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“The (university) president has a great deal of discretion in terms of areas that can be designed as gun-free on campus. We are urging the president to implement gun-free zones in classrooms, dormitories and offices.” – UT Professor Max Snodderly in Texas universities brace for concealed guns in campus buildings [at]

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  1. this guy will be lucky to have his job by next week the way these spoiled snot nose children are acting this week…

    • The way a family friend defined it for me was that UT was the analog of California’s UC Berkley.

      This guy’s job is probably safe from students for now, he hasn’t upset any minorities.

      • @320,000,000 Americans (+ – undocumented Democrats)
        @350,000,000 privately owned firearms
        @12,000,000 Concealed Carry Permission Slips

        Which minority is not being upset/targeted?

    • The idea of “gun free zones” is rendered absurd by the reality of attacks such as those that just happened in Paris. If only a “good guy with a gun” had been present . . .

  2. Spirit of the law

    Ghost of a chance

    Hey, let’s make this sh_t up again like they tried last time, cause ya never know what’s gonna happen.

  3. College/university professors have grown to think that they are better than everyone else. If you don’t want law in your classroom then by all means let’s strip away that TENURES. Wait! What!! That’s just unfair!!! Waaahhh wahhhh wahhh

    • Universities don’t hand out tenures like they used to. Now they ship professors around to prevent them from getting ingrained anywhere. It’s the administrators who are the real problem with the Ivory Tower.

  4. Why are professors so afraid of guns? Do they really piss off that many people so much that they fear getting shot?

    Here’s an idea… teach the material, show your adult students some respect, and everyone goes home happy.

    • In a word, yes.

      They’ll be less likely to talk down to students or to treat them poorly if they knew the students were armed…

      Imagine, treating lowly, mere moral students with respect. Oh, the humanity.

  5. My son is in community college and will transfer to UT at some point. He’s mature, with good values, but honestly it vexes me to think of him associating with these nitwit UT professors, especially the ones who wrote that racist anti-campus carry manifesto.

    These are not good people.

    • Why UT? I confess, I went to law school there. At the time, it was the most-respected law school in Texas, and ridiculously cheap for in-state students. But I rapidly came to despise the place, both the University and , for the most part, Austin.

      • I really, really want to disagree with you, but Austin is definitely not the same place I moved to in 1977. And essentially none of the changes are what I would call positive, except there is a grocery store closer to me than 5 miles away.

        • Truthfully, there was a lot about Austin that I liked–some of the eating spots, the old Scandinavian church near the Capitol, the original Half-Price Books store on Lavaca, the movies that the student Film Club put on and the ones at the old theater on The Drag. And as I bicycled to a sci-fi bookstore some distance from the University I went through some nice, normal-looking neighborhoods. But overall, Austin was a bastion of hopelessly brain-dead liberalism and libertinism, and has probably only gotten worse.

  6. As I mentioned in a recent comment to a related post, my sources in the saner quarters of the UT faculty (I guest lecture at UT occasionally) advise me that the word has gone out to the faculty that the idea that the admin can prohibit carry in all classrooms/offices (or permit individual professors to so designate “their” classes/offices as “gun free”) is a pipe dream that isn’t gonna happen.

    My read is that this explains the recent increase in the shrillness their recent faculty protestations (e.g., the recent manifesto by a UT history prof positing that campus carry is inherently racist and a first amendment violation). They’ve been quietly told that meaningful campus carry is going to happen and there isn’t jack they can do about it, and so certain elements are having a collective hissy fit.

    • I’m kind of wondering if other colleges in Texas have likewise gone bonkers, or is it just Havana on the Colorado?

    • Has anybody ever pointed out that students have been carrying in their classrooms since the university was founded? Are they really silly enough to think that concealed means something besides concealed?

      Any professor should be able to prohibit carry in his own classes, he should only need to pay for a metal detector with operator, and an armed guard, at his own expense.

  7. Why not allow campus carry everywhere except on the body of any UT employee. If they’re going to make this crap up and misinterpret the law, this sort of reasoning should fit right in.

  8. I seem to remember that the Lt. Governor was very clear when he said this is exactly the type of “discretion” in applying the law that was not going to be permitted when this was signed earlier this year.

    • It will come to that. If not the Governor intervening directly, then the courts. Hopefully they will loose in the end. Then, maybe they can sooth their butthurt with a nice $30 lunch at the faculty club.

  9. Really not interested in the opinion of an ill groomed, hippie, pacifist, old fart, pining for past glory days. Just gives boomer generation a bad rep. While he was being a professional student in order to not get a real job, a lot of us were working full time in professions that put us in a tax bracket that supported this a**hole.
    Rant over, carry on

    • You’ve got that right. Continuing to be forced to support it, and will be forced to support it a few years from now even in retirement because we actually saved and invested our money instead of p*ssing it away on $250 sneakers, mind-sapping video games, luxury cars we didn’t need, and dozens of other useless items, while whining for someone else to pay for our retirement. My AK and SKS came to me pretty cheap because the previous owners couldn’t adjust the sights. Decent sight tool and a bit of time did the trick.

    • Thanks for the laugh. That was good. He should change his name to Snobbery. Because he acts like an intellectual snob. Which puts him right there with Hillary and many other Liberal Progressives.

  10. Has the irony dawned on anyone yet? Every time I see another rant from “UT”, the first thought that crosses my mind is some university in Utah … where concealed carriers can carry concealed anywhere they want on any university in Utah and none of the staff or faculty hold public temper tantrums demonstrations.

    Last I checked, no armed students had threatened an professors over a “bad grade”.

  11. Ironic how some of these folks think that some kind of “Executive Order” is fine if it supports their views. But it is a terrible blow to the Democratic Process if it doesn’t. How can anyone so stupid or gullible that they don’t realize that these kinds of decisions could just as easily go against some of their pet causes in the future?

    • Logical consistency has never been a strong point for leftists. As others have pointed out in a different context, when the subject is guns, the lefties think cops are the only ones who can be trusted with them in civilian life. When the subject is just about anything else, lefties think cops are racist-thug tools of the oppressor class. Granted, logical inconsistency is not entirely limited to lefties, but they do seem to be particularly afflicted by it, due to the irrational basis of their ideology.

  12. I find it interesting that the very same zones where free speech is stifled are the same ones where they don’t want to allow guns. Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

  13. “Snodderly said shootings this year that left one dead at Texas Southern University and 10 dead at a community college in Oregon ‘have heightened public awareness of the dangers of the gun culture.'”

    Uh… That TSU shooting was a gang-related drug deal gone bad involving a non-student. That’s the [urban] gang culture, not the “gun culture.”

    And to think, Snodderly is a professor of neuroscience. Proving anew that you don’t have to be able to do it, to teach it.

  14. Universitys in Texas have to allow concealed carry. The proposed restricted zones have to be approved by the state legislature. Any place restricted to prevent carry enmass gets the university fined. They are supposed to be allowed to restrict carry only in legally prohibited places, sporting events, and primary schools, and some other places deemed legitimately unsafe the can get the legislature to approve.

    Hopefully the legislature tells the commies to kick rocks and really limits their restrictions


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