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Despite the best efforts of Bloomberg-financed Moms Demand Action and anti-gun politicians, Oklahomans now need nothing more than the Bill of Rights in order keep and bear arms.

Depending on the definition you use, there are either fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen constitutional carry states in the union. Whatever the exact number, we’ve come a long way, baby, in the years since 1986 (see the handy GIF in the tweet above) when the national map was dominated by states with either no-issue and may-issue carry laws.

What else has happened  in terms of guns and crime since then? Do we have blood running ankle-deep in the streets fender-bender shootouts every day as the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex predicted at every opportunity while gun laws were being liberalized?

Why no. No, we don’t.

To the contrary . . .

US Violent crime rate
Courtesy Statista

America is experiencing generational, if not all-time, lows in violent crime rates.

Over the same time period . . .

US Small Arms Survey America Guns 1 Billion
Courtesy Washington Post

The number of civilian-owned firearms in the US has about doubled.

So let’s recap for our anti-gun readers out there (who tend to need some extra help). Over the last generation, while gun laws across the country have allowed tens of millions more Americans to own and carry firearms, the national violent crime rate has fallen to levels once thought unimaginable…all while we’ve doubled the number of guns Americans own.

civilian gun ownership in the united states
Courtesy Statista

We’re not saying correlation is causation, but…well, you do the math.

And please…tell us once again how we’re experiencing some kind of gun violence epidemic.

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  1. Now in Texas, we need to carry out the trash from our legislature and get some real constitutional citizens in to replace the trash. Then we can get a constitutional carry law that the traitor Bonnen stopped . He is the beginning of the trash removal.

    • Bonnen was as bad as Straus or worse.

      Thing is, the Speaker is chosen by the Democrats. There aren’t enough Rs to select the speaker on their own, so it always requires D votes to get one chosen. Which is why the TX House Speaker will always be a traitorous RINO.

    • You better worry about those immigrants first. Californian and Mexican citizens moving to your state are going to make sure Texas is blue within a decade.

  2. Doing away with the requirement to have a license to exercise a Right, is better than nothing. However there are still restrictions placed upon who can exercise such Right. When all laws that restrict ownership and carrying of Arms are done away with…. Then it will truly be “Constitutional”

  3. Give it time, you’ll start to see Colorado go yellow (on the map) as well. We’ve fallen so far from where we were. We went from no limits on mags, no gun issues, to universal background checks, mag cap limits, and red flag laws. Sandy hook changed a lot of places and a lot of laws.

    Somehow, Columbine, in the middle of the federal AWB in our state couldn’t change things, but an incident 2000miles away convinced everyone that more laws like the place in which it happened was a good idea.

    Since our magazine cap law was implemented, ONE person has been charged with it. That was in addition to assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted murder on a college campus. None of this is a deterrent, it’s not stopping crime, it’s not changing anything.

    Crime is starting to increase in our state because of the influx of new residents buying up all of the living spaces and pricing the natives out of their homes. Housing has doubled in the last 5 years, and nobody has seen an increase in wages, at least not doubly. Poverty and hardship is generally why crime happens (not an excuse for it, but it’s a reality), and we’ll see even more restrictions as the state turns more blue, and the housing market continues to make life extremely difficult.

    • Yep, Colorado should be a lesson to us all. Legalize marijuana and watch the whole state go to pot (so to speak).

      • While I’m not for recreational marijuana, here in CA our A.G. Becerra has openly gloated about the State’s ability to go after “pot card” holders to take their guns. If you apply for a medicinal marijuana permit and have any guns registered with the CADOJ, you get a visit from a group of uniforms at your door to take your guns. Becerra claimed that the registry is “working for Californians”.

        Lesson #1
        Don’t smoke pot. But if you choose to, don’t apply for a license.

        Lesson #2
        Never, ever register anything with the State.

    • “Somehow, Columbine, in the middle of the federal AWB in our state couldn’t change things…”

      That was 20 years ago. You have more California transplants now polluting up your electorate.

    • When Columbine occurred, the house, senate, and governor weren’t all in Dem hands. Now, no Republican holds statewide office. It’s almost as bad as California, and they’re not afraid to pass laws that were voted down as propositions by 20 points.

    • 29 August 2005: remember that date? Hurricane Katrina swamped New Orleans. Displaced, low income, residents ended up in FEMA provided trailers across the Gulf region. Not too long after, MANY were relocated to subsidized housing in places like Aurora, Colorado. Suddenly, there was a spike in Democrat voters in Colorado. Next thing you know, we have people like “Rapsheet” Rhonda on the state legislature.

      The blue tide had more to do with a systematic and planned Democrat takeover of Colorado. This occurred many years before the legalization of marijuana. The drugs were a result and not a cause.

      • Tom, never been to Oregon, but understand it’s beautiful. I believe John Wayne filmed most of True Grit there. I suspect Mel Tappan is spinning in his grave now. I never like to give up hope, but I fear the west coast is lost.

      • Oregon is not so good on gun rights. It doesn’t recognize permits from any non-adjacent state and then only from border counties of those states. So, the vast majority of law-abiding U.S. citizens cannot carry concealed in your precious state. In my book, that makes OR as oppressive as states like NJ and NY.

    • Cheers back, but I’m afraid for your sake, as your country gave up its gun rights for EU trade deals. I was truly sad for y’all when that occured.

  4. Graph out the use of mary jane. I be saying Cheech Marin and Wiley Nelson should get Medals johnOf Freedom !

    • Willy Nelson is a lifelong democrat who literally went on tour with Beta Orourke and publicly announced his money and support for the cause of gun control. The articles from when he did this are out there, go look them up if you don’t believe me.

  5. Im dissapointed in Texas and Nebraska, a possum could walk from one end to the other never worrying about how it drags its gunm…….. Also that map, Ive seen that before, its not global warming at all, Alaska has shrunk and drifted down to Mexico, ,,,she ssid she felt the earth move,,,

  6. I’m a resident of Norman. I was out and about most of the day with a Dr appointment and a trip to the grocery store. I didn’t see a single shoot out in the streets and no piles of bodies. I didn’t even hear any gunshots. I guess that I just wasn’t looking hard enough for evidence of the predicted carnage.

  7. If only we could convert Oregon, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and New York to constitutional carry, someone could travel from the northern end of our nation and the Atlantic Ocean (Maine) all the way to the Deep South and Gulf of Mexico (Mississippi), and then all the way out West and the Pacific Ocean (Oregon).

    A person can dream, right?

    Reality check: someone could actually do just that as recently as 120 years ago and violent crime levels were nowhere near what they are today. How far our nation has fallen.

  8. I’m really happy that as a Maine resident i can travel all of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont without a permit. Now I just want to be able to drive to Florida with my family and carry the entire way!

  9. Best news of the month, I don’t care what else happpens. O’rooker dropped out of the ppresidential race and in not going to run for any office .

  10. We need 10 more permitless carry States to get us to the majority. Texas, TN, Alabama, Louisiana, & Georgia or Florida would be ideal for the next 5 or 6. Gotta keep the momentum moving.

    • With the right nudge Indiana could easily join the ranks. We have free permits as it stands, we’re only a half step away…
      Obviously a giant like TX would have more political sway but every one counts.

      • The only way to get it done is for the residents of a State to get the right politicians in their Senate, House, and Governor’s office, and insist thru constant badgering that they get it done. That’s what it has taken for every one of the current permitless carry states, except Vermont. The people in office must have their feet held to a hot fire or they’ll just ignore you. And even when you’ve got your permitless carry the fight isn’t over. There will be years of legal challenges to fight, and anti-gun politicians will continue to run for office. Point being there is no finish line. The second you relax you loose what you thought you had gained.

  11. It’s somewhat misleading that Missouri is on the list. AFAIK, concealed carry without a permit is only legal where open carry is legal. But in the larger cities, and even some county-run parks, they restrict open carry to needing a concealed carry permit, so it’s essentially NOT permitless concealed carry in the bigger cities. Add to that urban sprawl and strange city boundary lines, and you could be walking down the street and go from law-abiding to law-breaking in a matter of yards.

    But of course, concealed means concealed.

  12. Actually, the current map is a little deceiving…WI has ALWAYS had OC, LONG before it had CC, so in a sense, WI has had Constitutional carry for a LONG time…with the advent of CC in WI, several “catch-all” laws(disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, etc) were amended to exclude the open carrying of firearms…

  13. “Depending on the definition you use, there are either fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen constitutional carry states in the union. Whatever the exact number, we’ve come a long way, baby, in the years since 1986.”

    Where once there was only one,Vermont since 1791 and before,that honored the Constitution as the founders intended. Whatever the number there are a boatload more now. As the said law of the land states that all 50,are what was once known as Vermont style carry should apply across the entire nation.

  14. New Jersey needs to be put into the red “No issue” category, or at least create a category called “No issue in practice” (the opposite of the “Shall issue in practice” light blue category, so maybe make it pink), and place New Jersey squarely into that category.

    New Jersey does not give out CCW permits to civilians, period, unless you’re politically connected.
    New Jersey routinely turns down victims of attempted murder, rape victims, etc., saying they have no “reason” to carry. I can imagine the judge in the attempted murder CCW applications saying, “You’re only a victim of ATTEMPTED murder? Ha! Come back when you’ve been SUCCESSFULLY murdered, and I’ll reconsider your CCW application.”

    Also, NJ does not honor any out-of-state permits, period.

  15. Here in the liberal state of “Minnesota nice” we are constantly battling for less gun control with our liberal Governor, congress, local congress legislators.Being they are mostly democrats. I asked one of our legislators if he was for gun control and confiscation? He told me, yes he was. He said less guns less murders, and he would like to see a strict gun registration in Minnesota. I told him registration had only one purpose and that was when the authorities cam to confiscate. And why would you want to disarm honest american citizens? He said: How do we know who a good honest citizen is and who isn’t?”
    This is the kind of minds we are dealing with. And we have Bozo Bloomberg and socialist Soros giving them money to back them up. Thank God we have Trump on our side. If you are the kind of guy who is too busy to vote but want to keep the 2nd Amendment…you better get out there in November and VOTE! No democrats!


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