Walmart El Paso shooting
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Police report one person in custody and “multiple fatalities.”

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El Paso police confirm an active shooting in progress at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.

From CBS News:

Witness Ray Holgin told CBS News that he was about to go into the Walmart when he heard at least 10 gunshots. He said he thought he saw at least two people with guns. Holgin told CBS News that he saw at least one person, an elderly lady, fall to the ground, but he’s not sure if she was shot.

Media reports aren’t clear — they never are in the early stages of these situation — and “facts” frequently change as more is learned. But so far, reports indicate as many as 18 people have been shot.

Police are still advising people in the area to stay away from the are.

One person tweeted a photo of a body lying on the floor inside the store (image at the link is disturbing).


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    • When they went anti gun we stopped going there. F them and Dick’s.

      Haven’t missed it.

        • Get my prescriptions there now a days and that’s about it,our local W M stopped carrying guns and ammo in 2010,I’ll pull a cork the day Dickheads announces it’s closing it’s doors for good.

  1. Use to be a day when one went to the Wally World for a stroll around to see if anyone spotted your CCW,with this and the last Wally World incident it appears no one CCW’s in the stores any longer.

    • I did yesterday and this morning. (WalMart and Safeway) I try to spot others CCWing.
      A couple years ago I used to see someone OCing about half the time. Nowadays it’s only occaisionally.

  2. I know what to except…The usual shilling of ivy-tower media, closet potentate Politcians, Left-wing special interest groups, all vying for the removal/restriction/prohibition, of our 2nd Amendment rights…Also, THEY’LL say that ALL our other rights are some how subject to reasonable restrictions and government regulation…All the while promoting to move the USA into “Authoritarianism” for the safety and security of the general public….And you’ll get that percentage of absolutely stupid people, (low information/to/ I DON’T care voters), that this would be a fantastic idea 💡….

    • How did Mr . Franklin put it,ah yes.

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin

      • Yep, I’d rather live in a free society that is bit less safe than a non-free society that is perfectly safe…..

        • THAT’S the problem, a non-free society is very rarely safe. The streets may be clean under a dictatorship, no citizens with guns but EVERY time there is a banging on the door, you almost faint from fear.

      • I bet these are Democrats working on getting more “Gun Control” passed like the haji in New Zealand.

        • Beto O’Dork,interviewed at a AFSCME union conferense is blaming Negotiating Rights Away and of course gunz,never the criminal that commits the act.

  3. Watching it on FOX right NOW. Look for Wally World to become “gunfree” zones. Prayers for the victim’s and death for the shooter….

      • I’ve actually NEVER seen a Walmart with a no gun sign. Granted I live far away from Texas (KY and IN).

        • Never seen a Texas Wal-Mart with a 30.06 or 30.07. If this store had them apparently it prevented LTC owners from defending themselves and let the murderers have open season. I don’t patronize businesses that have 30.06 signage. If my gun isn’t welcome, I assume I am not either.

      • I’ve never seen a Walmart posted for no guns allowed.

        COSTCO has that sign up, it’s why I keep a Sam’s Club membership instead.

        • The local Costco doesn’t have signs posted. It is in the membership agreement though. Concealed means concealed. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

          I refuse to do business with Wal-Mart. Went to hell after Sam died.

    • A few folks open carry in Wally World in Missouri.
      Concealed is common and without issue here.

    • I always carry when shopping at Walmart. That said, it’s generally just the 642 or LCP in a pocket holster. Neither is optimal if a mass shooter has an AR or AK.

    • In a place like El Paso, I’m sure that there were some folks carrying. That might account for the “multiple shooters”.

      • its a double edge sword. Open carry discourages criminals IMO. When i lived in Arizona I quit carrying. After awhile i noticed there was always all these old guys carrying their pistols in the grocery store and discount stores. It gave me a sense of security, not sure if that’s good but it did. So I left mine locked in the car. Yes their are disadvantages to open carry. The bad guy knows you are armed and may try to take it. You have to be under constant guard to who is close to you. The bad guy also knows who to shoot first, debatable because if he is wielding a long gun you are going to see it. But if you have open carry he can sling is rifle over his shoulder, now is he good guy, or is he bad. Like the police study in the 80’s FOE/FRIEND/FOE. Which is why the internal safty is a huge advantage. I had one of the first SIGs in the US 1978. It had a Browning label on one side and Sig/Sauer on the other. In the end I will say IMO open carry is probably a bit better. Because of the visual deterrent. But we should have both open and concealed. Then he sees weapons and also must remember some he can not see.

        What baffles me is the FBI knows the exact profile of 98% of these killers and should educate the people to learn how to spot those who fit this profile.

        • There are potential disadvantages to both modes of carry. I strongly suggest that both modes, deployed concurrently, are important to a free society.

    • I’m always armed outside of the house, except for in my workplace as I do have to keep my job. Everyplace else I go, hell yes, always armed.

      • I’m the same way, except I don’t give a shit about my losing my job over losing my life. My life is always more important than keeping my job. Jobs are replaceable.

      • @enuf Why limited to outside your home? I always have a gun on me inside my home except in the shower, when it’s a arms length away. (I don’t like rust on my guns), Home invasion is a pretty common occurrence nowadays, with multiple attackers. I’m too old to go one on one or one on five anymore…

        • Same here. Sitting at my laptop, sweatshorts and a tee with a pistol on my hip. I never worry about where I left it because I always have it. Wasn’t it something like 40% of DGUs happen in the home? Gotta look that up.

  4. One report is active shooter had AK47 with multiple shooters. It does not sound like this was a customer dispute over the price of sneakers and some CCW pulled his pistol and randomly shot 18 people as a protest.

      • correction Don’t pay attention to any ‘reports’ from CNN MSNBC…you know the list by heart by now and don’t listen for a few days too!

  5. El Paso is right on the open border with mexico. If the shooter/s turn out to be illegals with fast and furious weapons this will be gone in minutes from the media.

    • Don’t get your hopes up. They will inevitably be dashed. It’s either a white nationalist who wants to shoot some Mexicans, a radical Hispanic who wants to shoot white people or a generic nut case who is mad at the world. I vote for option 3

    • Yes just over the border the cartels killed 50 who refused to mule drugs or be sold as sex slaves. But you wont get allot on the news about it. A few years back a van in Messico had 48 dead bodies packed in it. Just another day in Margaritaville

  6. Confusing reports. One says a single suspect in custody, another says 3. Multiple fatalities reported but no number given. No imminent danger reported but area still under lockdown. I made the mistake of looking at the twitter comments, christ a lot of people are fast at dancing and singing for guncontrol before the blood has even cooled.

    • The gun control lobby is half PR and very shiney and savvy professional social media experts.

      They have learned that setting a narrative early is what counts in terms of the way the public perceives and forms persistent views of an event. They also now understand that striking while the iron is hot in promoting more gun control is a good strategy. Since in the past support for draconian gun control has spiked and then fallen when people in the political middle realize that “why can’t we compromise and look at Australia” means the revolver they keep at home in a safe, even if they have had training and background check, will be confiscated.

      A proper look at such an event will take at least six months of investigation and intelligent hindsight to react to soberly. In virtually every case none of the Bloomberg public agenda would have stopped the event. But they never waste an opportunity to take advantage of emotion and sketchy facts.

  7. BREAKING: Reportedly caught the bastard. Multiple fatalities “confirmed” via FOX.

  8. This is obviously fake news. Beto O’Dork has assured us El Paso is a very safe border town. ( sarcasm off)

  9. The ridicule that WalMart shoppers have received on the InterWeb for quite some time this should not even be a news item for more than a day.

    • Hey some of those women show things allot scarier than a rifle. Especially the big ones in electric carts. I don’t take my son in there cause I want him to be hetero sexual and seeing these women might have detrimental effect on his desire to want to be with a female. :):):)

  10. If it was a minority…under Obama…workplace violence…not terrorism…
    if it’s a white guy…mental health issues…
    does not matter what age/race/religion…violence…need to be held personally responsible for their choices/actions…regardless of weapon of choice…

  11. It must be very challenging to clear a large and complex scene like this. A zillion places to hide, short lines of sight, presence of civilians, SWAT guys having to worry about shooting each other.

    Listening to the talking heads on the major networks. They’ll blab anything that pops into their heads, just to fill air. Minutes after the first alert, they’re already hammering their agenda in interviews and monologues.

    • that link shows that the shooting started WAY before even entering wally mart!

      now that is one crazy MF there to start in a parking lot then work way into the store

  12. Wonder if people died in place or resisted. Walmart is full of things to use as a weapon or to throw at the shooter. An aggressive mindset greatly improves your chance of surviving over panic and die.
    In rehearsals with Simunitions, throwing water bottles to distract and group tackling the shooter was actually more effective than handguns because handgun accuracy went out the window with the panic.
    Bottom line: resist and don’t give up if you want to have a chance to live.

    • +1 Always stay in the fight… The mind is the true weapon, everything else is merely a tool. Carry on TTAG… God Bless…

    • There was a few armed men in the mall. I heard some of them were arrested then let go once confirmed to be innocent.

    • Think a can of hornet and wasp spray and a Bic lighter,mini flame thrower with nasty side affects.

  13. Now the blabbermouth talking head on ABC affiliate KVIA is actually MISreporting what ABC national is reporting. It’s like the guy is getting paid by the word, with a bonus for every word-per-minute above 350, so he just says whatever. Our press is disgraceful, and they’re shamelessly proud and arrogant about it.

    • If you are white, it appears at this time, you would have been safe. If you are black, brown or yellow you would have gotten the bullet.

        • No, I can’t. Because some white supremacists consider Hispanics/Spanish people to not be European/white. I only heard that a woman or two was killed and a dozen others went to the hospital.

        • Because witnesses and a manifesto says the targets were Mexicans. A Hispanic kid said his mother was shot dead. Other Hispanic kids were saved by a black man.

          Reports are always random. Time will tell.

  14. I just saw an image of the alleged shooter. He is a young white male, he had on ear muffs and an AK47. The police say they taken him alive and he is safely in custody.

    His alleged motivation was to send back all the minorities whom are invading his white lands. He went after non whites.

    It appears this was a terrorist attack done by a white supremacist Trump supporter.

      • The white supremacist connection wouldn’t surprise me. The downside of being on the non-left is that we have most of the guns so are crazies are generally more dangerous then their crazies.

        • Baloney…the left has to get their guns the same way as the right. A nutter is a nutter is a nutter.

        • But leftists generally not into guns. The proponderance of guns are owned by people who are politically right of center.

        • tdiinva, I was asking for a link at the time because I needed to rule out a possible fake photo. I already had the alleged manifesto and 8chan post he supposedly made.

      • I am watching a NBC stream. Maybe local. The image was leaked by an employee. The police don’t want to give out that info, they want to control the narrative.

        The white male left his manifesto on the Chans. He claims he had these ideas before Trump talked about them. He says the media will blame Trump and white supremacy because fake news.

        • Yeah, I was going to recommend going to the chans if you weren’t already.

          Which one do you think it the correct one (if either)… The blonde guy with muffs entering Walmart or the one in the back of the cop car? (Assuming there are only the two circulating widely right now.)

        • My post was incorrect. The blonde guy was not the one. I thought he looked familiar. I now found the proper Walmart camera snap. Definitely an AK type; looks like a WASR. The guy in the back of the patrol car might be same guy.

      • I heard an interview with an older man that describes seeing a young white male with ear muffs and shooting glasses carrying an AK.

        There are some videos that recorded the sounds of gunfire. They sound like deep booms (like 7.62×39) rather than a pistol or 5.56.

        • Ah, thanks. That was the one some were saying was shooped.

          It’s a shame that some of us have to rely on filtering through shitposts on chans to absorb data in case things go down the memory hole.

      • The Chans like to divert from white supremacy as the motive because they are white supremacists and don’t want hate coming towards white males like hate is thrown at black males by whites. They know the FBI is lurking on the Chans and watching them. One shitposter called into the station I was watching and trolled the reporter with a voice changer. These white kids have problems.

    • Why do you assume he is a Trump supporter?The last two white supremacist shooters were anti-Trump. White Supremacists are moving away from Trump because he is a semitophile. (Sp?). Not saying he isn’t but are you just jumping to a conclusion?

      • Exactly – his name does not sound like Irish, English or any so called white name. Maybe we should get his DNA tested to determine if he is white. If I was a lefty wanting to hurt the the right that is how I would do it. Make my self look like a person on the right and attack the left. A more violent form of Jussie Smolett. Did this guy only shoot Hispanic looking people. did he go by their last name. I wonder how many that are so called white are in that death toll. It’s another sick person and there were flags.

    • I saw two very different photos. One was claimed to be a shoop. That one was wearing ear muffs. I have what is purported to be the manifesto. In it, the person claims they will use a “WASR 10.”

  15. Inside of an hour Booker was on MSNBC calling for Gun Licensing and getting all worked up without thinking just fishing for votes.

  16. All this guy did is the opposite of the right want. We do not want Americans to attack anyone considered a left, liberal or progressive. We do not want people striking the tune for gun grabbers against our 2nd amendment. This is the exact opposite that people on the right want and it is exactly what the left wants. So we should look way back at this kids history. Could there be a thing called a hoax shooter. Someone who wants to hurt one side by portraying they are on the other side. this guy just struck for the left not against the left. It’s called the kiss of death. Who did he really vote for.

  17. I guess nobody looks at cameras in Walmart Yahoo U.K. has pics of asswipe walking in to the store ready to hunt.

  18. The answer to all this is to have more gun carrying citizens among us. Open carry and mandatory tactical training for all US citizens. These commie democrats would think twice before they even step foot in our WalMarts.

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