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Remember Marvin from ‘Pulp Fiction’? The character who took the brunt of Vincent Vega’s (graphic) negligent discharge inside the car?

(Video NSFW)

Well, Chicago’s ne’er-do-wells have thinned their own herd in two similar incidents in recent days. In the first case, a car pulled up on the right side of a SUV at a traffic light.  The driver and passenger of the car began shooting at the SUV out of the driver-side window.

It seems the passenger failed marksmanship school, though, and (allegedly) drilled the 26-year-old driver of the car in which he was riding in the back of the head. As the driver was also busy shooting out the window at the other car, he obviously didn’t see it coming.  Fortunately, he lived long enough for his organs to be harvested. The passenger faces felony murder charges.

WQAD has that story

Prosecutors say a participant in a botched drive-by shooting in Chicago will likely face murder charges for allegedly fatally wounding the driver of the vehicle he was shooting from.

Matthew Gibson was pronounced dead earlier this week at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. Cook County prosecutors say Jake Lee, the passenger who allegedly shot the 26-year-old Gibson, is charged with aggravated battery with a firearm and is facing murder. charges.

Prosecutors say Gibson on Sunday pulled alongside an SUV and Lee, seated in the front passenger seat, began firing at the SUV with a handgun. During the shooting, Gibson was accidentally shot in the head.

Another case involves a would-be career carjacker. Here’s the thoroughly whitewashed mainstream media report on the shooting from CBS Chicago.

A 15-year-old boy was killed and two young men were wounded in a pair of shootings in less than an hour Monday night in the Roseland neighborhood.

Police said the boy and a 20-year-old man were driving in a stolen white Jeep near 114th and Lowe shortly after 9 p.m., when someone in a passing white pickup truck opened fire.

The boy, identified as 15-year-old Jaykuan Rogers, was shot in the head, and was pronounced dead at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, according to police and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. The 20-year-old man was shot in the back and was in critical condition at Christ.

Now for the rest of the story.

Fifteen-year-old Rogers had been arrested earlier in the day in (an allegedly) carjacked stolen car. He was released within hours to his family.

Just ninety minutes after that, he was back on the streets (allegedly) driving a stolen, new-model white Jeep with two passengers. The unofficial Chicago police blog Second City Cop shares the rest of the story (edited for readability).

On 22 July 2019, a 15-year-old career carjacker/auto thief was arrested around noon in the 22nd District in a stolen vehicle which was stolen from the south suburbs. He was screened and given a court date and released to family in the early evening. About 90 minutes later he and two other teens were in a stolen newer model Jeep.

While joyriding  in the Jeep, a pickup pulls up next to the driver’s side where the recently released career carjacker was behind the wheel. Guns are pointed from each car and the shooting begins.

The front passenger begins firing over the driver where the recently-released career carjacker is behind the wheel. It seems the front passenger failed to inform the driver to duck, and ended his career as a carjacker with a shot to the head. The front passenger is shot three times in the back. The other teen escaped being shot.

Given the city’s revolving door criminal justice system, marksmanship like this may be Chicago’s only hope of getting more criminals off the street.

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  1. Shitcago knuckle-daggers doing what they do best.

    …Besides living off the Welfare system on the Ghetto Plantation.

  2. Of course, the family of the fifteen year old will probably sue the state. After all, if he had been detained he would be alive today.

  3. Go ask the proud first homosexual mayor of chiraq for her professional advice. After she finishes tell you about her sex life. You will have to pass through her armed security service first. I understand she requires a cavity check for all visitors.

  4. But but but FIFTEEN😫Homie had hizz hole life ahead if ‘im! I bought a battery in Roseland last winter. What a chitshow!

  5. Wait, the 15 year old was driving? I wonder if he had a valid learners permit. ‘Cause that would be illegal.

    • ‘Pulp Fiction’ is jam-packed with lines like that.

      To this day, I’m concerned if a pawn shop has a basement.


  6. I love it when this stuff happens…especially when it does NOT start out…”Florida man”…
    Oh…I live in Floriduh…BTW

  7. The only problem with “thinning the herd” is that the gangs are quite proficient in replenishing the ranks. There was a very sad article I read a year or two back written by a female gang banger who described the unending circle of violence and death, killing and retribution, that characterize the south side of Chicago. They kill one of yours, you kill one of theirs. And then the relations get involved, seeking revenge. It never stops, going down generation after generation.
    A tag line to the story reported her death.

  8. Chiraq like most major cities is over. Wall it off and let the dwellers do what they will. Could do the same with other major shite holes; San Fran, the former beautiful city by the bay, LA, Seattle, Portland, Memphis, Baltimore, Atlanta—-just pick a major city and think if you would mind if it were no more.

  9. And our MILLIONAIRE congresspersons do not give a rats ass. All they are concerned with is adding to the number of criminals and gang members that can shoot. Open Borders for all.


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