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The latest from the NRA’s Todd Vandermyde: it appears that Democrats in the Illinois legislature who have been trying to railroad two gun control measures¬†through a lame duck session have pulled their bills. Translation: they counted heads and didn’t have the votes. The latest communique from senate Dems at

It is clear that we will need bipartisan support in order to take floor votes on gun safety and marriage equality this week. We will take some time to work on these important issues to advance them in the near future.

The executive committee has been delayed, but we still intend to hold a hearing on marriage equality shortly.

That’s right, it’s a gun safety bill. No word as to what “the near future” means, but it ain’t over ’til the Senate adjourns on Tuesday. Unless the House adjourns first. And even then it’s not over. It’s never over . . .

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    • No, it’s not over by a long shot. This was one of the easy battles, mark my words. It was two horribly written bills, fast-tracked during the lame-duck session, which nonetheless were caught and vigorously opposed.

      The real battles will be fought when the “reasonable” bills are brought to state congress floors for debate. We should be much more concerned (not afraid, concerned) regarding bills which are tightened-up versions of the CA AWB.

      • Absolutely.

        I wonder if my message to Cullerton made any difference. Regardless, they either got the message or they understand that they temporarily cannot get what they want.

        • As a mark on a tally sheet that adds up to an avalanche of input, it means a lot. If there’s one thing politicians understand, it’s getting bombarded with messages of opposition after they’ve stuck their reproductive appendages into a hornet’s nest…

        • Yes! Best thing to do is letting legislators know how WE feel, rather than how the MSM feels, and is attempting to influence how they vote!

      • The reason they were horribly written and fast-tracked during a lame duck session is because the bloody shirts the vultures are waving are drying FAST. The emotional libtard response is shrinking with the blood pools and so is their window. Marriage (homosexual) equity and gun control. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  1. Good to hear but Illinios residents aren’t finished yet, now you need to work to oust these anti Americans. You simply cannot continue to allow them to represent you.

  2. Translation: they found that they have support for increasing rights and freedoms (marriage equality) but not for reducing same (gun control).

    Go figure.

    • Seems like an easy concept to me, more freedom is better than less. You’d think more legislators could figure it out….

  3. Cowards! Put these bills up for a vote if they’re so worthwhile. Go for a full and total gun, magazine and ammo ban while you’re at it. Chicken-sh!t politicians.

  4. What’s really necessary is Citizens’ ARREST vs. these seditious TRAITORS to the Republic and the Constitution, and for the simplest of fact: they perjured themselves when they broke their inauguration Oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution for the United States of America, from ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

    Unless that happens, en masse, none of this will change. The fact that these a-holes always have these bills on standby testifies to their intent to destroy 2A, whenever the shifting prevailing political winds become opportune for them.

    These f3ckers need to be in JAIL, preferably at the likes of Sheriff Arpaio’s pink undie Tent city, like a bunch of caged zoo animals, because that is exactly what they are: a sociopathic genetic aberration. They’re primates who are barely literate, albeit with a heavy dose of Machiavellian Fabian Socialist streak.

    Demand a REAL PLAN:

  5. You know they will rally the troops and try again. Thank you everyone for the support, and thank you for keeping us informed. I made many phone calls to springfield in the last several days, and sent a ton of emails out.

  6. Even if this never sees the light of day again, some politicians will claim that they supported these bills and were “stopped” by organization “X” or candidate “Y”, so we all need to vote for him if we want “safe” streets (as if they are safe now!!)

  7. The fight is never over. Keep the pressure on them and keep your powder dry folks. I’m feeling it for NY state right now. It never stops with these clowns.

    Shall Not Be Infringed.

  8. It’s not over, not even close. The issue is the incoming Senate and House are even more Democratic then before. Senate was 35D-24R, next week it’s 40D-19R. The House will go from 64D-54R to 71D-47R. Most of them run unopposed.

    • you gotta realize alot of these guys that voted were on their way out and alot of the Dems from outside of Cook County are pretty conservative and the NRA has their ear, don’t give up so easily.

  9. What they were stopped by was, *The Power of The Internet*, invented by another gun grabber… Al Gore….. LoL
    ok maybe not stopped. But the certainty of near instaneous input from the Mass’s will give them *pause*.

  10. Freedom is never free. We will continue to watch these gun grabbers like a hawk over a chicken coop! They will be back!

  11. Gear up, kids: we’re going to have a flat-out brawl keeping MD from adopting an AWB. It’s winnable, but we’ll need help. Lots of help.

  12. Yep, it ain’t over. I faxed the 4 who voted “no” during committee thanking them, faxed the the bozo who sponsored the bills, and my 2 local reps, both of whom are pro gun. Thanks to TTAG for covering this so closely!

  13. It ain’t over. Not even when the fat lady sings. I know, I got my sister to tune up and sing a song. Nada, nothing, zilch.

  14. Very Nice! I was afraid they’d gave on the mag cap bill either way, made me afraid since it was separate. There have been a lot of pro-gun polls expressing willingness and desire to restric mag capacity.

  15. A battle won,the war goes on. But don’t minimize what didn’t happen here. Anti-gun/freedom thugs, trying to ride an emotional wave of a massacre,STILL couldn’t get enough votes to go ahead in one of the most anti-gun states! I’d say a shutout under these circumstances is a pretty big win for the Good Guys. I’m sure the bad guys in D.C. and other lairs of socialism are given pause by this result.
    In any event,stay vigilant,stay active.

  16. Their main issues are gun control and “marriage freedom” i.e. gay marriages.

    Such a high calling they have to prioritize such issues. These politicians certainly have our interests at heart. They are our best and brightest, and truly reflect the core values that make this nation great.

  17. Since when do Democrats count?? He’ll they can’t even tie their own Shoe’s without 4 helpers and a picture book of detailed instructions!!!
    Congrats for now Illini, let us All keep up the fight for every state in this great country!!!

  18. Guess the legislators got the message from Anonymous equating gun confiscation with treason and the threat to respond accordingly.

  19. They’re not that smart. This will raise it’s ugly head again as soon as the new sessions start.
    All they know how to do is take.

  20. AT of the credit for the success is Todd vandermyde the NRA lobbysist and the folks at

    who organized and led the avalenche of outrage direcvted at every Illinois Senator.

    Bu that’s one battle in a long war. If you want to know what is being done about concealed carry in Illinois, the fight against the FOID and waiting periods, then join us at The forum is free, you can talk to Todd directly and you can actually provide some input into the Bills as they are being written.

    We are winning the fight but we need some more help. There are +/- 3500 of us now, and we are taking on the Chicago Machine “daily”. (yuk yuk yuk I break myself up!)

  21. The wording basically bans everything. Might as well word it to say if it fires a bullet, it’s an assault weapon. Then they could pass open carry if they wanted because no guns would be legal to own!
    The wording below which is in HB1263 would seem to ban glocks, 1911’s, etc.
    Am I reading this right? Seems to me a magazine in the grip could still be interpreted to be a detachable magazine

    (C-2) a semi-automatic rifle or a pistol with the
    capacity to accept a detachable magazine, a muzzle
    brake, or muzzle compensator;

    For the purposes of this Section, a firearm is considered
    to have the ability to accept a detachable magazine unless the
    magazine or ammunition feeding device can only be removed
    through disassembly of the firearm action.

  22. I’m 62 and mad. I have 5 honorable discharges, taken an oath 7 times to preserve, protect, and defend the constution against foriegn an DOMESTIC enemies. pricks want to ignore the constution, while they all have many armed bodyguards to protect there worthless asses. only fachisest state with a foid tracking card and no ccw. crime in rockerd is at record highs and now were suposed to turn over our guns . illinois is more than broke, they have money to waste on this bs? and go ahead drive out 5 major manufactures while your at it you scumbags in chicago. happy new year


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