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The only real surprise here is that it took this long. The wooden, embarrassingly awkward and spectacularly underperforming presidential candidate, Eric Swalwell (Gun Grabber-Calif.), has announced that he’ll hold a press conference this afternoon.

According to, all the speculation is that he’ll be putting a merciful end to his ill-conceived campaign.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) will hold a press conference Monday afternoon amid speculation that he may be dropping out of the Democratic primary contest. …

Swalwell announced his campaign for the White House in April but has struggled to gain traction. Speculation has swirled in recent days that the California congressman could be preparing to exit the primary.

swalwell nuke gun owners confiscation
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Apparently a campaign for the highest office in the land that’s built around radical gun control proposals including outright confiscation and waging war against those who resist isn’t a particularly attractive prospect, even amongst the Democrat electorate.

Who could have possibly seen that coming?

Most public polls show him in the low single digits or, in some cases, not registering at all. And while he met the polling threshold to qualify for the first set of primary debates, he could face trouble in the fall, when the bar for participation will be raised.

Last week, he abruptly canceled two days of campaign events in New Hampshire, further stoking rumors of an impending exit.

That’s a shame. We’ve at least appreciated the oleaginous gun grabber’s candor about what he’d do if he ever attains the reigns of power.

But don’t have any illusions about the other 19 candidates left in the race. They’re every bit as ardent about their opposition to civilian gun ownership. They’re just politically savvy enough not to advertise the fact.

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  1. Yeah, that scumbag can’t get laughed back to commiefornia fast enough. Though I would love to see Trump take him apart in the general.

  2. Not that this is a surprise but after a little research, Rep. Eric Swalwell campaign website was created by the same people who created the Giffords Law Center website to prevent gun violence. It goes to show you how far the Anti-Gunners will go to fund a candidate whose only message is disarmament.

    • They should do more of this. The more cash they flush down the crapper, the better. They would have done a lot better if they had run Kim Kardashian.

  3. Bummer.
    A Swallwell/Moulton (or Moulton/Swallwell) ticket would have been just dee-lightful.

  4. How can this douche hold a political office, You have to take an oath and swear to uphold the constitution. Isn’t this a form of “Moral turpitude”, not honoring your oath of office?.

    • The People’s Socialist Republic of California has not recognized the US Constitution for nearly three decades now….

    • Simple, the Demokkkommie party changed the electoral process in Commiefornia so that only Demokkkommies will be on the ballot come the general election.

        • They’ve been doing it for years. They call the process a “jungle” primary where the objective is to get two Demokkkommies over the line for a runoff against each other.

  5. There goes my plan 🙁 I wanted to get everyone to mail bags of chips to his congressional office.

  6. Seawall, also stated he would give up
    his house seat if he ran for El Presidente.

    Just another lie from a gun hater.

  7. “Swalwell to Hold Press Conference Today, Could Announce End of Presidential Campaign”

    NO!!! They need MORE…the more the dems run, the more convoluted their campaigns become…I’d like to see at least 30 by yrs end, with each and every one of them sporting a different message and crusade…

  8. THere is a God!! They are folding like a 2dolla Wally lawn chair….

    Anybody donating to the anti-American Dem Communist party should be tarred and feathered and hung for treason.

  9. Too bad, he kept the Democrats gun ban agenda front and center. Most Dems didn’t want the public to focus on their anti-gun agenda. Unless asked in a debate, we aren’t likely to hear much of Democratic Party Presidential Candidates plan to ban guns. We always have Kamala…

    • I would not advise holding your breath while waiting for a gun-control question at a debate. While they claim that 150% of Americans want gun prohibition, or whatever, they don’t want to let anyone know how rabidly anti-freedom they are. And debate moderators are not going to ask any questions that might create discord, or expose dishonesty.

      • They already did. The entire slew of candidates came out on record for full blown confiscation.

  10. What’s frightening is how people like Swallowswell actually believe they could possibly have a chance.

    • Agreed. Personality=zero, platform=zero, intelligence=zero, trustworthiness=zero, and on and on, WTF made him want to humiliate himself and his family so completely?

      • Because he’s another self absorbed, egomaniacal, holier than thou, demokommie from the people’s republic of Calicommia.

        Those folks out there need to stop smoking dope for a little while so they can stop electing dictatorial commie losers. There are so many from that prefecture.

    • I think it was all a publicity stunt to jump on the gun-control bandwagon to only further his political carrier. He’ll never reach the threat level of Kamala Harris, but i’d still consider him a threat to 2A…know you enemies to the Constitution.

  11. Nukem Swallow was my favorite candidate with the best tagline for America Nuke Em till they glow.

  12. Does this mean we aren’t being nuked, anymore? Damn it I just paid the deposit on my new bomb shelter. 🙁

  13. Now for the next would be petty tyrant from the Commiecrat party to pack it in.

  14. Aw man whatwegonnado without Swallowell to kick around?!? Oh wait…nevermind. Anywho went to Shoot Point Blank Mokena this afternoon. The RO thought my 855 greentips wouldn’t work(I asked). They DO😄

  15. I hate to see any of them drop out. The “stupid” comming from the left is pushing people to the right, or at least to the center. Which could mean Biden gets the Democrat nomination and the socialist could possibly back an independent candidate.

  16. Swallowswell could be Buttgig’s vice. What a team and who will be the first man of the man who is president. Wait do we know if his husband was born a man ? Ok First Trans of the White House.

    Only in America !!!

  17. Swalwell was REALLY in the single digits according to the polls? WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot… we know how good the polls are! There are truly more idiots in the USA than I thought if he had that much support!

  18. One down, 19 +/- to go. What’s the most fun about all of this is how they are a) all turning on each other, and b) how they are all trying to outdo each other in being the looniest Left Wing radicals possible. I sincerely hope most Americans look at them and just shake their heads.

  19. I can’t say that everyone else is covering up their anti-gun agenda. Spartacus has doubled down, and Cameltoe has said she’d threaten Congress with executive action if it didn’t pass commonsense gun bans in 100 days from the date of coronation.

    But CNN will love it. They have “seen” that Biden is slipping in the polls, and they have returned to their favorite candidate, Her Highness Harris as the heirapparent.

  20. What a dumb ass. He was never going to be President anyway. Can you imagine what Trump would have done to this assclown in a debate?? It would have been funny to watch though. See ya later Eric!!

  21. I can just imagine him thinking: “it’s a shame I won’t be able to nuclear carpet bomb gun owners…”

  22. He was never seriously running. He was always there solely to advance his gun safety newspeak causes.

    This is why he was never worth engaging in the first place, and this is without him threatening to use nuclear weapons on citizens on American soil, which should have disqualified him from any and all public sector employment.

  23. I said from the beginning this clown would never be The democrat nominee. We are still building that Swell Wall though.

  24. And……….. He dropped out. ALL the Far Far Left issues will kill any candidate the glues themselves to it. Its on thing to put you hand up for a general answer its another when they are held to it. Even asshat warren wouldn’t hook her fanny on the extreme anti-gun platform of Shallow Swalwell.

  25. Swallows Well is just another Democrat with delusions of grandeur. At least Harris has AG and senator on her resume (not that it’s any credit to California voters.)

    What really worries me is that the two top Democratic candidates are Biden and Harris. (She is even ahead of Sanders.) I shudder to think of the two of them as President and Vice President. I read that Biden correctly cited the Greek philosophers as the foundation of western civilization but then added that was bad and needs to change. Talk about cultural suicide! Western civilization is at the top in the world because it works better than the alternatives. It would be insane to abandon it in favor of one of the losers. Someone observed that the US needs to build a border wall to keep illegal immigrants out while Communist East Germany had to build one to keep its people in. That should tell anyone with a brain which system works better.

    • Does anyone know how many people tried or did escape from Communism to Capitalism? And how many tried or did try to escape from capitalism to Communism?

      I think the ratio of the former to the latter would be hundreds of thousands to one.

    • Yup, in this event I couldn’t help but see the parallels between Candidate (D) Swalwell and Maj T.J. “King” Kong USAF from the Dr. Strangelove movie. May the wind, rain and snow always be in Swalwell’s face, may his road always be steep, and may the Devil learn of his death a half-hour before it happens…

  26. Swawell had 73% of the vote. He is very popular in his home district of Dublin / Pleasanton / Livermore/ San Ramon which are high income techie areas who are terrorized by the thought that criminals from surrounding low income East Bay areas like Hayward or Richmond or Oakland can make their way to these pristine neighborhoods. If you know the area and the very green / high tech people, you understand why he gets over 70% each election and also understand that his platform will not carry anywhere else.
    I am truly crushed that Swampwell stepped out… I really am….

  27. Eric Swallwell….that is the most obtuse, dim witted, juvenile, personality I have seen on TV, It is a miracle he got elected to Congress, but I really hope it is not indicative of the people in his California Congressional district…GOOD RIDDANCE, have a nice life and please never come back to Washington, it already has a Village Idiot, and there are enough brain dead people there now!

    • Rep Swalwell is a perfect example of the political intellectual landscape of the Left Coast areas of California. Over-the-top nutters, they actually believe they are superior to us proles, and they compete with each other to come up with the most outlandish ideas to rule us all.

  28. I don’t think he was ever a serious candidate, and he knew it as well. He’s young and crazy enough, this was just to get his name out there. He’ll probably keep getting elected to his House seat unless someone further to the left challenges him, so expect to see him again for the 2024 election.

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