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While the Nazi uniform in the background is, uh, interesting, this guy makes a lot of sense.

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  1. It’s been awhile since I saw any of his vids, but I believe he’s a Kiwi, not an Aussie: KiwiTedFerny.

    Also, I believe he’s basically their version of our SOT/ClassIII collector/dealer, so… naturally, he’s got a better collection than most of us can dream of having, without winning the lotto… IN New Zealand no less! Bastard!

    He has a YT vid on how he had a false alarm awhile back and the local constabularies were called to his residence, and all nearly shat themselves when they saw his collection! The cops didn’t even know that New Zealanders could legally own guns he had in his possession! lol.

  2. In some of his other videos, he makes it very clear he is a WWII history buff who collects all manner of uniforms, weapons, and firearms from all combatants. Doesn’t seem like your garden variety neo-nazi, in fact I’d probably buy him a drink if I were ever in New Zealand.

    • If you’re going to set yourself up as a mouth piece, you owe it to yourself and those you’re choosing to represent to hold up in the best light.

      Displaying Nazi memorbilia is never a terrible idea, whether a student of history or not.

      Gun owners are often our own worst enemies. You are too busy thinking about what you’re doing, and less about the image you’re sharing. When it goes wrong, you climb up on your soapbox and suggest people are too stupid to comprehend why they’re wrong, without thinking that people would be alot less concerned with your well being if you didn’t jam your Nazi outfits in our face.

      Want proof? Alex Jones, two posts up.

  3. Just looking behind him at what I can see it appears we’re seeing his “Eastern Front” display. I see a combination of german and russian small arms and gear.

  4. To bad our politicians didn’t have what he shows as real “common sense”.

    Instead we get thier version of “common sense” that consists of lies, delusion and the need for absolute control.

  5. He is a collector as that is how he can own those things. He also has a bunch of cars as well I believe. I think I saw his “museum” before.

  6. I guess my mention of Mangina got me bounced
    PS having a “Collection” of Militaria and a bleeping school book “Lessons Learned” appreicaition of Ground Warfare is like a frog directing traffic
    (Ask Me How I know)

      • Unless something has changed rather suddenly since I last watched, those are in fact his guns. He’s former ANZAC military, officer so far as I recall, and his father made a fair deal of money as a lawyer. He manages a museum containing his father’s collection of British sports cars, and he himself collects (in his own home, although I think he has pieces on loan to some museums down there) all manner of militaria.

  7. Good video, good points. If this passes and becomes law, every politician that voted to pass it will have the blood of innocents on their hands. Most of them already do anyway (with regards to disarming people in gun free zones and laws of that nature)

  8. When I was watching the video it reminded me of something.

    If most police and military actually do not want to fight their fellow Americans and the general American doesn’t want to fight either, why fight? Just because there is a politician yelling, “FIGHT, FIGHT! Do it damn it! Hurt each other now!”?

  9. The left always asked “What if they threw a war and nobody came?”

    If (as rumors appear to indicate) the police and military won’t to Feinstein’s dirty work, well, she will have just managed to answer the left’s big question from the 60s.

    Because whether she understands it or not, whether she wants it or not, whether she believes it or not, she is declaring war on the American people.

    But there’s a real possibility that her “army” won’t come.

  10. A true lefty really believes that if we could only round up all the guns and get rid of them there wouldn’t be any more crime and we could all live peacefully among the pandas sustained only by sunshine and pixie dust. For the most part politicians are more cynical (even the Democrats).

    We have a $16.4 trillion debt, trillion dollar deficits caused by a trillion dollar increase in the federal budget since the last administration, all of which leads to rampant unemployment, widespread celibacy and dissatisfaction with the government. This is wag the dog. This is a “war on women”. This is a squirrel moment. ( ) The Democrats know that only a third of us have guns and they can paint us up to be the bad guys. Practically nobody knows that the cost of putting a child through a year of school has doubled in the last decade. “We can’t afford police at schools!!!”

    The Democrats are desperate to change the subject.

  11. Giving politicians such as Feinstein the benefit of the doubt, that what they are attempting is based on solving a problem or making things better, is ignoring the evidence. She, for one, most certainly knows the value of firearms for personal protection. She knows and doesn’t care. Her goal is to contravene the second amendment so that any other whim she wishes to impose can not be resisted. This is a crisis that is not going to waste in the furtherance of the goal of more power for the political elite. Certainly there are ignorant followers and dupes that unthinkingly support these goals, but there is a hard core of people actively working to suppress freedom in this country for their personal benefit. They wish to rule us as subjects, not govern us as a free people.

    • They wish to rule us as subjects, not govern us as a free people.

      These aren’t the actions of a cunning ruler. Trying to pit the police and military vs. the civilians is just a good way to start riots is all. No one wins in that event.

      Rather, they’re the actions of a misguided politician that doesn’t know how to stop the tiny percentage of humans that go postal and cause the deaths of innocents.

      Feinstein is literally just falling back on old strategies (AWB) that didn’t work in the past because she doesn’t know any better. She thinks adding more regulations to a failed attempt will somehow make it succeed. It’s poor logic at best.

      The problem with the AWB is that it is a failed concept from the ground up because it imposes more rules on law-abiding citizens and it’s entire purpose is to attempt to control would-be criminals and insane people with the word of law. This tactic is historically ineffective and, frankly, idiotic to try for a second time.

      What a completely baseless and foolhardy notion to attempt to control a criminal mind or an insane mind with the regulations and laws that aim to further restrict the defensive capabilities and effectiveness of a nation’s law-abiding citizens.

      People go insane. It happens. It’s just probability. There are over 7 billion people alive today because of the miracles of modern medicine and it’s only going to grow exponentially as technology improves. The odds of mentally unstable and criminally-minded people will also grow so the odds of another Sandy Hook, 9/11, and more tragedies in the future are simply a certainty. It’s not an “if” forecast, it’s a “when”.

      All of the people that think Sandy Hook was the worst tragedy since 9/11 must live in under a rock. Humans have been doing terrible things to each other since the dawn of Man (or Cain and Abel if you want to get Biblical). Ever heard of WWI, WWII, or Auschwitz?

      That’s reality folks.

      The sooner the anti-gunners realize people aren’t all fluffy and nice, the sooner they can wrap their minds around the obvious solution of actually defending our schools from any form of attack foreign or domestic using practical means — like arming teachers and getting rid of gun free zones.

      Laws don’t help with crazy. Laws don’t help with determined or professional criminals. Anyone that thinks otherwise shouldn’t be an any position of power because they’re delusional.

  12. Now this is the guy that should debate Piers Morgan not Alex Jones.

    Again thanks for sharing !!

  13. Interesting saying “I came into this world kicking. screaming and covered in someone else’s blood and I am perfectly happy to go out the same way”.

    I kinda like it.

  14. Ho-Ly-Crap. Words cannot express how much I would absolutely LOVE to have just about every last firearm in the background of the video — So much so, in fact, that I had a complete case of ADD the first time I watched the video as my focus was on the guns, and not on what was being said. Had to go for a round 2 to catch the points being made lol.

    Anyway, history has proven that gun control is massively flawed, and I truly hope that there are enough politically active pro-gunners out there to shut down the hopes and dreams of feinstein and others like her so the focus may shift over to something else (The economy perhaps?). Just my two cents.

    On a side note, why couldn’t this guy have been the one to go up against Piers Morgan on the GC debate — I would love to see that happen.

  15. I tried to find some extra high cap magazine for my Ruger P89. Everyplace is sold out!!! Buds guns is completely sold out of inventory. Even Luckygunner Ammo is out of .22lr. I had a suspicion that Obama would try a gun ban in his 2nd term. However, my belief pressure is being put on him by the global elite. Something is coming down my friends. I personally believe it is going to either be another terrorist attack or something to do with the economy resulting in massive civil disorder.

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