the really do want to take your guns
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“Liberals, who (inept gaslighting aside) really do want to take your guns, want you to be without a means of defense. And this necessarily means they are willing to accept the risk of death (yours, not theirs) that comes with being defenseless. That is, they are totally cool with you taking the risk of encountering someone who doesn’t care that guns are illegal, or who is just plain stronger than you, and who wants to hurt you or worse. In short, liberals are eager to accept the risk of you being killed in order to attain their gun-free utopia.” – Kurt Schlichter in Why Do Liberals Think We Are Morally Obligated To Die To Make Them Happy? [via]

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  1. I’m sure that A-Hole will be jumping at the bit to be the first one through the doors

    • He will be rite behind Barbra Fineswine and Chuckles the Communist Clown on the raid.

    • The guy, this Progressive, really shows me that people on the left, as a rule, are thugs. They will either use threats of violence on the street as human predators to personally take your stuff, your freedom or your life; or people like this guy with the sign will use government and their guns to take your stuff, your freedom or your life.

      This guy is the reason why I have a gun. But I guarantee you, this guy will not be the one pointing the gun at me to take my gun. F****** coward! (Excuse my French.)

      • “… use government and their guns to take your stuff, your freedom or your life. ”

        AND! To vote taxation for you to pay for your own enslavement.

        I have a totally PC hippie chick massage therapist for a neighbor, 3 kids and no hubby. Campaigns against everything you and I hold dear. BIG Bernie backer. Had signs everywhere.

        She found out that I have a large, but not-doomstead sized pantry. She said…no shit…”Oh good. Now I know where to come if something happened and my family needs food.

        Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. You just do that.

  2. These people are not liberals, they are totalitarians. They want more government control, that is the opposite of liberalism.

    I’m a liberal. I want less government control. I want the government to bugger off from most things. All we get is more regulations which never fix anything, just cost us more money and often make everything worse.

    The biggest culprit with this that my country is plagued with is the EU. They have regulations about the diameter of bananas and the angle of the bent of a cucumber. they made a regulation that states that oven mitts need to have a manual that tells you what to do with them. It’s a small cardboard card with some images, not a big deal ,but it’s the principle. I don’t need a manual for oven mitts FFS!

    They don’t protect our borders, of course, that would make sense and we can’t have that.

    At the same time people claim the EU is the extension of the Era of Enlightenment. Right. An openly anti-democratic organization that is run mostly by an unelected ruling council, which is accountable to no one, an army of bureaucrats and a pseudo-parliament that mostly practices pretend-democracy (and can be overruled by the ruling council on a whim) is the continuation of a philosophical movement that called for liberty.

    No. It’s not. Its the polar opposite.

    And just like in the US the EU has been trying to disarm us several times already. Usually with the same old lies. NGOs like (Sh)amnesty international are heavily involved in this, spreading mostly lies about gun owners.

    From a totalitarian point of view it makes sense. Do not secure the borders, let everybody in, dismantle democracy (we did not get to vote on the EU constitution, it was rammed down our throats), and then disarm the people. Voila: the United States of Europe, a neo-fascist regime.

    No thanks.

    You Americans need to defend your Constitution, no matter the cost.

    (I need a place to flee to when the SHTF in Europe.)

    • They don’t protect our borders, of course, that would make sense and we can’t have that.

      Could it be that the volume of regulations is intended to help distract from other, more important, concerns?

      (I need a place to flee to when the SHTF in Europe.)

      Come on over. That said … the time it takes to get US citizenship the right way can take several years, and the middle of a crisis is not the time to start getting your ducks in a row to leave. So if you really mean that, I’d start to work on it sooner than later.

    • The one essential component of government is national security and the securing of their borders and preserving national sovereignty. That they’ve intentionally abdicated their primary responsibility is enough, IMO, to resist them by any means necessary. Oh wait, the sheeple have already given up their guns. The fight has been lost. The tyrants won without ever firing a shot. Yes, that will NEVER happen here. There are plenty of Americans that are ready, willing able and perhaps anxious for a “winner take all, once and for all, fight, the bitter end. And yes, I’m already signed up. (And I’ll bet anything, that Leftist Terrorist™️ holding that sign will be hiding behind his boyfriend’s pant leg when the bullets start flying.)

      • What do you mean signed up? In the Army? The problem isn’t that we don’t have walls to complete the prison society. The problem is people can’t legally properly defend themselves with all the restrictive laws. Who is going to come to America illegally if your likely to get shot for crimes. No benefits. Stop the social benefits for anyone over 18 and under 65. Simple get a job and work. Stop making laws that are ruining our country. Half are not even constitutional.

    • “I’m a liberal.” What do YOU mean by “liberal”? A liberal in the classical sense of that term; to be distinguished from the term “leftist”.

      Usage of this English word is different between America and Europe. No complaint here, but since you are European and you are addressing a primarily American audience, it will be especially helpful to clarify your definition when you use this term.

      You are welcome to immigrate to America.

      • I’m a liberal too. Yet for some reason like the gentleman said before me.. We Americans change words around so they can give up thier rights. I am still trying to figure out why Democrats and Republicans think changing the English language is appropriate why liberal doesn’t stand for liberty. Who has the authority to say words don’t have meaning? Why that’s because Americans are government educated and well republicans want a more corporate run fascist government. And Democrats want a more Bureaucratic form.. why if people actually knew what liberty means they might ask why All this oppression. You hopefully get where I am going. Liberal s are under attack and that’s what the government wants. They don’t want you saying give me liberty or give me death. They want you to work. And they want you to pay taxes. They don’t care about your liberties and when people say things like “stupid liberals trying to ruin this country”. Those people rioting and looting are Democratic communist socialists party. They don’t care about personal liberties. Neither do republicans. Look at how these asshats vote in the house and senate. It’s disgusting and how people don’t care is beyond me. What do you think.

    • The leftists have polluted the conversation with their newspeak and lies. We all know that new liberals in our country aren’t the classical liberals of yesteryear. Just like how this progress bs is regression.

    • “These people are not liberals, they are totalitarians. They want more government control, that is the opposite of liberalism.”

      Most of them (the useful idiots) probably don’t understand that, and will be highly resistant to understanding it. To paraphrase a quote often attributed so Sam Clemens, it’s much easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. Whether Mark Twain said that or not, it’s truth.

    • You EU folks define liberal a whole lot differently than we do. Over on this side of the pond, you’d certainly be a conservative. The liberals over here want big government, no Constitution (unless it fits their agenda) and free everything so long as the tax payers foot the bill.

  3. Given that our government’s confiscation authorities are usually the “First To Flee” from any truly dangerous situation, the likelihood of mass confiscation is slight. The chances of Civil War will increase with any schemes to disarm US citizens.

  4. It’s not just that they want to take your guns. These leftists are perfectly willing to have others kill you for them.

  5. It’s not (just) about ‘guns’. Liberals want to take all of your rights and do tyrannical communism with impunity. They can’t do that while you have the ability to defend yourself, and to break their stupid shit off in their ass and go after their kids, property, livestock, etc.

    F em all.

    F em before they finish Fing you.

  6. One of the more bloody-minded ideas gun-controllers promote is limiting magazine size. Their argument that limiting the amount of rounds a magazine can hold is an acceptable compromise because it will reduce the numbers of people killed, accepts the idea that spree-killer and terrorist attacks are unavoidable and cannot—and more importantly should not—be deterred or stopped by armed citizens. They won’t admit this, but their ideology demands that we should all become potential victims.

  7. The most important thing to remember is that leftists are not really anti-gun. Guns in the hands of those people supporting and enforcing their agenda are perfectly acceptable.

  8. I’d like to see you try sir. My hands are right here, come and get it , You with your little sign. You and what army will you bring to do your dirty work for you ?

    • I’m sure you meant to say, “what army will you be sending”. FIFY. There’s no doubt that our little sign holder will be hiding behind his boyfriend when things get “serious”.

      • Their army will be the illegals from mexico and the middle eastern jihadists that our late emprorer imported.

  9. “Gun control” really is all about safety — their indifference to yours.

  10. “Gun safety” — with 5 million DGUs a year, tbat’s a lot of safety from people having guns.

  11. Gun safeties are about gun safety — it only goes off when you intend it to. “Smart guns” are about it only going off when somebody else wants to let you. Not so much about your safety.

  12. Liberals, like that jacktard with the sign, expect “someone else” to do the dirty work. Too cowardly to do it for himself. What will you do, you craven a$$wipe, if there aren’t enough of “someone else” to do your dirty work?

    The general sentiment that these liberal gun grabbers just want to make everyone into victims is spot on.

  13. Why is it those wanting to supposedly reduce ‘gun violence’, are the first to propose a resort to violence?

  14. If they think they can actually disarm Americans of over 350 million firearms, they are spending way too much time smoking something illegal. From “Molon Labe” to “Come and take it” to “I will not comply” it is widely acknowledged, that to enslave a nation you must first disarm the people.

  15. This guy holding the sign and people like him are insane. So, let’s get this straight-he wants to “save” lives by murdering people to give up their guns? How is that saving lives?

  16. Note that the sign says “we will pry it from your cold dead hands,” not “I will pry it from your cold dead hands.”

    That nancyboy couldn’t pry his d!ck from his hands, much less our guns from ours.

    • As a carpenter I wear Carhartt work clothes. Would like to shove that Carhartt tobaggan up his ass.

  17. I am really surprised that no one has named the guy with the sign. Someone knows who he is.

  18. My cold dead hands? How did I get dead? By him shooting me first? With what? A GUN..a war they want, a war they will get.. becareful what you wish for, it Maynot work out to your expectations..

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