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Hi-Point Firearms, an America-based manufacturer of reliable and affordable pistols and carbine rifles for defense, sporting, and hunting applications, breaks new ground in the shooting industry by introducing the first-ever carbine chambered for the new 30 Super Carry defensive cartridge.

Serious personal and home defense practitioners understand the value of having ammunition compatibility between their handguns and rifles. This has long been the case with 9mm handguns and pistol-caliber carbines (PCC) chambered for the 9mm Luger. Now, Hi-Point extends that same compatibility to Federal’s exciting new 30 Super Carry handgun cartridge with a personal defense carbine chambered for this potent ammunition.

The Hi-Point 995 is the industry’s first rifle to accommodate the 30 Super Carry cartridge. Available in 16.5” barrel length, this all-new Model 995 boasts a semi-auto action with a 10-shot capacity. The carbine features a skeletonized polymer stock and pistol grip with a ribbed polymer forend for lightweight and durable performance. The carbine comes with a front post sight and a peep rear sight that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. A Picatinny rail atop the receiver and a rail below the handguard allows shooters to accommodate their preferred optics and accessories.

Offered in black finish with a 1/2×28 threaded barrel and manual safety, the Model 995 30 Super Carry has an MSRP of $359.

Hi-Point will be displayed at the 2023 NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis, IN, April 14-16. NRA members and attendees are invited to stop by booth #5663 to see the Model 995 30 Super Carry first-hand.

To learn more about the Model 995 30 Super Carry from Hi-Point or any Hi-Point firearm, visit

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    • not a serious weapon
      not a serious caliber
      not serious mag capacity
      not for serious personal and home defense needs anyway

    • Ransom,


      I will get excited about Hi-Point carbines when they start providing at least 20-round magazines.

  1. Do people really care about 30 Super Carry? Why would I get a 30 Super Carry Shield Plus when I can just order a MagGuts kit for extra 9mm capacity? Presumably you wouldn’t want a 30 Super Carry Hi Point carbine unless you already owned a pistol in that caliber.

  2. ahem:
    “Serious personal and home defense practitioners trust serious weapons and serious calibers and serious magazine capacity for their serious personal and home defense
    needs – certainly not hi points and definitely not .30 super carry”

  3. In a compact or micro-compact pistol, some may believe that an extra round or two is worth choosing a new cartridge over the comparably performing, most widely available and affordable centerfire cartridge in the world. In a 10rd carbine, there is zero advantage offsetting 9mm’s ubuiquity.

    If they made a 9mm that took Glock mags they wouldn’t be able to make them fast enough.

    • If someone is so poor they are going to buy a hipoint carbine, they aren’t going to be able to buy .30 super carry ammo or even know what it is.

      And before all the poors get upset, I own a hipoint 9mm carbine. But I don’t have enough .30 super carry to fill a 10 round magazine. Save up and buy a decent used rifle, there is no excuse to have a hipoint as your primary.

      • Cooter, I hate to say it, but a Hi-Point was just a good reason to put a piece of shit in jail. I would rather have a 7″ Bowie if I were defending my life. Anyone can save a little money if they try. Buy a decent weapon.

  4. I just came from “The Shooters Log” – the Homesteader, a 9mm carbine by Henry. I’m old and old fashioned, I like wood stocks.

    • I really should read, out loud, before hitting “Post”. That’s a ‘semi-auto’ carbine by Henry.

      • finally got to shoot my henry mare’s leg friday.
        they go where you point ’em.
        finally settled on resting the heel on my chin.
        cycles slicker than eel snot.
        this was all after the dirty rotten imbeciles show.

  5. The only Hipoint carbine I’d get is a 10mm. Pretty serious ballistics rivaling an AR in muzzle energy but not in range. Certainly never the gimmick 30 super carry…

    • my buddies kid had one, it shot well enough.
      that boy is now a quadrapalegic from a police sniper up in barron county, wi.

        • I suspect it involves some poor life choices, but I’d like to hear it from the man telling the story.

          If it was dumb-assedry from the Po-po, sue them bankrupt… 🙁

        • The kid was standing beside his mother holding a baby and the sniper missed.
          That’s my guess.

  6. hi points
    are the kale of the firearms industry:
    just because some people like it
    doesnt necessarily mean its a good thing

    • KALE is an excellent vegetable, one with a lot of uses. People lived on it along with potatoes in N Euro countries. I grew up on it and still like it cooked with mash potatoes. KALE is a “good thing”.
      That said, I see no use for a .30 Super, in a HiPoint or any other “platform”. IF I was going that route I’d get a tried and true .30 M1 Carbine.

  7. who would want something that big and that heavy
    requiring a rifle case to transport it
    just to shoot a handgun cartridge
    that is demonstrably near the bottom of the list
    of cartridges that are generally accepted
    as having the minimum amount of power to get the job done:
    somebody whos not a “serious personal and home defense practitioner”
    thats who

    • Thanks. .30 Super Carry Fans need that reminding. Just like 6.8 fans need to remember the humble 7mm Mauser decimated British troops in South Africa at the hands of farmers while Spanish soldiers likewise used it to reap a horrific toll of our soldiers in Cuba.

    • “the tok is better”

      See what Tim at MAC has to say about it’s performance :

      • Tim at MAC apparently found it adequate.

        In a hot load from the likes of companies like Buffalo Bore in a longer carbine barrel, that round could be unpleasant on the receiving end…

      • I’d like to see some firearm companies make some choices in .30 Tok. Aint happenin in this country I know, but still…

      • Lol all 15 of us but yes would love to see rifle or long barreled “pistol” length 357sig especially around 10ish inches.

  8. 10 round mag on this kind of kills it for me.

    Seriously though, I have a couple MAS58 mags I have been meaning to try and make an AR30 mag block with. I need to get the lathe going so I can make a barrel though.

    • “10 round mag on this kind of kills it for me.”

      Aftermarket might catch up one day.

      Or not…

  9. I hate my hi point carbine. Horrible gun. I’d pay somebody to take it if my wife would let me get away with it. Damn tree branch, can barely cock the damn thing erg.

    Im all for inexpensive if something works but damn. No thanks

    • At the risk of throwing good money after bad, buy the bull pup kit from High Tower Armory. It is such an improvement.

    • Depending on what you paid for carbine it may be worth doing a police buy back if it exceeds the purchase price of you are not worried about official attention. I remember a few that considered them “assault weapons” and paid $200

    • Like zero comparison. The M1 Carbine round is at like 967 ft-lbs while the Super Carry is at 367 ft-lbs. There’s a barrel difference in the testing I’m sure but at the same time you’re not going to make up that kind of performance with some barrel. It may get to 450-500 if it’s super lucky.

        • At its energy level you’re probably wanting a locked design not any sort of blow back however.

      • For comparison purposes of what a REAL carbine is – M1 (or a .30-30).

        Something sharing mags with your preferred handgun MIGHT, remotely, be a considered a _______. But marginally useful. At best.

        • I’d much rather have my M1 carbine’s with a 20 or 30 round mag than anything made by Hi-point. Regardless of caliber.

        • Darkman:
          The M1 Carbine is my favorite going back to my Airforce days long-long ago in the 1960s. I have one now, but it’s a modern-day reproduction from Inland Manufacturing.
          Some people think the M1 Carbine is a popgun, but the same guys who think that fail to realize that it has almost twice the muzzle energy of, the .45 ACP M1911 they’re so fond of.
          Before you start, and for what it’s worth, I like my M1911 too. Only, I think my S&W Equalizer in 9mm is more practical for concealed carry.

  10. Thinking this round isn’t doing well in the market place. Maybe a 5.7 would’ve been better option.

    • It took a year before I even saw ammo for it. Probably would have been smart to have staved it off and waited until they could manage to scare up ammo capacity to make it.

  11. Choices are always nice, but this one wouldn’t be on my radar, personally.

    Now, if they could make one in 5.7 or *drool* .22 TCM at Hi-Point prices…

  12. Really, just saw the NRA article and was going to write them, then this opportunity popped up. I have 300 BLK, Charles Daly AR 410, and 6mm ARC all can share a single AR-15 lower. All have high fire rate, large magazines, versatile ammunition choices. Covers most hunting targets all with light weight and low recoil. CQB, assault and battle rifle apps, low flying drones, and sniper just under a mile. NEXT.

  13. The answer to a question no one asked. A few years from now, it will be on Sam’s obscure list.

  14. This is the first I’m hearing about .30 Super Carry’s existence. Getting some pretty strong .45 GAP vibes from it, like it’s the perfect answer to a question nobody was ever going to ask.

    • Someone saw the wild popularity of .327 mag. taking over the market and decided to do the same thing for semi-autos.

  15. I don’t hate the idea, more options is better but Hi Point should make an effort to improve the carbine’s look. To me anyway, it seems they’re trying to out ugly Kel-Tec.

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