BREAKING: Active Shooter Reported at Santa Fe, TX High School


Houston station KRTK is reporting that Santa Fe High School, located about 30 miles south of Houston, is on lockdown after reports of a shooting early this morning.


  1. avatar Joe R. says:

    Ban soft targets.

    Like Schools.

    Who needs the high-tax, broke (D)1<K communism mills anyway.

    1. avatar burley says:

      I’ve been saying this for some time now, glad I’m not the only one.

      1. avatar GS650G says:

        This spam post is appearing in a number of sites.

        Admins, you may want to address it.

      1. avatar Anonymous says:

        Like Jordan Peterson says, If you think a strong man is scary, wait till you see what a weak one can do.

        The motive behind school shootings IS the story of Cain and Able. That is how old this is. Older even. This is about the frustration of existence itself.

        And parents (especially fathers), need to provide guidance for their sons in this matter. A little encouragement in pursuit of the right goals, and good words in careful order go a long way.

  2. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

    Still rare by comparison to anything That’s happened in Chicago….A DemoCRAPic utopia….I’m sure there’s a narrative, or story here….Maybe some politics….

    1. avatar Nigel the Expat says:

      Well, Prog/Libs will certainly make it about “The Narrative(TM)”.

  3. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Is it odd that we don’t see reports of school shootings in inner city schools?

    1. avatar Cucamonga Jeff says:

      That’s because in inner-city school they have metal detectors and police presence daily. They also have lots of gang bangers so if some disaffected psycho kids thinks he’s gonna shoot up a school he’s gonna get bullets coming from cops and gang bangers.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “They also have lots of gang bangers so if some disaffected psycho kids thinks he’s gonna shoot up a school he’s gonna get bullets coming from cops and gang bangers.”

        Uuuhhh, mmmmm, excuse me….schools are gun free zones. How can “gang bangers” bring guns? I think maybe it is a matter of having more good guys without guns than we see on these fake college campi called suburban high schools. If all these suburban schools had even more good guys without guns, these mass shootings would not happen because all the good guys without guns would shame potential attackers into inaction. (Saw that on the internet; gotta be true).

      2. avatar Michigunner says:

        Pretty sure most gang bangers stop going to school, but I could be wrong.

    2. avatar former water walker says:

      Nah it ain’t odd…it’s pretty EZ for dindu to get the rival banger on the stteet. Hope there are no deaths in Texas.

      1. avatar WWW.ХХХ.VIDIОХХХ.ХУZ says:

        What ?

        1. avatar Broke_It says:

          They speak English in What?

  4. avatar Scott says:

    Art pissed me off, too.

  5. avatar Dave in SoCal says:

    Report on CNN from an eyewitness says the weapon used was a shotgun.

    “Witness says girl was shot

    According to an eyewitness account given to a CNN affiliate, a gunman at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, entered a classroom and began shooting with what appeared to be a shotgun.

    The witness says they saw a girl shot in the leg.”

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Report on CNN from an eyewitness says the weapon used was a shotgun.”

      That will throw the ‘Mad Mommies’ a curveball…

  6. avatar BLAMMO says:

    Obviously, We the People can’t be trusted with civil rights. So, it’s time to take them away.

    1. avatar WWW.ХХХ.ХQТSРN.ХУZ says:

      What ?

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          Blam, don’t encourage the mentally ill…

  7. avatar Mark says:

    Uh oh. Now they will go after pump shotguns as weapons of war. (which they already are) Time to go buy a few more. I also hate the term active shooter. Is there such thing as a passive shooter? Why can’t we just call the criminal a murderer and get rid of the shooter part? This just has “anti gun” all over it. I’m an active shooter when I go to the range.

    1. avatar burley says:

      “I’m an active shooter when I go to the range…”:
      …now you’re catching on to the programming. Once you start to see it, you can’t unsee it.

      1. avatar WWW.ХХХ.ХQТSРN.ХУZ says:

        What ?

    2. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “Active shooter” seems to be a term used to differentiate between ongoing shooting and hostage situation, or barricade. Maybe barricade is an extension of “active shooter”?

  8. avatar RA-15 says:

    If one says something enough , it gets engrained in people’s mind’s. Thus it must be true , because everyone is saying so !! I shoot in the hills behind my home. Am I active ? Yes actively walking through the woods.

  9. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    “When seconds count the police are minutes away” is as true now as it always has been.

    1. avatar Mercury says:

      Supposedly there WAS a cop there, and the spree killer targeted him first. It’s not just that the police can’t get there fast enough to protect you; it’s not just that they can choose not to protect you if they do get there in time (and keep their jobs); the fact is even if they’re present and actively trying to protect you, they can’t. A determined attacker of any kind is more than the police are capable of preventing you or your loved ones harm from.

  10. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Another fine example of a “Gun Free” zone. Until these jacka$$ libitardz do away with them. Nothing will change. On to the next time. Tapping foot.

  11. avatar Pat says:

    Fox reports 8 fatalities.

  12. avatar DerryM says:

    Once again, “Gun Free Zones” cost lives (8 dead, multiple wounded among the Students). The jacktard Liberals won’t do away with GFZ’s because they want the body count and trauma to scream for more “gun control”. The attacker is in custody, so we will know more about his/her motives for this insanity.

  13. avatar little horn says:

    please no

  14. avatar RidgeRunner says:

    The obvious question is what’s wrong with these kids where they keep shooting people. I carried a shotgun in my truck all the time in high school, we’d go hunting before school, nobody cared.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      Well, when you make snowflakes out of children, teach them to be offended at every moment, teach them that they are at the center of everyone else’s universe, those children have no coping skills. The amazing thing is these idiots do shoot up the workplace when they are employed and discover they are not the most important thing in the world.

      I read where schools in inner city Detroit do not have these shootings because there are armed police present and visible, everyone goes through metal detectors, and every bag is searched. The students interviewed are puzzled at why suburban schools treat their students differently. The Detroit students have no fear of a school shooting, but the oh so special suburban children refuse to contemplate a school as a prison (which is not the perspective of the Detroit inner city kids).

      1. avatar burley says:

        Don’t forget: teach them they have no purpose and there’s no sanctity of life.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          Looks like I dropped a word in the last sentence. “Amazing that these idiots do NOT shoot up the workplace….”

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “The obvious question is what’s wrong with these kids where they keep shooting people.”

      Thank the internet and the instant-on, always-on 24-hour news cycle.

      Instant ‘fame’…

    3. avatar Jimmy N Wright says:

      The same here, however that was before the leftist screwed up public schools and society to the point it is now. How’s that moral relativism working for everybody? If it feels good, do it. How’s that no consequences working for everybody?

  15. avatar Ralph says:

    The students keep on killing each other, and then blame the NRA.


  16. avatar jon in IA says:

    second one in a week. This IS NOT a gun problem, this is a societal problem. If anything the “gun” violence is just the symptom of the real issue. Maybe if we started publicly humiliating the shooter instead of turning him into the “face of evil itself” we would have less of these.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “This IS NOT a gun problem, this is a societal problem. ”

      What about this logic….”Society wouldn’t have a gun problem if there were no guns available for mass shootings.”

      One of the arguments we seem unprepared for is, “If a certain tool wasn’t available, a person might not even think about doing XYZ.” There is something to be said for the idea that without a convenience, a behavior would likely not come to mind.

      Always fascinated by the success of sticky notes. Prior to the release of sticky notes by 3M, nobody knew we needed them. Now, they are as common as bread in the house. Indeed, were it not for the executive secretaries at 3M (who immediately saw a need for an adhesive that wouldn’t “stick” when the adhesive engineers could not.)

      Of all the data collected about guns and shooters, I have never seen anything questioning a murderer about whether the presence of a gun made the decision easier, or if the lack of a gun would have prevented the murder. Of course, any result would be skewed by the inability to determine if the person interviewed was telling the truth.

      To get “society” to admit that “society” is the root of a problem means “society” must have the integrity to admit mistakes, take responsibility, and move to correct. With entire careers and self-images at stake, changing society is going to be its own revolution.

  17. avatar MIO says:

    Reserving comments for now but praying for the families and the officers who were wounded responding

  18. avatar Setnakhte says:

    Stand strong, Texans.

  19. avatar Geoff PR says:

    The police officer on-scene was among the wounded, and is in serous condition.

    Officials now report “explosive devices have been located on and off the campus, and are being de-activated”.

    This may be a possible Columbine part 2 attempt…

  20. avatar Geoff PR says:

    The Chief of Police reports one suspect in custody.

    Explosive devices have been confirmed found…

  21. avatar Rumpled Nixon says:

    Thanks to Joe Biden & the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 for turning schools into defenseless killing fields. Protect the children! Secure the schools. Arm the teachers. Kick the unions and hate-filled liberal progressives out of the schools. They can’t keep the children safe.

  22. avatar elsullo says:

    It appears that at least a quarter of the officers in Texas are over three hundred pounds, and I am NOT ignoring their body armor! No wonder school shooters expect to succeed with cops like this. How would they subdue a suspect, FALL on him? They certainly could not run to pursue him! Now, I too am over three hundred pounds, because I am a cripple and cannot exercise, but I CAN criticize. These officers should be ashamed to take a paycheck from the people that they are supposed to be able to protect!

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