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Will Hayden (courtesy

“A Louisiana firearms company at the center of the reality TV show ‘Sons of Gun’ distanced itself from the program’s star this week after he was arrested on charges of repeatedly raping a child,” reports. “Will Hayden was arrested Tuesday. As of Thursday, Red Jacket Firearms said that ‘with heavy hearts,’ it had legally cut ties with him but would continue to operate. ‘We are the heart and soul of Red Jacket and will remain steadfast in our commitment to quality and our customers, for years to come,’ a statement on its website said.” [Facebook statement after the jump.] also provided some new details of the charges against Hayden . . .

Hayden remained in prison Thursday morning, jail records showed, with bail set at $250,000. He was arrested on aggravated rape charges involving a child, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office said. He already faced child molestation and aggravated crime against nature charges stemming from an arrest Aug. 9.

Hayden began having sex with the child, then 11 years old, in 2013, according to allegations in an affidavit filed by sheriff’s deputies. The latest rape, the report said, happened in July.

A guardian of the victim contacted deputies Aug. 16. The victim confided to the guardian after Hayden’s Aug. 9 arrest, according to the report.

Deputies said they met with the child and guardian and took a statement.

According to the affidavit, the child told deputies Hayden took her virginity when she was 11 years old and that sex acts happened almost daily thereafter.

The report says Hayden coerced the victim into silence with threats of physical abuse.

“Don’t tell them nothing because I’m all you’ve got,” the affidavit says the 49-year-old Hayden told the victim.

Innocent until proven guilty. But even so, it’s hard to see how Hayden can bounce back from this. Red Jacket Firearms Facebook statement:

The Red Jacket Firearms entities have received complete legal separation from William M. Hayden, He will no longer take part in ANY aspect of the Companies. The owners and employees of Red Jacket Firearms, LLC will continue will continue to operate, and promise to do everything in our power to fill customer orders, back orders and provide support to those affected by these new developments. 

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    • I seen this happen to a husband and wife in my area. It was foster children, two sisters. After all the legal fees and embarrassment, the two girls admitted they lied because they where made to mind. The family lost everything and no way to get it back.

    • He is still sitting in jail and nobody has bailed him out yet……that should tell everyone something. I am sure his family and friends could come up with that money if they wanted to.

      • I had the same thought. Very sad (and disgusting) stuff.

        The part that makes it even more surreal to me is that this guy is a rich, reality TV star. With that status, especially in Louisiana, he would have had no problem whatsoever getting laid with different (legal) girls every week.

        All this leads me to conclude is is probably a dumbass, impulsive pedo.

        • Yes $250,000 IS a lot of money but the royalties alone from the T.V. show should take care of it and that is his bond amount. A bail bondsman will usually only ask for 10% of that amount so with that being said if he was believed to be innocent by his family and friends it would be easy to get enough to bail him out.

    • This IS what’s wrong with media outlets, passing judgment before any court proceedings even happen. This man deserves his day in court right or wrong. I was accused of sexual harassment by some women at work until some other women at work came forward with the truth that they wanted to get me fired because I harped on them to work more and talk less. they all were fired,I was vindicated. likewise the FACTS need to be found out not just what some possibly jealous person trying to get back at a wealthy person for some(any) gain. So let justice reign then start mouthing off, no sooner!” But papers need to be sold” News outlets do the same thing with the republicans this past election cycle, guilty before any court trial, Liberalism has caused this type of thinking. Get over it already. Let the BS now fly!!

    • Sad…. if true he may rot in prison for decades…………………….
      really? thats it. Sad yes, sad for the kids. that whole family is fucked up, his daughter and son in law were also arrested on similar charges. Yes its pretty common for children who suffer abuse to grow up to do it themselves because thats what they know, But I can only feel bad for them up until they start abusing children. At that point all sympathy has gone right out the window.

      Hopefully they all go to prison and get whats comin to them in the shower all day every day for a few years then get shanked 49 times.

      You know someone is the scum of the earth when murderers, rapists and all manor of other scum in prison find them so repulsive they will kill them if they get the chance. If someone with a moral compass so far off from north, who kills without remorse for whatever reason, stops and says to themselves “man that guy is sick” there is something terribly wrong.

  1. So who runs RJ then, and why would he put himself in a position where he could be fired from his own company?

    • Will was already not the owner due to his FFL and ATF issues. My understanding is Joe and Kris run the place these days.

    • A better question: why would anyone attempt to keep running it? They’re already a joke, and rich morons won’t keep wandering in when it doesn’t get them on TV. Show some self respect and start a new business with a new name.

        • No matter whos wrong or right in this situation, its kids involved, so YOU tell us, too soon? U find humor in child rape? Sicko

        • I’d take the allegations more seriously if this didn’t appear to be just another white trash money grab.

      • Pretty sure two of them already have. Flem and the Vince both went out and started their own companies.

        Vince runs Khyber Pass Tactical and Mesa Kenetic Research. Naming his store Khyber Pass seems like a stolen valor thing to me, and while he doesn’t actually try to call himself a veteran, I’m not a fan of the naming choice by someone who wasn’t there. I wouldn’t call my store MoH Arms or Ia Drang Design. Wasn’t there, didn’t earn it, seems kinda douchey to have a name suggesting I was.

        Flem runs Acadiana Gun Works and is a pretty cool guy. Have had some pleasant interactions with him online and I follow him on Twitter and Instagram. He’s a pretty funny guy. I’d give him my money gladly for one of his rifles.

        Isn’t the Will Hayden story beaten to death by now though? We’ve had at least one story a day about this every day this week and none of them have included any new information.

        • Um, it may surprise you to hear that the Khyber Pass was famous long before this latest conflict. Perhaps Vince read a book or something.

  2. Talk about a fall from grace! He had a good thing going and he blew EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything because the ole horn-dog baby raper couldn’t keep his pecker in check. Lot’s of people fall from grace, Bill Clinton as an example, but with charges like this, there is no bouncing back…….ever. He’s done.
    The jail best keep a real close eye on the guy because Hayden is one of the most unhappy persons anywhere and given a nano-second of chance, he’ll off himself.

    • Wow they found him guilty already? Man, the court system works fast these days! Or, were you just automatically assuming he did it because he was accused of it?

      • The court of public opinion at work. Even if found innocent, two arrests for the same thing in one month is pretty hard to come back from, especially since these accusations are a pretty damning taboo.

      • Given how everyone that he used to work with has either said or implied he is guilty, it’s not that big of a jump anymore. I was very skeptical of the charges until the rest of the crew came out.

      • No Nick, and nice try. Kids don’t make this shit up. His own daughter kept it quiet until the shit hit the fan and she confessed he was doing her. He will have his day in court, but in the court of public opinion and my personal insight into the criminal justice system, ( I do legal research) including helping people with gun rights restorations, he’s a guilty MOFO.
        Don’t try to be clever with me.

        • Um yes kids do make this up or are pressured by others to do so. Pedophilia is the new witch hunt. Guilty, even if proven innocent.

        • Actually yes kids make shit up all the time. Kids lie all the time. They’re not angels, and especially if they are egged on by another family member like the ex girlfriend, who is seeing dollar signs, and probably telling the girl if she’s says this she can get rich. Kids and parents do this crap to each other all the time. Some sicko’s even go as far as to get psychologists to implant false memories in their heads via the power of suggestion.

        • Kids have been making things up since before the Salem Witch Trials. All of the original Salem accusers were under the age of 12. Then Google The McMartin Trials and tell me again that kids don’t make things up. And don’t try to be clever with people who are smarter than you, okay?

        • Mark some of us actually work in the real criminal justice system and understand basic things like due process, innocent until proven guilty, and the fact that people lie, cheat and steal. People use and abuse the system of all ages to attack others. If you like the idea of simple accusation to lead to a determination of guilt you should move to Saudi Arabia. For someone who claims to have CJ knowledge your certainly quick to judge everyone. Oh wait, unless your a state/federal prosecutor, that would make sense. All you want then is to rack up putting people behind bars to win re-election, regardless of whether there is evidence, and facts.

        • Mark, kids make stuff up all the time, especially when encouraged and coached by a vindictive mother. Of course all normal people are immediately offended and disgusted by the allegations, and join the mob in heaping abuse upon the accused molester. That’s why false allegations are so effective: the accused can never defend himself in the court of public opinion. Sure, sometimes allegations are true. But MOST OF THE TIME, especially when associated with divorce, they are NOT true. Read about Wenatchee, Washington, sex abuse scandal, another Salem-type witch hunt: In 1995, forty-three adults were arrested on 29,726 charges of child sex abuse, involving 60 children. In the final analysis, all the adults were found to be innocent of child abuse. The bottom line is that false accusations and massive over-reaction by over-zealous CPS and DA’s is common place; other examples are the Duke lacrosse case, Tawana Brawley, etc.

        • Well, how sick is she if she knew about “Daddy” molesting an 11 year old girl and said nothing….If that’s true, then there has to be a special section of the hottest part of hell that has an impalement pole with her name on it. Anyone who can suborn acts such as this man is accused of need the same punishment as the pervert himself.

        • Well mark good thing ur not on the jury, right? Too bad people like u cant be used like coupons on legal fees. Whats worse u say ur in legal field, reassuring. La is still 1 of few states where u can have anyone arrested 4 anything, u hash it out in court or DA “rejects” charges n u go free, no court or anything. Then u have the right 2 turn round n have them arrested 4 havin u arrested!!! I found this all out during a messy divorce, 5 charges 3 being felonies put on me by my ex n his momma n a crooked justice of the peace cause the cops knew it was crap n wouldnt touch if. Spent 39 days n jail cause i was a woman that took nothing when i left, wasnt mine, so i had nothing. 39!days later they call me out, i was free, DA rejected it. Im assuming mark is male so you are so off bout the teen. Girls r so confused at that age, shes 12 n looks 16-17, blue black confused hair, black make up, luvs marilyn manson n hot topic n death metal. Being brutally honest, not pretty at all. U dont know

        • Oh throw this in mark, she only met him few yrs ago cause her momma never told will he had another daughter till after show started.

      • Yep, oh they were all SO supportive but fallin off like flies now. Funny that everyones stories have changed but Wills. Ole steph could finally be famous!! Media LOVES abuse victims. I know him personally n have a long time, ive seen him date some beautiful women for whatever reason they dated him, but i saw it. But in the end he preferred to stay home n rape his big ole chubby death metal black make up wearin marilyn manson loving akward lookin daughter w/TERRIBLE overbite. That was ugly i know but thats an accurate physical description in case no 1 knows that

      • Yes there is a legal route to run but you realize that one of the first things done is a medical exam and DNA swabs

  3. Legal separation? I thought Hayden WAS Red Jacket. And I thought he was much older. BTW 10% bail shouldn’t be that hard to come up with. It seems everyone has distanced themselves.

    • The scuttlebutt I’ve heard is that Will Hayden wasn’t *the* owner of Red Jacket — he had a partner who ran the shop, while Hayden did business operations and the storefront. But the show needed a star, and he has charisma (and a desire for TV fame) that his business partner lacked, so he was presented as THE owner, regardless of fact. Ultimately TV money won out and the minority partner bought out the guy who was Red Jacket’s original founding gunsmith; life imitating art (if you can call it that).

  4. First Name : WILLIAM MICHALE
    Last Name : HAYDEN
    Sex : M
    Race : W
    Booked : 8/27/2014

    Charge LRS File Number Bond Amount Bond Date Court
    RAPE/AGGRAVATED 14:42 14-00054245 250000.00 19TH JDC

    • They didn’t lose those guns. Nobody loses that many Class III firearms.

      From everything I have read on the subject, those guns were old and broken and the decision was made to destroy them. The problem came along when they didn’t do their paperwork and get it turned in to the govt before the ATF came by for an inspection and noticed that they were missing guns that were still on the books.

      If the ATF suspected that they were actually “lost,” they’d have been shut down entirely and buried under massive legal troubles for the next 3 generations of Haydens. Losing that many machine guns means you’re an illegal arms dealer who got caught without a good lie. Apparently there was enough evidence that the weapons had been destroyed that they all avoided decades in jail and they just lost their FFL’s for the paperwork SNAFU.

      • Anyone who has dealt with the Federal Government agencies including the FAA and IRS knows that paperwork is their life and any mistakes are dealt with harshly.maybe Eric Holder and Lois Learner are great examples of government officials gone wild. The Attorney General of the US needs to completely explain how they “lost” thousands of guns in an illegal gun program that ended up killing Border patrol agents and US citizens. The IRS is not obeying the laws that specifically cover government agencies. The ATF&E still has a lot of explaining to do and Harry Reid has always been part of the problem. Please remember where there is money there is someone who will say anything to to get “their share”. During the Trial in Court is where this should play out not in the street.

  5. I’ll never understand why people do that to children. If true, he ruined both of their lives to one degree or another.

  6. I will be VERY surprised if Mr. hayden is convicted of any of these crimes most of these types of allegations turn out to be false.

    • @Michael nieto: No they don’t turn out to be false. Without evidence, they can be difficult to be proven, but kids don’t make this shit up. Yes there are those cases where some scorn woman makes a false accusation, but the justice system usually gets it right. Not always but those cases are far and in between. Sure there are people who have been falsely convicted.
      Tell you what, police agencies are required to have public information on registered sex offenders. Be it the State Police, Sheriff, or Local police, the information is out there. Take a look how many sex offenders there are EVERYWHERE. This type of crime is taboo and nobody wants to talk about it, but it’s not uncommon.
      Hell, there are 978 registered sex offenders just in the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office district, and Will Hayden is going to be one of them, if he ever gets out of prison.
      Here is a link for them. Take a look yourself.

      Each name can be clicked on and the offenders crime viewed. Have fun.

      • Yes kids do make up that shit. The usually don’t make it up out of thin air, they are lead to it by an adult.
        In fact, pretty much I could get 90% of children 8 and under to say you raped them, repeatedly and they would believe it 100%.
        It’s why how children are interrogated about such issues is of extreme importance, because the interrogation itself can plant into children’s minds the actual charge, and cause severe trauma to the child.

        • @ Xanthro You are wrong.

          Contrary to the popular misconception that children are prone to exaggerate sexual abuse, research shows that children often minimize and deny, rather than embellish what has happened to them.

          In one study, researchers examined 28 cases in which prepubescent children had tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease by forensically accepted procedures. To be included in the study, the children had to have presented for a physical problem with no prior disclosure or suspicion of sexual abuse and were required to have adequate expressive language capabilities. Each of the 28 children was interviewed by a social worker trained in abuse disclosure techniques and use of anatomically correct dolls. Only 12 of the 28 (43%) of the abused children interviewed gave any verbal confirmation of sexual contact (Lawson, & Chaffin, 1992).

          Another study involved a perpetrator who pled guilty after videotapes documenting his abuse of ten children were found by authorities. Because of these detailed video recordings, researchers knew exactly what had happened to these children. They were thus able to compare what the children told investigators when they were interviewed to the videotapes. Despite this abundance of hard physical evidence, the researchers found a significant tendency among the children to deny or minimize their experiences. Some children simply did not want to disclose their experiences, some had difficulties remembering them, and one child lacked adequate concepts to understand and describe them. Even when interviews included leading questions, none of the children embellished their accounts or accused the perpetrator of acts that he hadn’t actually committed (Sjoberg & Lindblad, 2002).

          Some people believe that recantations are a sure sign that a child lied about the abuse. However, a recent study found that pressure from family members play a significant role in recantations. Mallory et al. (2007) examined the prevalence and predictors of recantation among 2- to 17-year-old child sexual abuse victims. Case files (n = 257) were randomly selected from all substantiated cases resulting in a dependency court filing in a large urban county between 1999 and 2000. Recantation (i.e., denial of abuse postdisclosure) was scored across formal and informal interviews. Cases were also coded for characteristics of the child, family, and abuse. The researchers found a 23.1% recantation rate. The study looked for but did not find evidence that these recantations resulted from potential inclusion of cases involving false allegations. Instead, multivariate analyses supported a filial dependency model of recantation, whereby abuse victims who were more vulnerable to familial adult influences (i.e., younger children, those abused by a parent figure and who lacked support from the nonoffending caregiver) were more likely to recant.

        • Yes yes yes, we could debate studies all day long…

          Just like in 80’s psychologists convinced THOUSANDS of women that their fathers had sexually assaulted them through the power of suggestion….. The psychologists didn’t do it on purpose, they did it by trying to recover lost memories, and in the process of coaching them through it they created false memories in the patients head. Its actually one of the biggest stains on the history of phycology. Simply because something is true in one situation doesn’t make it true in another, to think so is pseudoscience. And keep screaming “kids never lie”, its just making you look more like a fool. Anyone that has kids, or worked with kids abused or otherwise will tell you they can certainly create fanciful stories especially if they’ve been told, coached, or think they can get something out of it. That’s why we have trails, to determine guilt. Not just asinine assumptions.

        • BoS, how about right on into adulthood? I was making up fanciful erotic stories (if I told someone, they would be “lies”) until I was over 50! And I started when I was around 12, called “daydreaming”, if I told anybody, they would be “lies”! Saying kids don’t lie is simply being deliberately obtuse.

      • The Salem Witch Trials and The McMartin Cases. If those concrete examples don’t end the “kids don’t make things up” crapola, nothing will.

      • What planet u live on? Kids can ABSOLUTELY make false accusations. They can be bribed, cohearsed, swayed, he never knew this daughter till AFTER the show aired, the mother came foward claiming he was the father. Then she dropped her on his doorstep n left. Guess he should have gave her child support checks n sent them BOTH on their way….take a deep breath people n tell what u smell

        • I’m just going to assume all of the people in this thread insisting most kids lie about abuse have fucked kids at some point.

  7. Wasn’t this update already posted in the older story?

    But yeah – just like with the Brown shooting, I will wait for all the facts to come out before making any judgments.

    That said, if the allegations are true I hope they throw the book at him.

  8. Wow, lots of guilty verdicts here. Didn’t we just have as a prime example in the news (ferguson) that we should not jump to knee jerk reactions and start sentencing hearings before an actual trial and conviction.

    It is all he said she said with no evidence at this point.

    • Worse, it’s he said she said with the complaining witness being easily influenced by a very pissed off and vengeful guardian.

    • The LEGAL presumption is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We are not a court of law and we can knee jerk and conjecture all we like.

    • “It is all he said she said with no evidence at this point.”

      How do you know that there is no evidence? Do you actually think the prosecutor for this case is going to tell the news media all the information regarding this case before he or she uses the information in court?

  9. wow, a shame they canceled it now that there is real drama. Maybe it’ll move to another channel that, uhh, knows drama. Right before that show with the funny gun that shoots from the bottom cylinder. I admit, I want to see them duke it out in front of the cameras.

    Also, those Stephanie Hayden pictures from Playboy….

    • @DWB
      Yeah you are right, but the problem is it’s such a taboo subject. No advertiser or sponsor would touch that show. If it was to air, you’d have all kinds of busy-body groups boycotting the sponsors that did advertise.
      It would make a great episode though, having his older daughter burst into his office sobbing about how he did her every day from the time she was ten, making her suck his weenie, having a close up shot of Haydens face as the cops cuffed him and told him what he was arrested for! It would be one helluva twist on reality shows! I’d watch it.

        • You do realize that the people that watch “reality tv” are actually waiting for something like that to happen. Something dramatic and life shattering, so they can get their voyeur rocks off… Just like people watching a race. We’re not cats whose instincts tell us to sit still and watch something go in circles as we prepare to pounce, they watch to see the crashes, the spectacle.

          I’d say that all of the people who watch “reality tv” even though it’s not actually real are a bit sick.

  10. Everybody is facebook guilty these days. If the Leftist Statist Libturds ever take full control upon the US and enforce their Liberal Nightmare, the criminal justice system will simply be replaced with a Facebook page, where, if you are accused of a crime, the populous will vote on your guilt via “likes” or “not likes”. If a majority of likes is achieved by the end of the week, you will be sentenced to a punishment which is also determined by another facebook page, where again the populous will vote on your punishment via likes.

    • @ The Brotherhood of Steel

      Fortunately, the LEGAL presumption is innocent until proven guilty in a court of proper legal jurisdiction.
      Facebook doesn’t mean shit.

    • You posted a ridiculous comment. You sound like the type of person who doesn’t believe that liberal people own guns, that many gun owners reject the NRA because it’s gone far beyond it’s intended mission, that liberal people like to hunt, etc.

  11. I stopped watching after Vince walked. In that last season, Will had shown how much of a jerk he was. Kris proved he was a gold digger. I later found out that Will lost his FFL for something as stupid as paperwork issues regarding tracking guns that were scrapped and stolen. Although Will is a jerk, he didn’t strike me as someone who would do something like this. Doesn’t matter. I personally think the only reason Red Jacket survived is stardom and America’s gun buying frenzy. Now that both are over, I doubt it will go very far. I am glad that Vince has started his own shop, though.

    • Same here. When Vince walked, he took a wealth of knowledge and experience with him. Kris the Monkey Boy proved that marrying the boss’ daughter can compensate for a world of shortcomings.

    • “Although Will is a jerk, he didn’t strike me as someone who would do something like this.”

      He doesn’t strike you as someone who would do something like this? You know the guy from a TV show, which means you really don’t know what the guy is like at all.

  12. I find the timing of this “confiding” highly questionable. This is especially true given that the guardian is in a very pitched legal battle with the alleged perp at the time.

    If it’s true, Hayden needs to be send to prison for a good long time with the word “pedo” tattooed on his forehead.

    If it’s not true, the guardian needs to be send away for the same amount of time.

    • Not anymore. Everyone here is out of date. Here’s the latest:

      Stephanie has withdrawn her support for will, admitted to Kris he did the same to her, and Kris posted so publicly.

      Stephanie has also made a call for others to come forward, because she “has a feeling there are many more”.

      Flem has stated he knows more than he wishes he did, and while innocence before guilt is the law of the land, he knows he’s guilty.

      Vince has chimed in that he wished as much as possible it wasn’t true, but it is, and he thinks Will will never step foot outside a prison again.

      Others that work in the shop have made internet comments to the effect that everyone knows he is guilty.

      And let’s not forget the RFJ statement that talked of “heavy hearts” and “moving on”.

  13. Innocent or guilty, I still feel bad for the kid involved. Either she was raped, or she’s stuck in the middle of a super-vengeful feud and being used as a pawn. Pretty awful no matter what, though for her sake I hope its the latter.

  14. If true, and that’s the big IF, that is one real sick puppy. And the best punishment would be sharing a cell with 350 pound Bubba for the next 30 years, with nightly encounters.

  15. That show lost me as a viewer years ago.
    They seemed to be Jumping the Shark on a weekly basis.
    Even I the current allegations are false or true. makes no matter or loss to me and my viewing habits.
    If this is his ex-wife being ………..well a vindictive bitch may she go to hell.
    If he is indeed guilty may he burn in hell for all eternity.
    Child molesters to me are the lowest form of life.
    Till then what else can one expect but for the rest of his family do but run and hide till hes is found guilty or innocent of the charges.
    The business itself should go on.

      • Those articles appear to be from the first arrest not the second. The second article when you search backs up that text message from

  16. What, you men people don’t want to be associated with alleged child… rape… yeah actually that makes sense.

    On one hand I hope he’s guilty because of the price he’s already paying and that it would be a terrible injustice for an innocent man. On the other hand I don’t think I really want to be rooting for a child have been abused…

  17. This is a business decision, plain and simple. There’s bad press surrounding Hayden, and with the increased scrutiny on anything firearms related thanks to scum like Moms and Bloomberg, the company has to make a definitive statement to try and keep customers.

    • Depends if there are state laws making failure to report suspect child abuse crime. Most professionals, doctors shrinks, clergy, are required to report.

  18. wow the crickets are chirping for all those people that wholeheartedly supported hayden just a few weeks ago

  19. If the allegations are true, I’m dumbfounded. Will should have had plenty of money to buy decent hookers.

        • I feel like such an ass, i’ve defended him n had his back this whole time. But i know different now, no its not the media w*^re daughter that suddenly is a victim also, but the most reliable source there is, hes a disgusting human being deserves evrything he gets, FYI its not all circumstancial, theres medical also.

  20. I so so hope this goes to trial.
    I have to say it again and again. Kids rarely make up sexual abuse allegations and skilled investigators trained in interview techniques with child victims are very good and determining if the allegations are true or not.
    It doesn’t matter what I think or anyone else thinks. There is NOTHING wrong with public opinion. What does matter is the suspect receives a fair trial.
    It wouldn’t make any difference if had a bench trial and the judge thought he was guilty as hell, but the state failed to prove its case and the judge found him not guilty. What matters is what can be proven in court.
    Do I think he’s guilty? Yes I do. Does it make a damn bit of difference? No it doesn’t.
    He has the legal presumption of innocence, not the public opinion of innocence.

    • Lol ok mark so u were right AND wrong, but so was i, and my wrong was much worse, i was defending a child rapist, u are right hes as guilty as guilty can be. Theres def looks like foul play but its only coincidence. Evry1’s gonna see, alot of things gonna play out n theres nothing good for him

  21. The most important thing in this whole story is that the 12 year old receives some Godly Counseling. My hats off to Stephanie for coming forward to support her sister being that she went through the same trauma. If Will is Guilty then he should receive whats coming his way. he hasnt been to trial as of yet and the Public opinions dont mean anything. Its all about facts coming out at trial. As far as the Red Jacket business going forth, They should change thier name and Get rid of Kris Ford who is a Phony. and a Freeloader. Both of which the company doesnt need.

    semper Fi

    God Bless

    Semper Fi

  22. What a worthless piece of trash!! Hope he rots in jail for a looooong time!
    His attitude is going to make in real popular in jail!!
    Stay strong Stephanie your father is one sick individual. Good on you for doing the right thing and fighting for justice with your sister.

    • Good thing show was cancelled otherwise lil sis would be fighting the good fight alone cause ole steph had Wills back 100% up 2 that point

  23. Wow, this POS needs to have the same done to him in prison. Lets see if he bounces back from this. Meanwhile his POS daughter and idiot son n law have run the company into the ground. All I can say after this is I am glad I never bought anything from this company. Let god punish him for his misgivings and for him to rott in hell for what he did.

    Mercy goes out to the little girl and her family, and the years of trauma counseling she will endure.

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