BREAKING: Illinois Modern Firearms Ban and Mag Cap Bills Pass Out of Committee

Both Illinois HB1263 (banning various firearms) and HB815 (regulating the bejesus out of magazines and shooting ranges) have passed out of a Public Health hearing (I swear) by a vote of 6 – 3. Before passing HB1263, the Committee added a sixth amendment. According to its dictates, firearms specified in the bill (e.g. a semi-automatic rifle such as the ones shown above only with longer barrels) must be registered with the Illinois State Police within 240 days of the bill’s passage, at $10 per gun ($15 for a .50). If the owner sells an “assault rifle” to an out-of-state buyer, the former owner must provide the State Police with the buyer’s name and address. Question: what does ANY of this have to do with preventing crime?