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U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12) unveiled her Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015 at a press conference Monday joined by local leaders at the Serenity Garden in Trenton. (caption and pic courtesy

“This is a common sense safeguard that would give law enforcement the tools to identify suspicious activity and hopefully prevent a mass shooting.” – Bonnie Coleman in U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman proposes her first bill — ammunition control [via]

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  1. Explain to me how this works? Bad guys use less than 200 bullets. Can be anywhere from two to ten boxes of ammo. She sites 6000 rounds stockpiled of which how many were used in his shooting spree?

    So I buy a couple of boxes because they are cheap and I’m now subject to governmental obstacle course clearing for her to feel safer?

    • But it does allow the government to know who you are and what types of guns you might have.

    • “So I buy a couple of boxes because they are cheap and I’m now subject to governmental obstacle course clearing for her to feel safer?”

      If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about, civilian…


    • Thanks Jersey, you suck [again, still] yes all of you. We can’t waste our time singling out the good guys.

      You are all personally responsible for U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman.

      Like I always say, If you are from a blue state, you may be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal, or a rino, the problem is part of you, you are permanently damaged, and your mother owes us an abortion.

      Anyone playing this out to the end in their heads? Logically?
      Is Watshernuts Coleman going to hand out weapons and ammo in the next Civil War? or war with China? Are you going to have to ask (and will she provide) her permission to you to start the next Civil War should you so choose? What if you are merely attempting to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic?

    • Aside from how ridiculous this is as a “common sense proposal,” where does she expect the money to fund all these net nannies to come from?

  2. “It does not interfere with a hunter’s ability to hunt or a sportsman’s ability to go target shooting.”

    Sigh. Another politician who has never read our constitution or bill of rights or federalist papers, or….

    • Another clueless firearm-ignorant do-gooder who obviously has no idea of how many rounds a target shooter goes through. Or a skeet, trap, sporting clays, whatever shooter. Even by her own logic, she is an idiot.

    • Even so how does she know how much I shoot at the trap range? Or a three gun match?

    • She’d probably gape in disbelief if she ever found out the founding fathers included the 2A because of people like her.

  3. “It does not interfere with a hunter’s ability to hunt or a sportsman’s ability to go target shooting”

    You know besides the whole “terror flag” they plant on your ass for buying 1000 rds. And one of the ladies quoted was identified as being with “million moms march”… aren’t they defunct?

  4. Odd. Is it just me or were there no comments available on the article? Commenting here is just preaching to the choir.

  5. man I can only imagine the number of logs they’d drop in their panties if they saw my last order!
    they might just decide to nuke my place from orbit.

    • Yeah, anyone want to split a pallet before the price goes up?

      Don’t you love when you hear a nightly news report about some poor schmuck who was taken into police custody and they found four weapons and (trumpet blasts) 1500 rounds of ammo.

      Sh_t, 1500 rounds is a really (really) nice day at the range, or at least a really nice day for you and ~ two friends.

  6. She’s got every buzzword imaginable in that sound byte.
    Robust scaling and synergyzing assets across platforms and blahblahblahblah….

    This industry of saying less with more words is far out of hand.

  7. Holy crap. That’s the stupidest legislation to be suggested in a long time! The guy who’s planning to commit mass killing could buy the ammo from the same black market as the illegal guns he possesses. How will her bill fix that? You can’t control the purchase of ammo or firearms with legislation, because the crooks don’t follow the law! Result? The good guy suffers.

  8. This is exactly the reason that every single gun owner must embrace 2A absolutism.

    Not only will them come for your guns, but your magazines, your ammo, your optics, your holsters, your ranges, your gun shops, your hunting land and on and on.

    Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.

  9. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”

    In my mind that means the people need to be adaquately armed to keep the government in check, ammo regulation prevents exactly that.

  10. Personally speaking, if a guy could functionally carry 6000 or so rounds of ammo on his person unimpeded while committing a mass murder, i’d be a little impressed. But of course these Democrats seem to flatland in brain function before their “common sense” can correctly calculate that thought out.

    • Hell, 1000 rounds of .556 would slow my ass down…

      6000 rounds would require an NFL fullback to carry.

    • MyI thought the same thing. The old post-war practice of people preferring to vote for veterans is really missed these days. Any guy (or gal) who humped their way through the boonies with a pack would know how silly that sounds.

  11. Geez, last Friday I went to the new Bass Pro in the Pyramid in Memphis and picked up 1000 rounds of .22LR @ 5 cents each. The guy in front of me in line bought two tubs of 1600 rounds each, but he paid 8 cents per round.

  12. FTA:

    The legislation would require federally licensed ammunition dealers to confirm the identity of online buyers by verifying a picture I.D. in-person after a purchase is made. The bill would also require ammunition sellers to report sales of more than 1,000 rounds across five consecutive days to the attorney general if the individual is not a dealer, she said.

    Someone committing a mass shooting uses, what, 150 rounds?

    The Columbine shooters used, combined, fewer than 200 rounds:

    The Aurora shooter used “at least 100” rounds:

    The Virginia Tech shooter used 174 rounds:

    The Sandy Hook shooter used 154 rounds:

    Even the North Hollywood shootout, which was not a mass shooting, but rather a prolonged firefight between two bank robbers and the police, only involved 1,100 rounds fired by the two criminals:

    So, how on earth would this bill have any correlation to mass shootings, or further any compelling government interest?

    • The article is just so full of… well… something:

      Though the capital city experienced its bloodiest year in 2013, Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson said ammunition purchases are not just an urban problem.

      “Common sense isn’t so common, because if it were this would have been done already,” he said. “When folks amass ammunition, we need to know how, when and why.

      …which demonstrates the general mindset of New Jersey politicians with respect to constitutionally protected freedoms.

      Watson Coleman said she already has 30 co-sponsors for the legislation. The congresswoman said she has not reached out to her GOP counterparts, but plans to do so soon.

      “I think that they should be very supportive of this legislation,” she said. “This legislation will make their communities as safe as it will make my community. It does not interfere with a hunter’s ability to hunt or a sportsman’s ability to go target shooting.

      …because the second amendment was written with hunting and sport shooting in mind, natch.

      Oh, and most sportsmen who engage in target shooting “amass” several thousand rounds of stock for said target shooting. If you keep fewer than 10,000 rounds on hand, you’re likely not to be taken completely seriously as a “sportsman”/target shooter.

      • “Oh, and most sportsmen who engage in target shooting “amass” several thousand rounds of stock for said target shooting. If you keep fewer than 10,000 rounds on hand, you’re likely not to be taken completely seriously as a “sportsman”/target shooter.”


        Back in the day when I shooting more regularly than I get to now, I was shooting close to 1000 rounds per week.

        To these people, “10 rounds!” sounds like a lot. To someone that shoots, 1000 rounds is a starting point.

        They don’t get it; or, more likely, they do, and this is just more propaganda and manipulation and hate mongering…make even ‘sport shooters’ look insane so even they become “the other.”

    • The right to keep and bear arms is not subject to arguments about social utility.

    • Stop using logic. That’ not how politicians/anti’s think.

      hmmm…Do politicians/anti’s even think?

  13. This is just political PR for a bill that will go nowhere from a do nothing pol who can not be bothered to look at the real problems that exist. Proof that people like this ilk only care about staying in office and not about actually doing anything.

    Emotions, Emotions, Emotions — that is all she gives for facts. Pointless

    • +1

      I can’t see this even getting to the floor (in this Congress). Further, can you imagine the funding that would be needed to watch over the (tens of?) millions of 1000+ round ammo orders a year? Unfortunately, in a decade or two, this will probably be the new “common sense” law in several states and will have a more serious chance at passing.

  14. If you ban weapons or ammo production, I will invent something deadlier, says everyone ever in history you a-hole.

    Further, it’s like Iraq, you will never rid that place of weapons and ammo (some of the Russian steel case might be rusted into a pile but throw a brick of it in a fire and you could still maybe do some close in carnage). You will never get rid of ammo, because once you get close enough to getting that accomplished, someone will waste their spare time hunting you and your kids with a shovel (history has already spoken).

    Gunny once said [in Kuwait, before flying into Iraq] “Everyone here wants to kill you (he even meant the good guys), and don’t worry about me being wrong about that, because if I am, I will kill you.” I only mention this because everyone should be apprised of what absolute folly it is to have a-holes like this lady represent you and claim that she can protect you. It is not just ‘wrong’ it is WRONGFUL and she is dangerously full of sh_t.

    • If you live in a blue state, you may be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal, or a rino, the problem is part-of-you, you are permanently damaged, and your mother owes us one abortion.

  15. The freaks come out @ night, ladies and gents.

    As we reach the end of our non-‘merica-lovin president’s term [as we do and have with all other previous (D) presidents terms lately if you’ve been paying attention], this evil springs from the mouths of idiots such as this. We are only a short time away. They have a shrinking period within which to attempt this CR_P.

    gird your loins.

  16. Discussing mass shootings as if this legislation had any relationship to them is giving the tyrants too much credit. Legislation is never about the excuse. This legislation is entirely focused on stopping online ammunition sales just like the title says. The government needs to control everything yo do and letting you shop online for good ammo prices degrades that control.

  17. I can just picture this hack campaigning beneath a freeway overpass beckoning motorists with a sign that reads “Will trade civil rights for false hope” or “Will work for statism.”

  18. OK, I just thought of something. An online ammo-dealer verifying a picture ID in person? She really does want to kill the online ammo biz, doesn’t she? Or is she too stupid to realize the meaning of what she is proposing? Or some hellish amalgamation of the two?

    • Sorry, just noted (again) the title of the proposal. Quite a mixture of flagrant honesty and political duplicity. If they are willing to come out and say that the idea is to “Stop Online Ammunition Sales”, why don’t they just propose making online ammo sales illegal? I guess it really is a horrifying mixture of stupidity and evil intent.

  19. “This guy Holmes in Aurora, Colo. had 6,000 rounds of ammunition,” Pallone (D-6th) said. “Just thinking about that, it boggles the mind.”

    Gee…only 6K? ‘Taint nothin! *8)

  20. News Flash: Impressionable newbie Congresswoman exploited into sponsoring ammo control bill by her revered mentors from the anti-gun anti Second Amendment coalition of usual suspects and Democrats with fleeting promises of political support and effusive re-election funding.

    “Behind the proposal are several advocacy groups.” That says it all. This basically clueless bimbo regarding firearms and ammo and the pro-gun community, with little to no knowledge of the shooting sports and the normal associated activities of gun owners including taking advantage of bulk purchase discounts, is trying to ingratiate herself to her fellow liberal political colleagues and supporters at the expense of a substantial American minority consisting of honest, gun owning law abiding citizens.

    An actual ‘reporter’ motivated to reveal some truth would ‘out’ her by asking some knowledge questions to reveal her true understanding about the activity she is trying to contravene. S/he would ask Watson Coleman basic awareness and qualifying questions to establish her bona fides for proposing legislation that will affect millions of her fellow citizens nationwide. My money says she’d be clueless, or stumble around with obliviously coached and evasive responses.

    Watson Coleman is clearly of the uninformed progressive sheeple unicorn crowd looking for the yellow brick road to planet Utopia. Meanwhile her sponsors are teaching her the ins-n’-outs of legislating intrusive, ineffective feel good laws at good citizens expense with absolutely NO subject matter knowledge, just political do-gooderism and the ‘appearance’ of productive achievement for name recognition.

    The actual payoff in ‘crime prevention’ or ‘gun safety’ or preventing a “mass shooting” such as the Holmes case she refers to?

    Wait for it…….none!

    • “The actual payoff in ‘crime prevention’ or ‘gun safety’ or preventing a “mass shooting” such as the Holmes case she refers to?

      Wait for it…….none!”

      A few armed citizens in that audience could have prevented it becoming a “mass shooting.”

      Interesting how she misses the obvious contributing factor to these reaching “mass victim” status: Gun Free Zones.

      Get rid of them and we might have fewer Aurora theater shootings than we do even now, and more outcomes like the Aurora High School where the RSO shot the bad guy, or the recent thing in Texas as another example.

      So, the solution does not come from government. Individual Liberty for the win.

  21. “Bullets kill and we need to be mindful of how we legislate and regulate the sale and purchase of ammunition,” he said.

    Good news guys, guns don’t kill anymore!!! It’s them evil bullets.

  22. Just another case of Liberal idiocy. No research, no common sense, no rational thought, just the never ending appeal to the emotionalism of uninformed people in order to push their fascist agenda. And all from the great state that brought you Governor Christie, the man who wants to be the GOP presidential candidate. Not bloody likely.

  23. HAHAHAHA, I liked this gem towards the bottom:

    “Common sense isn’t so common, because if it were this would have been done already.”

    Spoken like a true statist. “We are the most intellectually elite people, and we don’t think this is intelligent, so we have to claim that the majority has no common sense and pass backwards legislation. For their own good….”

    Then, at the bottom of the page, I got a targeted ad…to join the NRA. 🙂

  24. Typical logic of an idiot.
    What difference does it make if I have 10 bullets or 10,000.
    I shoot at least 200 rounds a week of something most weeks more. I keep in 7 different calibers over 10.0000 rounds at any given time.
    Bulk is cheaper.
    That makes me a serial killer wannabee ??? Also this would be a defacto registration of the type of guns I own.
    I don’t think so biatch.
    But then it is New Jersey after all and I know I should care. But as an ex New Yorker.
    I gave up on the Peoples Repulblik of an New Jersey a long time ago.
    Along with any gun related Manufactures of any products,still in business in the slave states.
    Pachmeyer is the latest on my list.
    They are still in Connecticut. No more grips or even dummy rounds from them for me anymore.

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