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Word comes to us this morning that there are mixed emotions among the People of the Gun in California. Three firearms-related pieces of legislation have been voted on and while one is now taking a permanent dirt nap, two more have advanced to the governor’s desk for his signature. A bill requiring registration of people wanting to buy ammunition (SB53) failed to pass, but the much-dreaded “Gun Violence Restraining Order” bill (AB 1014) got the Assembly’s approval. That law would allow anyone at any time to drop a dime on any gun owner and get the police to confiscate his or her firearms. Also heading to governor’s office is a bill requiring the registration of homemande firearms (SB 808) As a quick reminder of why AB 1014 is a dangerous idea . . .

There are already mechanisms in place for dealing with people who are a danger to themselves or others, namely the mental health system. The passage of 1014 is simply a means to more easily confiscate firearms from anyone the state of California deems objectionable, as the bar to obtain such orders is extremely low. All someone has to do is allege that a gun owner poses a significant danger of harming themselves or others and the judge will happily hand over one of these confiscation orders directing police to immediately bust down their door and take all their guns, but it doesn’t define what “significant danger” means. For all we know, simply owning a firearm might be sufficient cause for the courts in California.

The GVRO would also be shared with the Department of Justice, supposedly for inclusion in the NICS check system, thereby barring them from purchasing firearms. The bill states that if the order is removed the DoJ will be notified, but how quickly do you think that mechanism will work?

Oh, and here’s the real kicker: a gun violence restraining order doesn’t have a specified expiration date. It can continue for eternity, barring that person from ever purchasing or possessing guns again. Unless, that is, they petition the court to have their constitutional rights restored, and convince a judge otherwise. There is no trial by jury and no other recourse — the only way to get your rights back is on the opinion and decision of a single individual.

Things are going to suck in California here shortly. Well, more than they do already.

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  1. California has always served as the canary in a coal mine when it came to the latest gun-control schemes floated by anti-gun forces, giving activists in other states a heads-up, helping us to prepare to fight these pernicious laws if and when they oozed eastward.

    Here’s hoping that CA is now filling a new, but similar role; allowing the crap laws to be passed far enough in advance of adoption in other states that they can be challenged and defeated in the courts by local 2nd amendment activists, before these defective laws spread like a resource-sucking liberty-killing zombie horde throughout the rest of the country.

    If so, hats off to the CA folks who are fighting the good fight, not only for themselves, but for the rest of us.

    This one’s for you, guys and gals! *tips bottle in salute*

    • LOVE the canary analogy DJ. I might just have to steal that. Very concerning indeed. Poor CA. Poor 2A supporters in CA, rather.

  2. “Also heading to that signing desk is a bill requiring the registration of homemande firearms”

    Does this apply to Dimitrios Karras and his business?

  3. Hmm, we could declare all registered Democrats a threat to themselves or others. I think we have a good argument. For example, most people that have been convicted of a crime are registered Democrats. Boom. I am sure we.can find one judge that will agree with us. So, since a virtual, unwritten litmus test in California for advancement in government jobs is a liberal ideology, we could disarm the entire government industrial complex or anyone that would oppose us for that matter. Sound absurd? History is pot marked with examples where one group used these kinds of laws to subjugate people they don’t like. Personally, I do not disarm Democrats anymore than non-Democrats, but sometimes you have to present a scenario where their own laws can affect them.

    • Agreed….but don’t forget to declare all registered republicans a danger to themselves, others around them and our liberties. Anyone, on “either side” that’s part of the current system needs to go.

  4. Remember, if you live in the New Commie Republic, to file these restraining orders against Di Fi.

      • Brown is an actual gun owner who has admitted to smoking weed. It may be legal in some states but it still a federal crime. A good case could be made that the governor being a law breaker is a threat to himself and others.

        • Oh, FFS, Jerry Brown is NOT the problem. He isn’t the one proposing these ludicrous laws and he’s shown he’s perfectly willing to veto bad gun laws.

        • He’s vetoed *some* bad gun laws. He’s signed other bad gun laws. Brown is part of the problem, but a lesser part than some of the idiotic legislators in this state.

        • Brown’s hands are a little tied though, he has give some to get some or fight uphill all damn day, and compromise is the game after all. I disagree with Jerry on plenty of things (but I disagree with damn near everybody on almost everything so…), but I also think he is a fantastic example of a dedicated public servant. Dude works his ass off, walks to work, flies coach and isn’t constantly stumping for a better job.

    • nahhh, they do not use their own firearms to protect themselves. Now, if you filed these scary gun restraining orders against their body gaurds, so they had to show up to works without shootn irons, because they had all been taken without due process, they would scream bloody murder. long and loud.

    • That is probably the best use. It’s how Sarah Palin was forced out of office as governor. (daily complaints that took 5 minutes to fill out and drop off. But thousands of personal dollars in legal bills and hundreds of hours to clear).

      Let the politicians feel the effects of their laws!

  5. So this means if I drop dime on some black/Chicano gang bangers or Hells Angles the cops are going to swoop in and confiscate their guns? Or is this law aimed at white law abiding citizens?

    • Regardless of the spirit or letter of the law, gang bangers and Hell’s Angels have nothing to fear from the cops. Cops know those groups would simply shoot them.

    • Why does it have to be a racial issue? What about the white gang-bangers, and the black/hispanic law abiding citizens? Or do you just want to make it a racial issue?

      • Please name some mostly white Chicago gangs. He mentioned the Hells Angels to cover his ethnicity bases. Don’t be a race baiter.

      • Some parts of CA – Lompoc, near Santa Barbara for example, and up to Paso Robles area, – have a reputation for white supremacist activity.

  6. I have to wonder if cops will now use an anonymous ” Gun rights restraining order” as an end run around probable cause to execute a search.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me at all. The whole Orwellian process is supposed to be initiated by a close friend or relative but who knows how that could be gamed.

  7. Perhaps someone should file restraining orders against every police officer accused of excessive force. Inability to carry a gun will keep them off the streets.

    • I doubt it works that way. LEO’s have qualified immunity. Good luck getting a judge to issue a GVRO on a badged super citizen. They’re on the same team. It’s kind of a mutual assistance protection racket.

  8. Governor “Moonbeam” will sign it, of course. May the good people of California (and yes, there are some amidst the “granola” Californians–the nuts, the fruits, and the flakes), continue to fight the good fight and overturn these oneroous restrictions on Second Amendment guarantees.

    • I’m not entirely sure Jerry Clown will sign it. The due process protections are a joke. You can’t infringe someone’s fundamental civil rights with such an appallingly low standard of proof. Jerry is a bad politician (although there are many worse in this state) but a good lawyer. He has to know this thing will be overturned by the courts. Calguns Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition and Second Amendment Foundation will sue this piece of $hit law into oblivion.

  9. As a quick reminder of why such a thing is a dangerous idea . . .

    Something about “due process”?

      • That is the best answer I have heard for those of us who live here. “we have beaches that we go to twice a year.” Thats gold. Everyone in my family has pretty lame excuses for still living here. “I like the weather.” Says the relative who goes outside once a day to get something they forgot in the car. “I would never want to be too far from the beach.” Said the relative that can’t afford to go on vacation to the beach.

        • First time I went to Venice Beach this year in March, I drove around for one hour trying to look for a parking spot. Didn’t find a spot, so I drove back home. But hey, at least I got to see the beautiful Cali waters.

          TL;DR: I literally drove by the beach and drove back home.

    • I was born here. My family is here. I do what I can to stop and reverse the gun laws. I do not agree with or want the laws to be this way. I try to affect the changes in the small way I can. California is my home as much as the anti-gun people’s.

    • Many folks have jobs they are tied to. It is difficult if not impossible to just quit your job, uproot your family and sever all your ties, and move to another state. A lot of the people are probably making plans to get out of the state as soon as they can.

      • I know all to well about having family and job ties in ca. But if I can find my opening escape to AZ I’m taking it.

    • Even though I am retired my wife still works and has a fantastic tech industry job that pays real well. That is why we are still in Kali. I think about moving on a daily basis and when wifey retires it will happen. But here is the dilemma – What if you move to a neighboring state like Arizona, Nevada or Oregon and they pass the same sort of B.S. laws we have in Kali? The way things are going it can definitely happen. As an opposition party Republicans are pathetic, inept weaklings and demographic trends aren’t exactly on their side, as we have seen in Kali.

    • Because this is my home, has been since 1970. I’m not going to let these latte-sipping east coast liberal pricks take over my beautiful state. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of Pro-gun people still in California. We overturned the 10 day waiting period on repeat purchases, Peruta, etc.

      If we don’t stop the gun laws here, they might show up on your front door step someday.

  10. No need to worry; the USSC will quickly address these obvious infractions against the second amendments restriction on governments ability to infringe the right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms.

    They are after all the final arbiters of all that is constitutional. I am confident they will fulfill this heavy responsibility with honor, integrity and a deep sense of the importance of defending the people from abuse of government the bill of rights intends.

    I did not actually gag as I wrote this. But only because I have a strong stomach.

  11. California Gun Owners rallied and fought hard against these bills, managing to defeat SB53 (The Ammunition Sales Bill), which would have made it VERY difficult to buy ammo, but failed on the other three, AB1014 (the GVRO Bill) was a major loss, but we will lobby Gov. Brown to veto it as well as the other two: “Ghost Gun” and “Homemade Gun Registration” and maybe get Brown to see reason (true reason) on AB1014, at least.
    Those of you who want to disparage us for not moving out of California should be focusing your attention on keeping your own States gun rights friendly, so that when we finally have to give it up here, we can easily decide where to move to. In the meantime we are keeping the canary alive, as best we can, and your support is appreciated.

    • I have nothing but support for you folks and my brothers of the gun.
      Its a shame your stuck in a communist country.
      I left NY. Picked up, left lock stock and every gun I owned.
      Florida is a haven of sanity when it comes to 2A deals.
      We need some more of you living in a repressed society to come here with open arms.
      Bring all your guns here please.
      Now granted finding a job here??
      Well you would do what you had to if you can here.
      We are now #4 and growing. We just passed the Commy Kountry of NY.

      • @ Jay in Florida Thanks for your support and warm invitation to move to Florida! I really appreciate both.

        While it looks like California is a bad place to own guns, I live within 50 miles (Max) of a dozen assorted shooting ranges, and less than 80 from a California BLM Public Shooting Area. Three good ranges are within 4 to 20 minutes of my house. I can shoot rifle, pistol or shotgun anytime I want. I have access to ammo and reloading supplies a plenty, and every range I frequent has ammo in all calibers I shoot available. I can shoot seven days a week, if I want ( I usually shoot one to three times a week).

        No, it is not perfect, or even good, but neither is it quite as bad as many people elsewhere think it is. I would not encourage other POTG to move here, nor discourage anyone who can from moving elsewhere for better gun rights, and there are myriad other reasons to flee California beyond gun rights, believe me.

        I stay here owing to family obligations that I cannot in any conscience skip out on. Family trumps other considerations. That’s just how it is.

        Thanks, again, for your support!

        • If AB1014 passes, and you and your wife end up in a bad relationship, she can fix it so you can’t ever use those ranges again, no matter how close to them you live.

          • Did you have anything to tell me I did not already know? I read the law’s text and quite a few analyses of what it means far beyond what has been said here on TTAG, so I could safely bet I know far more about it than you do. The law has been passed. We need to convince Gov. Brown to veto it. That is our last ditch at this point.

            From the tone of your remark, I infer that you are being smug and implying some “better than thou” attempt to chastise me for being in California. I invite you to ignore any future comments and posts I make, because I reject that kind of garbage from you or anyone else. You can get your penny ante approval-fulfillment from somewhere else. Get it, Gunr?

        • Your lucky DerryM. Where I live in Kali the nearest public outdoor shooting range is over an hours drive away if there is no traffic. Of course, this being Kali, there is always traffic. If I don’t want to get screamed at by an 18 year old junior range officer/A-hole at some shitty, half assed shooting range I have to drive out to the desert, a two and a half hour drive one way. This time of year the prospect of setting up a range in 110 degree heat is not attractive.

          Last year I went shooting on BLM land in the Mojave Desert and it was much hotter than forecast (112 F). I got a dose of heat stroke which scared the hell out of me. Not something you want to experience alone in the desert.

          I used to have a nice outdoor range 15 minutes from my house but they paved it over with a toll road which ironically my wife’s carpool uses every day.

          Most populated areas of this state are not shooter friendly, it’s just a fact.

          • Yes, I do realize how lucky I am, and I extend my sincerest empathy to your situation. It is a fact that much of Kali has a dearth of Shooting Ranges, particularly quality ranges (well staffed and maintained). Are you referring to the BLM Public Shooting Area North of Barstow off Fort Irwin Road? We only go there in the Winter and early Spring months due to the God-awful heat. It’s about two hours’ drive each way from my house.

            If you are two and a half hours from Mojave Desert, you might look into the Lytle Creek Firing Line Range It is off I-15 (Barstow) at La Sierra
            You can read YELP! Reviews to get an idea if you’d like it. Most reviewers seem to like it, but a few say they had major problems.
            Seems fairly strictly run, and they seem to have some rules about “California Compliant” AR’s and Magazines, according to the YELP! reviews. Hopefully, that’s not where you got “screamed at by an 18 year old junior range officer/A-hole at some shitty, half assed shooting range”. If so, sorry I mentioned it.

    • Word is that Skinner’s group was caucusing votes on the floor, using incorrect info and false promises of what the bill was and wasn’t.

      • @Dr. Vino THAT does not surprise me at all! It just goes to show the other Legislators made little effort to understand what they were voting on, or did not really care….take your pick. Thanks for the info. Maybe we can get Gov Brown to see the reality of this monstrosity.

  12. Here we go again in the land of nutz and berries.
    Taking a gun away on the say so of anyone just because they don’t like you or your gun with no proof??
    That’s not only going to open up a ton of court cases
    It should be shown the door.
    But Im sure Jerry will roll a fatty and then sign it.
    Now for the “Ghost” guns bill.
    Find me………………..if I had happened to live in that Asylum we call Kalifornia.

  13. Due process. I don’t know how that law would stand up to its first legal challenge. Brown is not a complete idiot like a lot of our lawmakers here. Maybe he will veto it.

  14. Anyone want to bet against this becoming the new SWATTING tool?

    I find it very hard to believe this will pass constitutional muster – the only question is how long before the first lawsuit is filed? As to the ghost gun thing….only an idiot believes that this would work to do anything, the first time it ends up in court when someone does not register a not-a-gun it will get whacked by the courts. Sad to see the 2nd Amendment so dependent on the courts, this is yet another reason why the next resident of the White House needs to be a real conservative who will appoint conservative judges.

    • “this is yet another reason why the next resident of the White House needs to be a real conservative who will appoint conservative judges.”

      Unfortunately that is extremely unlikely. The political elites who run the Republican Party are not “real conservatives” and they determine who the nominee is. The most likely scenario is that Billary Clinton beats the snot out of some empty suit Republican like Jeb Bush and gets a couple of more supreme court nominees who overturn Heller and McDonald ASAP. This is how the anti’s plan to win the whole enchilada and it could very well happen.

  15. The lack of the right of trial by jury makes this law unconstitutional. Many citizens dont realize that the Sixth Amendment has been undermined for years. For example you have no right of trial by jury if you are charged with domestic violence. In many federal misdemeanor charges, you are not permitted a jury trial. In asset forfeiture cases, no jury trial. Without the check and balance of a jury, judges are free to run roughshod over citizens.

    • goddammit, there you go again, using your brain like a independent, free willed human being. We don’t tolerate or condone that sort of nonsense here in the PRC. Drink the koolaid, roll a phat one, and get inline for the free money and reduced housing. no more of this using your brain business, NOT COOL!


  16. Yet again why I don’t ever want to visit california again. If they want a disarmed state, I’ll do everything I can from the other side to stop it but I’m never giving them any tax money to fund ridiculous bills like this.

  17. Maybe someone needs to let the authorities know about the devious Jerry Brown character. He may be a danger to someone and himself. AND HE HAS, GASP, GUNS!

  18. This is where politicians fail time & time again, they can’t even enforce the laws they’ve ready passed and continue to add more. This one is very scary, let’s say a couple divorcing with a custody battle makes an allegation against the other, they are stripped away from protecting themselves, and now free to assault them knowing their guns have been confiscated. I fear woman have more to lose in this situation…

  19. Important:
    Sep. 30 – Last day for Governor to sign or veto bills passed by the Legislature before Sept. 1 and in the Governor’s possession on or after Sept. 1

    Warm up your phones and keyboards. Time to start telling Jerry to veto these bills.

  20. As if one needs any more evidence that government wants your money while removing your rights. Revenue loss from SB53 will dent coffers. AB1014 strips your right to use the most effective tool for lawful self defense.
    If this passes, then its over, Constitution means nothing and assimilation begins

    • “Government confiscates your rights and then sells them back to you.” -Joe Getty of the Armstrong and Getty morning show.

  21. If your description of how to challenge it is true, it is truly a sad day. While CA has been bad, there has usually been a nominal nod to due process on paper. E.g., if I am prohibited due to WICS 5150 (voluntary commital-mental health) and I file to have rights restored, the state has the burden of proof to show why they should not be, not the other way around. Whatever one thinks of that law, that at least is some nod to due process, and frankly anytime a right gets stripped the burden of proof should always be on the strippers…uh that came out funny. You know what I mean.

    • I get what you’re saying, the law has built in a way to get rights back that should be automatic for anyone who had their rights violated wrongly due to this law, however the small ‘nod’ to due process only comes in after the violation has occurred instead of being implemented to make sure the confiscation is warranted ahead of time, lets call that past-due process.

      Also, this law will be administered by people who largely believe there is no right for an individual to own firearms at all (what seems like most public officials in CA) and I have my doubts that if such a challenge is successful and rights are restored, that the actual property confiscated will be returned also. So effectively there will likely be a tax on owning guns again equal to the price of whatever new guns one has to buy.

      So, I agree that it could have been worse, but it still shouldn’t have been in the first place.

  22. Nick, I do not know who gave you a summary of AB 1014, but your summary is WRONG on all major points. First and foremost, the bill has been amended to eliminate the “anyone” provision–it is only family members now. Second the confiscations are NOT indefinite, but can last only up to ONE YEAR (which is bad, but not as bad as forever). Third, an “allegation” is not enough to get an order–rather it must be sworn affidavit (i.e. under penalty of perjury). Fourth, the initial seizure order is only good for two weeks, at which point a hearing must be held to determine if a longer confiscation should be imposed. Finally, the DOJ to whom these orders are sent is the California DOJ, not the federal DOJ. All background checks are run here through the CA DOJ.

    And by the way, TEXAS has a similar law that has been in effect for some period of time, so who is the canary in the mine? Not being from Texas, I don’t know the details, but perhaps you guys could look into it. But given the lack of alarm from you guys, I suspect it hasn’t had that great an impact.

    • If two brothers (or parent and child) are feuding and one initiates this process against the other, in the 2 weeks until the hearing, he or one of his associates can settle a score with the unarmed person.

    • Nice clarification on some careless reporting. However, even though AB 1014 isn’t as bad as originally written, it is still bad, very bad, and will be, I think, successfully litigated. I don’t know that much about the Texas law but the way AB 1014 will work I doubt judges are going to be releasing firearms back to owners accused by the police of being a danger. That makes for lots of annual bans that will become de facto lifetime prohibitions.

      Judges, like all government employees like to cover their own asses first. With AB 1014 they get to do that on an annual basis by extending the GVRO. Do you really think a judge is going to risk giving your guns back if it might mean a gory headline in tomorrows newspaper?

    • “only family members now.” I think the antis read TTAG. They must have caught on to the idea of filing these against public officials and realized there are enough lawyers among us to to it legally.

    • Thanks Mark N, for the clarification.

      To be fair, to TTAG, the actual status of the bills can be tedious to discern, unless you are familiar with the process, and know to parse for updated language. I agree its better for TTAG to report as accurately as possible, rather than “first in wins”, on something like this, as there is a month to go before Gov Brown signs or not.

      Three places to check for CA legislative news: forums:
      CD Michel lawyers for Peruta:

      • And PS: Thanks again for TTAG for reporting on CA. The national reach of this blog connecting to the events in various states is invaluable for situational awareness, and lessons learned, for citizen grassroots effort.

        And PS again – thanks Mark N, and Daniel Silverman, in particular as you two seem to be the most dialed in here, at TTAG on how it works in Sacramento, and I also appreciate the cross-talk with others here- Dys, A81, jwm.

  23. So let me tell you about SB 53, a far more dangerous bill. The so-called “ghost gun” bill by Senator Deleon has been amended a bunch, and it is difficult to parse the changes, because a lot of the text cross-references numerous other provisions of the penal code. But the highlights are as follows. First, the bill requires that all homemade firearms be serialized and registered with the state–and I mean ALL. The bill is retroactive to 1968. Second, it bans the transfer of all homemade firearms, so if you build an 80% receiver, it has to be turned into the police or destroyed when you die. It applies to all handguns as well, except “antiques.” And here is the weirdest part–under federal law, recently expired, polymer guns that could pass through a metal detector were required to have permanently embedded in them a 3.7 oz piece of stainless steel. Obviously this was intended to apply to 3D guns. However, since a lower receiver is a “firearm,” the law could be read as requiring all AR style polymer lowers to have this chunk of steel embedded somewhere. The question is where? Personally, I can’t think of any place this could be done–or any method by which it could be done–without destroying the lower.
    In summary, SB 53 is intended to (ultimately) eliminate homemade firearms in California, and will likely lead to the collapse of the 80% market if signed into law. It also requires everyone to retroactively register their homemade guns, for a fee of $19–but the bill also requires that anyone registering such a weapon also pass a background check, and it is unclear whether the $19 will cover that or whether the standard DROS fee of $25 will be imposed on top of that. Obviously, the gangbangers won’t be reporting their builds, which means that the bill will ONLY effect otherwise law abiding citizens. Lovely.

    • Your bill description is good except for the fact that you mislabeled it as SB 53. What you just described is actually SB 808. SB 53 is DeLeon’s ammo registration bill that didn’t get passed.

      Personally I think SB 53 was the worst of the lot in this legislative session. It would have driven ammo prices sky high and dramatically restricted availability (which of course was the whole point). It would also have created separate ammo buyer and seller databases that the cops could use to prove you are a danger to the community and need a GVRO issued against you.

      If SB 53 had become law it would have been “foot in the door” legislation for monthly ammo rationing and ammo stockpiling limits. Like 100 rounds per month and a 1000 round storage limit. Every cop, judge and prosecutor in the state would know how much ammo you own and what type. Very bad stuff.

      Unfortunately, I think Jerry Clown will sign SB 808. Like any good liberal control freak he loves universal gun registration and dislikes the idea that the peasants should be able to make those scary assault rifles without his permission.

      • Yeah yeah yeah, I figured that out and came back to fix it. Thanks. With so many bills to stress about, it is easy to get the numbers confused.
        Anyway, I agree that there is a good chance that Brown will sign this, as he does not see registration as an infringement of the right to keep and bear. Unfortunately so, because it is clear that AG Kamala Harris certainly sees it as a device for doing just that. However, I am hoping the provision making it illegal to transfer these arms may give him some pause since there is absolutely no logical reason why an otherwise registered and traceable firearm would be deemed contraband on one’s death.

        By the way, before it died (rumor has it that Brown wanted it killed) the Assembly amended the bill to eliminate the ammo buyer ID (and the attendant background checks), leaving only the data collection reporting requirements for sellers), which pretty much gutted the purpose of the bill anyway–which was to prevent criminals from buying ammo.

        • I tried to fix that last post to clarify that the last paragraph refers to SB53, but the system is fritzing out on me.

        • If SB 53 had passed with the provisions you described it still would have been very bad. Presumably it still contained the internet and mail order prohibitions, which is what the gun grabbers really wanted. Once they get that they make it impractical and very expensive to obtain a significant quantity or variety of ammo. Getting hold of any oddball or non standard calibers from a LGS/ammo vender would become a real pain in the ass.

          Anyway, the nice thing about living in Cali is knowing that next years legislative session can always be even worse (sarcasm alert).

  24. What is really sad, and I guess the bottomline on Sacramento and the grandstanding hacks there-

    According to Assywoman Skinner, in the preface to the debate on the local PBS channel, that she and RF responded to, post Elliot Rodgers shootings- she ‘claimed’ she had been working on mental health funding, and training for LEOs for months, prior, and this legislation was the result, and others jumped on the bandwagon for publicity too.

    In that interview, and reading since- its clear the mental health pro’s who weighed in pointed out the issues were not with notification- the existing 5150 process works, but ONLY WITH BETTER LEO understanding, and more funding to take care of those genuinely suffering from mental illness.

    Remember, Elliot Rodgers HAD BEEN CONTACTED by police, who left convinced he was ok. This is no diss on the cops- I posted elsewhere that LEOs only have 6 hours of “how to deal with mentally ill, etc” at the academy, and while there is an additional 40 hours of POST training available, very few departments use it, I imagine due to funding and time constraints.

    Imagine all the good that could have been done, to improve on that training, instead, to help the cops to help sufferers, and the prevention of victims of all kinds, instead of grandstanding on one “tool” and passing bad law, that only abuses the rights of lawful gun owners further.

    Thats the real tragedy of Sacramento, and the Progressive Agenda, in general – the tyrranny of the pointy headed Elite, Who Know Whats Best for All Us Little People, and squander precious resources to aggrandize themselves, instead.

  25. The best way to fight these ridiculous, unconstitutional laws is to refuse to comply with them.

    In the mean time, smuggle, store, and defy because someday the lives of your family and friends may depend on it.

  26. I propose if the Assembly bill passes, we all go to the state courts and demand Diane Feinstien have her weapons confiscated for our safety. That “female dog” will dance over a pile of corpses before she thinks people have the right to defend themselves.

  27. So, does that mean I can file one against the cops that already harass my family or is there an exclusion for the legislature and law enforcement?

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