Weekend Cartoon: Tactical Tupperware Edition

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  1. The Glock aftermarket will soon be offering an “improved Safety Blade Latch made of Titanium”, a “GlockWare Sealable EDC tray for your work lunches”, and stippling for the GlockWare container.

  2. Does the plastic tupperware type box my Glock P80 came in count? If not is there a set I can order? Or do I have to buy them 1 at a time from a licensed dealer and pass a background check?

    • Sorry, only one box at a time, maximum purchase one per month, state photo id required along with your ccw permit, drivers licence, birth certificate, record of employment, signed and notarized agreement slip from two immediate family members and two State Certified Professionals, a sign off letter from your local constabulary with proof of purchase, a 4473 in quadtriplicate and a 25 working day cool off period between purchases because Public Safety™ (a five day reduction is available at extra cost upon application plus application charges for a third and any subsequent purchases). And don’t forget the Exercising of an Enumerated Right fees and applicable taxes. Not available in the State of California because cancer and Global Warming Change™. Otherwise yeah, yer good to go.

  3. Perfect for those leftover Black-Rifled Peas in your Tactical Bean Can Holder.

  4. I had one of these it was great until I accidentally had spaghetti all over my leg when I tried to pull it out.

    • Gives a whole new meaning to the term, Glock Leg”. Apparently, you have to pull the trigger to open it for cleaning…

  5. I have three original “Glock Boxes”. Totally stackable! Why do you think I need more refrigerator food storage?

  6. Plastic pew peeper, see all the seeds of freedom before you open it!

  7. Seriously though, there is still a niche for well-made EDC cases. I’m always looking for strong cases for my sunglasses/shooting glasses, tactical flashlight, tools, etc. A company like Tupperware could have some serious potential sales if they weren’t afraid of the gun/outdoor market. And fishing tackle boxes wouldn’t be out of their capability, either. When my wife used to go to Tupperware parties, I’d tell her, “Pick me up a tackle box and an ammo can while you’re there.”

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