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(courtesy facebook)

The above appeared on Micah X. Johnson’s sister’s Facebook page the night before her brother murdered five Dallas police officers. further reports . . .

Shortly before Johnson posted her message Wednesday evening, she uploaded a New York Times video that included footage of the struggle that ended Tuesday night with the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot to death by Baton Rouge cops.

In a caption accompanying the video, Johnson wrote, “Makes me so mad.” She then asked, “When we decide we had enough n fight back.”

How many black Americans share this sentiment? Are we headed for a race war?

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  1. I doubt it will be a war. Random rioting and occasional flare ups like Dallas.

    I retired for the second time in June. My job was a driver for a company that dealt with special needs folks, mostly. Oakland was a regular part of my day. I’m relieved that that part of my job is done.

    Random acts of ‘payback” are much more likely than any sort of “war”.

  2. ‘White ppl have and will continue to kill us off.’

    True, but those white people are the ones who work for Planned Parenthood, not the cops.

    • “White people” have, sadly, perfected industrialized slaughter over the past hundred years, from the trenches of WW1 to the Nazi death camps to the atomic bomb.

      If “white people” were trying to kill you off, you’d already be dead.

      Indeed, it’s only the unparalleled tolerance of “white people” that allows protesters to march with slogans like “no justice, no peace” (ie, give us what we want or we will initiate violence) and “make America Mexico again.”

      • Rwanda?

        Also note – black slaves imported to the Western hemisphere/America were rounded up by other black tribes who sold them to the white slave traders.

        Note #2 – approximately 350,000 white American soldiers (Yankees) died in the (unconstitutional) War Between the States to end slavery.

        I guess the Liberal public schools really don’t teach history any more.

    • Tell me does this forum allow such sickening Right Wing Racism. Obviously it does.

      • Planned Parenthood was founded by a white woman named Margaret Sanger who was a strong proponent of eugenics and believed that we (whites) needed to keep the lesser races from breeding. I guess it was better than the gas chambers, but still…

  3. Yeah we are. I’m screwed. In the middle. I guess I’ll just shoot my way out…BTW there is a FB “tribute” page for this be-otches murderous sniper brother(Rest In Pieces). Nothing I haven’t heard about “get whitey” for many years. Should sista’ be charged? Inciting her demented bro’-dunno’?

    • Only four minutes after jwm. You usually are 5. Must have logged out/in a little quicker. Eat some wheaties this morning?

  4. I am a young black male from St.Louis, MO and this is what I put on my fb page.

    I’m just going to put it like this and forget what anyone else has to say. Some people think guns are the problem, some people think all black people are problems, some people think all white people are problems, some people think all cops are a problem, but the problem is the hearts of men. If anything I will put my life above all others not including family and friends. If I had to protect my family and friends with my life I would with no hesitation. I am no hero but I live by good morals with good morals and ethics. Now don’t get me wrong understand what the movement is about but I will not and do not condone premeditated murder by anyone I don’t even condone threats. You damn people who said that you can’t categorize everyone in one group the same well you guys are doing the same things to cops, to black people, to white people. I’m sure we all know that there’s bad people in every race every profession, but what you people are doing don’t make you no fuckin people better than those damn people. I know some people probably going to get mad but guess what I don’t give a fuck. I took an oath myself, and although I’m not in the service or even went all the way through I still stand by it to this day. Now if anyone has something to say we can have a good dialogue. We are all Americans and we should unite against all form of injustice.

    • Well said and I want you to know that not all of us on this forum are sickening racists. I do think after seeing the Washington Post’s tally of almost 500 people shot down by cops in just the first 6 months of this year really makes you stop and think what in the hell is going on in this country. Not all cops are bad as you have said but there are far too many rouge cops that are protected by “the good old boy network” and a corrupt U.S. Justice system that is designed to make it almost impossible to convict a cop of even spitting on the side walk let alone a murder.

      • Barry, nice post, hope you get some traction with it. The STL can be fixed, but it takes black men who work hard, care about others, and don’t get involved in the life. (Which is still the majority, just the thugs get attention in the media.)

        cisco, I’d write a long essay on how wrong the nonsense is factually about the risk of blacks being killed by white cops, but since it would use facts, you’d never read it.

        Spare me the garbage about most folks here being “racist”. I’ve been around here since about week 2 of this site, and there have been a couple of handfuls. Who went away. What you want to characterize as ‘racist’ is that there are those here who have the utter temerity to judge men not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character and their behavior.

        The problem is that statistically speaking, blacks commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime in the US and around the world. Culture, biology, whatever the cause, it’s just reality. I’ve never had a white person rob/attempt to rob me – but I’m 5 for 5 on black guys. So, do I consider all blacks robbers? Please. Just that I’m far more likely to be robbed by them. That’s wisdom that my black friends share on a regular basis. If they see a group of people coming down an alley towards them at night, they cross their fingers and hope they’re white. Preferably coming from a meeting of atheists.

        • The Governor of Minnesota was spot on when he said that the killing of the black man there with the concealed permit would never have happened to a white man. The white guy is always given the benefit of the doubt to start off with. The black man was gunned down as a matter of procedure plain and simple. Shoot first and let God sort them out in other words. Nicole Johnson was also right on with most of what she said as well as what was said Sunday Morning on the show Fareed Zakaria GPS by experts that have studied criminal law in regards to blacks being gunned down at far higher rates than whites, being stopped 10 times more often for minor traffic violations and given the maximum penalty in court while many white people are just given a slap on the hands.

          A good example earlier this year was the punk white kid that killed numerous people in a traffic accident and then was given no penalty because his only defense was that he was raised spoiled and it therefore was not his fault. Even given this second chance he went right out and violated his parole and then fled to Mexico with his Mother. Its just another example of the double system of justice in America in regards to “white privilege” and “cop immunity” for even murder. You literally have to have a video showing some blatant murder as what transpired in North Carolina to even get a cop prosecuted and that case is not over yet. I have little doubt the rouge cop will probably still get off with a slap on the hands. I also predict the Baton Rouge murder is already decided, both sadist cops even though they have numerous citizen complaints prior against them will walk free after all the furor dies down.

          The Minnesota case is a little more nebulous because unfortunately the cop had no body camera and the initial confrontation was not recorded so this almost guarantees the State will protect its henchman the sadist cop and he will also walk free. From the recorded conversation on the cell phone in the aftermath and the cop screaming as if he is out of his mind will be totally ignored by the court. They will say “prove he did not fear for his life” and that will be the end of the case as it almost always is unless you have cell phone videos from a dozen different angles and when convicted there is always “shock probation” such as was given to Judge Barbados in Cleveland Ohio who was convicted of raping numerous black female employees right in his judicial chambers. He even sent one of the black girls boy friends to jail just to get rid of him so he could go on raping her. A few days in jail for the Judge was considered the most cruel and unusual of punishments so he got immediate shock probation. What a crock of shit.

          In the Freddy Grey Case none of the Cops were convicted of doing anything wrong when clearly it was incompetence at the very least and or deliberate murder with the rough ride and not being secured safely, all violations of the law and all completely ignored by the cop protective corrupt court. Many Europeans I have talked to have told me that if they were a minority in America they would leave as it is not a civilized country. I agree 100 per cent with them on that and also from the almost complete lack of civilized social programs that most industrialized counties have been enjoying for decades.

          In America if you cannot work and must retire for health reasons you are considered no more use to society and if you need prescription drugs tough shit if you cannot afford them. Just roll over and die because we do not have civilized National Health Care as most civilized countries have had for decades. The average Moron tight wad Conservative will tell you all the other numerous industrialized nations all these decades were wrong and that spending any tax dollars to help people in need is too expensive as we need our tax dollars to conduct Nazi like wars of invasion, rape, pillage and conquest. Remember Vietnam was justified because “the commies were coming” and its not our fault 50 years later they could not swim thousands of miles with a bayonet between their teeth and storm ashore in California. When you think about it we would have been better off they would have, at least now we would have some social programs.

          Many minority people I have spoken with including not only Blacks but Latino’s, East Europeans and Muslims that go to work everyday and are decent people tell me they freeze in fear whenever they see a cop car following them knowing that if they are stopped they are going to get at least a ticket or be thrown in jail on the most ridiculous of charges, that’s if they are not shot out of hand by a racist jumpy cop that wants to shoot first and ask questions later. The black woman last year that was pulled over for not using her turn signal and then arrested is just another one of thousands of cases of blatant racism by white thug cops in uniform. The video of a huge white thug cope beating a black woman with his fists while she lay helpless on the ground is yet another horrendous video. We could watch such videos 365 days a year in these times.

          I have known personally people that worked for police departments as dispatchers as well as my own observations up close and they have told me 80 per cent of the Cops are nothing more than sadistic thugs in uniform and that if given a psychological test would not only not have been hired but probably given mental health treatments immediately.

          I think the Police Departments that hire combat veterans that have actually been in combat should have a mandatory policy to test for Post Traumatic Syndrome as far too many times such people hired as cops have gone on to commit crimes while being a cop especially against women pulled over in traffic stops and the PTS person is also more likely to kill someone as well. When you carry a deadly firearm everyday we do not want sadists, crazies or PTS people waving guns around and threatening people when they are stopped for a burnt out light bulb.

          In Canton Ohio several years ago a totally nut case cop was caught on camera not once but several times threating to kill people in minor traffic stops. It took a You Tube video of the Cruisers own camera to get the bastard fired as the police department had no intention of firing him initially and he was never even disciplined for past actions against civilians. This is exactly what has led to so many people being gunned down by nut case cops who never should be in law enforcement in the first place. Mix in some racism and if you are stopped and are a minority Lord help you survive the encounter.

          Again in Cleveland when black women started disappearing ( about a dozen) which were later found murdered by a serial killer not much if any warning was given to the community when they were disappearing. If the women had been white in less than an hour the whole city would have been frozen in fear until the serial killer was caught.

          Too say we do not still have a racial problem in America is to ignore the overwhelming evidence and until police departments start firing nut case copes the killing will go on and on and when the summer is hot the nut cases on the other side of the battle line will start shooting cops. And the solution for all this by the News Media and Government will be to do nothing except confiscate guns from law abiding people when they need them most.

        • @Cisco Kid, where did you get your fake facts from? Media matters? MSNBC? Why don’t you try and read the real statistics instead of being a braindead sheep for the left? All that BS you posted is a complete lie.

          Cops killed nearly twice as many whites as blacks in 2015. According to data compiled by The Washington Post, 50 percent of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, while 26 percent were black. The majority of these victims had a gun or “were armed or otherwise threatening the officer with potentially lethal force,” according to MacDonald in a speech at Hillsdale College.

          Some may argue that these statistics are evidence of racist treatment toward blacks, since whites consist of 62 percent of the population and blacks make up 13 percent of the population. But as MacDonald writes in The Wall Street Journal, 2009 statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 biggest counties in the country, despite only comprising roughly 15 percent of the population in these counties.

          blacks “commit 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, and 66 percent of all violent crime” in New York City, even though they consist of 23 percent of the city’s population.

          More whites and Hispanics die from police homicides than blacks. According to MacDonald, 12 percent of white and Hispanic homicide deaths were due to police officers, while only four percent of black homicide deaths were the result of police officers.

          Take your liberal lies to some other place where low intelligent people like yourself will actually believe what you say.

          while you are at it move to Venezuela or Cuba for your healthcare and let us know how that works out for you. Perhaps you can get a brain transplant and increase your IQ to double digits.

        • Many minority people I have spoken with including not only Blacks but Latino’s, East Europeans and Muslims that go to work everyday and are decent people tell me they freeze in fear whenever they see a cop car following them”

          Let’s see, should we believe the small amount of minorities you talked to or me, an actual minority that is surrounded and knows mostly minorities? The people that are minorities I work with including myself do not freeze in fear or have any concern when getting followed by a cop and my state is one one the highest for police shootings. ON the other hand people I grew up with and are still living that criminal life do have a fear of cops when they are behind them. Not because they may get shot but because they lived a life of crime and know it usually ends bad for them. Those minority friends of yours need to grow a backbone and your little sample of minority people does not amount to anything.

    • The Washington Post’s article about almost 500 people being gunned down by Cop’s just since the beginning of this year really makes one think. Although all cops are not bad police departments fail to fire rogue cops because they still have a protective “good old boy” network and the corrupt U.S. Justice system is designed to make it almost impossible to convict a cop of even spitting on the side walk. The North Carolina Cop that gunned down a black man for having a burned out license plate bulb back about 8 moths ago is walking around a free man but if he had been black he would never have gotten out of jail before his trial came up. Another double standard of U.S. Justice. If your white and a cop you can kill people and get out on bail no problem but not if you are any kind of a minority.

      • And Hillary Clinton is walking, also. Is that just? Is that fair to all the white people in prison for doing less? Dude, the “us” vs “them” is not black/white, it’s those in power/everyone else.

        And Michael Slager WILL go to prison. Bet on it.

    • You said it. I was once asked by a liberal, when a man we both worked with was walking towards us, “What would you call him, African American, black American?” I said, “Usually we just call him John.”

      He was a WWII army vet. And he surprised our little lefty by pulling out his Republican party voter reg card.

      The dems have been treating all non-white peoples as children. You can’t do it without them. But they fail, Margret Sanger, who used to speak at Klan rallies, and her abortion allies have killed off more blacks than cops could, more babies than wars. In the info age it is sad so few are informed.

      But the sad fact is you are black and have your own opinion, the lefties don’t like that.

    • “We are all Americans and we should unite against all form of injustice. . .”

      Well, said, Barry. It takes courage to speak truth to power and it also takes courage to speak truth in the midst of the emotionalism borne of the kind of moral panic we’re now seeing take place. Amid the cacophony of voices filled with confusion, fear, and loathing, your calm statement of belief, trust, and right rises above all the others. Thank you for this. And good on ‘ya bro.

  5. Well… Given that a white man is 15 times more likely to be killed by a black man than vice versa… Yeah, that race war is already here.

  6. The Divider-in-Chief continues to add fuel to the fire. The media fans the flames. Expect this election season to be a bloody mess and many more people to be killed at random.

    Keep your powder dry.

  7. I wish I could move to another planet…a quiet Earth…..No government, no police, no hostile humans…an advanced pioneer type settlement…With all the luxury of home……Would be nice…

    • Sounds like the plot to Elysium. Make a nice place for yourself. Have it invaded by illegal immigrants. Just give up your home and build and move to Elysium 2. Ad infinitum.

    • we had that, the western expansion of these United States. Everyone carried a gun and suprsinly everyone behaved. Laws were followed or a rope was brought out. Crimes were dealt with speed and justice served. Everyone worked or you did not eat. If you really needed help it came from a church or your family or friends. Somehow this was all accomplished on a local level with out the USG holding anybody’s hand. Children worked and were respectful of their fathers and mothers. It’s amazing that such “backwards” times were better than our modern fakebook world that we now live in.

      • ∆This∆ I always say I was born a 150 years to late. I love driving around and imagining the landscapes pure and untouched, unsettled. Only drawback: female hygiene then. I love smooth skin

        • Vv, Completely simpatico. Haven’t seen anything more than a landing strip since 1982, and I never want to see more. Only a time-line hiccup amongst the unwashed as it were. Civilised women have kept the floor bare for at least 4000 years that we know of, and likely more like 6000.

          If one wants to actually enjoy what you’re doing, and not get rug burn after 30 minutes of doing it, let alone the smell of wet fur the next morning, or…

  8. The question isn’t if there will be a race war. The question is, if there’s a race war, who will profit from it.

    • Democrat politicians, or at least based on their behavior to date they certainly think so!

  9. Race war? You betcha! But the race we need fear is not the black race. I work for the government, I can’t say which agency but let’s say its initials start with an N and end with an A. From some of the sigint I’ve been seeing, paired with the level of preparations my team (a security division) has been performing, well let’s just say an invasion on American soil seems pretty imminent.

    The enemy is not coming here with pop guns and scimitars either. They mean business. Some of the intelligence my team has been privileged to would blow your mind, like advanced stuff that we barely even understand. The enemy won’t rely on guns and bombs, brothers.

    We were briefed by one of the top eggheads in the agency on how to handle a new energy based attack. I’m letting you all in on a tip, rubber gloves, get them, lots of them. That and a good supply of steel wool, magnets (rare earth if you can get your hands on them) and a Faraday cage will serve you well. Another tip, get rid of satellite TV!! Uh, think maybe it works both ways? Duh!

    The safest thing to do, IMHO is to get some chickens. The eggheads think that only biological warfare will have any lasting effect (due to the close quarters on their ships and closed atmospheric systems on same). Chickens, being avian, are more likely to have the type of diseases which will prove fatal to our enemies. So, keep that in mind. Though I guess emu or parrots would work in a pinch, do you really want to trust your lives to a parrot?

    Keep an eye towards the sky and keep your tinfoil hats secured (obviously just kidding about the hats, aircraft aluminum has proven far more effective). As always stay safe!

    • Shouldn’t you be out buying more tinfoil for your hat? I think its leaking…

      • Aircraft aluminum! You go out rocking tinfoil and not only will you get probed, vigorously, but the invaders will be able to read your mind this knowing where you keep your guns. You might as well just hand over your cadmium and nickel. But that does bring up a great point I forgot to mention, the ships they use depend heavily on a type of material which is capable of rending space from time (see Einstein’s theory of general relativity for a description of space time). One of the ways we’ve discussed combating this is to use a limited frequency wave similar to that used in microwave communication (those gu with an occupation to disrupt counter measures obviously). You should be aware of this and take proper precautions to insulate your headgear ( I think we all know what happens to tinfoil in the microwave, now imagine that’s your head!)

        Also, due to their average height (approx. 18cm) standard ordinance will be of little use. But, and this is the great part, they may be susceptible to certain petroleum products such as polystyrene whose ballistic properties are not conducive to combat. However, polyurethane has also been shown effective, that’s right Nerf blaster darts!

        Stock up now! You can thank me when the dust clears. Keep an eye towards the sky and stay safe!

    • Um, this site is called “The Truth About Guns” not “The Truth is out There.” I think you are posting on the wrong site.

      • They kicked me off for my pro second amendment stances. But I’m glad you brought that up. One of the most powerful weapons has and always will be false intelligence and propaganda, such as is pedaled on the aforementioned site. Only brave and wise people like us will be able to see through the haze of information to the real truth!

        One of the tools used to divide truth seekers like us is narrow definition and prejudiced views of our passions. Luckily they won’t be able to divide us any longer! For when the invasion happens we will stand united in our well grounded beliefs that there is a greater truth than what is force fed to us by the misinformed media outlets.

        Keep an eye towards the sky! And stay safe

        • One of the things I like about this forum is reading some of the far out rants of the wing-nuts. I did not realize that there were so many nut cases out there till I came to this forum.

        • @cisco kid Right?! Tinfoil? Lol good luck with that! Aircraft aluminum you idiot!

      • Not sure what country you live in, but looking like Marlon Brando is not something that MY government spends precious resources on. Get you act together! When they come, and brother they’re coming, you’ll wish you were Marlon Brando! The number of deaths will make WWII look like a Justin Bieber concert.

        Everyone should be storing water, it’s an excellent buffer for the sterilization rays they’re soon to be turning on us. Your look alike association, North American or otherwise, isn’t going to unscramble your swimmers. Of course a certain portion of humanity will be spared the sterilization, but their genes will be hybridized as well as blended with a diverse cross section of the population. You won’t recognize your own spawn from Adam, or Ho Chi Mon for that matter. I’ve seen these hybrids, writhing, and it would chill your cockles!

        Keep an eye towards the sky and stay safe!

  10. The night before eh? Sounds like sister knew of this man’s colored version of helter skelter before hand

  11. Nobody is going to convince anyone that #BlackLivesMatter until black people start taking the slogan to heart themselves. The vast, vast majority of murdered black Americans are murdered by other black Americans.

    Simply put, the problem is yourselves. You can’t blame White or Blue here.

    • Uh, see comment above. I heard somewhere on Sirius/XM that in 2015 nearly half of all black pregnancies in New York City were ended by abortion. I don’t recall the exact number, but it was in the 15-20,000 range. I doubt that all those Planned Parenthood workers were white and besides, the mother had to decide fir herself #Thisbaby’sblacklifedon’tmatter. I also recall something about the majority of Planned Parenthood facilities being in black neighborhoods.

      On this topic logical consistency does not seem to be a strong point.

      • Oh yeah! Put more kids on the welfare teat who will grow up to vote Democrat! Just what we need! We need to keep funding Planned Parenthood, and we should rewrite all the welfare laws so that you can only have one kid on welfare. Any others will have to be aborted or you will be unable to cover them, or you can just be smart about it and use a condom and never get that far. “Pro-life” is a nice dream, but America (and the world for that matter) does not need an underclass of welfare-leeches being forced to give birth to ever more welfare-leeches because of your religious ideals.

  12. Many of the problems we have in the US today only exist because government employees don’t have enough fear of the citizens. Tarring and feathering tax collectors worked.

    We should remove all immunity for government employee actions. Bad faith, good faith, accident, it doesn’t matter. If they harm a citizen, they should face consequences.

  13. Roof-Koreans here! Get your roof-Koreans! Can’t have a race riot without roof-Koreans!

      • Just ordered the pump shotgun trunk monkey. The internet is amazing. The primate passed his ncis so he’s coming with his own 12 ga.

  14. “These cops need to get a taste of the life we now fear”

    Which means that she wants all cops to join the Crips, smoke crack, go on welfare and reproduce in excessive numbers.

  15. Except (once again) data shows that BLM claims are 100%. Blacks are not being targeted by the police for killing (or for anything else). Police have a 99.9999…..% efficiency rate in this country. Almost no one is shot by police.

    It’s amazing really, there must be something more to it from a social standpoint. I mean you can LITERALLY look up the data and see the proof and yet it’s still totally ignored.

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