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Las Vegas crime scene (courtesy reuters)

“Two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian are dead after two shooters ambushed the cops at a pizza restaurant on Sunday afternoon and then got into a gunfight at a nearby Walmart,” reports. “The two shooters, a man and woman, walked up to two officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on their lunch break at CiCi’s Pizza, located at 309 North Nellis, and gunned them down.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports one of the shooters shouted, “This is the start of a revolution,” before killing one of the officers execution style. ” The killers stripped the officers’ bodies of their weapons and then walked over to a nearby Walmart to continue their rampage and . . .

yelled at everyone to get out of the store. However, they shot and killed another victim that may have pulled out a concealed weapon and exchanged fire, the newspaper reported.

Walmart crime scene (courtesy Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The pair then retreated to the back of the store and killed themselves in an apparent suicide pact, said Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill at a press conference.

It’s not known if the [possible] concealed carry citizen prevented further killings. Walmart allows legal carry – open or concealed – in its store. More details as they arrive.

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  1. Some reports suggest the cops were stripped of their guns by the shooters. Really?
    “As the couple was leaving the restaurant, one yelled “This is the start of a revolution!” witnesses report. The shooters stripped the officers of their weapons and ammunition and went into the Walmart at 201 North Nellis.”

    • Well it would arm them with more weapons, and prevent bystanders from obtaining the cops’ weapons, and use them against the shooters. Obviously this was premeditated, and well thought out.

      My heart goes out to the families of the people killed. Completely random that they had to lose their lives today.

      • Yep, you are right….Bloomturd and his bunch will be out in full force after this one.

      • Not that well thought-out, since they only killed two cops and a bystander before killing themselves. If that was the whole plan, then they’re not quite the “revolutionaries” they thought they were. Just a couple of angry, suicidal dickheads who wanted to lash out at others before checking out, and get their fifteen minutes of infamy. And of course, the media will only be too happy to oblige that last part.

    • Walmart always sells ammunition and sometimes sells guns… Maybe they planned to arm themselves?

  2. Prepare for the anti gun groups to start their shrill against militia, domestic extremists, and “gun nuts”, for the need for more gun control in 3, 2, 1,,…..
    Eric Holders response is being written as we post.

    I’m sure NBC news will be unbiased in upcoming reports.

    (Sarc off)

    • Maybe we should start agitating for Smart Guns for the police.

      “Two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian are dead after two shooters ambushed the cops …”

      Unless those cops were getting a paycheck from DoD and subject to the UCMJ, I make the count “Three civilians.”

      • “Unless those cops were getting a paycheck from DoD and subject to the UCMJ, I make the count “Three civilians.””

        Correct. My condolences to them.

      • Unlike you, the police like the mafia and the Crips understand very well the difference between civilians and folks in their gang… it has to do with the means of violence and special treatment… the police unlike any civilian are the only ones granted the special privilege to use state sanctioned violence against whoever they think they can get away with it on, AND they receive special treatment if anyone threatens or uses violence against them whereas a marginalized guy like me they can’t be bothered unless it’s an extraordinary case they can’t ignore

    • Sounds like maybe the bystander went down shooting, I can think of worse ways to go.

  3. Often in these cases, the legislation has just been introduced. I don’t know if such is the case here.

  4. A revolution where the first act includes suicide? I don’t think one can become a martyr by offing yourself in a Walmart. Pretty rare anyhow.

    Evidently libtards that are even dumber than the Islamic suicide bomber.

    • Beat me to it, just what I was thinking. That’s got to be the shortest “Revolution” on record!

    • These two are not leftists as you stupidly claim, these are YOUR people, fresh from visiting the Cliven Bundy ranch, they love the NRA, they love their guns, and they believe the 2nd amendment ensures the existence of the other amendments, and they decided to act to stop the agents of oppression aka the police from taking away folks land and folks guns, these are YOUR people… it’s embarrassing I know but that’s the fact, these are YOUR people putting your stupid “you can pry my gun from my cold dead hand” slogans into action, FACE REALITY retrotard : D

  5. Looks like the deceased concealed carrier wounded one. They then retreated and offed themselves. The CC hero was there and prevented further bloodshed in the WalMart.

    • Unfortunately, that will never be how it is reported if that turns out to be the case.

      • Not unless people like us push the story at the grass-roots level.
        In general I encourage people to push “good news” to a couple of their local or state news outlets. (i.e. let the news agencies know that DGU are the kind of stories that viewers want to know more about).

      • The type of gun doesn’t really matter. If they reports are accurate they were meth heads, which means they would keep going with most fatal wounds until they bled out. All common caliber handguns are marginally effective at best unless you carry around a 8in hunting revolver loaded with bear loads. Even then you would have to destroy the nervous system or spine to stop the threat immediately.

        • Meth can really hop a tweaker up… but you’re giving it abilities far beyond reality.
          Aggression, increase pain tolerance, increased physical performance, yes…. but not to the point you’re talking about.

          A methed out tweaker will go down if his legs no longer support him. If his heart or lungs are hit, if there is a drop in blood pressure, ect. Chemicals, both natural and engineered can make you a little tougher… but handgun rounds really make a mess of a body.

        • Magnum revolver, 10mm or .45ACP have sufficient stopping power to put someone down in most cases in one or two hits. Meth might keep them going thru peripheral hits but a body hit or more with those is generally good night. .45 ACP was created to put down tribesmen in the Philippines who were jacked up on some native intoxicant that gave them similar zombie power to meth, PCP etc.

          I carry a 10mm Glock for that reason – stopping power, fire power and good energy/accuracy down range.

        • The founder of front sight training institute recommends a central nervous system hit such as a head shot for a threat exhibiting the superhuman effect. I recommend having a firearm capable of taking down a bear or other dangerous animal.

    • Wrong idiot gun-nut propagandist. The male shooter had just fire into the ceiling and ordered everyone to leave, these shooters were not randomly shooting civilians, their only interest was in killing law enforcement in solidarity with the Cliven Bundy standoff. So the stupid CC saved no lives, did not wound either shooter, and incompetently gave away his life at 11:26. The shooters then maneuvered and shot it out with police for 23 more minutes before the police killed the male shooter and the female shooter killed herself at 11:49
      You can easily confirm this indisputably documented reality on pages 9-16 of the LVPD report but we both know that like the lying moron loser who runs this site you have no interest in reality, your only interest is in living in a fairy tale where the more guns in America the closer we are to utopia… : ) I’ll let you go now, I imagine you have to post some more “information” about the UN taking away your guns : D

  6. If this was the start of some half-assed revolution, it was also the end of it.

    It isn’t unusual for two pvssies to off themselves as soon as someone fights back. Two recent events were stopped by non-cop interventions. The kid who stopped the punk in school is being lauded (he’s a gun guy, btw) because he was unarmed. The victim who may have stopped this episode will get no credit if he used a gun.

    • Words have meanings developed over time and common use. They are not subject to your whims or alternative definitions. See below…

      ci·vil·ian (sə vil′yən)

      1. any person not an active member of the armed forces or of an official force having police power



      1. A person following the pursuits of civil life, especially one who is not an active member of the military, the police, or a belligerent group.


      1. A person following the pursuits of civil life, especially one who is not an active member of the military, the police, or a belligerent group.

      Merrium-Webster Dictionary

      noun \sə-ˈvil-yən also -ˈvi-yən\
      Definition of CIVILIAN
      : a specialist in Roman or modern civil law
      a : one not on active duty in the armed services or not on a police or firefighting force

      Search Results
      A person following the pursuits of civil life, especially one who is not an active member of the military or police. A specialist in Roman or civil law. Of or relating to civilians or civil life;…

      Compact Oxford English Dictionary

      a person not in the armed services or the police force

      Macmillan Dictionary

      someone who does not belong to the military or the police

      # A person following the pursuits of civil life, especially one who is not an active member of the military, the police, or a belligerent group.

      Cambridge International Dictionary of English

      a person who is not a member of the police or the armed forces

      Websters New World College Dictionary

      any person not an active member of the armed forces or of an official force having police power

      Wordsmyth English Dictionary

      a person who is not serving in the military or the police.

      • Just because people become dumber and forget the real meanings of words does not mean I must subscribe to their idiocy. Now go clean your Ar-15 clips. All you have done is proven that if the same lie is told often enough, people start to believe it.

        • Well, I’m in good company, as every dictionary source I looked up defines it the way I do. I should also point out that the root word and its meaning is Latin, so unless you were around for the Roman Empire, I’m pretty sure your meaning is the incorrect one…

          On the other hand, if we are allowed to change the meaning of words to fit our own worldview, would you have a problem with my redefining the word “Paul G.” to mean “Impotent?”

        All of your definitions are contrary to the rules of war, which is a bit more of an authority on the subject.
        I guess the civilians, to include police, can stick their definitions in their pipes and smoke them.
        Why would you want impotent to mean something besides what it is? Would it make you feel better about yourself? You could pretend you were in good company?
        You run into definition problems like that when you use non-expert sources for technically defined terms, you get the dumbed down version. I guess that suits you.

        • Well, we are not in a state of civil war, so I kind of doubt a “rule of war” definition fits the bill.

          Nice try, though. You get a gold star.

          Now pardon me, I have some AR-15 clips to clean…

          • Poor job of deflecting reality. Besides your Roman allusion falling flat, the fact that police are not considered combatants is the point, not whether or not we are at war currently. I am sorry for you that you are so poor at comprehension of simple ideas, remind me not to have you as a bystander if something ever happens to me. I prefer competent witnesses.

        • Your lucky, I won’t be around you, as I will be spending a lot of time at the Urology office treating my Paul G.

          • So ad hominems are your bread and butter, I wonder if that is the cause of your problem or a symptom.
            I understand that weak minds have trouble with all but the simplest concepts. Speaking of weak minds, I think I have found your problem, you keep thinking with your dick.

        • Well, that escalated quickly. I am expecting someone to go nuclear and hit the dreaded caps lock key any time now…

          Not sure if you are being punked, trolled, or he really is that juvenile.

          On the topic of civilian. In the military we were trained on who was a combatant. Aside from your non-conventional (read, terrorists) combatants, anyone not a member of an armed force (including local police) were called civilians. Is this wrong? I don’t know. It would not be the first time the military had their own definition of something. Anyone up for some “good training”?

        • in reply to your comment at 18:14, we have a war on drugs. Since it is not the Army kicking down doors, that would be a violation of posse comatsis (sp), the police are effectively combatants. Even my old dictionary, a printed version I inherited from my parents says police are not civilians. Laws of war do not dictate speech and grammar. If they did,well, I’d be a walking war crime.

          • No, there is no war on drugs….that is politi-speak, i.e. bullshit, just like any claims that the police are not civilians. Actually, they are civil servants, civil employees, etc…..but in a word, civilians. Aw, sorry.
            Just like the definition of sociopath that the dictionary has is erroneous in comparison to a real definition like one offered in the likes of a DSM IV, the dictionary definition of civilian may sound good, but is not accurate as compared to real documentation where the actual definition matters.
            It is not anti-police to ask that they portray themselves accurately. If they want to be soldiers, sailors, marines or airmen, they have a way to do so, but the badge does not so empower them. It is pro-military to ask the police to stop pretending they are something they are not. Are you anti-military?

        • If the “war on drugs” was more than political rhetoric then it would mean that law enforcement agencies represent a large standing army.

          Cops are civilians and if they aren’t then we have a huge constitutional problem here.

        • And in the real world he is still wrong. Cops (unless also in the military (MPs}) are CIVILIANS.

        • Because dictionaries don’t define very specific terms well. Dictionaries are prone to poor definitions of late, as an example I have seen irregardless defined as meaning regardless. But some poor fools are too dumb to understand these ideas.

        • Perhaps in his next life, bystander can stand up, raise his right hand, and become a soldier. 11B if has what it takes.

        • I love how anti police people try to make some odd point by portraying police as “civilian” by comparing them to military. With the thought process of “well they are just civilians to so we don’t have to give them the same level of dignity…or whatever”.

          To which I say….oh yea, cause you would just LOVE to have military police running around. That would solve any problems you have with local police. Sure..their broad sword would taste just wonderful i’m sure.

          Boils down to the fact that military terminology clearly dictates that anyone but military are civilians. And this is a good thing from their vantage point, I understand why they look at it that way. And they should.

          However….when it comes to civil liberties (and as noted above all known dictionaries) any agent of the govt is just that….a govt agent. Not a civilian.

          • You have it exactly backwards. The police pretending they aren’t civilians feeds into the militarization of the police force, and then we may as well have military police running around. Remember the Boston Marathon bombing? The police fiasco that ensued is what happens when police forget that they are civilians.

      • Indeed, meanings are not subject to convenient whims.

        Anyone not serving active duty in a military force is a civilian. So either the police are a military force? Or they are civilians(specifically, civil servants)? Pick one, not both.

    • As long as the police are doing their job, it really doesn’t matter how they are defined. They are employed by the government for the alleged purpose of serving and protecting the populace. Unfortunately, that mission has been tainted by statists, wannabe commandos, and the proliferation of SWAT activities. TTAG, independent thinkers, and olde school cops all support a return to the idea of the local cop who is actually a peace officer vs. the code-enforcing control freak with an itchy trigger finger.

      • But the definition does matter, it determines what they think they should be doing. Maybe not to the guy who has been in the uniform a dozen plus years, but definitely to the ones replacing him. That is how the slippery slope works.

        • You’re welcome to use whatever definition of the word you like, but the rest of the world is going to official definition. Sorry.

          • The official one does not include police, so thank you for using the correct definition.

  7. A revolution? Really?

    A real revolutionary would have gone out fighting, not like a little piss-ant in a backroom in a Walmart.

    • They probably weren’t expecting a concealed carrier to shoot one of them. After that they probably reconsidered their options.

      • You know that song was Paul’s answer to American commies wanting his support? I still consider him a horrible human being for how he treated his family, but I give him respect for standing up to the beatnik fanatics.

  8. If I were going to be gunned down by a couple of lunatics, the last thing that I would want for my last meal is a $4 “pizza.”

  9. Already website are flooded with vile, ignorant and hateful comments by the antis. You know, the people who are supposed to be more enlightened than use poor, dumb gun lovers, the people who care more about their fellow man so they feel the need, nay the burning life mission to rid the world of guns.

    As others have said, it appears a good guy with a gun almost certainly stopped more people from dying. Whether or not he was the person killed in Walmart, he (or she) is absolutely a hero and needs to be remembered as such!

  10. These folks often kill themselves when confronted. Same as the Portland mall shooting.

  11. Okay not to sound anti-police here or anything like that but come a real revolution the single and pair police units are going to be easy prey for ambush and have their weapons taken.

    • Come a “real revolution” you will be fighting the military, not local cops. Good luck picking off that predator drone at 25,000 feet.

    • Come a real revolution, ta lot of those cops, and a huge chunk of the military will be on our side. It will be socialist hacks killing them, and people of the gun standing up to those anarchists. A larger scale version of what happened in Vegas. When the hand that manipulates Barry finally succeeds in collapsing our economy, those folks, and every one who counts on an EBT card for their life, will be on a rampage.

  12. Maybe we need to flood media outlets with the opinion of the common man that guns may have helped this from turning from ugly to horrific.

  13. Reminds me of the four cops that were shot not too long ago while they were having lunch.
    I think if I was a cop, and teamed with another officer, I would work out a plan where one of us was especially watchful, with gun at a convenient location for quick draw, while on any leisure activity, such as having a quick meal.
    I realize our “finest” are trained to be watchful at all times, but when four cops get shot, I would think that one of them would be able to get off a killing shot before they were all shot.
    Since I don’t remember all the details, I would not make any judgment.

    • All the watchfulness in the world can’t always stop an attacker who is willing to risk death. Action beats reaction every time, and getting off four shots doesn’t take that long.

    • To kill four men from ambush isn’t difficult. To do so while they are in a ‘safe area’ and occupied with lunch while feeling protected by their numbers is easier. To return fire from a seated position into the face of sudden, expected, close range incoming fire is difficult. The reason this virtually never happens isn’t that it’s particularly hard or tactically dangerous, it’s that there is no profit in it and it’s strategic folly. Shooting cops is perhaps the best way to make sure that every other cop in the area stops what he’s doing and begins looking for you, with an itchy trigger finger.

      Most people aren’t criminals and most criminals aren’t violent. Most violent criminals aren’t murderers, there is no upside in ambushing police. Thus those who ambush police are generally distraught, high, or mentally ill. Most distraught, high, or mentally ill people have great difficulty forming plans. Follow the circle and it shows why this sort of thing is so rare. There little motive, and among those who are so motivated, there is a poor degree of planning and execution.

      • Well thought out and I agree with your take. Of course, if there was a serious group effort to retaliate against agents of government then all bets are off. What you wrote was for “normal” everyday life. Either way, the best situation for a positive outcome would be an armed population. If there was a group effort to execute agents of government and those agents were still guided by the will of the People (aka the Constitution) then they would have protection from the population. If we’re talking everyday “normal” then the population would naturally protect the agents of their own government. An armed population is a good idea either way.

        • Thank you John, and of course, I meant with rule of law, though without it, it’s difficult to imagine a motive for ambushing police, unless it was perceived revenge on the part of some already violent and previously criminal person. Even WROL I should think that police could largely seek safety among an armed populace who would certainly at least some of the time turn to them for leadership or at the least embrace them as capable and arguably more trustworthy people than the general populace.

          The only scenario in which the population would reject its police that I can identify as being at all plausible would still limit such rejection to some localities without it spreading wholesale. Such a scenario would likely pit state level and very large city police against lawless mobs arising in the midst of widespread civil unrest with perhaps some of those arising targeting LEOs in order to foment and maintain the disorder for their own tactical and strategic purposes. At the local level in smaller municipalities there is far less ‘us Vs them’ animus and a greater degree of recognizing LEOs as people, citizens, friends and an important part of the community.

          Honestly, even a force such as the NYPD with 35,000 sworn officers would be largely relegated to defending a few key points were even 5% of the city to engage in open hostilities and commit crime with the willingness to violently resist police. Considering that 5% of the city equates to about 420,000 people this isn’t difficult to understand. Were 1% of the city to be actively targeting officers under cover of this widespread unrest the only safe conduct would surely be to shed the uniform and it’s trappings and abandon the city altogether or else blend into the population.

          This pattern holds about the same across many very large cities. The reality is that police are only functional within a population who supports them by a very high margin. The federal agencies with armed LEOs combined only account for about 120,000 armed agents in a nation of over 300M. These too can function only within a society that supports them in very high numbers.

          The fact that officer homicides in the line of duty are statistically irrelevant is a measure both of how law abiding the people are, and how much they support law enforcement. Were there to be a large shift in this paradigm, it would be quite impossible for uniformed officers to function in any jurisdiction.

          The take away for LEO’s is that the vast majority of people support you and what you do, the people are not the enemy. The take away for the cop haters in the crowd is that you’re a very tiny minority espousing ideas that certainly more than 9 of 10 people around you disagree with. Were it otherwise the police couldn’t function at all, and that isn’t a situation I’d want to live in.

      • “occupied with lunch” That was my whole point! By the time they were able to react, it was over!
        If one of them had been the “designator” lookout, and had his gun on his lap maybe, then possibly he would have been able to take out the shooter.

        • Likely true Gunr, but also unnecessary such a high percentage of the time that such tactics can’t be recommended. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund officer deaths in the line of duty in 2013 from all causes was the lowest in 54 years. Deaths from all firearms related incidents were the lowest since the 1800’s. Just as in the face of low and declining rates of violent crime we don’t need more gun control, cops don’t need to eat with a lookout and a gun in their laps. The odds of being killed in an auto accident are far higher than being shot, and the odds of dying off the job much greater than on. Depending on the menu choice, over time the food may actually have a great chance of causing death than gunfire.

          What you suggest may have helped in this case, but it’s rather like suggesting that had lightning strike victims worn insulated boots and carried grounded lightning rods they might have lived; likely true, but absurd given the odds of such tactics or equipment ever coming into play. An attack like this is such a statistical outlier that any effort at preventing it is dangerous, as it takes away attention and resources from some other, more likely hazard.

  14. Were they low on .22LR and Walmart had none (obviously)?

    Revolution over/off selves.

  15. I often wonder if our government has something to do with this. It’s just convenient that these idiots are coming out if the woodwork right now. The gun grab didn’t work so I can see them staging this crap so people will vote on it themselves. Normally I don’t do conspiracy theories but a lot of these shootings just stink of something being setup.

    • No. Just, no.

      There’s enough crazy in the world to believe it comes out on it’s own, especially copy-cat fashion.

    • I would be more inclined to believe that national new outlets are cherry-picking incidents to report if I were looking for “conspirators”.

    • It’s probably more of a media thing than a government conspiracy. 30 years ago this would be just another local bad news story. Now days we get instant national news up to the minute. Guns are a hot topic these days so therefore every bad gun story, every one of them, will get instant nationwide coverage.

    • Do you also believe in the tooth fairy? It’s about the same level of conjecture and evidence.

  16. Both NBC and AP say the two cops were critically injured, and that the three dead includes the two attackers.

    No, up3 minutes . officers are dead, so the total is five. So qualify as another mass shooting.

    • The fact that the shooters are counted when considering the size of a shooting is ridiculous.

      • I don’t think the shooters are considered. Its 4 or more victims. Not 4 or more total.

        • They are counting the shooters as victims. 2 cops, 2 shooters, 1 possible CHL first responder. Fox and CNN both count it as 5 with just a footnote that it counts the shooters.

      • Yeah, that helps it become a “mass shooting” faster. Interestingly, the Ilsa Vista event wasn’t a “mass shooting”, given 3 stabbed and 3 shot… until you add the perpetrator’s suicide, then you hit the magic number 4.


  17. It will be interesting to see how this is reported by MSM. The fact a civilian possibly tried to intervene in Wal-Mart and got killed has “spin” value to the max for both sides of the gun control debate.

    My sympathies to the two Police Officer’s Families and the Family of the other person killed.

    • The only spin I can see here is the “revolution” that may have been stopped by an armed hero. We need to jump all over this if it turns out to be true, I’m sure he won’t mind being a martyr.

      • Yep. The anti’s will say “It just goes to show how ‘dangerous’ it is to allow ordinary Citizens to carry loaded guns around in public, if he didn’t have a gun that forced him to draw it [those evil things!] and engage those shooters, he would be still be alive “.

        There’s “spin” for both sides and you’re right. if the guy was carrying and tried to stop them, he should be celebrated because it looks like he saved lives. It was preliminarily reported he may have wounded one of the shooters, which may have forced them to execute their “suicide pact” sooner than they intended. Tonight KABC News (Los Angeles) is reporting the female shooter shot the male to death, then herself. Perhaps he was seriously wounded. We’ll see.

  18. Maybe the NRA should actually be concerned with the numbers of lunatics in this nation with firearms….

    Yeah I know, it’ll hurt their membership revenues and gun makers’ profits.

    • The NRA is not responsible for the bad liberal parenting that produces these murderers and neither are we.

    • Maybe the Democrat Party should actually be concerned with the number of their supporters who cause the deaths of a million fetuses every year….

      …oops Yeah I know that will hurt their membership in the congress and their fund raising profits

    • Got any figures on the number of lunatic spree killers who turned out to be members of the NRA?

      • Its none. Libs tend to belong to groups with the membership fees paid by rich people. Is that ironic?

    • I’m very concerned with the number of lunatics in this country (leftists and antis), which is why I carry to protect myself from them. Ironically, if there were no leftists or antis in this country, I wouldn’t carry or even feel I needed to own a gun.

      Really is funny, leftists decrying that which they caused.

    • Grumpy is only grumpy because we still have 2A rights and things. Go back under your bridge.

    • Only reason they were not locked down is because it was Sunday. Not to fear, however, they will be locked down tomorrow since the schools don’t want to let a crisis go to waste.

  19. “A law enforcement official who has been briefed on the incident said one officer was refilling a soft-drink when the female shooter approached him from behind and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.”

    THIS is why LEO-Citizen compact of Trust is so vitally important. We cannot, and must not, lend ourselves to loons whose anti-government animus (which I sometimes share) indicts LEOs.

    That is the chaos Libs want. It is the chaos Barack Obama fosters, and is getting.

  20. It takes a true low-life scum to make ‘jokes’ about two murdered officers within hours of the event. Slightly lower on the scale of low-life scum are those who want to rush to make political hay out of the event. Our opponents being political whores does not justify our dealing in their sort of slime.

    I think that to make an insult ‘ad hominem,’ the subject must first be a man. No ‘man’ would say such things. My apologies to any low-life scum whom I have offended.

  21. My heart goes out to all of the families that have lost someone over trigger happy police.

    • Other than 2 LEO’s being killed, this has NOTHING to do with the police…what manner of moron are you…???

  22. Tell me. why is it that all these “shooters” ALWAYS commit suicide…??? Is it because that was part of the deal…??? OR is it because they know too much…??? OR…???

  23. “Tell me. why is it that all these “shooters” ALWAYS commit suicide…??? Is it because that was part of the deal…??? OR is it because they know too much…??? OR…???”


  24. And my wife wondered why I grabbed my gun before going to walmart last week. Nut jobs like this! It also made me realize I probably am not bringing enough gun with me.

    I feel for the families in their loss.

  25. Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting this:
    “One unconfirmed report is that the two exchanged gunfire with a citizen who was carrying a concealed weapon, and that one of the shooters was injured”.
    Good guy with a gun on scene?…Will they talk to the PD or keep quiet?….

    • Do you have a link? Some are saying the conceal carry individual was the person shot at the Walmart. I can’t track down any credible reports though.

  26. One thing for sure, cops are going to be a little edgy. We better keep our gats covered for a while.
    No douche baganistic, attention seeking, open carry stupidity.

  27. Anothet reason against open carry. Makes you a target. Remember the officers gave the ultimate sacrifice for crap pay, & putting up with scum no one but Libtards want to even know exist. Please remember that & too those who can speak or type w/good & on point thought you would like them to report rather than try & spin the news. Several local reporters have told me they do it too get a bigger/better? Portfolio so they can get a
    bigger market job.

    • Yep, this happens with such regularity it obviously makes a big point against open carry…(sarc on).

    • Even though it’s not another reason against open carry because it does NOT make you a target, you have absolutely zero evidence anywhere of this being the case, and you do NOT even know whether or not the other civilian killed even exchanged fire with the shooters. Sure, it’s being reported that way, but since when has any initial report on incidents like these ever been accurate? And even if that is true, you certainly don’t even know whether said civilian was carrying openly or concealed, for that matter.

      This isn’t even a pissing contest between CC and OC, either, so don’t even bother trying to make it so with that plainly disingenuous and UNsupportable bullshit.

      So, what I would suggest to you is that, unless and until that information is actually out there and verified, stuff your inane and indefensible talking points where the Sun don’t shine. Period.

  28. Open Carry Texas and Open Carry Tarrant County clowns to stage a rally at Walmart in 3.. 2.. 1..

  29. I can’t believe the stupid s##t some of you are saying. The police aren’t guilty here. Maybe a lack of situational awareness. My sympathy to the families of the slain and the possible CC in hero in Wal-Mart.

  30. Thanks to all of the anti-police nonsense on the post, I will not post it on Facebook or even use this TTAG article during Monday morning briefing. My condolences to the fallen officers, and my respect to the CCW hero who stood up to the shooters.

  31. A couple of conveniently suicided shooters shouting about revolution and attacking agents of the state infrastructure that leftists yearn for…

    A Hi Point left in the toy section of a Target days after MDA called for Target to ban guns…

    The simple fact that every spree shooter is a line-toeing leftist…

    I’m not calling conspiracy theory, I’m simply stating the facts. But can anyone here honestly say that antis would NOT do this?

  32. “The identities of the suspects have not been released, but a law enforcement official close to the investigation told the Review-Journal that the suspects were married, in their 20s, and new to the area. The paper reported that investigators found swastika symbols during their search of the apartment.

    Neighbor Krista Koch described the couple as “militant,” saying they talked about planning to kill police officers, as well as “going underground” and not coming out until the time was right.

    Another neighbor, Brandon Monroe, said the man who lived in the apartment often talked about conspiracy theories and often dressed in camouflage or as Peter Pan.”

    “The Review-Journal reported that the pair then covered the officers with a cloth that featured the Gadsden flag, which features a coiled snake with the words “Don’t Tread on Me.”

    Well, shit.


      This is odd to me:
      He said the shooter appeared calm when he pointed the gun at him and said, “Don’t run.” The gunman, Garcia said, continued walking to the back of the store. Garcia said that store employees were evacuating customers through the back of the store.

      After the gunman walked out of sight, Garcia walked out of the store. Garcia said he was shaken up and couldn’t remember what kind of gun the man carried.

      They also shouted, “Everyone out!” when they entered the store.

    • And this:

      They were weird people, Monroe said, adding that he thought the couple used methamphetamines.

      The man told Monroe he had been kicked off Cliven Bundy’s ranch 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas while people from throughout the U.S. gathered there in protest of a Bureau of Land Management roundup of Bundy’s cattle.

      Reached Sunday, the rancher’s wife, Carol Bundy, said the shooting and the April standoff against the federal government were not linked.

  33. Well I’ve finished reading ALL the comments here and it seems to me that as usual, a handful take the low road and vear way way off topic. Am I missing something? Seriously, does the semantics of whether the LEO’s are defined as civilians or PD really matter to the story other than for the obvious reason, which the arguers seemed to miss all together, that they were targeted BECAUSE they were LEO’s? Its too bad I can’t share this on FB because I can’t stand when people rant for the sake of ranting. It makes it harder for me to defend 2A rights when those claiming to defend it can’t even have a conversation with other believers without fabricating arguments that have nothing to do with the issue. My apologies in advance if I have missed the point of a valid argument.

    The truth here is that unfortunately these officers were targeted, ambushed and then killed and then another person, who happened to NOT be a officer, was also killed but hopefully he got a shot or two off and hopefully injured one or both of the idiot shooters forcing them to end their so-called revolution early thereby hopefully saving other innocent lives. I say hopefully because it could be a silver lining in an otherwise tragic story. It just happened today though so who knows yet? As stated above correctly, rarely are early/first reports correct or complete and even more rarely are stories reported truthfully by the MSM with their anti gun agenda.

    Let’s just hope that the innocent victim in Walmart is truly a CC/OC hero (it doesn’t matter which) as opposed to being just randomly and tragically ripped from their family’s life. Although it may not be any consolation to the family, they might find comfort in knowing their loved one is being hailed as a hero by those of us who share the part of the story that proves once again that responsible gun owners who carry are an asset to the community, NOT a liability.

    My condolences to the families of all the innocent lives taken today.

    • So Gatormom the CC is neither “innocent” as you childishly claim nor did he die “randomly”; he is culpable and he made a point of interjecting himself pointlessly and incompetently and so gave his life away like the fool he was. The male shooter had just fired into the ceiling and ordered everyone out so the CC saved no lives, the male shooter was not killing folks randomly, he was killing cops in solidarity with your gun-loving brethren at the Cliven Bundy ranch.
      I graduated from UF with an “A” average by the way and more than that I actually learned a lot, and I remember the many local dimwits like you with dead eyes and dumb expressions on your faces griping about why don’t we have a white student union and white history month and cheerleading every pathetic bullying killing spree the US military went on from Panama to Iraq with the risible plastic flags strewn all over the Steak N Shake… except for a few departments at UF Gainesville is a good drone strike target as far as I’m concerned : ) er kin we git nother cereal killar to limnenade all the Donkeys4Chump in Lachua!?

  34. “This is a revolution,” one of the suspects shouted, according to witnesses.

    The couple then reportedly covered the officers’ bodies with a cloth showing a Revolutionary War-era flag.

    The newspaper reported it was the Gadsden flag, a yellow background with a coiled snake above the words, “Don’t tread on me.” Named for Christopher Gadsden, the Revolutionary War general who designed it, the flag has been more recently associated with the American Tea Party movement.”

    Sound like typical left-wingers to me…oh, wait…

  35. Coincidence or copycat? That is the question. Here you have two ambush shootings of law enforcement officers in less than a week. The Vegas shooting looks like an incident in the Seattle area a few years ago but the trigger could have been the Moncton, New Brunswick event.

    If open carry is dangerous than we should not have uniformed police officers.

  36. If you visit the democratic underground website, they are praising the death of the CCW holder. Those are some sick people and sadly mostly mainstream democratic. They also said they are glad the CCW died because this helps advance their gun control cause.

    • Don’t know who “they” are because I went to the site and looked for the comment and couldn’t find it (got a link?) but it’s safe to say that a comment like that doesn’t necessarily represent mainstream though, middle-of-the-road or liberal or anything.

      But they sure are picking on the T-baggers and suggesting this is the 2nd time this week that a T-Party influenced person or persons has gotten into a shooting. And that the Tea Party should be on a terror watch list.

      Care to comment?

      • Huh? Neo-NAZ!S are t-party influenced? One would not think so unless maybe one _wanted_ to make that connection to make them, well, appear to be the devil.

    • You have a link? I looked over several threads and saw no such comments. I did however see plenty of people express regret over the unfortunate loss of life of all the victims.

  37. “Marlene Buck works at the Denny’s on Nellis across from Wal-Mart. She said she was impressed with Metro’s quick response.

    “It took less than fifteen minutes,” she said.”

    Wow, only 15 minutes and that is after 2 police officers are shot. And she is impressed.

    By the way, the other person shot at Walmart was a woman that they shot as they entered the store. The CHL that exchanged fire and wounded one of the shooters was a man. Who knows how many lives he saved.

  38. This would not happen at an open carry rally since they would be almost guaranteed an immediate death.

  39. Looks like the shooters were white supremacist Bundy ranch alumni. They obviously were not spanked enough as children.

  40. I hope it is the case that a armed citizen saved lives, even if it cost him/her thier own, but I don’t intend to post anything about the “CCW Hero” on my Facebook page until I’m sure the story is verified and the details have been sorted out.
    Can someone suggest a CREDIBLE source to find the latest updates on this story and others like it?
    This is not the first time I have desired to have a source I could trust that was as fast as it was accurate.
    Thank in advance

  41. Everyone needs to eat. WV Sheriff shot eating in his car because he fought drug (Oxy) running into his county. Putting on your uniform makes you a
    target every day. Your a basic nutjob after reading all the blogs & youtube videos by “experts” are you going after the person who’s weapon is visible or the guy behind cover drawing to take a proper shot? Most of the time while your eating on duty your also finishing the thousands of reports you write & have to be perfect before your shift is over, & will be reviewed by multiple supervisors & lawyers.
    At the start of every shift most officers pray to make it home that day safe & unhurt. BTW retired Law Enforcement Officer, still a Chaplain & street survival and weapons instructor. Starting a revolution by turning yourself into a martyr to whatever nut group you belong to if they are crazy as these 2

    • ” Your a basic nutjob after reading ”

      What does that mean? Did you mean to write “You are a basic nutjob … “? That I can understand.

      “your” and “you are” or “you’re” are completely different words/contractions.

      • Doing this off of my phone
        Correct should have been you’re basic or a basic nutjob.

      • How long are you folks going to keep this up? Pretending not to get a few typos due to someone posting from a phone?

        It’s _not_ hysterically, pants pissingly funny. It’s like when people used to go and post “first!” They LOOOOOVE to do this over at reddit — can you do us a favor and head over there?

        • Folks? I don’t completely disagree with all that the retired law enforcement officer is posting. However, I don’t care for aggressive cop bashing or aggressive cop glorification. Associating the majestic lion with a profession some individuals chose and were financially compensated for is a PR thing leading to undeserved praise. It’s been a pet peeve of mine for many decades. When someone says or types “LEO”, I immediately think of the astrological sign or the animal. 😉

          • Technically both are correct as my astrological
            sign is the lion. As to compensation if you consider $28,600 when I was forced to take medical due to back injury a lot of money for dealing with everything from a drunk to a murder to the lowest form on earth child
            molester. Then join your local dept. or due a few ride alongs. I know of a dept. right now that is paying officers $14 an hour. My stepson works for McDonalds & makes $12.50. Most of the old timers went into policing because we wanted to help or try & make a difference. Not for the pay or lousy bene’s. I took full retirement in 2008 but still act as a chaplain & counselor. Do have an education could have made more $$ doing something else. If you would prefer I’ll change my name Retired Police meet your approval?

        • Retired, you assumed facts not in evidence. I have a history of involvement with peace officers. Believe it or not, I do not have a hatred for officers in our nation. My ire is raised mostly by some of the modern trends in policing. You mention the pay… but you chose the job for the pay and that is on the individual.

          I know a number of officers personally for whom I have much respect and some of my relatives in the generations before me were peace officers. It’s the trends of militarization, “us vs them”, too many “special” laws for law enforcement, exaggeration of risks, lack of criminal prosecution, and over the top glorification of the job that bugs me.

          Regardless, this isn’t important enough for you or me to waste our time on TTAG. I said my peace. I’ve expressed what I needed.

          • IngsJohn in OH I didn’t choose for pay actually thought could make a difference. Point trying to make was the pay for the job today is not worth the risk if it’s just for the $$. I would love to see some of the old fashioned policing return, less reliance on toys & gadgemts than common sense. But a lot of us who could teach the skill set are gone.Glorification & a number of other things are squarely on politicians or police that think they are still in the military or didn’t even make it into the military. As to assuming facts I have access to other info not in the mainstream.
            The problem is the amount of coverage this is getting will bring out even more nutsos. Every officers goal is to go home every day. Those who don’t all automatically get our sympathy. The ones that need it are not only the families but
            fellow officers. I’m firmly in favor & have fought for the constitution. But if your neighbor is acting nuts call someone. Do not wait so you can be interviewed on T.V. like these loonies neighbors did.

    • RetLEO- thank you for your service, sir. I expect that most readers here at TTAG understand its a difficult job, and sympathize at this difficult time, and offer our prayers to the family of the fallen LV LEOs.

      Personally, I am going to wait for more facts to come out, before commenting, or responding to those who dont have the courtesy to show respect during a difficult time, or might even be a troll from the anti-gun side to paint TTAG folks as right-wing-nuts.

      These shooters WERE obviously nuts. The lesson here again, is mental health, and how to deal with the disturbed in a proactive way. Right-wing, left-wing, banning guns, knives, cars- thats all much further down the list, and irrelevant, to the point, that these people were insane, and criminals.

      Taking guns from the law abiding wont stop them in future. Maybe giving less attention to them, like the anti-gunners and StateRunMedia, do to promote their agenda, by dancing in the victims blood would help by keeping fewer nuts from getting the bright idea this is their way to their 15 min of fame, and suicide by cop.

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