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Store clerk Marc Alvarez is a lucky man. His first unsuccessful attempt at disarming an armed robber could have led to lead. But he kept his head in the game and didn’t give up. Not only did he seem to talk his way out of trouble, ish, but he renewed his assault on his aggressor (off-camera), disarming him. According to the info at “By the time the two reached the beer cooler, Alvarez said he was able to ‘bum rush him into the cooler’ and take the handgun away.¬†Alvarez turned the pistol on the robber and got him out the door. The man, trying to run away, tried to slow Alvarez down. ‘He threw a trash can at me. I blocked the trash can out of the way’ Alvarez said. As always, we understand when people capitulate to armed robbers. But we celebrate every occasion where they don’t and prevail. Never give up.

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  1. This video is fake. In the first part of the video the “robber” hits the “victim” in the head with the gun. I’ve seen that move a thousand times on movies and on TV and it ALWAYS results in the whipee being immediately knocked out.

  2. Also, didn’t the clerk know that he was supposed to tell the robber to stand there while he calls the police?

  3. For LE, if the pistol is taken from the attacker, is it legal to immediately press the bang switch on the attacker? Or is the escalation of force therefore stopped once disarming the bad guy?

    • Many if not most cops will take any opportunity to escalate a situation. I think a cop would unload the mag on the perp immediately after disarming him no matter how much the perp has demonstrated his giving up.

  4. Awesome.

    As for shooting the now disarmed robber-
    Crim Law: as long as he’s a threat, fair game.
    Civil Law: scumbag family lawsuit time.

    • Depends.

      If he’s a robber in my house in Colorado, and I reasonably believe that he might use physical force (no matter how slight) against me or anyone else in the house, I’m immune from criminal prosecution and civil liability if I shoot him.

    • I wonder what the law says about beating the guy to a pulp with it? I’d imagine it’d be some form of battery, but would a grand jury indict over it?

  5. I split a pair of 3s once and doubled down on both of them. The dealer, who was showing a jack, busted. I won, but that doesn’t mean it was the right move.

  6. Is the robber actually wearing khaki’s and loafers?

    When I see video’s like this, I always ask myself what I would do if I happened to be walking in right as Mr. Alvarez was pushing the guy out the door with a gun to his head.

    What move if any do you make at that point?

    • In this case I think it would be pretty clear since the bad guy had a bad guy uniform on (ski mask). Unmasked, that’s a hell of a predicament.

  7. Either that gun was empty or the robber had no balls to do him. He’s pretty lucky. IF he was wearing a gun he could of drew it while knocking the handgun away and then it’s spaghetti time for the hood.

    • Alvarez said Sunday night that during the incident, he was worried about protecting his female co-worker.

      “My main priority at the time was to keep my co-worker who was with me safe and out of the way”

  8. This is why training is VERY important. People can say they would have done things differently in almost every situation. It comes down to training and knowing what to do in your particular situation. In this case, a bit of proper Krav Maga would been handy. That first attempt might have been successful.

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