gunman opens fire at trump florida resort
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Multiple news sources are reporting that an unidentified man shouting “anti-Trump sentiment[s]” and carrying an American flag and a firearm, opened fire at the Trump National Doral Miami resort in West Miami-Dade, Florida last night. A shoot-out with police followed, in which the perpetrator was shot.

The Miami Herald reports that,

The man — identified as Jonathan Oddi, 42, who was not a guest at the resort — waited in the lobby for police officers to arrive before luring them into a gunfight, authorities said. During the gunfight, the unidentified man was struck several times in the lower body. No workers at the resort or guests were injured. A Doral cop hurt his wrist.

Fox News reports:

“This guy was ready for war, he was waiting for our officers to come in,” Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez told Miami radio station 610 WIOD.

Perez said the man was “yelling and spewing some information about President Trump.” Although the exact words were unclear, Perez said it was an “anti-Trump sentiment” and the shooter “had an American flag that he did drape over the counter…..”
Authorities also said they are not ruling out terrorism, Police told WPLG that the suspect repeatedly called 911 and was actively shooting in an attempt to draw authorities inside.

The U.S. Secret Service, responsible for the security of the President, announced that “Special Agents from the Miami Field Office are on the scene and working closely with our law enforcement partners.”

The resort is owned by President Donald Trump, though he was not present during the attack.

Last year, a man apparently motivated by hatred for Trump and the Republican Party attacked a GOP Congressional baseball practice in Virginia, leaving several seriously wounded, including Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.)

A news media determined to bring down the President, coupled with the polarizing effects of social media are not having a positive effect on our national discourse.


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    • I am still waiting for members of that well-known terrorist organization called the NRA, to be involved in some of these mass shootings, but oddly enough, most of those Mass Shooters seem to be from the left side of the political Spectrum.

    • Well unless Bernie is recruiting Argentinians into his fold, this is just another example of immigrant invaders posing as Fake Americans.

      The Irony of the American flag prop is priceless.

    • All hail the Burnmeister.

      In related news,I see today he is deciding whether or not to run for another term as senator,hey Bernie do the people of Vermont and the nation a favor and just go the Hell Away.

  1. Something to be alert for is the possibility that he might be a PRO-gun zealot who is unhappy that Trump has done too little to defend the 2A. If not him, perhaps one day a gun-nut who is too off-the-rails might do something like this.

    A table cloth has a fringe on all 4 sides. Ours is not immune. It will take just one incident to do disproportionate damage to our cause.

  2. TDS claims another victim. I’ve been wondering how long these people could spend their every waking moment (and part of their sleep too) obsessing about their hatred of Trump. I’ve also been wondering what would become of them when they reached their limit. Expect much more of this, especially if the democrats get waxed this November.

  3. If we do well enough in November to thwart the Leftists (and with the economy going as well as it is, even the Leftists admit it’s gonna be a tough hill to climb), “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is going to be a ‘clear and present danger’ to this country.

    If they get the House in 6 months, who cares? Impeachment will never get 2/3 in the Senate, and two years of legislative gridlock will likely fire up our base more than theirs.

    And if he wins re-election… Look out…

    • The chances of them flipping the House are very low at the moment. The generic ballot gives them a less than 5% advantage nationally. They need 10% to stand a chance.

      • If the predicted “blue wave” doesn’t actually materialize, the level of crazy from the leftists is going to get dialed up past 11. Their fragile egos cannot handle the possibility that their worldviews might be incorrect.

        • It’s gonna get dialed up either way. They see things the way they see ’em and it’s not changing, it’s only exacerbating. One can’t take the pulse of the nation on any message board, including this one (although there are some smart, insightful MFers posting here!).
          Still, reading MSM comment threads is pretty mind-blowing, the hate on both sides. I don’t think that’s the average American, red or blue. Where I live, people get along and are civil to one another and just want to do their thing.

        • DNC districts are very concentrated. Sure they can get 99% of the vote for a handful of seats, but they have a hard time in most of the country.

        • You really must have nothing better to do with your time , don’t waste ours !! Fucking parrot , what , what , what , what, what the hell is wrong with you ? Are you lost , or just plain leftarted ?

      • The Inspector General’s report is about to come out, and a bunch of hi-powered evil communist (D)NC and upper echelon FBI and DOJ are going to get hauled in to court and face possible jail time or the DOJ and the FBI can go fuck all their own asses with something sharp and heavy if they think that they’ll ever be given jurisdiction to “enforce” anything else.

        It’ll be Watergate x 10 to the 23rd exponent.

        I expect there to be more shootings either way.

        And I will take part in them as necessary.

        • No matter what is in the report not one will serve a day. It’s unfortunate but its the way it works.

        • The expected DOJ/IG report will be less, than more. It will be restricted entirely to the conduct of DOJ and FBI related to the Hilary email scandal. The “Watergate X 10” thing will need its own DOJ/IG, probably a Special Prosecutor (not Counsel) will be needed. But we will not see a result for a year or so after it is established that the “Russiagate” investigation was corrupt.

  4. There is something we can do to ‘push’ things in the right direction –

    TTAG’ers (especially *YOU* lurkers!) can hit the local comment section of their local newspapers and push *hard* for for extremist Leftist policies from your candidates.

    Push *everything* – Single-payer ‘healthcare’, totally open borders, repeal the 2A, 15 dollar-an-hour base wage, the “guaranteed base wage” insanity, *whatever*.

    Push them so hard to extremism the moderate Progressives will recoil. Or even better, so dispirit them, they don’t even bother to show up to vote, like Nov. 2016…

    *snicker* 😉

  5. “Deep State is at it again…”
    Just waiting to hear about Texas….They’ll be another push for Gun Control…Then the SHTF when THEY say no one the General public can trusted for anything . Then it will a push to rescind all constitutional rights in the name of public safety…Then the need to declare Matrial Law…Why NOT…Deep State got to do ….What the Deep States got to do…

  6. Who let the leftard out of its cage ? The one that knows a word ” what ” just curious.

  7. First I’ve heard of this, most of the ‘news’ has been focused on the school shooting in TX.

    • Haven’t seen ANYTHING on this “attack”. ‘Cause it’s Trump related?!?

  8. Way hush hush out there on this dude.

    POS (D)?

    If so, maybe they’ll issue more tags next season?

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