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Oh, wait. There wasn’t a wacko in a theater or a racist nutjob in a temple this time. No, this was just another Friday night in Chicago. The same city with some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation ensuring its citizens’ safety. And that explains why you won’t be hearing any anguished cries for stricter gun control laws (they already have ’em), bewilderment over why anyone would want or need to carry a handgun (they can’t…legally), or impassioned calls for making sure the mentally ill don’t have access to firearms (ahem). So never mind. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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      • I’ll pass on the cigar myself, besides can’t smoke in the local restaurants here. I don’t think the restaurant that offers 2″ (or is it 1-3/4″ can’t remember for certain) serves brandy. Oh yeah those steaks weigh in at 2.5 or 3 pounds of beef.


  2. MikeB#, why is there still gun crime in Chicago? They have passed many of the laws you keep crying for. How do you explain this gun crime happening where it is illegal for most citizens to own/carry guns?

    • He has but a tenuous grip on reality. In Chicago, reality dictates you be off the streets 6PM to 6AM. Sitting in cars seems to be especially dangerous. Walking also appears in need of regulation. Too little info on porch sitting but in Chicago it seems a bad idea even if they don’t outlaw it.

      • You are probably safe in Chicago, as in every city in America, if you stay away from the black or Latino side of town.

        The violence which is happening there is black and Latino gang members beefing over turf.

        Funny how violence and substantial numbers of blacks and Latinos go hand in hand. Yet Honolulu is a very diverse city and is one of the safest cities in America. It has all the qualities which SHOULD make it deadly—diverse population, majority non-white, high population density, hot and humid weather, etc. But it doesn’t. Why? Because the majority of its population is Asian/Pacific Islander, with White people coming in second.

        There is no way around it. The best indicator for a violent neighborhood, town, city, country, or continent is a concentration of blacks or Latinos. When I say “Latinos”, I don’t mean White Hispanics, like the Europeans who run most of the countries in Central/South America.No, I mean the Indians who Mexico exports to us.

        • Poor, disinfrachized people always tend towards crime and violence. It’s not the color of their skin, it’s decades and decades of failed social programs. The worst part is that the people who created those programs are the same ones who want to take rights away from others rather than admit they are wrong.

        • @JC Whitney

          As someone from Chicago, I can confirm its for the most part blacks, and to a lesser extent the latinos commiting all the gun (and other) crime here.


          Cause you know those evil white racists are really out to get OFWGs. Just admit it, you carry because of the darkies.


          Being poor has nothing to do with it. Look at Treyvon Martin.

      • But this just doesnt make any sense. They passed all the right laws. They buy up the guns en masse in no questions asked buy backs. The police respond to calls no slower than any other large city. MikeB#, what is going on with this city? How can we possibly do anything else to protect the people of Chicago?

        Perhaps we should split up the city into quadrants, fence them off, and have required checkpoints where people are strip-searched when they enter and leave? And the cops have the right to enter your home whenever they feel like it, just to make sure you dont have any guns. Its for your own good.

        A curfew of 5pm should cut down on all the shootings. It would be for your own good. Just stay in your house, wouldnt want you in any danger. Anyone caught breaking curfew would be assumed to be a criminal, and thrown in jail without a trial.

        Sound about right Mikey? Maybe then everyone would be safe.

    • Come on Josh, you already know his answer. “The guns come in from OUTSIDE Chicago where all you gun and bible clingers make them so available”………..and the simple rebutal is……”The legal guns in those areas are the sole reason that the scum and crime stays confined to Chicago and doesn’t spread any farther……except to the White House.”

      • Oh this is funny. If guns aren’t enough of the problem, look at its crooked politicians and mayor and terrible spending. No guns is just the beginning of Chicago….

    • It’s because the shootings are all mostly by young or just loser gang (or gang wanna be) scumbags – who all have access to guns because there are so many guns on the streets of the US. They can and will get illegal or stolen guns, that are tools of their lifestyle.

      MikeB fails to see that passing strict gun laws at this point would only ensure that the criminals have guns…leaving the rest of us at risk.

      The only way to stop gun violence in the way MikeB wants is to remove ALL guns from everyone. Not gonna happen, so he needs to STFU and start focusing on real solutions to the violent tendencies of our society.

      The fact is – even if you removed all guns, there would simply be mass murder by other means/instruments. Guns aren’t the problem, people are. The murdering scum will find their means to do their bidding.

      I for one am not going to be left unarmed and unable to protect my family from such scum.

  3. Not that it matters much, but the source article states 3 dead, 17 wounded. What I can’t figure out though is how guns got into Chicago, aren’t they illegal there, didn’t somebody get the memo?

    • Brandon, those gang-bangers are a funny bunch. You know, they’re usually so upstanding, law abiding citizens. I wonder why they dont follow the gun laws?

      • Don’t forget they are all turning their lives around and they didn’t deserve to die according to their mothers.

  4. Empirical proof that, if what you’ve done hasn’t worked, you haven’t done enough of what hasn’t worked.

  5. The lack of attention to the RAMPANT violent crime in the black and Latino community smacks of institutionalized racism on the Left. They say NOTHING about it, and seemingly accept it as a matter of course. “Oh, those oppressed minorites just don’t know any better.” is the vibe I get from them.

    If anyone white or on the Right dares to suggest than the rampant violence does indeed occur at a ridiculous level in those communities, and mentions that the violence is a direct result of a failure in those communities, they are branded as racist. It’s pathetic.

    The Left has created this situation through the soft racism of low expectations.

    • That’s how the left secures its votes: keep the people downtrodden and dependent on the government. If people began actually succeeded and getting ahead, they’d have no need of a government nanny, and the left can’t have that.

    • shavedlongc is another chicago cop blog (really). remove the space because the spam filter sucks

  6. when i want to feel good about the stupid gun laws in ca i think about chicago. and overall the laws in both places are just as ineffective. mikeybnumbers jumped in on the poat about dgu’s. some rant about most dgu’s being bogus. he really needs to get into rehab and try to put his life in order.

    • Doubt it. After all, there’s no spotlight on the situation.

      Minority on whomever crime doesn’t cause the spotlight to be shined on the problem/situation. After all, it isn’t like they violated a gun-free, victim rich… oh wait…. this happened in the flatulent city where no guns are allowed except by the keystones, the body guards, and a few select politicians, even if they are diagnosed bi-polar. It, as already stated, wasn’t done by a psycho whitey.

    • Of course not, they can’t be troubled to fix the problems in their own communities. All the black on black violence is the white mans fault and due to institutionalized racism… somehow.

  7. The only silver lining I can see is that Chicago (and NY, DC, Mexico, etc.) is living proof that gun control doesn’t work.

    MikeB is conspicuously absent.

  8. For anyone living in Indiana who doesn’t yet have one I recommend you go here and pre-apply for your CCW:

    It makes the process go much faster when going in to your local police department.
    You will need $50 for the local fee (some take cash .. call ahead) .. and a $75 money order or cashiers check made out to the Indiana State Police. This is for a lifetime permit.

      • If you want a Non-resident CCW I suggest applying through Utah. That link is for Indiana residents only. There are some other good states that do Non-resident I can’t think of right now.

    • Hmm. Interesting hair (e.g., green, pink, red, blue, orange, purple) and eye (e.g., pink, blue, multi-colored) color choices in the application. Indiana seems much more diverse than I previously thought.

  9. I grew up in Skokie and Morton Grove two north of Chicago upper middle class suburbs. Crime, especially non-violent crime, was back then virtually unheard of in those suburbs. The worst incident in high school that I recall is that one kid got a broken nose during a fist fight.I think Skokie averaged about one murder every seven years. They were strange entities being politically progressive while being socially conservative. Those two suburbs were among the first two towns or cities in America to ban handguns back in the late 1970s. Crime and violent crime increased within a short time, and the population decreased. The two burbs have lost businesses and the place is more rundown. My parents could not make the intellectual and emotional connection of how and why, within two or three short years, Chicago gang activity began moving into their precious suburbs after banning handguns.

    • within two or three short years, Chicago gang activity began moving into their precious suburbs after banning handguns.

      I think Section 8 housing had more to do with it.

  10. Guess what all FBI studys show city Chicago be city safer ever been are not worth papper they where writen on. No suprise goverment federal police agency do not lie. After all Doj Atf FBI DEA can not get story straight what going on in fast and furious in front congressional hearing. Get crazyer Mayor Chicago who has one most cash strap city in counrty now gone spend more than he does fight crime on puting more bikes lanes in city of Chicago. Now gang bangers there can ride round city Chicago shooting up place on there bikes.

  11. This is my surprised face.

    Doesn’t matter. With the child-like emotional and mental immaturity of gun-grabbers and leftists, the more their ideology is proven wrong, the more they’ll cling to it.

  12. A mass shooting is when a few people target a specific group of people at one location. What you’re reporting is not a mass shooting, but a buttload of unrelated crimes. If you’re going to make a point, at least be honest about the headline that you choose to promote it.

    • You mean honest in the way MikeBnumbers is when he calls two dead victims a “mass shooting”?
      I think the choice of words is quite appropriate in the context of recent events & how the MSM has reported them..

    • Clearly you have a reading for comprehension problem. Dan clearly stated in the first two sentences it was just another Friday night in Shi* Town.

  13. All laws and programs in Illinois are defeatist damage control. Someone asked me, “Can you imagine the crime and violence without all the social programs?” The answer starts at home. Family values have been destroyed, good parenting is just a show put on for the media. Cue the interview of the shooter’s mom, ” … was a good kid. He was in no gang. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Chicago started writing tickets for pot possession. This in effects decriminalizes it use, but not it’s production and sale. Guess what will happen when demand goes up, while the pot trade remains illegal. The answers just get more stupid.

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