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“Nope, sorry, not the fault of the instructor…this is the fault of idiotic parents who think there is nothing wrong will letting their 9 year old fire a f**king uzi…if you think your child needs to fire ANY weapon, let alone this one, you are not fit to have children. Your children should be forcibly ripped from your custody, in front of you, while you scream about the 2nd amendment or some such shit. Seriously…this is why gun nuts are worthy of pre-emptive detention. So incredibly sad. This child’s life has been forever altered because her parents thought it was important to teach her how to fire an uzi…because they are idiots. Period.” – Tim Wise [at]

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  1. Unless this clown plans to stack up on people’s doors himself to take their kids, he should sit down and shut up. If someone tried to take my kids just because I happen to own guns… I would not be “screaming about the 2nd amendment”, I would be demonstrating its practical applications.

  2. You could make the same argument about parents who send their kids to public schools, or parents who give their kids Hep B vaccine at 24 hours old, the list is huge.

        • Nice come back. I am wondering when, or if, the CDC’s MMR vaccine/autism scandal will break.

        • Vaccines do not cause autism. Vaccines are one of the safest and most natural ways to prevent disease. This biochemisty is complex, but that doesn’t make it some kind of magic that is beyond understanding, and vaccines are better understood than most of the things you are exposed to in the world.

          Besides, what “causes” autism lately is autism diagnoses, and what causes autism diagnoses is the fad status of the condition and the fact that you get public aid and special treatment if you explain your kid’s disability as autism instead of a less fasionable condition.

        • @Don, the circumstantial evidence says otherwise, vaccines may not be only cause, but they certainly are at least a contributing factor.

        • Don, I am not trying to pick a fight, but you cannot “know” that vaccines do not cause autism; you cannot prove a negative. They are not “natural” they are man-made, highly processed, protein (virus) fragments laced with dangerous foreign substances. They are not safe, that is why drug manufacturers are indemnified by federal law. There is also a fund established by the government to compensate victims of adverse reactions.

          Go back to the Gulf war and view the photos of troops with reactions from the anthrax vaccine, and tell me, or better yet, them, that the vaccine was safe.

          I had an associate, another anesthetist, who had a child with autism. He was not compensated, it was not fashionable. I worked with a Harvard-trained surgeon who had an autistic child. Again, no compensation, and he found no glamour in it.

          You can go to for more information, or do a web search for coverup+vaccine+CDC.

        • The scientific (direct) evidence refutes (proves wrong) these extrapolated connections people peddle which are based on anecdote and circumstantial evidence.

        • Don, I suppose to you the presence of residual mercury in the vaccine stock means nothing. Had your flu shot yet? Have several if they’re so safe.

        • Believe what you want. The medical community will just have to deal with the consequences. I have heard all the theories, and could address every one. I’m reluctantly convinced though that nothing short of becoming a medical researcher will be strong enough to overcome the powerful psychology of conspiracy in a mind it has taken hold. Doing so would be your best chance of proving your theories right or learning they are not. I encourage you to enroll in a program, rather than argue on the internet.

        • @Don, when you say you’ve heard all the theories, don’t forget that immunizations are just that… theories. And if you are scientifically orientated, you surely have done your due dilligence and discovered what the pharmaceutical companies are calling evidence is largely if not entirely based on junk science. I’m sure someone so sure of their opinion has done their due dilligence on the subject.

        • Paco, you seem to be confusing the meaning of theory and hypothesis…

          A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired through the scientific method, and repeatedly confirmed through observation and experimentation.

          I find that anti-gunners and anti-vaxxers have a few things in common. They have to rely on emotion and “do it for the children arguments,” and ignore the evidence (things like actual crime statistics and scientific research).

          Have fun trying to cause a resurgence of polio…

        • Oh, yeah? Well, Marshall Bravestarr could beat up He-Man!

          Sorry, just thought I’d take the conversation even farther off the rails.

        • Autism is spread by promiscuous federal spending. Autism CARES Act 2014 authorized $190 million per year for 2014 through 2019 for all things Autism. Does anyone seriously expect the alleged “incidence” of Autism not to keep surging, if you put a billion dollar bounty on finding that phantom?

        • obfuscate whoaa big word there dumb it down just a bit for all us dumb redneck gun owners out here

        • I assume by “whoops” you mean “I accidentally copied and pasted nonsense into my reply.”

          Our opposition releases idiotic drivel, yet members of “our side” waste no time in trying to loudly one-up his level of ignorance.

          I hate to say it folks, but we’ve got our share of really stupid people on our side as well. Embarrassingly stupid. This hurts us.

        • @beef, your comment on finding that ‘anti agunners and anti vaxxers’ are alike by basing their thought in emotion….that may be the most ridiculous post on this board today. I’m glad you don’t see that you doing exactly that in your very own statement. And let’s push aside your attempt at scientific gobbledopegook; double blind studies are the existing gold standard for drug testing. Show me the double blind study proving the short and long safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Take your time. I’ll wait.

        • Autism = chromosomal anomaly. Period. Unless a vaccine is a time travel device that can go back to when the DNA of the parents is combining to form the child’s DNA. Female DNA is in eggs from birth, male DNA is copied to produce gametes (sperm). The more times the DNA is copied it is more likely that there are going to be imperfections that may cause autism. Tetrogens can also cause chromosomal malformations while a fetus is rapidly copying its DNA to form new cells. Correlation does not mean causation. Please educate yourself before you embarrass yourself any more.

        • Thiomersal ( thimerosal) is an organomercury compound. It WAS used in as an antiseptic / antifungal agent in vaccines before the unwashed masses began clamouring that the devils are making the flat earth spin widdershins. Every anti-vaccer gets twisted up with the “OMG MERCURY CAUSES DEH AUTISM!!1!” but it’s no different than salt. Salt is a compound of ( wait for it ) chlorine and sodium. Two very poisonous and caustic elements. Separately, deadly. Together, necessary for life.

          Science. How does it work?

        • My Favorite part of the whole anti vaccination fraud is when Jenny McCarthy tells me vaccines cause autism but then tells me I should be smoking e-cigarettes…….That’s my kind of science.

    • Don’t forget the whole dairy thing … the debate about pasteurized milk versus raw milk. Heck there is even a huge debate about the potential benefits and drawbacks of eating any dairy at all.

      • Someone pointed out that we are the only species that drinks the milk of another species, and the only species that drinks milk into adulthood. Heavy milk-drinking (dairy-consuming) nations have the highest incidence of osteoporosis. I understand that this does not prove causation, but it is something to consider.

        • All very true, if ou insist on drinking milk, make sure it’s raw. Otherwise you are aski he for health problems.

        • @nigel, yes, good point. Meat is much healthier when eaten raw. Most of us don’t have the resolve to do so however. Mainstream nutrition these days is mostly a hoax, do your own research before you trust anything you see or hear on TeeVee.

        • @bear, cows milk is high in calcium, but from where? They eat grass, grass, and grass. Cows aren’t consuming cows milk for high calcium content, and cows pasteurized milk is a major factor in many health problems including osteoporosis.

        • Nigil, to echo Paco, good point. I do not eat meat, and have not for 30+ years. I do feed my dogs raw meat, plus canned food, as it seems to be a more natural, healthier diet as compared to kibble.

          To jarhead51, yep cats drink cow’s milk, but only when it is given to them by humans. Never saw it happen in the wild. Assuming by your moniker that you are a marine…. Go Navy!

        • Other animals are not making a choice to not drink milk. Many species would consume the milk of another if they only had the knowledge and ability to make it happen. The same goes for any of the things humans do that other humans view as negative. If someone feels their lifestyle needs to line up perfectly with other animals there is a long list of things to give up as well as things to start doing. Other animals are not using firearms or posting comments on a gun blog but that alone isn’t a valid reason for a human to not do those things. And giving a chimp a loaded AK doesn’t count. 🙂

      • Paco, it seems we are on the same side of this argument. Regarding calcium; the largest land animals, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, etc. are all vegetarian, getting their calcium from leafy greens. For what it is worth.

        • Yeah no doubt, it makes sense when you think it out, what other animals on the planet cook their food? And there are plenty of carnivores, herbivores, ect. Man didn’t always have access to fire either, but he was still eating for a very long time before cooking his food.

      • Not necessarily everyone, they would kill the men and just brutally rape the women until they convert to Islam. Anyone who thinks that Muslims are ‘peaceful’ or ‘moderate’ is fooling themselves.

        Deus Vult.

        • Sorry I’m late. Busy killing and raping people til they convert together with more than a billion other muslims.


  3. Mr. Wise isn’t so but I do wonder of the circumstances surrounding the kid firing the uzi. Did the kid show an interest and ask to or is this one of those times when some parent thought it’d be cute to make their kid do something? Like it’s cute to dress your daughter like a whore up to a certain age then all of a sudden it’s a problem. It’s cute to take pictures of your kid holding a wad of cash and a handgun.

    Did she want to do what she was doing and the parents facilitated or did the parents want her to do this and she complied with authorities will?

    I have a problem a parents like that. It has nothing to do with guns or drugs or money or horses or pools or tractors or sticks or stones or anything else. My problem is with jerk-off parents who treat their kids like accessories. Same goes for morons who dress up their dogs.

    • Is there any evidence that the parents were even gun owners? I’ve seen pictures of Lebron James shooting a machine guns, but that doesn’t mean he’s a gun owning 2nd amendment supporter. Machine guns are just fun to shoot, you don’t have to be a hardcore gun nut to want to do so. I heard the family was from New Jersey, so chances are they aren’t even gun owners considering the politics of that state. This guys making some serious assumptions.

  4. Wow. How to keep the commentary clean about this anti-gun bigot?

    I would argue the exact opposite: that you are not doing due diligence with your children if you are not teaching them about firearm use and safety. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that those parents that choose not to educate their children about firearms are not qualified to be parents.

    People like this jack wagon piss me off.

  5. I do question the overall parental fitness of the 9 year old girl’s parents in having her shoot a full auto firearm. Then again, parents make mistakes in judgment all the time … like leaving buckets full of water accessible to children who end up drowning in them.

    I totally disagree that parents are somehow unfit for letting any child shoot anything. There are firearms that are appropriate for different children at different ages and different supervision levels. Parents decide if/when/how to help their children learn all kinds of dangerous activities like riding a bicycle, playing a sport, or operating a machine or power tool. Firearms are no different.

    • There are many kids that age that have fired full auto weapons. Have you fired a full auto pistol caliber weapon? they really don’t have much kick, you just have to have proper trainng in anticipating the up ward climb. The instructor did not do his job, and he paid the price.

    • Lots of kids have fired full auto weapons. For instance, the first full rock and roll weapon I fired was an Uzi 9mm, exactly like this on. I was big enough to support it on my own but the instructor (a family friend who had his FFL) was crouched BEHIND me to help me control muzzle climb or grab the weapon if it became too much for me (don’t scratch my gun!).

      • Yes, I am sure a lot of kids have fired this type of gun before. But, was it their first time shooting? This 9 year old was obviously not familiar with guns (in that the instructor was showing her how to hold the FA and stand prior to the accident), and the instructor and parents were severely negligent, thinking it was OK for her to fire an automatic weapon. Some kids use power tools as well, but that doesn’t mean I am giving a kid who doesn’t use them free reign to use the table saw as a first run.

  6. This dork needs to know that shooting sports are just about the safest of all sports. More safe than football baseball soccer hockey basketball by ANY measure. Just another anti looking to spew nonsense at every opportunity.

  7. “Tim Wise is an antiracist activist, essayist and author of six books on racism and white privilege”

    Da fuq? Only in America man…

    • That explains it… the gun debate has as much to with culture as anything. Metrosexuals and other unmasculine types who see gun enthusiests as hillbillies or rough and uncouth. (As Curly said “I resemble that”). Mostly I think that their femininism gives them a complex. I wonder, has he ever blasted thugs’ parents who fail to get them professional instruction?

      • Hey check your privilege bro.. I learned AS A CHILD to shoot from dad and the boy scouts and Nintendo. (no Uzi’s though…)

        The homeboys in my neighborhood have to learn how to shoot on the street and do a couple stretches in county before they graduate to state prison.

        Life just aint fair.

    • It’s interesting to see how clever domineering white men can continue to make money off of the plights of black people. Instead of owning their bodies, he purports to take ownership in their plight.

      It reminds me of male women’s studies scholars, who have ultimately found a clever way to continue to be a man who tells women how they should think and act.

      • I feel so stupid. Whenever I try to tell my wife how think and act, she tells me to shove it. Not fair, not at all fair. And these guys say white men rule the world. The dems only support minorities (2/3s of the population) and the gop only supports big money. A guess if you’re a white guy with big money you’re OK. I wonder what my wife would say if I had big money? I mean besides give me my half…

        • If I am supposed to feel guilty about the circumstances of my birth and whatever “privilege” that gave me and lucky breaks I got, am I also supposed to resent all the people who were born into better circumstances and who had more lucky breaks?

          If I spent all that time and energy dwelling on negativity I’d be miserable, unhealthy, my condition would stagnate, and I would never get anything done to improve myself and the world around me. Happy, healthy, positive outlooks are necessary to enable the possibility of success.

      • Yeah, what a scam. “You are poor and uneducated because of racism from white people like me. But the only way for you to succeed is not by your own efforts, no, no; you can’t succeed on your own unless we, the white racists allow you to succeed. So give us the power, give us the control over you and we will make you free”

        Like every thing a liberal/progressive does, it is the opposite of what they say they are doing.

        • Welllll… I would say that here in St. Louis blacks do have some legitimate gripes. I have black friends who I know are sometimes “profiled” simply because they are black. It doesn’t help that the young black men in trouble with the law around here likely exceeds the national average of 40%. Doesn’t help the opportunity situation. But I would also say that the harm that the black community inflicts upon itself far exceeds the damage done by racism. The cycle of crime and poverty ain’t restricted to black people either. I can show you some white rural “ghettos” in southern Missouri. It’s probably becoming more of a problem due to lack of opportunity because of class more than race IMO. Then again, bums raise bums. I don’t think that society can do much more, however, globally, groups like ISIS are starting to tap into the hopelessness of the “disaffected” and we are starting to build up a lot of dry tinder. What a mess. It will take 150 years. When we are all tan? Na, bums will still be raising bums.

        • Here in New Mexico we have fifty% drop out rate. That is due to culture. And guess what, we have one of the highest poverty rates in the country. It doesn’t seem like it would be hard to correlate the two. We even have a state lottery that pays for a scholarship for a university education to any one that finishes high school with a decent grade average, still, we have this type of drop out rate.

          I have been told by a number of Hispanics here that the families discourage their kids from going on to higher education because they see it as taking their kids from the family and the support of the family. Until that changes, the poverty level it isn’t going to change

    • Yup, also another “pro-equality” guy who hates firearms, the ultimate bringers of equality. Goes to show these people only care about the politics and whining, not what will actually bring equality. How easy is it to hang an unarmed blackman? Easy. Now how about if he has a semi-auto rifle or pistol? Suddenly becomes much harder.

  8. “screaming about the second amendment” That is how much resistance he imagines his paid government kidnappers will meet when he gives his order 66. They don’t really think things through, and it’s frightening. What other “rights” to our families and property do they think they have? What other superpowers should the government be given in order to enforce their “commonsense?” I would leave this man alone with his freedom, to do with as he will, but he would kidnap my children and throw me in prison. There is no moral equivalency here.

    • Property, family and tradition are the three things that the Left opposes, always and everywhere. All three are rooted in Authority.

      • Yep. Along the “Monopoly of Force” the government wants to control, they want to control everything else.

        Like the slave owners of old that could buy and sell the adults, sell the children of their “property”, and tell the women who they would mate with, these people want absolute “authority” (ownership) over every aspect of our existence.

        • They dont want to sell anybody. It`s even impossible to sell anybody, if you own everybody.

          Look at leftism at its finest – China, “ex”USSR, PRK.

          You can see it especially clearly on Ukraine today, where they kill people, because these people had referendum and voted to establish their own authority.
          And you can see even more there – UN “regulators”, who say this referendum is not legitimate, because they had no overseers there, but they wont send any overseers to people they dont recognize as nation.
          So you see. If they dont own you, you wont be recognised as a nation. And fuck your right to vote and right to life.

          And in Syria you can see something special about this too.
          Prior to FSA conflict with islamists, from wich FSA came out as national and unclerical power, the main argument not to help FSA with weapons was “it will all go to terrorists after war”. Now they are not terrorist, no islam, they even lost some of their generals in conflict with islamists for the sake of secularity.
          What USA and EU have done after this? Some weapons and intelligence to FSA? No. They cancelled embargo on Iran oil. Iran – is big fan of Asad. So instead of helping nation, they help nations owner to kill rebellious slaves.
          And now terrorists backed up by iranian oil money attack Iraq too. Because they want a firm totalitarian grip on Iran, not some lousy voting system.

          Take a good look at this, for this is your future under leftists.

    • That’s because statists are probably some of the most violent people around even though as someone mentioned earlier, they won’t be the ones stacked up at your door ready to take your rights away. They definitely want to see you drawn and quartered in the street simply for disagreeing, but they’ll have someone else do it.

  9. Gun owners shouldn’t have kids then? What about your parents? Or their parents? Or their parents? Or so on? Somewhere down the line, douchebag, somebody in your rather unbranching family tree probably owned a firearm, thereby making them the exact people you wish didn’t have kids. What radically idiotic hypocrisy.

    • I do not think we need to worry about him having kids, I think he is gay which is great because do we really want his genes spreading?


  10. How many childrens has Tim Wise successfully raised to adulthood? Do have to agree that this girl’s parents are world class f**kups, along with the instructor. Plenty of adults are not able to properly control a small, full auto weapon such as an Uzi. But hey, stupid people doing stupid things stupidly.

    • Sorry to tell you 2hotel9; even a little girl can shoot a full auto pistol caliber weapon safely. With proper training.

      But I have noticed that those that speak so emphatically about another persons intelligence usually does so from their own ignorance.

  11. Tim Wise is one of the leading advocates of “white privilege” shaming in the academic world. Apparently that makes him fit to comment on guns somehow…? Maybe I’m reaching here, but it doesn’t surprise me that a person who built his entire worldview on instilling guilt in people for their unchangeable genetic characteristics would be quick to place blame on the tool and the 2A as some all-powerful corrupting force and signifier of subhuman qualities rather than just calling this particular set of parents (and the instructor) idiots like any sane human being would.

  12. From his facebook page;

    ‘Tim Wise is an antiracist activist, essayist and author of six books on racism and white privilege. Michael Eric Dyson calls him “brilliant,” while Rush Limbaugh has called him a “dunderhead.” ‘

    Who in the hell writes 6, SIX books about racism? I don’t know, maybe a racist?

  13. BTW, you’d think that someone would figure out how to strap down an uzi so kids could safely enjoy going full auto.

    • Nah, go the crew-served route. Something like a M1919A4 or MG42 on a tripod or pintle mount. That way if something starts going wrong and the kid can’t handle it you or another adult can safely intervene without risking a bullet to your own cabbage.

  14. If a photo appeared alongside the definition of a self-hating, guilt-ridden white leftist, this would be the one.

  15. 5 yr old kids shoot full size uzis at Front Sight twice a week, under heavy supervision/helped by a fully qualified instructor.

    I have had two of my children do so at 5 yr old.

    They liked it better than Disneyland.

    One of the major issues I have with our current culture is that when one person earns a Darwin Award, laws have to be made to protect everyone else in the country from doing it safely.

    Say goodbye to guns? What about fireworks? Spinning tires in the local college parking lot? S’mores over a real fire?

    We are approaching a point where all the best parts of youth have been deemed too risky for the public.

    Go enjoy your skim milk freedom. I will find ways to introduce my kids to an old friend of mine named “danger” so that when they meet him on their own they know how to manage him.

    • The Nanny State. Give us absolute control and we will keep you safe. The sad part is that so many people choose essentially what is slavery because the responsibility of being free is too frightening.

      • The nanny state grows every time some idiot parent lets their children do something that gets them killed.

        Like having their kid shoot a fully auto uzi instead of a dang .22LR like we did when I was young.

        • The difference between a nanny state and a police state? A nanny state will spank you (not in the fun way I might add) with insults and shaming but a police state will kill you outright and paint a total false image of what you believe, stand for, and fight for.

  16. False Authority Syndrome. Because he’s been successful in writing articles about “racism and White Privilege”, he believes he is also an expert on child rearing.

    If he wants to come and take my child, who’s been shooting for a couple of years now, he’s likely to be greeted by same child with a loaded firearm in defense of self. I’ll back him up with my firearm but he’s a better shot than I anyway.

    As for the 9-yr-old-shooting-the-instructor issue, the instructor was completely at fault. He didn’t take simple steps to avoid danger and it cost him his life. He stood directly next to the little girl when she was operating a loaded weapon; he didn’t teach the girl about muzzle climb or what to do in order to stop the weapon from firing (i.e. take your finger off the bang switch); and he gave her a fully loaded magazine. If you’re going to give ANY new shooter the opportunity to fire a full auto weapon, DON’T TOP OFF THE MAGAZINE!

  17. Thank you Mr. Wise. You have eloquently stated that we cannot coexist with you since you clearly have zero interest in coexisting with anyone that does not hold your world view. You rage and hatred is noted and will be exhibit 163308 in why I will persuade people to buy weapons and stock up on ammunition. Your lack of emotional control demonstrated by the bile you write, will continue manifest itself, eventually erupting into the advocation of physical violence or actual physical violence against those you disagree with. Obviously, you cannot embrace a live and let live philosophy. This can only mean you want and have stated, that use of coercive force must be employed to bring about your totalitarian desire. It has been noted by me and hopefully be other gun owners, and liberty loving Americans who may or may not own guns. You prove that human nature is still incredibly primal, animalistic. We will fight to preserve civilization from your brand of barbarism.

  18. This guy illustrates the paradigm Liberal, hoplophobe, Statist. I’ll bet he can think of lots of other reasons to forcibly rip children from their Parents. I volunteer him to go to Iraq and negotiate with the IS.

  19. Just another hack writer exaggerating his own prejudice and espousing a point he probably doesn’t even actually believe in a pathetic attempt to troll people into reading his work.

  20. I blame the instructor. Nothing wrong with having your 9 year old shoot. I shot at 9 but it was a bolt action 22. Not a freaking machine gun. This “wise” guy sure makes a lot of threats for an unarmed dweeb. It’s fools like this who voted Barry Soetero in TWICE. White guilt don’tcha know…

    • I read an interesting argument about why a lot of people voted for him twice. The first go around, the public knew so little about him (except that he was a leftist) that you could attribute practically any qualities you wanted to him. In most cases he didn’t turn out anything like people thought he would, but they voted for him again because they didn’t want to be wrong about their original assumptions and maybe, just maybe he would be different over the next four years. Then their are the tribalistic voters who will vote for whatever colored team they are a part of no matter how terrible their actual policies are.

  21. These are the type of people that California’s impending “Gun Violence Restraining Order” law should be applied to. You never know, he might feel compelled to act out his beliefs and try to forcibly take a gun owner’s child/children away from them himself. 😉

  22. i understand teaching your kid starting with a .22 LR like me and working up. This is one isolated incident where a parent did something stupid.

  23. Who’s going to preemptively detain gun owners? Police and federal agents are, themselves, gun owners. So unless he’s a hypocritical moron (and obviously, he is), there’s no way to detain gun owners unless other gun owners do so.

  24. Goodbye archery and shooting teams and possible scholarships, goodbye bb and pellet guns and slingshots, goodbye wrestling and martial arts for youth, as those are teaching how to use your body as a weapon. The kneejerker anti types need some common sense mouth/keyboard control. I’m proud of my son’s merit badges in RIFLES, SHOTGUNS, and ARCHERY. Also, he is totally on my zombie defense team!

    • A lot of those things are already gone. My friends and I in the 90’s would run down and buy some steel shot for the wrist rocket and take it up the hill and have at it. We also did a few other mischievous things but I won’t get into that. I found a recurve bow that was my dads in a closet and I made a string for it(Boy scouts taught me how). I went into the back yard and shot the heck out of an old plastic swimming pool with target arrows before it went to the dump. I also had a .22 cal pump BB pistol. I walked to my friends house with it in my hand and a box of pellets so we could set up wooden targets to shoot. I never once had a problem and that was probably because my parents taught me how to be responsible with dangerous objects.

    • We are taking back the the youth and we are winning the culture war, and when we starting taking back the schools these leftist will sadly lose the next crop of pure, innocent minds to infect with their lies and propaganda..

  25. I think it was a bad idea to let this girl shoot a full auto Uzi. Would have been best to start out with a 22 rifle and 22 handgun and this tragedy would have never happened. But I find the hypocrisy amusing. This Tim Wise who probably claims that he is anti violence is calling for the use of force to ” forcibly rip from your custody”. What if the children refuse to go with the authorities. Timmy will call for using violence? Another little cunt liberal beating his chest because he is insecure about his own masculinity.

  26. Ahhh, nothing like a little Liberal Elitist Hate in the morning. Smells like… snobbery.

  27. I find the whole premise of “White Privilege” that supposedly keeps minorities poor and uneducated so repellent. The proponents of this belief are basically saying that the minorities have no say in their own lives, that they have no ability to become rich, successful, accomplished without first those that are “oppressing” them “allow” them to be equal.

    First off this is patently false, just ask the Vietnamese and Chinese that come here dirt poor and yet in one generation have degrees, businesses and living the middle class American dream. I know a Vietnamese family just like this.

    Just ask the Jews, one of the most oppressed , hated and attacked minorities for the last two thousand years, and yet despite this oppression, as a class, are usually at the top of any field; banking, engineering, business, science etc. in any society they happen to reside.

    No, what the “white privilege” folks are really saying is that the current minorities they point to as their favorite underclass, the blacks and the Hispanics, are not capable of rising to a higher status without their help. The “white Privilege” group are the real racists.

    As Thomas Sowell says, it isn’t race or genetics that determine ability or accomplishment, it is culture. When a culture emphasizes a good education, thrift, hard work and the desire to succeed, they will; regardless of race or some supposed “privilege”.

    • My thoughts exactly. Liberal White Privilege espousers are really statist racists in disguise.

  28. I wonder if this “White privilege” apologist holds any opinion on the “gun control” suppression of Blacks, in the slave holding states, both before and after the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.
    Perhaps he should praise such disarming of a minority, since he so earnestly believes that deprivation leads to such an improvement in parenting.

      • I recall reading (in “The American Rifleman, I think) a report by a man who was invited to join a “patriotic organization” by a fellow worker. He went to a meeting with this “friend”, and the guest speaker encouraged all the members to fully support all gun control legislation without question or exception.
        The man turned to his “friend” and asked “What’s wrong with owning guns? I own some guns.” His “friend” replied, “Don’t worry. WE will have guns”, and smiled.
        It turned out the “patriotic organization” was actually a Communist front.

  29. May I nominate Tim Wise as the first recipient of a Gun Violence Restraining Order if that should become a genuine thing? For making terroristic threats. It must be true – I saw it on the Internet.

  30. If my kids are being forcibly ripped from my custody in front of me, believe me I will be INVOKING the 2nd amendment, not screaming about it, you god damned piece of trash.

  31. Taught my children to shoot at age 8. With a Cricket single shot. They gradually moved up the caliber scale over time and are now both competent gunners. Same with my wife, taught her at age 22. Still shoots well today.

  32. if you think your child needs to fire ANY weapon, let alone this one, you are not fit to have children.
    I learned to shoot at a very young age as my father and grandfather with a single shot .22lr rifle Other kids were taught to shoot at a young age with no problems.
    Your children should be forcibly ripped from your custody, in front of you, while you scream about the 2nd amendment or some such shit.
    Good. Why don’t you do it versus your government goon squad, so we can have a good time watching you try to do it. I would just love to see you try.
    Seriously…this is why gun nuts are worthy of pre-emptive detention.
    No. This is why liberals like you needs to win a free trip to ISIL so you can preach to them the liberal gospel. You might loose your head over the whole thing though.

  33. This is the face of the modern American statist. He’s both pathetic and ruthless. Weak and dangerous. Basically, the perfect villain.

  34. maybe someone should forcibly remove his nuts from him because this retard should not procreate in this world

  35. As long as there are assholes like you posting nonsense, there will always be a growing number of gun supporters. It scares you, doesn’t it? Our numbers are grooooooooooooooooooowing! Boo!!!

  36. “Don, the circumstantial evidence says otherwise”

    I guess Paco doesn’t understand what “circumstantial” means…

  37. I love this guy! Needs to have a show on MSNBC or something. I mean, come on, saying people who exercise one of this nation’s founding rights should have their children stolen from them and they should be jailed without due process… It’s like he’s speaking every sentence liberals use all at once!

    That being said, I kinda feel the same way about people who chose to have children and NOT enable themselves to defend the lives of those children against violence or harm.

    The only thing that would make this any better is if he also goes on an anti-police rant somewhere showing that he thinks both law enforcement and law abiding citizens should be disarmed so only the thugs are strapped. (Yeah, I want the police to have to lay down some of their heavier and meaner weapons as well, but I don’t want YOU to have to.)

    He’s a whiny little child. The only difference between him and the unfortunate little girl is that:
    1. She’s afraid of guns now because of personal experience where he’s just afraid because he’s afraid.
    2. She isn’t using this tragedy for attention.

  38. So I guess he hasn’t read much about the abuse suffered by children taken in by CPS. Or maybe he just thinks that’s less important than kids being raised with values besides his own. I mean an abusive foster parent only damages the child’s body, a gun-owning parent damages their values!

    • He just dont care about girl.

      He have goal – demonize everything gun-related, because guns interfere with further enforcing “save us dear leader/big brother” geshtalt on society, thats all what he cares about.

  39. This is what they call “click-bait”. The author probably has something coming up that he wishes to sell, and needs some traffic on his social channels to drum up interest. It’s stupid easy to do that. You speak in absolutes, and watch the fur fly.

    Insulting someone’s ability to parent, even if they are the equivalent of Frank Gallagher (Shameless on Showtime) is a surefire way to stir up some controversy. Talk show fights start over this.

    What sucks is, we all kinda fell for it. The guy would never say that in person, but through the magic of social media, he is able to without much harm coming his way. Hell, his plan is working. I never heard of this guy until today. And I’m a voracious reader. Mission accomplished, Tim Wise.

    The guy is an author, ironically in Tennessee, a state which is throwing open the doors to any firearms manufacturer who wishes to relocate there. I wonder how he feels about Beretta providing hundreds, maybe thousands of jobs to the area? Jobs which will go to parents providing food and shelter to their children…

  40. So, police kicking in someone’s door in with guns drawn, then prying the children from their screaming parents arms is better for the child?

    • His verbal diarrhea does align with the progressive “everything Government is good” mindset.

      • BTW i was allways interested, why americans today use terms like “liberals” and “progressives” to leftists, that infected US-democratic party?

        US-republican party is not in slightest less liberal than US-democratic party. The difference is only in ways to achieve their liberal goals. So it is not like “obamacare is for poor, i dont want poor to be healthy”, its “obamacare is dumb way to do healthcare, it guarantees nothing, but ruining of existing healthcare system and rising taxes”.

        And USA-democratc party is not into rooseverlts “progressivism” for a long time. Progress is replaced with eco-hysteria in their agenda. Last USA pro-progress president was Nixon with his atomic powerplants and ultrafuturistic postprivacy ideas of sound recording.

        Nobody today advocates for “lets make a robot, that automatically diagnoses poor peoples health, prescribes best fit cheapest drugs, makes all the first aid procedures and performs simple surgeries”. Which is progressive and looks like really affordable care to me.
        And it`s possible to implement for 1 billion USD too, if you know what i mean.

        So back to the question. Why people that are not more liberal than any major political force in USA and have nothing to do with progress are called “liberals” and “progressives”? Isnt it just a bad advertising for equal rights ideas and scienses?

        • I use “progressive” because that is the label the American progressive movement has chosen. I call myself a classical liberal, because the definition most closely aligns with my political belief system. I feel that some that call themselves “liberal” are anything but “favoring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform.”

  41. Two words: Isolated Incident.

    To this tool’s statement kind of signify the entire problem with the anti gun mindset. Take an tragic incident like this and blow it up like it’s happening every minute of every day. On the surface it looks like what this instructor did was pretty damn reckless. And he paid for it. However these rental ranges are all over the nation and a fair number of them allow children to make use of the weapons there. Yet we’re not seeing this sort of thing happen constantly. The last really nasty incident involving a child was back in ’08, if memory serves. One real major incident in 6 years is a pretty good safety record.

  42. Well Mr Wise, if you are unsatisfied with how we chose to raise our children, you can call 1-800-EAT-A-D*CK.

  43. Tim Wise is a member of that ethnic group that can’t be mentioned, the same ethnic group that furnishes leaders of most of the anti-self defense organizations.

    1. Handgun Control, Inc (now the Brady Campaign) – yep.
    2. Violence Policy Center – yep.
    3. Mayors Against Illegal Guns – yep.
    4. Moms Demand Action – yep.
    5. Everytown for Gun Safety – yep.
    6. Coalition Against Gun Violence – yep.
    7. Southern Poverty Law Center – yep.
    8. Anti Defamation League – yep.
    9. National Gun Victims Action Council – yep
    10. Children’s Defense Fund – almost, its leader is married to a member of said ethnic group.

    I may have missed some, but I think most can see a pattern.

  44. I didn’t agree with the uzi training for a child, but the rest of this man’s rant is nothing but delusional hysteria coupled with self-importance and the liberal need to tell others how to live their lives. What is happening to liberals they literally seem to be losing their minds? Is it because Obama turned out to be a miserable failure and turncoat president and they can’t handle this truth? How could anyone in their right minds say that normal, loving and caring parents who happen own guns are unfit to be parents? WHO IS TIM WISE TO JUDGE! Tim Wise may think he is God, but he is a sinner under judgment just like the rest of us. HOW DARE this IDIOT even make such a suggestion, WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE you stupid and foolish man???????????

  45. This kind of guy reminds me of
    Homer: “I’d kill you if I had a gun!”
    Gun shop worker: “Well, you don’t.”

    Though people like this guy would prefer the state and its guns do the work for him,

  46. Eugenics was a popular and common practice during the progressive hay day. I’m sure this fellow is sorry some unruly German spoiled the forced sterilization party.

  47. I think we need to make a new section for the website called ‘dumbass anti of the day’ or ‘anti of the day’ or something along those lines highlighting these sort of hypocrites.

  48. In my opinion, Tim Wise has demonstrated that he is unfit to be a parent. He would teach them to be immoral, narrow-minded and hateful. However, I do not think he deserves for his children ripped from his arms and made wards of the state, for him to be thrown in “pre-emptive detention” for an unspecified period of time (most likely until declared reeducated or death), and to be barred from ever adopting children and forcibly sterilized. Because unlike Tim Wise, I am a decent and compassionate human being.

  49. My kid is well capable of firing HIS OWN GUN and damn good at it to. If you plan on coming here to get him you better bring backup and lots of it. I’m not the only one in this household that knows how to definend themselves and you can be damn sure we won’t give up our family or our rights without a fight.

  50. When idiots like this try to remake the world to their liking, they are going to regret that they do not have any guns, and we do.

  51. So why exactly is this douche who has an opinion with as much value as mine getting national press from TTAG’s or any other outlet?

  52. I gotta get one of those bookcases and stack the books vertically except the ones just behind my head so they are askew to the left and right so as to look as studied and smart as all of these folk. Ever notice, (not to get all Andy Rooney on you), that all these egg heads have this background to try to sell their version of enlightenment? HEY, I’ve read all these books so therefore I am smarter than you could ever be and so you must “Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere…….”

  53. Molon Labe… My children, that is. They will explain what a happy home they live in. In spite of our fire arms. Then you can reflect on our differences and your prejudice.

    • +1

      My thoughts exactly. My children are the primary reason I exercise my second-amendment rights. Wanna-be statist tyrants who project their own inadequacies and proclivities upon others are generally the reason that I need to exercise those rights.

  54. I’m quite sure that no one else died due to stupidity ever. Evil guns are the only way that can happen. Drunk driver die? That’s smart. Guy tries to steal copper wire from a live circuit and gets fried? Brilliant. Fall from a cliff into the Grand Canyon? Genius. Play with lions or tigers or bears (OH MY!) and turn into lunch? Shocking!
    While the “instructor” finds his death Darwin-Award worthy, there is a reason the books exist in the first place. Stupid people select themselves for removal from the gene pool. The instructor was stupid, he paid the price, but somehow the gun was still at fault. Truly logical line of thought to take kids away because I own a gun. Try to take my kids because of it and I will demonstrate the true meaning of “gun control.”

  55. Number of kids, 9-years and younger, killed by Uzis in the last 20 years


    Number of kids, 9-years and younger, killed by drowning in backyard pool in the last 20 years


    African American and Hispanic children between the ages of 5 and 14 drown at higher rates than white children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Democrats, besides being liberals and gun haters, are also more irresponsible with respect to their kids’ well-being.

    Giving their kids activities that don’t require parental supervision (in the parents’ minds) is also characteristic of liberal parents.

    In other words, parents whose kids (or neighbor’s kids) drown in their backyard pools are more likely to be liberals. It also a known fact that liberals, in general, are lousy parents across the board regarding everything involved in raising a child.

    Therefore, liberals are complete and total idiots who should never be allowed to raise a child. Period. Whewn the children opf idiot parents grow up, they become idiot commenters like the pond scum who wrote this mindless hit piece on a freak fatal event that is less likely to occur than being killed by a meteorite.

    • Oh. That is so wrong. Don’t confuse leftards with facts and reality! That just confuses them. More. Still.

  56. Who this guy? he would faint if anyone said any number of “trigger words”, Oh my God! I just said trigger!…To qoute Katy Perry it sums up leftist beta male failures to a tee “You are so gay and you don`t even like boys”…

    We all know these shitheads will not be the ones to stack up on a former spec ops at 2:30 AM for “anonymous tip” of fill in the blank total unjust, emotionalistic driven, and unconstitutional actions..Like all weaklings, sheeple, and useful idiots, left tools and statist fools they will want someone to do their dirty work and heavy lifting, using those that are killed enforcing their “mandate of heavn” upon the right of as gasoline on the fire that will erupt into a civil war…

    These parasites will sit at happen hoping they are not the victims of this monster of a central all powerful state they the statist Dr. Frankinstians of America have helped to create.

    We have 22 Million vets, 70% of the Armed Forces, and more then 150,000,000 we have the numbers they will lose, and when those in power are destroyed or hanged for the ever growing list of charges against the Constitutions, The States and the people of this nation,Those crimes being numerous in quantity and sinister in nature will face hanging, firing squad or just being locked away to rot in a cell well being pelted with rotten food on a daily if not hour schedule

    We have the numbers, the will, history, justice, and liberty as well as on we be on the side of true righteousness, and that of of God himself (We are on his side he is not our side, big difference). And the knowledge that if we lose or refuse to fight we have a fate for worse then death that is fast approaching..

    When not if be when we win these morons will rue and lament it their existences and their actions….

    Stay forest and remember, We surround them, we out number them 130 to 1….Think about that…Their is hope with a scope..Live for or die death is the the worse of evils..

  57. Is this the same Tim Wise who draws vile hateful political cartoons and calls it opinion?
    Thanks for the opinion Tim now you can draw yourself committing an unnatural act.

  58. This quote is an example of a slave mindset. The misguided belief that an individual should not be free to live their own life and make their own decisions. His view is pervasive in our modern day world. The ignorant view that “you do not own yourself.” This is why we are seeing an increase in slavery and a denial of the indivdual.

  59. Do agree about not providing slightly built children with full auto firearms.
    Why not start with a 22LR, marlin 39a, Savage Rascal, Cricket or similar?
    I would provide my child a hammer and nail but not a nailgun.

  60. My first thought is, “Who is Tim Wise and why should I care what he says?” I’ve honestly not heard of him before.

    My second thought is, “Tim? You’re the reason there is a Second Amendment. Inconvenient, no?”

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