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This just in from a reader:

Frankly, RF, this looks really bad for all gun owners. You and I are both libertarians and share like-minded politics, and we may even agree with Alex Jones from time to time. But the rant Alex Jones went on during this ‘debate’ will be used by the antis to discredit us for a long time coming.

I can’t help but feel sick. This sets our movement back so far. I can picture the left using Alex Jones’ sound bites from Piers Morgan for a very long time.

I only hope that as this is replayed that the American people see how absurd Alex Jones was acting that they feel he must be an extreme representative of gun owners and can’t possibly speak for the majority of us.

Piers was very smart to choose Alex Jones, someone Piers knew would go nuclear at the push of a button and hang himself with his own rope. Notice how Piers let Jones speak and monopolize the entire ‘debate’?

In all other debates, like with Pratt, Piers would monopolize the conversation and speak over his pro-gun guests as they used intellectual arguments.

With AJ, Piers didn’t even have to do that, he let Alex Jones discredit himself with his ramblings. I think this is really bad, bud.

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  1. Fortunately PM has few viewers relative to most cable news or chat shows. There is no question the 2nd Amendment supporters need some more eloquent and intellectually nimble defenders.

    • Screw Piers Morgan! You saw what he did to Larry Pratt. You can’t be civil with these people! They are trying to take away your God given rights; It’s time we act like it! Way to go Alex, you didn’t let him call you a “stupid man” like the last guy who tried to respectfully debate him!!!!!

    • You guys criticizing Alex are way off base.

      What do you want? Yet ANOTHER long and boring exposition about how the statistics of gun ownership favor the 2nd Amendment? We all know that, THEY all know that, and they don’t care. They want us disarmed.

      Besides, we can still quote statistics. Larry Pratt and Wayne LaPierre aren’t going away so this isn’t an “either/or.”

      What we need is someone with passion and energy to get the face of the totalitarian sociopaths. That person is Alex Jones.

      I love Larry Pratt, but you guys are too close to this issue to realize that 1 Alex Jones, raving and waving that pudgy little finger of his in Piers Morgan’s face, is worth a hundred Larry Pratts.


    • No matter what you think of PM or AJ, the statistics don’t lie and a greater number of Americans are waking up to the fact that disarming the public is the first step of enslavement. Once your eyes are opened, you’ll never believe the lies again….

    • Alex Jones is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and he did what he was supposed to do. People who “love” him, show just how dumb and easy to deceive the sheeple are. Gee, what happened to the Russian invasion new years eve 1999? He was going crazy on the radio, had people beLIEving him and running scared. Yes, of course he gives some info that is correct (thats what controlled opposition is dummies) but leaves out A LOT!!!! Do any of you think AJ pays income tax? If he says not, tell him to PROVE IT. Does he live in poverty? of course not, yet he always says he does- lets see the proof of his poverty. Of course, nothing happened to him with the TSA, all staged, as was NY years ago when he was “detained.” Has he tried to seriously HELP Ed Brown and his wife that I truly believe was an AJ setup. They are rotting away in prison for not paying income tax that they never had to in the first place, yet, AJ just abandoned them didn’t he. If he doesn’t pay income tax (he either does or is allowed to NOT pay them without getting arrested), otherwise why is still out shooting his mouth off that does NOTHING, NOTHING at all. WAKE UP, he is totally controlled and it is very obvious. Cannot help those who just have to cling to someone else instead of doing things themselves. Here, go buy some videos, make AJ richer and that will save our country. What a joke! Or go bullhorn someone—-wow, now I know why the “illuminated ones” find it sooooo easy to get away with just about everything. Sheeple is a nice word for the ignorant slaves.

    • Hey JR LORENCZ, About The ONLY LOUDER DEFENDER Of The Second Amendment Supporters–Other Than ALEX JONES–Will Come:


    • TO ALL POLITICALLY NAIVE AND ANTI ALEX JONES OUT THERE: Arrogant and phony intellectual Piers Morgan got a huge kick in the ass, Morgan is nothing more than a New World Order gate keeper, a Zionist Neo Con, Rothschild agent trained at the Stavistock institute who infiltrated the American media to spread his NWO propaganda (after getting fired from the UK media)
      Instead of giving credit to Alex Jones for having the guts to challenge our Corporate establishment “News Media” who is promoting the removal of the second amendment (or at least is trying) the self appointed “Gun lovers” on this website are taking the side of this arrogant anti gun propagandist Morgan ,while vilifying Alex Jones.
      Alex Jones was over the top, AS ALWAYS, but that is his ” Entertainment image” his game, I met him in New York years ago , he is not like this in life
      A jones is a very knowledgeable and a well balanced person, he plays this role for the “show” but ALWAYS come up with documented facts : INDEED HOMELAND SECURITY BOUGHT 1.6 MILLION ADDITIONAL AMMUNITION (mostly deadly hollow point bullets) last month.
      Weapons were removed from citizens in Communist Russia, and during Nazi Germany weapons were illegals for citizens especially for Jews….Same in Communist China….WONDERING WHY ? What do you think will happen if our already weak Dollar COLLAPSE ?
      Today just because of the actions of a few deranged individuals who killed children and adults with weapons that they were not even supposed to have access to our “20% approval’ Congress (mostly Zionists) try to remove weapons from US citizens…DID YOU FORGET WHAT WE CELEBRATE ON JULY 4TH ? “Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive ,it is the Rights of the People to alter or to abolish it”. Just think what kind of weapon our Army, Police and Homeland “security’ (US Gestapo) have ready for us.
      I FORGOT he is CRAZZZZY !

  2. This is why he was brought on the show….very well planned and expected. But then again, a certain amount of that can be a good thing. Sortof, maybe..

      • Bingo.

        You want to discredit a position? Find the biggest nut you can that supports that position, and put the spotlight on him.

        Lefties have been doing it to us for years.

        • No, what lefties in the media have been doing to us for years is picking nice, quiet, eloquent patsies for our side so that they can demolish them more easily.

          Alex doesn’t come out of that media filter. He has a huge following, which he built himself, and isn’t beholden to the whore media who typically choose our representatives for us.

          Every heard of Willard Mittens Romeny? Open and shut case.

          Laser Guided Loogie

        • No, what the lefties in the media have been doing to us for years is choosing friendly, quite nicey-nice guys (e.g. Willard Mittens Romney) to represent us, all the while screaming epithets and hate at us.

          We already have plenty of nice guys, and while that has its place, it hasn’t been getting the job done. It’s time we brought in the other guy.


        • Huge following that he built himself? That’s a joke. 3 years as a guest on Rense did that for him, and the help of his handlers. Facts linked on my name.

        • Yeah, I checked out all your links and so called facts… they are cheap shots and amount to nothing…


          “KRAMER” ! ! !

          I Think You’re The WELL PROVEN “Shill” Here !

          The “idiot” Thing Is Inconsequential ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

        • Excuse me, but your ignorance is showing. In the United States, it is common practice for a woman to take the surname of the man she marries. This is the third surname I have had in this life. The Kramer I married was a Lutheran pastor, so your point is moot. I was educated by Ursulans in elementary school and Franciscans in high school. I left that organization soon after that. Sooo….think again, because you are SO off base on that one. I’m not a Jones “basher” either, I lived it. Don’t believe me? Look on the page linked to my name, you can see Alex and myself before I realized the truth of the jerk. And, no need to shout.





        • Y’know, Tony, I kinda thought you were nuts, but I’ve come around. Your use of all-caps convinced me of the erroneousness of my thinking. Good job.

      • And Larry Pratt made PM look like an arrogant, pompous ass when PM could only resort to personal insults.

        I think AJ did OK. PM intended for him to look crazy, and then try to associate gun owners with the crazy guy, but I don’t think he pulled it off. PM came up short, and AJ now sounds intriguing to watch for many more who might favor the loud patriot over the anti-American foreigner who wants us to change to his preferences.

        No, AJ didn’t go too far over the top IMHO. He did make me want to say; “Hey you arrogant Limey puss, GFY!”

  3. Agreed. He had a huge pulpit to deliver the message and he blew it by ranting and raving like a mad man. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. A lesson for all of us in this fight.

    • Hope you have fun “reasoning” with the DHS or ATF when they bust down your door to collect your “illegal” firearms.

      Grow a pair or just turn over your guns now.

      • We haven’t reached the point of an arm revolution or open warfare yet, and I don’t think any sane person among us desires that outcome. So, in order to help us preserve our right to keep and bear arms, we need the support of the masses on *our* side so we have the numbers with us. Who do you think is going to help us win over the hearts and minds of the American people? Someone like Larry Pratt or Alex jones? I’m betting it’s not the guy raving about “murder pills.” Presentation is incredibly important in this infotainment age of mass media vying for peoples’ attention. Like Lawrence said, Alex Jones had chance to deliver the message of us gun owners and blew it by being loud, obnoxious, insulting, and down-right crazy.

        • The masses will never be on our side. Because the mall is opening soon and X Factor is on in 10min.

          They will stand in line for iPhones. But they don’t give a damn about the Constitution.

        • The Masses watch and listen to Alex Jones, not CNN.

          Contrary to popular belief, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones Radio show eclipse Piers Morgan’s show!

          Stop playing their game and dictate the tempo. Seize the initiative like Alex and take the fight for your Rights to the enemy!!!

        • Anmut, I get what you’re saying but the masses can be on our side. Go take a look at the late ’80s, early ’90s. The American public was largely against the NRA, gun ownership in general, and so-called “assault weapons.” Even after Aurora and Sandy Hook, the American people’s attitudes about the NRA, gun ownership, and “assault weapons” is much more favorable than it had been in the past, and not insignificantly so! We’re talking about +/- 20% approval ratings in polls. That’s very meaningful. And with gun ownership and firearms sales skyrocketing, we’re converting unarmed Americans to join our ranks. We do need to appeal to the mainstream, they can sympathize with us and hopefully join us.

          TheSleeperHasAwakend, I respect the hits infowars.com receives on a daily basis, but it’s naive to think that every other mainstream media outlet won’t be playing clips from this “debate” to propagate their agenda to disarm Americans. The saturation mainstream media outlets like NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc.– has are enormous. While I wish it wasn’t so, it clearly is. If it were otherwise America wouldn’t be in the mess we find it in right now. To win a war, you have to pick and choose your battles. Alex Jones should have shut up, stayed calm, avoided personal attacks, presented the arguments against gun control rationally, and try to appeal to people’s common sense despite the anti-gun obfuscation. AJ did anything but that.

        • Jones is ALWAYS loud. It’s part of his show and part of his personality, and strong feelings against Democide are the cause of this. It is good take him with a large grain of salt but his information is very good though the presentation style is very obtuse.

        • That’s a false choice. You listen to Larry Pratt. A LOT more people will listen to Alex Jones.

          The idea that Alex Jones “makes us look bad” is absurd. Got any evidence of that? Alex has the biggest audience out there, way more than Piers Morgan.

          By the way, the vast majority of America is already with us. I know you like to wallow in that Noble Loser shtick, but we are winning, and Alex Jones is a big reason why.


        • It is interesting the OTHER “petitions” that are up on the WH website which sparked this delicious little tempest in a teapot:

          We Demand Obama Issue Executive Order Making White House, Federal Buildings and Events Gun Free Zones
          11,368 Signatures

          Create ‘Gun Free Politician Zones’ for all politicians who support ‘Gun Free School Zones’ and strict gun control laws.
          7,133 Signatures

          I’ll drink to that!

      • Yeah I know. All these people on here whining about how Alex was “crazy” and “made us look bad,” make me want to puke.

        This is a freaking war, just shy of actual violence. If we are really fortunate, we may be able to keep this war from getting hot, but nice is over. Nice left the building a long time ago.


      • You also don’t win converts by mocking someone’s accent, or spewing conspiracy theories about OKC and 9/11 being inside jobs.

    • Lawrence, I agree with you but don’t many of the commenters on this blog act the say way towards me? Alex Jones came off as a very unlikable bully, but unfortunately, that’s what makes up a good portion of the pro-gun community.

    • You are wrong. What Alex did was awesome. You guys who think Alex should have just sat up there and had a nice congenial conversation with Piers have no clue how to fight.

      If a pack of hyenas are trying to eat you, are you going to sit down and try to explain to them in a calm and rational voice why they are wrong? Not you jump in there and kick their butts.


      • And how do you think Alex looked to anyone that didn’t 100% agree with him? How effective is reaching out to people you’ve already got in your camp 100%?

        • We already have 75% of the people in our camp.

          This isn’t about winning converts, it’s about bucking up our side so they don’t wet their pants when the going gets a little tough.


      • Awesome? You think manipulating the audience, playing the good cop/bad cop game is awesome? Unless people like you get a grip on reality, they’ll just keep on keepin’ on, and Alex will be long gone expatriated thanks to his Bronfman lawyer and where will you be? Stuck with a bunch of DVD’s you can throw at the “bad guys”. Nice. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. We’ll see how blissful you’ll be then.

    • +1. For a lot of libs and undecided, its not about facts, its about emotions- and that means style of deliver. I wont send links from Alex Jones to friends or family simply because of that. He’s very off-putting.

      • Exactly…what an embarrassment the fat man is…
        All of Alex’s outtakes seemed completely unprovoked…now we’re going to have a bunch of crazies start assassinating people that he may falsely accuse. I would take guns away if everyone acted like him. HE DOES NOT REPRESENT THE MAJORITY OF GUN OWNERS.

  4. I guess Morgan got tired of interviewing sane people who tore him to shreds with logic, so he invited a known nut-job on the show.

    True, he has no audience, but this will get spread around the media that does have an audience.

  5. I don’t think anybody except for the tin foil hat crowd even knows who alex jones is. If they do they just ignore his half baked rants. This is at best a minor sideshow. Piers Morgan and Alex Jones together? 2 men that nobody respects or cares about.

    • Go get a flu shot, buy some lottery tickets, and get an extended warranty on something.

      I bet you fly solely so the TSA can cup your junk.

    • And don’t forget to get an $85 haircut and have your tips frosted.

      Buy an Affliction shirt while you’re at it!

      • Ok, judging by the level of emotion here you must be pmsing. It’s obvious you have much love for Alex. I’m cool with it. But that doesn’t change the fact that AJ is batshit crazy. Now, what does that say for his devoted followers?

    • I, for one, never heard of Alex Jones. On a variety of other blogs Alex has in fact received many favorable comments for his performance. The view seems to be that Piers O’Meara (or Pughe-Morgan, pick one) is such pompous prick that screaming at him wins audience plaudits. Audience, if there actually was one. It is not unreasonable to put forward a “good cop, bad cop” routine in advocating the status quo for our rights. Jones, obviously, is playing the bad cop. Fine.

      • I’m not surprised Alex received positive support on other blogs. In fact, I was surprised Robert didn’t take that approach. And if he had, I have no doubt all the sycophantic commenters would have agreed. The whole thread would have been completely different.

        It could be pointed out that AJ mentioned most of your most popular arguments. Are you guys so afraid of the general reaction to a ranting lunatic like that, that you throw him under the bus instead of sticking to your guns and supporting what he actually said?

        Since when did you guys, led by Robert of course, get so concerned with public opinion?

        • once again, you apply the guilt by association mechanism.

          obama and piers have said some things that i agree with strongly in the past, though that doesnt mean it is fair to lump me in with their supporters. they also use popular arguments that i have used.

          and i could give a shit less about public opinion. my rights are not something to be left to public opinion. i know it is a difficult concept for you to grasp and frankly Alex Jones gave Piers a taste of his own medicine: ad hominems, throwing in some bullshit with the ice cream, and ranting.

        • I think RF and others here are a bunch of parrots repeating what they hear elsewhere (other media sources). In reality, listen to the arguments presented to Piers Morgan and his history of talking over his guests. It seems like the only approach was to scream and yell at him to get your points made and to not allow Piers to have the upper hand.

    • pretty much. alex jones has made really good points in the past, but he has his WTF moments. thats why i never could get into infowars.

    • JWM you are dealing aces with that comment. I never heard of this guy and I don’t want him representing me. If we let the tinfoil crowd be our voice in the MSM we will be deservedly relegated to the margins. Both of these clowns are good for harassing fire nothing more.

  6. This is only going to get worse before it gets better.

    Off topic: Does anyone think Piers would look better with no teeth?

  7. That’s it TTAG, stoke up some infighting and play right into the Anti-Gun Control lobby’s hands.

    You called Alex Jones crazy for the several years saying he was a “loon” or “whack job” because the Government would never after our guns. And now you tar and feather the guy because he is leading from the front bringing the fight to the enemy.

    Arm Chair QB’s…the lot of ya!!!

  8. God people make sick this isn’t going to hurt the 2nd amendment protection. He was pissed.

    stop being calm speak up this why we have restrictions now because we weren’t vocal!

      • agreed 100% ..it’s about time someone put that cheeky bastard in his place.. although he did try to keep it fare and balanced (with the drug addict kennedy’s oh ya real good roll modles there)..you noticed he didn’t f&%k with the sheriff from AZ

  9. Carefully edited clips of this will live on forever. Alex Jones did more to harm responsible gun ownership, while simultaneously promoting the need for mental health requirement of ownership. It’s the last thing we need.

    • Says you. I don’t agree. No one who is for gun ownership (most people in America) is going to be turned off by this, but a lot of people will be intrigued to find out more.

      And Alex put our enemies on notice: We aren’t backing down.


  10. AJ
    You were offered an opertunity to beard the lion in it’s den.
    You Opted for a rant
    You shamed me
    Childish Knome

  11. I don’t care if it looks bad – AJ is saying what the rest of us are thinking. He just had the balls to go tell PM where to shove it and how. Yeah it could have done with more tact – but then again, would have it really mattered to the gun grabbers? They wouldn’t care if Obama himself came out against all bans on the 2nd Amendment – they would find a way to discredit it.


      We need to keep laying it on ’em and seize the initiative from this control freaks.

      • LorieKramer, I love you! I like the way you think and talk. We need more women like you. No, I am not being sarcastic of facetious. You do have more balls than many men and AJ is one of them!

        • Thanks. It doesn’t take much to have more balls that Jones. I, and many others, have exposed him years ago. Do you know any media person fighting for the truth that has any money? Where the heck does Jones get all his..DVD sales? Ha! The very fact that his mug even made it on CNN should give a BIG red flag to any thinking person. Examples linked on my name.

  12. OK, so how is the media going to make someone that nobody without a tinfoil hat takes seriously into someone who Represents All Gun Owners?

    • … because they’re already doing it. To them, simply owning a firearm (especially the scary-looking type) is prima facie evidence of paranoia and/or a Rambo complex; basically a bad hair day from ripping loose on a mall, theater or school. To them, all gun owners are a ticking timebomb waiting to go off. Any soundbite they can snip, no matter who’s doing the ranting, merely serves as “proof” they were right all along, and will be mercilessly peddled to the fence-sitting sheep out there.

      • And for the record, our government *has* been arming up with a multi-theater-war stash of ammo for domestic law enforcement use. They *have* been droning up domestically. They *have* been running guns to Mexican drug cartels. But to simply puke that all up on CNN, dumping it out like a pile of jumbled, incoherent garbage on the set – and ranting and finger-stabbing the air while doing it – is one big /FACEPALM. I could read the menu of the local Olive Garden that way and have the audience convinced I’m a raving lunatic going on about conspiracy theories. “Let me tell you about the Bruschetta, Piers! Did you know they top it with Roma tomatoes? Oooh! Bet you’ve never heard that before! It’s true!” *finger stabs air* “Your buddies are also putting fresh basil and extra-virgin olive oil in the stuff, Piers! I’ve got the documents, right here from their own website!” *finger stabs printed menu* “Look, it’s right here! That’s not all, they also shipped in toasted ciabatta bread! That’s right, they’re running the ciabatta bread, Piers! It’s admitted!” 😐

  13. Alex Jones Fell right into their trap and gave them the sound bytes they wanted like a tool, it was awesome seeing him tell Morgan off but not worth the damage done.

    • …and if he would have avoided the trap by sitting there and letting that smug rude-ass foreigner insult him like he did Larry Pratt then those would be the sound bites that would live on, not the ones of him being smoked. In short you can’t win a fight be showing the other guy you can really take a punch over and over again.

  14. Ya’ll have to put this in perspective – if it’s “used against us” it will only be on shows and networks where they are already preaching to the choir. Yeah the Daily Show will show this over and over again – and all the anti’s will nod in uninson and repeat Jon Stewart For Supreme Ruler. Big Deal.

    It’s about time that someone expresses the anger we feel in having to fight for their rights.

    As Larry Flint once said “Why do I have to go to jail to protect your rights?!”

    Mr. Flint and Mr. Jones might have more in common with how humanity sees them in the social scale, but they GET IT.

    • Aye!

      Judging by the lot of these comments, most of these folks have never been in a brawl. They aren’t pretty and you don’t try to look cool when someone is trying to kick in your teeth. You toss the thugs off of you and bring the fight to them!

      Stop trying to when style points TTAG. Get into the brawl and FIGHT. You kept telling us this would NEVER happen or it would NEVER come to this all the while informing us how we could asscessorize our ARs and 1911s.

      BUT THIS IS HAPPENING! So stop fighting your allies and take whatever you’re feeling and direct it at the Gun Grabbers!!!

      • Yep – I remember all the articles about how panicked buyers were nuts “no gun ban was planned” blah blah blah.

        Passiveness gave way to lethargy and the anti’s seized the moment.

  15. I cut two minutes in and watched about 45 seconds, so what I saw would be a typical sound byte cut from the show that would be replayed. What a disaster.

    • Conspiracy nutter. I’ve listened to his show sometimes for kicks when I’m driving around the remote parts of Texas (it plays on AM stations so it gets good coverage in the BFE). Thinks the Oklahoma and 9/11 bombings were inside job, that the government’s putting drugs to make us compliant in all our drinking water, etc.

      • Anyone who REALLY pays attention to what is going on knows that anything Jones puts out is OLD NEWS. If you think the “official” explanations for OKC, 9/11, all the shootings, and much, much more, are “real” you have drunk the kool-aid. Jones never gets to the root of it, and he never will because he is one of them. Check out the links on the page linked to my name…ALL of them, then tell me what you think of your “man”, Jones. Wake the heck up!

  16. He is arguing with some British politician where cops not even allowed to carry guns, really? It be more intersting watching Alex Jones arguing with Dianne Feinstain or DeGgete

    • Geez…
      Piers Morgan is not a British politician
      Police in Britain do have guns, it’s the people who are disarmed now, and they are less safe than ever.


  17. It actually wasn’t all that bad until Piers baited him with the 9/11 crap. Up until that point, Alex wasn’t that far off the mark. I think he was smart to not let Piers control the conversation. Unfortunately, he came completely unhinged at the end. He really should have redirected Piers when the 9/11 thing came up. Its pretty obvious what Piers was up to, too.

    • Yeah, it’s unfortunate that AJ took the bait on 9/11, because Piers used it to discredit everything he said earlier. On the other hand, AJ doesn’t see it as taking the bait, because he truly believes the 9/11 stuff, so for him, it’s no different than talking about F&F.

      • I find the 9/11 conspiracy stuff unconvincing, but find the truth that the CIA utterly dropped the ball months before 9//1 a devastating indictment of our security apparat. But there is this point: Many many people (including 80% of France…) believe the conspiracy theories. And if the blow-back from the ‘interview’ is left-wing over-confidence? Fine. That’s what we want at the moment. I think the average man and woman is starting to realize they want that one little 17-rounder in their nightstand.

    • you are talking about a news station, like ALL of the ones out there, that fully supports the idea of impoverished al qaeda operatives duping the entire security apparatus of western civilization and attacking us on 9/11…coincidentally while the US was running wargames with a “hijacked airliner” scenario…when dick cheney was essentially blessed off with the united states…when NORAD was utterly impotent.

      ill give alex the credit that he goes against this bullshit. to supporters of piers, however, it is one way to quickly discredit somebody because they have demonstrated they are unwilling to look at the mountain of evidence available and are too lazy to read. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/crossing-the-rubicon-michael-c-ruppert/1100623550?ean=9780865715400

  18. After reacting the ending of Planet of the Apes 1968 ver…Mr. Jones you have brought great shame on responsible gun owners. I hope you realize you’ve dug a deeper hole that we need to climb out of.

    • Interesting read! Thanks for sharing.

      I have a question for you, though. Do you believe CNN gave Jones the opportunity to go on Piers Morgan to help build his hype and meteoric rise to mainstream levels for what purpose? Do you believe CNN or someone in the MSM will offer Alex Jones a program slot eventually?

        • Thank you for sharing. That was insightful read, and confirmed some suspicions I and others have had about Jones, and no longer rely on the Alex Jones machine for getting alternative media. I largely gather my info from RT, Adam Kokesh, and other independent journalists and bloggers such as yourself.

    • lorie, im with you 100%

      its another example of the hegelian dialectic.

      I liked your piece on fukushima.

      “think they’re not watching? think again” 😀

      • Thanks! That’s another issue that the “mainstream” is totally ignoring. Fukushima. Anyone who thinks anyone in power gives a darn about people or the planet is a fool. Sad thing is, by the time it becomes obvious it will be too late to do anything about it, if it isn’t already. But then, all those Jonesbots will have all those juicy DVD’s to eat. So they’ll be just fine. 🙂

        • ive been following fukushima on collapsenet for quite a while and couldnt help but notice the blatant deliberate ignorance of our media.

          truly a tragedy. stuff like this really makes my blood boil.

        • It’s off topic for this page, but hugely important for our future. The best compilation of info links to the story IMO is linked to my name here. Yet another issue Jones conveniently ignores. Red flag anyone?

        • thank you for the links.

          it reminds me of when i first read about the 35% increase in infant/prenatal death reported in the Pacific Northwest due to Fukushima fallout. When will this bullshit ever end?

          strangely enough, we are silent about the issue in the united states.

  19. I am old enough (meaning older than most folks here LOL) to remember Short Wave radio in its heyday. Back then there were the fringe apocalyptic preachers and ufo cultists. It bled into the internet age with guys like Bo Gritz. Then came the pure netizens like Jones. They have always lived in and nurished their little or semi-big ecosystems. Blend of fact and paranoia. Blend of used car salesman and rabid dog. To those not used to hearing them they shock the senses. But thousands if not millions of late shift workers or long haul truckers or chronically sleepless depressed, they provide a familiar and strangely connected voice. One of their favorite topics has been guns gun control and the connection to “them “. But like the old joke says, “just because your paranoid doesn’t mean your not being followed”. In this case the messenger might be nuts, but his message resonates with lots of folks.

    • Uh, TTAG is in the fight for the 2nd. RF supports responsible gun ownership. I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

        • Yes, stop feeding them. Agree. Once they come to rely on comment-feed they no longer seek natural relationships, become unafraid to reveal their craven side, and must in the end be forcibly removed from the park.

  20. People like to hate on this guy because he is very hyper/loud even though he does state a lot of facts.

    I do think he is way to stressed out, maybe even scared. Also he obviously wants to put out as much stuff he can while on CNN.

    So ultimately he does not succeed in this instance because he let his emotions take over.

  21. Ugh. I really wish the conspiracy theorists would be responsible and keep quiet about those theories. It only puts the nuts in gun-nuts.

      • Did you watch the video? Alex Jones vomited refutable non sense. Doesn’t matter if it is true or if it is theories. Stick to the questions. Attack Morgan’s data, emotional responses, and fear mongering don’t create more. Alex Jones should have used his rawr and passion to not let Piers spout nonsense,etc. What he showed was he was a quack. Another time and another place for conspiracy. If you think what Alex Jones did was warranted, smart, or even logical… it wasn’t. It set us back if anything with any moderates that watch that show.

        • exactly.

          what irritated me is that piers’ nonsense is easily refuted with fact and logic, and alex completely dropped the ball.

          alex resorted to substantial red herring arguments by bringing britain into the argument, which only undermined his position because he refused to answer piers’ questions.

          it was a train wreck.

        • For all the wannbe Liberty Lovers and Freedom Fighters out there, that’s what a real “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” attitude looks like. When Alex says he will not give up his guns, I believe him!

          Do you think there was “civil debate” at Gonzales, Texas? Was hoisting a flag that read “Come and Take It” embarrassing to the movement for Texas Independence? Only to a bunch of pantywaists!

          Keep Fighting the Good Fight Alex…Godspeed!!!

  22. Who gives a flying f^ck what “the masses” think? They’re idiots, which is why they’re the masses. Legislators, judges and guys with money — those are the only ones who count. They make the rules and the masses follow. And none of the people who make the rules watch Pierce Gonads or whatever his name is.

  23. I know Bill Cooper is a a sore spot for some, there are more than a few that revere what the old man had to say – especially those of us that heard him when he was alive. Here’s a link to his old show where he talks about the damage that Alex Jones almost caused during December 31rst, 1999 (Y2K).

    http:// www. youtube. com/watch?v=wHXdz4ApxOQ

    I have been a fan of Jones ever, personally believed he causes way more harm than good. The first thoughts that went through my mind when I heard he was going to ‘debate’ Piers Morgan was ‘this is either a set up or it’s going to end very stupidly’.

    As Cooper points out in the broadcast, [para] ‘the only thing a guy like this does is discredit the rest of us’ in reference to Jones’ broadcast the night before Y2K.

    Saddening … especially for those of us that work daily to help preserve the rights to bear arms.

  24. PM didn’t make any points except that Britan which has few guns has few gun crimes, AJ did his usual ranting. Who other than a devout anti would believe AJ represents typical American gun owners? Or even typical Americans? The media can pull AJ rants from any of his shows if they want to prove he’s nutty.

    I kind of enjoyed seeing PM insulted and told to his face to go back and face the charges he fled.

  25. Agreed. But you know what REALLY loses the argument, aside from the obvious defeatist loser mentality?


    “on during this ‘debate’ will be used by the antis to discredit us for a long time coming. I can’t help but feel sick. This sets our movement back so far.”

    So, the 48% of the voting public ALREADY delude/stereotype/propagandize/blindly believe we’re “gun nuts,” a ‘vestige of a romanticized rugged individualist past who don’t belong in the 21st collectivist hive century,’ because they’re intellectually too lazy to not be parroted to by MSM and believe them hook line and sinker… and you’re worried about how the moron sheeple populace MAY view ‘us’ in the collectivist sense, when you have absolutely zero control over how they think of you, to begin with?

    Where’s the left-brained intellectually rational logic in that??

    Didn’t know fighting for and retaining our natural rights were a junior high school image contest.

    I’ve found out the hard way, if one hasn’t taken the “Blue Pill” at this juncture in history, it’s pointless trying to convince them.

    And, if in your everyday conversation with those whom you interact with are considered ‘adults,’ yet can only bring themselves to repeat/parrot MSM driven manufactured consent/emotive memes, knee-jerk reactionary psycho-babble hypochondria, perhaps one needs to move, or make new friends, or surround themselves with more open minded individuals.

    There is no such thing as “convincing” an idiot. No different than we can legislate crazy, evil or stupid out of existence.

    As such, allow me to be blunt; what I’m sick and tired of seeing on ‘our side’? Those who use the same collectivist guilt trip the anti’s use, for actions of a wholly separate individual.

    We constantly ridicule, the always reliably predictable rabid liberal/RINO statist gungrabbers, in how they use one object or meme as a bogeymen and ‘force’ you to focus on a non-sequitur.

    Ie. their typical divide and conquer: ‘I’m sure most hunters will agree with me that there’s no use for AR15’s!’

    Or, ‘one crazy asshole with a gun MUST represent all of you! Come on! Don’t you feel guilty as a gunowner for what Lanza did! It’s all your fault! Worse! OMG! OMG! You own the very SAME child-killer rifle! OMG!’

    My answer? Um, so WTF?? If Hitler liked ham sandwich & my Jewish friend does too, does that automatically make him a Hitler, or a Nazi?

    So what?

    Alex Jones being the obnoxious Alex Jones.

    He went on the show to drop his own info and plug his site. Piers intentionally played the ‘victim’ and ‘let’ him be his native loud self. The visual contrast is sure to make him look like the ‘reasonable’ one, despite the fact that Piers did EXACTLY the same loud-mouthed talking over/interrupting to all his guests like Larry Pratt and John Lott for the 1st two weeks following the massacre. It’s just a game they all play. Seriously, the emotive setup by bringing surviving victim’s family member to testify his ANTI-gun position wasn’t obvious how the show was gonna go?

    Sometimes it’s shocking to me that after pioneering entertainment medium for over a century, that some Americans still cannot figure out how media works, whether these ACTORS are method-believable or not. Then again we have a population that fell pray to taking assholes like Nut Grinch, Fachmann, and Frothy as ‘adult’s worthy of the land’s highest office, let alone still haven’t figured out that MOST politicians and MSM personalities are actors too ugly for Hollyweird and POTUS a puppet. So what else is new?

    To equate one showing by a talkshow host and YOU feel ‘guilty’ as a gunowner? I’m sorry, was there a publicly available How-to-move-the-‘movement’ forward-guide that he apparently violated?

    I highly doubt the millions of gunowners, and even those who became new AR15 owners, for the first time, last Holiday, is gonna ‘need’ convincing by either you, me, or Alex Jones as to why they need to retain their universal natural right of self-defense: sure, we are a heavily-marketed consumer culture, so images they once saw in passing may have subconsciously kept them on that track, but an internal ‘need’ that they became convinced of, allowed them the next step to decide to purchase that said AR15 or their fist gun, whatever it is.

    THOSE people are not even the ones who will be affected by the likes how Alex Jones presented himself or some non-existent ‘gunowners’ collective. If one is not mature enough to discern/separate an action of an individual vs. ‘collective,’ what is there to convince?

    You know what does make ‘us’ look bad? Those on our side who bitch about others making YOU look bad.

    Time to buckle up. If you honestly think we’re gonna ‘convince’ some emotive soccer mom who will never go to a range unless she has someone personally close to her in her life whom she respects introduces shooting properly to her properly, you’re wasting time. And I’d say forget about ‘convincing’ emasculated bitches that pass for socially engineered byproduct ‘men’ these days.

    If there’s one lesson in life that I’ve learned, it’s this: NO ONE makes a lasting ‘change,’ unless they have their own internal catharsis that prompt them to do so.

    No One.

    Unfortunately, in the subject matter we discuss, sometimes, some really lethally bad zoo zoo has to happen to them personally or someone close to them, before they realize that they really, really, really need to learn how to defend themselves, be it via MMA/martial arts or with weapons.

    Worse, for those more strictly intellectually inclined, studying history and unbiased analysis of crime stat data have to convince their noggins that even IF they themselves don’t become gunowners or bearers, they can intellectually make the case WHY an armed populace is always a historically proven hedge against a tyrannical govt.

    Unless either one of those subjective or objective motivators drive one to change, it simply doesn’t happen.

    Yes, I ‘get’ that in life, often perception is ‘reality.’

    But, in not too distant future, at current historical trajectory, the hopolonphobe useful idiots and even their hubris filled Machiavellian Fabian Socialist Ed Bernays image masters are in for a rude awakening, if they delude their manufactured world can survive a clash with reality; notice how they have to constantly reinforce the world view of the useful idiots with propaganda, BECAUSE it’s not true. Eventually even their clock runs out: they’re gonna be faced with the other half of the population who will NEVER part with their UNALIENABLE natural rights and the tools that embody it.

    By then, all this talk is moot, and all the ‘how we look’ to so and so won’t matter much.

    PS. If lucky, on his best day, Piers Moron has 500k viewers. Their multi-million dollar sets also keep them in a bubble. And Alex Jones? He has 1.5million daily radio listeners, add XM/shortwave/internet streams/mirror postings, he gets about 3MILLION listener/viewers a day. George Noory of Coast to Coast am is estimated to have over 16million listeners/day. Rush? even more.

    So, what these old dinosaur MSM delude they can make happen, is kinda irrelevant at this point in history. Those who watch these shows and ‘care’ are wonks and grandmas, not grassroots activists; we only watch it to stay updated and frankly as entertainment.

    Move the movement back?? Hardly. But, gotta say, my primal side did enjoy seeing visibly scared look on the pussies that followed Alex Jones segment. LOL.

  26. Holy smokes that was awkward to watch. Made me feel quite uneasy. Had to stop for a minute when AJ went on about Prozac. Kinda made me feel he needed some. Though I do agree with much of AJ’s material during what I saw of the interview (currently paused to rest my raised eyebrows), the delivery was just awful. Maybe that TSA experience just hours before this interview cranked him up or maybe that’s how AJ really is. Gun Owners could use a bit better PR than this *sigh*

  27. Look, Alex Jones is entitled to his opinion like anyone else. He doesn’t speak for all of us and I think most of America will recognize that for what it was: theater. I suspect Alex was there just to promote his show and I think he accomplished his task. Pierce ,of course, had a different agenda and he too accomplished his task. Americans got what they seek from their news outlets: Entertainment. Carry on soldiers and keep pushing the message in a logical, calm, factual approach. For what that looks like, see the CNN interview with the Marine who stated he won’t be turning in his guns: http://www.cnn.com/2013/01/04/us/marine-gun-letter-ireport/index.html

    • umm, made the mistake and finished the video, had to pause awhile to rest my raised eyebrows. So WTF was that voice at the end? Mommy I’m scared. Seriously folks, his facts were pretty straight, but that delivery was some of the worst moments I’ve seen on these here Internets.

  28. What an a-hole. If he just calmed down he could have taken him in a real debate. I understand being “that angry”. I’ve been livid since this all started… but seriously dude… you could have taken him based on crime stats. Normalize by total population. Normalize by average income and benefits. Look at “murders” instead of “gun murders”. Look at the fact that gangs and therefore gang-related murders are more prevalent in the US because there is a much bigger market for and a much easier over-land distribution network for contraband… crime can pay here because we’re better off than the UK.

  29. Ugh…I hate when the tin foil hats start shouting about “waking up” and getting all loud with the caps and exclamation points. I’m surprised I haven’t seen the word “sheeple” yet. I was talking with a government buddy of mine. He said they let the crazies rant because it keeps the focus away from what really goes on. It’s like a conspiracy within a conspiracy within….

    …where’s my shrooms, man…

    So don’t want to watch that circus–it’s all a show for ratings. Surely many folks have got to realize that. But here I go, like a train wreck, can’t…look…away…

    • “Let the crazies rant”? The government often pays them to rant. Or to persuade without wearing the logo. Anyway, Piers’ show is just a talky version of professional wrestling. For the people who like that sort of thing, this was exactly the sort of thing they’d like. No minds get changed.

    • they not only try to let them hang themselves with their rope, they also kill them, imprison them, and intimidate them.

  30. To anybody familiar with AJ’s persona, this interview is nothing special. But to an average family who watches CNN and has never heard of AJ, he basically gave them no choice but to label him as some sort of a wacko, a crazed man with too many guns.

    PM knew exactly what he was doing by inviting AJ, and AJ took the bait hook, line and sinker. In this interview, PM comes across (to his audience, at least) as the calm smart guy who is being yelled at by some lunatic gun owning loud mouth. PM is painting AJ here as a gun nut that the society should fear and hope that his guns are taken away, and by association the rest of gun owners should be stripped of their guns, too, if they’re anything like AJ. They’re thinking to themselves: well, I guess these people should not have guns after all. PM didn’t have to say anything to show AJ as a nut, clinging to his guns. AJ did a great job himself.

    Now, whether AJ is right to believe in any of those conspiracy theories is not the issue here. It’s just that he’s making himself look like he is way out there, not to be taken seriously, and by extension PM wanted to smear the rest of us gun owners.

    • You’re correct, Mr. Pierogi. Yes AJ got his message across but they way he presented it left much tobe desired. Larry Pratt was much mre dignified and Piers came across as a rude imbecile. It’s not so much what you say it’s how you say it. AJ will look like a loon to most observers.

  31. Somehow we MUST show that gun owners are not all idiots and radicals. I’m just an ordinary guy with no means to reach a wide audience. I wish someone like Hickok45 would take a more active role in discussing and convincing his 345 thousand subscribers and tens of thousands of non-subscribing viewers to write their representatives. So far, I have seen one very brief segment on his channel. Perhaps we can begin by politely asking people who have thousands of fans to do more…and then asking again and again if necessary. I’m not picking on Hickok45 (he is just the guy I enjoy watching sometimes), but there are many more YouTube firearms stars. How can we convince them to do more?

    • OK, people may be getting sick of signing stuff on line, but how about a sane statement denouncing the crazy stuff he said and people can sign on?…..

      • I would do it in a minute. But we need to get that online ASAP while this news is fresh. Does anyone know where or how to make a good online petition? Anyone volunteer? I’ll do it if necessary, but someone else might have more knowledge and can whip it out in minutes when it might take me several days.

  32. Two things to cherish:

    1) It looked like Piers was ready to cry at several points during Jones’s rants, I think he took the redcoat statements pretty personally

    2) This was played at the same time as the BCS championship. Given CNN and Piers already have low ratings, how many people do you think skipped out on half the College Football Championship to watch these two idiots go at it?

  33. It worries me that some commenters are suggesting that it does no good to contact representatives. This is entirely untrue, especially for the House representatives who have smaller districts and less access to big money from special interest. They are exactly the men and women we can influence the most on the federal level, and they will be the politicians to stop major gun control–or not. We should write our senators too, but the House representatives, especially Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats, will almost certainly be the deciding factor.

    I have written my representative three times. She hasn’t been in office long. In other words, she is untested. Below is what I wrote tonight. I will keep reminding her every Monday night. If the Second Amendment is destroyed, at least I’ll know that I’ve done my part trying to defend it. But I believe that we can win if we make our voices heard very clearly (without sounding crazy of course).

    Representative Black,

    I have already received a letter from your office assuring me that you (generally) support the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, this canned response did not answer my very specific question:

    Will you vote against ANY AND ALL bills that involve the banning or restriction of firearms, including semi-automatic, military-style rifles (aka “assault weapons”) such as the AR-15?

    I did not vote for you in the last election because I am a libertarian, and your positions on most social issues are too conservative for me. However, I WILL VOTE FOR YOU IN THE NEXT AND ALL SUBSEQUENT ELECTIONS IF YOU VOTE AGAINST ANY AND ALL BANS ON FIREARMS.

    • I understand the anger, Ike. I lived overseas and was frequently verbally attacked for our gun-rights in the USA. A lot of people are jealous of this remarkable and rare freedom. Others are brainwashed. Others don’t like liberty.

      BUT… I believe the petition to deport Morgan makes us look hypocritical. He has the right to free speech under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment (even if he’s not a citizen) just like we have a right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

      I think we can find wiser ways to express ourselves. Showing anger won’t help. Anti-gun people fear angry gun owners, so they cannot listen to our points of view. They’ve been brainwashed to believe that we’re rednecks who can’t control our emotions. I think we need to show that we’re calm, cool, and thoughtful, even though we plan to defend the Second Amendment without apology.

        • For far too long, the gun owners of America have taken the moral high ground of logic and reason to defend our rights and the 2nd Amendment, while the anti-gun zealots (like Piers Morgan) use every underhanded and emotional trick in the book to try to make us look like fools. Review how Morgan treated John Lott and Larry Pratt. It’s time we aggressively take the fight to the enemy and use those same techniques against them. Put them on the defensive – and keep them there.

          Review Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and the principles of propaganda (as used by Hitler and Goebbels) and see exactly how these techniques are being used by the anti-gun forces to manipulate public opinion against us.

          Principles of Propaganda (sound familiar?):
          – Avoid abstract ideas – appeal to the emotions.
          – Constantly repeat just a few ideas. Use stereotyped phrases.
          – Give only one side of the argument.
          – Continuously criticize your opponents.
          – Pick out one special “enemy” for special vilification.

  34. Ooh, good point on the ‘Bama game being on tonight. No wonder I didn’t hear about this until I got home. Hopefully, that will minimize the blowback.
    I don’t have a beef with Alex Jones, really. At worst, he’s thought-provoking, and at best, he’s a guy who lives out there on the clothesline. I can only do small doses, like when he guests on Coast to Coast or something, and it’s good talk to compliment the alien visitations and Bigfoot sightings And even among those kinds of guests, he comes on waaay too strong sometimes. Now John B Wells, THERE’S a steely voice of reason that should be taking point on this stuff…
    The only danger is when people take Alex like they do MSNBC, or CNN, or even the Drudge Report as the “official” news. Nothing wrong with taking something you hear from one of these and having it catch your interest, but do the research, check the facts- especially when the source shouts at you to do so, in some cases. I’m plenty awake, and I’m plenty concerned, but we’re not down to hand-to-hand combat with the UN yet, and the flouride in my water hasn’t turned me into a Manchurian candidate, and I still can’t find that damn RFID chip that’s supposedly hidden on my ass. So I think there’s still time to stay frosty and fight with the facts and reason that’s still on our side.
    There might come time for me to grab my tinfoil helmet and shout “Don’t tread on me!” at the Predator drones, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

  35. so i checked out cnn.com and its not labeled as anything that would catch much attention. plus, Morgan isn’t someone i would consider an outstanding source of info. Someone was gonna blow up on tv eventually and im glad he at least rembered all his facts instead of IT’S RIGHT JUST BECAUSE ITIS!

  36. This guy went on national television as a un-elected, un-appointed representative for gun-rights. This will be aired over and over in the United States and throughout the world. I’m not much into conspiracy theories, but Alex Jones may very well be working for the anti-gun lobby. He could not have hurt us more. Piers Morgan actually helped us by his initial attacks because his arrogance turned off Americans, including tens of thousands who are not Second Amendment supporters. But in 13 minutes Alex Jones reversed the damage that Morgan caused for the anti-gun people and aided them a thousand fold. Any pro-gun rights supporter who doesn’t see that must have a very low IQ, and I would not feel comfortable standing next to him on the shooting range.

  37. My petition might go something like this:

    “American Gun Owners Ask Alex Jones to Leave Country While Recognizing Piers Morgan’s First Amendment Right to Free Speech.”

    We can do a little good, especially if that type of petition garners more signatures than the Morgan-deportation petition.

    Anyone here up for something like that?

  38. Listen to most of you! A week ago you were drawing a line in the sand when it comes to your gun rights. Alex comes on and draws that line for you on national TV and most of you want to stick your heads in the sand. Do you want your 2nd Amendment? Time to put up or shut up! Who cares what the soccer mom or obamanite’s that watch CNN think. Time is running short on the Republic.

    • Our representatives in Congress make the laws. The soccer moms vote. Turn enough soccer moms off and you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.

      Other bad news: Four women shot to death in Tulsa tonight.

      • If you are putting your rights in the hands of other voters then something is wrong with you. The progressive media is going to twist facts and do their best to brainwash the uneducated with their 24/7 propaganda regardless of what we say or do – it’s time to take off the kid gloves and tell them NO! The right to defend ourselves is not up for debate!

        • If we don’t win at the ballot box, what do you suggest, Fingersoup? “Prying cold dead fingers from around our guns?”

          That’s not going to happen. I’ve been in situations where people had only their jobs at stake, and still they would not stand up for what they believed was right. They talked the big talk. When push came to shove, they buckled, and that is what 99.9% of gun owners will do if there is a major gun ban. Almost no one is going to physically “fight” the government for their gun rights. They are not going to sacrifice everything they ever worked for, they are not going to put their families in danger.

          The only reasonable way to “fight” is at the ballot box. We all need to write and call our representatives every week at least until the 2014 election, and we need to vote, and, yes, absolutely, we need to convince the fence-sitters that we are not crazy and we make good neighbors. They need to know that they are safer with us next door. But if we look as dog-barking mad as Jones did, we will push them all to other the side.

      • ??? then you obviously havent listened to joe

        i would want him to smoke a joint before tangling with piers. the show would get better if piers got the stupid idea of heckling him…

  39. Well, there is the theory amongst those that wear 2 tinfoil hats that Alex Jones is a CIA plant, and his role is to tell the truth, but deliver it as a raving madman so that no normal person will accept the truth.

    This performance adds to that theory.

  40. PM got his butt kicked badly by anyone that listens closely. The only spin that he could possibly put on this dismissal “debate” was that AJ “talked bad.”

    AJ’s message: BAN PROZAC and other Big Pharm concoctions which have caused SUICIDES to be far in excess of any gun related deaths.

    & REMEMBER the RULE of the TWOs: Two Atomic Bombs of Japan, Two Attacks in 911. The first one SHOCKS. The second one TERRIFIES (in anticipation of a 3rd). The third one becomes ROUTINE.

    There are too many unanswered Qs on Aurora and Sandy Hook. Remember RULE of the TWOs. Demand more answers to Aurora and Sandy Hook.

  41. So after reading most of these comments and finding that as usual the main point of concern is how Alex Jones expressed himself instead of what Alex Jones exposed, I just want to call most of you calm composed critics what you truly are, pussies!!! Seriously, you have a man with big round stones going to work on some British moron sitting in our country telling us how we are supposed to live and behave. Jones is correct when he speaks of Morgan “fleeing” his country. The dude is a disgraced “journalist” caught in fake reporting. Does that matter to anyone. Jones speaks (or even screams, which I’m cool with) about one of CNN’s biggest sponsors, the pharma industry as being a massive ill in our society and no real comments about that. It’s all about HOW Jones deals with all this lunacy. So I guess if your house was on fire it would be best if the gentleman that came in to save you gave you a gentle tap and if that didn’t wake just stepped out so as not be rude or heaven forbid offend anyone. Pussies, that’s all you are is a bunch of softy, sissy pussies. Good luck with that.

    • A lot of the commentators on here would just as soon roll over to the progressives all in the name of their perceived ‘popularity contest’ without a clue that regardless what is said, the progressives have an agenda and are masters of lies and propaganda.

      You could get an advocate on TV to deliver the best pro 2nd A argument ever and it still wouldn’t matter because they would be talked over, mocked and their argument would be either ignored or twisted to fit an agenda. After that .. they would go back to airing 24/7, unchallenged op-ed hit pieces full of lies and misinformation.

    • while i agree that alex jones has his own attributes, wanting a civilized, rational conversation to refute piers’ bullshit would have a more favorable outcome.

      there is nothing “pussy” about having a rational conversation.

      I cant say that I necessarily blame jones. previous guests on morgan’s shows have been blatantly disrespected and bashed for disagreeing with him. Alex used his speech as a weapon…a blunt hammer rather than a scalpel to remove the cancer.

  42. Alex Jones is a wing nut on the right, just like the anti gunners are wing nuts on the left. So, it balances out I guess.

    I don’t waste my time listening to anyone talk about how the World Trade Centers were “blown up”. I watched as airplanes, taken over with men, with box cutters, were used as weapons to kill over 3,000 of our citizens. Men with box cutters brought this nation to it’s knees. So, anyone who says our government blew up the twin towers, needs to be mentally evaluated and put into one of the asylums we need to bring back, because your asses are part of the problem!

    Alex Jones, lost all credibility with me when I first heard him talk about this crazy shit! That’s why Pierce Morgan “debated” him.

    I can answer Pierce Morgan’s question, very easily. A shame Alex Jones couldn’t. The pansy ass Brit, asked, “Why do Americans need, assault rifles?”. The answer is plain and simple. Because the government has real assault rifles with 30 round magazines. So, even though mine won’t select fire on fully automatic, my semi auto, is still a force to be reckoned with.

    Our founding fathers knew that when a government fears the people, we have liberty, when we fear the government, we have tyranny.

    Alex Jones did get one thing right. You CAN NOT have my guns. You can try to take them, Good Luck with that! Molon Labe!

    • its okay.

      i dont waste any time trying to convince anti-truthers that jet fuel cannot melt steel support frames in skyscrapers and that those skyscrapers were specifically designed to withstand all variables during a accidental plane crash.

      i also dont waste any time trying to edify Dr Niels Harrit, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Copenhagen University and his discovery of nano thermite in WTC dust. Apparently naysayers know something about chemistry that he doesnt know LOL.


      if you think that asking questions is reason to commit somebody to a mental institution, then you would have got along fine in the Soviet Union. They did the same thing.

      PS let me guess, you also believe that the hijackers tricked the entire security and intelligence apparatus of civilized world powers and instigated a blatant attack that was coincidentally on the same day as orchestrated war games. the scenario? airline hijackings.

      PPS Im sure this is just a “coincidence” right? http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/12_06_01_death_profits_pt1.html

      • The steel support frames didn’t melt. They failed structurally. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel, but it burns well above the temperature at which structural steel has lost over 50% of its strength, especially in concert with other combustibles (office furnishings, paper, etc) that would cause the hot spots to remain relatively stationary as opposed to simply flaring off. The steel bent, twisted, sagged, and failed, but it did not melt. That’s why they found bent, twisted, contorted, and torn structural steel all over the site, but didn’t find slag or (formerly) molten metal. Physics, how does it work?

        • The only steel-frame buildings to EVER collapse during a fire happened on 9/11/2001. THREE OF THEM. What say you about that? If you fall on your “coincidence” sword one more time, you won’t be getting up.

        • Sorry, Matt-in-Fl, I mistakingly replied to you instead of WLCE. I agree with you. I asked to have my misdirected comment deleted. It looks like that has been done. Maybe you can delete your replies to me as well – it makes the entire sub-thread confusing. Regards.

        • Yeah, I figured it out about 2 minutes later. I also submitted mine for deletion, but apparently it didn’t happen yet. No worries.

        • right….

          “they didnt melt but failed structurally”. LOL. good one.

          when you heat steel and it starts to loose is material solidity, then that is melting. you can spin it anyway you want.

      • When I was serving out in Iraq, we had a diversion on the Main Supply Route up from Kuwait because of a collapsed bridge. One of those bridges that didn’t go over a river, but over a pipeline: the insurgents blew the pipeline under the bridge, starting a fuel-fed fire.

        Now, petroleum (refined or not) won’t burn in air hot enough to melt steel to liquid, but it certainly got the structural steel of that bridge soft enough to buckle under its own weight, and for all the time I was were, there the diversions around “the Melted Bridge” were a significant problem for us.

      • Christ!, WLCE, I wish you were on the other side of the issue. You could help gun owners so much more if you were spouting BOTH anti-gun propaganda AND 911 conspiracy theories.

        • Sorry, Matt-in-Fl. Please see my more recent explanation above. I mistakingly replied to you. I deleted my comment to you. Maybe you can delete your replies to me as well – it makes the entire sub-thread confusing. Regards.

        • Thanks for your service to our country, WLCE, and sorry about the tone of my original email.

          I just don’t buy the 911 conspiracy stuff. I also can read books that say the earth is 6,000 years old, and the author will have made wonderfully clever, but inaccurate arguments. But there are just too many good books to read that don’t require me to suspend my common sense.

          Had there been a conspiracy, they ought to have had some radioactive material on the airplanes, a fake A-bomb maybe. Imagine the public reaction! But they didn’t. And when Bush took us into Iraq, they didn’t suddenly discover weapons of mass destruction. Instead they admitted that they were wrong about WMDs. If they were conspirators for some new world order, why didn’t they plant WMDs or materials for soldiers to “discover?”

          In any case, if gun owners talk about 911 this way, the majority of Americans who are not already pro-gun rights will respond unfavorably. We need their votes, or, at the very least, their indifference.

        • examining the evidence, we didnt invade iraq for “weapons of mass destruction”.

          we invaded iraq because saddam was going to start exchanging his oil for euros, something that would disrupt the US petrol dollar paradigm. Since global oil supplies peaked in 2006, it was conducive for the American empire to secure the worlds last undiscovered reserves.

          this is even old news.

  43. CNN used to present an American interviewer the likes of Larry King who spoke clearly and seemed to have a genuine interest in his guests. Now they showcase Pierce Morgana, a British Subject. This guy if you notice mumbles quickly through segments that he really would not like to address and there is something odd about his focus….he doesn’t seem to have American interests at heart regardless of the gun issue!
    CNN seems more concerned with convincing you of how things should be, and there is definite feeling of pressure to accept their agenda. CNN has gone beyond its mandate to present news as the network is now in my opinion entirely political. This removes it completely as an objective source of useful information.

  44. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the gun control circus! Additionally, I guess the word “debate” is being thrown around quite haphazardly these days.

    The guys at TTAG should vie for some sort of TV coverage in my opinion, would make for a much better and more relate-able discussion on the topic! Hell, id even pay to see that program — Love the site, love the writers! Severe dislike borderlining on hatred for the mainstream media at the moment, but TTAG fills that void perfectly. Thanks guys!

  45. Alex should have had his signature bull horn with him because foreign agents like PM are PAID very well by their respective paymasters (who print the pay on paper that does not even exist these days) not to listen to anyone. But maybe if Alex had bull horned PM he might have personally gotten Alex’s simple message:


    I am past Step 1 – I don’t have the balls to do for years what Alex, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, David Icke and many others have been predicting PUBLICLY; creeping tyranny in America. Freedom and protecting rights is messy, loud and at times in your face, ESPECIALLY if you are the scum trying to take away the rights of others.

    The government’s PRIVILEGE to be armed comes from the right and authority of the men and women of America to be armed in ANY way each deems appropriate, PERIOD. ERGO if the men and women of America decide to disarm THEN then ALL branches of government SHALL be unarmed.

  46. Although I’m not a fan of Alex Jones, I could not help but enjoy the skewering he gave that little twerp Piers Morgan. If Morgan was generally a civil and polite man, he wouldn’t have deserved this treatment, but as well all know from his other “debates”, he is an obnoxious asshole and deserved every minute of his roasting with Jones.

    You guys really need to lighten up and stop with the hand-wringing and fretting about how Jones is “making you look bad”. He isn’t. His presentation was hilarious and 100% factual. What he said about SSRI anti-depressants was absolutely true, and crucial to any “gun debate”.

    Oy vey, he has “conspiracy theories”. Conspiracies are real and all around you, get over it. If you STILL haven’t figured out by now, in 2013, you’re so stupid and ignorant you shouldn’t even be handling a firearm.

  47. I especially like the part where he tells Piers to go back to England and face his charges. Lol. Piers Morgan is a dick, is not a citizen of this country, and his opinion should be ignored.

    Why does no one talk about the crime rate with knives in the UK. Its actually quite disturbing.

  48. I especially like the part where he tells Piers to go back to England and face his charges. Lol. Piers Morgan is an ass, is not a citizen of this country, and his opinion should be ignored.

    Why does no one talk about the crime rate with knives in the UK. Its actually quite disturbing.

  49. If you people havn’t noticed, political correctness has gotten us nowhere. The globalists are coming for our guns with a vengeance. It’s time we stop pussy footin’ around with these people; it’s time we get in their face. That gun in front of the U.N. isn’t tied in a knot for nothing; it’s their ultimate mission! They are trying to take away our Liberty Teeth; it’s time we act like it!

    I wonder if we were living at the time of the Revolution, how many of you would have bad mouthed the “rabble rouser” Samuel Adams for his actions with the Sons of Liberty…Judging on the comments here; I’m guessing a lot of you.

    • I disagree. Political correctness and more importantly rational conversation has helped. A couple of decades ago, there were two states with concealed carry. Now most of the country allows citizens to carry guns. There was a lot of support for banning handguns in the 60’s and 70’s and early 80’s, more in favor than against, but this has reversed over the past couple of decades. The assault weapons ban of the Clinton era expired and there was no massive public support for renewing it.

  50. wellaware1.com claims that Alex Jones is a character being played by the actor Beau Bridges… why? After reading this I am finding the well aware website more credible

    • I agree with your conclusion, though I doubt that Jones had any support from the pro-gun lobby. He might have had support from the anti-gun lobby. It was like he was playing the role that Piers Morgan wanted him to play. And he played it perfectly. Someone ought to be watching for a large mysterious payoff to Alex Jones that could be traced to the anti-gun lobby.

  51. man Piers and CNN could not have picked a better guest to make the common firearm owner look exactly like a “gun nut”… I wish this fat body would stay off tv… Thanks for helping the other side fatty…

  52. I don’t agree, RF.

    If you’re civil on his show, he’s just going to talk over you and insult you, not changing the minds of Morgan’s viewers.

    If you become unhinged like Jones, you come across as a nut to Morgan’s (few) viewers, not changing their minds.

    Morgan also kept asking irrelevant questions. Jones should have mentioned that UK gun murders have always been extremely low, even lower when Brits could purchase handguns no questions asked. Personally, I like the fact that somebody red blooded got in Morgan’s face.

  53. If you want to change the debate, how about we try to get Bill Whittle to do a two hour open forum with David Kopel, David Hardy, Clayton Cramer, Glenn Reynolds, Joe Huffman and Robert Forago. I’m sure that the video forum would go viral in no time at all.

  54. Alex did what Alex does best. This is theater. Just like The Tubes, Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention, and The Dead Kennedys. Calmness was not in their message when talking politics. If you are not pissed at this government and it’s Zionist-Controleed media, then there is something unbalanced about you

  55. Guess I’m another conspiracy theorist because I believe Alex Jones is a well paid, most likely monarch programmed disinformation specialist. He is an unhinged egomaniac with more than one loose screw. His money and financial backing come form the NeoCon Zionist circle of power and he was created to discredit and defeat real patriots. He is different than your Hannities and Limbaughs or even Glen Becks. He is after the real patriots who see through all the baloney of the left/right paradigm in division politics. Those that have mentally escaped from the model of control. Lenin said we control the opposition by leading it and Alex Jones was created for that reason. From the stunt at the airport to his ego rambling on Piers Morgan. This was a planned operation. Even Morgan having him on was planned. He is real co-intel pro doing damage to the gun movement, the liberty movement and real patriots. He does this damage by steering his followers in radical directions and misrepresenting the rest of us. He doesn’t speak for me – that is for sure. But the brainwashed left will say he does. Ironically it was at the gun rally in Austin when I finally saw Alex (bullhorn) Jones for the megalomaniac nutball he really is. He became completely unhinged at that rally. If you think Alex Jones represents your interests – you’ve been had by a rather sophisticated Tavistock propaganda effort by the NeoCon Zionists. Buyer beware.

    • i would hate to say it, but perhaps you may be correct.

      I have been a longtime follower of somebody that is lightyears ahead of alex jones as far as reporting and publishing conspiracies: michael ruppert. when alex previously tried to pass michael’s work off for his own, that is when i made up my mind that i wont even give alex a chance (after a period of reluctant curiosity). He may be right in some circumstances and bring up good points (his criticism of the Katy Perry music video was one instance where i agreed with him 100%), but a pattern of dishonest previous behavior deters me from being a supporter.

      any true conspiracy digger that pisses off the system and holds no punches will never get any publicity on CNN or anywhere else.

      • Any true conspiracy digger will never see air time on major media. They also never get funding. Both of those should be red flags in regards to this phony interview. Jones has the bucks, the Bronfman lawyer, and now CNN exposure. This will be used to accomplish two things. Make those who stand up for the 2nd amendment out to be emotional kooks, and further the controlled dissent which Jones has been passing off as “truth” for years for the rest.

        • they wont either. youre absolutely correct. Anybody that youve heard that has really pissed off the system. i mean to the extent where you humiliate someone like john deutch, donald rumsfeld, or expose a major media outlet for corruption with the bahrainian government, you will be cast in the shadows permanently.

  56. So if the overweight guy “who appeared to be rather delusional” on disater preppers ‘or whatever the heck that nat geo show is called’. Had a visit from the ATF to confiscate his weapons, what do we think is going to happen when you look exceptionally delusional and bat 5h!t insane on CNN?

  57. It was nice to see PM get a taste of his own medicine. Alex hit the points for the 2nd amendment is primarily for protection against governments, and also nailing home the idea that it’s about violent crime, not just gun related deaths. It doesn’t matter that the UK has fewer gun deaths, you have to look at the total violent crime which is drastically lower in the US. PM can’t seem to compprehend that gun ownership deters and prevents non-gun related violent crimes.

    He kind of lost me with the 9/11 conspiracy theory at the very end though lol.

  58. Alex definitely made gun owners look bad. It was more of an issue of demeanor than anything else. He did put up all the facts that people need to hear at least. Other than that it was nice to see piers get a taste of his own medicine.

    • Yes, he did hit on a lot of very legitimate pro-gun arguments, but by shouting them like a rabid idiot, he has succeeding linking in those arguments to the unsound mind.

  59. If AJs reason for going on the PM show w to make PM look like a reasonable person than AJ succeeded greatly. The media will use this to point out how unhinged gun owners are and how irrational they can be. This was a disaster for gun owners wheat her you are an AJ fan boy or not.

  60. Brother Nathaniel did a piece on AJ a few years ago and BroNate that AJ is a disinformation shill for the neo-cons. I’m starting to believe that after AJ’s rant on Piers Morgan’s show. Mr. Jones, what the hell were you thinking? You just made the folks who support the Second Amendment look like a bunch of crazies. Or is that the way you were supposed to play it? Are you part of the Zionist-Neo-Con idiocy? You sure didn’t win any points with me, actually, you made Piers Morgan look good. Morgan sits contritely by while you make a fool of yourself and that will have blowback n th rest of us. The only thing that would have made it look even better would have been if you had been foaming at the mouth. Why don’t you ty that next time? THANKS ALEX!

  61. This was a setup! Completely staged interview. AJ is a wolf in sheep clothings. Never trusted the guy. William Cooper RIP called him a fearmongering weasel and a traitor

    • I believe you’re right, Peter. Alex Jones is working for the ANTI-gun lobby. I have no proof, but I’d bet a shiny new Noveske AR on it.

  62. I can’t even watch more than 20 seconds of this interview. I keep clicking through it trying to find a section where this Alex Jones doesn’t seem like a nut job. There isn’t one, except for maybe the first 20-30 seconds.

    This guy is a total utter loon, and Piers Morgan and his handlers are patting themselves on the back this morning, proud of the decision to bring this guy in with the hopes that he would melt down. He certainly didn’t disappoint.

      • I think you’re right, BobtheGrape. One way to mitigate this damage would be to find a link between Jones and the anti-gun lobby. It must exist. I hope the NRA is smart enough to higher investigators.

    • I lasted about 3 minutes. Jones had some good things to say,but his inability to stay on subject. personal attacks,challenges to box,etc., does our side no good with the people who matter. Those are the people who are on the fence and are won over by reasoned argument. Passion is fine, but you can’t come across like Jones did-foaming at the mouth and yelling about a depression meds conspiracy.
      It’s like the old saying,”Who you are shouts so loudly I can’t hear what you say.”

  63. The problem is not guns,knives,baseball bats,bombs,etc. The REAL problem is
    too many deranged young men from watching hollyweird violence movies and video games and too many people on SSRI prescription drugs prescribed by
    immoral doctors who have stock in pharmaceutical companies. The USA is only 5%
    of the world’s population,but takes 60% of the mind altering poisonous,toxic drugs!

  64. Not a fan, but Jones did not give up his ground, except for out right accusing Bush of 9-11. A Ploy that Morgan should be deported over. No one individual on this Earth should be fearful of stating the truth about 9-11. It’s amazing the fear to state that the Sandy Hook Shooting was not a lone gunman as the Aurora shooting was not a lone gunman. Is America going to prison for stating the truth because some Zionist shill calls it Conspiracy.

  65. I’m almost speechless at this man’s behavior. What a freaking baby. Its one thing to be pasionate, its another to be immature,disorganized, and fanatical.I agree looks bad on us.

  66. I don’t understand why everyone’s freaking out about this interview. I had never even heard of Alex Jones prior to this article, but anyone who thinks we’re about to get slapped with a sudden wave of anti-gun judgment that dooms our cause forever needs to open their eyes.

    What honestly makes you think this little interview with the 21st century red coat Piers Morgan is going to bring some unprecedented smack-down on us? We’re all ready hated to the point of antis casting death threats left and right over the past three weeks, and I have no doubt in my mind that plenty of antis all ready paint gun owners with the broad “crazy” brush. This interview isn’t going to change jack.

  67. Ha! Presentation! Yeah! You gotta have ‘presentation’ to work by God! If some of these ** decide you are a ‘free spirit’… or need… presentation (say set you up to have No Presentation), then you don’t rent and don’t eat! Presentation! Would it have helped Iraq if they had better presentation? Would it have helped in Germany? How about Russia? Presentation! Ms. Kramer – should you only be able to share your viewpoint if you are – uh- pretty? What kind of values does that represent? OH AND IF YOU NOTICE, all deceivers are dressed quite eloquently . . . it’s good to have aj and also to have great presentations! Not one or the other! What narrow thinking!

  68. Man defending his right to hold nationality versus Man defending his self purported reputation of being ‘defender of the republic’.

  69. Jones was completely right – imagine how many times Piers Morgan ranted and raved himself to try and highlight a point – now Jones matches Morgans script admirably. What Alex Jones did was great – the time for niceness is over – being nice will get you nowhere today but walked all over. In 1991, William Cooper wrote a book that warned the government was planning a “school shooting” in order to gain momentum for total gun confiscation, and this is one of many that reveal the major media’s intention to support the Marxification of America. Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Armenia, China, N. Korea, etc Socialism and its offspring Marxist/Communism, despotic dictatorships have all first had and did institute gun confiscation before they subjugated a nation to tryanny, and if that time comes here, the fools who support gun control and confiscation, many if not millions of them will be exterminated just like happened in the countries mentioned – just keep drinking the cool-aid that Piers Morgan and the Major Media feed you and you will become like millions of others you were exterminated and shoved into mass graves – “useful idiots”.

  70. See thats the difference between David Icke and Alex “Its the Nazis” Jones, David feeds you a bunch of new age reptile bullshit to you nicely in a calm manner, while Jone’s screams shit in your face like a wild baboon on steroids and says arabs own hollywood. Well I smell a money bomb coming from all the new Patriotards he gained from that interview!

    • Money from both sides, I think– from the racist right-wing false “patriots” as well as the anti-gun lobby which probably employed him to act that way. It’s like selling arms to both sides during a war–an ingenious money-making device, and a pact with the devil.

  71. Alex Jones is the wrong man for this interview. CNN’s decision to have their British pasty invite Alex Jones for this one-to-one discussion was a smooth move, and that is because Jones will be construed as an out-of-control hothead. It’s not what Alex says that is the problem; it’s how Alex conducts himself. Sadly, there will be many who side with Morgan because of his calm demeaner versus Jones’s loud and aggressive style. Many will be turned off by Alex’s practically sophomoric tactics, even though Alex is absolutely correct with his arguements.

  72. Gun owners look bad… Please, this is about our freedom… not our looks! Whimpy, whimpy, whimpy and exactly why Americans are perceived globally as cowards…

  73. I found Alex Jones very on point and very entertaining. I’ve watched the video clip a number of times and I can’t stop laughing at how he made Piers Morgan look foolish and ill-informed. Brilliant Alex!!

    Ohhhhh the rapture is coming. Let’s stick our politically-correct heads in the sand now and wait for Jesus to save us.

  75. It amuses me to see Piers Morgan treated as he treats his Guests, like John Lott.
    BUT Alex Jones’ behavior in this case paints a near-perfect caricature of the American “gun nut” as stereotyped by the gun prohibitionists. It’s tragic and counter-productive. To say this guy is a loose cannon, is the paradigm of understatement.

    I am betting PM anticipated he could get AJ on and push his button, then let him do all the damage to Second Amendment Support by himself with no further assistance. Looks like PM called it right this time. Damn him to hell! (But damned clever of him, too.)

  76. NO LAW will Disarm Criminals!

    Think about that “If and When” you are attacked, assaulted, raped, robbed, home invaded and “YOU” A rightfully should be armed “good citizen” is left defenseless by this Corrupt constitution shredding POS POTUS and his administration!

    And any who think the 1.6bn rounds of ammo, tanks, drones, and the surveillance grid employed by FEMA/DHS/POLICE is NOT positioning for a tyrannical Govt. Jack Boot..

  77. Actually I think AJ won. He only brought up logical points and Piers wouldn’t answer them. Piers is a blowhard for the NWO, AJ had him pegged. Then Piers tries to go the 9/11 route to implicate Jones as a loony, and Jones again backs up his claim. Jones completely nailed it when he used a British accent to describe the Reichstag fire that Hitler and the Nazis used to take the rights from the German people. That was a perfect analogy for 9/11. Go back to Britain if you are so afraid of the American way of life.

  78. Speak for yourself asshole. I am red blooded and am sick of people bowing down to these NWO sickos. Three cheers for Alex Jones.

  79. I have a hard time believing that a government that would lie to me about Iraq having WMD’s which led to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent children, not to mention the depleted uranium which will cause the mutations and deaths of millions more to come, has now somehow grown a conscience and decided that we need to give up our guns to protect our innocent children from crazy people jacked up on pharmaceuticals at home. For some reason, the picture of the naked Vietnamese girl running from a napalm attack sticks in the back of my mind when I think of just how little credibility Congress has on keeping children safe from violence. I can only assume that there is an alterior motive, especially when I see these Congress people all have armed guards and metal detectors at the capital building. Let’s disarm the guards and take down the metal detectors first, then we can talk about disarming the American public. Game?

    • Right. It’s incredible hypocrisy at the very least, even if nothing more sinister exists. Sadly, many on the pro-gun rights side cheered the war in Iraq like it was a football game.

      • Sadly many on the Republican side are not smart enough to know just how corrupt both parties are. the same could be true for the Dems.

  80. Its obvious to me that the messanger is not like! What talking point did he bring up that is wrong? Would someone please tell me!

  81. What a ridiculous and desperate bid for traffic this article is. You’re just as desperate as Pierce Organ and Alex Jones are.
    To claim this nutball is representing gun owners is ludicrous. He went on the show because he started a petition. Are all petition starters crazy? What about all shirt wearers? Toaster owners?

    Truth? You wouldn’t know truth if it was punching you in your cowardly face.

  82. Alex might be over the top, but at no time did I see him grab for a gun. Alex is what Alex is but at present there is no law that says he can’t be. Along with a constitution that says he can own guns and that is not debatable.

  83. Alex Jones makes gun owners “look” really bad? Compared to what? At least he stepped up to the plate.

    Piers Morgan is a know nothing blow hard. Is he a member of the CFR yet :}

  84. I wish Alex would have sat there quietly and just told Morgan, “Go ahead, do what you want. When guys like me are all gone, they won’t need you anymore either.”

  85. Dolts only think Alex looked bad because they are detuned, brainwashed nincompoops who don’t understand what real talk looks like. They are used to scripts and fictitious debate and don’t know what to make of it when someone makes sense and does so with the passion and energy that should reside in any fool who is being systematically raped of his or her life.

    The dolts are ignorant, that’s why they are bewildered by Alex’s anger. They would be angry too if they weren’t so damn stupid.

    • Knowing what I know at how the Elite Scum are Cherry Coating their Sinister agenda for the UNINFORMED to LAP UP Ignorantly.. I would find it difficult to NOT raise my voice either if face to face with that British POS Piers.

      TPTB are literally GUTTING USSA from the inside and the masses are believing the garbage they are spewing.

    • Everybody needs to check out ae911truth.org for the truth about 9-11. It’s quite obvious. Thats architects and engineers for 911 truth. Actually don’t check it out and stay in the dreamworld. I wish I could go back but I am awake now.

    • Really not good. Another mass shooting would be infinitely worse, but Alex Jones did his best for the anti-gun lobby short of using a gun to commit an atrocity.

  86. If every American had AJ’s gonads, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

    He’s not a perfect spokesman but, for now, he’s one of the best we have.

  87. The establishment knows Alex very very well…there was a very clear motive here…Give Alex his 15 minutes to scream rant and rave..then get the distinguished attorney ALLAN on after to him to say SEE look at this mad man..do you really want this type of guy to have a gun? he thinks the government did 911..OMG and he is influencing millions of people he must be stopped. and his listeners are crazy too..and then tells the intelligent CNN viewers could never take a guy like this seriously. Just listen to the 15 minute rebuttal and you can clearly see the motive…

    • Again, thats architects and engineers for 9-11 truth.org Also, don’t go to Youtube and view the collapse of WTC 7. Have you seen the collapse of WTC 7? AE911truth.org is already spreading into universities and theaters accross the nation like wild fire. There is a mass awakening. I awoke when I saw the collapse of WTC 7.

  88. Even though Alex Jones is a Zionist schill, he clearly mopped the floor with the git faced communist known as Piers Morgan. AJ brought up pertinent facts and totally demolished the anti-gun Maoists. Excellent job Alex Jones. Thanks for this entertaining and informative rant!!! Will go down in the history of classic rants.

  89. Jones and Morgan both have Welsh surnames. As the old saying goes…..

    ‘Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief, Taffy broke into my fathers house and stole a joint of beef’.

    Both are Zionist Shills.

  90. What is it about the Global Fascist Dictatorship that some people cant see is happening right here now in America?Sure,he was a bit more emotional then most,but someone has to wake the MASSES up

  91. To all you ‘SHEEPLE’ on this thread saying Alex Jones is a shill,Let me just say this;WHERE ARE YOU!,Are you on television saying ANYTHING to defend are right’s?,NO!,your just Bitching about someone who is!,PUKES!

  92. I’ll call b.s. on that. It’s about time someone got fired up and told the truth. The majority of gun crimes come from highly populated municipalities and gun deaths are a small percentage of all violent murders. Believe what the politicians and media tell you drones, but it’s all lies. who’s gonna save you knuckleheads from the gov’t if they take away the guns? The gov’t! Morons….

  93. I enjoyed this video- Many good points expressed and the affirmation on the Bush Administration doing the 9/11 is perfect- Nano Thermite, the Death Ray, Holograms, seeded witnesses in the streets with scripted reports, other witnesses all murdered, and etc. I say that Bush is clearly responsible and the identities were all that was needed for the job, and daddy got that from a close friend- Alex did real good and the ole boy in the ‘debate’ was nicer than he knows by allowing so much to be said- Australia is the same as England after disarmament as will be [any country] when defenseless- Check it out-

  94. I used to listen to Alex until today. He looked like a maniac. Just like one of his TV rants on his show one day and the camera did not cut away before he laughed and winked like it was a big joke. He made real gun loving citizens who want Liberty look like a bunch of mad men. I am now convinced he is paid by the liberals or the very people he talks about to make all the majority of Americans that believe there was more to 9/11 than meets the eye, or Fast and Furious, or UFOs to look like buffoons. Alex is what is known as a dis-information agent, or a double agent.

  95. Obviously RF doesn’t agree with you. He also doesn’t respond to my arguments with name calling. I, on the other hand do a bit of name calling, not as much as you, but some. Alex Jones, and you and a few others around here are obnoxious bullies. That’s why the whole thread was ironic.

  96. If anything Morgan did a mind control on AJ. He knows AJ… Modus Operandi being a brawler. Morgan presented a Ballet format e.g cool, calm, controlled. AJ fell into the trap and did his typical explosive routine! AJ could have made EVERY…statement… being cool, calm and collected. Sadly AJ has an alarmist personality little savvy and no cool that . AJ further substantiated and confirmed the idea that you can put a dress on a pig, but it’s what is underneath that remains…
    And “what if” the interview was a set up??? A hide in Plain sight psyop?

  97. I don’t think AJ went over-board. He knew how PM runs his show. It wasn’t PM allowing AJ to “hang” himself to portray “all” gun owners as radical, back-wood gun owners by letting him go on a rant. AJ told it like it is, making a point about our 2nd Amendment rights as citizens, giving factual statistics and not allowing PM throw out his minuscule facts and cut him off to make himself look good.

    So what if he was loud and vociferous, that’s the only way to be on PM’s show and to get your point across.

    Case and point, PM got owned and to make it appear as though he “allowed” AJ to display his views the way he did, his following show was to get a panel of like-minded drones as himself to bash AJ and to show viewers how radical gun owners really are and why stricter gun laws are “needed” and to save face for getting his ass handed to him.

    AJ merely reacted and said what so many “true” gun owners don’t have the balls to say.

    I’m not a gun owner and never owned one. But after all the recent developments regarding the U.S. Government and States trying to infringe on the rights of people to bare arms, you bet I’m researching and arming myself. It’s my Constitutional right.

    Getting rid of guns/magazines that hold more than 10 rounds will only provoke those with evil intentions to equip themselves with multiple guns that hold 6 or 9 rounds to carry out their shooting spree. They won’t prevent another school or theater massacre by disarming someone carrying 1 or 2 semi-automatic rifles, instead, they will enable someone to be equipped with multiple guns to carry out their intentions using both hands as separate weapons. And when this happens, what’s next? New gun control laws placed to only allow guns manufactured to hold 1 or 3 bullets or no guns at all.

    No matter what gun control laws are passed, if someone goes out into public to cause harm to others for whatever reason, they will find a way to do it. Whether it be a gun, a knife, a bomb, a car or bow and arrow.

    “The truth is that the United States of America is a constitutional republic. This is similar to a democracy because our representatives are selected by ‘democratic’ elections, but ultimately our representatives are required to work within the framework of our constitution.” – Dean Garrison

    “The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” -Samuel Adams

    “The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” -Thomas Jefferson

    Thanks AJ!

  98. If you won’t get fired up like Alex does and check out his facts….you are a zombie…if you don’t get fired up about your 1st Amendment, you won’t get fired up defending the 2nd…

  99. I saw Piers Morgan get owned. Not sure what was so sickening about Alex Jones telling the truth in a spirited way. This is the same tactic I have used in my recent debates. We need to wear them down until letting us have our way becomes the easiest alternative for them. We will never convince them to change their mind using arguments of reason because LIBERALS LACK REASON! We cannot argue using the Constitution because LIBERALS DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE CONSTITUTION. We just need to be the biggest pain in their ass.

  100. Jones is married to a Jewess who used to be a prostitute and sold drugs. He’s syndicated and this means he’s in the jew’s pockets

  101. They can take Jones and have him look like a radical and he could say Iers you can lick my nutsack and turn everything upside down. They got all the tricks.

  102. OMG, I CANNOT BELIEVE that the chicken littles herein seem to be completely UNABLE to see beyond their tiny cranial coops and REALIZE they have been played by an outrageously transparent Psy-Op that Alex Jones went ALONG WITH…Helllooo??!! AJ is a SHILL, THIS is what SHILLS DO. PM played AJ like a Stradivarius and it was PLANNED this way. No different than the kind of psy-ops that the KGB and Pravda would get up to…These commissars are playing for KEEPS for the BIG SCORES and YOU panty-twisters are getting upset over a shill’s
    Oscar performance?! Fuhgeddabout it! KEEP your eyes on the BIG SCORES too, and KNOW that these dishonest, evil, tyrannical nanny-staters roll like this, always have, always will…Chill….

  103. But these same people would preach “tolerance” and “zero tolerance” as it’s antithesis. If you answer these guys at CNN, they’ll heap up more questions with the answer you give. If you are well behaved they hate you. If you are fiery, they’ll just say “see these gun owners are crazy!” So really you are damned if you do, you are damned if you don’t.

    Alex probably did over do it, but if we just LISTENED to his amazing facts we’d learn a lot if we were novices on the subject. But on the other hand, I feel he’s angry because of what’s at stake. We are in a very critical time in history, particularly for us declining Western White society.

  104. This is how you stop an AJ hating sheep in their tracks : Say , ” He may be the worst person on earth but he still informs better than any media source on the planet ! ”
    That sends them into a cognitive dissonant spin . Because which ever msm source they mention , you simply say “oh so your source X tells us about the history of war-lies , false flags , black ops , high level crime, strange “suicides” , govt lies , msm lies does it ? ”

    It’s a logical argument slam-dunk every time . Try it !


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