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Florida mural (courtesy

“The message of the 100-foot mural, created by Miami artist Huong, is ‘We are all Trayvon Martin.'” opines. “The mural shows a man who looks similar to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch leader who shot and killed Martin in February 2012 and was later acquitted in the teen’s death, shooting a person wearing a hoodie. There’s a mirror in the mural where Martin’s face would be so visitors can see themselves as the teen. The mural also contains blank spaces where the public can share their thoughts, and it also shows a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. with blood flowing down his head.” OK, fine. First Amendment and all that. But in the Florida State House? Seriously? [h/t Liberty2Alpha and others]

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  1. See, that mural is all wrong. GZ was on his back firing up at TM. Plus, MLK, Jr was not even there. I call BS on this one.

    • Yeah someone needs to go over there and repaint it so Trayvon is beating the shit out of him on the concrete, and put the mirror on Zimmerman’s face.

  2. You see, the blood on Martin Luther King Jr.’s head symbolizes Trayvon’s guilt in betraying his dream and connects Zimmerman with Martin Luther King Jr. as he was the one with the bloodied head. “We are all Trayvon” reminds us we all feed into racism in one way or another, even if it’s just by doing nothing, against the dream MLKJ had, we need to stand strong and fight against the self-reinforcing racist system championed by “black leaders” like Zimmerman is being portrayed in this piece. It’s all too clear…or it’s just another crackpot that ignored the facts given and presented under oath.

    • And LOOK! Trayvon wearin’ a GREEN MASK! Because he just watched BEHIND THE GREEN MASK, I bet.

      Thank god Dr. King is not alive today to see this evil, cynical and supremely ignorant perversion of his Dream. It would kill him, I’m sure, but not until he finished kicking some serious racist ass.

      Civil rights in America is DEAD, killed by ignorant asswipes and their racism and desire for revenge against imaginary enemies. As opposed to their ACTUAL enemies, including themselves.

        • I hereby find you guilty of bursting the bubble of ignorant sumbitchin’ mural artists. May god have mercy on your soul.

  3. It’s a disgusting mural. It’s even more disgusting that it’s being showcased in the Florida State Capitol, a venue supported entirely by tax dollars. Perhaps it would fit better at one of Rev’rin Al’s black supremacist rallies where his mouth-frothing, clinically delusional sycophants can continue to feed their frenzied fantasy about St. Skittles being the next Emmett Till.

    • I agree. If it is politically incorrect to call that “art” a revisionist piece of garbage, then y’all can call me politically incorrect.

    • +1000.

      Clearly we need a new war on racism in America, and some folks won’t be liking it one little bit. You know who I’m talking about.

    • Are we afraid that the public will see it and nod approvingly, somehow changing whatever opinions they’ve already formed?

      I think it’ll stand on its own as an object of ridicule without us overreacting and trying to protect the artist from embarrassment.

      • I couldn’t agree more. No use trying too hard; it only makes us look petty and mean. Not that meanness doesn’t have its place.

  4. Don’t know about you, but I’m not Trayvon Martin. I don’t like Mountain Dew or Skittles and to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never ambushed someone from behind and tried to beat him to death. Whoever made the decision to post this inflammatory crap at the state house should lose their job.

  5. Stupid bitch says, “But justice, that’s what we’re sticking for. Justice for you, justice for me, justice for everybody.”

    How about justice for George Zimmerman, who thanks to bullshit like this vilifying him, will probably never get his life back.

    Where’s the image of someone in a hoodie beating someone into the ground? Oh, that got left out in favor of “blank spaces where the public can share their thoughts,” did it? That seems reasonable.

    Stupid bitch is stupid.

    • Yup.
      Add a pic of the recent video of how many colored punks beating a lone white kid on the school bus?
      That’s what I’d put in “my space”

    • Calling a woman “a bitch” because she happens to be exercising her first amendment rights really speaks volumes to how long The People of The Gun have to go in understanding the joy of having opposing viewpoints.


      Hey guess what, this lady has rights as much as you or I. So she made a crappy piece of art designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator of society, get over it.

      • Andrew….

        But Wait!

        So…. She (the ‘artist’) can exercise her 1A freedom of speech, but Matt in FL can not?

        OK. Got it.

        • Slippery slope, etc, etc

          I don’t have a witty argument to come back here. I just come here to see intelligent people speak ideas, not crude cut-downs of people they don’t agree with.

          And you’re fat.

          *I keed, I keed!*

        • OK, Andrew, I get your point. Delete the word bitch from my comment, and everything else remains true. She’s free to create her art, and I’m free to judge it, and by extension her, to be stupid.

        • @Andrew

          Thank you for the reply.

          Please realize people are NOT all created equal.

          As such, different people may (will) express their thoughts and feelings using different styles.

          Some call it diversity.

      • Only hypocrites complain about someone’s First Amendment rights by questioning that person’s questioning of someone else’s First Amendment rights…

        Andrew, I did not see where anyone said that she wasn’t allowed to paint this, etc. I have only seen people giving their opinion on it. Coincidentally, what we know about both her and from the trial, their opinion of her being a “Stupid Bitch” is probably more accurate than the painting. Just saying…

      • That vile piece of agitprop merits only derision, not intelligent discussion. The artist is helping to foment racial hatred and division. To say she is simply stupid is the kindest interpretation. Yes, her 1A rights ensure that she can make the statement. They do not ensure that we must respect her.

      • I disagree with everything the artist says but I will defend to the death the stupid bitch’s right to say it.

      • THAT (the “artist” is a woman??? I was thinking Pol Pot’s lost brother.

        The “other side” does not a have an opinion, view point, etc that has any relevance. The Constitution/2nd Amendment stands above your leftist claptrap.

    • “Justice” = “what we demand, and nobody else”. It should be substituted for “justice” in every place these morons use it.

      She’d just as well have said, “This is about US, DAMMIT! We want what we want, and we aim to GET it!”

      Justice is supposed to be BLIND, not BLACK.

  6. So can I write in the blank space “I am not trayvon Martin , I am not a stupid thug , I do not steal ,do drugs and assault people”

  7. Reminds me of the horribly racist and violent murals in Pawnee city hall on the tv show Parks and Rec. Only those ones are meant to be a joke.

  8. Separation of church and state should also include “moron” as a religion. This blatant attention grabbing garbage shouldn’t be allowed on or in ANY state or federal building.

    We are not in fact “all Trayvon Martin”. Some of us don’t act like hoodlums and get ourselves shot.

    I know this isn’t a very useful comment but I am holding my tongue quite a bit on the subject.

    • You know, if the American atheists can get christian symbols removed from outside a public building, some group should be able to get this racist trash removed from inside one…

    • As Dennis Prager has been saying for years…

      The left destroys or debases everything it touches. In this case it’s what they now deem as “Art”

  9. The only true racists are those who insist on labeling themselves as victims, regardless of (and almost always contradictory to) the facts. They depend (and thrive) on perpetuating a false reality promoting (and they believe excusing) a culture devoid of personal responsibility.

    Naturally, this will be promoted at the Florida State House (and/or other government facilities), as the very existence of either depends on the other.

  10. I just saw a video showing 3 of Obama’s “sons” breaking into a convenience store to steal the ATM, in July, wearing hoodies… and its our fault they are profiled….

  11. With all due respect to the artist (that is to say, none) I am male, of African ancestry, and I grew up in crime-ridden, inner-city, American neighborhood.

    I am not Trayvon Martin.

  12. My first thought on this went to “History of the World: Part One.”

    Would it be considered “free speech” if we all went to the Statehouse and “Critiqued” this “100 ft Mural.”

    Oh, and I’m *not* Trayvon Martin.

    They should call themselves “We are all Useful Idiots.”

  13. Yes, they are all Trayvon Martins…

    Hooded racist monsters that commit crime far in excess of their population representation and turn their environment into a war zone and murder, rape, pillage and destroy lives and property. They attack not only the good, honest people of their own ethnicity, and that of all others when opportunity presents, they feed upon themselves.

    When they are brought to account their defense is RACISM!!

    Not theirs, everyone else’s.

    Slavery and racism is the rational behind their monstrosity, they blame everyone else for what they do.

    They are stupid, ignorant barn animals that are incapable of understanding that the culture that they have created is no one else’s creation… it is truly their own.

    As for the decent, honest caring people who are victimized by members of their race, all human colors have to live in the “hood”. Why not say NO and erase this vile monstrosity from society and intellect?

    Not a chance, there is too much to gain from your own racism. Look in a mirror, you trayvon’s.
    You get what you deserve.


    • “…in 1975 through the delta of the Mekong River on a boat with her small son”
      Only if she gave birth at the age of six. If that’s her site and her picture, I call BS.

    • A couple of her landscapes are nice. Some of the Alaska pieces are also interesting. Generally not the style I favor, but maybe she’s not a total waste after all. She should stick to what she knows.

  14. Is it Art?

    Beats me because I was never able to color inside the lines as a child (or as an adult).

    Can it be displayed? Sure. Someone somewhere is willing to pay to own it.

    At the State House? Ummm…. Ok. But someone might want to review the selection guidelines because generally the committees that approve what is displayed try to keep it simple and avoid controversy. This is not avoiding controversy.


    Unless the selection committee is smarter than all of us because that group is still doing their sit-in trying to get SYG reviewed and/or repealed and by displaying this particular piece of art is an attempt to demonstrate to the Occupiers that “see, we aren’t totally against your idea, just the part about altering SYG in any way.”

    It could happen.

  15. Are they intentionally ignoring the fact that TM was a racist drug addicted gangbanging thug or are they that stupid? Im guessing number two.

    • Still looking in to who funded this project.

      The Mural was unveiled AT the Statehouse, I don’t think it was commissioned BY or FOR the Statehouse. The unveiling was tied into the Dream Defenders group that is camping out in front of Gov. Scott’s office trying to convince someone (anyone) that the SYG Laws are bad somehow.

      I think overall it is simply a PR stunt for an artists and a protest group.

  16. Obscure, uncelebrated & probably starving artist looking for 15 minutes of fame and a payday, courtesy of Florida taxpayers.

  17. Wasn’t there talk of a Trayvon Matrin statue being erected somewhere?

    I think I’d put one of GZ sonewhere nearby, perhaps pointing something at Babyface Martin.

    As for the Mural I’d write something on it, but I don’t want fecal matter on my fingers.

    • What’s a “hoodlem”? A hood from Harlen? What about other places?

      And it’s a sweatshirt with a hood attached to it. For like, when it rains.

      I really appreciate your low-information perspective, however. It makes me feel glad I stayed in school.

      • Wrong Answer.

        If they chose ‘hoodies’ to stay dry in the rain (as you suggest), why do so many wear them up 95% of the time, during perfectly warm, dry and otherwise comfortable weather?

        Same reason they like to sit so low in their cars, with their head behind the B-Pillar (to avoid detection/recognition)?

        Please, Mr Burke, let’s keep this real.

        • If you will look back, I said the hoods were on in case it rains. You are speaking of other applications, not intended by the manufacturers, I’m sure. Are they supposed to stop making them because criminals wear them? Would this line of thinking be applicable to say, guns, also?

        • Mr Burke, who said anything about stopping production of hoodies? I certainly did not.

          I do not know you, but your argumentative style and (lack of) logic is highly reminiscent to me of typical left wing intellectual elitist types who always twist words and alter context to stray from the original subject matter when they find themselves loosing an argument against facts.

          If you wish to have a discussion, please, let us have a discussion, but let us stay on topic and remain in context, and use the facts available, without resorting to irrational and emotional knee jerk responses.

  18. Seems like some clowns were wanting a boycott of Florida because of SYG laws. But lying jackassery like this is more likely to succeed in keeping people away.

    • This is a most excellent observation.

      Instead of always sitting idly by, waiting to defend our ‘certain inalienable rights’ against each foolish act of aggression on their part, and thus allowing them to control the conversation….

      ..We The People should be ever more vigilant in consistently, methodically, efficiently, and aggressively attacking their (lack of) principles and morals, so that we might control the conversation while they scurry about attempting to defend their (unconstitutional and inhumane) progressive positions…


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