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“I had no trouble delivering suppressed fire at 600 yards on a 12” steel plate that at best was a red blur at that distance to my 73 year old eyes.” So sayeth Ben Lomond Gun Club President George Wright after shooting Karl Lippard’s A2 Combat NCO 1911 A2 [via]. “When it was my turn I used one if the Combat NCO’s that Karl had and with his coaching on sight picture, drift, and Kentucky windage I was able to put several rounds in the target area within a beaten zone that would be effective suppressive fire in a combat situation,” Colonel-Armor  J.L. Thompson, Retired, testifies. Suppressive fire? Kentucky windage? Bottom line: no hits on target. What does this prove? While you ponder that, it seems Mr. Lippard has moved on to cold fusion. No really. [Click here for Scott McIntyre’s other videos of the 600-yard NCO shoot.]

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  1. This is an incredible weapon system. I think a water cooled version could replace the 240, and maybe the m2 50 cal. I envision models with 5 foot long magazines and tripods… perhaps with barrels extended to as much as 10 inches long. We already know that a version with a scope could replace every known sniper rifle. If Carlos Hathcock would have had one of these in Vietnam, I would expect he would have gotten 1,000 plus kills at up to 5 miles.

  2. I think I would be really pissed if someone was shooting at me with a .45 at 600 yards.
    That would hurt like hell if it hit you!

      • Exactly.

        I know there are whiz bang calculators for remaining energy/yards but off hand I can’t imagine a .45 ACP being very effective at 600 yards. Pegging targets at that range are an outstanding demonstration of accuracy but I doubt the practicality.

        • They could always be shooting 45-08 which has about twice the muzzle energy of 45 ACP, and uses the same chamber.

  3. Good Lord, man. What an epic waste of time. The .45 ACP is not a good 600 Yard option. Period. An M4 with an ACOG would be decent, and a .308 round would be even better. It’s good to know that Lippard has roughly the same credidibility as Lindsey Lohan’s last DUI apology.

  4. The guy on the right chattering like a school girl would have received an empty mag to the head. Trying to make a shot like that with a 5″ barrel has to take a good bit of concentration, and his blabbering wasn’t helping at all.

  5. This is total BS. the trajectory of the .45 ACP round would have to be greater than the angle he is shooting. Leghorn, didn’t you do the math on that at some point?

  6. I did. The bullet drop is over 800 inches, or approximately the height of a five-storey building with a roof ledge.

    Any one of us could deliver more effective ‘suppressing fire’ at 600 yards with a 10/.22. I did it to lethal effect on an unfortunate prairie dog, years ago when my Marlin .22 was the only tool available.

  7. I’m meandering about doing whatever it is I’m doing across from enemy lines. At some point I become aware that someone is shooting in my direction with small arms. I tell my people to be aware of the situation, and position snipers to look for the antagonist.

    Suppressive fire? Hardly

  8. Anyone ever visit his military arms website? Go to the future weapons area if you want a good laugh. Beware though as many are HIGHLY classified (something he self applies, btw).

    Good luck on solving the energy crisis karl.

    • Am I really seeing what I think I am seeing on there?

      Anti tank battalion weapon…
      A fre@king spiderbot war robot!!!!

      Are we sure this guy hasn’t gone over the cliff?

  9. let’s look at this from a practical viewpoint. on which battlefield on which planet are you going to engage a hostile at 600 yarfds with a pistol? if you’re down to a 45 you want to stay low profile and avoid the hostiles til you get better equiped. if leppert had started this whole thing as a fun day at the range to see if he can out munden munden, more power and fun to him. but he billed this as some sort of combat advantage. wrong.

  10. jesus christ. This is just ridiculous and serves no purpose other than stroking the egos of 1911 cultists.

  11. I went looking for impact data on .22LR. Here is a video that shows the penetration of a 3/4″ board at more than 700 yds. .

    A young woman was killed in NYC in an accidental shooting. The bullet was fired at a bottle floating in the water skipped up continued on for quite a distance passed through the open rear window of a car and struck her at the base of her skull. It failed to penetrate her skull and enough of the rifling was intact to show it had a left-hand twist which identified the probable maker. In a weird twist of events, detectives approached a man how had such a weapon. He retrieved it and said he knew the girl and he might have been the one who shot her. He had been fishing and brought the rifle with him and had shot at a bottle to while away the time waiting for a fish to bite.

    The point is if a .22LR can kill at more than 400 yds I wouldn’t want to stand in front of a 45 ACP.

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