Hillary Clinton Says “Amen” To Banning Guns in Cars

Karh in car (courtesy (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“We need you to be able to use your executive powers to legislate that you can’t carry guns in cars, you can’t bring cars [guns?] in buildings that are not assured to carry them.” According to dailycaller.com that’s what an audience member at a campaign forum in Hartford, Conn. told Clinton. “We need executive powers to say we will fight for life and not kowtow to the sons and daughters of Charlton Heston,” he added (referring to actor and NRA Prez National Rifle Association. “Whoa, let the congregation say, ‘Amen,’” Clinton responded.


  1. avatar Vhyrus says:

    I’m not usually one to suggest that civil war is on the horizon, but if she gets elected, and if she manages to pass half of what she has suggested recently, bullets will fly in the near future. I won’t be the first shot, but I might be the thousandth.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      The problem is that the first few hundred are going to be the “most passionate”, the media will label them nut jobs, terrorist, etc and it will slow any further patriot from coming forward. I will go on record and say I don’t want a war, but have my own lines in the sand.

      1. avatar FedUp says:

        No Fort Sumpters. Whoever shoots first loses the moral high ground.

        Unfortunately, that requires somebody to be the first by taking a principled stand and waiting for the treasonists to shoot them.

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          Whoever shoots first loses the moral high ground.

          It doesn’t matter who shoots first. The government controls the media and the media controls the message.

        2. avatar Mr. 308 says:

          “Whoever shoots first loses the moral high ground.”

          Some would say the government has already ‘shot’ first. Confiscatory taxation, business killing regulation, blatantly unconstitutional legislation (it’s a tax!), corruption, graft, ruling like kings and queens.

          Some might say that.

        3. avatar TruthTellers says:

          That’s already happened:


          Lock and Load.

        4. avatar CTstooge says:

          “There is but one rule in war: One must win.”

        5. avatar cloud_1911 says:

          The Northerners had the moral high ground in regards to slavery

          The Southerners had the moral high ground from a constitutional point of view. I still can’t figure out why anyone thinks Lincoln was the greatest guy ever when essentially all he thought was

          “I won’t let them cut my power (and that of my majority congress) in half, so I’ll declare war to force them to stay part of a union they hate. But this isn’t very inspiring for the people of the North we need as a meat shield. No one wants to die so Lincoln and his buddies can stay important, so I’ll need to distract them with something else…Slavery would be perfect.”

          The whole thing about the first shot is nonsense. Think about the Revolutionary war, and try to make the case it would have turned out different if we KNEW who shot first at Lexington? The British swore it was the colonists, the patriots swore it was the loyalists, or the Redcoats depending on who you asked.

          That war was won by will, by money, by powder and shot…It was immaterial who shot first.

        6. avatar Stuki Moi says:

          “I still can’t figure out why anyone thinks Lincoln was the greatest guy ever ….”

          The only ones regurgitating that line, are the ones incapable of thinking. Lincoln grew the Federal government by an order of magnitude. As such, having the indoctrination apparatuses proclaim him great, serves the Junta’s purpose. As does a populace rendered incapable of such heinous acts as thinking.

        7. avatar Chad A says:

          Well when all you hear about Lincoln is how he got us through the Civil War and freed the slaves for 10+ years in school… Wasn’t until years later when I started reading actual history that I really re-evaluated that thinking.

        8. avatar peirsonb says:

          I recall calling out the teacher on freeing the slaves in about 6th grade. It’s not a tough leap of logic, even for a 10 or 11 year old. Something along the lines of:

          Wasn’t Lincoln the President of the United States?
          Wasn’t the Confederacy a separate country?
          Why would the citizens of a separate country listen to the President of the United States?

      2. avatar Cuteandfuzzybunniess says:

        There won’t be shots like that. That type of warfare won’t work it’s outdated.

        Imagine instead well armed militias defending states who refuse to pay taxes. Or refuse to comply with a myriad of their federal laws. Economies of the states are big enough to pay retirement directly and then cut the Feds out of the loop. Or even outlaw the dollar and force commodity money.

        All we need is political will and the needed arms for self defense. Fedgov has scumbags who’ll do whatever they are ordered for money. The problem is that money is of little value to the dead. Mercenaries know this. That’s why they are seldom heroes. If the cost is high enough they won’t engage. The kind of men willing to die for a cause are unlikely to break their oaths.

    2. avatar HP says:

      The scary part is, you might be right. A Hillary Presidency will continue to balkanize the country and at some point things are going to start coming apart. They may already have. This is a woman who proudly proclaims other Americans as her greatest enemies, who labels the NRA and it’s supporters terrorists, and who has every intention of eclipsing Obama’s use of executive orders to pass laws the American people don’t want or need. There are dark days ahead.

    3. avatar jwm says:

      Can’t have a civil war without leadership. Who’s going to step up and assume that leadership? And what would their motives be?

      1. avatar Publius says:

        Gary Johnson? Because he’s the only candidate who actually cares about freedom?

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          But does he care enough to commit treason? I kinda doubt it.

        2. avatar Publius says:


          Upholding the Constitution is never treason. Any government employee who says otherwise is the one committing treason.

      2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz

        1. avatar jwm says:

          When they step up and start talking about leading troops into battle, I’ll listen.

        2. avatar cloud_1911 says:

          We don’t need them “leading troops into battle” because that’s suicide these days anyway. “Battlefield” actually means “the place where people without air superiority go to die” in modern language.

          We need Abbott seeing to Texas’s bullion bank and solidifying National Guard loyalties with promises and threats. We need Cruz stirring up opposition the other places and gauging the loyalties of other governors.

          When the shooting starts, obviously don’t attack the Pentagon or other strong buildings. Pool blood 2 inches deep in MSNBC’s local office. Hit other sources of opposition in your city. Work your way up with cloak and dagger. Betrayals, traps, and hitting homes at night will win this war, not “leading troops into battle.”

    4. avatar Tal says:

      Good thing almost none of them ever get anything done.

      Least of all this pandering elitist. She can be bought of at least.

  2. avatar FedUp says:

    To summarize, Hillary thinks she should be the chief executive, AND she thinks the chief executive should exercise executive powers not only in areas that are reserved to the legislative branch, but also in areas where the feral government has no legitimate power.

    1. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

      You DO know she lost her license to practice law as the result of impropriety, right?

      …another thing. She’s unfit for.

  3. avatar Mudshark says:

    Together we stand. Im hoping the National Gaurd honors the Constitutional oath

  4. avatar DaveL says:

    I’m sorry, what authority does the President have to ban guns in cars by executive order?

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      None. When has the law ever stopped a Clinton?

  5. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    you can’t bring cars [guns?] in buildings that are not assured to carry them.”
    So we drive cars in buildings with an official assurance to accommodate them?
    Hey, if you don’t like my driving, get out of the hallway!

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      I can tell we are dealing with the brain trust here.

  6. avatar Grant in IN says:

    I hate her supporters every bit as much as her.

    1. avatar Ben says:

      “…use your executive powers to legislate…”

      All you need to hear to know what you are dealing with. Epic failure of the education system that someone could say this with a straight face. At least, without getting mocked.

  7. avatar Paul53 says:

    Is there no sane person willing to run for president?

    1. avatar jwm says:

      If you’re sane, why would you?

      I’m hoping for Trump. Maybe enough folks would get involved and actually work at fixing the system after the laff riot his presidency is gonna be.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        Trump will also illegal executive orders or do you only care when you disagree with them?

        1. avatar jwm says:

          Illegal is illegal. Let me know when the first national level pol gets arrested for these illegal orders.

    2. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      Why would any sane person take over the helm of a sinking and depleted ship?

    3. avatar Chier DuChien says:

      RealClearPolitics Polls show Kasich beating Hillary in every recent poll, even the ones run by liberals. Kasich is moderate, decent and polite. He is the only hope for conservatives and gun owners. Neither Trump nor Cruz are beating Hillary in any polls, they are too far from the center. If Hillary is elected with a democrat Congress, it will be Sayonara for the Second Amendment, even the SCOTUS will shred it.

      Trump and Cruz supporters need to face the reality that their candidates cannot win the election, unless Hillary is indicted and no DC grand jury would ever indict Hillary..

      1. avatar Chad A says:

        Can you imagine a Trump vs Hillary televised debate though? Would be a slaughter…

  8. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    “… you can’t bring cars [guns?] in buildings that are not assured to carry them.”

    What are these assured carry buildings you speak of? Or is this other one of those BS unicorn liberal ideals, like affordable healthcare, social security, and multiculturalism.

    1. avatar Zippy says:

      The Crimson Permanent Assurance!

  9. avatar TStew says:

    Nothing more than pandering to her pants piddling crowd. Move along…move along…

    That said, what’s scary is just how many people want for an overlord who can rule by executive fiat. Fools…

    1. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

      It’s been tried before many times and it’s never ended pretty.

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      Well, easily 2/3ds of the nation presently wants either Santa Claus or the white-equivalent of a Latin Strongman to be president (a different kind of Santa Claus), and the only thing stopping them from seizing the controls is a dying party system that has had them historically fighting over the flight yoke, and a general lack of enthusiasm to act out their impulses on the political system (i.e. vote with their feelz)

      It’s a damn good thing only 3% of the population was actually involved in overthrowing the crown, since a net much wider net would have lowered the denominator enough for a tyrannical king, dictator, or populist government (think French Revolution).

  10. avatar JOshua says:

    I’d like to put that dirty bitch in the wheelbarrow position and just…

    1. avatar gs650g says:

      Please don’t put that image in our heads.

    2. avatar Mudshark says:

      JOshua, your the man. Its what shes been needing for aloooong time. Errrgahhlsplat Oh hell, I just threw up thinking about that.

  11. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

    “that’s what an audience member at a campaign forum in Hartford, Conn. told Clinton”

    …and was that person familiar with the English language? It certainly didn’t read that way.

  12. avatar GreenTriumph1 says:

    I’m assuming that they mean parking garages.

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    If you really want to get Hillary’s goat, don’t speak of civil war. Speak of banning Depends.

    1. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

      That cold get messy.

      (as my teenage son likes to say “ba-dum, tshhhh”.)

    2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      That would piss off her base!

    3. avatar barnbwt says:

      Or blood thinners. Then she’d have just the booze to keep from clotting up.

  14. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    So does Hitlery want to send her Sturmtruppen after gun owners if she is elected? Sounds like it.

  15. avatar 38Specialist says:

    Sure. Make it legal for me to carry my gun in all buildings.

    I only leave my gun in the car when going to a place that prohibits guns.

    Well….my hand gun anyway.

  16. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

    Flame depleted! I’m old-and I just decided I ain’t going with Trump. Ted or nothing. Donnie is just another dumbocrat. At least we all know what the hildebeast is about…off to buy more ammo!

    1. avatar Tom says:

      Old and senile

      1. avatar Ross says:

        I have heard that wisdom and age goes together………… just saying.

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          I have heard that old age and arthritis go together. Sad but true.

          Getting old ain’t for the faint of heart.

    2. avatar Wade says:

      Cross out old and circle ignorant. The right is going to need votes if it is going to win. I don’t like Trump I think he is an asshole. I would not eat with him and I don’t think he is cool. Never the less if he is nominated my ass is voting for him because he is the last hope WE HAVE. You may have valid reasons for how you feel about him or Cruise, but you don’t have a valid reason to sit on your @ss come November. I don’t care how old you are or how burnt out you are. I don’t care how much you hate this or that or how you great it used to be. None of that is relevant anymore. We keep losing on the conservative side because guys like you won’t play unless it all goes your way. We purposely push people away because they are not conservative enough, religious enough, anti gay enough, or pro life enough. Guess what man? You are about to be disarmed and taxed in to history. You are not hurting Trump or Cruise if you don’t vote for them. The truth is they are both rich men and will be fine. You are being part of a group of people that are hurting all of the rest of us. This is an uphill fight and we need all the help we can get to get traction. Please you and all the people like you get a clue.

      1. avatar Stoopid1 says:

        Its called principles, Dumas.

        Not voting is a way of speeding up the fall.


        1. avatar Anonymous says:

          +1. I’ve been waiting for a president like hildabeast. We finally have someone ready, willing, and capable of fully dividing America.

        2. avatar Mudshark says:

          Dont you all know voting for the prez dont matter. Its a mind game checking the peoples moral. “They”, I dont know who “they” are, but they already know whom the prez is going to be. Dems, Repubs, good cop, bad cop. Oh so n so’ did this, Im voting him out next year. The dream that we the people have control of a runaway government. Voting turnout goood. The people have hope. Voting turnout down, the people are loosing hope, an just maybe, just maybe, physically bring about a change

      2. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

        It’s CRUZ doofus-Tom ain’t running. Duh…Drump may be worse than the hildebeast. A democrat is not “our” last hope…and donnie isn’t RIGHT.

  17. avatar Kapeltam says:

    My vehicle. My property. What I do with it is none of her business.

    1. avatar Roger Cain says:

      Funny … that is what Bill said when he shared his penis with other women.

  18. avatar MLee says:

    The though of Hildabeast being president, in all honesty leaves me feeling uneasy and is depressive.
    I have never felt that over any election.

  19. avatar Rusty Owen says:

    Can someone translate this to English?

  20. avatar Wade says:

    To be honest I felt that way after last election

  21. avatar Roger Cain says:

    Hillary can kiss my white a–

  22. avatar Stoopid1 says:

    Civil war is coming soon. Don’t see any other possibility.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Very narrow field of vision. You sit in a trailer park hoping for a civil war cause you think you’re going to be important when it’s done.

      You’re cannon fodder now and will be until a round gets lucky.

      1. avatar Stoopid1 says:

        Narrow eh? Using history, show me where a different outcome.

        And I don’t expect I will live through it.

        1. avatar Mudshark says:

          Between tornadoes and cannon fire my damned trailor aint got a chance. Id rather be cannon fodder then enslaved.

    2. avatar Ross says:

      A Convention of the States may be possible but I’m not holding my breath.

  23. avatar kenneth says:

    “We need you to be able to use your executive powers to legislate that you can’t carry guns in cars”??????

    So… they want to use EXECUTIVE powers to create LEGISLATION? Its almost like they never heard of the separation of the three powers; executive, legislative, and judicial. In a similar way most now think we are living in a Democracy instead of a Constitutional Republic. No wonder everything is just devolving into shouting and shooting matches, when even the basic vocabulary is so screwed up that people don’t even know what they’re saying, even WHILE they’re saying it…
    “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” – Samuel Adams

  24. avatar Wright says:

    Hillary for prison 2016! Chains we can believe in.

  25. avatar Paul says:

    I am always amused by people who speak casually of civil war. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Middle East. I’ve seen up close and personal what civil war does to a country.

    It doesn’t matter how may guns you buy, or how much ammo, beans, and rice you stockpile. You are absolutely no match for a Hellfire missile, and they will eventually find you. Look at Syria and Iraq. You guys want to live like that?

    How about we all work to make our Republic (no, it’s not a democracy) better, without resorting to such bellicose bluster? You could have easily defeated Hillary. All you had to do was unify behind a viable candidate. But instead, many of you wasted your votes on a rich idiot with an orange comb-over who doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning against Hillary.

    1. avatar Mudshark says:

      If the job situation doesnt improve Im not that far from living like that, just like a bunch of other people here in the good ole U.S. of A. and I dont wanna here about how much better off I have it then them. Maybe them shoulda made a change before it got to late. Eat your vegatables, theirs starving kids in China, nooo theres starving kids in America.

    2. avatar Randy says:

      Paul I agree that things could be different if conservatives had gotten behind a true conservative and not join the Trump cult of personality. But as far as the logistics of civil war you assume that the military would be 100% behind the tyrants, and that patriots would not be able to gain access to military weapons. If just 1% of the population took up arms against they tyrants it would be an army of 3 million. There would not be definitive boarders such as North and South and 3 million would allow for some very active small unit action that could wreak a lot of havoc as well as some targeted points of overwhelming force. Not that I am to a point of advocating as such, but every time the subject comes up someone always wants to point out how we stand no chance against the military, so yeah I have pondered the particulars. However, the propaganda machine of the left has created such a weak society over the last generation finding 1% that is willing to fight for liberty might be asking too much.

  26. avatar Wv Cycling says:

    We’re forked, through and through unless we s a nation get down on our knees and pray for providence and forgiveness.

    I don’t have good feeling for our future, guns or not.

    1. avatar Mudshark says:

      Amen to that brother.

  27. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Well, “We want what we want, and we’ll support anyone who will get us what we’ve decided we want, and we don’t care how.” OK, got it.

    The good news is, presumptive-nominee Clinton has too much ego, and not enough discipline to keep up the pretense under questioning over even a fraction of a campaign. So, it came out. Yes, I want “legislative” powers in the “executive.” Elect me and I’ll go full-Sinatra: I’ll do it my way.

    The other good news is, could question-guy be less coherent? These are her supporters, and supporters of legislation by electing the right executive, who will decree that you can’t bring cars into cars, or “buildings that are not assured to carry them.”

  28. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    I think I see an opportunity here!
    Who wants to join me in forming a company to manufacture rifle holsters to be mounted on the exterior of your car, you know, like the ones they used to have attached to saddles in those old western movies?
    If we can’t have guns IN our cars I guess we’ll just have to carry them ON our cars….

  29. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

    I really like chicken pot pie, but do you know how hard it is to find a place that sells that stuff anymore? You might as well be shopping for unicorn meat.

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