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“Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle officially announced today her intention to pass the county’s first round of ammunition taxes during this Friday’s county board meeting,” the Illinois State Rifle Association reports. Yup, you read right: this is only the first poll ammo tax planned for Cook County. “This initial tax will slap a penny a round on rimfire ammo and a nickel a round on centerfire ammo. According to Preckwinkle, the tax is being levied on gun owners in order to ‘…improve public safety.'” Ammo tax revenue will go  towards unspecified “public safety programs.” TTAG is following this story. We’ll update you tomorrow.

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        • Some companies will deliver to Cook county, but not the city of Chicago. Some will not deliver to either Cook county or the city of Chicago. Where I live, I have no issues. The vendor asks that I fax or e-mail a copy of my driver’s license and FOID card and I am good to go.

      • Sounds like a good time to make a friend in Indiana who can do bulk online purchases for you and let you come pick them up.

        • …………….and that’s exactly what a lot of folks will do , MOVE , if they can . Progressives never seem to learn that there are states like Texas , Montana , West Virginia , Alaska etc. that are more than happy to accept gun loving , constitution adhering , red bleeding Americans into their ranks .

        • Yeah, if you move out of Illinois due to this stuff, come to Texas. We’re getting over-run by California’s who have grown disgusted with their state and then come vote for the same policies that ruined California to start with, need some help offsetting their votes!

        • I originally from Illinois and now leave in TN. I understand that Illinois is a terrible place and appreciate what TN has to offer. IF you move from a terrible progressive state all I ask is that you LEAVE YOUR FAILED POLITICS at the door.

          Nothing grinds my gears than hearing neighbors who are from up North want to raise taxes, destroy conservative morals, increase welfare programs, ect…..

    • Just another tax on poor people who can’t drive to the nearest gun shop outside of Cook County.

      How long until they set up checkpoints like the California Bug-Check stations where they stop everybody and ask if you are bringing any un-taxed ammo into their county? That should be fun. What are the penalties if you enter Cook County with ammo and donate/gift it to a “friend”? What if you come into the county with your own ammo in order to hunt? (Probably not a lot of game in that vicinity, just asking.)

      What if someone realizes this is a freaking POLL TAX and that such things have already been ruled unconstitutional? Have any of these people ever actually read the Constitution? Haven’t they all sat through Constitutional scholar B. Hussein Obama’s class? Oh wait, that was a class on what was wrong with the Constitution, not why it was the greatest political document ever written by mortal men.

    • Answer: MEGASPORTS in Plainfield.

      Cabela’s got screwed by Crook County one year after opening by being hit with a tax hike in retail/merchandise floorspace…that’s why the 2nd floor is vacant.

      The tax will miss the County’s revenue forecast, resulting in a budget shortfall, and the tax will increase. Vicious evil cycle.

      • GAT Guns is just down the road from the Hoffman (Cook Cty) Cabelas– and just over the county line into Kane.

        • As long as there is the tiny bit of a Republic of states left these tactics will never work . This is one of the strongest arguments for free states rights and reversing our current 100 year coarse of Federalism and returning to a strong Constitutional Republic that you’ll find .
          I know the economy is poor , national debt unsustainable , health care a debacle and multiple ailments abound but returning to the Constitution is the single most imperative issue we face .
          Ted Cruz for President , please .

      • I wonder when Cabela’s will pull out of Hoffman Estates. Ever since they shut down the upstairs section, it looks like it’s going out of business. They should have put it further south near Montgomery or Oswego. Also, stay the hell away from JR’s Shooting Sports in Aurora, those people can go to hell.

        • There is news around that bass pro shops actually bought Cabelas, and there might be big changes coming next year.

    • I am sick and tired of the politicians of Chicago, Cook County and the State of Illinois gouging the residents with taxes. I am now 68 yrs old and have lived through countless politicians lieing, cheating, squandering and stealing out tax money. How many have been convicted and sent to jail! Ten times more have not been convicted.
      This bull crap is just another lie to the public to grab money and repair the damage done and going to be done.
      Check your property tax. You are most likely contributing more to the police and fire pension than your own.
      If we were in Argentina, we would be burning tires in the street. Instead we accept this treatment.

      • I know some of “them”, and “they” did not at all elect the ruling scum over there, any more than 30’s era German Jews elected the Nazis.

        If those who voted for the monkeys get to pay the tax, while those who didn’t don’t, you’d be correct. But that’s not the way totalitarian shitholes work.

      • It’s Chicago/Cook county. They were elected by dead people. I don’t fear death but I hate the idea of voting Democrat for eternity.

        • Same problem with Logan County , WV. , at least they do it as ideology in Illinois , Logan county folk do it for a quart of shine and the Dems for life is to protect the unions that then supported Obama who then shut down their mines and destroyed their livelihood because some people still believe they can alter the effects of a giant star and a volcanic planet by burning less coal and using mass transit .

  1. Are they also making it illegal to buy ammo somewhere else and transport it into Cook County because that’s all that will happen.

    • That’ll definitely be in the pipeline….. which will also hand them another tool to nail evil “wealthy” people against the wall for tax-evasion, and a source for even more loot.

      • This kind of crap won’t do anything more than the laws that force people to go out of county/state to buy booze and fireworks, and that’s just for the legitimate folks like you and me. Also, what about handloading?

    • That is probably something they consider a feature… If the gun stores go out of business then the gun safety increases. Or something like that.

    • As long as it puts some of the few remaining Cook County FFLs out of business, it’ll be “worth it”.

    • Gangs already make more money selling untaxed cigarettes than they do on drugs. Now they can add another revenue source to the Black P-Stone Rangers.

    • At this point, I think its one of the few things that will alter our current course as Americans. However, there is that whole thing of getting a worse situation than you had before after its all said and done. Only time will tell.

      • “The liberties of the American people were dependent upon the ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box; that without these no class of people could live and flourish in this country.”
        ~Frederick Douglass, The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (1892), p. 460

        “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”
        –Claire Wolfe

        Many are beginning to ask the question:

        “Is it _really_ ‘too early’???”

  2. well lets do the math if there are close to no gun shops left in cook county how much will they rake in?… a few grand a year? it’s like trying to get blood out of a turnip if you ask me…

      • As it’s been written:

        “Inside every liberal is a tyrant screaming to get out… Tyrants don’t have to justify anything. True Liberals shouldn’t have to justify anything either, so there…”
        –Fractals ‘R Us, Mar 24, 2014

    • It seems likely that enforcement of the tax will cost more than the revenue it generates.

      Reminds me of the Canadian long-gun registry.

      • What part of the Canadian long-gun registry generated revenue?

        As I understood it, it was all (expensive) overhead and proved nearly worthless to law enforcement and that’s what killed it…

        • What killed it was costing $2 billion (projected price tag was $200 million) and it at best registered half of our long guns. Despite that police associations were opposed to the registry’s elimination because cops gotta cop (in Canada anyway).

  3. Last I checked there aren’t any gun stores in Cook County, right? Or was it just not any in the Chicago city limits?

  4. This is obviously the equivalent of a poll tax.
    It should fall if challenged. If it doesn’t, well,
    the act looks pretty intolerable to me.

    I’d like to think that if the same or similar tax
    was proposed here in Alabama, someone would
    be heating the tar, fluffing the feathers, and sourcing a rail.

    • Just think, a poll tax of a few cents per “purchased” vote in chi-town could be a real windfall to that city!

    • If being tarred-&-feathered is all that happens to those who try passing an ammo tax here in Walker County, they’d be very lucky.

    • “This is obviously the equivalent of a poll tax.
      It should fall if challenged.”

      Something tells me maybe not.

      Wasn’t that 1937 10 percent federal tax found to be Constitutional?

      • If there was a lawsuit challenging a 10% federal income tax in 1937, the courts probably upheld the tax because the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution empowered our federal government to tax income.

        That is an entirely separate legal matter from taxing a fundamental and constitutionally enumerated right.

    • Didn’t I hear something about a protest against some intolerable tax somewhere – oh yeah, Boston, a few hundred years ago. I don’t think that worked out well for them.

      How do they plan to determine if the ammunition in your possession has been properly taxed? Put a sticker/stamp on it like packs of cigarettes or booze? Once it’s loose/out of the box how can it be regulated? Will they start arresting people for selling “onesies”? If you drive to Indiana or Wisconsin and bring back a few thousand rounds of 5.56 or 9mm without paying the tax, how will they know? Random stops and checks on the major corridors like some states do looking for drugs? Good time to scrape those NRA and Gadsdon stickers off of your bumper.

      Remember these words, people of Illinois: “Am I being detained? Am I free to leave? I do NOT consent to any search. Do you have a warrant? I decline to make any statement or answer any question without the presence of my attorney.”

      Dash cams are cheap. I got a very nice Hi-def for $149.00 and if mounted high on the windshield can be easily turned to video out the driver’s window. Not as noticeable or intimidating to the officer(s) as a smart phone or regular video camera. Money well spent in the slave states, IMO.

  5. Another law that punishes law-abiding people for the bad actions of criminals. We didn’t commit the crime, so why are we being punished for it.

    This makes as much sense as putting breathalyzers into the starting systems of every car, except the ones owned by alcoholics.

  6. They just pulled this crap in Seattle. The only gun shop will probably go out of business there. One of the City Council members said he could care less if that happened. IOW it is not about the money. It is about finding ways to prohibit guns via ammo taxes. They should be sued for driving law abiding legal businesses out of business. Anyone with brains and money in Seattle will just drive outside, buy their ammo and drive back. Stupid law that accomplishes nothing except to make some idiot left wing politicians feel good.

    • Drive 30 minutes out to Bellevue (or anywhere really) for better inventory and prices.

      I don’t blame the gun shops in big cities though, they have to deal with more hostile regulations taxes (in addition to the tax on exercising the 2nd amendment, AKA ammo tax)

  7. “That the power to tax involves the power to destroy; that the power to destroy may defeat and render useless the power to create….”

    John Marshall

    • Full quotations:

      “An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy,”
      –Daniel Webster, McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 U.S. 327 (1819)

      “That the power of taxing by the States may be exercised so as to destroy it, is too obvious to be denied” (p. 427), and “That the power to tax involves the power to destroy; that the power to destroy may defeat and render useless the power to create; that there is a plain repugnance, in conferring on one government a power to control the constitutional measures of another, which other, with respect to those very measures, is declared to be supreme over that which exerts the control, are propositions not to be denied” (p. 431).
      –Chief Justice John Marshall, McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 U.S. 327 (1819)

  8. They could tax each bullet a 100 dollars each, an it will not help Chicago with its gun problems. Its not the guns that are the problem, its the people and politicians.

    • Which of course brings up the question – What if you roll your own? Are they going to have undercover agents at the ranges to sting you for selling baggies of reloaded 9mm’s to your buddies?

      • Actually yes they would. Not because of the tax but because you are manufacturing ammo without the appropriate ffl liscence. Type 6 is for just ammo iirc. Some of the other types allow ammo and guns to be mfgr’d and sold.

  9. Politicians should be taxed $.01 a word, and $.05 for contractions, similes, and metaphors. For safety.

  10. This is one of the dangers of having a government around. With an effortless scribble of a pen they can make their tyranny, while the victims have to move a mountain to oppose it.

  11. Lol

    “It’ll go towards improved public safety”

    Thats crap, It’ll go towards the latest liberal spending gimmick that the little genius’ in Chicago can dream up.

    • I’ve never been to Chicago, and I’ve only driven through Illinois once. Not that I ever had any desire to go there, but this is the nail in the coffin that will keep me from ever setting foot in that entire state again, lest the sales tax from anything I would purchase there go towards “Public Safety Measures.”

  12. Chicago already has the highest sales tax rate in the state. They never met a tax they didn’t like. The collar counties have been the beneficiaries of Chicago’s tax & spend greed for half a century. More of the same.

    Just drive past the Cabelas in Hoffman Estates (Cook County). A few miles up I-90 is Gat Guns in East Dundee (Kane County), with a pretty fair stock of ammo. No doubt the guys at Gat are licking their chops.

    • Just one more reason I moved out to Kane county. Also if you go to the walmart on rt. 47 they’ve got all the 9mm .45 .40 and 5.56 you could want at just about the best prices around. This should help the gander mountain on Randall rd. too.

    • Too bad G.A.T. Is one of the worst gunshiops in the area. They have no problem gouging customers and making ridiculous statements to justify it. I stopped shopping there after 20years last year after my pre-paid special order came in after a 18 month wait. They said it would cost another 300 above the original price (not justified, a keltek sub2000), at first the employee said it was due to distributor increase (nope), then the manager said it was “too fuckin bad, it will be sold before the end of the day to someone who wants it more” and tried to say that he didn’t need to refund my money since it was a special order.
      Keep driving there are better shops just down the road. Or order online.

      • Sorry to hear about your experience with G.A.T. I only bought one gun there and it was pretty painless.

  13. So when the crips or bloods or whomever buys a gat and ammo from “Vinnie” out of the trunk of a car, he will dutifully charge the tax and pass it along to the proper authorities. Right? Poll tax indeed. To heck with the socialist grabbers. Defeat them!

    Ammo seek
    Midway USA
    Sinclair international

    And if you’re paranoid about online hacking of your account info, just buy visa gift cards. They work on most web sites.

      • Das ist die problem.
        I’d suggest using Visa gift cards (which aren’t linked to a specific billing address), and a mailbox in a neighboring county (a buddy’s house, UPS/Fedex Store, etc).

      • Palmetto State and SG ammo both ship to us poor comrades in the People’s Republic of Illinois. Just send a copy of your FOID and drivers license.

      • I buy ammo online all the time. I would never buy from Midway though just because they are expensive. It seems to be mostly shipments to Cook that cause problems. I live downstate.

      • I’ve gotten shipments from Midway before. And PSA and others. I work in St. Louis and Cabelas has a store on the way home, so I do a ship-to-store to avoid shipping charges, so I can’t speak to that. Now, I do know they won’t do business if you’re in Cook Co., but the rest of the state seems to be ok for most.

  14. Fight it in the courts. It’s better that it’s only happening in one county of a relatively small state, compared to if California levied their own forms of tyranny.

    Could be a lot worse. If ruled unconstitutional that means the bigger states hostile to gun owners shouldn’t be able to repeat the same thing.

    • You do realize that Illinois is the 5th largest state by population, right? Chicago’s no one-horse town. Cook County itself is the 2nd largest behind only LA County.

      Regardless of size, any attack on the 2nd Amendment in any location should be considered an attack on us all. Tyranny is contagious and places like Illinois are hemorrhaging liberals fleeing their own policies.

  15. This is ludicrous. I hope this doesn’t spread to other progressive counties/ cities around the country.

      • Right , we’re all sitting on the seat of the water dunk at the fair waiting for our elected NWO progressive Federalist to hit the bull’s-eye with one of these tricks and send us into the tank . We better get off the seat and start throwing some balls back in their direction .

  16. There’s an upside here. Anti-gun “progressive” jurisdictions will continue to try these ammo taxes until they’re addressed at a higher level of government (eg federal courts or legislation). The upside: the more jurisdictions trying this, the faster the whole thing will come to a head.

  17. I’m trying to think of any shops that are actually within Cook County except Midwest. Am I wrong on that? Rinks is in Will County, Article II is in Dupo, Megasports is also in Will.

    Besides that, we all know that the “safety” program that this tax will fund is some politician’s graft.

    • There are a few others Andrew-Pelchers in Lansing and the worst gun store ever in Glenwood. I live in Cook and haven’t bought ammo here for several years. I get mine right over the border in Indiana. Prices are much lower and lower tax. Yes Cabelas will ask for a FOID but I don’t have to if they want my $. Walmart is next door,Blythes in Griffith and Westforth in Gary hate Cook Co. And shops in Will and Kankakee. Borderline does transfers in Steger across from Cook. The tax is nothing but a slush fund. Never tried to order ammo online as I’ve never needed to.

  18. Hang the traitors. Stick them in gulllags and see if they keep passing these laws. Consent of the governed and all that. Or remain slaves. Whatever.

  19. Same sh_theads that want pot legal infringe on your rights. Who cares if you have the RTKABA if they’re empty.


    I’m going to work to have Illion-oying goods heavily tariffed in my state and all food/water/medical supplies be airlifted to specific groups of friendly rebels within that freekin hole, as long as they are willing to make at least lip-service to overthrowing the regime there.

  20. ISIS has Detroit, MI, we just have to be patient and c_ck-block everyone trying to lift a finger against them until they wipe out the crotch of the great lakes up there. Sorry IN, you didn’t pray for an ISIS navy in time. WI, you were isis target throw-away (self-inflicted collateral damage heap # ~ 2 or 3).

    You all know the argument that the (D)head LEFT blue stater’s aren’t coming after your guns. They are coming after your ammo.

    Your neighbors will never succeed in getting your guns or ammo, however, BECAUSE THEY STOPPED BEING YOUR F-ING NEIGHBORS THE MOMENT THEY STARTED.

    Sorry to hear about your neighbors, better get to work on fixing your sh_t up there though, because right now you’re all lumped-in with them.

  21. Ironic that a coin bearing the word “liberty” next to the image of a founding father is what the gov’t charges to exercise the right that he made sure was enumerated after fighting a revolution over unjust taxes….

  22. If there was a tax on stupid ideas, politicians would pay their own salary and thousands of you-tubers would be in debt.

  23. Isnt this proposed ordinance pre-empted under state law? They may be drafting something they cannot enforce?

    • Here’s the preemption paragraph in the Illinois concealed carry law. It doesn’t mention taxation and it only applies to people with a concealed carry license.
      430 ILCS 66/90
      Sec. 90. Preemption. The regulation, licensing, possession, registration, and transportation of handguns and ammunition for handguns by licensees are exclusive powers and functions of the State. Any ordinance or regulation, or portion thereof, enacted on or before the effective date of this Act that purports to impose regulations or restrictions on licensees or handguns and ammunition for handguns in a manner inconsistent with this Act shall be invalid in its application to licensees under this Act on the effective date of this Act. This Section is a denial and limitation of home rule powers and functions under subsection (h) of Section 6 of Article VII of the Illinois Constitution.
      (Source: P.A. 98-63, eff. 7-9-13.)

      • “Any ordinance or regulation, or portion thereof, enacted on or before the effective date of this Act that purports to impose regulations or restrictions on . . . . . . ammunition for handguns in a manner inconsistent with this Act shall be invalid in its application to licensees under this Act”

        maybe I am reading this wrong, but I think it is pre-empted and they already have a state tax on ammo. .

        • If ISRA files suit, it will be a Cook County judge who interprets the meaning of “restrictions.” Good luck with that.

        • Any state court case(s) initiated in Chitown will be with the Circuit Court of Cook County level; from there the case(s) will then go to the First Appellate District Court, then finally onwards to the Illinois Supreme Court.

          From there, the case(s) may proceed further through the federal court system.

  24. A tax on a right is an attack on that right. I thought this unconstitutional nonsense went out with poll taxes. (Actually long before that with tax exempt status for churches.)

    • No need to go out of state. The five Illinois counties surrounding Cook are mostly conservative areas, rich in retail. Plenty of gun stores a half hour from Chicago.

  25. Gotta love taxation. It’s not cheap building the prison walls around us.
    With a gun to your head they reach into your pockets to buy more guns to hold to your head.

  26. You all realize that there is already a 11 percent federal excise tax on all firearms and ammunition that everyone pays.
    Where is the outcry?
    The safe school act is the biggest BS extension of the comerse act.
    Where is the outcry?

    • I’m pretty sure the safe schools act is thrashed in here near daily.

      The federal ammo excise tax, while unfortunate, is nevertheless constitutional within the commerce clause. Moreover, All FAET collected by TTB goes directly to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a Bureau in The Department of the Interior.

      The money is disseminated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to each State government for Wildlife Restoration which includes such things as:

      Habitat Restoration
      Hunter Education
      Wildlife Management
      Wildlife Research
      Shooting Ranges

      What Cook County is doing is designed to drive up the cost of ammo to punish and diminish gun owners. Beyond that, the money wil go to line their pockets and malign gun owners through B.S. public safety campaigns like with tobacco.

      • So how is the Cook County tax unconstitutional then, just because you don’t like it? Or is it what the money is used for. How is it more targeted than the federal tax?, Oh I know, Cook don’t include bows and arrows. I just think any targeted taxes (especially federal) on any constitutionally protected rights are a really bad idea. It’s an end run maneuver to restrict rights. How about a Federal tax every time you cross a state border. That should be legal under the commerce act. We can use the money for highway construction. Would really suck for people who live on a state border.

        And the reason I hate the safe school act so much is it makes a joke out of the commerce clause itself and the rest of the Constitution more so than the restriction of carrying in schools.

        • I guess you’re new here. Getting flippant with me never ends well. I’ll spot you a mulligan, though.

          Cook’s tax is unconstitutional because of its purpose and effect: it targets the underlying right. Whether I (dis)like it is immaterial to its constitutionality. It’s also a violation because it’s purpose and effect are to reduce the volume of interstate commerce for local benefit (see HP Hood v. Du Mond).

          The FAET is simply taxing interstate commerce, which Congress has authority to do. (The Daniel Ball case), and focuses on the nature of the goods (see Hammer v. Dagenhart). It’s universal across states, which is consistent with the Commerce Clause.

          As for the Clause itself, it’s been taking major hits since Katzenbach in the 60s and even Jones Laughlin in the 30s. As for safe schools or gun free schools, Lopez addressed that. Congress tweaked it and its passed muster repeatedly at district and circuit levels since. SCOTUS should take it up again., I agree.

      • There are so many insane illogical overstepping regulations and laws passed under the Commerce Clause we should petition congress for a special Amendment just to clarify it’s actual purpose and then repeal all the bullshit imposed by it for seven decades .

      • While I agree as the purpose of the FAET is not to restrict arms and one could even argue that is supports the acceptance of the ownership of firearms it is still a tax on arms so it effects the right. If we are going to start determining the Constitutionality of a law based on its purpose overriding its effect, where do we stop?

        And how are you arguing HP Hood v. Du Mond. How exactly is burning local business with a tax a local benefit? The augment in HP Hood v. Du Mond was about suppressing competition. If they passed a law stating you cannot purchase ammunition form outside of the county you may have an argument. Of if they denied a Wisconsin company from selling ammunition in Cook County I can see an issue. New Your was using “health and safety” to reduce out of state completion, not suppress sales of milk.

        I know what was pulled with the Safe Schools Act, I read the revised law, and it makes my bold boil way more than the original. Hell, they could argue that we cannot be posting to TAG during regular business hours as it would affect interstate trade.

        I not trying to be argumentative. I live in Cook County and have to deal with all the B.S.

      • “The federal ammo excise tax, while unfortunate, is nevertheless constitutional within the commerce clause.”

        Unless and until it’s ruled “constitutional” by the Supreme Court of the United States it’s only _assumed_ to be constitutional.

  27. It’s just using a hot topic to slap another tax on people in Chicago and Cook County. The city, county and state are all poorly run.

  28. Taxes on firearms and ammo at any level equate to a poll tax, since bearing arms is constitutionally protected.

  29. If a tax on ammunition is Constitutional, then a tax on any Constitutionally protected right would also be Constitutional.
    A $1,000 tax on abortion, proceeds to go toward mental health for those who regret having an abortion.
    A $50 tax on porn, proceeds to go toward sex addiction treatment.
    A $50 per month tax on Internet Access, proceeds to go toward Child Abduction programs.
    The list goes on and on. Literally, any single activity could be taxed out of existence, hence rendering anything in the Bill of Rights moot.

    • How about adding this one to the list:

      A $500 Tax on every stupid statement made by a LibSoc protagonist minion exercising his/her 1st Amendment Right to be an ‘Idiot in Public.’

      We could then retire the National Debt in just a few years.

    • They probably would if they weren’t getting their interns and nanny’s pregnant , watching porn on a daily basis , molesting young Christian kids they purchased from IS on the black market , and spewing forth stupidity on a moment by moment schedule .
      They would prefer to tax the sale of Bibles to fund the placement of Mouslim refugees , tax big safe SUVs and coal fired power to fund their war on the sun , tax marriage to maintain their voting base and tax small business to destroy a free economy .

  30. I know for a fact that AIM and Centerfire Systems will ship ammunition to IL. Fax ’em a copy of your FOID and you’re good to go.

  31. Wow, it’s like Jim Crow all over again, only it’s for firearm rights instead of voting or speech rights.

    It’s amazing how Democrats champion tolerance for all the groups they’ve divided, classified, and given different levels of privilege to within their fiefdoms…oh wait, that’s not tolerance, it’s called segregation, prejudice, and favoritism and it’s being carried out at the elected-official level.

    And if you’re not in one of the sacred cow demographics? Godspeed.

    • You are correct! But during the beginning of Jim crow they did put a tax on gun purchases to make it harder for newly freed slaves to guns.
      History is repeating itself.

  32. Wow- this took on a life of it’s own. PLENTY of folks in Indiana ready and willing to sell you ammo without a FOID card folks. Let us not forget the $25 slush fund tax on new gun purchase in Crook County-it never ends. Just trying to put the gun shops out of business-I live here and most purchases I make of anything are in the great state of INDIANA.

    • I’ll always remember, and relish, that moment back in late March when the young lady at the Gander Mountain in Paducah, Kentucky, asked me if I was from Illinois (and therefore required a FOID card) when I purchased a box of Sig 10mm ammunition. I told her “Thank God, NO” loud enough the entire store could hear it, and being originally from Missouri, now in Georgia, didn’t need to put up with that kind of BS. I also, politely but firmly, pointed out the necessity of minding each other’s business. I have money, you have a product, let’s make a sale, seems simple enough, no?


  33. This is part of n effort by the gun controller organizations led by Mikey BloomingIdiot.

    Recently, I got into a ‘spirited discussion’ about a similar tax plan being implemented by the city of Seattle WA.

    During the discussion, this gun control protaganist, using the ‘handle’ of “Put a Hospital Tax on Ammo,” I posted this comment:

    Seattle’s ordinance wil not survive the lawsuits to follow.

    See RCW 9.41.290

    State preemption.

    The state of Washington hereby fully occupies and preempts the entire field of firearms regulation within the boundaries of the state, including the registration, licensing, possession, purchase, sale, acquisition, transfer, discharge, and transportation of firearms, or any other element relating to firearms or parts thereof, including ammunition and reloader components. Cities, towns, and counties or other municipalities may enact only those laws and ordinances relating to firearms that are specifically authorized by state law, as in RCW 9.41.300, and are consistent with this chapter. Such local ordinances shall have the same penalty as provided for by state law. Local laws and ordinances that are inconsistent with, more restrictive than, or exceed the requirements of state law shall not be enacted and are preempted and repealed, regardless of the nature of the code, charter, or home rule status of such city, town, county, or municipality.

    [1994 sp.s. c 7 § 428; 1985 c 428 § 1; 1983 c 232 § 12.]

    His reply was most telling:

    Here’s the plan. We floated the trial balloon in Chicago and learned much from the venture. Now we’re having Seattle go ahead with their tax on ammo and, at the same time, California will be voting in the new law requiring background checks for ammo.

    By the time challenges to the Seattle law are adjudicated, California will have a wealth of evidence showing how background checks on ammo lower crime tremendously. We’ve secretly run these trials in undisclosed towns and crime rates drop off a cliff. We’ve been working on this scenario for some time now.

    Look at how close to our original paradigm from two years ago is.

    The solution to the gun problem we have in America is simple.

    Ammo should be taxed at 400 percent. A box of 100 rounds of 9mm ammo costs $25 now. With the new luxury tax, it will increase to $100. From 25 cents per round to a dollar.

    It’s clear the largest part of the gun violence problem we have in this country comes from the inner cities where deaths occur at an astounding rate.

    Introducing a restrictive tax on ammo in these dangerous communities will show results overnight. Our game plan is to get the ammo out of thugs’ hands then remove their guns.

    Revenue from the new tax will go to victims of gun violence.

    We would allow pistol ranges to sell ammo without tax but the patron must use all the ammo there. No off premise sales. The range can provide lockers where patrons can keep their ammo. There has to be a strong level of trust so gun owners will be expected to police themselves and obey the law.

    Ammo could be purchased without excessive taxes with a regulation form obtained from your local police department. $50 per gun per year with background checks. (I’m going to amend this to say a flat fee of $25)

    You lose no rights. You just pay to play. As a joker on our committee said, “If you don’t want to pay a buck a bullet or get a background check, say, bang bang, over and over and pretend to shoot something.”

    Nice alliteration but a bit too corny. However, at a buck a bullet, people will be less likely to give ammunition to someone who is dull normal.

    As for reloading, yes you can. And you can make your own gunpowder, too.

    So, as it’s been said time and time again: gun control efforts in one city can affect all gun owners everywhere.

    ps: This BloomingIdiot minion who posted these comments has his Disque profile under

    So far I found that he’s posted under these ‘handles’:

    ‘Put a Hospital Tax on Ammo’
    ‘Compassionate Republican’
    ‘All in 4 Bernie’
    ‘Disabled Vets for Hillary’
    ‘Be kind’

  34. So what this sounds like is that they are trying to make the tax as unnoticed as possible so they can continually raise it and have it noticed less. As far as their public safety programs they want to fund that just sounds to me like they are trying to get funds for more gun free zones.

    • “They did the same thing to alcohol and tobacco”

      …neither of which are specifically protected from infringement by their very own Constitution Amendment.

      “We the People” need to rise up and demand that our Representatives and Senators take all necessary steps to end all these UNconstitutional 2nd Amendment-infringing laws that have crept into our federal, state and municipal laws.

  35. If someone shot and killed this politician in the public with 500+ eyewitnesses. Then signed a statement admitting to pre planning the killing.

    As a jurior, I would not find guilty of any crime.

  36. And just like prohibition bullets will become a money maker like drugs……how stupid …..never mind that’s where obama comes from.

  37. Of course to only affect law abiding tax payers. LEO tax exempt funny considering they tend to be the biggest threat to public safety these days…lol.

  38. I bet that the idiot is not smart enough to figure out that folks will just go outside the county and buy their ammo in bulk. What amazes me is that voters are stupid enough to keep putting these communist light asses in office.

  39. Seattle started this nonsense. There’s maybe a dozen places where you can buy ammo. However, a few minutes drive gets you to tax free stores.
    All this is just harassment. The money will go into the general fund and disappear. Given some feel good program will be showcase. No doubt with a politically connected hack in charge.

  40. Hey PRICKWINKLE, go back to sucking cock and leave the lawmaking to the men who chose to protect the Constitution, better yet GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE USA! You don’t belong in a free country BITCH

  41. I have the misfortune of living in Crook county. However Du Page county is nearby. I already buy gas, smokes, etc there so this won’t be a big deal to me. It still sucks though as Cabelas has the best deals. At least I have till June 1st to stock up.

    • I order my ammo on line and have it shipped to Cabelas in Indiana. It is worth the drive to pick up,just to stick it to Cook County. I also fill my car up on the trip!
      My firearms, I order online and avoid the extra fees and tax.
      There is no end to the politicians need to secure our hard earned money.

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