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Back in the day, the Brady Campaign’s predecessor organization used to be the most powerful force in promoting compulsory victim disarmament. Originally known as the Coalition to Ban Handguns, then Handgun Control, Inc., and then the Brady Campaign for Gun Violence, it’s repeatedly rebranded itself as it has struggled for relevancy.

Back when they were flush with money from dark money orgs, they used to lobby for gun control legislation both at the state and national levels.  When the money started to dry up, so too did their gravitas among politicians and the media.

Today, they are barely a shadow of their former self. Instead of making a difference in legislatures, they’re now left gasping for relevance by complaining about the release of a video game. And they can’t even get their facts right about that.  Not that facts have ever stood in the way of their narratives.

Things nobody asked for? The Palworld game has sold seven million copies in five days. That’s a whole lot of nobodies.  Again, if President Kris Brown says it, it must be true right?  (Cough.)

Furthermore, Brady says the game is rated “safe” for kids 7+. Has “President” Brown not watched the trailer? Or did he she let one of her interns write and publish a diatribe in her name on X?

Screen cap by Boch via YouTube. Palworld.

“T” doesn’t mean safe for ages 7+. But again, don’t let reality and facts get in the way of Kris’ pearl clutching.

And the fact that the game features guns… and gasp…machine guns! Oh no! PalWorld isn’t exactly the first video game that has featured guns, real or imagined.

Here at TTAG we don’t even have a category for cartoons.  Nor do I see one added anytime soon. Pretty sure the NRA doesn’t either.

How the mighty have fallen. Sort of like a beautiful young seductress that has aged into a haggard old woman without any teeth, the Brady Campaign can’t even gasp for the oxygen of publicity without making themselves look like toothless old fools.

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  1. I’m sure all the useful idiots who come out mocking every time a republican tosses video games and media under the bus for the actions of some mentally broken degenerate will be flooding the Brady Bunch with the same.

    Let no one forget Democrats started this nonsense:

    Obama ran on it. Hillary ran on it. The action demanding moms are always harping on about it.

    Seemingly the only protection they get comes from people the left hates like Scalia.

    The NRA says the same and it’s all “wooo-hooo they so stooopid!!!!” Yes, they so stooopid. So are all the Democrats and leftist orgs saying the same.

    No, I am not a “gamer” and I do think they’re an opiate for the masses but addicts should be allowed to throw their lives away on their drug of choice. I however shouldn’t be made to support them in their endeavor.

  2. Nobody *needs* a game with cartoon characters shooting full auto firearms.

    The keep getting hung up on that word *needs*…

    • It’s what they think the world needs.

      They envision Barbie world utopia when in reality it will be Klaus Barbie Instead.

  3. Well, I don’t pay for violent games and entertainment. I think it’s all stupid. If Hollywood and the gaming world want me to watch or participate in their stupidity, they should pay me for doing so. Uncle Sam didn’t pay much, but he actually paid me to carry an M14 and follow orders. (Jimmy Carter wasn’t a president to brag on, but he at least gave the military it’s first meaningful raise in decades.) That’s why I pirate whatever drivel I decide to engage with. I ain’t paying those fools!

    • You sound left out Paul?
      If you need some money for a video game give me your address. By golly if I can send Albert Lj Hall $20 bucks for birthday money I can certainly scrape up a couple 5’s for a Veterin.

    • Hey TTAG, another “disappeared” post. Not even in moderation. Take your censorship and stick it up your (deleted) (deleted) (deleted) (deleted) (deleted).

      No bad words. No po-litics. Nothing offensive. Time to send W0rd-Press to the great bit-bucket in the sky.

    • I looked up the game in Steam. Looks interesting. I’ll wait until I can pick it up for $10-15 on sale.

  4. These games just like certain cartoons (like The Simpsons, American Dad, Futurama, and King of the Hill) are NOT for children. These things are for adults. They are adult entertainment.

    Too many ‘adults’ in this world have not grown up enough to move past the video games and cartoons. So we have 40 year olds heavy into Manga.

    Society has been conditioned to think that if it is defined as a ‘video game’ or ‘cartoon’, it’s for kids. That is a lie.

    • Gee the world runs on violence whether cartoon,video game,TV or movies. Watched Tom Cruise’latest Mission Impossible last night. Better than expected. Mighty violent but I didn’t go out & mass murder with my gats n knives. I am constrained by morality & my sense of right and wrong. I was raised right too. Unlike the gangbangers who murdered 2 young teens in downtown Chiraq yesterday. In broad daylight🙄

      • You are correct that the world runs on violence. Life on this planet (even the planet itself) exists because of violence.

        The Mission Impossible movies are not for children either. You might feel such constraint but a human must grow into that. Not everyone does.

        Violence is not something to be ignored or for society to shun. But when it is forced onto children that have no way to deal with it then problems get created. The left puts so much emphasis on what they cal “gun violence” but completely ignore the violent nature of mutilating the bodies of kids under the guise of lies. Biden calls MAGA Republicans the enemy while they sterilize our youth.

      • water walker…I watched an episode of a crime show where a nice working guy married a grade school teacher who was the daughter of two upstanding church going citizens. The newlywed couple had a baby daughter. The teacher mother turned out to be a turd who criticized everything about her punching bag husband. To make a long story short during the course of divorce the teacher conspired with her father to murder her husband. Father bashed the husband over the head and put his body in the trunk of the mother’s car the deceased was using at the time. With the daughter following behind in another vehicle the duo burnt the vehicle. Took months to solve the case so the father and daughter murderers could be eventually sentenced. While the daughter was incarcerated she conspired with her mother to hire a hit man to murder the mother of the deceased husband who had been granted custody of the child. That backfired and the mother of the teacher was eventually put in prison…The moral of the sick story is, the upstanding perps were all lily white.

        • “The moral of the sick story is, the upstanding perps were all lily white.”

          What the hell? Help me to understand how you got from there to here. Your remark makes no sense.

          BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask you — how “white” do I have to be, to be considered “white?” What’s the definition? What percentage of Caucasian blood in my veins determines if I can call myself “white?” What’s the purity test, Deb? I have a feeling that I would flunk.

        • If you want to “take it private” with a forum member, then do so.

          But don’t try to tell participants what they can or can’t comment upon in a public forum. I’ll remark on any post that I wish.

          Are you a racist? You speak like one.

        • “But don’t try to tell participants what they can or can’t comment upon in a public forum“

          Why shouldn’t she, you do the very same on this forum.

        • Alien, because Debbie is being a bigot she is assuming fww is also. Funny how invoking the word gangbangers conjured up person of color in Debbie’s mind. Some are even lily white!

    • I canteen the difference in adults playing video games and old men playing poker or rummy. What’s the difference in collecting guns or baseball cards or Manga?

      • Well, manga is pedo shit for weebs.
        Other than that how an adult spends their time and income is no matter.
        Except for that pedo shit. Weebs get the rope.

      • I’ve been watching Anime ad-hoc since I was in junior school and more consistently since my teens, depending on availability. I’ve been gaming since video games more-or-less appeared and have had about 9 computers of various types since the 1980s (c64, Amiga 500, optioned Amiga 2000, and 8 PCs of escalating performance).

        To me these are forms of entertainment. For my generation, the first generation gamers, PC and video games are just another form of entertainment. Anime allows the storytellers a lot of creative freedom. Games allow you to be a part of the story and to exercise your brain as much as well.

        Making this series in live action, even with CGI, would be very expensive. But Anime did it very well. The Anime was really good at playing the trope of a modern military versing a “fantasy army”. Hint: It’s a curbstomp.

        • There is certainly an entertainment value to some of it. I wont argue that. I am saying that not everything is meant for children. Adults should enjoy the freedom but there is a world of difference between the two. We are witness on a regular basis at this point that difference being put into the public arena for all to see. Many simply don’t recognize that.

    • In my video categories I specifically differentiate between “Anime” and “Cartoons”.

      “Cartoons” are definitely kids stuff.

      “Anime” is content that is clearly for mature audiences no matter it’s origin (Western or Asian). There is a lot of DC animation that is clearly not for children with it’s content.

      • And “manga” are printed comics, not animated.

        But how would you classify anime such as “My Friend Totoro?”

        • I know the difference with “Manga” and “Anime”. I even have some Manga series books on my bookshelf (Gunsmith Cats and Appleseed). The books have to be read right-to-left with the pages in reverse order so the original formatting and layout can be kept. Neither of those series I would consider appropriate for children.

          To me “Anime” covers titles that are either of Japanese or east Asian in origin, but also content that could be for more mature audiences.

          My classification of “My Friend Totoro” would depend on the intended market. If intended for younger viewers, I would classify it as “Cartoon” but I could also classify it as “Anime” for the artistic style. This one’s a bit blurry.

        • “Manga and anime” — more a response to someone earlier in the thread.

          “Anime” is Japanese shorthand for “animation,” a general term applied to all animated film regardless of intended audience. “My Friend Totoro” is a children’s anime, a genre that we might refer to as “fantasy” like “The Wizard of Oz.”

          We in the West tend to use the word “anime” to refer to Japanese or Japanese-style animated features.

          Consider “Barefoot Jen,” and “Akira.” The first, a realistic drama based on an historical event; the second, an ambitious sci-fi/fantasy/futuristic adventure. Both were suggested to me by my wife as seminal examples of the state of anime some 30 years ago.

      • The mere fact that something is a “cartoon” does NOT automatically make it for children.

        There are plenty of adult and even porn cartoons out there. It’s about the activities and ideas being portrayed. NOT the medium by which it’s being presented.

  5. Border expert reveals the ‘major loser’ from SCOTUS’s razor wire decision. (Note: this decision was previously, Texas is ignoring it and rightfully so. Contrary to the Dems, the decision did not say Texas could not put up razor wire or defend the border, only that the government could cut the razor wire and Texas is daring them to do it and blocking them from doing it and rightfully so. But even the border patrol doesn’t really want to cut the razor wire but was being forced to do it by their orders to do so.)

    • When I was young, the neighborhood kids and I played some video games. Almost all of the games involved some sort of pretend violence. But we mostly played outside until our parents made us come back in. Outside playtime activities included pretending to shoot at each other, as well as shooting at imaginary foes. The “fort” in my backyard was the base of operations. Somehow, none of us grew up to be degenerates. Just spitballing here: maybe, just maybe it’s not the pretend shooting that’s the problem.

      • Yeah, times were definitely different back then, and for the better. Many a time mom would yell out the door after breakfast as we were leaving on our bikes “Be home when the streetlights come on.”

  6. Never forget it was “Duck Hunt”. The first, first person shooter game out there. And it uses a “gun.”
    Not a push button hand held panel. Like it is today.

    And never forget it’s the Democrat party. The liberals have always been against the 1st amendment. They have always supported censorship.

    The Parents Music Resource Center founded by Tipper Gore, democrat Vice President Al Gore Junior’s wife.

    And back in the 1990s, they were making noises about banning or censoring video games.

  7. There are a couple studies out there that claim violent video games, and other video entertainment may, possibly desensitize teens and young adults to violence. Perhaps it’s true and perhaps it isn’t. Humans were happily eliminating each other long before any video was invented. Even before firearms were invented.
    As always, instead of fixating on the what, we need to deal with the who. Remove those who have shown they can’t live within the basic rules of a civil society and prevent them from further violent actions. Or, send them off to whatever war we have stupidly gotten involved in this week.

    • As I’ve said before, video games don’t influence people.

      If Pacman influenced me, I’d be sitting in the dark, popping pills, seeing ghosts, and listening to awful techno music.

  8. Why is @d0lf H!tler’s book “my struggle” banned in so many places???
    What is it that people are afraid of???
    Just because millions others are reading H!tler’s book. I don’t understand, seriously.

    And am I politically incorrect, when I say it’s the jews, who want to ban a book or several books they don’t like???

    It’s interesting that so many of the so called 1st amendment “freedom of speech freaks” crowd.
    Are really silent when it comes to the banning of the Mein Kampf book.

    But it’s okay to publish and hand out “the Communist Manifesto”???
    A book that led to the murder of 100 million people.

    Ted Bundy said it was pornography that ended up motivating him, to commit the all those murders.

    So the German funny mustache guy and his book, really isn’t responsible for motivating millions of people to follow him???

    And pornography isn’t responsible for warping the minds of weak people. And having them commit sex crimes and murders???

    But video games should be banned???

    I think it really all comes down to whose ox is being gored.
    Freedom is messy. And you can’t have freedom without self control. Because if you don’t have self control then freedom will never exist.

  9. One kid out of that 7 million will grow up to be a wannabe mass shooter, and they’ll blame that game. If the games caused it, then we would have tens of millions of future/current mass shooters. That isn’t the case, so it can’t be the games.

      • The Greatest President (JRB)America has or ever will have should have been wielding a Double Barreled Shotgunm.

    • On a similarly off topic note, I was thinking just today that after three movies, John Wick must be completely deaf.

      • “I was thinking just today that after three movies, John Wick must be completely deaf.”

        4, actually.

        1 – ‘John Wick’ – (2014)
        2 – ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ – (2017)
        3 – ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum’ – (2019)
        4 – ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ – (2023)

        And, there’s a spin-off currently in post-production, ‘Ballerina’, set in between chapter 3 and chapter 4. Keanu Reeves has a part, but is not the main focus.

        If you haven’t seen chapter 4 yet, it follows the same formula as the first 3 :

        • EDIT – All four movies (and a whole *lot* more) can be found at the link just above… ;

        • There is another John Wick spin off. It’s called “The Continental”. A history of the hotel in the world of John Wick.

  10. Burn or ban nothing… you have no right to restrict the rights of others. If a book offends thee, read it not. If abortions offend thee, don’t have one. However if your Constitutional rights are taken away, you may now take theirs away…fair is fair.

    Now: let’s remove Section 230, to restore “responsibility” to the wokies 1st Amendment rights…since rights come with responsibilities in America. Facebook responsible for organizing BLM and Antifa violence, mass shoplifting, murder? Billions of dollars in damages will determine them from minding our business. Quit responding and attack them with the Four Rules: restrict mobility, interrupt communication, destroy critical infrastructure and interdict key personnel… in this case with lawfare.

  11. “Burn or ban nothing… you have no right to restrict the rights of others.”

    What about the law? Isn’t that restrictive?

    “If a book offends thee, read it not. If abortions offend thee, don’t have one.”

    If a person offends thee, “off” him. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says you can’t murder. Right?

  12. So is it unusual that as times change so do opinions. The person who cannot change his or her opinon in the light of experience and changing circumstances is a FOOL beyond redemption opinion are just that OPINIONS based on, hopefully, logicval interpretations of current circumstances and PERSONAL knowledge with some CRITICAL THINKING thrown into the mix and NOT statements of fact. . Opinions are open to DISCUSSION not bloody ARGUMENT Personally I am not prepared to enter into arguments about MY OWN opinions but if presenteted with a reasone counter I am perferctly prepared to alter those opinions.
    The problem I find is that when I express my opinions all I get is argumants and usually badly researched, illogical and lacking in critical ,thinking mat that. Gut be aware I do NOT pull supposed fact to ,back my opinion out of thin air but mostly from solid information freely available in the Public Domain for thoe who care to do the research.
    Just ONE solid example There is absolutely no evidence to warrant the ascertion that MORE FIREARMS availability to the GENERAL PUBLIC without very serious restrictions and controls in place and the means to implement them equals LESS CRIME;.

    • “There is absolutely no evidence to warrant the ascertion that MORE FIREARMS availability to the GENERAL PUBLIC without very serious restrictions and controls in place and the means to implement them equals LESS CRIME”

      You wrote all those words, just to illustrate that you’re wrong? Seems a waste of effort — we already knew that you’re wrong.

    • Albert L J Hall the Brit, It seems you fir that bill. You haven’t learned a thing. “Critical thinking”? The Leftist buzz words for “think as I think.”
      You see, Brit, the problem is you are a Leftist living in a Leftist country. America is not a leftist country.

    • You have plenty of evidence all around you. You just refuse to see it. I could easily spell it out as others on this site have tried to do but any effort is in vain. You cannot be shown what you will not see.

    • You’re just mad that no one thinks your arguments are worth a well written rebuttal.

      Further, your claims here are, I’ll be generous, “specious” as nearly all your claims elsewhere.

      An argument, according to Cambridge (not my preferred dictionary, actually) is in the context you use, “a disagreement” or “the process of disagreeing”.

      So, what you’re actually saying is that you don’t like the idea that other people can disagree with your opinions. Awww. That’s actually kinda cute in a, “Oh, shit, do it a favor and step on its head real quick” sort of way that one has when finding a half-flattened kitten on the road.

      I’d offer the [unsolicited] advice that if people constantly argue against your opinions and you find this taxing, then maybe it’s time to find better opinions or learn to shut the fuck up?

      Also, given your clear lack of schooling in the language that bears the name of your country, maybe Dennis Farina was right, no one in England actually knows speaks English.

  13. Sorry to you Haters, but if you are an adult and playing video games, well, you are a loser and have way too much time on your hands. You should be learning to do something tangible and productive. Can’t prove me wrong.

  14. I haven’t looked into this but I’d hazard the guess that they’re looking to leverage the last few years of online censorship towards something they think normalizes guns for kids.

    IOW: they want to censor video games or, more accurately, they want to pressure companies and services into doing it for them.

    Wait until they find out about this:

    You can run around as a squirrel and jack people using a MAC-10 (or a bunch of other guns).

  15. The people who hated Tipper Gore for her wanting to censor music. They were also the same ones who supported the censorship of music in public schools.

    They wanted the banning of the christian hymnal songs in the classroom.

    “Onward christian soldiers was marching off to war”
    The @the!sts hated it.

    The banning of music all depends on who’s ox is being gord.

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