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How Many Guns Is Your 401(k) Buying? – “Data from Lab80, the research team behind a new financial tool called GoodbyeGunStocks, reveals that a huge number of American workers are making a high-risk, high-reward investment in the manufacturing of guns and ammunition. Individual holdings add up to about $16.73 per worker, which might not sound like much. But imagine that investment 4, 16, or 40 years from now. Then multiply it 90 million times.” High risk? When there’s at least a 50-50 shot right now of President Pantsuit being sworn in next January? . . .

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Husband facing assault charges for beating would-be rapist to death with tire iron – “He took an elevator to the sixth floor — where he came face to face with Nash, who was shirtless in the hallway. Surveillance footage shows Mamadou walk past Nash, but wheel around when Nenegale pointed him out as the attacker. The enraged husband swung the weapon at Nash — driving him into the elevator. He followed with several more blows, in a beating that lasted up to two minutes, sources said.” Would he have gotten off without bail if he’d used a gun?

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Strike Industries introduces an innovative product called the Index Finger Bump for the AR and AK-EPG’s! (Licensed from G&G Firearm Experts / Accuracy Grip INC. US Patent #6802148). The Finger Bump is an amazing aid for proper trigger finger placement, preventing you from “hooking” the trigger for better accuracy and performance from first trigger pull on! It’s an optional (sold separately) piece made of impact resistant nylon reinforced polymer.

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Plumbing the depths of moral narcissism, someone named Debra Messing who apparently used to be famous is shamed into an apology (via

Guns allowed, water guns banned in the Republican National Convention event zone: Here’s why – “It’s unclear if passers-by will see gun owners openly carrying their weapons within the event zone. And if gun owners choose to carry concealed weapons, no one could tell anyway.” Which type of gun is more likely to cause problems at the RNC?


We saw these at NRA…very impressive: “Both the KILO850 and the KILO1250 sport SpectraCoat™, an anti-reflection coating for superior light transmission and optical clarity. Revolutionary Lightwave™ DSP technology grants Sig Sauer KILO rangefinder’s the fastest and longest distance rangefinder engine available. Just like the ground-breaking KILO2000, both of these new products offer HyperScan mode which provides 4 range updates per second.”


Screen grab from MTV video pro-gun control video Why Do We Ignore Gun Violence? Idiots


Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 6.1.16: Softball Questions, Kids With Guns and Another Rapper Goes Down">Previous Post
Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 6.3.16: Moms Want President Pantsuit, NRA Provides Rifles and an Allegedly Badass GOP Leadership">Next Post


  1. I don’t have any 401K money in gun stocks, but I did invest in them on the way up and the way down and have made plenty of money because it is almost predicable how these stocks go. I suspect that as soon as the pantsuite ninny gets elected, these stocks will rise and ammo shortages will start again as she compete with obummer to be #1 gun sales person.

  2. ‘Would he have gotten off without bail if he’d used a gun?’

    Not in the Bronx.

  3. The Index Finger Bump for the AR sounds good. With my large hands and sausage fingers, I use the area between the 1st and 2nd knuckles on my index finger for an AR-15 trigger. But I could shoot well once I got used to it.

    But my scores improved when I reverted back to the No4 Lee-Enfield when I could use the trigger properly.

  4. I prefer my dollar bills in at least .44 caliber, those look like .38 Specials. At least give me .357 magnums.

  5. nd facing assault charges for beating would-be rapist to death with tire iron.

    In an older time he would have been congratulated.

    • Even in NYC people used to cheer when people fought back and won against shitbag criminals. Too many morons live there now that don’t remember the crime of the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s. They’ll find out soon enough.

      • What bothers me in this case is that he attacked based on her statement, not his direct observation. That, to me, is just as dangerous as what happened with Duke lacrosse.

        • Shouldn’t you be asking instead why he was wandering the halls with a tire iron? Tough neighborhood.

        • He wasn’t wandering the halls – he was outside in his car. He came running in when his wife called and screamed. He only attacked the dead man because of his wife’s claims.

          I guess what brings me to my concern here is Potiphar’s wife.

      • Yep.

        I get a hoot every time I hear some 20-something twerp tell me about “how bad crime is.” Most of the time, all I can do is look at them and laugh.

  6. Turns out the UCLA shooter was a non-citizen.

    I’m so glad the NRA endorsed GCA and forced me to pay 20+ bucks extra for every gun I buy! I feel so much safer now that people who aren’t allowed to own guns can’t get them

    • Non-citizens can buy guns legally in the U.S. They have to have permanent residency (“green card”), but they don’t have to be citizens.

      • Yes, permanent residents are allowed to purchase firearms and get CCL in most of the states. They jump through hoops and go through a background check process 100x stricter than NICS check just get the permanent residency and are allowed to live in the U.S. indefinitely, with the same responsibilities as a citizens (e.g. registering for draft). Mind you, a big difference from someone coming here on tourist or student visa. With a general exception for hunting, “temporary immigrants” don’t have these rights. But permanent residents do and I don’t think that it is the problem here…

  7. In NYC only the police are allowed to kill people.

    As far as the RNC water bottles are banned solely for the venue to make money selling water and other food items to the crowd. There’s also almost definitely an endorsement deal in the works for a company to supply water to the VIPs.

  8. Re: “Um……Nevermind”

    YES……….I did not heed your advice……..

  9. I pride myself on obscure movie trivia, and even I’m having trouble remembering Debra Messing. And a quick trip to IMDB tells me why…

  10. Too bad the progressives (communists) dont realize how much they’ve been culturally reconditioned (into servitude).

  11. No 401k here. I’ll just have to wing it…the wife got mad at me when I was yelling at the local TV bimbo’s wearing Orange today. Sisters of this orange wearing Messing gal. Apparently “stupid bit##e” is not acceptable.

  12. When I first looked at the 401K bit I thought they were talking about people taking a loan from their 401K to buy guns, magazines, and ammo to resell at a profit after Hillary gets elected. My problem with doing something like that would be making myself turn loose of of all the lovely ammo or extra magazines.

  13. Hats off to the rapist beating husband. That’s how you clean the scum off the streets, knocking them off one at a time. Had he just held the guy down and waited for police, the rapist would have posted bail and probably raped a little girl.

    NYC legal system just showing itself to the world as the joke it is.

  14. This gun violence awareness thing… Hearing all the activists for this and that, you’d think awareness is some invisible magical field that fixes icky things all by itself.

    Just like Lance Armstrong’s amazing rubber bracelet campaign eradicated testicular cancer and the Komen Foundation’s omnipresent pink ribbons have erased the scourge of breast cancer from society. Oh, wait…you mean they haven’t? Well, you know what that means — moar awarniss!!!!!

    Progressives have refined wishful thinking to its quintessence.

    • If someone has to put on an orange shirt to raise awareness of gun violence, it demonstrates pretty conclusively that it isn’t a significant problem in their community. That’s the thing about gunshots – they’re loud and they hurt. If you have an actual problem with gun violence, you’re probably aware of it.

    • Millions raised for research into treatment of 2 cancers which has resulted in testicular cancer now being the most survivable solid tumour cancer and breast cancer early detection and survival rates increasing substantially are a far cry from self aggrandising twats ‘ consciousness raising’ on a non issue. Livestrong and pink ribbon save lives, gun violence awareness doesn’t.

    • And candles. Gotta have some damn candles.

      Bracelets, ribbons and candles are what make America great.

  15. Continuing the attack on the alleged rapist after the threat was over? That sounds about as kosher as the fuzz putting 10 in the back of an “imminent threat”… Once the threat is over you have to stop employing lethal force no matter how much the guy may deserve it.

    • No not really. In America if you are justified to kill him you are authorized to basically stomp on his throat until he’s dead. How do you know he won’t pull something out?

      • That’s his point: the attack was over, so there was no justification to do anything, let alone kill him.

  16. Which type of gun is more likely to cause problems at the RNC?

    Just what side of the debate are you on? Over 80K people were at the NRA convention, many of them carrying open and concealed, and no one got shot.

    • Yeah, you miss my point. They’ve had people walking around with water guns filled with urine, bleach and God knows what else at earlier conventions and lefty protests like the WTO and WEF. Those people are far more likely to cause problems than lawful concealed and open carriers.

      • “Context”??? What context? Perhaps you don’t like his “messaging”?

        Dan I correct about the history of the activities of these despicable marxist astroturf maggots.

  17. Husband facing assault charges for beating would-be rapist to death with tire iron

    Damn, is this Hawaii? Probably not, because the rapist went after the woman, and not while she was using the toilet. And it isn’t “Terrorist executed by local heroic neighborhood watch member for Islamic Mexican cartel pedophilic hate crime”

    Lord guide my tire iron, blunt object, or whatever I may find in my fearful defense against the local toilet watchers and their desire for young men’s anogenital regions while they are in a state of terror…

  18. whee. Every time I hear of another one of these “dump gun stocks” campaigns, I up my weekly contribs into holdings on TradeKing and Sharebuilder, in Smith and Wesson Holdings and Ruger.

    Anyone know any other recommended publically traded gun stocks I could add to my portfolio?

    Edit: That’s fun, they consider pretty much any sporting goods outlet (Dicks, Gander Mountain, etc) – to be a “gun stock”.

  19. that bumper sticker, “nothing protected her” seems particularly pro- gun to me…

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