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 Stop 'N Frisk No Mo' (courtesy

“This decision sadly confirms what was profoundly obvious. When the police stop tens of thousands of citizens who have done nothing wrong — the overwhelming number being young men of color — basic civil rights are being violated.” Whatever else you can say about sext addict and Big Apple Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner, he sure nailed that one [via]. U.S. District Judge Shira Sheindlin’d decision “reforming” NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy could signal that we’ve reached the nadir of Constitution-defiling policing. Yes, well, meanwhile, one wonders what effect the policy’s cessation will have on illegal firearms possession in the City’s crime-ridden boroughs. And while some Republicans—yes Republicans—are already hand-wringing about the possibility of soaring “gun violence” let’s not forget that not all illegal gun possession is the same. As any inner-city Chicago dweller will tell you, there are thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens who keep and bear arms illegally [sic]. So it’s possible that the end of stop-and-frisk in The Big Apple could decrease violent crime, as inner city New Yorkers tool-up against bad guys. Then again, gangs. Then again, if gang violence increases, the clamor for the end of the City’s de facto concealed carry ban may also increase. Or the cops will simply crack down harder, federal over-sight be damned. Anyway, Shira, good call. In theory.

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  1. The judge didn’t completely sack stop and frisk but she did state that was reforming it. What that means, nobody knows. She also named an independent monitor to watch the cops in the City of Big Sodas.

    Mikey’s gonna be stamping his little feet over this. I wonder if he’ll try to buy the federal district court like he bought Colorado and Manchin.

    • The video almost made it sound like the judge was saying they needed probable cause. Almost. The video after that sickened me. So many bad people in positions of power.

      • There’s people who are conscientious and industrious who do well in business, industry and government.

        Then there are those who just like to ‘lord over’ others to feel omnipotent. Way too many of those find government employment, because of it’s nature, the way to securely satisfy that need for power over others.

  2. I see black on black frisking.

    I also see two cops that don’t look like they could run down a slow moving ice cream truck.

    • Actually, if it was in fact an ice cream truck, I believe those cops would put forth any effort necessary to “catch” it. Stop and frisk would then happen.

    • Cops THAT fat make big targets who can’t chase anybody down. No wonder they want “stop n’ frisk”; it’s the only way they can catch any bad actors – by chance.

      Don’t they have ANY pride? Apparently not.

    • I’m an OFWG and I can for sure outrun the fat one on the right. And I can probably get far enough ahead of them both, they’re NYC cops after all, to be safe from any aimed fire they might direct at me. I would feel sorry for the 15 people around me they’d hit instead.

  3. Several highly placed NYPD officials have testified and others have been caught on tape bragging that the program was designed to make Black and Latino New Yorkers “afraid to step outside”. They are overwhelmingly the subjects of stop-and-frisk. And they are disproportionately found NOT TO be carrying anything illegal.

    If the police in any city targeted CCW holders the same way you’d be screaming like your goolies were caught in a bearing press.

    • No one here thinks stop and frisk was a good thing doofus, as your comment seems to imply (and from past comments) that you think that the people who read this site are racists…

  4. … Then again, if gang violence increases, the clamor for the end of the City’s de facto concealed carry ban may also increase. …

    Wishful thinking. (not the gang violence)

  5. cops may be Black, but they bleed blue and they love green ($$). . . . quotas to make, sons. What would be nice is for the judge to move the class action along and force the city to create a massive fund (say $1 billion) that anyone who claims they were stopped and frisked so they can get some nice coin and taxpayers can remember this at election time when the next elitist facist shows up . . . . while their taxes have increased to pay for it

    • So, essentially this not-gun-friendly judge has done is prevent the stop-and-frisk issue from moving on to (possibly) the Supreme Court without stopping the practice itself.

  6. “Shira, good call. In theory.”….In theory, really? Stopping the violation of any ones 4th amendment right is ALWAYS a good call, no matter what it leads to afterwards.

  7. There goes New York City’s crime rate. When NYC violates their citizens Second Amendment rights they have to begin violating other constitutional rights to rebalance the system so crime doesn’t get out of hand. Stop and Frisk was an attempt to get gun packing criminals off the streets to control crime. It would be much easier to allow citizens to provide their own first responder duties instead of waiting for police so they can report their own mugging.

  8. They should stop and frisk people in the sharpest suits they see in the financial district. That’s where all of the good drugs and guns are.

  9. Are there no fitness standards in LE or the military any more? Those cops are as wide as a city block.

    Maybe it’s a city thing, because rural cops here are all built, over 6′, clean cut ex-military types.

    • Everytime I see a very overweight cop all I can think about is “my taxes are going to pay for his retirement healthcare?” It burns me up. Bloomberg banned large sodas, but can’t get fat cops off the force?

  10. Latest on this is that Doomberg is planning an appeal to a higher court,advising that it should not matter that people’s rights are violated due to the fact that crime has dropped due to the stop and frisk,that should out weight anything else.This is the same old totalitarian thinking that Doomberg is famous for,just more of the communistic I want to take over the world and have it my way.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  11. Why do I have the feeling that “reform” just means they’re going to stop and frisk more white people so they don’t appear racist, rather than cut back on an unconstitutional practice?

  12. Yeah, and those minorities are committing most of NYC’s crime. Stop and frisk is good police work and the fact that minorities are targeted is because they are the identified suspects. You seem to be under the mistaken impression that you will attract the ACLU types and liberal judges to the 2nd Amendment by currying favor with the minority criminal class. That strategy will get you nothing. You will get more crime and no 2nd Amendment rights.

    • >Stop and frisk is good police work

      Yes, and 9-11 was just inefficient building demolition by unlicensed contractors.

      What you’re saying is that the cops have a right to assume anyone and everyone is guilty and treat them as such.Which they don’t, and your opinion is pretty terrible.

  13. Was actually listening to some talk radio on my way to work today and they were talking about this. There’s a couple good points people are making on both sides, but I’m going to try to look at a bigger picture.

    First, I think that this country needs to quit bringing up race for every issue that arises. IMO if you are bringing race into it you are the racist and are perpetuating the problem (Ex: Zimmerman, does it matter at all what race either party was, IMO its irrelevant). I’m sure that crime is disproportionately happening in poorer areas with more minorities, but the point is that the police are abusing power city wide. The Constitution protects us from unreasonable search and seizure, but if an officer can show evidence that leads to a reasonable belief that you are committing a crime then they can search you. S&F is another instance of ignoring the laws on the books in favor of writing new ones that undermine our constitution under the guise of making the world safer.

    For instance, I was driving through midtown Manhattan a few months ago, without even committing a traffic violation. I dropped a friend off at a subway stop, signaled an pulled out on to E 14th st. Two blocks later I was pushed to the side of the road and blocked in by 3 unmarked blue work vans. By the time Isaw the tiny flashing red light in the one behind me my car was surrounded by 5, yes 5 plain clothes officers, and one was already yelling at me to get out of my car. I tried my best to ask why I was stopped, and after asking politely multiple times I couldn’t get a straight answer. I obliged the officer when he said he wanted me to get out of the car for his safety, and figured I’d be standing next to my car for a few minutes until they got done hassling. As I was stepping out of the car over-zealous officer 1 grabbed me, pushed me against the car, and frisked me, removing my wallet from my back pocket, and my ID from that. At this point he told me to go talk to another officer, who tried to trip me up with questions. As I was being questioned I look over and see officer 1 going through every compartment in my car. This whole time I was trying to get it out of them why I was stopped. First it was that I cornered to fast onto 14th st (from a stop at the corner and threading the needle around careless pedestrians, so that’s false), then I supposedly didn’t signal. Then finally they decided that me dropping a friend at the train was suspicious and that became their reason. I never gave permission for a search of me or my car.

    I guess my point is that every time i hear about S&F, the race card is played. I want people to ask “How many of our rights are we going to let this government sneakily take away?” instead of pointing fingers and screaming ‘racist!’ We all know how the 2nd is treated in NYC, it seems the 4th is the same. Then there’s #1 which has its own limitations. So we’ve already given up 3 without much of a fight, where does it stop? Or is it too late? If I bring up the constitution and individual rights, especially #2, most young people I know want to fight me on it using nonsensical info from some comedy show as fact. I can’t help but wonder if the rest of my dumb generation (I’m 25, freelance ARTIST(that mural in FL is BS, btw) in NYC.) is so content to do what they’re told that it’s too late for them to wake up?

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