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In a recent email blast, The Trace’s anti-gun agit-propagandists reported that “According to the Brennan Center for Justice, the murder rate in the country’s 30 largest cities increased by 13.3 percent in 2015, compared to the previous year.” BUT, according to the report, “Crime overall in the 30 largest cities in 2015 remained the same as in 2014, decreasing by 0.1 percent. Two-thirds of cities saw drops in crime, which were offset mostly by an increase in Los Angeles (12.7 percent). Nationally, crime remains at all-time lows.” I guess that didn’t fit the narrative. Here’s another example of the civilian disarmament industrial complex cherry picking facts, relying on the sin of omission . . .

“Four months into 2016, the trend is set to continue,” The Trace’s email asserts. “In Chicago, both shootings and homicides are up more than 50 percent compared to this time last year.”

While trying to make the case for gun control, they’re actually making the case against it.

Lest we forget, Chicago is home to some of America’s most Draconian gun control legislation (still). And the other two cities that combine to account for 50 percent of the homicide increase — Baltimore and Washington, D.C. — are also cities where gun rights go to die. Los Angeles? Them too.

The Brennan Report doesn’t connect those dots. It ID’s other factors that may account for this homicide increase locus:

Final data confirm that three cities (Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.) account for more than half (244) of the national increase in murders. While this suggests cause for concern in some cities, murder rates vary widely from year to year, and there is little evidence of a national coming wave in violent crime. These serious increases seem to be localized, rather than part of a national pandemic, suggesting that community conditions remain the major factor. Notably, these three cities all seem to have falling populations, higher poverty rates, and higher unemployment than the national average. This implies that economic deterioration of these cities could be a contributor to murder increases.

Yes, well, they also have Democratic political control in common, and the resulting degradation and elimination of their residents’ gun rights. Correlation does not equal causation but . . . Anyway, thanks to The Trace for the heads-up.

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    • The real surprise, is Dallas is having the same problem. They were up 17% in 2015 and up 80% by the end of March this year

  1. There’s something else that these cities have — a corrosive inner-city culture that survives on dirty money, drugs and murder.

    But nobody has the courage to say the words.

    • You forgot corruption. Go read Second City Cop. I don’t agree with everything they say but it’s always an interesting read and right in line with what you’re saying.

    • The “target demographic” (i.e., bad guys) remains the OFWGs from the NRA. They can’t come to terms with young black urban males as being the problem. That would be unthinkable. So, they don’t think.

      • Show me an OFWG, or any person for that matter, sitting in the woods/field hunting, in his garage building his own rifle and loading his own ammo, or out shooting at a range and I will show you someone not causing any friggin trouble.

        • Except that we are the first people to take up arms (because we have them) when the government starts overstepping its bounds. They want to disarm the people who will make them accountable, so that they can continue the devolution of humanity for their own personal gain unhindered.

  2. Room to destroy, leads to police instructed to stand down and murder rate between rival gangs goes up, while city leaders receive coin for a lack conscience, nor will they do anything about it.

  3. But Black lives Matter, just not to other blacks. Or is it Martians doing all the killings in Chicago, Baltimore and D.C.? If black lives really mattered, why isn’t there a ground swell of protest to lift restrictive anti gun laws so peaceful law abiding blacks can protect themselves from gang banging, thug living, dope dealing criminal blacks??

    • There are grassroots organizations working hard to make sure that black Americans can protect themselves. The National African American Gun Association is a good example,
      I’ll include a long quote from one of their recent email blasts:

      With the rise in home invasions, black women are doing what they have to do to protect themselves. The Castle Doctrine is now Law in 21 states, making it legal to use lethal force to stop an intruder in your home. According to the US Census Bureau, 75% of women who killed a stranger in self-defense with a handgun were Black. The National Sporting Goods Association says the number of female gun consumers has increased 9% in a year. The National Shooting Sports Foundation attributes the boost to first-time female buyers, mainly concerned about protection.
      Cydney Williams, a Black female gun owner in North Carolina, said, “Times are getting hard, and unfortunately, people are turning to crime. I have small children in the home, so I’ve invested in both a handgun and a semi-automatic assault rifle, for self-protection.” Mrs. Williams is not alone. The fastest growing segment of concealed handgun license owners in the state of Texas is African American women.

      Of course, that doesn’t get much media play. The idea that when you disarm America you are disarming black mothers protecting their homes and their children isn’t what the slave masters want you to hear.

      • The NRA is also fighting that fight, just not in a racist way, promoting freedom for everyone, not simply blacks. Would anyone like to attempt to start a National White People Firearm Rights Association?

        • Colion Noir is a prime example of everything the NRA should represent. He’s spoken out as an NRA rep about gun rights abuses and the historical legal inequality of non-whites. Glad he’s got a series to help break through the OFWG stereotype.

    • Or is it Martians doing all the killings in Chicago, Baltimore and D.C.?

      Aaaah. Re-vol-ver. ReVOLver. Yepyepyepyep uh-huh, uh-huh…

      Dooooope man. Dope man. YEPyepyepyepyep. Rob-ber-ry. Yepyepyep. Roooobbery, uh-huh.


      Ven-ti-late. Ventilate, Yeeeeepyepyepyepyep…

    • Chicago, otherwise known as “chimpcongo”, is 70 percent non white. I’m not sure about d.c but Baltimore is around 65 % or more black. But lets keep pretending race is irrelevant, that blacks and Hispanics are Just like us. Nevermind that when America was 90 percent homogenous ( white) we never had the level of crime we do now. We’ll blame democrats, poverty and the media because IQ tests are wayciss. I understand how corrosive those three elements are but poor whites very rarely behave as brutal or reckless as poor blacks.

      The experiment has failed. Diversity is a disease upon this once pristine nation. Take the non whites out of NY and the shooting rate drops 95%!

      Remember the shock you received upon learning more about gun control; that more guns equals less crime. After learning about how guns thwart would be attackers, you probably thought our leaders were insane to want more gun control legislation, right? Maybe then you realized that our so called leaders have malicious intent when it concerns our unalienable gun rights? Its the same with race. It doesn’t make sense until you realize they are attempting to destroy western civilization. Hell, nothing makes sense until you come to this realization.

      • While it’s an indication of something, I can’t go along with race as any kind of “cause” for anything, as people are people. In the ’50s and ’60s, I lived in a neighborhood right beside a black neighborhood (few places were actually integrated). I had several black friends, most of them a few decades older than I was. There was no discernible crime problem in either neighborhood, like the whites, the blacks were fine people with a strong work ethic and healthy family structure. The divergence between then and now, I believe, is due to governmental interference and artificial incentives of one kind or another. Some think that destruction of black culture was unintentional, some believe the opposite. I was a kid, still don’t know what “government’s” intentions were, but the results which are obvious now were predicted then, by people shouted down as “racist”. The solution now, I have no clue, but let’s not think the problem stems from the color of somebody’s skin. That is simply stupid. Like most real problems, this one has its roots in government.

        • Larry, you’re experience living amongst Negros was in a totally different context. In the 50s and 60s, America was 90 percent white. For lack of a better term, blacks more or less knew their place; that America was a white country and they must follow the rules. Now America is only 60% white and we are fast becoming a plurality nation. Every group has their own ideas of how they want government to be ran, it’s only whites who strive for altruism and actually believe in equality. Blacks, Asians and Hispanics laugh at this notion. Just imagine how hectic things will become when we are the de facto minority – do you think that our tolerance will be reciprocated? I’ve got a bridge to sell you if you think that these groups share our altruistic dispositions.

          And skin color is a straw man argument. It isn’t our skin that makes us different, its our brains. Europeans had to plan ahead and endure the harsh climate of the North in order to survive. It made us logical and contemplative. Africans had no such problems and only had to gather food when needed. This is why they remained in the stone age until they came in contact with the Europeans. They are more reactive and have less impulse control. Their IQs averages at about 80 while Europeans iq hovers around 101. Only a fool, who lacks understanding of history could believe in equality. No such ideology exists in the natural world. But I guess if we’re too emotional to realise the truth and if we continue to commit national suicide over the ridiculous notion of multiculturalism then we deserve to go extinct. Whites will be a minority by 2050, maybe then we can all hold hands and sing kumbayah by the fireside?

  4. Gee, wonder how long those high-murder cities have been run by the Democrats? Chicago must be going on 75 years or so, at least, and I am sure that DC, Baltimore, LA and other lovely spots are the same. Vote Democrat – the murderous party! The other thing these urban sewers have in common is the white liberals who have turned those cities into Democrat cesspools. They all pack up and leave for another city (run by conservatives) when the crime rate gets too high. Then they want to turn their new refuge into another Dem cesspool. We can see that happening in Idaho (as in – Boise’s lovely leftist mayor, Dave Beiter) right now.

    • The politics and party are somewhat irrelevant. There are white areas that have been solidly controlled by democrats for decades yet this level of crime is unprecedented. Only majority non white areas experience this level of violence, guns or no guns.

      Diversity is our strength!

  5. Is it because of guns coming into these states from the laxer law ones cause ironically.

    States with strict gun control have lower crime, murders and suicides while lax law states have higher incidents of murders, suicides and crime rates.

    Criminals would not have guns if you did’nt. Proven fact.

    • Hmmm. I bought my first firearm about 3 years ago. Wiily, do you have credible evidence to support your claim that criminals didn’t have guns before 2013.

    • Okay.
      I assume the “only ones” are still in play. Who else would do the great gun roundup?
      So: Guns stolen from armory
      Cop sells dept. guns to drug ring
      State Senator trafficked arms to international cartels

      This list could go on for days if I felt like collecting and linking them here. Point is blame us lowly gun owning peons all you want. Chop off our hands and toss our bodies into a fire. The cops, the military, the politicians will happily flood the ghettos with guns for you without my help.

      • Ah yes, good ‘ol California state senator Leland Yee and his mob buddy, shrimp boy. The FBI inditment read like an Elmore Leonard novel. State senator Yee, champion of gun control, conspires with mob compatriot Shrimp Boy to traffic in military grade hardware. And not “assault weapons” but real select fire assault rifles, belt fed machine guns, man portable anti aircraft missiles and antitank rocket launchers. Yet mos of the media, including Fox News, merely mumbled something about being indited for corruption. I’m betting there are plenty more all over the country like Yee, and the reason the media didn’t take note of the California state senator is because the powers that be don’t want the public thinking that maybe senator Yee isn’t an isolated incident. He’s just the guy who pissed of the wrong people and got “caught”.

    • “States with strict gun control have lower crime, murders and suicides while lax law states have higher incidents of murders, suicides and crime rates.”
      You’re a special kind of true believer stupid, Dick Bologna. Apparently you can’t read. I’d feel bad for you, but there’s just so many idiots and so little time…

      • Nah, everybody knows that a criminal without an evil gun is totally harmless and magically turns into upstanding citizen. It’s only gun crime (as oposed to for example baseball bat crime, straight razor crime or stick and stone crime) that counts anyways. And you can’t get really dead unless you are shot.

        Willy, explain Vermont. Why states with decent gun laws, instead of enjoying it at home, export their criminality into anti gun hell holes like NYC or DC?

  6. Illinois preempted all local handgun ordinances a few years ago. Chicago does still have a laser aiming attachment ordinance that affects handgun owners. Chicago does have an AWB, ban, however. Although useless and unconstitutional, I wouldn’t consider the AWB to be draconian compared to the laws imposed on the residents of many other states and localities.


        • Dude, I carry all the time in Chicago. I have had my cover garment ride up in front of CPD getting the top up on my car. All I got was a hand wave. Chicago is shall issue. I know at least 5 people who live it the city limits who also carry all the time.

        • Also, get out of the loop and there are very few places posted. Even in the loop, there are more and more places taking the signs down.

  7. I can’t prove it of course, but my contention is that Democrats blame crime on the guns because they’re black.

    • You’re getting warm. Think of it as a means to an end. Pander to low iq Negros, create a climate of lawlessness, balk at the level of tribal crime then ban guns. Rinse and repeat. If America had remained homogenous we would never have gun control as an issue, nor would we have knock out games and flash mobs. We would have a pristine nation where doors are left unlocked and a strong sense of community, like it was in the 60s before the civil rights act, when America was 90% white.

  8. I’ve had 2 separate chances to visit Chicago in the last few years. I declined both of them. There is fun stuff to do there, sure, but there is fun stuff to do just about anywhere. That cesspool can rot.

    Sorry for the good folks still left there, better get out while you can!

    • There is fun stuff to do there, sure,
      It looks like they are having oodles of fun in Chiraq.
      Live targets!

  9. I will yield to no one in my Democrat bashing but I want to take everyone on a trip through the internet way back machine to a time just before Ferguson. A day wouldn’t go by without some anti police article ranting about “police miliarization” or proactive policing. The fact is Bradley Balko et al would have been pushing that meme if the cops were armed with 870s, 686s and rolled in a beat up Brinks truck. The Reasonistas objective was the same as BLM’s, I.e., prevent the police from interfering in gang operations. Notice how these faux Libertarians stopped using the meme once BLM gained traction.

    I also note that the same crowd who objected to” too much policing” was very scornful of George Zimmerman’s attempt to secure his neighborhood. But if you want less policing, you need active participation by the community. Obviously, all the cop haters think they would never mistakes. What we are seeing now is the fruit of anti-police rhetoric from both faux Libertarians and race hustlers — more dead bodies in the street. Congratualtions you have stopped police militarization and pro active policing in its tracks!

    • The cities in question are a Police Statists’ wet dream. The entire government system is feeding the monster.

    • “prevent the police from interfering in gang operations.”

      I think you’re on to something! And it seems to be working, so everything is just fine, nothing to see here, move along.

  10. “According to the Brennan Center for Justice, the murder rate in the country’s 30 largest cities increased by 13.3 percent in 2015, compared to the previous year.”

    So, ban cities?

    “Final data confirm that three cities (Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.) account for more than half (244) of the national increase in murders.”

    So, ban Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D. C. I think I’m coming around on this position.

  11. This is what happens when a President glorifies Thuglife and beatifies a brutal goon. Mass negligent parenting doesn’t help matters. It is going to get much worse.

    • This. It all boils down to responsibility. When generations of kids grow up seeing their parents milk the system, few if any positive male role models in the community and an air of entitlement, with just enough enabling from GWL, pols, and race hustlers then you get cities like these 3. Recently in my NOTW a state trooper shot an 18 yo BM while responding to shots fired call at a night club. The 18 yo BM had a pistol in hand and appeared to point it at the LEO after commands to drop the gun. LEO shot him dead. Now the family, “reverends” and activists want the trooper held “accountable”. According to them the decedent was a good student and leader. Nevermind he was 18 yo at 21+ nightclub at 2AM, with a handgun running from LEO responding to shots fired call.

  12. “These serious increases seem to be localized, rather than part of a national pandemic, suggesting that community conditions remain the major factor.”

    Perhaps a “community condition” such as local citizens being unable to legally carry handguns for self-defense is a major factor?

  13. One factor that influences crime rates more than the availablilty of guns to law-abiding citizens is the responsiveness of local police forces. In Baltimore, police morale plummeted in the wake of the Freddie Grey protests. In Chicago, administrative changes have greatly increased response times for supervisors and detectives. The subsequent rise in crime was as predictable as the tide.

  14. When people talk about the (inaptly named) ‘Ferguson Effect’ the same liberals that support gun control poo-poo it by saying that we have no evidence of a rise in crime since much of the recent statistical leap is being pushed by increased violence in these three cities… as if that somehow negates it.

  15. Ahh the old D.C.-Baltimore axis of mediocrity and failure. A statist wet dream. Glad I don’t live in that hellhole anymore.

  16. Unfortunately for me, I have to regularly go to two of these three places for work related business. I would dearly love to move to Wyoming, Montana or Arizona, but for my line of work I have to be close to where the clients are, and DC and Maryland have a lot of them.

    The really stupid thing is how utterly idiotic the Liberals who drive gun control, and at the same time the welfare state are. They have created this situation and they are perpetuating it because it serves the interests of their agenda of absolute control over the population to keep people down and dependent on them. DC and Baltimore, like Chicago, are rife with inner city slime who thrive on multiplying like rats through unwed mothers who have children by multiple fathers they never marry, live on welfare, and raise kids who become gang bangers and drug dealers. The only redeeming factor in this equation is that, like Muslims, they are mostly slaughtering each other.


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