Police officers red flag confiscation order
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So how will they plan to separate you from your now-illegal guns? You’ll be notified that next Thursday at 9AM is your designated time to appear at a certain address, perhaps your local police station, or perhaps a big-box store parking lot, with said newly-illegal firearms and ammo magazines. Current Covid vaccine distribution gives them a model for this new system. Instead of going to get a Covid shot, you’ll be going to turn in the newly banned guns on the list.

Many people will refuse to do so. A week later, they will be totally disappeared from social media. Digitally disappeared. This makes it hard to complain about your treatment.

If you send an email about your situation to your local news station, they will automatically get a warning email just ahead of yours, or your email will be contained inside of a red flashing “warning box.” This is how the CCP keeps the comrades in line in Communist China. ChiCom programmers are already working with silicon valley to get Team Tyranny, both government and private sector, up to speed on these protocols.

You’ll get more official warnings to turn in the newly illegal guns that they know you have. Serial numbers won’t matter much, they’ll have your own prior social media “confessions,” along with those proud pictures you posted at the range, along with your credit card history, etc. You bought ten P-Mags, a chest rig, a “drop-in” trigger and a new buffer spring? They know you have an AR. And you can assume that the sales records of FFL dealers will all be collected under the new “emergency” gun control law.

You still won’t comply? You’re doxed at work. Your company “can’t take the risk” of employing you after they get secret back-channel warnings from the DHS. You and your wife the school teacher or nurse will be unemployed. How are you going to pay your mortgage? Your kids’ tuition bill? Your car payment? Again, as a DHS-suspected “domestic terror threat” you can’t get the local news to touch the story.

Next step: your ATM card is frozen. Then your credit cards. Then your bank drops you. Still a hard case? Your electricity arrives intermittently. Then it stops altogether. Then your water is cut off. The local news will still not touch your story, since they have been warned about the dangerous domestic terror threat from people like you.

Team Tyranny won’t need to conduct many door-to-door gun raids. They’ll just lock you inside a digital gulag in your own house.

— Matt Bracken in The Digital Gulag: Why Team Tyranny Won’t Need Door-Kickers to Enforce the Coming Gun Bans

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  1. All of this begins; but, far more slowly than the OP describes.

    First, you must get an owner’s permit for a certain class of weapon. Or, you must maintain an insurance policy for that class of weapon. Easily ignored. We will go to the range with weapons of this class and no one will bat an eye; nor ask if we have the permit/insurance.

    Second, some incident will arise (e.g., domestic dispute) and the police will find that you have a weapon of the restricted class but don’t have the permit/insurance. You will be charged with the crime associated with the incident (e.g., domestic violence) and lose your gun rights. AND, you will be charged with having a restricted weapon without all the formalities.

    Third, your neighbors will do nothing. You WERE legitimately convicted of the politically despicable crime of domestic violence (you raised your voice when complaining to your son that he was out with the car after his curfew). The natural consequence of your crime is that you lost your gun rights for life. So, the failure to have a license/insurance wasn’t so outrageous in your case.

    Fourth, without an incident suggestive of a crime, another owner is discovered with a restricted weapon without permit/insurance. Perhaps a fire in her house, or an inspection at a range. An arrest, confession, probation. Loss of gun rights for life.

    The loss of right-to-arms will proceed very slowly; so slowly that there will be no “powder alarm” incident that ignites a response at the next increment of enforcement.

    • Yeah TTAG loves to throw people under the bus for “domestic violence.”

      Wait till your wife makes a plan with a divorce lawyer to hide a camera, then she tells you she had sex with another guy, then turns the camera on. You saying “what the f?” Makes you emotionally abusive now. You slap her? Straight to jail. If she shoots you? TTAG will cheer your death.

      I’m a divorce attorney- representing men. The entire system is set up to destroy families, destroy men, and have your daughter get diddled by the mom’s new boyfriend.

      We need to repeal the lifetime ban for misdemeanor domestic violence now.

      • Really? You sure don’t write comments in a professional and adult manner as one would expect from an attorney. Methinks you’re not telling the truth.

        • Whether or not the commenter is an attorney, he’s not wrong. Attorneys will go to extremely unethical lengths to get their client a “win”. Imagine the sleaziest lawyer you possibly can – one who will lie, obfuscate, withhold evidence or provide manufactured evidence, and encourage you to do whatever it takes to get leverage over your opponent. This is your standard divorce attorney. They will encourage a woman to lie and get a restraining order for domestic violence as it gives them significant leverage in court and builds sympathy for their client. The initial restraining order requires very little evidence, and yes, yelling at your wife can be argued to be domestic violence.

          Domestic violence is not a myth. However yelling is considered assault, and the “family court” system of the US has a definite bias towards women, and not a small number of men have been stripped of their right to bear arms thanks to sleazy defense lawyer tactics.

          I heartily recommend that those reading this look into the matter for themselves. There is a movie called “The Red Pill” that was written/directed/narrated by a Feminist who looked into the Men’s Rights movement and realized there was a reason men were turning to it, and that there was a problem. The genders are not equal before the law, and men are typically unaware of this until they’re already in the crosshairs of the system.

          For the record, I’m not a Men’s Right’s activist – but I do recognize a problem when I see one.

          tl;dr Repeal the lifetime ban for misdemeanor domestic violence; if it is better for 100 guilty men to walk free than for a single innocent man to be behind bars, the same should be true for our constitutionally guaranteed rights. Women can pack heat too, and that restraining order isn’t going to stop a man determined to harm a woman to begin with.

        • Attorneys will go to extremely unethical lengths to get their client a “win”.

          A “losing” divorce/slip & fall attorney won’t last long… They have to do whatever it takes to keep those referrals coming in..

        • The only reason you think that way is because you watch a lot of TV. Before OJ Simpson, people viewed domestic violence as an internal, marital problem.

          Stop watching TV. Your grandfather didn’t care if a guy slapped his wife after she told him she cheated on him. He really didn’t.

        • Stop watching TV. Your grandfather didn’t care if a guy slapped his wife after she told him she cheated on him

          Don’t know where YOU grew up but if you slapped a woman in front of MY Grandfather (for ANY reason) he most likely would have shot your dumbass.. I’m 71 and I was raised in the 50s and 60s where I was taught to respect women and I have NEVER raised my hand to one in anger, it’s not that hard to just walk away…

      • The legal system is part of why I nod to men more than women now. Men are more emotionally stable, trustworthy, and less inclined to backstab.

        • Tell that to the women stalked, attacked, or murdered by their ex-husbands or boyfriends, even after a restraining order is issued. After gang violence, it is the most common cause for assaults, batteries, and murders.

      • My D I V O R C E becomes final today…C’mon man…Relationships can turn on a dime so when it does Here’s A Quarter Call Someone Who Cares. Then you have the Paisley’s Fishin’ Song. Then you have George Jones and How A pal of his stopped lovin’ her today and the songs about romance go on and on.

        Seriously the domestic violence door can swing both ways and there are some nasty women out there. Nonetheless if you are dumb enough to slap your wife over anything stupid she does is a sure sign you never really loved her…Be honest,

        And yes you may need to do without firearms because the hand you used to slap your wife. etc. can just as easily pull a trigger. If the Good Lord wanted you to stand there and do something stupid he would not have given you two feet to walk away. Should someone be condemned for life over an immature pissing contest? No and hell no.

        Going after TTAG was not necessary. What would happen to someone if they stepped in after seeing anyone slap their wife, etc? Would thet go after them too? I think you know the answer.

        I suggest you spend more time educating people who are generally clueless spoiled brats in relationships. The kind of clueless spoiled brats who go bananas when it’s time to move on. Not knowing how to move on sans the drama seems to be the bigger problemo. Of course if everyone knew how it would be bad for your business.

      • GFYYSB! Just the fact that you are going after TTAG tells me that you are a lowlife ambulance chaser.

        • “Grassroots” lobbying by feminists and “concerned mothers” backed by corporate infusions of cash from Bloomberg and Soros backed groups.

      • There’s a lot wrong with how domestic violence is handled in the legal system, but your position is skewed, probably from a personal experience you had that matched your scenario.

        Which is understandable if you had that happen to you.

        However, there’s also plenty cases of truly dangerous men who get routinely let off the hook by liberal judges and those men go on to murder and rape innocent women and children, justifying it by claiming “disrespect”.

        The liberal media and courts also like to turn a blind eye to the incredibly disproportionate amount of domestic violence along the gay/trans community and also among minorities too, but that’s a whole nuther topic.

      • “you never really know a woman until you meet her in court”….ain’t it the truth!…[and make sure you have a FEMALE lawyer]……

    • It might unfold slowly like you say, but the “alarm” has already been sounded and a lot more people are paying way closer attention than you think… It won’t be that simple, there are militias around the country that have spent years training and “prepping” for this exact scenario… If the Government can think of it the militias already have… There is no such thing as original thought… It’s not the handful making noise on Social Media (showing off their stuff) that matters (they’re dead meat already) it’s the thousands of patriots waiting silently for the Feds to fire that first shot..

      • Unfortunately, it seems this patriot will not be joining your ragtag militia:

        “One Navy seaman said he heard Hale-Cusanelli allegedly say, “Babies born with any deformities or disabilities should be shot in the forehead,” and that if he were a Nazi “he would kill all the Jews and eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he wouldn’t need to season them because the salt from their tears would make it flavorful enough,” according to the documents.

        An officer said Hale-Cusanelli “talked constantly” about Jewish people, allegedly saying, “Hitler should have finished the job.” Another officer said Hale-Cusanelli allegedly referred to Black people as “s*** skinned minorities,” according to the documents.“

        I’m sure it is very disappointing, he seems like a perfect fit for the nut Job insurrectionist ‘army’.

        • Ummm, forgive me but how did the Jews come up in this conversation about government overreach?

        • “One Navy seaman said he heard Hale-Cusanelli allegedly say,

          Who the hell is Hale-Cusanelli? Did you convict him on the word of “one” upstanding Navy Seaman, some unnamed officer and “the documents”? IF that is a factual statement then it seems to me this person is a much better fit for the JoeMalla crowd than any “patriot” group I’m aware of… Just more superfluous bullshit from the all knowing One…

        • An Army reservist charged with storming the US Capitol was a well-known White supremacist and Nazi sympathizer at the Navy base where he worked as a contractor, and was even rebuked for sporting a distinctive “Hitler mustache,” prosecutors said in new court filings.

          This Hitler looking ass clown, Nazi, White Supremacist, piece of whale dung is how YOU see the American Patriot? GFY… You’re no better than he is…

        • It’s hilarious that minor69er thinks POTG are in the same box as one of the most well know progoverment control antigun political groups in history.
          PS. No one here would want you anyway.

        • Another case of using a particular example that is supposed to reflect on everyone else?

          That is a new record for tarring with the same brush.

        • Where would TTAG be without Liar49er

          Project veritas has political operatives for the (D) party talking about how probably 70 million Americans will have to be dealt with and sent to reeducation camps, or worse. The difference being that these were people who were PART OF THE DEMOCRAT POLITICAL MACHINE saying this. Not some random nutjob.

      • Empty speech.

        Once again, asserting facts not in evidence. But I understand, it makes you feel better about losing.

        • Who lost? We all want the big igloo anyway right? Sounds like we all got what we want. You lefties got a pedo retard and a crooked cop for pres and we get our cw2. I think my side will be just fine.

        • There is plenty of evidence, you’re just not interested in viewing it. Pretending it’s not there and sticking to your lie isn’t changing anything. 36% of 140+ million voters believe the election was outright stolen. Biden’s “election” is a joke worldwide. You’re fooling no one, and your desperate bid to try and maintain “legitimacy” is sad.

    • Meanwhile, the legislators who passed these laws have begun having mysterious accidents since they began to be enforced, in other words once people actually began finding out what they were and who voted for them. Nothing significant, just a couple Reps and a Senator every few weeks are randomly killed, and then their appointed replacements either do not make it to D.C. or disappear soon thereafter, while a few MORE reps and a Senator or two are subjected to fatal muggings. After a couple years someone may notice that none of the bill’s sponsors are still in Washington, perhaps on further investigation discover none are alive, and most of their family members are also history.

      That kind of shit works both ways, and in a nation where the majority of questionable deaths are never fully explained, just a few hundred thousand people spread around the country looking for an opportunity could make being a gun grabbing CongressCritter far less desirable than it seems now.

      • This. The Left keeps fantasizing about us getting mowed down by the overwhelming force of the military and taken out with hundreds of targeted drone strikes, as if a lot of us wouldn’t just go straight for the civilian officials giving the orders in the first place.

        • Or find out where the drones are controlled from and target the operators and their families?

        • Voter rolls are public record, and many local governments have PDFs available for download.

          That gives citizens an opportunity to speak to their neighbors who may need to be convinced voting a certain way is “not in their best interests”… 🙂

        • “This. The Left keeps fantasizing about us getting mowed“

          Really? Did you miss your compatriot above calling for “just a couple Reps and a Senator every few weeks are randomly killed“?

          On the other hand, I’ve never advocated that anyone be executed without due process under the constitution.

          You people are very antithesis of patriots.

      • “just a couple Reps and a Senator every few weeks are randomly killed“

        And there it is, your bloodlust exposed for all to see.

        Amazing, and I bet you fancy yourself a true ‘constitutionalist’.
        Pray tell, just where in United States Constitution does it authorize the killing of our elected representatives just because some random mopes on the Internet or upset?

        • Wrong document, dipwad. Our INHERENT rights, in this instance as articulated in the DoI, include the right
          “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” Of course, any patriot knows that . . . which obviously excludes Minor IQ.

          Minor Annoyance, NO ONE wants you in their group, or militia, or shooting club, or social club, or neighborhood, CERTAINLY no one wants you on this board, and no one cares that you are too stupid and ahistorical to be aware that our country was FOUNDED on forcing our “representatives” to heed our INHERENT rights. Go to England or Canada, you’d be welcomed by your fellow Leftist idiots, I’m sure.

          Go away, Minor IQ; no one wants you, no one wants to hear your ignorant twaddle, and no one will miss your socialist @$$.

  2. What I keep sayin, “baby steps”! When you own the government, media, “social” media, and the little minds of lots of your neighbors, it’ll happen before you even realize it IS happening!

    • What no man to man combat? I’m disappointed in those tough talking jack booted democRat Party sheet wearing Gun Control KKK nazis. Seems all they want to do is just,”talk.” Like motor mouth d. fienstien. Now that’s the kind of mentally ill democRat Party hag you need in charge of a concentration camp. Why I bet she could run 10,000 gun owning deplorables through the gas chambers per day and stack the corpses on pallets and use them for fish food.

      Clearly what separates the sane from the insane is an insane agenda rooted in the long, long racist history of the democRat Party Jim Crow KKK Gun Control and the history of the socialist nazi party Gun Control. Gun Control in any shape or form spells Insanity in neon lights. Never allow insane perverts to put a smiley face on Gun Control. Gun Control is what history proves it to be…Pure Evil Sht.
      For those of you who are history illiterate…There is a huge difference between Gun Control and the criminal misuse of firearms. Some very sick sneaky people want you to believe there is not.

      My strong advice to any Gun Control pos that thinks Americans exercising a God Given right are going to roll over and play dead for you sick Gun Control nazi, racist perverts well you will learn what sticking your stupid useful idiot head in a hornet’s nest feels like.

    • And at some point in the repression parade, a certain percentage of people will determine that they have nothing left to live for. Or that this is something worth dying for.

      The big problem is that the people who are actually responsible cannot be reached for your…reaction.

    • getting seen carrying guns to or from your car is already problematic…for a number of reasons….something I used to do routinely…almost defiantly…slowly but surely we’ll be driven underground and have to adopt more clandestine methods to conceal our gun ownership…in time, even posting here may become unwise…..

  3. Sounds about right, but since I’ve sold ALL of my “offending” weapons and “high capacity” magazines, It’s just a couple of antique military collectibles (bolt action) and a few revolvers and semi auto pistols…. How can “THEY” prove otherwise… You could always report a “break in” everything stolen, cops take whatever information you have but they don’t investigate anything any more… I could just hole up in my mountain manor, don’t need electricity, cars are paid for, live off the land… Screw them AND Social Media which I don’t now nor ever have taken part in… Guess I could turn in the four 16 round mags for my Glock G29 10 MM, think THAT will make them happy?

    • “Screw them AND Social Media which I don’t now nor ever have taken part in…”

      This site IS social media…

      • big difference between this “social media” and the Facething /twatter/whatever.. How many followers do YOU have on TTAG?.. Besides, since I no longer have in my possession any guns on “THE LIST” and only a couple of questionable magazines, what difference does it make?

        • Is there a follower option here? Not aware of it. And I’m not on any of the other popular social media sites either. I am guilty of discussing firearms that I own on some gun forums. And I have stupidly posted a few pictures years ago. But truthfully, I have sold most of those that were pictured, at this point. I’ve actually been on quite a selling spree of late…past year and a half, or so.

        • Is there a follower option here?

          Kind of the point, the only undesired attention showing up here is from a couple of self important alleged self proclaimed “know it all’s)… Regulars are a rather small group unlike the TTAG presence on those “popular” social media sites… I don’t participate in or even visit other gun related forums, if I need to know something I can read about it elsewhere and I have NEVER posted a picture of a gun (or me holding one) anywhere… Sometimes it pays to be suspicious of everything that “improves” our lives, it’s not always conspiracy “theory”…

    • “I could just hole up in my mountain manor, don’t need electricity, cars are paid for, live off the land… “

      How interesting, another reality challenged conservative. Just where will you drive that already paid for car?

      I’m amazed that you’re confident that you will never have need of complex medical assistance, no cancer, no appendicitis, no COPD, no broken legs from working on the farm, no intestinal parasites, etc.

      May I suggest you have all your teeth pulled before you enter your ‘wolf’s lair’, an untreated abscessed tooth would be a lingering and painful death.

      • Some pussies might (like you) need medical assistance from outside, but I’m married to a medical professional with 35 years in the field, a full library of medical literature and highly capable of treating a multitude of problems with non-conventional means… Cancer? at my age I don’t care, everything else you listed CAN be handled without an ER… However I am not surprised that you are “AMAZED” that there are actually confident men in the world that are capable of surviving on their own… I’d wish you good luck, but I don’t care enough about your dumb ass to bother.

        • I think the best way to politely and civily criticize you, is that the mentality and plan of action you have is ultimately what has gotten us into the trouble we are in, in the first place.

          Your “bug-out” mentality is akin to the apathetic Conservatives of the past. “It’s all the same (even though things get worse as time goes on and your apathy continues). Civic Involvement doesn’t matter. School Board Meetings; I don’t have time for that. I gotta go to work so I can work on my hot-rod corvette this weekend”.

          You are of the same type who allowed the Stalinist and Maoist Leftist Scum to infiltrate our School Boards and other institutions of Higher Learning to indoctrinate the current Millennial and Gen-Z population to turn the USA into a society like North Korea on Angel Dust and Steroids x 1,000.

          You now foolishly think you can bug-out and “tend your own garden” while this Country turns into a 1984 and Animal Farm Nightmare. Need I remind you of the SciFi element of George Orwell’s works, that people of your mentality always wind up in the mass-grave first because you need to be made an example of first by tyrants. You will be hunted down and treated lower than dogs***.

        • And IF you actually knew ANYTHING about me and my “civic” participation over the years or my “bug out plans” for the future you might rethink your “politely civil” criticism… If you choose to sit in an indefensible suburban home OR Urban setting that is your business.. If I prefer to put my self and my family in the proximity of other like minded individuals in a setting that was purposely selected for its defensive attributes, that is my business… I did what I needed to do, I am NOT responsible for the state of our education system or the infiltration of our government and legal system by a bunch of Communists, that trophy goes to anyone who either voted for a Democrat or (as a Republican) failed to vote, you can also add all those who wasted their vote on third parties just to make some useless statement… You don’t know me and you have no right to judge me “politely” or otherwise, but when the SHTF you’ll damn sure wish I was your neighbor…

        • COPD without anti-inflammatories or oxygen?

          Who is handling your anesthesia for that appendectomy? You must be the first survivalist have met with a dialysis machine in your basement.

        • Who is handling your anesthesia for that appendectomy?

          At 71 with clear lungs and a BP of 117/78 COPD, bad kidneys or a blown appendix are not HIGH on my list.. As far as anesthesia? You must have missed the “Medical Professional” part, go grab a can of starter fluid, spray it on a rag and hold it to your face, call me when you wake up (you surely don’t believe we are going to be alone, do you?… Pain after is easily managed and anti biotics can be had from natural sources… You really need to get out more or at least read something besides some internet blog.. AND I can distill my own antiseptic… Will wonders never cease..

      • People all over the world live off the land without access to complex medical assistance. Have since the beginning of time.

        • Right, I guess this explains your opposition to the affordable healthcare act.

          So if people have done this for years without complex medical assistance, why don’t we just shut down the hospitals?

        • Miner49er said:
          “Right, I guess this explains your opposition to the affordable healthcare act.”

          My opposition to the AFFORDABLE care act is that it costs me $1,250/month for Blue Cross for only ONE person, my wife, since I’m on Medicare, and that’s AFTER the gubment’s subsidy of $790/month.

          Before obozo, I was paying $472 for TWO people with no subsidy.

          I fully expect Miner to be all in for gay barack hussein’s plan to totally eviscerate the remaining middle class by impoverishing them via making health care so expensive, that your only option is simply to die.

          hussein, and ALL his minions, are evil murderers, while virtue signaling their love and empathy. Nothing could be more disgusting…

          PS. Miner is a well known minion.

        • PS. Miner is a well known minion.

          When did he get promoted? I thought he was nothing more than a hang around trying really hard (unsuccessfully) to impress his masters…

        • ……and live a healthier life as well. I have had friends that always ran to the doctor about any little sniffle or other thing, always trusted the doctors. Went to most of their funerals. This was a reply to miner 45’s reply at 12:12 but was placed way down here for some stupid reason.

        • The ACA was nothing but a giant crony capitalist handout to the insurance companies. And the current spending bill is more of the same, pouring money into the lousy COBRA program that doesn’t cover nearly enough people.

      • stf u you weirdo…. don’t worry where WE WILL BE….. WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT US 😉
        And i’m not playing either, pe do…

        • So you are accusing me of homosexuality and pedophilia?

          Brilliant response, with keyboard commandos like you how can the POTG lose?

          And you folks better hope you have the necessary fresh antibiotics available for your Adlerhorst in the mountains, otherwise your life expectancy will average around 40 years.

      • So minor69er admits that his kind will deny medical care in order to murder those who they see as their political. Gee whiz remember when they were screaming that death boards were a fantasy?

        • I have never advocated denying medical care to anyone, Maxipad himself volunteered to abandon civilization and retreat to his mountain hideout in Northern Florida.

          I believe hospitals should be required to treat anyone who enters their ER, paid for by taxes on the wealthy who need to support their marketplace, built by our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

          If any business entity wants access to the great American marketplace, there are certain concessions they must make and certain taxes they must pay to gain access to the greatest economy in the world, built by our forefathers.

        • I have never advocated denying medical care to anyone, Maxipad himself volunteered to abandon civilization and retreat to his mountain hideout in Northern Florida.

          Don’t know why you such a “supposed” intellectual needs to denigrate himself by maliciously mangling another persons chosen screen name, but if it blows your skirt up then let it flow (it does surprise me that you would think I care what you say about me, but I won’t allow you to tell blatant lies)…. Don’t know where you got the idea that my winter home in central FL is also my little mountain get away (which is in VA BTW about a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway, ever heard of it?)… Continue with your uninformed lies and OBTW, GFY is still the standing order of the day… For you…

        • Really? So what was the point of you gleefully listing off terminal medical conditions to Madd if all he has to do is waltz into a hospital get his free treatment and head back to his fortress of solitude? Kind of defeats your portents of doom.

        • Or those with different political views will be “diagnosed” as mentally ill and confined for treatment? Just like the Soviet Union and it’s allied states.

    • Unfortunately, anyone behind the curtain of tyranny has had to conduct all firearms transfers through an FFL for awhile. And if there are laws requiring “safe storage” and theft reporting, you are pretty well screwed…try to report stolen firearms.

      While firearms purchased face to face before this all started happening are less easily tracked down, it drastically reduces the population that has firearms that aren’t on an easily accessible list or document. “Grandfathering” really doesn’t help except for the one generation that it applied to. I try very hard not to be complacent with an “I got mine” mentality. This battle started before I was born, who knows when it will end.

      • Fortunately I don’t live behind that “curtain of tyranny”… Fed law, basically, says I am only responsible for determining that purchaser is an American citizen and a resident of my state, is not a criminal, under indictment or in the U.S. illegally..(Federal Code 18 USC 922(a)(5)( Federal Code 18 USC 922(d) – And FL only requires legal age, FL residence and NOT a prohibited person to conduct a private sale/transfer.. NO FFL required and until Federal law makes us ALL “prohibited” persons I’m good…

  4. I could see them twisting what actually makes the elements of “probable cause” after the SCOTUS (Roberts) agrees. After all they said you can be tracked without probable cause. They saw you leave a range and they now have “probable cause” to stop you and search your car.

    I have to take a workplace violence training course every year at work. One of the “red flags” was this: “A co-worker who might own or said he owns guns.” Our workforce is still very conservative and after outcry over that, it is no longer part of the course; but it’s coming again.

    • Y’all forget that the total number of all law enforcement and active duty military is 2.6 million.

      How many of us are there? I think the bare minimum on our side is 9.8 million.

      Don’t let them get away with any further infringement. Unite and fight them while we still have our firearms.

      With leadership, planning, and secure communications we can beat them.

      • And without those three things, which most don’t have locally, and as a group we definitely don’t have nationally?

      • Anyone who is counting on LE or the military protecting them from the results of their own stupidity had better make sure their Last Will and Testament stays up-to-date, and their relatives would be well advised to put distance between them.

  5. I’m having a hard time figuring out what would stop the victim of such a notice from showing up at the designated place with very bad intentions. They’re going to send me a letter telling me when and where I can meet my tormentors? Seems like that would go poorly for them.

    • Seems like that would go poorly for them.

      Exactly… Unless they brought out the NG to oversee that process, could be a problem IF they let THEM have ammo…

      • If the NG has ammo, could be a REAL problem for the tormentors, they just thought they had a problem before the 25 guys they brought with them slipped the selectors to full auto and turned in their direction.

        • If the NG has ammo, could be a REAL problem for the tormentors,

          They won’t bring NG from the Hood, they’ll bring them in from another state (or just stick a bunch of antifa/BLM in a uniform) and when YOU open fire don’t count on that guy to risk his own life and future to defend some stranger that he’s already been brainwashed into believing you are an insurrectionist/domestic terrorist or worse…

  6. Government employees, at every level, may be “stupid”, but they are exceedingly cunning.

    And silicon valley tech firms are working on a digital solution for social justice that mirrors what they have facilitated in China; social credit scores.

    Some will understand….looks like “the restrainer” has been removed.

        • No, your account isn’t at zero yet. That would be members of the National Socialist party. And you and most everyone else here agrees with that, because “punch a Nazi,” right?

          Look, I’m against crazy radicals who are just out to ruin lives, whether they’re right or left wing extremists. But the oft quoted line “I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it” does not come with the caveat “unless I really, REALLY don’t like what you have to say.” (Said quotation was probably penned not by Voltaire as it’s usually attributed, but by one Evelyn Hall about Voltaire — but I digress.) The point is, if anyone is an acceptable target for political persecution, whether Communist or Nazi, you can be next, no matter how you felt about Communists or Nazis. All the people in power have to do is make you the next acceptable target. And we’re watching that process happen right now.

  7. The answer to this kind of treatment is community. We have to find like minded people in our areas and band together for mutual assistance. There’s a book out about MAG’s – Mutual Assistance Groups (by whom I forget) – that might be required reading for the tests coming. It’s a lot harder to screw people over like this when they all grow their own food, work for each others small, local businesses, and have solid relationships with and in their community. We need a freedom cosmos – and orderly, harmonious system that supports itself – and that starts by understanding what freedom really is: the ability to be responsible for ourselves. None of us can really complain, myself included, when we’ve exported the responsibility for our finances, food, children’s education, our religion, and everything else of quintessential value in life to the government and these large corporations (or mega churches in the case of religion). Those of us willing to shoot people for our “freedom”, but not sacrifice to homeschool our kids, sacrifice to become financially independent, grow our own food, build community, and maybe even run for office are worse than cowards, we are traitors to liberty. When we conduct our lives like that we become the very thing that’s being used to destroy our freedom – the abandonment of personal responsibility over our own lives and for our own families. We’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole of individual freedom that we’ve been divided almost beyond redemption, and are now being conquered one person, one home at a time. I don’t write this to call anybody out or make anyone feel bad or to start an argument. I hope to make us all think better about this issue. The gun isn’t of any intrinsic value by itself. It’s only value is in the protection it provides for what IS truly valuable (freedom, faith, family, etc), and if what it’s meant to protect is already eroded beyond recognition then what’s the point in having it? Where is our freedom if we’re too afraid to speak our mind or too lazy to go to a town council meeting? What good is freedom if we’re too fat and unhealthy to enjoy it? What good is family if we spend all our free time glued to a screen or arguing with each other. I hope we can rescue our republic, but if we can’t then at least we can all strive to rescue our own family and community by working for an orderly, harmonious self sufficiency where we live, to the best of our ability. God be with you all.

    • The answer to this kind of treatment is community. We have to find like minded people in our areas and band together for mutual assistance.

      If you haven’t already done that, you are probably too late…

    • “Those of us willing to shoot people for our “freedom”, but not sacrifice to homeschool our kids, sacrifice to become financially independent, grow our own food, build community, and maybe even run for office are worse than cowards, we are traitors to liberty.“

      Actually, I’d call them just your run-of-the-mill big talking bullshitters.

      • I’d call them just your run-of-the-mill big talking bullshitters.

        In other words much like yourself…. More Leftist “accuse THEM of what I’M doing”…

    • Gee, someone should write a book about this!

      “America faces a full-scale socioeconomic collapse in the near future. The stock market plummets, hyperinflation cripples commerce and the mounting crisis passes the tipping point. Practically overnight, the fragile chains of supply and high-technology infrastructure fall, and wholesale rioting and looting grip every major city. As hordes of refugees and looters pour out of the cities, a small group of friends living in the Midwest desperately try to make their way to a safe-haven ranch in northern Idaho. The journey requires all their skill and training since communication, commerce, transportation and law enforcement have all disappeared. Once at the ranch, the group fends off vicious attacks from outsiders and then looks to join other groups that are trying to restore true Constitutional law to the country.”

      And the best part in the book, the communists who come around turn out to be cannibals!

    • “The answer to this kind of treatment is community. We have to find like minded people in our areas and band together for mutual assistance.”

      We have enough billionaires to start our own banks and credit cards…

  8. I told you I NEVER use a card to buy anything. I don’t post gun pics on fakebook. I don’t rant on fb. I don’t “follow” any gun groups. No idiotic shirts or stickers. Any mass confiscation efforts will be met with mass middle fingers…

      • Not much worse than being on TTAG when the servers are seized for the connection logs. I doubt many people run VPNs or can afford the extra cost per month to get their privacy back.

  9. “they’ll have your own prior social media “confessions,” along with those proud pictures you posted at the range,” To include everything posted on this site.

  10. Good luck with that. LMFAO
    I’ll wait and see if the gang members and other criminals turn theirs in…

  11. “I’ll wait and see if the gang members and other criminals turn theirs in…”

    They are not the target. They are a feature.

  12. The problem is we have become dependant on the digital. Just drop that social media companies and go old school. Get a flip phone to communicate and a ham radio to talk to people in your network of friends. Ham radios are cheap and have a long range. Use a FRS and GMRS with a repeater to extend your range across town to talk to other friends. A GMRS license for 10 yrs is going to $35 and you do not have to take a ham radio test. They, the social media companies, need you and us to be addicted to them to get ad revenue to make money. Hit the were it counts. Drop the totally and go for something else that does not support them financially. Use adblockers to also their reduce the revenue. Reduce your digital footprint.

    • So, the government will let you specify a different way for them to monitor your every action. Where is the advantage over a smart phone, if you need a license from the Fed government to access it?

    • some good advice about radio communication…but you left out CB…yeah, they’re still out there…the channels are relatively quiet these days…no license required…and in an emergency you can boost the power or go off-band…not exactly legal,..but still an option….

  13. I don’t mind op-eds that I don’t agree with, but I’m not sticking around for this kind of sci-fi prepper wank porn. You’re just making the case that you all shouldn’t be trusted with guns at this point.

    • “…sci-fi prepper wank porn. You’re just making the case that you all shouldn’t be trusted with guns at this point….”

      I kinda like that turn of phrase….”sci-fi prepper wank porn”

      “…you all shouldn’t be trusted with guns at this point….”

      It’s not a matter of trust, it’s a matter of a RIGHT. It either is or it is not.

      Trust has not a darn thing to do with it.

    • Imagine in a world where banks collude to cut off funds for individuals or industries, where ravenous tweeting retards cost people their livlihood, where basic security like encryption is under relentless attack, where open discussion of “vaccine passports” is a daily segment on MSM people still believe this “nevuh gunnna hap’n” nonsense.

      Is it willful ignorance? Child-like optimism? Eager embracing? Attempted obfuscation?

      There is no more “dystopic sci-fi.” This is life now. You don’t need to be some fantasy addicted futurist to see what’s waiting for you at the next block. It’s in plain view.

      Just like all the people laughing at cell phone tracking 10 years ago. Just like all the people mocking concerns of black boxes in cars 15 years ago. Just like people who believed “15 days to flatten the curve” or the gov is totally going to treat your syphilis.

      If you don’t get it by now you never will or you just don’t want to. At least flat earthers are funny.

      • magine in a world where banks collude to cut off funds for individuals or industries, where ravenous tweeting retards cost people their livlihood, where basic security like encryption is under relentless attack, where open discussion of “vaccine passports” is a daily segment on MSM people still believe this “nevuh gunnna hap’n” nonsense.

        Or where a Governors “vaccine czar” can call around to various local authorities seeking support for him while using veiled inferences about possible delays in the release of vaccines to their districts should they decline…

      • once upon a time anybody could listen to cellular phone traffic…not exactly legal…but easy to do…I used to monitor hundreds,..maybe a thousand regular radio frequencies…remember when we had a major plane crash locally…and police dispatchers were calling me up to ask if I heard anything…if you’re going to get into any kind of survivalist mode…radio communication should be part of the package…an inside joke in the “Die Hard” movies was how they got it all wrong in regard to radios in the first one…but made up for it in the second one…

    • You won’t be trusted with guns either, no matter how far you go outie-out-o to distance yourself from the rest of us.

  14. Ham radios are cheap and have a long range

    AND require a Federal license to operate… Get an old CB radio and get it juiced up, I had an old Cobra 29LTD that could reach out about 20 miles with the right antenna ..

    • You only need a tech license for ham if you’re going to transmit. You can listen to anything, all day long, without one.

      • You only need a tech license for ham if you’re going to transmit

        J said: Get a flip phone to communicate and a ham radio to talk to people in your network of friends.

        That is what I replied to, J is obviously encouraging TWO WAY communications via ham radio…

        • Anyone whomsoever can listen on any frequency. No license or technical knowledge is critical. So, anyone who wishes to be prepared can buy a receiver with wide-band capabilities and he will be able to listen to others’ broadcasts. Not a bad idea.

          To transmit – LEGALLY – one needs the appropriate license. (I have one.) Not trivial to learn what you would need to know to get one; but, feasible for any youngster or determined oldster.

          If and when your legal status with the FCC is no longer a concern, you won’t need to concern yourself with your lack of a license. Yet, by then, you will need to have acquired quite a lot of technical knowledge to maintain OPSEC. This won’t be in the tutorial to get your license.

          Nothing stops you from buying whatever transmitter you might wish for. I can buy any transmitting equipment I like without showing my license and without knowing how to configure and operate it.

        • If you are going to comment on something at least pretend to understand WHAT you are commenting on… I did NOT say you needed a license to own or “listen” to a fuking ham radio… Listening was not the the issue which WAS communicating with a ham radio.. Yes you can use your radio to communicate WITHOUT the permission of the FCC (until you get caught) like the OUTLAW radio stations that broadcast across the country unlicensed for years throughout the 60s and 70s, but WHEN you’re caught they will fine you AND take your stuff… I have never seen so much crap over such a simple statement which is absolutely correct (if you take the time to read the words in the correct order and put them in context with the statement I replied to)… Give the radio BS a rest…

        • “Nothing stops you from buying whatever transmitter you might wish for.”

          You may have a problem buying new gear from a dealer without a callsign.

          eBay or hamfests, cash talks…

    • Your wrong on what is required. You just do not know what you are talking about. CB requires does not require a license and operates on 40 channels. FRS does not require a license to operate on the low power frequencies with 22 channels. MURS does not require a license to operate on the slightly higher powered frequencies with 5 channels. GMRS requires a license to operate on the slightly higher powered frequencies with 30 channels with repeaters channels at 50w power. GMRS you get a 10 yrs license for $35 now and used to be $70 for 10 yrs up until last year, which does not require a ham radio test. To operated on ham radio frequencies (above 30 Mhz) you are required to take a test to get your entry level Technician License and the fee for the license for 10 yrs is also $35 now. The next level of ham radio license is the General License license, which opens the door to world-wide communications. The last ham radio level is the Amateur Extra class license conveys all available U.S. Amateur Radio operating privileges on all bands and all modes.

      • Young man, I have three words for you, huff duff triangulation.

        Of course, you might use Hedy Lamarr’s ingenious solution…

      • Your wrong on what is required. You just do not know what you are talking about. CB requires does not require a license and operates on 40 channels

        Calm down Sport: I am AWARE that Citizens Band is 40 channels (not when I started trucking) and with a hundred watt kicker could reach out and touch someone… And ALL I said was you need a Government license to “operate” a ham radio station (in fact you used to need a license for a CB) and that requires a fixed address for the base station so THEY know where you are.. I’ve operated a CB most likely since before YOU were born… CONTEXT Sport, CONTEXTUAL awareness clarifies everything…

      • I’ve been an amateur for 40 years and keep up (I thought) with radio tech. I had no idea that repeaters for GMRS was a thing. I’m going to have to check that out. Sounds cool and a good option for the family.

        • Yes, you get 8 channels of 50w max output in GMRS and 8 channels of GMRS repeaters up to 50w max output. Most mobile GMRS radios have repeater capability and handhelds also. Use a GMRS radio or a ham radio to program the GMRS channels into it. There are lots of different radios out there to discover to use. Just make sure the radio is GMRS repeater capable or ham radio is repeater capable. A single GMRS license gives you the capability to communicate with your entire family or friends on the GMRS channels. A ham radio license only gives the single individual a license to communicate. Here is some information on GMRS for you to help start you search.



        • ” I had no idea that repeaters for GMRS was a thing. I’m going to have to check that out.”

          That’s basically what a business band repeater is. I have an open invite on one local to me if I ever need to use it. He said to just pick a unit number out of thin air and have at it…

        • these days you can even buy radios that transmit on police frequencies….[not recommended!!!]….and they’re dirt cheap..thank you China…..

  15. i guess we’ll just have to start running drugs and guns and robbing banks to make money. And show up at the collection site for your appointment like Arnold at the police station in Terminator.

      • Why am I not surprised little miner is interested in”The cream of some young guy”?

        *snicker*… 😉

      • You mean for your fellow travelers, Minor IQ???

        The Symbionese Liberation Army was to insurrection as Minor Annoyance is to intelligent discourse – at the wrong end of the spectrum. Go away, little commie, no one here needs or wants your brilliant “insights”. Bye! Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

  16. He really forgot 3 things.

    First is they’ll use your children for leverage against you by sending DCFS to take them if they’re not using them as informants.

    The second thing is they’ll send some ethno-marxists or anti fascists to your house to convince you to part with your evil ways. It’s the sort of thing where they’ll know where to go, don’t even have to directly tell anyone. Those people will have weapons and could possibly maim or kill but it wouldn’t really matter so long as they’re a means to the end. It’s not like they’d get prosecuted in a lot of places.

    The third thing is they’ll arrest you for anything if they want to. Some kiddie porn will magically show up on your computer, you’ll be speeding at an excessive rate that’s felonious, you’ll be seen at a range with something that big gov says you shouldn’t have or so on. I mean how many laws does an average American break in a day?

    The last thing is it doesn’t really matter if you’re going to hole up and keep your weapons hidden. Having a reserve is one thing but if you’re not say going to the range and using them it’s only a matter of time before they separate the people as a whole from their arms. If not now a generation, maybe two.

    If you react with violence in the name of self defense the MSM allies they have will just use that as justification that they’re right. Look at Rittenhouse.

    • They not only did not CATCH Kyle, they actively told him to go away when he was trying to turn himself in. Therein lies the solution to fear of the authorities, just leave them out of the loop.

      • Plus, Rittenhouse is a hero to millions of Americans. The left’s plan to control the future is going to run into some serious complications.

    • if you’re fortunate to live in an isolated location…you can always shoot on your own property…the first house I bought actually had a shooting bench in the backyard…although silencers are a good idea….

    • And Neiowa rants & raves and threatens everyone…tell me again who’s dumb you crazed lunatic. I imagine TTAG is a huge target. I myself was a troll target a few years ago(they impersonated me). I nearly quit using TTAG as I was “accused”. TTAG WAS(is?) amazingly unsophisticated. Like Neiowa. You’re right Arc…never was impersonated on fakebook.

  17. Let me go thru the list in no particular order:

    I am off grid. I don’t use a bank. I am independently wealthy and have lots of cash and metals. I don’t have any payments, at least not for anything I have to have. I don’t post my stuff online, I’ve used a fake name(s) online since the mid-90’s as well as fake cards and SS#’s. This is posted from a random location, spoofing someone else’s IP; they can’t keep me off the ‘net, though they can remove things after the fact…

    Yeah, and showing up at my door for any reason is not something they want to do.

    The point is, there are a few million like me. They don’t want to stir us up because they aren’t ready to crash the economy yet and any hint of true “insurrection” will tank this fragile economy from top to bottom. Once they DO crash the economy nobody is going to “do” anything to any gun owner. They are counting on the problem taking care of itself.

    The flaw in all this is people imagine they want an intact nation and an intact economy and that they want YOU, in any capacity. They don’t. They want utter collapse and chaos. Siphon off the “digital” wealth, then go in and pick up the physical pieces they desire after said chaos self-eliminates. Anyone remaining they want to be broken, desperate and submissive. Any hot spots of organized resistance they won’t even bother with.

    • You don’t need a traceable account for a credit card – You can pay cash for a ‘disposable’ one at a gas station…

      • “paying cash” may be at risk soon…and they can always shut down the precious metals traffic…seems to me they already did that once before…

    • “They want utter collapse and chaos.”

      Nope, the wealthy elites like Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, tucker Carlson, Rebekah Mercer, etc. love the system as it is because they are getting richer every minute.

      They will use their fear porn to keep all your deplorables on the edge of your seats and contributing millions every month to their various causes.

      The wealthy will never crash the system, they’re doing far too well to think about derailing their gravy train with biscuit wheels.

  18. I noticed someone mentioned VPNs.

    I’m surprised that anyone who is a conservative would not already be using them.
    Any post should be sent out of the US, then double looped before returning for a double loop here.

    It’s actually easy to do.

    Of course, if you’re a minion of the liberal democrats, communists, socialists, BLM, Antifa, etc., none of that advice applies.

    You have already agreed with the “powers that be” to do whatever it takes to destroy, kill, maim any conservative, their wives, children, parents and relatives…

    No one on the left wants any of us to remain alive. You should process these facts before you become one of the disappeared.

    • “I noticed someone mentioned VPNs.

      I’m surprised that anyone who is a conservative would not already be using them.”

      It can cause certain *problems*.

      One being, if you try ordering online, your bank can flag the transaction as potentially fraudulent…

    • How many times does it have to be pointed out that if we’re discussing the US government all a VPN is going to do is make their life a bit harder? Does no one remember way, way back to the ancient history of 2013 FFS?

      It’s not going to stop them from figuring out who did/said what. The question is if they care enough to bother figuring this out and doing something about it.

      They have more than enough tools to fuck you, including issuing a subpoena to the VPN if they want (yes, VPNs keep records). But, really, they need not even bother since they already have the ISPs in their back pocket, meaning they basically control the backbones of the internet. With that in mind, your VPN isn’t as useful as many people seem to think if the government takes a serious interest in you.

      This is why lots of targets of the GWOT when back to old-school non-tech related communications. Because modern communications can and will be broken by the US government if that government cares enough to do it. A lot of dead hajis figured this out, the quicker cats stayed alive… well, at least a bit longer.

      As I’ve noted before: Tint your windows all you want. It doesn’t matter if I control the roads. With digital roads I just send you where I want to figure out who’s in the car.

      Sure, use VPNs and Torr browsers, encrypt things these are all good practices but don’t think that it keeps your information safe from our government (or China’s, really). It doesn’t. Air Force crypto geeks laugh at 256 bit encryption. The government doesn’t really need Apple’s help getting into a phone either. These are nice little lies that the government doles out to the media so that they can be passed on to you. What the government really wants is a precedent for cooperation so that they don’t have to bother breaking these things.

      There is only one way to “proof” yourself against governments getting into your tech: Don’t use the tech, at all, ever. Just look at what they could do around 2016 and realize that the stuff you were hearing about back then was, even then, old hat.

  19. At some point if the government takes enough away from somebody then “life in prison” doesn’t become a deterrent.

    • “To combat the slow military response, the task force report makes an unprecedented request to give the commander for the D.C. Guard the authority to deploy troops without the president’s permission under extreme circumstances…”

      Meanwhile, the people who told us Trump was a traitorous wannabe military dictator have nothing but good to say about this public endorsement of permanent martial law. Of course. They’re the ones that wanted it all along, and they’ll take any excuse.

  20. “The left’s plan to control the future is going to run into some serious complications.”

    We have just endured a year of government tyranny, and no revolt. Every year, I read predictions of how one day, government will go too far, then comes the revolution. Every year since 1992.

    Look where we are, now.

    • Well, there is that.

      There’s also the fact that this can’t go on forever. Eventually (and it may not take all that long) the Left is going to run this society into the ground, and the technology and systems that keep modern life functioning are going to fail. Probably not all at once, but in unstable, unpredictable chunks. How people will deal with that reality when it happens, and whether they’ll figure out who’s to blame, I don’t know.

      What I do know is that the Left’s utopia will never come to pass. They’re going down one way or another — the only question is whether everything goes down with them.

      • The systems are already failing.

        Now, that’s currently a natural decay sort of thing. It can be fixed and fixed *fairly* easily and at *moderate* expense.

        If someone was to give it a good shove, which many people including foreign actors are capable of doing, the time, expense and difficulty all skyrocket.

        Some people love to make fun of Texas with its power grid issues and point to this as why Texas is a backward, redneck state that needs better infrastructure. “Team Blue” loves this argument because, ya know, Texas is a bunch of Red-brained Neanderthals.

        What they don’t realize is that the entire US is divided into sections that… are not much better. In fact, in some ways these areas of the country are far, far worse off if someone decides to fuck around. And fucking around isn’t that hard to do. This problem is complicated by the wide-spread damage they could do to, like 1/3rd of the US at a crack. That makes repairs far, far harder to effect since the damage is so widespread.

        Shit, just a few weeks back someone almost poisoned an entire town in Florida (IIRC) by hacking a water treatment facility. Were it not for someone actually being there at the time and watching certain analogue gauges skyrocket the person attacking the facility digitally might well have been successful. Thankfully they didn’t do it at night when they’d have had a much better chance of this going unnoticed until it was too late.

        Loath as I am to agree with the man, Bill Maher is 100% correct. We’re a country of silly, unserious people. Our adversaries, mostly, are not. We need to get our shit together like 30 years ago.

        • used to visit my buddy at a big local water plant…[late at night, obviously…when no one is around]…they had a whole wall of gauges that monitored everything..then one night I noticed they were all gone…when I asked what happened, he pointed to a large computer monitor….kinda’ scary when you think about it….

    • “Every year, I read predictions of how one day, government will go too far, then comes the revolution. Every year since 1992.”

      Try the 1930s, Germany.

      The good people stood meekly by while insult after insult was stacked on the Jews. “It can’t possibly get any worse”, they said…

  21. This is a fever dream. As has been said elsewhere, if this were possible, California would already be doing it. And they don’t know who still has what. There may be a crackdown on newly illegal guns, but this isn’t how it’s going to go down.

  22. While the concept is somewhat rational the idea of screwing with you like this isn’t likely to happen.

    Why bother when they can get what they want and extract money from you (money they need for kickbacks, debts they own, pensions etc)?

    They’re not going to go after your electricity, water or try to get you fired. They’ll just add “fees” to everything you do and make them something you cannot discharge via bankruptcy.

    If they want to be nice about it your muni water bill gets a $100 surcharge, then $200. When they want to turn the screws they revalue your property and add a surcharge to your property taxes which escalates until you cannot afford it.

    You’ll turn in your guns or they’ll take everything else you own, bankrupt you and have you in perpetual debt.

    And really, the guns are superfluous at this point. They must extract enormous sums from you because the actual amount owed by your various governments at this point is approaching 1300% of the yearly economy, and that’s set to skyrocket.

    The two main weapons they use against you are ignorance and inflation, the former preventing most people from seeing the latter. The latter, combined with the former, a great way to set people against each other which they have done quite well.

    Like it or not, these folks could write a masterclass on manipulating people into giving up everything. In fact, you’re living through that class right now.

    Lenin supposedly said “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” and he wasn’t that far off. Most of America is engaged in essentially the same behavior.

  23. My neighbor has a revolver her boyfriend gave her. Who else can I turn in to get my ass off the hook, let’s see, theres Ty n CB, Mike, Dean, TCup, Roy, Nick, the guy that owns the bait shop. I’ve got a bunch. Just Please dont hurt me!
    America land of the free

  24. Wow! The banter on here today…..
    1. the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks:
    example: “friends and comrades there was much singing and good-natured banter on TTAG”

  25. A lot of Americans are willing to die in a last stand to protect what they worked so hard to legally buy. How many other Americans will be snuffed out from such an act from a tyrannical government. The reason we are able to own what Americans do own is written in the constitution and the Governments demise is destine.

  26. No worries. I’ve been planning this for years. I learned to garden, can, trap, hunt, dry & smoke meat, prepare leather & many other things. I’ve been prepping sites & getting my family ready to disappear. If you’re smart, you’ll do the same. Pay cash. Don’t carry your electronics when you stock your sites. Rotate food. Make lists. Run drills & have a plan if you’re separated from family members at go time.

    Yes, it sounds crazy & I caught guff even from immediate family members for years, but if there comes a time you need the fruits of your hard work, you’ll be vindicated.

  27. I remember seeing so many comments about how they will never try this a couple years ago, on this forum. Well, here you see it, a more popular idea than it was back then and you can still refuse to accept this as their intent or best means of confiscation – and easiest – or you can acknowledge they are smarter than you give them credit for and start preparing. Some of us will glady be on the frontlines – many not even by choice. They will still utilize police for the few of us who can survive without their system and would rather instill anarchy to reset their tyranny, but some of us would just rather be criticized by all sides and labeled as “crazies” rather than wait that long. Don’t act like you haven’t done it. You did it in 2020, you did it Jan 6th this year, and you continue to do it. You are not on the side of freedom, you are selfish and all talk. Some of us that say “come and take them” actually know what it means and we mean it when we say it. Fuck around and find out. Especially all you “pro-gun” “community members” who most of us know are full of shit.

      • “I eat a lot of lettuce and drink Metamucil”

        When your sphincter finally cuts loose, you can undercut SpaceX selling rides to orbit… 😉


  29. “What I do know is that the Left’s utopia will never come to pass. ”

    Oh, but it will. No other nation knew how to do it right; only the two most recent generations of Americans. We are the geniuses who will finally achieve every socialist’s/communist’s dream. We can do it. We just need unlimited amounts of money, and military/law enforcement. All those who came before us were unwilling to eliminate every single resistor. Pol Pot got a good start, but he lacked the resources to complete the job. We can do it. We are elite. We are the world. We are the champions of the world.

    If it saves one child.

  30. “I eat a lot of lettuce and drink Metamucil.”

    Well, there’s your problem, right there. You are supposed to shower with dissolved Metamucil, and dry with the lettuce leaves.

    (Don’t ask how I know)

  31. these days you can even buy radios that transmit on police frequencies….[not recommended!!!]….and they’re dirt cheap..thank you China…..

  32. “getting seen carrying guns to or from your car is already problematic…”

    In our little piece of paradise, only people with carry permits can legally move firearms from vehicle to anywhere. At home, one must put the vehicle in an attached garage, then unload into the house. People with detached garages are always at risk.

    Often wonder why cops don’t just park outside the local gun range.

  33. Until recently the concern was the left using incrementalism and gradually dismantling gun rights over time with “reasonable” gun control. If you look at what’s going on with these latest generations (dumbed down education, instant gratification, everybody gets a prize, media hysteria, etc), it would be hard to believe they will attempt anything subtle or gradual now (look at Swalwell and his ‘we’ll nuke Americans’ comments, reeducation camps, rounding up DJT supporters, etc), HR 127 is a perfect example. Having said that, there’s a number of consistent events that start insurgencies and civil wars. Messing with people’s food will be one of them.

  34. Make sure you keep that bill of sale for the guns you sold to the dead person who voted in the last election.

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