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Watching Joy-Ann Reid on MSNBC yesterday, I listened to the black anchor try to thread the needle on the Dallas police massacre. She decried violence against the police but intimated that the cops brought it upon themselves by creating an atmosphere of racial prejudice and fear.

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallMs. Reid recited a litany of white-on-black police-related homicides stretching back to Ferguson. It’s a good thing Joy-Ann couldn’t hear my response. (Note: it wasn’t a racist remark.)

Looking for racism? Micah X. Johnson was a racist. “The suspect said he was upset with white people and wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown revealed at a press conference.

What other evidence do you need? ‘Cause there’s more. Mr. Johnson was “radicalized” by racist hate groups, in the same exact way that home-grown Islamic terrorists were radicalized. Surely steps should be taken to combat this anti-white racist hate. But we’re not hearing a lot about that, are we?

Meanwhile, Conservative commentators have tried to affix at least partial blame for Mr. Johnson’s heinous crimes on the anti-cop, racially charged rhetoric coming from Black Lives Matter and individuals tolerating if not supporting their anti-white-cop animus (including Hillary Clinton). Lest we forget, this . . .

Progressives who attempt to “understand” Mr. Johnson’s racism are excusing if not condoning it. Period. Be that as it is, what I want to know: why aren’t the mass media and politicians portraying Mr. Johnson’s murder spree as a “hate crime.”

While we’re at it, why aren’t they highlighting the fact that Mr. Johnson was a racially-motivated terrorist? If Mr. Johnson had been a white supremacist murdering African-American police — or anyone other person or color — we’d be hearing an entirely different message.

What’s up with this double-standard?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is The Mainstream Media Ignorant or Willfully Ignorant About Guns?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is It More Dangerous for a Black Man to Carry a Gun Legally Than a White Man?">Next Post


    • Exactly, it’s truly sickening. White Liberals like the idea of black people, but don’t actually like black people

      • How about:

        The soft bigotry of double standards
        The soft bigotry of affirmative action
        Etc etc.

    • How does that apply, at all, here? Are you sure you actually know what that phrase *means*?

      • He was only responding to the profound crushing racism he experienced as a black man in America. Who can blame him, or expect any more from him, really?

    • It stops being ‘soft’ when it justifies the murder of others based upon their race. These perceived slights, crimes, and overblown outrage are identical to those of the Klan when it was still lynching people. They were convinced the local black family had to be burned, bombed, or hanged because the police would not put a stop to their alleged ‘crimes’ against the community, also.

      BLM needs to be similarly-classified as a hate group, yesterday. It will not happen since our administration approves of this deadly course of events, and has been proactively goading the public toward this conclusion since almost immediately after the inauguration (‘Beer Summit’). They NEED the police broken, demoralized, marginalized, and powerless in order to nationalize their precincts in the name of “justice.”

      Secret courts, nationalized police, federal databases, general warrants, mass incarceration, corrupt legislatures.

    • To the left,White people just existing is a crime against the planet and must be “solved” and non whites are always “oppressed” and “did not do anything wrong”…

      More and more Whites are awaking to this soft genocide and more non whites are done living in an increasingly 3rd world nation.

  1. The double standard’s been in place for years. The new paradigm as advanced by the left and the race hustlers is as followers: Most whites are racists. Only whites can be racists because they comprise the majority population and control society. Blacks cannot be racists no matter how much hatred they may have for whites. The hatred felt by blacks is both understandable and easily excused because of racial injustices in the 18th and 19th centuries. Because of these injustices and present inequalities (no matter the causes for these inequalities) whites deserve whatever mistreatment they receive. Or at least that’s my take after more than 45 years of examining race relations in this country.

    • Thank you Greg, well said Sir… IMHO you really captured a big part of the twisted ideology that’s feeding this double-standard…

      What can we do about it? >>> Replacing truly evil opportunists like Al Sharpton with leaders like Ben Carson would be a great start at the very least…

    • It also does not matter how much of the organs of government are controlled or dominated by black Americans, either. When practically every Mayor, Attorney General, Police Chief, and Prosecutor in these “racist zones” is black, and the federal oversight officials are black, as is the US Attorney General, as are a disproportionate portion of the Justice Department, as well as their boss, the President…what else is there? Are the laws simply not to be enforced (at times using force) against black Americans? Is that what the goal is? There could scarcely be any other, as far as I can tell.

      Can’t say I blame them, on some level; from what I hear, it really was pretty awesome to be a white male back in the fifties with a steady job and house in the ‘burbs. But I thought we’d gotten past that, and realized it wasn’t worth hating and abusing each other for. I guess I was wrong.

    • Thats the overt appearance….. Underneath its more cynical…. If you can whip up this kind of rhetoric and get 90% of a 10% voting block to vote for you while maintaining the paradigm, then do it. They WILL vote left and the only people who will suffer as a consequnce are cops and other black people (whose neighborhoods get burned down? Whose getting shot at?)….. Sounds like a win/win if you’re a democrat politician.

  2. Same place where the cops left what little morality they had to begin with.

  3. Wouldnt the SJWs say that minorities can never be racists? So there is your answer…

  4. It’s not about the individual. Don’t you know? Only white people can be racist.

  5. If it weren’t for double standards the democrat party would have no standards at all.

  6. Random thought/question – I feel that ttag has started to post more race/political opnion stories over the last several months. I understand the these are hot topics in the general news and they are can be connected to guns. The political and racial opinions are slightly to the right. This is not against some of my own political opnions. However, in the movement to include all races, political opnions, etc to the advancement of the positive image of second amendment is being diminished by some of these posts.

    I don’t normally post in the comments nor will that change in the future. I’m just posing a concern from an daily reader.

    • At one time gun banners approached the issue from a crime enforcement angle; it failed
      So they approached the issue from a mental health angle; that also failed
      So they changed the names once more and came at us from a national health angle; this failed miserably
      After the new stationary came in, our guns were attacked from the national security angle; this is doing surprisingly well so far
      But just in case we bat away the anti-terror gun laws being floated, they have begun to play their latest card; attacking gun owners directly from a racial justice angle

      You may not interested in racism (i.e. not a racist), but racism (i.e. racists) is interested in you, because you have the guns & can still defend yourself from their wanton abuses. Even a year ago, I would agree that racial stuff was clearly off-message and unhelpful to the gun cause; not so much these days, when a President passively endorses the actions of a deranged mad-man against peace officers because of their skin color, and tries to pin the responsibility for the attack back on law abiding, peaceful, accepting, diverse, American gun owners.

  7. “Watching Joy-Ann Reid on MSNBC yesterday,…”

    Eh, that’s part of the problem right there.

    (I kid! I kid! You’re ‘Taking one for the Team’, and you’re a better man than I in that regard.)

    Greg above nailed it, blacks simply cannot be racist, full-stop. (According to some in the community)

    The blacks that know that isn’t the case tread *very* lightly in the community…

  8. “Where’s the Outrage at Micah X. Johnson’s Racism?”

    His racist, anti-police motives do not fit the narrative. This story is already being spun as a crazy veteran with access military weapons.

    The first paragraph:

    “The black Army veteran who killed five Dallas police officers donned a protective vest and used a military-style semi-automatic rifle in the sniper slayings, officials said, an attack that layered new anxiety onto a nation already divided about guns and how police treat African-Americans.”

    Notice in the first paragraph the reporters subtly blame the murderer’s tools and the police for the murders. Not until the tenth paragraph does the story mention he “followed black militant groups on social media, including one that posted a message Wednesday encouraging violence against police”.

    • Notice how it also not-so-subtly suggests that a goodly portion of the country’s population is racist.

      “…an attack that layered new anxiety onto a nation already divided about guns and how police treat African-Americans.”

  9. Our fine city had their little hissy fit protest last night, from what it looked like on the news this morning it was 100s upon 100s of people, obviously I have no idea how small it really was – as I said, my only information is the morning news.

    But it gets better. The first angry black man they interviewed had this bit of wisdom to impart; (paraphrasing of course)

    “It goes all the way back to Trayvon Martin!”

    Good lord, *that* far? Yes, the irony is not lost on these people, it’s a space entirely filled with custom facts and no understanding of history at all. Understand history? They hardly know there is a history pre-Obama (and the dichotomy of that and knowing how evil Bush was is truly the world of magick). Would it surprise me if I found out that this person (early 20s maybe) likely had an actual high school diploma? Not for a second. I’d bet even money he was enrolled in some JC around here, working on his Angry Black Man degree.

    Yes, it’s really that bad. It feels positively Stalinist, yes, *that* far back!

    • Holy crap. Literally 10 minutes before reading this comment I told my wife I can pinpoint the exact moment when race relations in this country started going to shit. It all began with Obama telling the entire country “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.” The President preemptively commenting on a case in which he knew nothing about set the spark of racism across the US. All of this is Obama’s fault.

  10. Where’s the outrage about black racism? Probably the same place we see all the political outrage over inner city death tolls among blacks. Outrage over blacks killing blacks doesn’t get the same personal benefits for organizers; no money in it. If all the time and effort we put into making white people guilty about everything went into cleaning out the despicable conditions in the inner city, taking criminals off the street. The solution is already available, harsh penalties for crimes where a gun is used, but that is harder than being on television demanding more money. The black community has gotten nothing but worse since Martin was taken away. And all of it while incredible amounts were spent on laughable programs that only swell government and make pimps rich.

  11. The broadcast and print media can not call out Black Lives Matter as a racist organization not all that much different from the KKK, because to do that would be to repudiate the Democrat fantasy of life in America, and their whole vision of our past and our present, as well as what they wish to do to us in the future! Fear the statists for they intend to destroy your freedom and remake our country into a statist hell no different from the “workers paradise” that is Cuba.

  12. I truly hate to say it, but the reaction in the aftermath of the attack shows it plain as day;

    The outrage for the terrorist’s racist hatred of whites is in the exact same place as it is when a Muslim terrorist attacks out of hatred for non-Muslims; absent where it matters, and generally muted. Most disagree with the attack because it is counterproductive and brings down resistance or reprisal, but generally agree with the sentiments that led to the killings.

  13. So comical the level tragedy, people flailing away, using words without meaning, protesting poorly defined principles in securing a future of nothing. From riots in Miami in 1980 to today, what have black people gained for their concerns, other than looted goods and perhaps a meeting, nothing of good measure.

  14. And when our ass of a president leaves office and we vote for a new one, make sure you tip your hat to the the black panther that will surly be at your polling station just like last time. But if a pointy white hat was across the way, the media would absolutely shit themselves.

  15. I am white and I do not condone violence but I do understand that when cops target black people and blow them away first and ask questions later and the Federal Government does not crack down on Police Departments that consistently refuse to fire rouge abusive cops that the cop killings sky-rocket and the corrupt Justice system makes it almost impossible to convict a cop for even spitting on the side walk and every cop already knows this. The recent obscene “white wash” of the Philadelphia cops who killed Freddie Grey because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time is yet another horrific example of a corrupt justice system that makes the court of the WWII Nazi’s look like only a bunch of novices.

    The North Carolina Cop walked free even with a video showing him killing then planting evidence on the corpse of a black man he shot in the back at fairly long range. Now if a black had shot a cop he never would have been given bail he would have rotted in jail until his trial came up.

    What is amazing is that if cops had been killing any certain group of white folks at the rate they kill black people there would already have been dozens if not hundreds of dead cops killed in retaliation and the corrupt law enforcement system would have already been reformed or rendered extinct. The North Carolina and Minnesota murders over something as ridiculous as a burned out license plate lights are not isolated or the only such incidents. Almost 500 people have been gunned down by Cops just in the first 6 months of this year. Its enough to shock even Kim Jung Un of North Korea and that is saying something.

    I think too the heinous robot bombs first used against civilians in the Nazi State of Texas is a horrific harbinger of what is to come but nothing will be done until white folks start to have their own homes blown up by law enforcement for not mowing the yard on time if indeed it is not too late to stop it by then. The Philadelphia helicopter bomb that killed 5 children in 1985 and burned down the homes of 60 innocent people is what happens when you let law enforcement militarize and turn itself into unrestrained Nazi thugs. The Radical Far Right White Guys are saying right now “so what, they killed another N*ger, but when it comes their turn to be under the bomb from a militarized gang of cops only too late will they realize that when you let the camel’s nose in the tent very soon the whole camel is in the tent and you may never get him off your back again.

    • You and more dead soldiers ought to get a place together. Seems like a match made in heaven.

      • I like how you quote my name but you won’t respond to my points.

        Typical intellectual cowardice from you.

        • Observe the intellectual bankruptcy of jwm. There are many very legitimate reasons people dislike police and their practices, but you are either too disingenuous or just mentally incapable to acknowledge and understand these reasons, never mind to defend your darling pigsters against these criticisms. I am leaning towards the latter. 🙂

          Your arguments are no better than tweets: soundbites deposited onto the internet with absolutely no reason or logic to back them up. Sadly this sort of anti-intellectualism is the norm in American discourse these days, but at least try to apply yourself every once in a while. Heh.

        • Aww, so sweet. The little white girl sjw wants to cheerlead for the #BLM. You go, girl. 🙂

        • Nice, you used a hashtag (incorrectly) immediately after I called out your twitter tier nonsense. 🙂

          Also, I challenge you do dig up a quote of me supporting BLM, ever. Your use of strawmen is at Obama levels, brah.

      • All I was trying to do was a little internet match making. You and cisco seem made for each other. But I must have caught you at the wrong time of the month. I’ll leave now. Give you a chance to go to your safe space. 🙂

        • Settle down now, it will take a lot more than that to anger your intellectual betters.

          Back on the short bus you go. 🙂

        • You want me to drive you someplace? Sorry. I retired again in june. Your new driver can help you keep your helmet on. 🙂

        • Please, one cannot “retire” from being a rider. 🙂

          So have you found a post where I support BLM yet, or are you just lying as usual?

        • Is that what your social worker told you? You can’t retire from riding the short bus? Well, they would know. You and BLM both hate cops. So, if it’s gots feathers like a duck, webbed toes like a duck and quacks like a duck, there’s a pretty good chance it’s a duck.

          Have a good day now, girl. 🙂

        • Observe: the lowest order thought processes and total lack of critical thinking. You wouldn’t know this, but visual association is the realm of small children. So it fits you perfectly.

          For a guy who rants continuously about BLM, can you actually list out their positions? Or is that just another soundbite rattling around the vacuum inside your skull?

        • See. I hit a nerve and you get all angry and ad hominy. This is why you don’t get invited to parties. It’s OK. This is America. You’re free to hold all sorts of silly ideas in your head.

          The courts and the cops will stand up for your rights. 🙂

        • Pro-tip: ad hominem means an attack on the person. You are the one using names. I did not call you names (what is the point, your lack of reasoning is self-evident). Therefore you are the one being “ad hominy”. Like I said, at least *try* to apply yourself.

          “The courts and the cops will stand up for your rights.”

          With others I would ask for a logical explanation for this statement, but given your track record, I know there will not be one. As always, all you have are empty, hollow soundbites.

        • Wow. sjw’s really get pissy if you trigger them and cause them to head for their safe places. It’s alright, girl. I’ll quit now. I’ll even be the gentleman and let you get the last word in.

          You have my permission to make a final statement. 🙂

    • “…when cops target black people…”

      Evidence please?

      “The recent obscene “white wash” of the Philadelphia cops who killed Freddie Grey…”

      A public trial is now a “white wash”?

      “…yet another horrific example of a corrupt justice system that makes the court of the WWII Nazi’s look like only a bunch of novices.”

      Wow. Keep this up and you might yet attain expert level troll status.

      “What is amazing is that if cops had been killing any certain group of white folks at the rate they kill black people…”

      Is this a serious statement? Cops kill white people at a higher rate than they kill black people. So far this year 136 black people have been killed by cops out of a total of 532 people killed by the police in total. That’s 25.56% for blacks 74.44% not black.

      “Almost 500 people have been gunned down by Cops just in the first 6 months of this year.”

      Yeah and as I pointed out above 74.44% of those killed were not black.

      “I think too the heinous robot bombs first used against civilians in the Nazi State of Texas is a horrific harbinger of what is to come but nothing will be done until white folks start to have their own homes blown up by law enforcement for not mowing the yard on time if indeed it is not too late to stop it by then.”

      For not mowing the lawn on time? What drugs are you taking or are your meds wearing off? This is so far into tinfoil hat territory that it’s nearly unbelievable. No a single person in this country has been shot by the police, or ever will be shot by the police (or blown up by the police) for an HOA violation.

      “The Radical Far Right White Guys are saying right now “so what, they killed another N*ger, but when it comes their turn to be under the bomb from a militarized gang…” [sic]

      OK, first off the N word has another letter in it. Secondly pretty much no one is thinking anywhere along the lines you suggest here. If I had to guess I’d say you’re engaged in “projection” which is to say that you’re so mentally warped from your own deep-seated and irrational hatred that you simply cannot fathom that other people don’t hate the way that you do.

      Seek professional help.

  16. “What’s up with this double-standard?”

    Behind every double standard is a hidden single standard. – Johnah Goldberg

    It ain’t about rights, violence, race or any of the other stuff they say. So, what single standard might this particular apparent double standard really be. One wonders.

  17. But but but black folks CAN’T be raciss…whoever holds the power(wait Bury Soetoro is half black…).

  18. Y’all just don’t understand how the world works.
    If you’re black, you CAN’T be racist.
    If you’re white, you were born racist and will always be racist.

    If you don’t believe me, just ask any Social Justice Warrior or university diversity coordinator and they’ll tell you why your racist white ass is racist.

    Isn’t NewThink wonderful?

  19. I applaud Will’s post above. I am working very hard behind the scenes in an unfree state and am having great success alerting liberal Dems to their ignorance. TTAG has a greater responsibility or a singular one to bring understanding about the 2A. Many here are also enthusiasts.

    I am alarmed at the prejudice people have toward guns. The same person who doesn’t believe that all Mexican immigrants are rapists believes equally stupid things about guns and the people who own them. When they hear that they often say, “Why would anyone need a military weapon?” They realize they ate the bait without considering any facts. Once we get through that no one is trying to convince them to get one or that they have to want to kill someone the dialogue opens up. They think they are right. They’ve been told that their party is holier than the other and always benefits the downtrodden. They sleep easier.

    It doesn’t help the work if there is a lot of anti left talk blaming this or that or this or that person for the ills. Frankly both sides talk a lot of trash. The cool thing these days is that even the Washington Post gives Pinnochios to Obama and Hillary for their fear baiting distortions. Okay, lies. 🙂

    Actually both parties have some excellent characteristics. When they aren’t reigned in they become inflexible and ignore the patient, the People.

    We have a public relations work ahead of us. The left can’t control the narrative. A close friend said the NRA needs to make its safety stance more overt because the man/woman on the street only hears the sound bites often out of context.

    If we look at ourselves and look to see what our own angst is we can make our Parties actually meet our needs. They win by being in opposition. The people suffer.
    Two Super Bowl Teams are playing while the people in the stands are dying.
    We aren’t in a game. Don’t you want this 2A questioning to be accepted and done with? Or do you want it coming up every election cycle.

    So be fair. If you criticize Sharpton then criticize Limbaugh. They both use events for their personal gain. Mother Jones gets paid by advertisers. The more they run a story that their readers want the more they stay in business. If their advertisers were Remington and Glock they would print what kept the money coming in.

    The Guardian has been printing some amazingly clear gun articles that expose the lunacy of the gun control movement. Five parts. Read with an open mind. They are describing us. Interesting that the author is a Brit and very little bias is present.

    I’m just saying at the classes I attend and ranges we don’t go into this political crap except where our rights are being whittled away. The attendees at these places are from every walk of life, nationality, race, gender, religion, secret and non secret professions. We greet each other and enjoy our times together. When I wanted to know why inner city residents don’t seem to do real time for crime a retired FBI agent ex police chief ex sheriff and a serving State Police officer explained to me that the left and the right have it all wrong. Where would I learn that if I only hung out with “my team” or didn’t ask questions that I might not want the answer to?

  20. Outrage, I don’t even know what that means anymore. My outrage meter has been pegged a few too many times and has lost it’s calibration. To misquote a Disney movie, “When everything is outrageous, nothing is outrageous.”

  21. Where is the outrage from BLM for all the homicides of blacks at the hands of other black men? In fact, the statistic of is 97%. Tired of this sh-t that all white men are racist.

    BLM – man up and hold your own accountable.

  22. Micah X. Johnson was a racist. “The suspect said he was upset with white people and wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,”
    It is okay as he was one of Obonzo’s many sons.

  23. Seriously; we People of the Gun, really ought to leave such petty childishness as worrying about “outrage” to women, children and our inferiors. Who gives a f what some CNN hack “feels” about something?

  24. He’s black. Blacks can’t be racist. Or bad at anything. Or guilty. Or held accountable.

  25. What’s up with this double-standard?

    We can’t force leftists to start living up to their own (supposed) standards (let alone ours). But we can stop letting them hold us to theirs.

    Fight fire with fire.

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