Quote of the Day: You May Say I’m a Dreamer Edition

“If we just didn’t have guns. Yes, I know I speak heresy, but you don’t hear about mass stabbings. I’ve been writing this letter in my head over the past 10 days, actually, for 40 years. I wrote my first letter to the editor on gun control 40 years ago. I was hopeful enough to think all guns could be banned. Years later I marched in the Million Moms March in D.C. Now, how many horrendous mass killings, later, and I think another letter will help? I know the comeback, about the person has to do the deed, but what if a gun wasn’t available? It seems straightforward to me. No guns, no mass slaughter by gun.” – Ann Matthews in a letter to tricities.com


  1. avatar V.McCann says:

    It occurs to me that all the wars fought with edged weapons were essentially mass stabbings.

  2. avatar Saintsin23 says:

    WOW just wow…. Timothy McVeigh did not use a gun and how many people did he kill. Crazy people are going to find any way they can to complete there crazy task. No mass stabings here… what about prisons.If you look over sea where there is no guns look how much knife violence there is. There is no real way to stop people from hurting one another .

  3. avatar Joe Grine says:

    Yeah, and no cars and alcohol equates to no DUIs, no electricity equates to no electrocutions, no airplanes equates to no mass death from crashes, no dogs equates to no maulings, etc etc.

  4. avatar JC Whitney says:

    You know, if America controlled its borders, deported all illegals, kept criminals in jail, and cracked down on gangs in the black and Latino communities, violent crime would plummet also.

    Isn’t it odd that the areas with the highest concentrations of white residents have the least violence, while every city in America with a sizable black and Latino population has massive amounts of violence? Chicago comes to mind. Detroit. LA. Oakland.

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      What did you have to gain by singling out minorities? I don’t think giving just *white* scumbags a pass is particulary American. They do commit most of the crimes, after all.

      1. avatar JC Whitney says:

        Read and learn, sir.


        In reporting on the rates at which Blacks and Whites commit interracial crime, this report divides the number of crimes by the population to determine crimes per 100,000 population. Data on Black and White U.S. populations were obtained from the 1994 U.S. Census Bureau reports. The data show there was more Black-on-White violent crime than Black-on-Black violent crime in the years examined. Of the 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence that involved Blacks and Whites, 90 percent were committed by Blacks against Whites; Blacks were thus 250 times more likely to commit violence against Whites than Whites against Blacks. Blacks committed violent crimes at four to eight times the rate of Whites, and Hispanics committed violent crimes at approximately three times the rate of Whites. Violent crimes by Asians were one-half to three-quarters the rate of Whites. Regarding hate crimes, Blacks were twice as likely as Whites to commit them. Although the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports distinguished Hispanics as hate-crime victims, Hispanics were not distinguished as perpetrators of hate crimes, as they were included under the racial category of “White.” As a means of emphasizing the importance of examining race as a factor in the analysis of violent crime, the report notes that Blacks are much more violent than Whites as men are more violent than women. 10 figures, 4 tables, and a copy of the standard hate crime incident report

      2. avatar Ralph says:

        I think he’s upset because somebody scuffed his jackboots.

        1. avatar JC Whitney says:

          Ah, yes, Ralph. You’re the moron who claims to have guns because of “racists” instead of blacks and hispanic, in defiance of all logic and statistics.

          Basically, your desire to be PC has overruled your intellect. It’s sad, really.

          Tell you what,Ralph. Let us try an experiment. Put on an expensive suit and watch and go ahead and walk through a poor white town in Mississippi, and walk through Compton(majority Hispanic now, BTW) or Memphis and lets see where you get assaulted. Wanna take that bet?

          PC should not be an excuse to be a moron.

      3. avatar Michael C says:

        OHe didn’t say anything about giving white scumbags a pass. In fact he said we shouldn’t give any scumbags a pass. He wasn’t singling out minorities, he was simply pointing out the fact that cities with substantial black and Latino populations have a ton more violence than predominantly white communities. This is directly attributable to the formation of gangs amongst the blacks and Latinos and the accompanying gang warfare, both between rival gangs and within the gangs themselves. White people MAY commit most of the Crimes, I do not know the stats on crimes committed by racial or ethnic groups, but their crimes Tend to be less violent and violence as a whole cannot be determined solely by the crime rate.

      4. avatar Michael C says:

        He didn’t say anything about giving white scumbags a pass. In fact he said we shouldn’t give any scumbags a pass. He wasn’t singling out minorities, he was simply pointing out the fact that cities with substantial black and Latino populations have a ton more violence than predominantly white communities. This is directly attributable to the formation of gangs amongst the blacks and Latinos and the accompanying gang warfare, both between rival gangs and within the gangs themselves. White people MAY commit most of the Crimes, I do not know the stats on crimes committed by racial or ethnic groups, but their crimes Tend to be less violent and violence as a whole cannot be determined solely by the crime rate.

        1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          What Chris said.

          My guess is JC likes to type a lot because when he talks he chokes on stupid.

        2. avatar jwm says:

          b.p. now that’s some funny shit there.

  5. avatar Silver says:

    Ah, the simplicity of the dull, childish mind. Pitiable and pathetic.

    Further proof why we can’t and shouldn’t treat antis as mental equals deserving of consideration and respect, and why the right to vote should be more in question than the right to bear arms. People like this are dangerous in their stupidity.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      After re-watching God Bless America last night, it makes me wonder if we shouldn’t mock gun grabbers. Like Frank said in the movie “It’s not right to make fun of a guy who’s not all there”.

  6. avatar jwm says:

    the constitution says “shall not be infringed”. you’re entitled to your opinion lady, 1a protects that. i’m entitled to my gun, 2a protects that.

  7. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Want to see what life without guns is like? Let’s look at mass stabbings:

    Just look to Africa. Let’s bring up some recent little events in Africa:


    No guns there, sweetie. Lots of bodies tho.


    Homemade guns only.


    600K+ deaths. That’s on par with the US Civil War, which used lots and lots of guns which we’d view as primitive today, and quite frankly would be easy to make today.

    We (humans) have already lived in a world with no guns. Look in Europe before, oh, 1600AD or so. Physical brute force was the rule of the land, and women had to do what men wanted, end of discussion. Want to go there? I’m game, because I’m big and physically fit.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      ‘women had to do what men wanted’

      hhmmm, I like this kinda place. You think that there might be another way to achieve this social utopia without getting rid of guns?

      1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

        Sure, just import Sharia law.

        1. avatar Aharon says:

          Can we do it without converting to Islam?

        2. avatar CarlosT says:

          Considering that the penalty for apostasy in Shariah is death? No.

    2. avatar Mark N. says:

      I can’t add any links, but my news sources havefrequent reports of mass stabbings in China. There were two in a week where a mad man attacked a school, killing kids and teachers. There was a recent one where a man angry at his wife took out his entire family. India has a penchant for knives as well. This person has fallen for the fantasy that it is the guns, not the people weilding thm. To eliminate violent crime, we need to eliminate the human race.

  8. avatar 16V says:

    I’ll take “Propagandist fantasies only the uneducated believe” for $500 Alex…

    Less than a decade ago there were 7 million Rwandans. 800,000 were slaughtered in less than 100 days. They were almost exclusively killed with knives and machetes.

    Even using the stats from the Brady Center, we didn’t double that number with all our guns. Over the last 100 years. With at bare minimum, 20 times the population.

  9. avatar Justin says:

    I just read on drudge about some guy in Korea that went on rampage with a box cutter. Doesn’t that count as a mass stabbing?

  10. avatar Ralph says:

    Even a quick Google search would have educated Ms. Matthews to the fact that mass knife murders occur just as often, and with a similar death rate, as mass shootings, especially in schools. Nobody is immune, but school children seem to be the favorite target of mass knife murderers.

  11. avatar Greg Camp says:

    She’s been at this for forty years? (Cue Captain Ramius’s speech near the start of The Hunt for Red October…) How does anyone stand failing that long? Yes, she must have felt the thrill of victory during the early nineties, but if she’d been paying careful attention, even then, she’d have seen things that would have soured the glory–more and more states went shall-issue during that period, for example. I feel sorry for her.

    Not sorry enough to agree to anything that she wants, you understand.

    1. avatar RuffRidr says:

      How does anyone stand failing that long?

      I’ve often wondered how the anti-gun bigots do it. Not just the failing either. It’s the whole way of life. I can’t imagine getting up every day and scouring the internets for stories of someone getting shot and then leading with that on their blog or twitter feeds. And then there is the whole having nearly everyone disagree with you. There is just so much negativity in the whole endeavor.

  12. avatar Aharon says:

    “It seems straightforward to me. No guns, no mass slaughter by gun.”

    On a Mens Right’s site that I visit, an observation was made that a certain group or category of um so-called adults have a known weakness for not understanding or being unwilling to accept the Law of Consequences or Law of Cause and Effect.

    1) No guns = no murders by gun. Legal murder by government continues and will eventually increase, and a vast increase in overall murder by thugs with other weapons than guns now slaughtering the unarmed. Knives, machetes, crow-bars, bats, screw drivers, a rock, etc can all be formidable weapons.

    2) Banning guns = only all real criminals will have guns by keeping their guns, and now some past law-abiding citizens who are refusing to give up their guns therefore become classified as criminals.

  13. avatar boardsnbikes says:

    Ms. Matthews may begin her quest by placing a “Gun Free Zone” sign on her front door. These antis ought to lead by example.

    1. avatar DoctorHog says:

      ^This. I’m going to make this one of my standard replies to the nitwits I meet who say we need to ban guns here, there, everywhere. I’m going to suggest exactly this, that they start by placing a “Gun Free Zone” sign on their front door. We’ll see how many think that is a good idea. Boardsnbikes I will happily give you attribution for the idea.

      1. avatar boardsnbikes says:

        No need. I’m sure I stole it from someone. I wish I knew from whom.

        (An aside: during the L.A. riots, where there was *real* fear, some of my liberal, anti-gun friends asked me if they could “borrow” a firearm. My reply: go buy one, if you can.)

  14. avatar Jester says:

    Hey guys remember when we banned narcotics and now we have no drug problems at all anywhere?

    That was great…

    1. avatar Rob says:

      My thoughts exactly

  15. avatar flboots says:

    Before guns there were swords, spears, knifes. Let get back to up close and personal. As you cut the guts out watch the eyes bug out and the body relax and crap and piss all over you. Shes right we should get rid of the guns and get more personal, maybe there would be less killings. done rambling

  16. avatar Doctorscorry says:

    I think it’s funny that they try and simplify something to make it look like a cold hard fact. When you look at it though No guns = no mass gun killing, isn’t simple bad people will still get guns, or knives. Then what, are they going to only allow us to use safety scissors when they take all sharp objects that kill people away from us?

  17. avatar CarlosT says:

    No guns also means no elderly women defending themselves against able bodied 30-year-olds breaking into their houses at night to do who-knows-what? It means no young mothers out in the middle of nowhere, where the police are twenty minutes away at best, defending themselves and their child from a meth head who’s trying to break down the door. It means a 14-year-old boy and his three younger siblings are at the mercy home invaders who decide his family’s home is a nice target in the middle of the day.

    Guns make self-defense practical for people who would otherwise never have much of a chance. Yes, they can be used to do horrible things, but they can and are used to prevent a lot of horrible things from happening as well.

  18. avatar Loïc says:

    Yes Knife can do alot of damages too. Two years ago in Belgium (Europe) a guy killed 3 persons and injured 12 in a daycare and seeing himself has the joker, no guns were involved.

  19. avatar Ruun says:

    I almost thank God that most mass murders choose firearms to enact their evil. If firearms were not available they might be more inclined to make use of explosives, resulting in many more deaths than they would be able to achieve had they used a gun.

  20. avatar Derek says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the extent to which some people are able to simply ignore reality and spend their entire lives living in their own little fantasy world.

    There are no criminals or bad people who are waiting for an opportunity to do me harm.
    The police will be there to protect me when I need them.
    The government is comprised entirely of completely infallible Paragons of truth and justice and is devoid of corruption and evil. They will protect me because that is their responsibility.
    There exists no need to own or carry firearms.
    Simply making something illegal will make it magically disappear.
    A criminal decides to commit a crime and uses the most convenient tool he has at his disposal. By making him use a different tool, he will miraculously lose the urge to commit crimes.

    🙄 w/e

  21. avatar Tarrou (Joshua Grabow) says:

    The whole basis of her argument is that there are no mass killings with knives (and presumably other weapons). This is completely and demonstrably false, so everything that follows is assuming what must be established. Ms. Matthews might want to start doing actual research involving more stringent scholarship than her own Facebook page.

  22. avatar Levi B says:

    The last mass-stabbing (this year) that I heard about was stopped by a man carrying a concealed handgun.

    But you don’t “hear about it,” which is an entirely different phrase than “mass stabbings don’t happen.”

  23. avatar Leo Atrox says:

    “You don’t hear about mass stabbings.”

    You also don’t hear about the war in Afghanistan, or tsunamis wiping out villages in Japan and Malaysia … If you are deaf to the world. I suppose Asia doesn’t exist to Ann Matthews. Perhaps she should consult her doctor about those ears.

  24. avatar MR. Booth says:

    Well one can’t argue with her logic: no guns= no gun crime. But by the same logic, no cars = no traffic deaths. No night stands = no stubbed toes in the middle of the night. Shall I go on? No?

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