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Another win for the right to armed self defense. Sheriff Alex Villanueva — for the second time — has reversed himself and announced that LA County gun stores will not be forced to close by his department. Villanueva had been sued by the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA (among others) over the closures.

On March 28, 2020, the United States Department of Homeland Security issued an Advisory Memorandum in regard to Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers during COVID-19 response. Although explicitly advisory in nature, nonetheless the federal memorandum is persuasive given its national scope. Included in the list of essential critical infrastructure workers are workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges.

Based on this further input from the federal government, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will not order or recommend business that sell or repair firearms or sell ammunition; will investigate reports of improper health practices such as poor sanitation or failure to maintain social distancing at all businesses; and forward detailed reports of unlawful health conditions to the District Attorney for their review and consideration.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva

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  1. It’s not exactly praise but I’m glad that he has decided that there are better things to do than get sued right now.

    The funny thing is that there were so many intermediate options they could have used if they wanted to pretend this wasn’t just a way to shut down gun sales.

    • I wish we could better drive home the point that these lawsuits only happen not because they want to close down gun stores or turn off BGCs, but because they have ALREADY infringed on 2A rights by requiring gun stores and BGCs be part of the legal process.

      Some of us crazy nutters have been saying for decades that pumping everything through a bureaucracy was just a way for de facto bans through government inadequacy. And here we are.

      I’d rather they keep the gunshops closed and allow online, direct-to-door (maybe signature required) delivery.

    • Hannibal is correct when he stated, “there were so many intermediate options they could have used”
      The sheriffs, governors and others could have chosen many other options that would not have revealed their true desire which is to put gun stores and related support businesses out of business and they seem to not care if the citizens they represent are left defenseless. The actions taken by the elected officials during this emergency has clearly revealed their true and honest desires relative to guns. These officials have demonstrated just how they really feel about “we the people” and the 2nd amendment. Their emotional feelings doesn’t save your ass when a bad guy acts bad! New gun owners and POTG need to remember this come elections times.

    • Sooo…why was my follow-up comment deleted earlier today after I posted it? TTAG’s gremlins delete one of my comments about once per week. Just POOF! it’s gone when I come back to check later in the day…

      • “TTAG’s gremlins delete one of my comments about once per week.”

        Given that the TTAG staff do not control the infrastructure that hosts this blog, it is quite possible that the problem is with CloudFlare. Have seen about half dozen comments,”Cannot read this now, try again later” that never seem to open properly. And this is not to mention that sometimes it has taken 30 clicks to clear the “I am not a robot” test on one of my submissions.

  2. Seems as though gun rights groups are joining forces, huge wins for the gun community, Good Times!!

  3. Alex like the would be petty tyrant Phil Murphy of N.J, faced up to bending over,grabbing his ankles and taking it in the shorts and he had no choice.

  4. Right. Odds that as soon as he thinks people aren’t paying attention anymore he flips again?

    Just call me cynical in the morning…

    • Interesting question.

      The feds designated firearms businesses essential. The central government could declare that local governments cannot interfer with federal business agents (FFL). Maybe even invoke the commerce clause.

  5. Innit interesting that the majority of people don’t squwak at all about being told their job is closed, when they can go to the store, how many rolls of TP they can buy. But pro 2A people expect more. Story there somewhere.

    • The constitution doesn’t specify toilet roll. Also, there is nothing stopping people from changing jobs. If people have the will, and the skill to be able to work in an essential field.

      Government shutting down accessibility to buying a gun is against the constitution.

      Stores limiting toilet roll is capitalism. If there’s a chance store A has TP due to rationing it’s going to draw in customers that may buy other things. If store B doesn’t ration the TP I know there is no chance I’ll get any there because the zombies cleaned them out as soon as they stocked, so guess which store I’m going to avoid.

      P.S. I don’t need to visit a store at the moment, no panic buying for this household.

      • Correct…..the key here is that the county government was compelling the guns stores to close by force of law.
        The retailers are choosing to limit TP purchases by their own accord. You can always try to find another store that doesn’t if you don’t like that.

    • There is a public health priority in closing businesses. Stopping gun sales exposes people to violent crime with documented police apathy. Therefore closing gun sales down is a public health problem created by liberal politicians.

      • Don’t they already have a Los Angeles Department of Public Health and isn’t investigating and enforcement of public health violations and sanitation their job? Who the hell does this idiot think he is?

  6. Haha, jerky. Still going to get sued for delaying all those buyers that were pending or were told to go home, and couldn’t defend themselves during the forced closure time frame. People may have already been victimized during that window. Now there’s diminished inventory and these residents have to start from scratch. You wishy washy ass-clown. You willingly violated their rights and placed them in danger when everyone needs to be safe during these uncertain times. Your overwhelmed and understaffed agency can’t protect these residents when SHTF, just like the RK riots. You’re just trying to keep your elected position. Hope you don’t get re-elected. In the meantime, sit your ass down and shut the F up.

    • That’s good but somehow I doubt those folks live in LA County, probably more conservative folks who live miles away from the liberal cesspools of California.

  7. Well that’s special…the king’s high sheriff gives in to the lowly serf’s. Robin Hood would be proud. Good luck all you inmates of Commiefornia!

    • The serfs might only have pitchforks and flaming torches but there are a lot of them.

      • Which raises an interesting problem…

        How do we maintain social distancing while we are storming the palace gates?

  8. Well, now that life is good in Cali and NJ, how about moving legal operations to New York?There are many small LGS in upstate NY being affected by the PAUSE. Equal protection under the law should apply to New Yorkers as well.

  9. #Winning Winning Winning.. So far the state governments who have ruled against the 2A by closing firearms stores are turning tail and restoring their Right. To serve citizens wishing to invoke and use the 2A Rights. Just keep in mind this is just one battle in a long protracted War. To make that Right a permanent part of all law abiding citizens choice. Regardless of the situation. Below is just another example of the ignorance We face in that fight. Be safe Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.
    Rep. Gilliard requests NRA donate funds to combat the spread of COVID-19 | WCBD News 2

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  11. Hey Kristine, unless I am getting paid in bullets, guns, toilet paper or hand sanitizer Im not interested.

  12. Its too bad it take a legal tug on his ear to follow the constitution. It’s also too bad he won’t get thrown out of office for doing so because of all the people who support him.

  13. For those angered about not being able to purchase a firearm, get it shipped,get it transferred, get a 4473 through the red tape or find ammo. It’s the classic tale of the Ant and the Grasshopper. Fail to plan equals plan to fail. I realize education and experience play a part in peoples decision making. Also Not learning from history. Which is possibly the largest mistake people make in times like these. That was way back then. It can’t happen now. Those are just Old Timey Stories. You’re just an Old Man telling stories. I’ve heard them all from people. I’ve tried to teach. A couple have contacted me recently. Looking for supply’s and advise. Now they know what I was saying. Never wait till you really need something in a crisis. Everyone else will most likely be looking to. So in most cases I have little to No sympathy for people’s angst. You get out of life what you put in. Keep You and Yours Safe.

  14. He should turn in his gun and badge and resign. The bad news is there are more azzhats just like him in charge in America. They need to go.

    • They’re usually in the bigger (more populated) counties and cities, although I know a medium size town with a crazy PD Chief. It seems when you go far enough from the mega urban areas and the liberal cesspools, you get normal law enforcement leaders.

  15. Now if we can get cellphone repair stores to reopen during this national house arrest period. It already sucks that I have to wait months to go to the doctor.

  16. Unfortunately, Washington State (the Northwest’s Socialist Paradise) is doubling down on gun stores (to include kitchen-table dealers) and all FFL holders as non-essential…in spite of the Fed’s “recommendation” that said stores are deemed essential.

  17. LASO had an annual budget in 2015 of $3,994,887,000 (yes, you read that right), over 20,000 employees and not one of them is essential.

  18. The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department needs to find somebody else to write their public releases. Parts of it just aren’t that well written. But it appears they are trying to assume the role of Health Inspector now. Now the Sheriff is going to assign his officers to investigate improper health practices and poor sanitation? Really. Hope the Los Angeles County Departmental of Public Health recognizes this for what it is, tells him to mind his own business and puts an end to this power grab. This clown needs to stay in his own lane.

  19. It’s a shame that this sheriff was so pressured by the radical 2A contingent that he was forced to reverse his initial decision. Guns should and always be the last priority in a crisis. Mark my words. When Biden is president, he and gun czar Beto O’Rourke will put a stop to these perverse actions by the radical right. 2021 can’t come quick enough for us peoples of reason and civility.

    • “When Biden is president”

      He thinks he already was, just before he became a professor, which was before he thought his sister was his wife and before he thought his name was Obiden.

      It’s just a matter of time until he p!sses himself on national TV.

    • “When Biden is president, he and gun czar Beto O’Rourke will put a stop to these perverse actions by the radical right.”

      Waiting for Beto the fake Hispanic to personally take my AR away. He better have medical AND dental.

    • Funny how it took them two years to act, right after the gun store controversy, a day after he reversed the order………….

  20. So sad. LA County Supervisors just voted to remove the good Sheriff as head of emergency operations. Of course, he’s raising a stink about it. And very likely, they did it because their legal counsel warned them that the Sheriff might be opening them up to lawsuits.

    • Awwww, maybe you can go rub his shoulders and whisper some comforting words in his ear…
      He’s a scumbag that would rather attempt to take away our rights, as opposed to doing his job to uphold the constitution.

  21. Next they have to remove him as head of the Los Angeles County Health Department. Or at least explain to him that the Health Department is charge of investigating health and sanitation violations. NOT the sheriff.

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