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Duck Dynasty uber alles? (courtesy

See what I did there? Injected a gun-related reference into the headline—just in case you thought that the suspension of a reality TV star for insisting that a vagina is better than an anus for sexual congress (and gays are sinners) has nothing to do with guns. As I stated from the git-go, the Robertson clan is inexorably linked to duck hunting and thus guns in the public mind. So Phil’s reinstatement (A&E press release after the jump) tells The People of the Gun . . . something. As for anti-gunners who already see gun owners as dumb, ignorant, racist, homophobic rednecks, no change. Now aren’t we glad we went through all that? . . .

As a global media content company, A+E Networks’ core values are centered around creativity, inclusion and mutual respect. We believe it is a privilege for our brands to be invited into people’s homes, and we operate with a strong sense of integrity and deep commitment to these principles.

That is why we reacted so quickly and strongly to a recent interview with Phil Robertson. While Phil’s comments made in the interview reflect his personal views based on his own beliefs and his own personal journey, he and his family have publicly stated they regret the “coarse language” he used and the misinterpretation of his core beliefs based only on the article. He also made it clear he would “never incite or encourage hate.” We at A+E Networks expressed our disappointment with his statements in the article and reiterate that they are not views we hold.

But Duck Dynasty is not a show about one man’s views. It resonates with a large audience because it is a show about family … a family that America has come to love. As you might have seen in many episodes, they come together to reflect and pray for unity, tolerance and forgiveness. These are three values that we at A+E Networks also feel strongly about.

So after discussions with the Robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups, A&E has decided to resume filming Duck Dynasty later this spring with the entire Robertson family.

We will also use this moment to launch a national public service campaign (PSA) promoting unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people, a message that supports our core values as a company and the values found in Duck Dynasty. These PSAs will air across our entire portfolio.

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      • It’s about rights, the 1A rights of some do not trump the 1A rights others.
        The 1A and 2A rights go hand in hand. That’s why they’re at the top of the list.
        If you lose either you lose both.
        That ties this blog to guns more than RF’s explanation.

        • Keith, while I agree with your central point, I don’t think it applies here.

          1A protects you from government infringement on your rights- you can, like Fred Phelps does, stand in the public throughfare with a sign saying “thank god for IEDs”

          If, on the other hand, you worked for me and you said that at work, I’d be well within my rights to fire you.

          Same with 2A- You have the right to own a gun- but I have the right to say, “I’d rather you didn’t bring that to my house.” What A&E did had nothing to do with freedom of speech- they’re a private entity, free to permit or forbid whatever speech they like by their employees on the clock (and doing a promotional interview for your Television show with a major media outlet, i think, counts as “on the clock.”)

          It’s one of the things I find frustrating about this case- I’m a 1A fundamentalist- you should be able to say anything you like anywhere in public. But this wasn’t a 1A issue.

  1. I don’t really give a crap about some overweight rich southern racist who thinks blacks should have been happy with what they had in the 1950’s/1960’s.

    This whole story was just to detract from the drone strike in Yemen that destroyed a wedding filled with people minding their own business.

    These idiot politicians should have known better as well. It’s not a first amendment issue, it comes down to his private contract with A & E and I can care less about what arrangement the fat slob had with the network. They could pay him 1 billion dollars or fire him and it won’t change a thing in my life.

    I’m more worried about the constant attacks on the 2nd and 4th amendments… As well as the gov policing the world and bankrupting us.

    • So much hate, judgement, bigotry and just plain meaness. The really strange thing Jared, You’re displaying all the stereotypical qualities supposedly held by the gentleman you ranting on about.

      Might be time to look in the mirror and see if you are really describing yourself.

      • That makes no sense. That would be like saying since you don’t like Obama that you must secretly be like him.

        Look, if you want to be a racist and defend his support for Jim Crow Louisiana then feel free to.

        • I know you don’t see it, “rich fat slob”. “Racist”, “Supporting Jim Crow”

          Sorry Jared, you throw around derogatory, inflammatory and demeaning references just like you accuse Phil as doing,

          And then if someone disagrees with your interpretation of what Phil said ( because I didn’t see Phil as supporting Jim Crow or of him being racist,) Then you accuse them of being a racist as well.

          It what I said Jared, You come across as full of hate , bigotry, judgement and just plain meaness. and you use the same tactics as the liberal progressives have for years; “:If you disagree with my interpretation of the way the world is then your RACIST’.

          What I am is a baptized Christian; that is doing his best to live Christ’s teaching to love G-d with all my heart, mind, body and soul and to love my neighbor and my enemy as my self.

          And to me, The greatest danger isn’t from a declared Christian that believes that the bible is the word of G-d; it’s from the proudly declared godless socialist and communists that have proven themselves to be the greatest mass murderers of the last hundred years with over two hundred million men, women and children’s blood on their hands, and counting.

    • I believe there is an African-American in the current Robertson wood pile. From a demographic point of view Robertson is exactly right. Tom Sowell and Walt Williams have been making this point for twenty years. Blacks had the same incarceration and family formation rates as whites back in the days before white liberal like you stared “helping them black folk.” The Democrat Party was the Party of th eKlan in 1960 and is the Party of the Neo-Klan today,

      • because rednecks and people who live in trailer parks aren’t like “the normal people” they are used to rubbing elbows with.

    • “This whole story was just to detract from the drone strike in Yemen that destroyed a wedding filled with people minding their own business.”

      That sounds a little far fetched Jared. I do believe that the gov’t does things to distract the population from what they are doing at times, but I think you might need to check your foil hat for holes man.

  2. RF just had brillant idea. Combine guns and Christian dating into new must have site! It will beat e-Harmony in a shot. Motto will be “shoot your wad…when you get married.” LOL

  3. BREAKING should be reserved for stories not so tenuously connected to the core interest of the readership that the relevance needs to be explained before the story begins.

  4. Jared, you seem to be pretty upset, rattling on about him being an “overweight southern racist”, and call him fat. Sounds like someone is more then a little jealous. If you are going to make those kind of statements I bet I am not the only one that thinks you should back them up with some facts, or just STFU.

    • What are you going to do, come up here and make me????

      Since you seem too lazy to google or bing the NUMEROUS articles on it, I recommend you search the following

      Phil Robertson black people Jim Crow Louisiana and you can read it for yourself.

      So yes, he is a racist piece garbage. And threatening me doesn’t change anything… Keyboard Rambo.

      • Hey, Jared, finish your homework and go to bed. No Call of Duty for you tonight. And don’t give me any backtalk or I’ll tell your mommy.

        • So why don’t you take a shot at defending his racist comments on Jim Crow?

          Do you think less of minorities? Because I can’t see why else anyone would defend this clown.

          By the sounds of it it seems you secretly would love to club a minority over the head… Just like back in the good old Jim Crow days.

          At least Robertson isn’t as bad as the crazies who claim the concentration camps during WW2 were just a summer camp and a Jewish conspiracy.

      • Phil is about as racist as you seem to be Jared. Get my drift?

        And he is far less racist than your boy Obama.

        • I’ve never made a racist statement on here. You were the one who uses the “militant fag” line not me.

          It’s not my fault you are a racist.

          Why don’t you start

          People like yourself and the Pharisee Robertson continue to do damage to the 2nd amendment community.

          I for one am not interested in your “militant” Aryan nation.

          • Yo Jared, when did being gay become a race?

            Personally I don’t like militant turds of any stripe….black, white, brown, gray, green, yellow, turquoise, chartreuse…you get the picture. I don’t much care for militant Leftists like you either. Always loving to stir up shit, never happy and just generally a bunch of misearble ‘fornicates’. Get some help Jared. Seriously.

        • Right, Jared. We are so racist here that we openly welcome commenters (specific citation omitted for fear of a fallible memory) and spokespeople like Mr. Colonoir. We’re so racist that we never give thought to the races of the posters until they state their race when filling us in on the circumstances of their own upbringing, and we’re so racist still that we fail to consider their race in future discussions.

          The truth is, Jared, that we’ve achieved a community here wherein, for the purposes of discussion (which is all the community is), everyone is treated equally and held up to the same rubric, the validity and reason of their statements, by each of the other members here.

          If you look back through the comments on various articles here or keep paying attention in the future, you will notice once in a while a commenter will state that they are black (or hispanic, or of other descent) for the purposes of a discussion on the issue, and then you’ll see some people agree with the stated conclusion or disagree with it, very frequently stating the reasons why in both cases. Then you’ll notice that in a later discussion the black (or otherwise) commenter being treated without regard to their stated race. Again you’ll see the responses based entirely on the content of what they say.

          As far as Phil Robertson’s comments about blacks being happy, I can find no way of reading his statements that indicate a belief that blacks deserved to be kept in a lower class, are inferior to whites or deserve to be treated cruelly. He states that they were happy with the work they had and includes himself (and his family, or perhaps just other whites) among them and specifically states he saw no cruel treatment. His statements were to his own experiences and observations and do not include lynch mobs in what the blacks of his youth were happy with. I have to assume that were one to ask Phil if they could have founded a company to rival his own had they had a marketable idea and worked to create a product he would say “yes.”

          But that is the problem with his statements. To get anything non racist out of them, I have to provide my own bias, much as you do in order to get a specifically racist interpretation out of them. In fact his statements are vague enough as to be meaningless in a discussion about racism. From what I understand Phil has no problem taking anyone in need into his home be they black, gay, or both and I think ones actions are far more reliable a measure than his words, especially considering how often I find two people disagreeing with each other while both stating the exact same idea, only disagreeing because the words and phrases mean different things to both people.

          Phil may be a complete bigot and a racist, but nothing he’s said so far that I can find has revealed this explicitly. If in fact he is, he hides it well. If you can point out exactly why his statements reveal a hatred of blacks we’d love to hear it, but I certainly won’t take your word on it.

          If you feel that in order to honestly discuss race as a non-racist one must finish every sentence with some sort of progressive pass-phrase about equality then I urge you to please go back to your cult and have a large, refreshing, ice-cold glass of the local jonestownian blend kool-aid.

          Quite frankly I smell a rat. Some yokel shows up yelling racism in a crowded theater, accusing the locals and substituting volume and enthusiasm for evidence. Jared has Mayors-Demand-Illegal-Action written all over him and he argues like an impassioned progressive.

          Then again, maybe he’s not an activist, maybe he’s just a silly person, I fart in his general direction.

          WOW, just saw how long this got. Sorry guys.

      • “So yes, he is a racist piece garbage”

        So what? What do you care? Just change the channel then. For example me I have never watched the show. My life seems full and I never missed it.

        You know rather than obsessing about things that give you mindhurt and feelbad try ignoring them instead. Because here’s the news: they are his opinions and he is entitled to them and there is not one thing you are going to do to change it.

        I will never understand the self-flaggelation compulsion of Liberals.

        • Mina, I’m a libertarian, not a liberal, try widening your paradigm and learn something.

          I don’t watch the TV show, I just don’t think TTAG should be celebrating a racist. Gun owners have enough stigma from the anti gun establishment… And they would love to paint us all like Robertson.

          If you read my post, you would have seen that I said that I do not care if he makes $$$$ or gets fired, but it does distract the mindless masses from all the growing tyranny around us (NDAA, Prism, endless wars, police abuse, etc)

        • I have never seen a Libertarian with as little self control and as much bigoted BS mindhurt as you.

          Call yourself what you like, words are cheap. I call ’em as I see ’em.

        • Steve,

          “No good reason”?

          What was so libertarian about how blacks were treated in Louisiana in the 1950’s? Let’s look at the gun aspect shall we?

          How many blacks do you think were issued parish carry permits back in that time?

          Even better, how many blacks do you think could freely exercise their right to open carry in Louisiana without being shot or at least having some trumped up charge thrown their way?

          • Yeah, and who do we have to blame for that? DEMOCRATS otherwise known now as LEFTISTS. Your very party of choice Jared….to make a play on words using a famous quote from your earthly messiah: “YOU did that!”

        • A libertarian with authoritarian views on how people aught to behave? That’s not like any libertarian I have met. Identifying with a brand of a political persuasion more so than its ideology… Is there a word for that?

        • Jared, getting a few nickels per post from OFA and MAIG, are we?
          You wont last long here the way you are going.

          I’ve seen MUCH better trollery than this – you aren’t even entertaining, much less making sense. What happened – get kicked out of your the middle school lunch room for calling someone a name?

        • El Mac,

          Democrats? Do you have any clue to what you are talking about?

          If you actually read Louisiana statute 40.1379.1 you would see that sheriffs issue local permits, are you really telling me that only democrat sheriffs denied parish permits to blacks?

          Are you really going to blame what would have happened to black open carriers on democrats? There was no law passed in Louisiana banning open carry.

          With your obvious blindness of history, you may have overlooked that many republicans have signed horrible gun bills.

          Dukemeijan was a GOP governor who signed CA’s 1989 assault weapons ban.

          George Pataki was a GOP governor who signed NY’s AWB in 2000 (his original version had to be watered down).

          Cellucci was a GOP governor in MA who signed the gun control act of 1998.

          Snyder is a GOP governor in MI who is outright hostile to guns.

          For the record, I have never voted for a democrat on the federal level, I hope you learned something Big Mac.

          • Yo homey Jared, don’t mistake me for GOP drone. The GOP is full of aholes that have no clue what the Constitution is all about. Is largely an irrelevant party in my estimation. But the Democrat Soviets just suck crap from a hose constantly. So no, I didn’t learn anything from you.

            I find it hard to learn anything from a friggin bigot.

        • Rlc,

          Did you have a point there, or are you just one of those prejudice Jesus freaks who’s all upset over it.

          I bet he probably believes Jesus was as white as him just like that clown said on Fox.

      • Having actually read the article in question, I honestly don’t see how this is a big deal. MOST if not all of what he said was taken out of context. When he said that he never saw any blacks being mistreated in the pre-civil rights era, he was simply saying how things were around where he was. His family was quite poor, and yet gave freely of the crops they grew or meat they slaughtered to all of their
        “neighbors.” A lot of these neighbors happened to be people that belonged to one minority group or another. None of what he said should’ve been taken as him being a racist. However because of the fact that he is also a Christian, there were a lot of people who were just waiting for a moment like this. So they made a big deal out of nothing really, and in doing so tried their best to make Christianity look bad. This happens all the time. Liberals take things out of context, trying to make certain groups look bad, ie “rednecks” “republicans” “Christians” so on and so forth. All the while claiming these people to be intolerant racist bigots, when in reality liberal democrats were the ones to first bring up race. That is the only way they know how to win an argument. And when their history of bigotry and oppression is pointed out, they try and sweep it over to the side of the “republicans” saying that there was this huge party shift, and that all of the racist democrats are republicans now. These actions stem from a very childish mentality. Democrats try to make anyone who says anything against Obama’s policies or actions seem like a racist. And yet Democrats feel no shame in calling black republicans or libertarians “Uncle Toms” which is indeed racist. So on one side you have the ILLUSION of racism created by the left because they have no other means of rebuttal, and on the other you have BLATANT racism. This is truly sad.

  5. If you have to spend half the post lamely trying to explain why its related, can you just go find something ACTUALLY gun related to blog about instead?

  6. They are still hypocrites. The family should not have apologized. There was no coarse language that I read. He did not call for hate or intolerance. He stated the accepted interpretation of the Bible concerning the subject.

    I am not what you call religious and I do not watch the show but I am concerned with the constant and focused attacks on a specific religion or belief system. Everyone has the right to their beliefs as long as they do not infringe on another’s rights. What I got out of the interview was that he accepted the differences in others but does not agree with the lifestyle. Which is a reasonable and logical stance to take. You can disagree with an action yet still love and accept the person. I refuse to embrace homosexuality yet I have many friends who are. I love them for who they are and respect them as individuals but do not condone the lifestyle. From what I have seen,the lifestyle in question causes many issues due to the culture that gravitates towards the lifestyle. But that is my observation not an immutable fact.

    Regardless, it is a choice for each individual that does not lessen a person or their worth on either side. God (if you believe in a higher power) will make the final call on that subject. We just need to maintain a mutual respect for our fellow man.

    And yes, this does have implications affecting the Bill of Rights. Do not be fooled on that subject.

    • getfreight,

      Well stated. I didn’t see anywhere that Phil Robertson advocated demeaning or harming anyone. Rather, he stated that he does not support homosexual activity and quoted the Bible. He also stated that, according to his observations, black citizens on the whole had more stable/productive lives before sweeping Entitlement programs. I did not see Phil Robertson state anything endorsing unequal treatment of black citizens.

      Can we please move along now people?

  7. I like a good shotgun , do not watch network TV, more fun shooting and reloading that brass!

  8. Sadly, trashy reality shows continue without anything of value being created. I don’t care what some inbred hillbilly thinks about gays and it’s a sad statement about the quality of the human race that anyone cares.

    • i agree with you about most reality shows, but this is one of the few shows that isn’t trashy, and the family isn’t inbred or hillbillies.

    • I don’t watch the show and I generally could care less. However,
      this story piqued my interest because it seems like overt
      persecution based on someone’s personal and religious views.

      • Except that was only the story that the conservative media wanted it to be. The bottom line is that a hillbilly said some offensive things – in which case, A&E is fully in their rights to fire him to prevent him from detracting from their reputation.

  9. I hunted ducks once.

    I tried cooking, baking, brazing, frying. Nothing helped.

    I’ll stick to upland birds. Chukar chowder, pheasant and frijoles.

    • My dad was great at hunting, fishing, cooking and gardening. Seldom did we ever eat anything that he didn’t shoot, catch or grow and the only fast food we had was when DQ had foot-longs on sale 5 for $1.44.

      Two things that were never on the table. One was Crawfish as he considered it to be fish bait. Why eat the fish bait when you can eat the catfish you catch with it?
      The second was duck. As good of a cook as he was he considered that duck was never intended to be consumed and he’d rather eat the fish bait.

  10. Don’t tell my brother in law from Kenya or my two mixed race nieces that since i am a libertarian gun owner that i am racist.

  11. “So Phil’s reinstatement (A&E press release after the jump) tells The People of the Gun . . . something.”

    Yep, it sure does. Big Time.

    Have a frame. Make sure it is fortified by a strong, unbendable backbone. Never apologize.


    • Yep, it does say something (besides that Jim Crow was a-ok). It says, as long as you have your Jesus and your guns, you can be a bigot.

      BTW, I don’t think A&E should have fired him, but I don’t get upset over private contracts between private parties. I just find it funny that it’s ok that a bunch of innocent brown people get droned at a wedding and it’s ok, but a rich white bigot says something about homosexuals and it’s suddenly the “hill to die on.”

      • You are illogical and emotionally off your rocker.

        I’d suggest some warm milk and have your mom tuck you into bed, stat.

        Clearly, you need a nap.

        • That’s quite an assumption, you could have at least made an argument in between your ad hominem attacks. You don’t know my age or race, but you are obviously comforted in your fake Christian views. It’s ok…. As long as your white. So you can go back to attacking me, just remember that you are a Pharisee, the kind that Jesus actually warned about.

        • Marcus,

          My point is simple, saying that blacks should have been happy with the way things were in Louisiana in 1950 is pretty racist. And just because the guy had a child who had a child with a black person doesn’t excuse his statements.

          Too bad if you don’t like it. I’m not going to embrace some southern racist who hides his bigotry in his “religion”.

          He’s entitled to his views and A&E should have never made a big deal out of it because of the money they were making; however, just because he’s conservative, Christian, and pro-gun doesn’t mean anyone should turn a blind eye to his bigotry.

          • Yo homey, Jared, merely reporting his childhood observations doesn’t make him a bigot. It makes him truthful. No doubt you would have been happier if he had said something to the effect that one of his favorite childhood memories was buying some cotton candy at the local negro lynching party??? Or, “I jist luv when they bring out dem whips?”

            Get over yourself dude. Not everybody hates blacks. Not everybody hates their own race or the races of others. Seriously bro….there is help for you. Seek it out. Counseling will do a world of good.

      • One of a record-breaking number of ‘wedding parties’ traversing the back trails of Yemen. But hey, islamic terrorists wouldn’t lie, would they? You only get to sit in safety spewing your effluent because of the efforts of those better than you, and you know it. Pisses you off, don’t it?

        • That’s a neocon argument that’s long outdated. If you’re trying to equate this to “fighting for my freedom” argument save your nonsense.

          Because military or any other bureaucrat in the government will do whatever they are told for the most part, just like how they confiscated guns in New Orleans they would do whatever they are told.

          For every oath keeper there are 10 that would bulldoze through your house if they were told to under the guise of “just following orders”.

      • when did Phil say Jim Crow was “OK”? I’ve never heard of that and they almost fired him for the gay comment so how did he get away with that without so much as a temporary leave of absence?

  12. The skeptic in me believes this whole entire “controversy” was a carefully orchestrated plan to gather even more media attention to the network, the show and their business.

      • “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field … They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’ — not a word! … Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

        He’s saying what he saw and heard and didn’t see and hear, which is by no means an endorsement or denial of racial discrimination. Furthermore, he identified with the black people he knew in his younger days. And surprisingly enough he’s trying to say that one can be happy in spite of sub-optimal situations, and (based on the context of other quotes in the “interview”, such as it was) that faith is a major contributor to this state of being.

        So don’t blame Phil Robertson because you fail at reading comprehension.

        • I don’t think I’m failing at reading comprehension as much as you are suffering cognitive dissonance.

        • No Jared,

          You just have a problem with reading things that aren’t there, and with anyone pointing this fact out to you.

        • AFIraqVet,

          Fair question. The issue is the lack of empathy, for him to dumb down the Jim Crow days to paint a picture of a bunch of blacks singing and hopping and skipping in a field show’s a complete lack of empathy. To paint a picture that this was ok is very disturbing. Did Robertson not go into town in Monroe and see any “whites only” or any “colored/negro water fountain” signs? For him to simply make the comparison that blacks singing in a field was proof that things were better until welfare came along is pretty backwards.

          I agree with him about how welfare hasn’t helped improve things for blacks. I’m with him on that point, but to dumb down the Jim Crow days is disturbing. Even if that was his only experience, I’m sure he has since read stories or has seen evidence of the horrors of those times, and to discount all that and say that since there was no welfare and they were happy in the field working and singing that things must have been better for them is flat out sick.

          That’s like if someone said that things in Berlin got better because by the time I was 10 I noticed all the jews, crippled people, and homosexuals were moved to labor camps to be productive, and then to still hold that view after learning about what happened would be sick. Granted this is very different from Jim Crow days, but only in a matter of degrees.

        • Jared,

          You keep putting thoughts and words into other people’s mouths that simply aren’t there. He didn’t say that any of it was “ok” or that it didn’t happen anywhere else. “With my own eyes” limits what he’s talking about to his own experiences, and definitely nowhere near your example of Germans and Jews during the Nazi era. The other thing to keep in mind was that the timeframe in question (with him being born in 1946) would have been at the end of the Jim Crow era and after the Civil Rights act of 1964, which makes it very plausible that he didn’t see the worst of those times. It’s not as if he was a grown man during the 1940s and 50s, when it would have been much less plausible for anyone to not see it so much.

  13. Translation: A&E wanted to be PC and fire Phil until they realized that doing so would cost them a bunch of money.

  14. So basically A&E Networks is saying that they preach tolerance, providing it’s other people who do the tolerating of their views – not the other way around

    After public shaming of A&E’s intolerance of the 1st Amendment (and the threat of a complete boycott by the shows remaining stars) they’ve decided to tolerate Phil Robertson’s personal views, as long as everyone else tolerates more of theirs in the form of Pro-gay PSA’s.

    • I think the almighty dollar came into play after they saw the error of their way.
      It’s not profitable to support a small minority when it generates a huge backlash from the majority.
      After the backlash from the majority they realized the DD show appealed much more to the majority than the small LGBT community that more than likely doesn’t watch it because moral family values aren’t their cup of tea especially when they pray in the name of Jesus which they find offensive.
      They realized they shouldn’t kill the cash cow by supporting a minority until they’ve milked it for all it’s worth.
      It was a business decision based on nothing other than the almighty dollar.
      It’s no fault but their own that they didn’t learn that lesson from Dan Cathy.

  15. The only thing that bothers me is the that A&E will use this to further promote unity and understanding. What about the people that don’t think the ” Alternative Lifestyle ” is right. It looks like they are going to continue feeding us crap until we give up and give in. My only solution to all of this is… get back in the closet and lets not even get on the bandwagon taking about who does what to whom regardless of if you are straight or gay. In the end nobody really cares until the media drums all this up getting normal people angry. I guess the point is I see a lot of issues where the media just blasts us with pro gay stuff until we become immune and not care anymore. I also feel children see this as…. ok…. since its in the news and they grow up thinking that the people on TV tell me its not an issue so I will go with it.

    I am thankful however that money still talks and A&E did the right thing and kept him. You know somebody somewhere was doing damage control on both sides. I for one wouldn’t kick the cash cow until I bled it dry.

  16. It’s all about the coin. Now let’s see if AE tells Jessie Jackass aka the poverty pimp to pump himself…

  17. The funniest bit out of this whole story is how Jesse Jackson tried to insert himself into the story unsuccessfully. It will be a fine day in America when he is no longer relevant.

    • J. Jackson is already irrelevant. He became irrelevant the day Obama was elected. And he hates it. Kind of ironic. Ol marble mouth should just go back to whatever rock he crawled out from under.

  18. The Gay Lobby has learned that there are a lot of us willing to be tolerant, but only to the point where they try to shut us up.

    And, at the end of the day, the whole episode will only make the DD show more popular and A&E more wealthy.

    So, kind of a win-win all around, unless you are a homosexual activist who really did want to see Phil thrown off the show, so, boo-hoo for you.

    • I’m sure A+E is crying all the way to the bank.
      As a global media content company, A+E Networks’ core values are centered around creativity, inclusion and mutual respect…
      They got a week of constant brand-recognition out of this kerfuffle. At every supermarket and Wally World checkout on the planet. You can’t BUY that kind of advertising.

      Sometimes crow can taste mighty good. Well played, A+E.

  19. I should be more shocked that my fellow people of the gun are celebrating a homophobe getting his job back. I’m not, but I should be.

    What I should not be is shocked that anyone who, like Jared, sees nothing redeeming in a homophobe who is *at best* a well-meaning throwback from The Jim Crow days should get ripped into.

      • Based on your interpretation of the bible, a book that’s been translated multiple times and changed to appear whoever the great ruler of the time was.

        If everything was so cut and dry with Christianity, then why are there so many different churches (ie. Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, etc.)

        Didn’t the bible also say not to mix cotton and other fabrics? I don’t see so called “Christians” upset about that? Didn’t King Solomon have 70+ wives?

        • Don’t waste your time. Look at some of the comments El Mac has posted on this site. Some of the stuff he’s posted makes Phil Robertson look like the president of GLAAD.

          • Wow Duke. Are you upset that I used the word “fag” just as the original author of this piece did? Or are you upset that I used the “militant” modifier? Or are you just upset at the truth? I realize to some, that the truth does hurt. But brother, it will also set you free if you will let it.

        • Jared, I don’t believe God smoked Sodom and Gomorrah for mixing textiles. Might want to read up on that one again. Why the hate against Christians bro?

  20. Can you say “schadenfreude”, boys and girls?

    Looks like the Gay Gestapo at GLAAD and the leftist media lost a big one here.

  21. People need to realize that tv viewers make up the true majority. Guess what the majority is called, WalMart. The largest distributor in the world makes up your viewing audience. That’s a lot of rednecks’. A&E needs to realize that. Its not the bloombergs, its Larry, Darryl, and his other brother Darryl. Gays don’t watch duck dynasty, Phil doesn’t watch rupauls drag race. If you don’t like it, dont watch it! As for the blacks, brother jessie needs to realize that not every southern white owned a flock of slaves. My great grandparents picked cotton right along with them. Most of the southern slave owners owned a lot of whites through share cropping.

  22. Love the gun statement ! As for Phil I am behind his opinion 100% , A&E just saw the dollar signs going away and decided they had better change direction while trying to save face . Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  23. Please Someone Lets Change Topics its More than Evident to ALL OF US OTHER THAN JARED WE MAY WELL BE TALKING TO A TWO YEAR OLD. if ignored for a short period generally they will find something else to entertain themselves but to keep stooping to his level truly doesn’t show Plays Well With Others. Seems almost racist to jerking around someone whom evidently was dealt a full deck. Waiting for TTAG Facts Please!!

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