BREAKING: Illinois Democrats Pull Gun Control Bills

The latest from the NRA’s Todd Vandermyde: it appears that Democrats in the Illinois legislature who have been trying to railroad two gun control measures through a lame duck session have pulled their bills. Translation: they counted heads and didn’t have the votes. The latest communique from senate Dems at

It is clear that we will need bipartisan support in order to take floor votes on gun safety and marriage equality this week. We will take some time to work on these important issues to advance them in the near future.

The executive committee has been delayed, but we still intend to hold a hearing on marriage equality shortly.

That’s right, it’s a gun safety bill. No word as to what “the near future” means, but it ain’t over ’til the Senate adjourns on Tuesday. Unless the House adjourns first. And even then it’s not over. It’s never over . . .