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OMG! He called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America member Claire a “child”! First, the NRA portrays our beloved maximum leader Shannon Watts as a 50’s style hausfrau (note: Moms don’t do irony). Now that misogynist Farago at The Truth About Guns calls a grown woman a child! Does she look like a child to you, fellow civilian disarmament crusaders? No! She’s a grown woman! From Texas no less, a state where under-endowed pig farmers carry assault rifles into Kroger’s frozen food section. (Brave woman.) She’s also . . .

a military Mom who’ll teach her four boys (boys!) that it’s OK for daddy to have a gun because he can eventually help us take guns away from gun owners. And here’s the best part: she’s an NRA rifle instructor on our side! How about that Mr. Fancy Pants LaPierre? One of yours shows people how to use a rifle and convinces them never carry one in public. Anyway, let’s find more of these models. I mean, model members and show the world who we really are!

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  1. Is the phrase ‘”sacred cows”make the best hamburger” considered to be misogynistic too?


    • If she is an actress, has never been an NRA instructor, perhaps they should have ran this by their lawyers before they made the claim.

        • Because the management (and their legal advisors) at MDA/ETFGS know that: “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” ― Ayn Rand

  2. I believe it because I’m a CIA super secret double naught spy, a highly decorated space shuttle door gunner and I have all the physical evidence of the Roswell UFO crash. Claire was an instructor for the new line of 130 watt pulse rifles just developed by the good folks at Area 51. I’m certain that she means well.

    • That’s what I’m saying, I mean, lets look at the two compared side by side, for when MDA and TTAG finally face off in this years exhibition season…

      TTAG- Stronger defense, with more seasoned players, better offense with a FAR better quarterback. We can also run the ball and have championship experience.

      MDA- Struggling defense, poor sportsmanship, weak roster, benefits of playing in a weak conference, offense can throw wild plays but they never seem to make 1st downs, quarterback is all about showmanship, however they do have some wicked receivers and a strong kicker.

      My guess is going to be TTAG wins easily- 43, with 5 touchdowns, 3 field goals and a safety.

      MDA loses with a huge point deficit- 8, one touchdown with 2 point conversion.

  3. Did you write the linked article on huff post as well? I actually read it (ugh), and it seemed just as sarcastic as this one. “And now we’re taking on Krogers!” Ha!

  4. OK, but why should anyone care? In business you don’t hire someone just based on a resume’ for the simple reason that people frequently lie on a resume’ or at least fail to tell the full story.

    • The wife can engage in a political talk, but he can’t. Though he is going to get a lot of ribbing from it.

  5. She has a blog. Nothing about guns on it at all.

    “Pumpkin” shows up 5 times.
    “Squirrel” once.
    “Ford” 9 times.
    “gun” none.

    So she supports them, but hasn’t mentioned them on her blog. ever?

  6. It never continues to amazing me they couldn’t come with a less unwieldy name than Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

    • You mean their HBO segment called “Bullshit!” wherein they viciously tore down gun control arguments for the absolute frauds that they are?

      • No, it was a show on Showtime that ran for a couple of years, but you’re right they did tear down a lot of the gun control myths on one of their episodes.

  7. Can you say “paid actress?” The words “stock photo” also come to mind.

    Why do I say this, you might ask? Because, like the entire Staples photo bomb that was later admitted to be totally staged (as well as their being kicked out of Staples’ corporate HQ mind you), it is not beyond them to out-right lie and completely fabricate every single solitary statement that they make.

    It’s the exact same thing that they did for every franchise that politely asked their customers not to bring guns into their stores. It wasn’t an out-right ban and official spokespeople confirmed this. Even Starbucks came right out and said explicitly that they weren’t even going to enforce said “request”. We abided by these decisions anyway because we didn’t want it to go further than that, and eventually you started to see open-carry in all of these places again anyway.

    Simply put, they’re known liars and literally everything they say and every picture they publish automatically merits only the utmost suspicion because it is very likely to be completely false if not extreme hyperbole.

    P.S.: I’d also be willing to bet that there are far and away more converts from their side to ours than the other way around, principally because people on our side can actually think for themselves and came to our position organically through reasoned debate and valid empirical research. This instead of simply being told what to think and believe by millionaire and billionaire elitists who, by the way, have no problem trying to purchase votes whether for their favored legislation and their pet candidates while they hypocritically slam their opposition for pouring money into elections and legislation, too. In short, it’s gun control advocates that are likely “bought-and-paid-for” — lock, stock, and barrel even — and “scared into submission” by fear-mongerers, from politicians to peace officers to ordinary John and Jane Doe, than the other way around.

    • My thoughts too.
      Effing fantasyland Moms making up PR lies while dancing and playing to Bloomie’s fiddle.

      • And I remember them “climbing over the still-warm bodies to get to the microphone” not too long ago.

    • It could be a lie, it could also be a woman who had bought into MDA’s new “lite” message, that they like guns but only want to deny them to criminals.

      She is a bit shannon-esque in that she’s pretty at first look, but there’s something…off with her eyes. Maybe she’s real, but another shannon, engaged in wholesale dishonesty.

  8. By their standards, MDAGSA is a racist misandrist hate group paid for by an elitist 1%er. Without the leftest media they would be a totally unknown 10 member group.

  9. Texan, NRA instructor, military wife, and a member of moms? I call bull sh**. You cn’t be all that and a member of moms.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
    P.S. I’m calling it on moms, not the person in the photo. Also “clair” does look like a teen at best, to me anyway.

    • Sure she can. She’s currently being treated at the Psych Ward on Joint Base Lackland. She had a “nervous breakdown” right after she learned of her husband’s tenth consecutive deployment. Her alcohol detox program is working well too I hear.

    • It is probably a stock photo. The real Claire is probably in her fifties and got her NRA Rifle Instructor through Boyscouts. Many of the BSA Rifle instructors are not NRA members (she
      doesn’t say current or former NRA member). The NRA training counselors for BSA tend to be pretty lax, as the normal BSA program is equivalent to the NRA’s first steps program and can be taught in three hours with some additional range time hitting a target from only one position ( bench rest). There are some real good folks, but there are some that are loons. The BSA program always has enough folks on the field to insure the good prevail. The BSA have found that troops and camps with a solid shooting program attract and retain scouts at probably twice the average of troops without. More kids are seriously injured on the bicycle merit badge then rifle. To that point, a nine year old girl DIED today building a sandcastle an interesting counterpoint to the poor girl in Arizona. One blogger was outraged that a woman was arrested for negligence for allowing her daughter to play in the park alone but the Uzi parents won’t face any charges. I am outraged too. 9 year olds should be able to play in a neighborhood park alone. If that isn’t safe, police need to spend their time on the real problem

  10. A statement just in from Sammy Demands More Back Ground on Claire or SDMBGOC:
    “I demand more background on this “Claire”!

  11. is it me or is anyone else turned on by the thought of Shannon wearing a long 50’s style dress, hair in a bow, doing housework while you oversee her work holding a beer and a cigar?

    • Back in the 80’s when I was on active duty, a “sharpshooter” badge was pretty easy to come by. You were a “marksman” by being able to launch the bullet in the general direction of the target.

    • Sharpshooter is a qualification rating one step above the bare minimum required to pass the basic qualification course, but well below Expert. It carries little to no weight with those familiar with the qualification requirements.

  12. Why does any of those things matter? Chuck Norris supports the 2A and NRA, but I’m not pro 2A because of either of those things. Why do they always have to throw up poster boys to get their message across? Why can’t they simply provide a well reasoned argument based on concise facts and basic logic. Oh wait, I forgot, they have none of those things.

  13. Her (supposed) Army husband is a lucky guy. Most men that swear an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies get shipped off to far away places*. Hers only has to roll over to find one.

    *Mostly places were no enemies of the Constitution actually live, but I digress.

    • Gee, when my kids told my wife they were bored they found themselves scrubbing the bathroom floor with a toothbrush. They weren’t bored very often.

  14. Maybe we’re dealing with a “composite” here–I mean, the Prez did it in his “non-fiction” memoir, no??

  15. because the two million supporters of Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety mobilized for the cause. At the rallies it usually seems like the two supporters of Mommies Demanding Some Action show up.

  16. Interesting that there’s not much additional information about “Claire”. Perhaps she was more enthusiastic about guns and being an NRA instructor while she was married, but not so much now that she’s divorced? Funny how some women find doing things that hubby liked doing anathema once he’s no longer around? Just sayin’.

    • Here’s her blog [again]:

      Interesting and fun OPSEC fact from her blog –

      “…during the summer I’m also the Communications Director at Camp Jeanne d’Arc.”

      Camp Jeanne D”Arc is in Merrill, NY, but she lives in San Antonio with Sergeant Handsome. Maybe she has a Frequent Flier card?

      And I gather from looking around her site that she lives off-base.

      And then there’s this:

      “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to come over for a drink. Just warn me first so that I can throw all my laundry in a closet and hide magazines under the bed.
      For real.

      EMAIL: claire (at) halfheartedhousewife (dot) com”

      I guess she just wanted to have a drink (or lots of drinks) with the Demanding Moms, because this is right up top on her home page:
      “We haven’t had the best luck lately. It’s felt a little bit like black clouds are hanging over our house…”

      Sad, that.

      • OK, she was once a tribal member of People Of The Gun but now she isn’t. Political/cultural sea-changes like this happen all the time. We can give her that. But they also can presage other complex and rather deeper conflicts. We can give her that, too. Running with Shannon and the Moms is going to be quite a ride. I wish her luck.

  17. Met more than enough “chicks that hitched their wagon to the Uncle Sam gravy train”. Nothing but trouble for all concerned.

    Joe, if you needed a “wife” the Army would have issued you one.

  18. She appears to be real.

    Everyone is entitled to a little social activism.

    I’d be inclined to believe she was an idealistic Mom suddenly converted as a result of the Uzi tragedy, but as you can see, she has been at it, with MDA, for awhile:

    Her timeline includes Texas Young Democrats,



    I don’t want to be cynical, but something tells me the NRA instructor part is bogus.

    • I’m not sure how Sgt Handsome hasn’t had a little talking to by his superiors about her activism.

  19. Claire is real enough. I left a commentm here earlier, with links to her Fakebook page – probably moderated for too many links- or buggy ness at Fakebook.

    4 kids, member of MDA since May, and a Young Texas Democrat, and a Right to Life group member.

    I support everyone having a voice in America. Even if they are misguided.

  20. Here would be something funny, a few hundred gun owners sign-up to be MDA members and then have a campaign where we take pictures supporting the NRA. NY, NJ, CT, MA & CA anti-gun haven groups should start, that way they can have the same OMG! MDA members support the NRA .

    That should blunt any further BS campaigns like this.

    • That would be funny, but unlikely- MDA is well known for moderating their comments and posts to wipe out any criticism. Yesterday I went and made two moderate comments- one asking about the fact that there was only one mildly disagree-ing opinon, and also dropped in two links as factual counterpoints. All gone today, including the one other poster I was fortunate to see.

      I really doubt anyone at MDA is reading here, except to come up with a hysterical accusation that we are all misogynist. That appears to be a common tactic for them- I read one accusation that the “gun crazies and freaks” were attacking on Kroger- and went there to check- again, no, nothing like that at all- some moderate disagreements.

      So, MDA is pure propaganda, thats all. And a particularly disgusting form of it, pretending to speak of the children and Moms, while demonizing all who disagree. Classic Soviet agitprop. It works on the gullible, but I doubt that it will work much on the Millenials or anyone familiar with social media, and how it can be manipulated. Judging by Bloombergs failures in MI and CO, and the neutral PR statements from various corporations that MDA has targeted, their hysterical grandstanding is pretty much all they have left.

  21. Fancy Pants LaPierre? Has she been watching movies on TCM? Note to Wayne – Time for a restraining order.

  22. Something about that face just does not say “trust me, I’m credible.” Maybe it’s funny angle it’s shot from, or the lopsided smiling expression, or maybe not.

  23. Look guys. Lets give her the benefit of the doubt she is doing what she thinks is best- she works from home as a “communications director” for a kids camp, probably to make a few bucks to supplement her enlisted soldier husbands pay – if he’s been in 10 years, thats not a lot to go around to pay for four kids.

    So she is politically naive. Who isn’t naive in their twenties? Lets educate her, and other Moms, without being creepy suggestive or overly misogynist. That would pi$$ me off if I were her husband, and he’s serving this country, like cops, who put their lives on the line for our families, too.

    If we want to be outraged, lets be outraged at MDA that exploits well-intentioned young parents, with the bogus propaganda Bloomberg is paying for, thats deliberately spun, and outright lies, until TTAG and others catch them in the lie.

    Just like on the rest of the Progressive Agenda, America’s moderate middle, and youth, are catching on. We dont have to make it harder, though, by being contemptous of the ignorant. That ad hominem strategy we can save for those who know better, at the top, Ms Watts and Bloomberg, and the Chapter leaders, and in the press.

  24. Let’s face it, it’s hard to be a liberal, which she definitely is, operate in those circles and simultaneously be a member of the NRA and pro-gun. The cognitive dissonance is just too great, especially for the people she has to associate with. I truly wish her luck. She has every right to hold the political beliefs she has. If she were moving the other way, breaking with the Moms and joining the NRA she’d be lionized by gun rights supporters. It’s just politics.

  25. So, her husband serves in the military and swore an oath to support and defend the constitution. She is part of a group that fights to destroy an entire amendment (or two). Very interesting. I guess I missed the part of my oath where it said I was supposed to support and defend everything except the 2A.

  26. Uh, in reading the “About Me” page on her site, it says she homeschools her kids which I find interesting. I appreciate that a constantly moving military wife might want to home school to keep her kids’ education lives stable. However, there are very few homeschooling liberals out there that we have run in to, even in liberal Connecticut.

    Just sayin’.

  27. Golly,after seeing that ad I’ll just get on board and do whatever Shannon says. If pretty woman with gun creds magically agree with civilian disarmament I guess we have it all wrong.

  28. Ok, product endorsements. Maybe thats how Bloomie and Ms Watts roll. They are out buying “real” Moms.

    Kind of like the Wendy Davis Democrats- that one of the Fakebookers on comment feed there suggested she contact, and which I noticed in Ms Claires timeline- perhaps she did- she shows a picture “me working the phones”.

    Would these same Texas Young Democrats be the same Women for Wendy caught breaking the Voter Act, by using get out the non-profit get out the vote organization databases, later to fund- and volunteer raise for Wendy Davis before her failed election?

    Why am I not surprised? The Progtard left just keeps going further in the sewer, with these faux community organizer type connections, and sockpuppet campaigns, top down organized. No matter how Ms Watts and Bloomie try, they cant spend enough money to buy enough nitwits, to overcome the awakening in everyday folks across America, that they dont speak for us.

  29. So, Mrs. Military Wife, Homeschooling Mom-of-Four, NRA Rifle Instructor, MDA Member: what “common sense” gun control measures, exactly, would effectively keep guns out of the hands of children, violent felons, and nutjobs? And where, exactly, have such measures proven to be effective when enacted?

  30. Show a picture of a pretty woman and everyone goes ape-shit.I personally think it is stupid to open carry unless you are out in the bush or tall in the saddle.

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