University of Michigan campus carry guns
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Psychology professor L. Rowell Huesmann, who studies aggressive behavior and media violence, said Wade is unlikely to win his case due to the precedent set by D.C. v. Heller. He added that the University and surrounding community is better off with the standing firearms ban. 

“Numerous studies show that not only when people have firearms is there a greater likelihood of people being seriously hurt during disagreements and arguments, but just the sight or knowledge of firearms being around is what we psychologists call a ‘prime’ to behaving more aggressive and violent,” Huesmann said. “So there’s a lot of studies that show that just the sight of a firearm makes people more likely to think more aggressively and violently than they otherwise would.” 

Huesmann said the argument that guns make people safer isn’t backed by data. Instead, he said, the presence of firearms increases the likelihood of gun violence.

“Studies also show that the concept of providing protection is very misplaced — that firearms don’t provide personal protection in the way that people think,” Huesmann said. “In fact, they are likely to lead to accidental shootings and killings of people. The idea that they provide significant protection against nefarious people is just not borne out by the data.” 

LSA freshman Macy Hannan said she doesn’t see a difference between the University and other places like churches and primary and secondary schools that are able to regulate firearms. 

“From my understanding, my high school was able to (ban firearms), churches are able to (ban firearms), I don’t get why this is any different of a situation and I think it’s something that should be done,” Hannan said.

Hannan said she would feel less safe walking around campus if the courts were to strike down the firearms ban.

“I think it is the University’s responsibility to help keep me safe, and they should be able to keep me safe so then I don’t need to,” Hannan said. “I would definitely feel more scared walking around campus if (the ban is repealed).” 

— Julia Rubin in Campus community reacts to legal challenge to University’s campus firearm ban

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  1. And I’m sure if there is a ban on firearms, the criminals would somehow comply with the law and leave their gun at home? The way these folks in the article describe it, everyone would be walking around open carry. I would say on a campus, concealed carry would be probably wiser to implement.

    • The best way to protect yourself, as Donald Trump said in his letter a week ago, send your political dollars to his Save America PAC. Do NOT send any money to the RNC. Support the Save America PAC. The cease and desist order that he sent to the RNC states they cannot use him or his likeness to solicit funds. If you see the RNC using his likeness report it to the Save America PAC. Support the Save America PAC. DO NOT SUPPORT THE RNC.

      • The best way to protect yourself, as Donald Trump said in his letter a week ago, send your political dollars to his Save America PAC

        I have a better plan.. The BEST way to protect YOURSELF is to send your money to your local firearms/ammo dealer OR your favorite on-line seller of ALL things guns and let the fukn politicians pay for their own bullshit…

        • Perfect little pea brain brown shirt full of democRap. Actually she is a walking talking Gun Free Zone criminal magnet that thinks she has it all figured out when she does not know the difference between her behind and a hole in the ground.

          As I have suggested for some time now…All of those in favor of Gun Control can wear a yellow armband. That way if Gun Owners see a Gun Control twerp getting the sht beat out them by some criminal the Gun Owner can keep on truckin. After all who in their right mind wants to lend a helping hand to some pos whose Gun Control Agenda has deep roots in racism and genocide?

          What the dorm room queen is really saying…She is not associated with Gun Owning deplorables. In the tiny little minds of twerps like her she sees Gun Owners as racists and nazis because that is what she has been fed. When all along she cannot get more racist and nazi than what is her very own Gun Control stupidity.

      • Sounds like typical Leftist thinking on their part. Let someone else be responsible for ensuring my safety.
        I’d rather take personal responsibility for my safety than trust the Campus Police to always be in the right place at the right time.

        • Unless and until campuses are surrounded by high walls and barbed wire, with security at the gate, there is no way that the university police can fully protect anyone from nefarious individuals wandering onto campus, or as has happened many times, waiting for students to leave and then pouncing.

        • Mark, after all you describe, a university must also prohibit students from entering in order to keep you safe.

    • Of course. The same people who are so irresponsible that they create a shooting hazard by there mere presence are somehow also responsible enough to comply with the current ban.🙄

      • So-called, Gun-Free Zones are killing grounds ripe for violation by the criminal, the mentally ill, or just anyone who wants to be sure of killing as many people as possible. These liberal snowflakes call the pro-2nd Amendment supporters Nazis. Anyone with any knowledge of history knows that it was the Nazis in Germany who disarmed the German People. Why? Because the Nazis knew that there would be many good people who would try to stop them from doing all of the horrible things they planned to do, just as the Liberal Democrats of today fear an armed American citizen.

        • For Sure Seentoomuch. Gun Free Zones become shooting galleries for the bad guys. All the other people in the Zone without guns may as well have targets on their backs.

  2. I’m starting to wonder just how much stupid there is out there. Maybe somebody could do a study and report on it.

    • “So I Don’t Have to Worry About Protecting Myself”

      It might be useful to remember that sheep don’t worry about protecting themselves.

    • JUST IN – BREAKING NEWS>>>>>A Liberal is an idiot wrapped in moron muffin and smothered in free shit stupid sauce.

      “And in other news, a new poll has found that 1 out of 3 Democrats are just as stupid as the other two. ”….and will vote for Creepy. Sleazy, Senile Socialist Puppet #46 Joey and the real threat KamalHO

      “Ain’t no mountain high enough.
      Ain’t no ocean deep enough.
      Ain’t no outer space big enough.
      To hold all the Libtard S-T-U-P-I-D…..”

  3. Well dumdum it’s your job to keep yourself safe.. how fkn’ gullible are you?! Oh wait you’re a liberaltard who wants everything for free, it’s everyone else’s fault and you shouldn’t bhabe to do anything but catered too. GTFOH

    • News reports (and studies should) show that college campuses are unable to keep students safe, guns are frequently found or used in crimes even on gun ban campuses like in Florida, and numerous college women are raped on campus and no one comes to their aid or saves them in time… She wants to go on living in fantasy world imagining as long as there are “no guns” signs she is safe and protected and won’t have to take responsibility for herself. Instead she should be aware to the threats and dangers around her that already exist, and have the option to employ one of the best tools to level the playing field verses criminals that intend to do her harm.

      • This whole anti-gun movement isn’t about keeping anyone safe. Don’t let them continue to fool you. This is about control and absolute raw power. Entire populations have been disarmed before and the results are not good. There was Nazi Germany and today there are China, North Korea, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, and many other countries where tyranny thrives. The Liberal Democrats have plans for us that an armed populace wouldn’t tolerate. They preach tolerance, but they are the most intolerant people on the face of the earth.

    • Macy just exposed herself as a defenseless sheep. If wolves are reading the story, things might not work out well for her. Maybe she’ll be lucky and can continue to live in her safe bubble of privilege instead of facing the real world. Who’s next to protect her when she graduates? Her employer? Apartment/condo? Gated community?

      • Here is the thing though, the sheep are authoritarians. They want others to take responsibility for protecting them and they prefer outside authority make hard decisions. They affirm these authorities and try to force or coerce everyone to accept they are making the very best decision; rather than treating each adult as an adult with independent will, voice, and responsibility.
        Is it possible the sheep are the enemy? Are they the ones building a nightmare authoritarian surveillance state because they depend on authority to give them what they need.
        Unfortunately for the sheep, everyone except the “sheepdog” thinks they are food. The sheep think they are food. The farmer thinks they are food. The wolves think they are food. Presumably the sheepdog is not betraying its own nature because it is being fed by the farmer to do a job?
        Anyhow. Beware the sheep.

  4. The difference between a church and a university is that the university is publicly owned property, where the church is privately owned. If you hold to the constitution (I know, a big IF at universities these days), it is unconstitutional to withhold a God given right from the general public on state owned property. If a private church wants to ban guns, they can do so and deal with the consequences of that policy.

    • Of course a church can ban guns, so can universities. They can also attempt to enforce that ban, which is clearly unenforceable. Just do not think that the police are going to enforce your stupidity for you.

  5. “I think it is the University’s responsibility to help keep me safe, and they should be able to keep me safe so then I don’t need to,” Hannan said.

    A different species. We cannot share the same space.

  6. This is what you get when you allow the inmates to run the asylum. The Indoctrination of young people with Liberal Socialist Ideology over the last 60 years is bearing the intended fruit. Unfortunately there is only 2 ways to reverse the damage it has and is causing to Freedom and Liberty. A reeducation on the principles of self responsibility and the Ideals of Freedom and Liberty. Which could take 50 years to bear fruit or the removal of the Liberal Socialist Ideology and those who preach it by a sudden and complete cleansing of Society. Much like adding chlorine to Gene Pool of the Education Complex and the Liberal stranglehold on large swaths of Our cities/states. The tipping point has been reached on where Our Nation will end up in the next few years. Transformed into something the Founders warned Us of or a renewal of the Ideals of Freedom and Liberty Our Founders handed down unto Us to Protect, Preserve and Procreate for future generations. It is Our Responsibility. Complacent Cowardice or Courageous Sacrifice and Yes it is that simple. In Liberty…Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Communists have said that the key to the Communist revolution of any country is through its educational system. That’s what is going on now in our country and has been going on since the 1960s.

    • Yeah, those quoted were also lying through their ass, claiming all manner of expertise they clearly did not possess.

    • College Professors know exactly what they are doing. They look down their noses at the proletariat and just as Karl Marx and Lenin, before them, think that the proletariat would be better off under Communism. So they are in the process of preparing our youth for the Revolution.

  7. Wolverines’ ?!

    Maybe need to update that.

    Maybe something more in line with that girl’s thought process.

  8. I’m ASSUMING (without searching for the story) that “WADE” must have some sort of legal action trying to remove a gun ban on campus and “Hannan” (backed up by REAL Psychology professor L. Rowell Huesmann) is in opposition to Wade…. More crybaby, Snowflake crap encouraged by Socialist Academia… Hopefully (for all our sakes) Ms Hannan will never venture outside of her protective blue bubble…

    • “WADE” must have some sort of legal action trying to remove a gun ban on campus”

      Click on the link at the bottom of the posting. Takes you to the full story. However, the title of the posting says everything important.

    • MaddMaxx,

      You are correct.

      The State of Michigan Constitution specifically names three universities (including the University of Michigan) and gives them constitutional authority to pass ordinances necessary for the operation of each university. The language suggests that the authority is for matters which are unique to each university and cannot override laws which the state of Michigan enacts. The key word in that last sentence is “suggests” since the state of Michigan constitution does not explicitly spell out exactly what those universities can or cannot pass in ordinances — nor does the Michigan constitution explicitly spell out exactly what happens if a university ordinance conflicts with Michigan law.

      And everything came to a head because state of Michigan has a firearms preemption statute and the University of Michigan zero-firearms ordinance is in conflict with that statute. Thus there is a lawsuit pending at the Michigan Supreme Court. (Wade is the plaintiff, University of Michigan is the defendant.)

  9. Most college attendees are educated beyond their intelligence, perfect example here.

    • MB, I have used the term over educated idiots online and have really had some adverse reactions from those types, just the one’s that you have described. Too much of anything can be dangerous. Seems like this person in the article is clueless as to how the real world works, time to get out of the books for a while and join civilization.

  10. Would somebody please explain to the learned professor the difference between weapons being present and weapons being allowed?

    • Would somebody please explain to the learned professor

      Do you really think that assclown is going to listen to ANYONE…

      Ms Hannan is an LSA (Literature, Science and the Arts) Freshman which tells you ALL you need to know when when you read the mission statement which simply screams out “We are the most tolerant people on this planet (unless you disagree with us)..

      LSA is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more about our DEI initiatives, which aim to increase access to everything U-M has to offer and create a more inclusive campus. A number of programs are already in place.

  11. Sad how these indoctrinated kids and young adults will be the voters, policy makers, and politicians one day. The Democrats plan to indoctrinate people early in their life, while most parents don’t recognize it, care, or do anything about it is the most frustrating part of what’s happening today. Democrats are the Nazi’s of our era, as they follow the Hitler model perfectly all the while blaming the right, ie, Trump and supporters for being Nazi’s or Racist. I wonder when the vast majority of Americans will understand what is happening. The Trump four years was so scary for Democrats that Americans would rally around a common sense businessman agreeing with his ideals. Today they must use dictatorial power grabs and shove anti-American agenda and policy down our throats in forms that we can do nothing about. But our grade schools and universities are in an area we can stand up to, but no one does anything or seems to care. The sheep like public accepts every culture bending history bending attack on our sovereignty and go on like nothing happened. Children made to wear mask while out in nature with no one but their family around is a sign we as a people group don’t have an ounce of common sense, and have allowed our Republic to be twisted in ways none of us have seen in our lifetimes. Our sovereignty is being attacked and dismantled piece by piece at every juncture and no one does or says a word for fear of being labeled or humiliated by the ones doing the dismantling. America is truly crumbling beneath our feet and the indoctrination of children in schools will guarantee it doesn’t end for decades to come or maybe ever.

    • Hey, Robster, you nailed it. I wish more people were aware of what happened in 1930s Germany. Those who don’t know history, are doomed to repeat history. There is nothing new under the sun. What’s happening in our country today isn’t new. Sadly, it’s happened way too many times in the past. Our young are being taught a revised form of history so they can be more easily manipulated.

  12. I could not Stomach reading all that, those idiots make me feel I’m not in America.
    Study’s show in one Georgia town, that is known to have Guns, is Safer.. and Chicago a anti gun city is Less Safe.
    If you or Anyone had a concealed Carry permit, and was a College student, then I hope they would maybe go through a once a Year “program” on campus. Informing rules of engagement, Muzzle Discipline, safety and firearms function understanding, active shooter responsibilities, maybe even Qualifing, and some Police cadet classroom work.

  13. LSA freshman Macy Hannan said … “I think it is the University’s responsibility to help keep me safe … so … I don’t need to,”

    Ms. Hannan, you are right. Unfortunately, that world does not exist. Never has, and never will. You have to some some personal agency in your own safety.

    • Police are Reactive. Bad Guy Breaks in a Home of 10 people.. you call the Cops. They get there too late to save Everyone.
      We the People can be Proactive, bad Guy Breaks in, we may be able to stop him, saving all 10. But not everyone understands we need to keep ourselves safe, cops are a Secondary safety.

    • The fact that “you think” it is the university’s responsibility changes absolutely nothing, it certainly is NOT their responsibility, it is your own. If the university actively prevents you from assuring your own safety, you need to take that up with them.

  14. Yup, and idiots like that are graduating and going out into world to spread their idiocy!

    • We have to As Parents teach our kids, not let them just learn from schools Dennis.
      It falls on us as Patents, Uncles, roll models, ect to give them a Proper understanding..

  15. I recall an editorial cartoon in the OSU Lantern (student newspaper) that portrayed the Wolverine football players as a bunch of clowns and hulking weenies. One of them was whining about having a hangnail. Bo was doing a face slap and trying to psych himself up. I cut it out and saved it for posterity–have it stashed away somewhere. Looks like nothing has changed in that state up north.

  16. “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”


  17. I’d say nothing much has changed in 20 years since I went there… but it’s gotten more stupider.
    I also remember one time stepping in between a large angry man and the young woman student at the “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY” table once her talking points failed her. and she resorted to insults. It didn’t take much, just telling the guy something like “hey, calm down, she obviously has no idea what the phrase really means.” Looked like she wasn’t really up for the “any means” part since she seemed a few seconds from peeing herself.
    I often wonder if she ever wised up… Funny part – I’m of minority status and I also thought she was backing the wrong horse.

    • “Of minority status”, I love it. I am stealing that, possibly for me! Does thinking make one “of minority status”?

      • Does thinking make one “of minority status”

        That and being a heterosexual male, a WHITE heterosexual male, a WHITE heterosexual male with a job and anyone else not “protected” by some law, statute, rule or regulation…

  18. There’s a reason why people take psychology classes in college,
    It’s worth a lot of credits, & any dumb ass can pass the test. That’s why everybody who takes a full credit course takes the class.
    Every one who has a opinion is a psychologist, some just have a piece of paper with their name on it that says I’m special.
    & as far as the snowflake bitch is concerned, I see them everywhere in my state , which is very blue by the way because of the number of colleges in the state. It SUCKS…!

  19. Liberty is empowering and liberating, but way too much for todays edumacated crowd, they just want the $$$ bottle from the gov. Sad that they actually pay for this and call it education…

  20. You send them to school, give them books, they get a masters, or P.H.D. and yet they are still stupid. Somethings cannot be taught in school. It takes responsible parents.

  21. And the millions up in millions of Americans owning millions up in millions of guns show that this supposedly enhanced aggressiveness simply doesn’t exist except in the mind of fear mongers and those who are ignorant of guns or listen to the woke orthodox doctrine.

  22. Numerous studies show that … when people have firearms [there is] a greater likelihood of people being seriously hurt during disagreements and arguments …

    Maybe, just maybe, most of the people sustaining serious injuries are the aggressors who received serious injuries in a legally justified response from defenders.

    And here is another quaint idea: maybe many people sustaining serious injuries are ghetto/barrio gangbanger types who are literally “seething cauldrons of rage who explode at the slightest provocation”. (e.g. the type of people who literally might murder someone for grievously “disrespecting them”, such as looking at them as they walk by)

    I feel zero compunction to give up my firearms in order to reduce “serious injuries” to nasty violent aggressors/attackers.

    • The studies show what Bloomberg, the Joyce Foundation, etc. pay them to show. Manipulate the data enough and they’ll support the desired conclusion.

    • More likely still is that there are no such “studies” at all, it is simply another lie that
      “everybody” knows about. I’ve been in a lot of places where guns were EVERYWHERE, from war zones to gun stores to the National Matches, never had a bit of trouble with anyone (except the enemy, and even they were just doing what they were supposed to), all were polite and helpful and considerate. There certainly was no increased risk due to the weapons, very possibly decreased risk. I’m a firm believer in “an armed society is a polite society”.

  23. About 4.4 million people were seriously injured in auto accidents 2019. Why isnt the CDC trying to do something about this.
    What we need are Common Sense Vehicle laws. I see no reason an ignition interlock should not be installed on ever motor vehicle vehickle. Develop Smart cars that are automatically triggered by speed limit signs. A requirement to getting a drivers license you should be able to pass a psychiatric test as well.There are no posted speed limits in America that exceed 85mph therefore car manufacturers should be held accountable for speeding tickets, injuries, or death for any cars they make that go above that . It’s not the person driving the car, it’s the car itself which causes the accident or death. Many people become angry while driving, what we need are red flag laws to help prevent this. Write your Senators and Representatives, demand Common Sense Car Laws

    • I know this is tongue in cheek, but still have to say if you bolt it on my car I will take it off. It took our government something like 5 years to discover that VW was deliberately violating our emissions laws with software designed to CHEAT, on every one of an entire class of vehicles (diesels). I betcha the fact that my car has one unobtrusive toggle switch which turns on and off all the expensive silliness you advocate would not be discovered in my lifetime, although when accused of 150 in a 50 zone my first defense would always be “that’s impossible, don’t be ridiculous!”

  24. “‘I think it is the University’s responsibility to help keep me safe, and they should be able to keep me safe so then I don’t need to,’ Hannan said.”

    Hannan must be a grad student. Getting that stupid doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of “education” to get to that level of stupid.

    • Perhaps you shouldn’t get super caught up on a singular word which the Left has spent 40+ years intentionally corrupting, partly to wrap themselves in an undeserved aura and partly just to troll people.

      You could just search “What are the liberal arts?” and you’d rapidly find, in like the first return that Qwant brings back, that focusing on “LIBERAL” makes little sense since “the liberal arts” is a term the preceded the current usage of the word “liberal” and includes mathematics as well as the physical and biological sciences. It’s a use of the word in the classical sense, not the modern usage (Which we never should have allowed but, hey, fuck understanding language right? I mean no one could ever, like, use that against you!).

      “Liberal arts are commonly misunderstood as “soft” subjects that lack supporting numbers or data. While the liberal arts definition does include humanities and soft sciences, it also encompasses physical sciences and mathematics. The key element in defining liberal arts is the intent to combine practical, concrete information, like data and statistics, with theoretical knowledge, like ethics and philosophy. This kind of learning produces well-rounded students with strong critical thinking and analytical skills, and the ability to adapt and work well in various fields of study.”

      They took over your school system and fucked the entire thing up worse than most people can possibly begin to grasp and you focus on this singular word, and do so improperly? Yikes, brah, it’s almost like I’m right when I say that most people got fucked on education for the last 60+ years and most got mindfucked so hard they still don’t realize it when they’re old enough to retire.

      Jesus, do we need to bring back the giant robot to run around yelling “Danger, Will Robinson!”?

      • Maybe YOU should take that chill pill, put away your I’M an academic crap and save your outrage for something that someone really gives a shit about… The U-M LSA IS a breeding ground for the gun grabbing, SJW, LIBERAL of the future… OBTW I graduated high school in 67 with a better education than most 2 yr degrees provide today..

        • Right, and you’re going to save us from that by spouting off with demonstrably incorrect information that gets your ignored by the vast majority when your basic and glaring errors are pointed out as evidence that you’re unserious… because that’s totally how you win arguments and shit, by losing your credibility right off the bat by making statements that show you haven’t even bothered to run a search engine on the basic terms you’re using.

          They won’t even bother canceling you. They’ll hold you up as an object of ridicule. In fact, they already do this in caricature.

          But hey, keep raging against that machine brah, you’ll win one day. LOL, because that’s like, totes, realistic.

          You wanna see part of the problem? Go look in a mirror. What stares back at you is what the victim of of this system looks like.

          Yeah, a victim. But like an addict the question here is this: Will you accept an intervention on your behalf or pull the normal junkie shit of fighting it because “you don’t have a problem”?

          So far the evidence isn’t encouraging.

        • I’m sorry but you are sounding so ridiculous that your little rant hardly deserves a response… Tell you what, let me finish finish this real estate deal (sold off my stocks and have to reinvest) Then I’m going to get my new Harley Tri-Glide out (after the remodelers’ leave for the day) and go for a nice long ride to see if I can rise above my “VICTIMHOOD”… Cancel THAT ASSHOLE..

        • You keep acting like an addict, pulling out the dick measuring contest. LULZ, and YOU LOST TOO! Hey, that’s what happens when you run your mouth on the web though, take that as a free lesson. You “We HaZ MoNieZ” people are fucking hilarious.

          You don’t get it. At all. You’re part of that “TLDR don’t care why we lose cause we’re WINNING!” crowd that just takes us another revolution around the fucking drain and then complains about it. No different than the people saying “grammar and spelling don’t matter” then complaining that their grandkids can’t spell their own name.

          Very rarely do I take someone to task on the board, but for you I’m making the exception: You are the problem but you’re too goddamn hardheaded to recognize it.

          Quite frankly I’m a bit tired of this horseshit. I was nice to you people for years, spoon feeding you people the tools to fight back properly. Even was asked to put it all in an e-book. I didn’t. Why? Because you smoothbrains can’t even handle constructive criticism (never mind actually use those tools I gave you) because, I was wrong you’re not smarter than the ‘tards over at Breitbart. You’re worse because you’re the same basic education and intelligence level but twice as fucking arrogant. You have no intellectual curiosity and you don’t even care why you’re losing. You just delude yourself into thinking that you’re not. Half you morons can’t even articulate an actual philosophical position and stick to it. The Left isn’t far off when they mock you with that “muh FreeDUMB” meme. You people can’t even learn to ignore the fucking weak-ass trolls on this board.

          You’re essentially a junkie. That’s not you’re fault, you were made that way before you ever had the chance to fight it. However, you’re also a prick who has exactly zero interest in ceasing to be a prick or in doing things that actually make sense to improve this country. That is your fault and it’s far from laudable.

          Enjoy your trike (LOL!). I’ll be on that actual bike leaving you behind with a twist. The only real question is “Which bike should I pick to piss off this old guy with?” I mean, I’ve only got half a dozen of the damn things and with the exception of the dirt bikes they’re all faster and need less maintenance than your Hardly-Ride-It-Son. Hell, my dad’s 11 years older than you and still rocks TWO wheels, probably faster than you can stomach too, especially when he borrows my R1 for a day.

        • Quite frankly I’m a bit tired of this horseshit. I was nice to you people for years, spoon feeding you people the tools to fight back properly.

          And therein lies the truth, You’re a smug, “I’m better than you” asshole, who for some reason feels that he has been appointed the SAVIOR of the poor unwashed masses… GFY, When I need advice from a punk ass Soy Boy they’re on every street corner with signs saying “Please Help”.. I choose to ride a trike for medical reasons and as far as that disposable shit you ride? I have a 26 year old Harley that is worth more than all your junk combined.. Wow, talk about tossing your dick out there for all to see… Keep ranting LOSER, You have begun to bore me but others may enjoy watching you expose yourself for what you really are… Bye now, the Harley’s warmed up the sun is going down and I’m out of here…

        • “Enjoy your trike (LOL!). I’ll be on that actual bike leaving you behind with a twist.”

          Mocking dick-waving with more dick-waving?

          Is this the real Strych? Your logic is usually consistent…

  25. “Of course. The same people who are so irresponsible that they create a shooting hazard by there mere presence are somehow also responsible enough to comply with the current ban.”

    Of course.

    That’s how things work in the land of Winken, Blinken, and Nod.

  26. Ms. Macy Hannan needs to do a little research on Ann Arbor’s crime history. Gun deaths are extremely rare, serial rapist not so much. Ann Arbor has a rich history of serial rapist (some known for murdering their victims) in and around the campus of the U of M. Back in the early 90’s we had a particularly brutal rapist running around jumping out of the bushes and whacking young women in the head with bricks. One of his attacks was in broad daylight in an open field, that one he attacked, raped then strangled to death. That went on for a couple years before he was caught. Between 2009 and 2019 the rate of rapes in Ann Arbor more than doubled (from 25.4 to 62.7 per 100k population). But the left likes to ignore real issues that would require hard work to deal with and push solutions to problems that don’t exist, because that is an easy way to look like they are doing something while doing nothing.

  27. Dafuq? Those exercising their right legally are very unlikely to harm your pansy ass compared to someone who comes on campus with ill intent in the first place.

    Go to the dunce corner pal. That logic makes absolutely no sense…

  28. For the clams made by the psychology professor in this article, I refer you to the Reproducibility Problem, in which 75% of the research results in the field of social psychology are impossible to replicate.

    As Ulrich Schimmacks says in his Replicability Index blog (, “Nobody outside of social psychology needs to take claims based on these questionable results seriously. A science that does not publish disconfirming evidence is not a science. Period.”

    In fact, as many as 40% of ALL scientific studies are not reproducible by other researchers.

    Science has a serious credibility problem — especially when research “proves” idiotic claims that are contradicted by bare, obvious facts.

    For instance, if owning guns makes people less safe, doesn’t protect them against crime, and makes people more violent, how is it that the number of guns in circulation has doubled since 1991, while violent crime of all types and accidental gunshot injuries decreased in the same period? It takes a hell of a lot of special sciency science to make those bare facts add up to more “gun violence.”

    Let’s say it again: A science that does not publish disconfirming evidence is not a science. Period.

    • “For the clams made…”

      My research indicates that there is an 89% chance that this is a Freudian slip and a 100% chance that it’s at least a triple entendre.

    • Let’s not lose track of the fact that studies have shown CONCLUSIVELY that 87.3% of all quoted statistics were made up on the spot.

  29. I would suggest to Macy Hannan, that she do a thesis on the number of women on college campuses who are raped, abducted and / or murdered by a perp with a KNIFE.

  30. That kid must be a janitor there because he is obviously too Fu##in stupid to be a student.
    If he had a two diget IQ, he would know criminals DON’T obey laws. Thats why they’re criminals. If someone wanted to punch him in the face, steal his phone or whatever, he MIGHT have to protect himself because the chances of someoen else doing it for him is slight.

    • he is obviously too Fu##in stupid to be a student.

      HE is actually a SHE and a student (LSA freshman Macy Hannan said SHE doesn’t see a difference), but the rest is spot on…

    • Not sure the elitist characterization of custodial staff as stupid does anything to advance gun rights.

      • Excellent point. I’d bet most of the custodial staff is measurably more intelligent than Macy.

  31. “freshman Macy Hannan” – further evidence why the world should not listen to kiddies, still wet behind ears.

  32. Psst- Macy… and the rest of you college kids and academia eggheads: There are already people on and around your campus walking around with guns on their person. Some are good people and especially around the edges, there are a lot of bad ones, gangstas, thugs and the type who revel on preying upon your type.

    Me? I’d rather there were more good people armed out there that I didn’t know were packing than the ones who already are and will never obey such a law that only the law abiding would succumb to. One thing’s for certain- you need better educators and stats…

  33. Yep, I work in A2 (not on campus) and have never gone to work unarmed in more than 2 years.

  34. If they understand “primers” being any object seen can induce violence, then why don’t they understand the person who is seeing these objects as the problem? Replace guns with knives, there ya go… New primer. Repeat as necessary until nothing is left but the violent nature of humans to begin with. Then, you understand self defense. And all violence becomes a necessary action, which we’d like to avoid.

    Circle jerk of psychology. When scientists care more about feelings than science… And we end up with the “science” of post 2020…

  35. What an IDIOT . . . CRIMINAL are what you need to PROTECT yourself from, they DON’T obey the LAW, and TEND to have GUNS! What part of REALITY don’t you UNDERSTAND? Your BAN would get you KILLED with that FAULTY logic. One Enlightened Patriot. Stunned By STUPIDITY. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  36. I am a clinical therapist and I have never read of any evidence to back the conjectures that were made by the author that the presence of firearms creates mental instability that leads to gun violence. The opposite is true. Guns deter violence. Just read John Lott’s research based on FBI etc. evidence on his site: Crime Prevention Resource Center. The issue is that these people’s delusions are fixated in their minds and they won’t bother to look out from the blanket they are hiding under. I’ve known people to carry for years without ever one incident of ever having to even think of using their firearm for self-defense. The time you don’t carry it could be the time you need it.
    I can’t believe that this kind of research-resistant and reason-abhorrent thinking actually exists on campuses and leads me to doubt the veracity of the course subjects that they teach. Delusions know no boundaries and can bleed into other subjects.
    Send your kids to online schools. Get them a classical education online so they know philosophy, history, the humanities etc. outside of their education so that they are well informed in their capacity to practice complex thinking.

  37. I sincerely hope that no one who is reading this article has the audacity to send their kids to college!!!! ALL universities are becoming closer and closer to this mind set. It is an incubation house for morons who think they have a future by supporting leftist ideology. Truly moldable brain dead dolts (much like our current president) who have zero clues as to what’s coming for them.

    Remember Khrushchev’s Prediction?

    THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE: A sobering reminder. It’s been almost sixty one years since Russia’s Khrushchev delivered this. Many of you may not remember his quote or even were alive when Mr. Khrushchev of the Soviet Union made his remarks to President John F. Kennedy.

    Do you remember September 29, 1959 ?

    THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE: “Your children’s children will live under communism, You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you; We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

    Remember, socialism leads to Communism. So, how do you create a Socialistic State?There are 8 levels of control; read the following recipe:

    1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.

    2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them.

    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government that way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government.

    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to and take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools because the people need to believe in ONLY the government knowing what is best for the people.

    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Eliminate the middle class. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the wealthy with the support of the poor. A perfect parallel to the Democrat agenda!!!!!

    I remember this very well. He also said “We will bury you”.

    • Thank you, Ben willard, what you posted is a breath of fresh air. So many people are lost in the weeds and aren’t aware of the big picture. Those who believe that gun control is about keeping people safe don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on. Ignorance is not bliss, but really a great danger to this Republic. Carry on Brother.

  38. Higher education…this is why that piece of paper is overpriced and worthless anymore. She won’t be any more intelligent when she comes out then when she went in. I paid my own way through and have used my degree to its fullest…but then again, I’m not a brain dead idiot like she is. What a wonderful hire she is going to be for some company that doesn’t do a background check on her.

  39. “Ban firearms from campus because its the University’s job to keep me safe. Also, the agents which the university uses to try to provide this protection, the campus police, also should have their guns banned.”

    The absolute cognitive dissonance of these “students” and people like them is enough to cause a stroke. I wonder if it will ever dawn on this woman that the campus hasn’t, and never will, protect her a day in her life. Same goes for any police organization. The police don’t protect the public, they catch criminals. A group that is reactive by nature will almost never prevent something bad happening to you, only catch those responsible later.

  40. Ban guns to make us safe. Ban money to make us rich. Ban education to make us smart. Ban speech to keep safe from insults.

    Wait, they’re already dong that! What a relief.

  41. “Let’s not lose track of the fact that studies have shown CONCLUSIVELY that 87.3% of all quoted statistics were made up on the spot.”

    You forgot to list attribution for the 87.3% statistic. But many of us know the source already.

  42. Too bad “feeling safe” and actually being safe are two completely different things. The idea that they provide significant protection against nefarious people is absolutely borne out by the data. In fact there’s, at the lowest estimate, roughly the same number of defensive gun uses in the US as there are total crimes involving a gun. At the high end, there’s around 6 times as many defensive uses.

  43. So when the idiots get a ban on weapons in certain places, they or their surviving significant others should not be able to sue anyone at all after an event. Because of the ban no one will come to their aid and rescue them for fear of getting hurt themselves. As for the studies mentioned that guns do not make people safer, ask those people that had to use them to defend themselves, not those that get worked up because a pop tart was eaten into the relative shape of a gun or someone pointed a finger at them.

  44. This is pure truth. Recently, after reading a few articles, I realized that we can finally reach this positive outcome. I will now be writing a scientific essay with the help of my writer friend from And I hope that if many people raise their hand and support us, we will be able to change everything even without aggression and evil.

  45. “…we will be able to change everything even without aggression and evil.”

    Well, that’s just plain ol’ no fun at all.

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