el paso shooter Patrick Crusius
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UPDATE: As we cautioned below, these situations are fluid. The El Paso officer who earlier reported “no doubt” that multiple shooters were involved seems to now be walking that back, reporting that they “don’t believe that there’s anybody outstanding” other than the suspect they have in custody.

Reports coming out of high profile shootings with multiple casualties are always confused and frequently contradictory. Many times, initial reports of multiple shooters turn out to be inaccurate. That’s why we alway caution against putting too much credence into the first reports by the media.

However, as a CBS tweet with video of an El Paso Police spokesman seems to indicate, the shooting in El Paso today was not confined only to the Walmart store.

…there were reports of gunfire in several locations. Mainly Walmart and the Cielo Vista Mall.

In addition, as the officer at the beginning of this clip indicates, police have “no doubt” that multiple shooters were involved.

Police have confirmed “multiple fatalities,” but there are no details yet as to specifically how many or wether anyone was shot or killed in a location other than the Walmart store.

Stay tuned.

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      • I lived in israel for 2 years back during the 2nd intifada. All major venues and most minor ones have bag checkers. They also have guards but thats only part of it. There are 10s of thousands of on/off duty IDF everywhere along with tons of police which are stratified into various levels of para military level training and equipment. Shootings there are almost unheard of and of the level we saw today, pretty much no longer existant due to the highly trained military presence and all the Fauda type work that goes on behind the scenes ro prevent them from even happening in the first place.
        Really the only way to stop these from happening anymore is for a highly trained civilian populous in weapons handling to exist to make these things way to NON costly for anyone to perpetrate. If they know they will be gunned down in the first minute of shooting they will probably not bother because it wont get the head count they are looking for.

        • Israel is not a terrorist state, they are not stealing land, Israel is for the Jews and you are a nazi pos needing a lead injection.

      • I don’t feel like living in a police state because some nut might do something. Just stop telling me I’m supposed to disarm before going to the post office and I’ll take care of myself.

  1. Wally World is one of the few places one can conceal carry. What ya wanna bet after today that will no longer be the case?

      • Texas does. They have long list of off limits places and if a business posts a correct 30.06 or 30.07 sign it has full weight of law.

        • Never seen a Texas Wal-Mart with a 30.06 or 30.07. I don’t patronize businesses that have 30.06 signage. If my gun isn’t welcome, I assume I am not either.

  2. The shooting was done by a young white male with an AK47. He was the only shooter. He committed this terrorist act to expel the “invaders,” he wanted to send them back. He was wearing pants, a tshirt, glasses and ear muffs. He has been arrested without injury.

    • Yes, the surveillance cam frames show he was indeed a white male.

      That explains why he was taken alive.

      Do you think in Texas, a state with hundreds of thousands of open carrying POTG someone would’ve taken him out, the good guy with a gun. Wonder if they tried and missed?
      Or if they just fled the scene with a growing wet stain in their pants.

      • (Speculation warning) One thought I had had about the ‘multiple shooters’ reports was that a couple of concealed carriers had unholstered but ran instead of engaging. Sort of a situation where the threat wasn’t as clear and present as we’re the means escaping. Just a possibility. Who knows?

        • Possible but there’s almost ALWAYS reports of multiple shooters because witnesses get confused by echoing gunshots and give conflicting reports of the same gunman’s appearance.

      • You have it backwards. Per violent felony committed, black males are the population cohort least likely to be shot by police.

        • In most of the high profile cases that garnered significant media attention in recent years wherein black men were killed by the police the deceased were not under suspicion of having committed a felony at all, violent or otherwise, and most cases the deceased weren’t even armed. Indeed, one of the reasons why these cases garnered so much media attention and public outrage was that the force used by the police against the deceased was so blatantly disproportionate to the often petty nature of the crimes that the deceased were suspected of having committed.

          And in the cases of “EJ” Bradford and Philando Castile both of these men where pretty much murdered by the police for being black while legally carrying. Not surprisingly, given the anti-gun bias of the media and many liberal activists, these two cases didn’t appear to garner the level of publicity or activist support as did cases wherein the deceased was unarmed when they were killed by the police.

        • The key part of your anti cop anti white and pro criminal whine is the media attention. The vast majority of blacks and whites shot by cops are criminals resisting arrest.

      • I frequent Walmart and frequently carry my concealed 9mm with 10+1 rounds on board.

        Someone walks in with a semi-auto rifle with a 30-round mag and starts firing randomly I am not returning fire unless I am next in line or have a vantage point behind the guy.

        I am not an advocate of the “save yourself only” CC doctrine. If I can help I think I should help. But committing suicide for a bunch of strangers in a Walmart is not on my to-do list.

        • This is why I advocate carry a large compact or full sized pistol. I can hit center mass half the time at 50 yards with a full sized pistol. Of course that is a static environment on the range but it is an indication that I have a better chance of success. Would I take a 50 yard shot crowd? Hell no, but at least I have a chance to hit the shooter if I get a clear shot. If You carry a pocket pistol, a subcompact or a J-frame you are limited to very close ranges. I am an advocate for taking precautions for the worst case when it doesn’t take a major effort to do so.

          And before anybody pounced, yeah I know the guy with rifle had a huge advantage but you minimize your disadvantage with a full size pistol. If you are carrying a tiny gun and he is not your face you don’t have a shot when there are people running around.

        • bringing a handgun to a rifle fight especially an AK47 is kind of like bringing a knife to a gunfight. the problem is to incapacitate somebody you have to be able to evacuate the cranium of the perp. most CC people are lucky if they hit the target 2 out of the entire rounds in the magazine. think you can do it? run around the block or do juming jacks for 5 minutes before you shoot. thats should equate to the amount of adrenaline you will have flowing thru your body to give a realistic.idea

        • If that is aimed at me you obviously don’t have very good reading comprehension.

          FYI, during the Battle of the Bulge an M-8 armored car with a 37mm cannon killed a King Tiger. I would suggest that is a much bigger disadvantage than facing an AK with a 1911 at ranges of a few tens of yards.

        • One must to be able to demonstrate to a jury of their peers that they were reasonably in fear of imminent bodily injury or death by the actions of the perpetrator.

          My position is that an unknown subject enters a public place where I am and either:

          A. points a weapon at me or my loved ones, or

          B. inappropriately discharges a firearm with malicious intent in said public place then I believe that I can reasonably expect imminent bodily harm or death and will act accordingly.

          BTW, the Greyhound versus king tiger episode is an excellent example, proving that caliber has very little to do with outcomes, it’s all about shot placement and grace under pressure.

        • @miner49er

          Every single states self defense laws include a provision for the defense of others. You would be subject to absolutely zero legal consequences criminal or civil for killing an active mass shooter even by shooting him in the back. Which is how you should do it if at all possible

        • ditto committing suicide only helps the gun grabbers. I have a 13 yo and I am getting him out of harms not worried about being a hero. By then the cops are coming and being inside that store with a gun even holstered could cause serious health issues, like lead poisoning. Unless you are in California they will not poison anyone they kill.

        • I think you have a skewed interpretation of what constitutes individual self-defense.
          What makes you think a private citizen has a legal commitment to proactively risk their life to protect you or others who aren’t willing or capable to protect themselves?
          Believe me, being a hero is overrated.

        • Totally agree with the comment about carrying a large pistol, and regards the comments about only protecting your own ass, do what works for you, but I’d want to kill the son of a bitch if I had half a chance.
          Is that a millennial deal about only looking out for yourself or just random chickenshit cowardice irrespective of age?

        • Let’s look at this way.
          If an opportunity to hit a perp presents itself, it may not be in your favor and totally depends on your proximity to the shooter. I’d say if you had a favorable opportunity to shoot, do so.
          But are you really going to leave your own family abandoned to proactively stalk an armed perp who outguns you? Quite probably not. Alone and by yourself? Maybe. It’s your call, especially if you’re willing to risk it.
          You’ll have no idea how long it will take the police to react or if they might consider you a target if, or when, they arrive.
          It’s not going to be an easy decision or an easy task to put yourself in an advantageous shooting position under fire. Like I said, being a hero is overrated and talking sh*t is easy.
          Think about it.

      • Unless you were on the scene you have no idea how someone with a CCW would or should act.

        I carry all the time, was just at a grocery store with my wife. If I heard semi-auto rifle fire but could not see the perp, I would get a grip on my gun, without drawing and make a quick break for the exit with her. I would put myself between the direction of the sound of fire and her for sure. I would not pull my gun unless I could see the perp on the way out. I would not run towards the sounds of fire to be a hero for complete strangers. You have no idea if there is a shootout between cops and a bad guy and I do not need to add to it.

        If I could see the perp hosing down innocents and I had a clean shot, i would take it. If it was a place full of kids I would try to stop the perp, but short of that, my gun is to protect me and my own.

        In our current state, even if you took a clean shot on a perp, you would probably face some legal issues. If any but completely justified and it could be a huge legal issue with life changing effects after you pulled that trigger.

      • user1 and miner49er. You guys seem to be hung up on race. And yes, you can commit racism against a white person the same as you can a poc.

        Shame on both of you soros employees for being so obviously racist.

        • How about you read the shooter’s manifesto. How about you read the Chans? How about you stop ignoring the truth or attempting to deflect?

          This 21 year old went hunting for non whites using his AK. He was looking to kill “invaders” and stop diversity in Western lands.

          I never thought of race until white people brought it up and taught me about white supremacy. That has been a very recent thing for me. I hear too much from white males to ignore it and pretend like it isn’t happening. Too bad for you I am exposing your ideology that you try so hard to hide from non whites. Not all white people want what you want. We are not all evil colonizers trying to force assimilation of non whites.

        • Talk about defection. Find a comment I’ve ever made on TTAG that would qualify as racist. You sound like ‘all whites are involved in a racist conspiracy’ type of dude.

          Which makes you as much a racist as you claim them/me to be.

        • I must agree with user one, living here in what some would call the south I can tell you that the Racism is thick, meaning white supremacy.

          The pattern is all the same:

          Force minnority children into substandard schools and didn’t complain the minority children have low educational achievement.

          Force minority workers into low-paying, dangerous jobs and then complain about the lack of prosperity and wealth in the minority community.

          Force minorities to live on the wrong side of the tracks, in the worst section of town, and then complain that minority homes are trashy and an eyesore.

          Limit minorities’ educational and employment opportunities, and then complain when the young men and women fail to achieve financial security by early adulthood.

          Above all, ignore the effects of systemic racism by the establishment, from discriminating on farm loans to intentionally allowing minorities to die of syphilis and other diseases, all as part of an ‘experiment’.

        • Miner49er,

          Just because you are poor doesn’t mean you can’t have class and be clean. I’m far from rich, but I’m very neat, clean, and do not litter. It’s called having standards.

          I don’t agree at all with violence. It’s just not the way to solve things. But there IS frustration with the monetary, social, and economic support given to criminals who do not belong here. He wouldn’t have had anything to be mad about if we actually enforced our immigration laws, instead of rewarding criminals with so many benefits and changing our culture and language to accommodate them. They cost us BILLIONS every year.

          This is coming, by the way, from someone who is not only non-white, but someone who is Hispanic as well.

          There is NEVER an excuse to do something like this, but if we’re being honest, this is an invasion, and it’s completely out of hand.

          Also, the shooter isn’t exactly what I would call white (his last name, for goodness’ sake!). But they will lump him in the white category so they can cry “hate crime” and push the agenda further.

          What a time to be alive. God help us.

      • If you are personally robbed and the person is in close proximity a hand gun may save you. But surely we can not expect people who are not expert shots take on a long gun at distance with a 4″ or less barrel, that is suicide. Even if you are a good shot with a specialized target grade weapon you are still at huge disadvantage. Try to conceal a 6″ barreled target pistol. We need to do the same as Israel and people carry rifles. Watching cops pinned down by a rifle, do we expect them to yell charge and run at them. Its a complex problem. If you dont believe me watch “stupid people with guns”, then ask your self do we want these people carry at your favorite store.

      • Start to finish the entire shooting was over in 6 minutes. There may have been someone there with a gun but they may have been more interested in getting their family to safety then in engaging the shooter or there may have simply not been anyone carrying that day. In all likelihood we will never know.

  3. Epic fail for the CBS Twitter feed – “no doubt” about multiple shooters is actually “ruled out.” It will be interesting to see if this mistake originated with a careless weekend staffer or if they have some machine learning algorithm that generates their tweets and made a mistake.

  4. I wonder who he considered invaders. Texas belonged to Mexico before the settlers from the eastern states came there and fought for separation from Mexico. At least he didn’t go down to the border and start shooting, there would have been a massive riot. But then, he didn’t have the courage to try that, the coward.

    • Mexico let us all in, told us to settle the land. Once we became too numerous they tried to kick us all out and we were having none of it. We kicked Mexico’s ass and kept Texas.

      America is now letting in millions of illegals, what happens when they decide they don’t want to leave when told?

    • I get tired of hearing about “invaders”. Americans moved into Texas and took it away from the Mexicans. Spaniards moved into Mexico and took it away from the Indians. Indians in the Americas came from Siberia. The ones in Mexico had been pushed south from Alaska. It’s anybody’s guess who pushed Indians’ ancestors out of Siberia.

    • Mexico did not belong to Mexico. Mexico belong to Spain when we purchased it from Spain. Maybe you forget the Treaty of Hidalgo Guadalupe where we gave them 48 million dollars in gold back when gold was $4 per ounce as the purchase price for the territory of Mexico.

  5. Dear Millennials and Gen Z:
    Please stop murdering everyone just because someone calls you a name, or “dis’d” your squad, or the cool kids don’t like you, or you cant get a date, or any of the other frivolous excuses you use.

    Sorry we let “progressives” emasculate you and turn you into emotionally fragile p*ssies. But billions of people go through the same teen drama you went through WITHOUT killing everyone. So if you could man up and stop doing this, that would be great.

    • My thoughts exactly. I was bullied in school. Walking into a building full of people and opening fire NEVER crossed my mind. I wanted to knock the bullies’ teeth down their throats, sure, but I never considered murdering them or anyone else because of it.

        • He is not a Soros troll, that’s Vlad. This guy is a white supremacist who is not inclined towards a violent solution. His is enraged because Crusius ultimately discredits white supremacy.

    • Generation blaming is one the silliest things I see. A lot of shooters are not young millennials or z. The previous generations have failed us in politics and raised children who are as bad if not worse than their parents were.

      Just saying blaming is a game that can be thrown back at you. Most boomers I know support some gun control like the people in my generation. Just a different line. No one just blames the shooter.

      • I don’t think that is true, most boomers I have spoken with believe it is a people problem. They may want to limit some firearms because they listen to “experts” on the news – but with a little persuasion will join me at the range and will come around.
        It is the hysterical females that know nothing about male culture in the U.S. that really believe the bs being spouted by the media and the generation X,Y, and Z crowd that really buy this crap.

        • Gosh, that’s really intelligent, you knuckle-dragging troglodyte. Typical whiny, irresponsible male response. Let’s remember that MEN are the VAST MAJORITY of violent criminals (especially mass shootings), and they’re not mentally ill, but instead reacting to the mundane in the most infantile manner. But yeah, “hysterical” women (not FEMALES) are the problem. Self-delusion is pathetic, and the fact that you and your ilk exist is a vexation on humankind. Believe it or not, plenty of women have their eyes open to how things are – try opening yours. I know you will be unable to comprehend, as your mind is minuscule and puerile. But an effort would at least be nice.

          There are ways to make a point without resorting to baseless bigotry, but that would require a working brain, something which you cannot claim to have. Good luck with your impotent male rage.

        • You didn’t understand what I said. Why is okay to blame millenials but not the people who raised them? It’s all collectivist identity bs. I don’t believe you that most boomers can easily be brought over to constitutionalism or gun rights or anything. They are agreeable and then go right back to where they were later.

          They brought us some of the worst presidents and anti freedom legislation but no millenials are the ones that are hard to convince to support freedom.

        • A pity indeed. 150 years ago someone would have drilled him and that would have been the end of it.
          Today’s generation graduating HS are a bunch of pussies. They should have to put 10 shots in center mass of a B-27 to graduate.

    • Dear Boomer,
      You raised the generation that raised the millennials and zoomers, so what does that say about you? See, blaming generations goes both ways.

      • millenials are mostly the kids of Gen-Xers and people between Boomers and GenX…. as long as you don’t use the extended extended boomer birthdates.

        • Over fifty percent of millennials are in their thirties now, many mid to late thirties. The majority of millennials are children of boomers. A slim majority but still one non the less.

    • Plenty of violent people anywhere in the world might say that acts that would cause personal dishonors, whether “dis’d the squad” or otherwise, are to be avenged with violence. Just ask any gangster. It definitely is not a generational thing.

  6. First Gilroy, and now this. I have a feeling if a few more of these happen, we might see some shit start with legislation. It won’t fix anything, but people with a lack of principles towards rights will cave. We saw some RINOs in Florida cave after Parkland. The problem is if you ban the weapons they use, they will substitute it with different weapons or vehicles. You have to get at the root cause, which is what is causing these people to so devalue life that they would walk into a store and kill people.

    • “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
      It’s fairly obvious. The emotionally immature will lack empathy growing up in a society that encourages and enforces secular humanism. It’s a deliberate denial of The Golden Rule and a glorification of selfishness.
      Think I’m wrong? Think again. Look at the behavior of “snowflakes” and their educators in our so-called institutions of higher education. Political correctness and degeneracy in houses of worship. Leaders willing to take the fruit of labors from those who work, giving them to those who do not while the banks are given a license to steal. Family members murdering each other.
      What you sow, you reap.

      • “Leaders willing to take the fruit of labors from those who work, giving them to those who do not”

        This is exactly what Abraham Lincoln said about slavery, and it still poisons our society to this very day. After a few hundred years of slavery, minorities have not had a fair shake or opportunity to accumulate wealth and position like the European invaders have.

        To the privileged, equality feels like oppression.

    • In all of the US the gun murder rate is down 51% in the past 25 years. In 2,800 of the 3,000 US counties it is down 63%.

      In the few places where it hasn’t plummeted there is also higher knife and beating murder rates as well, telling us that the main problem is a criminal problem.

    • We have an idiot problem. The problem is idiots that think guns are to blame instead of the shooters.

      Yes, S. Baldwin, I am talking about you.

      • Um, I said it’s a good thing we DON’T have a gun problem. Is your reading comprehension not so great? Think about it, if there were a gun problem in this country, this could have been a terrible tragedy. Thankfully, we have no gun problem, so this is all fine.

  7. Did he walk or drive between locations? Where were the cops?

    I’m assuming gun free zones again.

    • People were carrying in the mall.

      I think I heard he was trying to escape on a bus when he was arrested. Not sure about the bus part, but they did arrest him. He was not suicidal.

      • Carrying isn’t that useful with your back facing the threat. Find it hard to beleive that someone there wasn’t in position to do something.

        • From what I heard, the people that were armed decided to run away and leave people to die. Some had their guns out. I heard, about 4 of them got detained. So, no heroes that day.

          The cops arrested the shooter when he was unarmed and off the property. From what I gather, as he was trying to get on a bus. He didn’t resist.

    • Walmart stores are not gun free zones. Honestly a little surprised he chose that location and encountered no resistance. I frequently see people open carrying in Walmart and assume far more often people are CCing.

  8. 180° different from what I just saw LIVE on FOX. Sorry boy’s but THIS boomer was never bullied. Sissies suck😄

  9. So an emotionally retarded individual wants to expel invaders by shooting innocent people in a WallyWorld.
    It makes about as much sense as Corey Booker running his mouth about more restrictive gun laws and snatching the property of people who weren’t responsible.
    At the last second Booker had to mention the NRA, another worthless organization that has nothing to do with this, too. Bank on the Democratic response being more “common sense” absurdity and more idiots out there contemplating copy-cat action.
    God protect us from the fools because the rule of law sure as hell isn’t working.

    • What Cory doesn’t want to admit is that it’s his homies shooting up his neighborhood, not OFWGs from the sticks.

    • He wanted to be taken alive. He complied and survived. To him it was a political action, like a protest, he had no intention of dying because of some non whites. He will join his Aryan Brothers in prison to continue his white male struggle against the invaders and diversity.

      • Read his manifesto, he didn’t want to be taken alive because he knew both that he would die by lethal injection and that he’d be alive to feel the hatred by his family. He may have chickened out so to speak and tried to escape but his original goal was to not surrender.

  10. His manifesto, which could be real or faked, like the left wing Unibomber also contains a lot of language from left wing green terrorist narrative as well.

  11. Crusius? A Baltic name probably Lithuania. Bet his grandparents arrived as displaced persons after WWII. His family seems to have assimilated. /Sarc

  12. Another degenerate TRUMP SUPPORTER. A card carrying member of the FASCIST errrrrrrrrrrrrrr REUBLICAN PARTY. Vote out all republicans – they are bad for hard working Americans. REMEMBER the TRUMP/REPUBLICAN huge tax cuts for the rich don not expire – the miniscule cuts for the middle class DO EXPIRE.

    • I heard the Republican party has moved left after Trunp’s election. Also, the Democrats have moved left after Trump’s election.

      Trump appears to be pushing America to the left. Who would have guessed a NY Democrat, pretending to be a conservative Republican, would make America continue its leftist shift.

      Republicans are now becoming socialists and Democrats are becoming communists. It’s European politics all over again, but this time in America. Yay!

      It’s unfortunate for people that are not considered white. They have to start exercising their human right to buy and carry weapons just in case there is another race based terror attack. It’s not going away any time soon, especially if Trump is reelected.

      • Why do you say he is a Trump supporter? I asked this on the other thread. White Supremacists have become disappointed with him since they woke up and discovered he has Jews in the family.

        • I thought I answered that in a comment above yours.

          The 21 year old white Dallas male said he supports Trump’s policies and rhetoric, but he had those idea before Trump’s presidency. He said don’t blame Trump or white supremacy as that would be fake news.

          Yes, it’s true that white supremacists loved Trump until they found out he is a Zionist helping Israel build their temple, which will bring on the new world order where gentiles are going to be their slaves. However, they still support his whiteness and some of his policies. They simply want another white male to replace him that is actually more akin to Hitler, as they no longer believe Trump is their man.

          Thus these attacks will continue under Trump because they believe it will cause more attacks to happen and eventually an awakening of white nationalism and supremacy within the young white male who watch too much anime and wastes time playing video games. It’s a war of white survival (in their delusional minds), a war against diversity in America. The NRA has been stoking such rhetoric also.

          So Jewish people are in danger because Zionists are triggering white males to start a race war to bring back the messiah. Black, brown and yellow people are also in their sights. They really hate black males and blame them for all the small stuff. They blame the brown people for socialism. The blame Jews for the big stuff, such as the war on terror and refugees. They are jealous of east Asians because they can’t compete on equal ground, thus they want to ban them from the country again and restrict their upward mobility in society.

          By the way, evangelical Christians in America support a race war because they want Jesus to return and setup his kingdom. They want everyone to die. They want the death and destruction. They want their religious law to be imposed on the world just like Muslims want their sharia.

          It’s mental illness or great stupidity.

        • He said he supports the rhetoric and some of his policies. That doesn’t mean he a supporter in political sense So does Tulsi Gabbard and Kristen Sinema, and prior to his run for the White House in 2016 so did Bernie Sanders. In 2012, Mitt Romney used some of the same rhetoric. It is fair to say that Trump’s immigration policies created an atmosphere where white supremacists feel entitled to commit violent acts just as the mainstreaming of anti-Semitism by the left created the atmosphere for the two synogogue shootings. And I gather from your response that you are not too keen on Christians, Jews or Israel so perhaps some introspection on your part is in order.

          The root cause of this violence is not the rhetoric of either side but the anarchy on the southern border and the contempt for the law shown by officials at the State and local levels. Anarchy and contempt for the rule of law begets violence. That is something the faux Libertarians here and elsewhere need to consider.

        • Brother, you seem to be trying very hard to ignore reality.

          All the things I said have come from these white males themselves. These ideas are not mine. All of this come from them. I am just restating it. It’s not my projection, it’s their ideology. I am not a religious white male trying to stop the “genocide” of the “Western” world by any means necessary. I am just telling you what they told me. They will call me a “rat” for telling you like it is.

          I am just trying to live my life in peace. They want war, they want destruction. Because of them people I know have died. I want no part in their craziness, but they will come for me like they did for others. They have told me this. They have threatened my life.

        • I am listening to what you say and what you said above reeks of anti-Semitism. It’s specks and planks for you.

          So I am going ask. Are you for anarchy on the Southern borders and the nullification of federal immigration law? Do you know is most hurt by this? It’s not the spoiled white supremacist boys. It is Hispanic Americans and legal immigrants who went through the wickets to get here and now have to compete with cheap labor and live with MS-13. The black community also suffers from the competition. It may come as a shock to you that a majority of Hispanics Americans and green card holders and African Americans support Trump’s immigration policies. Perhaps you can help curtail the white violence by informing your anti-Semitic and white supremacist acquaintences that these people for the most part agree with them.

        • @User1 ” evangelical Christians in America support a race war because they want Jesus to return and setup his kingdom”

          What? That’s some strong kool-aid your drinking there.

        • Yellow. Read all user1’s comments in this thread and others related to this shooting. He appears to be suffering a complete break from reality.

          I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody, out side of maybe vlad suffer such a breakdown right here in the comments sections. Fascinating.

    • Well, he is right. Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy will benefit him and his family of billionaires. And those tax cuts for the rich are permanent.

      But the smaller tax cuts for working folks are temporary, and they will evaporate shortly, leaving the working folks carrying the burden of maintaining America’s infrastructure, military and administration.

      Of course, most Trump supporters seem oblivious to this reality, and continue cheering against their own interests.


      • Most Americans don’t actually pay Federal Taxes, outside of SS and Medicaid/Medicare.

        Local and State taxes however are different. But those are State and Local issues.

      • They disappear in ten years. Ted Cruz introduced a bill to make them permanent but the Democrats in the Senate filibuster it. The very wealthy wealth saw their taxes go up because of limitations placed the State and local tax deduction and limits placed the interest deduction.

  13. I will bet you that somehow the “democratic party” of the United States paid this idiot and made a lot of promises to him to do this. somehow they are behind these mass shootings. they are communist scumbags who will stop at nothing to get their way. the timing of all this just seems alittle suspicious to be a random thing. and these shootings always happen when the domokraps are trying to push their agenda. think about it. what better way to push their communist adgena then to keep these shootings going on and push for more and more gun control so they can eliminate all gun ownership and get their unarmed powerless society that they want so they can be in total control. think about it.

    • fits right in with the way Hitler and Mouselinni did business. Create a problem, then disarm your country to solve the problem. Then KILL ALL those who disagree with your TYRANNY and LACK of human decency….

    • Expect event like this roughly every 10 days until the next election.

      They have to maintain the rage and keeps guns in the headline.

    • I guess that you would be cool with it if he burned down a building full of minorities because he didn’t use a gun.

      • One of those white supremacists did try to burn down a Mosque before he shot up a Synagogue. And the Christchurch shooter planned to burn down both Mosques but got caught up in the moment and forgot.

        • Tell that to the families of the 33 victims of a fire set by an angry Japanese guy two weeks ago. You didn’t even know about that, did you?

          So who is the stupid one, eh?

    • No one promotes mass murder here. You are making stupid commentary detached from reality. Blaming people who own firearms and have various political views you don’t agree with does not equate to promoting mass murder of innocent people.

    • Actually there were armed men there that saved people. The shooter picked that area thinking it was a soft target. He wants more attacks to happen but not at places like the federal court house. He said to attack areas without good defenses.

  14. Matty: from the video screen shot, his weapon doesn’t look very concealed.

    Also, I’m semi-impressed with the muffs. See, Congress, hearing protection o
    Is important.

  15. they push for more gun control and when that does not work we have another perfectly timed ” random” mass shooting. am I the only one that sees this? and of course this guy has to be using a AK-47 type of gun. you know it would have either been that or an AR-15 type of gun. after all when they set out to make a statement they want to make sure they make a good one and let everyone know that people that own guns like that are evil. and when they get those banned they will put others to doing mass shootings with other types of guns and keep going until they get them all banned. and while they cause the people to abandon the NRA then we are wide open for more gun control ( don’t worry they will find a way to get us away from the other progun lobbies as well. they are very shrewed and were working on this for a long time. after all they got you all playing into it). see , they found out this works on a state by state basis. they know they can’t do it in one big sweep so they are doing it little by little. I just hope you all wake up and see it before you find out that I was right the hard way. ( you know, like when we all have safe anti stab knives like in England).

    • “But you’ll be absolutely SAFE in this FEMA Camp…. We even have some ‘odd jobs’ to help you pass the time until we’ve gotten all the terrorists rounded up…” Ja! Arbeit Macht Frei! Worked the first time, and there are a certain percentage of simple-minded fools who will believe it again. P.T.Barnum was right, “There’s a sucker born every minute…” more often than that lately. But there are also plenty of folks who are NOT fooled and the sheer number of gun owners exceeds the percentages available in 1774. Determination, gumption, guts, and bravado might still carry the day. Only TIME will tell that tale as history repeats itself yet again.

  16. I’m now taking bets on whether this punk is a leftist who’s been propagandized into believing that committing a heinous act of violence will advance his ’cause’. He’s old enough, anyone care to dig into public records to see if he’s a registered Demorat like so many of the other infamous spree killers we’ve seen over the last 20 years??

      • I have question. What do you thing should be done about the border? And given your dislike of Jews I am not surprised that you are cool with the anti-Semitism of Omar, Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez. Apparently Ms. Pressley broke with the three Bund Deutscher Madel girls.

        • We should end the socialism is America that entices people to come to America for “free” shit. Welfare, social security, government schools, medicare, food stamps, unemployment, etc. They will have to work for what they have rather than sign on to some program with the help of a hotline or agency.

          But Republicans support and defend the welfare state now. They no longer want to get rid of the nanny state. They want more and promise to their voters to maintain it.

          I have no ill will towards people of Jewish ethnicity. I am respect many Jewish people and their works. I grew up learning from many non religious Jewish people. Christians that want bad things to befall the people of the world will call you an anti semite if you don’t support their religious goals of rapture or temple prophecy.

          Don’t forget that Arabs are Semitic people. If you dislike Arab Muslims you are an anti-semite.

        • That “Arabs are Semites too” is the classic anti-Semitic trope that is false. Only the Bedouins are Semites. They are descendents of Jacob’s brother Esau and surprisingly have generally gotten along quite nicely with Israelis. The others are not Semites. You are actually like typical German of 1933-45. Most really “had nothing against the Jews but heah, what it to me?” Well, at least until Bomber Command and the 8th Air Force showed up.

          Most of the people heading north aren’t coming for the welfare. They are coming for work especially Mexicans who earn money and send it home. You sound just like one of these white supremacists.

          So I guess Gabbard, Sinema, Romney and deep in his heart Sander white Supremacists too, eh.

        • Says the guy that attempts to use the Bible over science and uses his Mexican discontent to defend socialism.

          You keep ignoring reality and making up your own stories. Oddly you are probably a white man who wants what this white boy wants but you don’t want to admit it. Then you call me a supremacist racist and say I hate Jews.

          You religion is based in lies and you continue to do just that… lie. Your nonsense is what is causing these white males to murder. Your religion is what causes the war on terror that kills many Muslims and forces them to come to America as refugees, which then causes chants of “send them back” and terror attacks against non whites.

          You are not intelligent enough to bullshit your way through. My generation sees through your BS and we archive it for future generations, which is why not all of generation Z is as far left as you would like. It’s why the NRA is collapsing and the neo con Republicans are being called out for being phonies. It’s not working anymore. Find a new program to social engineer future generations.

        • Dayum, user1. Did you miss your meds today? You’re showing paranoia and racism and an extreme disconnect from reality in your comments here.

        • I will get to the ethinography in a bit.

          You really aren’t any different from Crusius. You are clearly an anti-Semite and white supremacist like him but he was willing to go a couple of step farther than you. That is why you are so upset and lashing out Christians and openly expressing anti-Semitism. You are guilt driven for having some of the same animosity towards people you consider non-white.

          Arab just means people of Arabian peninsula. It was not a uniform ethnic group like say the Egyptians or the Assyrians. The Semites are the descendents of Abraham and Sarah. The Hebrews descend from clan of Jacob. And Bedouins from the clan of Esau. The Arab inhabitants of the Arabian peninsula are descendents of Abraham and Hagar through Ismail. Hagar was Egyptian. They aren’t Semites but they speak a Semitic language. The genetic composition between Bedouins and other Arabs is distinct although the usual rape and pillage had led to a genetic overlap. Bedouins and middle eastern Jews show a common genetic heritage that is different from the rest of the region. The two largest groups of Roman Diaspora Jews, that is the Askhenazi and Sephardim have a large component of common genetic heritage with Jews of the Middle East, Latin and Germanic groups from the Rhine Valley (Askhenazi) and Visagoth, Latin and Gallic from the Iberian Peninsula (Sephardim). The Jews of Southeast Europe are generally classed as Sephardic but they are mostly Semitic and Greco-Latin because the Byzantine Empire continued on for another 800 years.. Well, there is also other stuff in there from European based rape and pillage.

          You were saying something about science?

  17. This guy just handed the Democrats their primary 2020 campaign issue. Trump will need to start working toward an AWB or he will not be re-elected.

  18. Would have loved to have been there to stop that by killing the punk shooting innocents.

  19. We need legislation making it against the law to randomly shoot people… that would help. Oh wait doesn’t that law already exist? Maybe we should have a law making murder against the law….that would help. Oh wait doesn’t that also already exist? Maybe we should make a law that poeple be nice to each other in a civilized society that might help.

  20. the ear protection should have been a giveaway…WTF?
    racist white azzwipe…too bad he cooperated and was arrested
    oh…I am an old white fart BTW

  21. News reports tonight 249 mass slaughter shootings this year as the Nation implodes in racial and political hatreds. Fareed Zakaria reported last night there has been an explosion of Right Wing Racist Hate Groups since Trump took power and he has been egging them on by promoting racial and political hatred and paranoia to appeal to his racist base..

    Shades of the violence that built up and exploded in Nazi Germany decades ago. Hitler would have loved Herr Drumpf.

    • Yeah, that because Hitler had a Jewish daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, right?

      In the meantime the radical left just Hamas which is actually part of the Arab Nazi Party.

  22. avatarVlad Tepes says:

    It was reported that the mass murder was a Radical Right Wing Racist according to his internet posts. He hated Jews, Hispanics and all Democrats. He drove 9 1/2 hours to a border town Walmart because he knew the patrons would mostly be Hispanics.


    The U.S. is now in crisis from home grown terrorist Right Wing Fanatics and even the Republicans are now soon going to have to support draconian gun bans which if they do not pass any of these laws will insure their massive defeat in the next election and they now know it.

    The entire U.S. population is now living in week to week terror, they are afraid to go shopping, they are afraid to go to any large gathering of people. This cannot go on any more in a civilized society if it is to survive as a Nation.

    The Isis bogey man has faded away in the face of reality and that reality is the U.S. people are now under mass attack by Right Wing Racist Fanatics who are conducting mass murder attacks now weekly.

    Also the Internet needs to crack down on the type of Right Wing Racist Hate Websites the shooter was hanging out on. They along with Trump bear direct responsibility for the wave of Right Wing Nut Case shooters and hate groups that are now poring out of the sewers of hate and violence.

    • You’re the fascist her vlad with your calls for disarming the victims and censorship. Decent Americans must remain armed to resist fascist twits like you.

    • do you ever pull your head out of your ass long enough to get actual oxygen and not methane to your brain. also do you ever get tired of blaming others for the fact your life is in the shitter

    • You’ve been eating too many lead paint chips off the walls, my anti-American neo-Marxist comrade. It is indeed the loony left that is responsible for the potential civil war that is to come. Identity politics and divisive victimhood games for money and votes will sadly get many killed. Your hatred of black people (not talking about GANGS…the real homicide issue) and love for “The Squad” is quite telling.

  23. Mr. Zimmerman:

    Why would you even mention the piece of trash’s name in your article?
    You just contributed to his ego!

  24. did anybody catch fox news reporting of beto orourke. he first off feigns crying and says he is deeply saddened. next breath he is smiling a big ass in. sorry but people who are sad asshole dont smile.

  25. did anybody catch fox news reporting of beto orourke. he first off feigns crying and says he is deeply saddened. next breath he is smiling a big ass grin sorry but people who are sad asshole dont smile.

  26. Quote: “Most boomers I know support some gun control like the people in my generation.” You are 100 per cent correctI I support every gun control law that complies with the 2nd amendment.

    • So you support laws banning assault-style weapons like the one used today. Because the Supreme Court has refused on more than one occasion to take cases in which cities have banned such weapons, thus tacitly accepting that the 2nd Amendment is not violated by such bans.

    • The group of gun control laws that comply with 2nd amendment is empty.
      “2nd amendment compliant gun control” is an oxymoron. In order for the people to be able to stand up to the government if it turns into tyranny, these “assault style” rifles are best suited for service in well regulated militia.
      Semi auto and yes, even full auto rifles are necessary for security of the free state and as such are off limits.


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