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The New York Legislature is set to consider a bill that would vastly expand the state’s current “assault weapons ban.” Here’s some of the, er, highlights:

  • All firearms must either be rendered inoperative or surrendered to the police. No grandfathering, no exceptions.
  • Removes the “grandfathering” exception for possession of magazines with a greater than 10 round capacity.
  • Bumps up AWB-firearm possession from 3rd degree “criminal possession of a weapon” to first degree, putting simple possession of such a firearm at the same level of punishment as Rape 1 or Manslaughter 1.

Oh, and the whole thing is severable. So if one section is ever declared unconstitutional, the rest of it stays. Full text here. There are also two other bills being considered . . .

S202-2013 has one heck of a preamble:

The  New York state legislature finds that semi-automatic assault weapons are military-style guns  designed  to  allow  rapid  and accurate spray firing for the quick and efficient killing of humans. The shooter  can  simply point – as opposed to carefully aim – the weapon to quickly spray a wide area with a hail of bullets. Gun manufacturers have for many years made,  marketed  and  sold  to  civilians  semi-automatic versions of military assault weapons designed with features specifically intended  to  increase lethality for military applications. As a result, approximately 2,000,000 assault weapons are currently in circulation  in the  United  States. These weapons have been the weapon of choice in the most notorious mass  shootings  of  innocent  civilians  in  the  United States,  including  the  1999 massacre at Columbine High School (TEC-DC9 assault pistol and Hi-Point Carbine) and the 2002 Washington,  D.C.-area sniper shootings (Bushmaster XM15 assault rifle). According to FBI data, between 1998 and 2001, one in five law enforcement officers slain in the line  of  duty was killed with an assault weapon. In 2003, New York lost two of its finest when undercover officers in the elite Firearms  Investigation  Unit  of the NYPD Organized Crime Control Bureau were brutally murdered while attempting to purchase an  illegal  TEC-9  semi-automatic assault weapon. The availability of military-style assault weapons poses a serious threat to the public health and safety. Most citizens, including  most  gun owners, believe that assault weapons should not be available for civilian use.

Note how the figures they pulled about “assault weapon” deaths all took place during the last assault weapons ban, before it went out of effect in 2004? Also note how they illustrate their complete and total lack of understanding of firearms and how they work (“spray” bullets my ass…)? Yeah, that’s the level of misinformation and ignorance that we’re up against.

If they happen to wander by the site (as if), I just wanted to throw these in here for their reading pleasure:

Also, the statement that “Most citizens, including most gun owners, believe that assault weapons should not be available for civilian use” is a bright shining lie. Which we know, thanks to the latest polling data.

The other bill, S805-2013, is simply about registering all firearms. Previously, only handguns were required to be registered, but this widens the field to include all firearms.

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      • Miller was sent back to the Circuit court, and since Miller himself was murdered before the Supremes had even done that, the case was never tried again.

        But yes, the ruling ended up focusing on the gun as being suitable for military (militia) use. As short shotties were a US trench warfare weapon in WWI, it would have been interesting to see what would have happened back at the circuit level had this been re-tried.

      • This whole sporting vs. military is a bunch of b.s., many “sporting” rifles were in fact, military rifles at one point. Hell, cowboy lever action rifles were, at one time, the assault rifles of their day. Early ones even had the fearsome name “volcanic.”

        • Indeed. Today’s bolt action rifles ALL go back to the pre-eminent military rifle of 100 years ago, the Mauser.

          Here’s an interesting factoid: Until the AK-47 came along, the most-produced rifle in world history was (drum roll please) the Mauser 98 – at over 100 million made when we include clones and licensee production.

          The Springfield 1903[A3] was ripped off directly from the Mauser. The Winchester 70 is descended from the Springfield. All bolt-action “sporting” rifles are the sons and grandsons of the original repeating military arm, the Mauser 96/98. All of them.

          Want to reload a bolt gun fast? Learn how to use a stripper clip. You can recharge a bolt gun’s fixed magazine in a couple seconds and get it back into battery in 3 seconds or less. Don’t believe me? Go look up the origins of the “mad minute” and a rifle instructor in the British army by the name of “Snoxall.” 38 rounds of aimed fire at 300 yards in 60 seconds.

    • There is good news and bad news in Miller. Common military use could be construed to mean that only military weapons are protected. That would exempt the M-9/92FS and any ARs that are derived directly from current procured M-16-A4/M-4. All other types are not in common military use and are not protected.

      • “…and of the kind in common use at the time” is not describing a specific brand list. It’s describing a “kind” of weapon – semi-automatic pistols with high-cap mags & select-fire carbines/rifles with high cap mags applied in your example above. For the record, the Miller, Heller & McDonald combined all clearly demonstrate the population at large has privileges under constitutional protection which are currently banned by FOPA (1986) including machine guns. If Chicago police can field M4’s, it’s within our constitutionally defined rights to stick them in our gun safes as well…along with an MP7 and an HK M27 IAR (and all the other standard issue kit or its variances). Once rightfully legally available though, how to feed these pointless bullet hoses will be the conundrum.

        That2a is certainly a tough pill to swallow for the urban elitist gun grabby fingers. I’m convinced one instance of forced self-reliance would impart some much needed “perspective adjustment”.

    • This is NY we are talking about so do not scoff at this travesty of a bill not being passed.

      Owners of “assault rifles which are not assault rifles” should file a class action lawsuit against the politicians in NY to force them to pay for all firearms that they ban.

      If the NY or Federal Government wants weapons of a certain type off the street let them reimburse in full all costs the owner incurred well the firearm was legal for decades. Anything else is just the politicians stealing from citizens using laws to make it look legal.

  1. It is far easier and cheaper to throw these bums out of office on their asses. Give them nothing!

  2. Why don’t the people of New York and Illinois pull a West Virginia and secede from the big cities? Cut out NYC and Chicago and make your own states. Let them wallow in their own stool.

      • Nazi, Commie, Socialist, liberal. These are the ones that take your freedom (guns), silly. All in the name of ‘Big Gov’, and with the money they steal from you because they know whats best and what YOU should do with YOUR money.
        This is what you get when you remove patriotism and God from the classroom.

      • Those who remove your guns remove your freedom. You can see the groups who did such things and make up your own mind.

  3. ‘the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’

    What is so hard to understand about…’shall not be infringed.’?

    • They understand what it means, they just don’t care. Anything that gets in the way of their total control must be eradicated.

      • Unfortunately, I live in NY, and on Long Island, which makes it even worse, and believe me, I did NOT vote for any of theses bums. However, my vote gets routed by the people that live on Obama’s paychecks…so I am formulating an exit strategy. I suggest every sane person to do the same

    • Why after significant parts of the constitution have been ignored would they not do the same with the 2nd? Should have started protesting loudly when they started taking your rights away.

  4. I see that they placed a severability clause in the law. I bet the bill’s author is concerned that an ex post facto confiscation clause in the law won’t hold up in court.

    • I don’t think they will care all that much. if they can act swiftly enough, all AWB firearms will be melted down before the courts have decided. when that provision is later removed yet the ban on new purchases stands the result is the same.

    • Nobody will surrender or register their guns. Mine were all lost in an unfortunate boating accident off the coast of Long Island. Now, I only visit gun stores occasionally to do a NICS check, just to make sure I’m not on the terror watch list. But I don’t buy any guns.

    • There are a number of smaller shops in ny. Henry Arms moved to NJ last year. Rohrbaugh and Doug Turnbull come to mind. I used to keep a list but my computer got fried a couple of weeks ago. There are probably a half dozen more.

      • Well gillette and Casper Wyoming are both looking for some manufacturing jobs to move there to help stabilize the boom and bust oil/coal economy we have so come out west guys we can use the jobs

        • Indeed. And there are other locations that want gun makers as well.

          Rapid City, SD is already the home to several firearms companies, and the state government in SD is actively recruiting firearms companies to move to SD.

          Idaho is actively recruiting gun companies as well.

        • Crosman, Ithaca Gun, Majestic, plus figure all the gunsmiths and ffls that would be affected.

    • No thank you. As a NY resident I shudder to think of what would happen if Remington left Ilion NY. If you have not been there, you would not understand.

      • Not my fault people have had their minds reconditioned to believe what’s logical and realistic.

        Ask the founding fathers what a realistic and logical response should have been to an aggressive assault on personal liberty. Oh, right, Lexington and Concord…

        People and politicians are the way they are because they know modern Americans are too cowardly to enact proper consequences for their actions.

        • … I don’t think the founding fathers would have taken “treason” to include the proposal of a law that is unconstitutional. It might be bad leadership, and it might be a dereliction of their duties, but it ain’t treason. Treason is treason, just like hyperbole is hyperbole.

        • BlinkyPete:

          I’m inclined to agree: the Founding Fathers would not have considered these actions to be “treason”, but they would have certainly considered those making the proposals to be dishonoring their oaths. Sadly, in this era, an “honorable politician” is almost as rare as a unicorn.

  5. Didn’t you just write the article “Gun Control Interest Back to Pre-Newtown Levels” ?!

    Call your Senators. Call your Reps. Write them. Fight this thing here and now before it gets worse. The Antis are fired up, and they want to separate you from your hard ware.

  6. Its ironic that most of the incidence using assault weapons quoted in the above text took place during the 1994-2004 Assault Weapons Ban.

  7. Here’s a petition idea: let’s amicably divide the United States into two countries.Well have the backwards ,retro-conservative Constitutional States of America on one side, and on the other we’ll establish a Liberal States of America which is free to draft it’s own constitution based on modern principles of social and economic equality. That way we gun owners get to live our lives , the leftist scum get their own sandbox to play in, and the Blood pressure meds industry won’t make billions off of the suffering of lawful gun owners.

    • Sounds like a great idea to me!

      It would be a bummer to move out of this lovely house in SoCal, but it might keep me from having a stroke…

      • I made this suggestion a couple of weekas ago. Peacefully and without rancor split the country into 2 co-operative nations. It won’t happen peacefully, the anti’s are control freaks and oppression is their end game.

        But we should try peacefully. I once recieved orders to only fire if fired upon. But once fired upon, no holds barred after that.

      • If you do, don’t abandon us up here in Northern California. Add the State of Jefferson to the Constitutional States of America. Please! I BEG you! DON’T LEAVE US WITH THEM!

    • That would be a good idea, but the idea of being at the mercy of either the Democratic Party OR the GOP sounds horrible. They are both terrible parties. (The GOP is slightly less bad, but their wacko religious agenda is intolerable).

      • Yep, thats right. Do we give the country away to minorities or billionairs, what to do, Randy

        • It’s fantastic how both parties claim they want to help “small businesses” and “the average middle class American” but neither have done anything.

          Bipartisan politics will rip this country apart.

    • Since the left dosnt want guns, in the divorce I say we get all branches of military as a whole. They can have PETA and that whale guy to fight for them.

    • And then, after the split, just to prove our point, we INVADE the non-gun-owning country and liberate them from their self-imposed tyranny!

      • I’ll take my guns, freedom and friends being allowed to marry who they wish. No more gun grabbers or Christian fundamentalists please. New Hampshire is too cold darnit.

        • Hey now, don’t throw all of us fundamental christians in the same boat. What I believe is my business, what you believe and how you conduct your life is up to you. I don’t believe it’s fair to judge others and that is why I have a problem with so many of the fundamental denominations.

        • You better be grateful for us Christian Fundamentalists. We’ve been disproportionately represented fighting in every war this country has ever had. You owe the First Amendment DIRECTLY to our efforts, many of the other amendments less directly, as well as the Civil Rights Movement, before it got hijacked by the redistributionists. You may not like us, that’s ok. Jesus gave that as one of the signals that we are doing our job, that we would be unpopular as He was, but don’t forget what we’ve done for you. Remember, the people to be afraid of aren’t the ones who forthrightly tell you their view, even if it is one you hate. It’s the Weasels that you need to watch.

        • You mean all guys who never mentioned God once in the whole thing? And only included religion in prohibitory contexts (Congress shall make no law…
          No religious test shall ever be required…)

  8. I have been emailing lots and lots of representatives, especially on a Federal level.

    I’ve also been emailing a lot of people who have given me grief (and the line “oh relax, nobody’s coming for your guns”) over the past couple of years.

  9. I really want to move out of this state. I can not believe how far New York has slid into madness. I honestly feel defeated.

    • I’ve often thought about living in another state. There’s a lot that I love about NYS, but a lot that I hate, too. If the bad guys get everything they want, like limiting us to three firearms, confiscation, registration of longarms, then I’ll almost certainly leave.

    • Got any gunsmithing talent? NW Arkansas has three top tier gun builders in the world here, and right smack in the middle of some damn beautiful woodlands in the Ozark mountains!!
      Nighthawk Custom, Wilson Combat, Guncrafters, and Daisy are all here plus Remmy has an ammo plant in Lonoke.
      All of these are about a three hour drive from where I live!! Also IDPA is based out of Berryville Ar, just down the road from Wilson and Nighthawk.

  10. “TEC-DC9 assault pistol and Hi-Point Carbine”

    Ha! That made me laugh… Hi-Point, military style? GTFOH… That’s classic.

    OH and an Tec-9? classic! Thats the famous gun used by… wait for it… LA Gangsters.
    That gun isn’t even made any more. They stopped production in 1994. The company, Intratec went out of business and production of the AB10 stopped immediately.

    Lets focus on a single gun and use that as a means of banning all of them. I love this new double speak going around, it’s a timeless tactic from the old dusty play book. Some how, guns that looks like military weapons make them more dangerous than you average gun. But what is your average gun? These people will beat that horse in a circle until they’re blue in the face from backpedaling and restating their definitions until their argument can hold some water. Sadly, these ass hats are in charge and I’m not really sure any of them are qualified to even approach the topic of firearms.

  11. So. Full. Of. Lies.

    I love how they forget to mention that EVERY INCIDENT they use as leverage happened during the Federal ban, and the undercover officers were trying to buy a full auto Tec-9 (not an assault weapon) and were shot with a revolver, and the “1 in 5 law enforcement officers slain” statistic has been repeatedly and roundly disproven.


    • The Assembly is lost. The Senate is hanging on by a thread. Youve got to pressure your Senator quick. Remember that there is a coalition leadership – shared power. This crap always passes in the Assembly. We could lose in the Senate by 1 vote.

  13. How many times do you have to move your finger back and forth when you SPRAY the room with an aerosol deodorant?

  14. Can someone explain what “accurate spray firing” is? If you’re “spraying” bullets, it would seem that accuracy is not your goal. It’s an oxymoron, like “intelligent New York legislator”.

  15. You have to love the fact they want to ban the verything that there security teams use to keep them safe.

  16. Seriously, someone arrest and try the person who created this bill and try them for treason. Don’t hang them or physically hurt them in any way. Just label them as the traitorous felons that they are and leave them to rot in Prison for about ten years.

    • If you want them to take notice hanging is the answer, public and hanging not Saddam swift neck snapping.

  17. From Wikip:

    McDonald v. Chicago, 561 US 3025 (2010), is a landmark[1] decision of the Supreme Court of the United States that determined whether the Second Amendment applies to the individual states. The Court held that the right of an individual to “keep and bear arms” protected by the Second Amendment is incorporated by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and applies to the states. The decision cleared up the uncertainty left in the wake of District of Columbia v. Heller as to the scope of gun rights in regard to the states.

    New York will be up to their ears in litigation….

    • I’m sure they’ll be happy to tie up the courts and throw people in jail while they ignore the law.

  18. New York was on the wrong side during the war for independence and they never really recovered from that shame, I guess.

  19. looks like more bait and switch: scare us with the confiscation in an attempt to get us to accept registration.

      • i honestly wouldn’t mind a hi-cap mag ban – if i thought they’d actually stop there.

        registration/confiscation? uh-uh.

        • High cap magazine bans are stupid and unconstitutional. Don’t ever say you don’t care about them. Think about a woman who has a handgun for home defense and multiple attackers break in at night. If there are three intruders, you have three shots per intruder before a magazine change and it’s dark and stressful. You would likely need more than 10 rounds and probably can’t make a clean magazine change half asleep in the situation. That’s just one example of how a magazine limit increases danger.

        • Giving them anything at all is like giving an opposing ball team a few free points thinking that now they’ll be satisfied and won’t play as hard. The antis will never stop. We’re in this for everything. Their strategy is to take it all–a little at a time.

        • uh – read what i wrote, gents. i get it, so don’t be so knee-jerk, jerk.

          but we don’t NEED hi-caps and assault weapons. we NEED for EVERYONE to have un-infringed rights to possess and use – anywhere.
          that’s what we’re “fighting” for – not so we can keep our favorite toys.

          the goal is for EVERY mom at home alone to have a gun – any gun – and be able to use it to poke fresh holes in the bad guys.

          the gun itself doesn’t matter. more guns in more homes is the key.

          and if you don’t think the local SWAT team cares about whether you individually have an AR or a shotgun, think again.
          what they need to care about is that every house has a gun and if they fuck around that they’ll be taking fire from every window.

    • Registration is the step that preceeds confiscation.

      Step #1 – Take Inventory

      Step #2 – Collect Inventory

      • Agreed, didnt anyone watch Red Dawn… follow the paper bread crumbs to the house of every gun owner

  20. Well, my letters are off to my Senator and Legislator. Failing that, I had a terrible boating accident and lost everything, dropped that 400 lb safe right in the drink. You guys all saw it, right?

    • I told you not to stand up to cast in a canoe.

      But you didn’t listen to me. You never listen. And so now all your iron is at the bottom of the drink.

      Oh well.

  21. TTAG Readers,

    Please understand that this full frontal assualt on the 2nd Amendment is a coordinated effort (the VERY definition of a conspiracy) at the National (even international) level to ram this through as many state legislatures as possible as well at the Federal Level.

    They will take nothing less then registering every firearm in order to carry out full confiscation!!!

  22. And today Barack won’t-come-after-your-guns Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act. This bill, among other things allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens upon suspicions of supporting terrorism.

    Me thinks 2013 will be a rough ride. This site is probably already being monitored by the Fuhrer’s Homeland Security folks…supporting terrorism and all…you know?

    • the NSA has been monitoring large swaths of domestic internet traffic for a decade, ever since everyone turned chicken and signed their rights away after 9/11

      • The brand-spankin’ $2 BILLION, 1 million square foot facility on Bluffdale UT comes on line this Sept.

        It will tabulate and store everything done online, in a far more efficient manner than up to this point. Not to mention every phone line they want, and every radio signal they choose. That goal of TIA (totoal information awareness) started under Bush’s watch and then moved to stealth mode after the outcry in 03-04, is finally coming to pass. No tinfoil required.

  23. New York’s legislation stated, “The shooter can simply point – as opposed to carefully aim – the weapon to quickly spray a wide area with a hail of bullets.”

    Sounds like a 12 gauge shotgun shooting #00 buckshot. So under that criteria New York can move to ban shotguns as well.

  24. Twenty bucks says all you tards in the Empire state/Land of Lincoln just roll over and let them do it too, I’d throw in another twenty that says you would say to the government agent “yes, sir” as he strips you of your “illegal” contraband, another twenty bucks says you might even thank him for not busting your face in while he does it. The majority of you losers living in those states voted Tyranny in, now you get to eat a big slice of that sh!t sandwich. “Oh it will never happen, Obama and all the other elitist liberals would never do that.”

    A lesson for all you bench-rest hunters out there that agree with any sort of ban on rifles, “Oh they will never take my hunting rifle, because there is such a strong hunting tradition here in America, and Obama even said that he supports the rights of hunters.”

    • The gun owners in gun control states fight so you won’t have to fight in your state.

      You think the gun controllers are just going to stop once they’ve tied up NY, IL, etc? Hell no. They’re going to be coming after YOU next. So you can either fight the battle on someone else’s ground, or you can wait… and fight it on your own.

      You have to be pretty damn crass to accuse them all of being collaborators because of where they live. Some people simply can’t move for a variety of reasons.

    • Wow, you’re a really nice guy. I’m sure you make friends everywhere.

      I’ve lived in NY my entire life spare when I was in the military for a few years.

      Who are you to tell me that I did this? I’ve always voted for pro-gun. I won’t be rolling over for anything or anyone…

    • Well, factually this is incorrect and you just got proven wrong. Those gun-owning “tards” in Illinois just fought off HB 1263 and HB 815 by (1)making donations, (2) barraging our representatives with phone calls, faxes, letters, emails, Facebook postings, and (3) spreading the word amongst ourselves and with other gun groups to get the word out (and we had to do all of this with no warning and virtually no coverage from the lapdog media). I heard some of the secretaries of the Senators/Representatives said that the phones were ringing off the hooks for two days. We also filed Witness Statements registering our opposition to the bills that will become part of the official record; our numbers dwarfed the proponents’ numbers.

      As of this afternoon, the Senate Democrats decided not to attempt a vote on the bills because they knew they would lose. See here:

  25. Maybe this will be the prohibition of guns, the black market, and mobsters will rise again but now instead of distilleries there will be underground arms manufacturers with speakeasies displaying the merchandise.

      • I once watched a black market documentary where it showed a guy in a dark cave in the middle east building Norinco M9 clones out of spare parts and scrap metal using a rock, a small screwdriver and a hammer.. I wouldn’t shoot it but it shows some ingenuity.

      • From what I understand, the production of Haas CNC multi-axis mills is completely sold out for the next several months. The person who shared this with me is of the opinion that basically every one of those is going to a manufacturing FFL or one of their authorized subcontractors.

        Just a rumor, could be completely wrong — but if you could set up a pallet-fed CNC mill for US$100K (or even better, lease it) and run it 24×7 pumping out AR lowers from bar stock right now, wouldn’t YOU do it?

  26. “rapid and accurate spray firing” which only requires “pointing, not carefully aiming”


    • My revolver shoots with each trigger pull also. I never mastered spray-firing with it though. WTF are they blathering about?

  27. NY/IL politicians can all FOAD. To be blunt, the founding fathers would string up (or at least tar and feather) any moron trying to introduce BS legislation like this. I hope EVERY SINGLE 2nd amendment patriot in these states tells them, “from my cold, dead hands.”

  28. Well then I guess my AR-15 is perfectly ok because it’s for 3-gun which is a Sport and therefor the rifle has a “sporting purpose” right? *sigh*

    • The ATF has already decided that Three Gun is not a sport.

      “Specifically, some argued that “three gun” competitions should be considered to fall within the scope of sporting purposes. However, as discussed in the 2011 report, the legislative history indicates that this was not meant to include police and military style shooting competitions. Three gun competitions generally require competitors to use a rifle, a pistol and a shotgun to engage targets in timed events. Competitors and organizers emphasize tactical deployment of these firearms to properly engage the targets. These competitions are clearly based upon military or police training and therefore are the type of activity that Congress sought to exclude as “sporting.”

      • That was a really interesting read, thanks for posting the link. I can’t say I disagree entirely with the ATF’s position regarding 3-gun participants being unrepresentative of “sporting purposes” at 0.19% of shotgun sportsmen overall, at least by the definition that Congress gave them.

        Seems like what’s really needed is for Congress to improve and clarify the GCA to encompass all forms of shooting sport, including 3-gun and similar competitions.

        • By the ATF’s reasoning, we simply need to get the number of 3-gun (or even 2-gun long-gun/pistol) participants up to some reasonable percentage of sporting use overall.

          If 2100 people per state participated in just one 3-gun or 2-gun event in 2013, that would get us over 1% — and show a 500% growth rate vs the year cited by the ATF. Pretty sure they’d have to pay attention to that kind of growth in participation.

  29. Taking someone’s guns without paying for them violates two amendments — the Second (which I think we kinda know by heart), and the Fifth, which provides in pertenent part: “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

    • Well to play Devil’s advocate, it isn’t for public use it would be for destruction. However, saying this I don’t know if something like this has happened before where a piece of property was taken to be destroyed and found unconstitutional.

  30. Canada’s Firearms Act (licensing, registration of all firearms, confiscations and prohibitions of some guns) had barely a 50% compliance rate, and cost $2B, before the current government pulled the plug on the registration component. I wonder what NY’s experience will be.

  31. They put in Pump Action with Semi-Auto in the full text! They’re going to take my Remington 870? This is absurd.

      • They’re crafty, don’t underestimate them. Somebody must have clued them in that it wouldn’t be rocket science to come up with a pump-action system that would work on an AR receiver.

  32. If a law against hi cap magazines passes in New York and requires surrender of those magazines perhaps the law abiding can pack them in a rather fragile plastic bag containing the magazine and chicken shit. Can’t risk dropping them off dented can we? DROPPING them off at the place of surrender…

  33. They start with one type of weapon and slowly work their way down until the common citizen has nothing left ! Or at least that is what Hitler taught them , first unarm them , then they are able to do as they please with the weak …

  34. If I already have a silencer or SBR already registered inside an NFA Trust, can I add my assault weapons in order to circumvent the “no transfer” provision of DIFI’s ban?

    • It’s not going to help you transfer it for sale, period. It _might_ help dodge a federal inheritance ban, although I’ve not heard anything that makes me think DiFi’s going to try one.

      AFAIK, the problem is that revocable living trusts (which is the kind used for almost all NFA trusts) are not perpetual. So you might be able to dodge it for your kids or grand-kids, but when it pays out, they’ll be screwed if there’s no inheritance exception. An irrevocable trust (or corp?) would be somewhat more durable, but is a PITA to manage.

      Basically, hiding in a trust or corp is not going to work very well. Here in Maryland, for instance, they’re only recognized in the most cursory fashion – whomever is buying the gun is still the one who’s considered to be responsible for it.

  35. Remember, they are arguing emotion. They are not using logic because they can’t win against logic. We need to have lawyers ready to file against federal and state laws, if we don’t get injunctions against these laws they could confiscate and later when found unconstitutional say, “Oops, you lost your gun, too bad.”

  36. People a nuts. They alway blame people who had nothing to do with the crime for the crime. in this case peaceful gun owners. This is how it all started in Germany years ago. The problem with us is we all don,t like what they are trying to do, but will do nothing about it except bitch. Join the NRA, Write you congress men, Write your state reps. and tell them point blank how you feel and you will vote them out. For one time Americans have some BALLS.

  37. That preamble is a bunch of BS.
    “The shooter can simply point – as opposed to carefully aim – the weapon to quickly spray a wide area with a hail of bullets. ”
    Whaaa? Spray and Pray applies to full autos which are already banned, not semi-autos which are still one trigger pull=one round. You still have to aim.

  38. Fact: If I pointed an AR in your general direction without aiming in a situation where a lever-action couldn’t hit you; I wouldn’t hit you with the AR.

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