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new glock product announcement g44
Courtesy GLOCK

The intertubes have been afire with speculation since GLOCK announced a couple of weeks ago that they’d be revealing some big news tomorrow. Just like the Kremlinologists of the 1970s and 1980s, people of the gun have been engaging in plenty of GLOCKology, trying to divine what it is the company has up its sleeve.

Some put their money on a double stack micro nine like the P365 or Hellcat.

Others examined the graphic GLOCK used in one of their Facebook posts and noted the presence of crosshairs (another version of the graphic with more prominent crosshairs has been replaced). That, they reasoned, was a hint that the new product would be a long gun, possibly the pistol caliber carbine so many have been salivating over for years.

And there were even the ever-present rantings of those who foresaw the long awaited arrival of the elusive GLOCK 1911.

But many had bet on the new pistol — yes, a handgun — being chambered in .22LR. That would certainly be something new for Gaston’s group. Many said the new gun would be dubbed the G44.

Now, as we get closer to tomorrow’s announcement, more concrete clues have emerged. Someone on Arfcom posted this image:

glock g44 glock 44 .22LR

That could certainly be a Photoshop job, but then someone noticed that a new (still blank) page at GLOCK’s website had been created for the G44.

glock news g44 new product
GLOCK website screen grab

Yes, it’s all still speculation. We won’t know for sure what the G44 is until tomorrow’s announcement.

No matter what GLOCK’s new product us, it will both thrill and disappoint lots of you out there. Others will wonder what all the hubbub is about.

What’s your best guess as to what GLOCK’s new release will be? If you had your choice, what would the next GLOCK gun be?


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  1. The worst thing about Glock announcing a new product is that it will be, in essence, the same thing as all their old products. The best thing about Glock announcing a new product is that it will be, in essence, the same thing as all their old products.

      • Glocks are the most over-rated firearm out there.

        Overpriced, over $500 for a $350 dollar pistol.

        Unnatural grip angle.

        Horrible plastic sights.

        Terrible triggers.

        Unsupported barrels.

        Needs a stippling job out of the box.


        No real improvements or innovations in decades. 19X is innovative?

        Needs another $500 in after-market parts to bring it up to date.

        And has been surpassed by a number of other manufacturers. Excellent example the Hellcat and the 365.

        There are sidearms that are G2G right out of the box. Glock will not spend the money to update, what the fanbois will buy simply because of the name.

        But let’s see if this is Glocks usual or something new, we will know in a day.

        • Well, someone has to support Gaston’s penchant for expensive horses and Teutonic mistresses…

        • Most of your criticisms are subjective and you seem to entirely ignore that Gen 5 comes standard with multiple backstraps, better trigger, better barrel, front serrations, ambi-capable mag release, ambi slide-stop/release, flared magwell, no finger grooves and has the options to have RDS cuts and steel sights or steel night sights installed from the factory.

          Was it late to the game? Yeah, definitely. Should have come out a few years prior, but here we are. Other things like grip angle is a matter of your preference. Innovative? I don’t know anyone that says the 19X is innovative. Hell, Glock wasn’t innovative when it came out. It wasn’t even the first striker-fired, polymer framed wonder 9, but it was the first successful one.

          I would argue that nobody has really done anything innovative in pistols since deciding to breech lock them using the chamber against the slide (something I recall hearing was first done on the P220). Or perhaps H&K using polymer on the VP70.

          So who has innovated since it seems Glock should have in the past few decades? I am genuinely curious at this point because at the moment I can’t think of anything anyone has done that you could call innovative for a pistol design in this millennium (not P365 at least, the Kel-Tec P11 is almost identical in dimensions and has the same capacity but came out in 1995). Beretta PX4? Rotating pistol barrels have been around for over 100 years now.

          I wouldn’t even call myself a Glock fanboy either, but credit where credit is due.

        • Uhhh…hey genius….how about “stop crying like a baby” and buy a gun that will work for “YOU” that’s not a Glock, because judging by that list you don’t want a Glock anyway….sorry to get snippy, but I hear that to much,all that really mean’s to me Is Glock Isn’t for you keep looking…lots of other firearms out there I’m sure you’ll come across something that meets you’re requirement’s and makes you happy….Just my opinion.

        • Funny…you posted this same garbage almost verbatim a couple of weeks ago, but changed your name today so you can appear to be coming up with a fresh thought.

          You don’t like Glock? Then don’t buy one. It’s not rocket surgery.

        • I figure that most folks that are Glock haters are not really hip to what a Glock is. It’s a bare bones service pistol. This generations K frame. Thats it. All that it is. A service pistol that works out of the box without any fiddling around. 95% of folks that need a self defense gun would be well served by a Glock. When it came time to take my K frame out of the starting line up I replaced it with a G19.

          It’s not a race gun, precession target gun or hunting gun. It’s a service pistol. If you look at any model of Glock and decide you need to add 500 bucks worth of extra to make it right for you you’re doing it wrong.

          I doubt I would buy a Glock in rimfire. A service design just doesn’t serve well as a plinker and small game gun.

        • While I don’t like glocks, I don’t hate Glock as a company. Infact I admire them. They’re the modern day Ford, Colt, or McDonald’s. If I were to run a company that’s exactly how I’d run it. But I do think it’s dumb to label this some kind of innovative game changer. We all know this is going to be another compact or sub 9. Same with Springfield and Sig when they did this. There’s nothing new about small 9s. They’ve been around for decades.

        • Dyspeptic Gunsmith, well said, explains a lot of why the company was stagnant for so long.

          Mmmtacos, I would say Sig making the trigger pack/FCU (Fire Control Unit) the serialized chassis system in which the receiver (the serialized “gun” part of a gun) is separate from both the slide and the grip to be truly innovative. I don’t believe this FCU to be completely realized as of yet. With a 3D printer one could potentially print out lowers of different dimensions, colors, sizes, and more. Want a PCC lower or maybe a different grip angle, print it out. Want a rail, or delete a rail, print it out. That is truly innovate.

          johdoe’s butt-hurt rant is just that.

          Guesty McGuesterson, same user name as last time, however in your honor, tomorrow I will repost the above with a new name. Stay tuned!

          jwm, so if you ‘hate’ the glock you really aren’t hip to what it is, only when you buy one can you really understand? That is pretty condescending, but typical of the glock boi’s Borg mindset and exactly why I wrote the post above. Those 95% of people who need a self-defense firearm would be as well served with another firearm (Ruger Security 9 or LC9, Smith and Wesson SD9ve, Canik TP9, etc.) and when they pay half as much, they will be better served. However I’m glad you took the time to tell all non-glock people what a glock exactly is. Not sure we could have figured it out without you.

          Merle O, nor do I, my premise was “Glocks are the most over-rated firearm out there.”, and i laid out the reasoning. Only one post mmmtacos, debated the issue, the others (except Dyspeptic Gunsmith) acted like leftist college professors and called it hate. But that’s OK, when you are catching flak, means you hit the target.

      • You and me both. A lot of people are wanting a pcc/pdw from Glock. The pictures of people with backpacks in their announcements makes me think it will be. However, a .22 pistol seems more likely now:(

  2. I think Glock needs to come out with something to compete with the p365 and Hellcat. My understanding is that both of those guns are outselling the 43x and the 48. A slimline Glock26 would be awesome.

        • The beauty of my G26 is that it can accept mags from G26, G19, and G17 if necessary. Changing that would make it something other than a G26. IMHO, the G26 should stay exactly where it is, and the G43 stands out as the “slimline” version. I wouldn’t want anything else. Actually, I think Glock has been coming out with too many variants lately.

          I’m hoping for a PCC.

  3. 1911 really? Last thing we need is another over priced antique. Glock should make a striker fired Steel Frame model 17. Now that is something different, or a pcc would be nice too.

    • I am hoping for pistol caliber carbines as well.

      If anyone ever releases a semi-automatic carbine which takes “stick” (or “banana”) magazines and is chambered in .357 Magnum or (better yet) .44 Magnum, I will be making a bee-line to the nearest gun store and laying down my cash.

      A lightweight (5 pounds maximum) carbine with at least 15-round magazines chambered in .44 Magnum would be the PERFECT home-defense firearm. It would be light, highly maneuverable, relatively quiet even without a suppressor (thanks to the long barrel), and it would have SERIOUS stopping power.*

      * Middle-of-the-road Magnum loads with 180 grain hollowpoint bullets would have a muzzle velocity around 1,800 feet-per-second (thanks to the long barrel) and muzzle energy of 1,295 foot-pounds. No human on this planet would remain operational after taking one of those in the chest.

      • MechTech makes a PCC upper chambered in 10mm for Glock lowers. I would have that, for sure, if it were legal in CA.

        • Was saving up for a G31 and the 357 sig mecgar before I moved. See what happens in the next decade I guess but 10mm sounds like a lot of fun with handloads.

        • I Haz a Question,

          A MecGar/Glock “carbine” chambered in 10mm Auto gets me about 80% of the way there.

          Hot 10mm Auto loads with 165 grain hollowpoints coming out of a 16-inch barrel should have muzzle velocity/energy in the neighborhood of 1,650 fps / 990 ft-lbs — which is nothing to sneeze at.

          Given that the 10mm Auto round is shorter than .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum, this might be a nice compromise between “stopping power” and grip size.

        • I would like to see handguns in this Caliber, 7.62×25
          A dedicated civilian PDW would be great 357 magnum 15 rounds

  4. Making a big deal of it being 10 AM. On the tenth has everyone thinking 10mm carbine or a 365 Hellglock with a flush 10 round mag.

    I wonder if some marketing whiz was thinking December 10, 12/10, 12 plus 10 equals 22. “Legendary” Glock Perfection in a 22 plinker you can take to the beach or the woods just like in their ad teases.

    To be different maybe it will be a 22GAP 🙂

    • So my weird ass numerology also went to 12/10=22. I’d bet more on that, since it’s been a long time since anyone even mentioned G44.

      • Or someone in the Glock Marketing Dept simply looked their calendar and saw that the 10th is the only date free and not filled up with company Christmas parties.

  5. Glock .22 with 10 round capacity? Yawn.

    Now if they would cram 30 plus rounds like in the new KelTec offering, that may get my attention.

  6. It’s about damned time,that is one I will add to the herd. Finally being able to practice and plink with a Glock 22 rim fire that isn’t a cobbled together conversion of sorts.
    They should have saved the Glock 40 spot for it as the 22 spot is the 40 cal. Glock. guess Gaston was otherwise occupied that day,perhaps with the newest wife/nurse.

  7. I don’t see a .22 LE as a viable product – it’s not as though the demand is so great that it isn’t being met by aftermarket support. There are also excellent choices for a .22 field gun available at a price point that offer more than what a Glock product would offer at their price point (even here in CA).

    I’d hope for expanding their G36 frame to a full size single stack offering for field use, perhaps in .45 and allowing aftermarket to handle a 10mm barrel.

    Or perhaps the G44 will offer microstamping, magazine disconnect and a loaded chamber indicator so we can finally add a new pistol to the CA roster!!!

    • No please. Once *any* manufacturer successfully deploys microstamping, it will be immediately adopted by blue states across the country as a new “requirement”, and will gut our efforts here in CA to have the roster completely overturned.

      Besides, microstamping is a farce, and a forensics crapshow in the making. If I were intent on planning a crime, all I have to do to mess with detectives is gather up stamped casings from the range after you’ve had your practice, and “salt” my crime scene with them to direct the po-po your way. That, and simply swapping out the barrel on my gun with a new one (and destroying the one used in the crime by filling it with JB Weld and tossing it into a lake) would do it.

      And viola! you’re screwed.

      • “If I were intent on planning a crime, all I have to do to mess with detectives is gather up stamped casings from the range after you’ve had your practice, and “salt” my crime scene with them to direct the po-po your way.”

        On the other hand, it’s a *great* way to get people to pick up their damn brass and shotgun shells at the range… 😉

  8. It’s Glock so the “legendary innovation” will be something along the lines of a Glock 19 triple stack or something extra lame.

  9. A .22 would surprise me, though I think I can see the logic of it. I’ve got a couple of nice .22 pistols and both are a dramatically different styles and handling compared to a Glock. For Glock fans it would be nice to have a starter Glock for the kiddies and reticent ladies.
    Just put a 20 round mag. and a nice trigger in it please.

    • “Start your journey” & “Plink”, how many of us started on a .22 rifle? Although I think a 9mm bolt gun would make for some awesome plinking.

      • That would be really fun. I wonder what kind of accuracy one could expect? Usually PCCs are not super precise guns. How much of that is the blow-back action nature of a lot of them, and how much is the cartridge?

        One of those Armscor M22 .22 TCM rifles could be re-barreled to 9mm Luger bet.

        They sell .22 TCM pistols with a barrel change kit to 9mm Luger, both cartridges will fit in the same magazine.

        So the bolt face and magazines of the rifle should work with 9mm, as it can also use the 17 round pistol mags.

        • Jeff O. Yes I know you could rebarrel the armscore. But why when I could potentially get one out of the box.

        • Blow-back guns can be very, very accurate. Look at most of the target .22 pistols out there. Heck, look at the Ruger 10/22 when it’s all tarted up with a more accurate barrel. All blow-backs.

          The problem for more PCC’s is the cartridge. Many of the rimless cartridges that headspace on their case mouth can sloppy fits, with attending results. This is one of the reasons why, when S&W wanted to create a match pistol with the AMU, they went back to a .38 S&W cartridge – which will headspace on the rim. The Model 52 was a spin-off of the Model 39, which was already a 9×19 pistol.

          Second reason: Much pistol ammo isn’t loaded for accuracy as much as it is loaded for reliability. Consider how few 9×19 “match” loadings you can find out there – Federal and who else?

  10. It had better so something better than advantage arms 22 uppers already do. You can get one for almost any Glock double stack gen 3-5.

    And yes. They do cycle reliably enough if clean and shot with the right ammo. Sometimes that ammo varies but it’s a 22. You want a 100% reliable 22 get a 617.

    So it needs a high capacity flush fit double stack mag a la kel Tec. Be reliable. And fit on existing guns OR make one that fits a Glock 42 or 43 frame. That’s currently missing from the AA line up

    It must also come threaded barrels standard and be MOS

    You’d have a winner then.
    20 round flush fit (30+ round extendos) Glock 19 or 43x sized MOS threaded AND reliable.

    7 round Glock 42 sized with easy adjust sights and 9-10 round extended grip mag as options

  11. Whatever Glock is scheming, I can predict the following:

    – it will be made out of injection-molded Cheez-whiz,
    – it will have a striker-fired lockwork,
    – it will be uglier than sin,
    – and it will be announced to be ‘perfection.’

  12. I’ve got a Glock airgun with a trigger just like momma used to cook up (Gen 3 style) that I use for plinking and steel in the back yard. Not really interested in a .22LR Glock.

    • Me too. The one with the 12g CO2 cartridge fitted in the mag, and with blowback action. I like to use mine without BBs (only puffs of air when trigger pulled) for practicing room clearing.

      • Yeah til you accidentally grab the real 9mm ver. and the new’s story reads “Homeowner accidentally shoot’s and kills family pet mistakenly grabs “real” handgun In stead of his Co2 pistol….film at 11.

        • Yeah, sure, John. If the CO2 and real versions were both stored in the same room, and you didn’t have a clue as to how to be a responsible gun owner and immediately know how much heavier a loaded real Glock with 17 JHP feels in the hand over a measly 17 BBs. Then maybe.

          Otherwise, back at the ranch…

  13. It makes sense that they build a .22 LR. It would make a great trainer. What I would like to see, and I’ve told Glock this every time I took their armorer school or saw them at SHOT, is a full size, single stack .45 ACP.

    • “It makes sense that they build a .22 LR. It would make a great trainer.”

      Yep, a .22lr the exact same size, weight, and ‘manual of arms’ like a Glock 17…

      • “.22lr the exact same size, weight, and ‘manual of arms’ like a Glock 17”

        … and I thought the Beretta M9-22 was a brick of a 22 😀

    • There’s already the Model 36, which is single-stack .45 ACP. If you add the +1 magazine baseplate, you get 7 rounds in the mag. I like the 36. It’s kind of like an unloved stepchild in the Glock product catalog, but it works well and shoots accurately.

      • All this time I’ve been shooting Glock’s and had no idea that the 36 was a single stack? Damn!! I carry a 30S. Just never paid attention I suppose. Thanks!!

  14. Academy just had a great deal on the P365s and included an extra extended mag. I wonder if they know that the new Glock will compete with the P365 and are trying to dump as many as possible.

    Thats what I’d like.

    • The best deals I saw on the 365s were for pre-night sight models, which (at least in popular opinion) included the batch with QC issues. Looked to me as if retailers are just having trouble moving those.

  15. It’s another compact double stack 9mm. Everything the same as the Gen 5 Glock 19 but this time they added back the finger grooves. Lol

  16. Id love to see a PCC or maybe a bolt action 9mm developed by Glock. I have a feeling this might be the G17 length slide on a G19 sized frame.

  17. Oh darn – I was hoping their “revolutionary” new offering would be decent sights, a trigger that doesn’t feel like sandpaper or ergonomics that actually work for most people…

    • The ergonomics are only a problem for people incapable of basic training and adaptation. Judging by the numbers sold and the number of police and military agencies choosing and using Glocks, I suspect people having a problem with the ergonomics are in the minority.

      • Of course someone can “adapt” to shooting just about anything – thanks for illustrating my point. As for what militaries are choosing – it increasingly isn’t Glocks, if you haven’t noticed. As for police, just watch the average qualifier and it will tell you all you need to know about how discerning the average LEO is when it comes to choosing firearms.

      • People are waking up that glocks are an inherently weaker design.

        A quote from the article;

        “We went and a funny thing happened: she kicked my ass with her new pistol. After shooting my GLOCK 34 on the first three stages, she challenged me to run one stage with her CZ-75 pattern Witness.

        I did, and then a funny thing happened to me: the clouds parted, the angels sang, and I cleaned off a Texas star pistol target faster and easier than I ever had, with a pistol I had literally never shot before.

        I came to the stunning realization that I had to work to shoot my GLOCK 34 accurately, but I didn’t with my wife’s new CZ-75 pattern EAA Witness Stock III. The steel plates just seemed to fall as gracefully as the pistol swung onto target.”

        As for military, SIG 320. Enough said.

  18. Based off the graphics, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict it’s an apparel/outdoor gear line (like Magpul) and not a new gun model. If the pictures were just of people in the woods I’d think it’s a 10mm variant, but 10mm at the beach is a overkill for anything short of a Sharknado.

  19. Don’t like glocks but I own them because I know I can rely on them. Honestly if it is a .22lr I’m gonna be disappointed. I really wanted a compact 10mm/45acp in their line up.

  20. It would be about time that the brought out a 22 LR. ISSC has had a Glockish 22 for quite while and while it’s ok, it’s not anything like the Glock. It’s not striker fired. Heck if S&W can do a striker fired 22 in their M&P22 and M&P22 compact why can’t glock do it. This would make sense since several companies are making conversions for the Glock and Glock should cash in on this market with a dedicated 22lR. I really hope it’s a 22lr

  21. It might be a gun to have. That way you could practice with say a .22 cal Glock 19 and save a lot on ammo and wear and tear on your carry gun.

  22. I can confirm a member of the gun media has confirmed to me that it is a “caliber Glock has yet to do.”

    How many pistol calibers are there Glock has not done? With all the other info and speculation, .22LR is confirmed, iMHO.

  23. more fuel that it’s certainly a glock 44 chambered in 22lr… plink44 dot com has the same SOMETHING BIG IS COMING with a countdown (that’s set for 30 minutes after 10am eastern)

  24. Really don’t care at all. Have never liked any Glock stuff. But, hope it sells like crazy what ever it is. More guns in the hands of legal owners is a good thing.

  25. Darn I was hoping for subcompact slide G26 / 27 etc on a full size grip (call it the Chode) or vice versa – long slide G34 / 35 / 41 on G26 Frame. Also chambered in 500 SW, 454 Casull, 50 AE, 44 Magnum, 455 Webley, FN 5.7, 7.62 Tokarez or 9 x 18 Makarov


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