seeing terror bombings already. I can’t believe they don’t see the revolution they seek will consume them almost immediately, like moths to a flame, just as it did all the great and “great” civil rights leaders of the 60’s. But as we all know, some folks just want to be martyrs.

    • Good thing most of the BLM “thinkers” majored in gender studies or African studies and the “doers” dropped out of high school or they would be churning their own explosives and machineguns in the ghetto right now, but if they can figure out how to cook up crack and meth it’s only a matter of time.

  34. We have one sorry-ass human being as President. I weep for this nation as we have been subjected to 8 years of his idiocy.

  35. Now, how the heck are police supposed to know who is shooting at who from some Grassy Knoll, if El Jefe’s security detail are all armed to the teeth…..

  36. I am sure the Dallas shooters would not have been able to gun down the cops if open carry was legally prohibited.


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