Minnesota’s Gun Control Bills Revealed

St. Paul pro gun rally courtesy facebook.com

Readers Moonshine and Paul M. have sent links to a raft of anti-gun rights legislation that have been introduced in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Moonshine tells us the text of the proposed civilian disarmament bills was released yesterday and the legislative powers that be are planning to begin voting on them as early as Tuesday. We have a pretty good idea what North Star Stater Bruce Krafft’s attitude toward them will be . . . he’ll want to toss the lot into one of those famous 10,000 lakes (after cutting a hole in the ice first, natch). Paul’s list of the bills with his summaries after the jump . . .

H.F. 237: This primarily concerns mental health issues and transfer permits.  However, it removes court adjudication of mental health and replaces it with ANY hospitalization or commitment (even voluntary).  Grounds for disqualification. A determination by the chief of police or sheriff that the applicant is prohibited by section 624.713 any state or federal law from possessing a pistol or semiautomatic military-style assault weapon shall be the only basis for refusal to grant a transferee permit.

HF- 238: This updates the penalties for various infractions.   It makes CCW on school grounds a felony and allows weapon forfeiture (it was formerly a misdemeanor and forfeiture was specific exempted.

HF-239:  Refusal of a CCP permit holder to leave when requested is a gross misdemeanor (from petty misdemeanor) and the exemption of forfeiture is removed.  Second or subsequent refusal is a felony.

HF-240:  This relates to CCP permitting process. I read this as putting a roadblock in “shall issue” (is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under the following sections: any state or federal law;) because other state laws could be used to justify not issuing.

HF-241: This is the list of banned weapons.   Specific weapons that were listed are removed.  The Feinstein criteria are inserted and some are expanded:

If not eligible to own, the weapons must be forfeited for destruction.

HF-242: High capacity (>10 rounds) magazine ban including sale and transfer.  120 days post enaction to disable or forfeit said magazines.

HF-243: Similar to HF-242 above, felony penalties for possession.

HF-244: relating to public safety; making it a crime to falsely report the loss or theft of a firearm; expanding the crime of transferring certain firearms to an ineligible person; making a person convicted of these crimes ineligible to possess a firearm;